Seducing the Bus Driver

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Chuck got on the bus, his eyes scanning over the driver. He’d seen her before, many times actually. He took this route all the time just hoping he’d catch her. Of course, their speaking had never gone beyond a simple ‘hello’ or other greeting, but that was all going to change. He saw the way she looked into the mirror, he’d caught her gaze on more than one occasion.

He watched as other people got on and off the bus. He was waiting for the right moment to slide into the seat behind her. He wanted to tell her something, say it soft into her ear and see what her reaction would be. He wanted to look into her eyes through the mirror and show her he meant every word he said, and then prove that actions were much, much louder than words.

After what seemed like an eternity, the bus had nearly cleared out. He slipped up to the seat right behind the driver’s seat, leaning forward. “I would love to take you right in this bus,” he said, low in her ear. “I’ve been wanting to since the first time I got on here and saw you driving.”

She didn’t say a word or make any acknowledgment that she’d heard him, except for a slight bite to her lip. He took that as a good sign, and continued. “There are so many options though. You can ride me in the driver’s seat, or I could fuck you in one of the main seats…or there’s always standing up. I could press you against the door and thrust inside of you until you couldn’t take it anymore.”

He felt the shiver and he chuckled. “When your shift ends, find a parking lot and I’ll make good on whichever one of those you prefer.” He then sat back in the seat, winking at her via the mirror, running his tongue over his lower lip.

The time slowly ticked by, and Chuck didn’t even notice at first that the bus had stopped at a location off the regular route. Looking up, he saw that the bus was completely empty, and he heard her say over the radio that she was having ‘mechanical troubles’ and would be back at the garage shortly. He smirked, leaning over the seat again to kiss her escort bostancı neck, hoping that the people on the other end didn’t hear the slight moan that she omitted before turning the radio off.

“I’m Chuck,” he murmured against her neck before kissing it again.

“Melanie,” she replied, and then turned in the seat to kiss him deeply.

“Beautiful name,” he said when they came up for air, standing and taking her hands so she would stand as well, then pulling her against him. “Now…since you got us out here…what are you in the mood for?”

She looked at him, her eyes wicked. “Standing, but not against the door.”

He raised an eyebrow at her. “Oh really? Where would you want to do it?”

“Somewhere a bit less exhibitionistic.” She pulled him back to the wheelchair lift in the center of the bus, pushing him against it and kissing him hard.

He groaned, feeling the metal of the lift against his back. “Fuck,” he muttered, wincing a bit, even though he pulled her closer, kissing her back just as hard. The pain was worth it, apparently.

“We’ll get to that,” she purred, kissing over to his ear as she reached down to unbutton his pants. He wasn’t about to complain, as they were getting incredibly uncomfortable. He slid his hands under her shirt, palming her breasts and pinching the nipples through the fabric of her bra.

She gasped into his ear, and he shivered, pinching them again, this time a little harder. His lips went to her neck and he nipped at a spot, then licked and sucked at the skin. She moaned softly, sliding her hand into his pants and squeezing him through his boxers. “You can mark me,” she said, biting his earlobe. “I like it.”

Chuck groaned, he couldn’t help it, and he pulled her shirt off so he could bite her shoulder, sucking hard on the skin. She whimpered, pushing his pants down and stroking him roughly, partly as a form of payback and partly just because she could.

He was trying to be good, he really was, but with Melanie stroking ümraniye escort him, he didn’t want to wait. Turning them around, he pushed her against the lift instead, then made quick work of her pants, letting them fall down around her ankles. He took a moment to look her up and down, and then kissed her again, licking into her mouth as his fingers slid between her legs, wanting to tease her just as much as she had teased him.

She groaned his name, and it just served as encouragement for him. He pushed two fingers inside of her, curving them slightly to find her spot, his thumb already pressing on her clit. She tried to lift her leg and couldn’t thanks to the pants, so he used his free hand to help her get them off, kissing her skin the entire time.

“Chuck, fuck me,” she said, and it came out as an order, without any hint of plea to it. Chuck was never one to take orders very easily, so he pushed a third finger inside of her, biting a trail from one shoulder to the other.

Melanie growled. “Damnit, I said fuck me!”

“Keep talking like that and I’ll walk away,” he warned, pulling back to look at her. He moved his fingers so they were just barely inside of her, and he raised an eyebrow. “Understand me?”

She whimpered softly, growing quiet. He chuckled wickedly, pulling his fingers from her completely and stepping back. When she opened her mouth to protest he raised an eyebrow, effectively quieting her once more. He got his own pants off, reaching into the pocket of them for a condom. He tore the package open and slid it on, keeping eye contact with Melanie throughout.

Before another sound could be made Chuck had stepped forward, raising one of her legs and pushing completely inside of her. His lips taking hers roughly muffled her cry of pleasure as he started to thrust, one hand under her thigh while the other squeezed her ass. He groaned against her lips, barely keeping from pressing her further against the metal lift, not wanting to cause her that much pain.

Breathing kartal escort bayan became necessary after a few minutes so Chuck pulled back, attaching his lips to Melanie’s neck, sucking and biting at the skin. Her moans told him that she liked this, so he bit a little harder, knowing he was going to leave a shitload of marks, but not really caring. If she wanted him to stop, she’d tell him, and she definitely wasn’t complaining.

“Fuck me harder, Chuck,” she said, tugging at his hair. “C’mon.”

His other hand slid under her other leg, lifting her off the ground, hands sliding back until they were both cupping her ass. Her legs slid around his waist, locking at the ankles as he pressed into her harder, deeper. He felt her tighten herself around him and he growled, biting her shoulder. “Don’t even think about coming yet,” he warned.

She whimpered then and he smirked. He knew how he wanted this to go and he was determined for it to go his way. His head fell back as he got close himself, and a few thrusts later he was coming, kissing her as hard as he could. His thrusts slowed and then stopped and he nearly chuckled as she rocked against him, wanting to have a release of her own.

Kissing her again, he slowly untangled her legs from his waist, sitting her down. She looked ready to spit fire at him, or at the very least, kick him in the balls. Biting back the grin he pulled her into one of the seats, raising one of her legs over the back of the one in front of her, winking as he kneeled between her legs to taste her.

It wouldn’t take long and they both knew it, so he made the best of it. His tongue slipped inside of her, darting in and out before he replaced it with his fingers once more, his mouth moving up to suck on her clit. When she tugged his hair again, he nipped slightly at the skin, causing her to nearly buck off the seat. He returned to sucking, his tongue flicking over her repeatedly until she came in a rush, growling his name.

The sound of the radio squawking pulled them from their moment, and they looked at each other, laughing a little nervously. Chuck helped her up, handing her clothes to her as he got dressed himself.

“Same time next week?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.

Melanie just smirked. “You better believe it.”

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Seduced by Boss

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This story is based on a true narrative of a good friend and sex companion of mine. When I revealed to her that I was contributing to Literotica, she was keen that I should pen her biography, starting from her first experience, when she was seduced by her then boss. She has her own profile at sexydesilady on Literotica. She would love to hear from Literotica members about how they felt about her sexperiences.

There are some Hindi words used, but the meaning would be apparent from the context to English readers.


After graduating in Business, with a major in Human Resources, I was selected in a campus interview as HR Trainee with a major BPO company headquartered in Bangalore. The company was servicing a wide range of clientele, from the UK, USA, and Europe.

At the threshold of my career, it helped me immensely to land a job in Bangalore with a good pay packet. All of 21 years, 5ft 7 inches, and a great 34C-26-36 body, and with good grades to boot, it was easy for me to make an impression on the positions I had applied for. I looked forward to the future, which held a lot of promise. For a small-town girl from an agrarian family, this was truly a dream come true.

Early days after joining were spent in orientation, various process managers would conduct day-long sessions on how work was carried out. It was almost like college days, most of the fresh recruits were serious about their work. I, as usual, maintained my carefree and sometimes careless attitude. After training, there was a lull for a few days. My section manager, who I was to report to, asked me to come to his cabin.

I knocked and entered his cabin, a bit apprehensively. I was dressed in a sober salwar suit, with very light makeup. He was the same person, Mr. Ram SIngh, who had interviewed me in the final round. He had given me a light hug while handing over the appointment letter.

At that time I had not given it a second thought, as I was a free and flirty person all through my college days. I did recollect his hard toned muscles and his smooth charm during that occasion. He seemed to be about 50-ish, with slight greying around the temples, giving him a very distinguished look. My placement officer had told me that he was highly qualified, with degrees from IIT and IIM. He had also worked in the US for about 20 years, before joining the company a few months back, she explained.

He asked me to sit down, with a disapproving look. Anything wrong sir, I queried, nervously. Yes, he replied, you are not coming to work in our company dress code, and I notice that you are spending a lot of time in the canteen, besides coming late.

Now I was scared, Sir, maine dresses silwane ke liye di thi, lekin tailor ne late kiya.

You have to talk only in English, in the office, my dear Anjali, he rebuked.

Yes, Sir, I will take care. I had given the dresses for stitching, but the tailor had delayed.

He gave me a pleasant look, and said, I look forward to seeing you in the dress code of skirt and blouse or trousers and shirt. It’s your choice. You may leave now. With that he dismissed me.

I walked back to my desk, pink with embarrassment at having made my boss displeased within a few days of my joining.

Luckily for me, the dresses I had ordered were delivered the same evening, so I planned to give him a good surprise the next day. I had made an appointment with the local beauty parlor near my flat, and I got eyebrows and nails done there along with a light facial. I woke up early and took a nice long shower to feel fresh.

During the shower, I ran my fingers over my womanhood, today, my fingers lingered longer. I wanted them to. I did not want to leave it at that. I laid down on the bathroom floor. Cuddling one breast with one hand and pinching my love knob with a finger, then alternating the hands, all the while under a flow of water, I raised myself to the levels of high ecstasy and brought myself to an explosive orgasm. I arched my back against the wall and felt wave after wave of stimulating energy charging me for my first real big day with my boss. It felt heavenly as if I was under a waterfall. Fully refreshed, I dried myself and came out nude to dress.

The skirt was a deep blue, the company color and the blouse, a nice soft cotton one. I had taken care to select the better quality material and was pleased with the result. I selected my newest bra and panty set, deep purple in color, which I had purchased from Zivame. I dried myself and set my hair with a wet look.

I dressed carefully and with great attention to detail. The tailor was good and he had cut the blouse and skirt very well, to accentuate and show off my 34C-26-36 figure to it’s best. Putting on a light lipstick, I looked at myself in the mirror and was very pleasantly surprised, to see the final result. Let’s see your reaction today, Mr. Ram Singh, I thought to myself. Your cock will go hard today, I naughtily added to myself.

On the way to the office, I was already turning heads. I reached the office before time, and as escort bostancı I was walking towards my desk, I noticed that my boss had already come in. Our eyes met, and he gave a big smile and beckoned me into his cabin. Hi Anjali, you look fantastic today. Please sit down. Swaying my hips sexily, I walked in. He was dressed nattily as ever, in a crisp white shirt, with a casual tie, his jacket hanging on the coat rack, behind him. Thank you, sir, I replied, with more confidence. Your tie is very nice. No need for sir, you may call me Ram, he countered, and thanks for the compliment.

By the way, Anjali, he continued, I would need a special assistant to help me with my work. I had spoken to the HR Director, and she gave me the go-ahead to select you, as you are a fresher. My heart leaped, it would be a fantastic opportunity to prove my worth to my boss.

I was to work at the desk directly opposite his cabin. My work consisted largely of managing his calendar and meetings, keep files on existing and prospective clients, and I was also made to take notes during internal review meetings and prepare typed minutes for his reading. I was also to fix arrangements for his dinners with clients. These also included making stay arrangements for overseas guests at five-star hotels.

In the beginning, he was very cooperative. He gave me his personal mobile number and used to message me frequently with jokes and funny stuff.

On occasion, he would ask me to accompany him to dinner with clients. He introduced me to many new items of food from all over the world. He invited me to join him for a drink. I was unsure of my reply. I have never touched it before, I declined in a blurt. I was lying of course, because we used to party hard during college days, and beer, wine, and the occasional vodka were known well to me.

I will order a light cocktail for you, there is always a first time, he spoke with a smile. Ok, Sir, I replied with as much a straight face as I could. I was sure that he knew more about me than I knew about him, the way his eyes were on me. Ok, Ram, he whispered into my ear. I swear I felt his tongue, in my ear. I was stunned and started to blush. He smartly turned his attentions to the guests and started conversing with them about the upcoming contract renewal and details about it.

Ram used to drive a posh Mercedes, with tinted glasses. No one could see anything from outside. He would take me along to the meetings and dinners in his car. Quite a few times, while changing gears, he would let a hand slide over my thighs. I used to feel very different when he did that, there would be a flush of warmth over my body, and it was a nice feeling. At the same time, my natural shyness used to overtake me.

Sometimes my panties would get wet, and the scent of pussy juices would waft over. I could not protest his seemingly innocent actions. As the days passed, we got closer and topics of personal nature entered our conversations. I was quite pleased with his attention, and I could make out the jealous glances of my female office mates.

We would converse on general topics initially. I was the chatterbox, told him of my mofussil background, Hindi medium schooling, then Secondary School in English. One day, when I had run out of anything to talk about, I picked up the courage to ask about his family.

Curious busybody, aren’t you, dear Anju, he replied with a smile. We had just reached the destination, and the topic died there. I got my answer soon enough.

A few days later, on another commute, while waiting at a red light, he placed his hand on my right thigh and squeezing it gently, softly said, I have been divorced for 10 years now.

The jokes and cartoons, that he sent earlier, slowly turned to become more of an adult nature differing from the general variety that he had been sending earlier.

One late evening, when our floor was empty but for us two, he called me to his cabin., wanting to show me something on his computer screen. As I leaned over, he touched my boobs and tried to kiss me.

I was overcome with shame and ran out of his cabin. Picking up my handbag, I dashed out of the office quickly and went home. I collapsed on the bed, my heart pounding and confusion reigning in my mind. One half was telling me that I did right because he was a married guy, mild flirting was tolerable, but not beyond that. The other half told me that I blew a good chance to improve my career.

For the next few days, I stopped entering his cabin. He started to get irritated with my work and point out silly mistakes in my spreadsheets, which he used to correct himself earlier. One day he threw a file on my face! I was in quite a fearful state, and more so, because he was a well-respected person and no one would believe my story.

With my mental peace shattered, I started making more and more mistakes. One day, it came to pass, that if I did not do anything about it, I would certainly be losing my job. That evening I waited late, till the office emptied itself, and went to meet him.

Ram sir, I am sorry, please forgive my mistake. ümraniye escort He gave a broad smile. Sit down, won’t you, I just need to finish this email. In a few minutes, he came behind my chair, and gently squeezed my boobs, all the time, standing. I did not resist, I was ready for him.

Good girl, he murmured.

I had to surrender myself completely to Ram’s mercies. He smothered my face with tender kisses. My face was upturned and he met my lips with his and gently probed with his tongue. I opened up my mouth and our tongues licked each other. Trying to clasp each other like writhing snakes in heat. He continued smooching my lips and cheeks and forehead for another few minutes and released me with a deep sigh. It was the first time I was in the hands of an experienced 50 year young lover.

The next days went by in a familiar pattern. I showed up to work early and go late to catch a few precious extra moments with my newfound lover. On some occasions, Ram would drop me off at my flat, but it stayed at that. He never offered to come upstairs or anything.

It was on a Friday, that he suggested that we had a dinner appointment and that I make reservations at the best Chinese restaurant in town. I selected “The Pavilion”, a rooftop establishment with a great night time view. We left the office together around 7:30 pm that day. He had indicated to me that the meeting was going to be quite significant and important.

All through the evening, he was very nice to me. I kept looking out for the expected clients, but no one came. He did not seem to be disturbed by the lack of the arrival of clients.

We ordered drinks and appetizers, and when he started to order the main course, I could not contain myself and asked him, Ram, should we not wait for our clients? There are no clients today, he smiled, I never mentioned that clients would be expected. I merely said this meeting was important, and that means important for you and me.

My heart went into a hypersonic mode. My cunt was leaking fluids freely. I quickly excused myself and went to the ladies’ room and put on the pad I carried, to prevent the juices from staining my skirt or the cloth upholstery of the upscale restaurant.

I calmed myself and realized that this was going to be a big day. Or more correctly, a big night. I fixed my makeup and adjusted my dress to make up for the wear and tear of the day. Joining him at the table, I found that the main course was being served. We ate in silence, as I could bring myself to speak anything.

As the restaurant was a rooftop one, we had to take the elevator all the way down to the lobby after dinner. The elevator door opened onto a floor with deluxe rooms and he stepped out. Ram, I called out, this is not the lobby. He turned back, winked and said, I know. Come on.

Opening the room door with the card key, he stepped in and held the door open for me. Oh god, I thought to myself, the CCTV cams must have spotted us. As I stepped in, he closed the door, and took me in his arms, and started stroking my bums through the dress. I was motionless, heart beating rapidly, and breaths coming deep and fast. A couple of minutes later, as I started to calm down, he held me away with my shoulders in his firm grasp. You are really beautiful, Anju, he spoke softly. Taking me by my elbow, he led me into a spacious suite with a balcony running outside.

There was a small package on the dressing table, and putting it in my hands, he pointed to the bathroom and asked me to go and change. I went inside and opened it, thinking that there would be some dress inside. What was inside was no dress but a sexy lingerie set, with stockings to match!

I was shocked to see the gift and understood that I was going to be screwed that night. I was in the bathroom for a bit of time, thinking about what would be my fate in the morning.

Izzat lutne wali hai, Anjali!

I was realizing that having come this far, I had no options. If I lost my job within a couple of months, I would be on the roads, searching for jobs. I wanted to stay in Bangalore, and it would be expensive to maintain even a month without a regular salary. To top it all, I was also drunk with 2-3 pegs of vodka.

Suddenly, an impatient knocking on the door broke my thoughts. There were some robes in the washroom, so I quickly wore one over my dress and came out.

Seeing me in the robe, Ram grinned and asked what was there to be shy about. We are here to have fun. Take the robe off, Anju baby! Coming closer to me, he tugged at the belt firmly, so much so that it fell off.

You seem to need more convincing, darling, I will make it easy for you, he said, holding me firmly, and kissing me.

He once again kissed me hard and squeezed my ass and this time I responded. Slowly I started kissing him back until we were both kissing each other and feeling each other’s bodies with our hands in a sexual frenzy that almost threatened to explode the very room. Our tongues were intertwined and licking each other vigorously as Ram pushed my skirt and panty down my legs and kartal escort bayan let them drop. His hands moved down to my bare ass as he began squeezing my butt cheeks hard and spreading them. Without any warning, he gave me two tight slaps on my bum. It stung and tears flowed. I kept quiet. The slaps were followed by gentle caressing, as he whispered into my ear, it will feel good, relax. It truly did, and my love nectar started to ooze below, under his tender ministrations.

Spreading my legs, he started probing my gaand and choot. He slipped a finger in between my ass cheeks and into my pussy. I was dripping wet and My cunt felt tight as he stuck about an inch into me and began rubbing the inside of my wet lower lips with his thumb. He then removed my finger and his hands moved up to my blouse and began opening it as the passionate kissing continued. I moved my hands to unbutton his shirt and feel his naked chest. He threw my shirt to the ground and undid my bra and let the straps slide off my shoulders and began grabbing my breasts like a possessed beast as I removed his shirt and unbuckled his belt and trousers to the floor. His mouth left mine and he began biting my breasts softly as he guided my hand down to his boxers and made me feel his engorged lowda.

Hey Bhagwan, it is so big!, thought I.

I kept moaning as his mouth moved to my left nipple and began sucking and nibbling on it as his other hand grabbed and pressed my right breast. I began squeezing his hard cock and moaning slightly as his mouth shifted its attention to the other nipple which he sucked hard and let his mouth glide outward while sucking my tit and letting it go with a gentle bite.

“Oh lord,” I whispered, “I could never imagine such pleasures existed …”. All variations of masturbation that I had tried, paled into nothing compared to doing it with a lover.

“You’ve never felt a dick before have you?” he asked as he continued groping my breast with one hand and ass with the other. He looked into my eyes and I was biting my lip. I shook my head, my eyes closed, enjoying the sensations that Ram was unfolding upon me.

“Take off my boxers and get on your knees on the floor,” he abruptly ordered. I complied as I slowly opened my eyes and looking at him all the while until I was in the position he demanded. The tears had given way to a look of lust in my eyes, which was the biggest turn on for Ram than any of the preceding events because it showed him that now I wanted him as badly as he wanted me.

“Now hold my cock in both your hands, slightly squeezing it with your left hand towards the tip and the right hand at the base and stroke it back and forth.” I did as I was commanded.

“Good. Now remove your left hand from the tip and cup my marbles with it and continue stroking my dick with the right,” I obeyed as Ram sat himself down on a chair with my face in the middle of his legs.

“Now open up wide and push my cock into your mouth down till your throat, until you feel your grip on your lips.” I closed my eyes, opened my mouth wide and lowered my neck until half of my boss’s cock was in my mouth.

“Now go up and down on it with both your mouth and hand and suck on it hard and gently squeeze my nuts with the other hand as you do this,” I followed his orders and began giving him the best head of his life. I looked up at him and lust was oozing out of my gaze as I sucked my boss up and down. I removed his dick from my mouth, licked the entire shaft side to side and back to front and then on his swollen cockhead which was throbbing and leaking pre-cum juices. I lapped them up and began deep throating his cock doing amazingly well to suppress my gag reaction for a first-timer. A few tears welled up in my eyes as I kept gagging on my boss’s dick but I didn’t let up, increasing my speed as I kept squeezing his nuts.

Ram felt his loins shudder as his throbbing member got ready to burst a dam of his semen deep in my gagging throat which was grasping the head of his penis in the back of my throat every time I gagged on it. Ram let go as a huge wave of euphoria swept through him and he emptied his nuts into my throat. I was surprised by the jolts of cum spurting down my throat and tried to back off but Ram grabbed my head and kept fucking my throat until his orgasm subsided and the last drops of his juices were emptied in my throat. I immediately pulled up, gasping for air, but didn’t have time as Ram lifted me by my shoulders and sat me down bare arsed on the work desk in the hotel room.

He pushed my back and climbed on top of my, kissing, nibbling and licking my neck, going down my collarbone and sucked each succulent nipple until it was a shade of blood-red. His mouth continued down south as his right hand groped my boobs and he drew little circles of saliva down my chest and onto my navel. Using the other hand he spread my pussy, exposing my throbbing and enlarged clit using his index and middle fingers as his thumb began pushing into my vaginal opening, rubbing the roof of it, right under the clit. His mouth moved further down onto my thighs, caressing, nibbling and sucking my creamy flesh as his other hand came down and he inserted a finger into my waiting, dripping choot. He tried to push in but couldn’t as he felt my hymen in the way as I gasped in a little bit of pain from the pressure applied by him on my virginity.

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Secretary Suck Off

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Wendy sat at her desk checking the morning mail. As expected, most of the email was nothing but spam, and most of the mail from the Post Office was junk. She deleted or discarded all of those, but she had to check everything, because there was always the possibility of something important arriving through either source. Wendy had picked up the mail from the Post Office at eight o’clock and turned on the computer immediately after opening the office.

This is what she always does before Mr. Peter, her handsome, young boss arrives at nine o’clock. As his personal secretary, she knew there were no appointments that morning, and she hoped he would be in the mood to be sucked off. Wendy really loves the feel of his big cock sliding between her lips and crowding into her mouth, and she loves the taste and texture of the cum that he would squirt onto her tongue. Actually, she loves everything about sucking him off, including the way she plays with her clit while doing it, always cumming right after his climax. Usually he is very interested, and she hoped he would be that morning.

He was. After learning he had nothing scheduled until considerably later, and nothing important in the mail, Mr. Peter smiled at Wendy, who was standing expectantly beside his desk. “Since we have nothing scheduled for a while, Wendy, is there anything you would like to do?”

As he spoke, he rolled his swivel chair backward and to the side and turned so he was sitting in it and facing her. Mr. Peter also slid forward on the seat with his legs spread. Fully aware of what Wendy enjoys doing whenever the opportunity arises, he let her know that his cock was available to her that morning, if she wanted it.

She smiled happily at his obvious invitation. “Yes, there is,” Wendy responded, scuffing out of her shoes and kneeling on the floor between his legs.

Because she feels somewhat insulted if the man who is her sex partner is wearing shoes or socks, Wendy started by removing them from Mr. Peter while he was unbuttoning his shirt and pulling it aside. With his feet bare, she eagerly reached up to unbuckle his belt and unfasten his pants and started to pull them down. He raised his ass from the chair to help her, and she tugged them all the way off and laid them out neatly on the floor. His boxer shorts were removed the same way, leaving him naked below the waist, and seated on the edge of his chair with his legs spread and stretched in front of him. In anticipation of what his secretary would momentarily be doing for it, Mr. Peter’s cock was erect, and sticking up in the air. Wendy looked at it lustfully. It was long and thick and would delightfully cram her mouth full, just the way she likes.

Before that could happen, though, Wendy got herself comfortable, unbuttoning her blouse and removing her bra. Her breasts are small, but her nipples are very sensitive, and she would play with them while sucking the cock that awaited her, until she was wet between her legs. When her pussy was ready, she would moisten her fingers with that slippery wetness and caress her clit until she climaxed. It would be a long time before her orgasm because Wendy knows how to take it slow and make her blow jobs last a long and immensely pleasurable time. She always likes to get her mouth filled with the man’s cum, fully savor the taste and texture and have it slide down her throat before reaching her own orgasm.

When she was ready, Wendy moved closer, to be between Mr. Peter’s legs and held his erect cock in one hand. Wordlessly, she smiled at the man she would be sharing pleasure with, raised her face above his lap and lowered her mouth until she could reach out and lick the velvety head. Slowly, moving her tongue in a spiral, escort bostancı she lowered her face until she was licking under the ridge. After reaching that point, Wendy happily closed her lips around the head of the stiff cock, letting her tongue work its way downward and caress the shaft while she looked up adoringly at the man who was letting her suck him off.

That man, of course, was enjoying the morning’s activity every bit as much as Wendy was, maybe more. His secretary was not particularly attractive, being flat-chested and thin, almost skinny. She had a pretty enough face, though, especially her big, blue eyes and her mouth, which some might have described as “generous”. Mr. Peter was one of those who would describe it that way, but his meaning would probably be different than that of most people. Besides being generous, her mouth was talented, and he very much enjoyed being sucked off by her. The best part was what her lips and tongue and the whole inside of her mouth did, but he also liked the way she enjoyed it so much, and the way she looked up at him while his cock was sliding all the way in and out of her mouth.

That’s exactly what it was doing a few minutes after Wendy started sucking on it. She loved the feel of it gliding between her widely spread lips, all the way until the tip pressed against the back of her throat. Using a trick she had learned on the internet, Wendy adjusted the angle of her head, opened her throat and took the long cock all the way inside her mouth, until Mr. Peter’s pubic hair was tickling her lips. She left it there for a few seconds, massaging the head with her throat muscles and caressing the shaft with her tongue, before raising her face again. She did not remove her mouth from around his cock, but kept the head between her lips and licked it. After a few seconds of this, she slowly lowered her head again, until her throat was stuffed once more and her lips were being tickled.

The sensation of deep-throating a man and having his big, thick cock cram her mouth full was more arousing to Wendy than anything else he might do. While her right hand stayed on her boss’s crotch, her left hand went to her erect nipples to start tweaking them, moving from one to another. In seconds, the connection between them and her clit was established, and currents of pleasure flowed through the triangle. A few drops of fluid started forming in her pussy, not enough for her leave her nipples and play with her clit yet, but enough to give herself a warm, erotic feeling. With even greater enthusiasm, she continued sucking Mr. Peter’s cock.

He was deriving immense pleasure too. His ass squirmed on the seat and his hands gripped and released the padded arms of his chair. He looked down again and saw Wendy’s pretty eyes looking up at him, and he watched her head slowly bobbing up and down, and his cock going in and out of her warm, wet giver of pleasure. It was giving plenty of that to him. Her mouth squeezed his shaft with the perfect pressure and her tongue laved the entire length of his cock as it went in and out, and licked the head at the end of every stroke, while she held it between her lips. To add to his sensory pleasures, he could hear Wendy murmuring happily around his cock, and smell the fresh juices that he knew were starting to trickle from her pussy. Mr. Peter really loved being sucked off by his secretary.

But not any more than she loved doing it. Holding the stiff cock as deeply in her mouth as it would go, Wendy hiked up her short skirt, tucked her thumbs into the elastic of her panties, and pushed them down over her ass and hips, until the waistband was around the middle of her thighs. Her pussy was dripping wet by that ümraniye escort time, and she was able to dip her right hand into the juices and place her clit between the index and middle finger. Wendy was too engorged and sensitive there to touch herself directly, but by squeezing her clit gently between folds of her pussy lips, she was able to start stroking herself. In seconds, the movement of her fingers was at the same slow tempo as the bobbing of her head as her mouth engulfed and released Mr. Peter’s cock.

She continued like that for almost a half an hour, but Wendy’s mouth isn’t the only place where she enjoys the presence of a stiff cock. After one stroke, she raised her head all the way, removing the object of her lust from between her lips, kissing it, and holding it in her fingers while she smiled at him around it. He knew what was about to happen and smiled back at her. Wendy rubbed the hard shaft back and forth against one of her breasts, especially caressing it with her rigidly erect nipple. She was elated to hear Mr. Peter moaning blissfully at the different sensation she was giving him, and moved his cock to rub it against the other of the small twins.

The three-sided connection between her nipples and her clit was re-established when Wendy moved his cock back and forth from one breast to the other. They were too small to give Mr. Peter the actual titfuck he might have preferred, but he didn’t seem to have any complaint about what she was doing instead. The fingers of Wendy’s right hand continued moving up and down on her clit while her breasts massaged the hard shaft. She could feel her climax building, but wanted the man to cum first, filling her mouth with his semen, before its presence and her agile fingers brought her to an orgasm.

Mr. Peter writhed on his chair and sighed and moaned from the exquisite pleasure Wendy was giving him. He reveled in the sensations of the soft skin of her breasts and the diamond hardness of her nipple, and the contrast between those two sensations and that he had received from her warm, wet mouth. His climax was building also, but he knew she would know when it was close, and she would take his cock back into her mouth so he would cum there. He would not need to tell her he was about to cum, but he would anyhow, just out of courtesy.

The stiff shaft she was rubbing against her body started to throb, and Wendy knew her boss was close to cumming. Once again, she engulfed it in her mouth but this time she used shorter strokes and did not take the head down her throat. She wanted to make sure that when he ejaculated, it would be onto her tongue, so she would be able to savor its taste and enjoy its texture before swallowing the viscous fluid. Her lips were tighter too, and she stroked harder and faster with them while the fingers fondling her clit kept pace with her mouth.

“Uh! Uh!” Mr. Peter moaned blissfully. The volcano of pleasure that had been building up inside him erupted, and he started to ejaculate into the mouth that had brought him to that splendid circumstance.

The first gush of cum covered Wendy’s tongue, and she briefly stopped sucking in order to derive the most pleasure from it. It was delicious and, after relishing the taste, she swirled the semen around in her mouth, reveling in its texture, before swallowing it, and letting it slide down her throat. While her mouth was active, her fingers were even busier, thrusting up and down on her clit, and sending swirls of joy reverberating through her body.

Wendy knew Mr. Peter was not through cumming, and she resumed sucking his cock, her lips clamped tightly on the shaft so none of his juice could dribble out of her mouth. Her tongue was rewarded kartal escort bayan with another spurt of semen, which was just as delectable as the first one had been, and felt just as good to the inside of her mouth and her throat when she finally swallowed it. Not being willing to settle for just two tastes of his cum, Wendy resumed sucking her boss’s cock. Her diligence reaped benefits, as Mr. Peter moaned aloud and ejaculated again into her mouth. This gift of his juices received the same treatment as the others had, and gave her the same joy.

Wendy’s fingers had not paused, nor did they do so after she swallowed the third spurt of cum. They continued rapidly stroking, and she could feel her orgasm building higher and getting nearer, intensified by the delicious treat Mr. Peter’s cock had given to her mouth. She continued sucking and, when no more ejaculate was forthcoming, went after the cum that she knew was still inside Mr. Peter’s long cock. While the fingers of one hand pumped furiously on her pussy, Wendy removed the still-hard organ from her mouth and held it in her hand to lick everything off the head and the shaft, being especially careful to get whatever was hiding under the ridge.

After cleaning off the outside, Wendy placed her thumb in front of Mr. Peter’s scrotum and her fingers on the upper surface of his cock. Slowly, she brought that hand toward her face, her tongue catching the cum that was squeezed out. She continued until her thumb was right at the slit and her fingers were squeezing the head. Whatever had oozed out onto her tongue was treated the same as the rest of his semen had been, and delighted Wendy as much. Not wanting to waste any of it, her tongue laved the entire cock again, followed by licking her lips to get anything that might otherwise have been wasted.

The pleasure of sucking off her boss, combined with the gushers of semen he fed to her and what her fingers were doing for her clit brought Wendy over the top. She cried out ecstatically as she started cumming, and toppled slowly onto her back. Her fingers continued their labor of love, while she thrashed about on the carpet, crooning happily in the throes of her climax. Abruptly, the muscles in her body spasmed, evoking a shout of joy. Completely lacking in coyness, Wendy lay on her back, smiling, her eyes closed and her hand still resting on her pussy. She didn’t care that Mr. Peter saw what she had at the apex of her legs, because he had been the one responsible for her orgasm.

After a few minutes, the boss and his secretary regained their strength from their respective climaxes, and knew they would have to get back to work. Wendy handed him his pants and shorts and, while he was putting them on, pulled her panties back up. The cotton garment quickly soaked up the juice from her pussy, but that didn’t bother Wendy. She would be able to smell its aroma all day and be reminded of the great time she had just experienced. With her panties in place, she refastened and adjusted her other clothing, including her shoes. It was time to get back to work.

“Will there be anything else, Mr. Peter,” she asked.

“No, Wendy. Thank you very much. That will do just fine.”

As he put on his shoes and socks, he watched his secretary going back to resume the duties that would have been included in her official job description. “She is certainly a good worker,” he told himself. “I believe she deserves a nice raise.”


Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun as Wendy and Mr. Peter did. I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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Secret Craving

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If anyone had ever asked me why I had lost interest in Thayne, I couldn’t have given them an honest answer. He was great-looking and built well, and he liked to make love often. His job paid rather well, so much so that I was able to play housewife for him, and I did that in such a fashion that he never had cause to complain or question how I spent my days. He was a fantastic husband, a great provider, and had the utmost consideration for me. The silently ungrateful wife. All in all, it should have been perfect, but something was missing.

I think that it was his considerate way of going about the sex he loved so much that just rubbed me wrong. There was just something about the sedate stroking, gentle touching, and lack of imagination that left me wanting more. I mean, there are only so many positions that you can try in a bed before it all becomes somewhat lackluster and mundane. It wasn’t that Thayne didn’t know what he was doing – that is one thing that I could never accuse him of — it was that I could almost feel that he was holding back from me what I was craving, and I didn’t know how to get it from him. The force, the near explosive passion that rocks you when you are so lost in the moment that you go nearly blind with pleasure, was the spark that was somehow just not there. And it was ruining the perfection that should have been all mine.

Sometimes when we kissed, I could almost feel the violence trembling behind his lips, could almost taste it on his skin, like a candy that I wanted to sink my teeth into and suck on until there was no more. It could have been wishful thinking, my own desires creating things that weren’t really present. I’m not sure. Thayne’s hands would tense, for just an instant, almost to the point of pain, and my breasts would tighten, my heart beat just a little faster, thinking that this might finally be it. Then the moment would pass, almost like fickle smoke blowing away on an errant breeze, and he would be back to normal. Normal, protective, gentle, boring Thayne. And I was sick of it.

It’s a difficult thing to admit to your lover that they aren’t quite satisfying you. An even harder task to admit to yourself that the things you desire may not be as normal and easy as you would like. How does one ask another to hurt them? How does one explain that pain induces pleasure for them? That the thought of teeth nipping just a bit too hard or the idea of hands bruising and nails scratching nearly steals your breath away? I had no worldly idea how to broach the topic without scaring the hell out of my straight-laced husband, so I settled for seething in silence and playing out my little fantasies in my mind until I couldn’t stand the lack any more.

I remember that it was almost unbearably hot that night. I was wearing my summer short-shorts and a tank top, both of which were plastered to my skin. The air conditioning had blown earlier in the day, and though Thayne had begged and pleaded with nearly every repairman in the area, no one was able to come and relieve us from the baking heat until the next day. I was in the living room with a glass of iced tea and Thayne was in his office, working late as he often did when there was a project going to hell at work.

I honestly couldn’t tell you what came over me. I’ll blame it on the heat and the fantasies I’d been dreaming up all day. I was leaning back and rubbing ice on my neck, letting the water slip in rivulets down my chest, when the idea to practically rape my husband took hold and wouldn’t let go. I actually tried to talk myself out of what I wanted so desperately to do, but the more I pictured approaching Thayne as he clacked away on his computer, the more damp I got. And the dampness had nothing to do with the heat.

I stood up slowly, almost hesitantly, my heart racing as images of what I was going to do streamed through my head. I walked down the hall and peeked through the office doorway at Thayne. He was sitting in a straight-backed chair at his desk wearing only his shorts and a pair of navy blue flip-flops. His hair was disheveled as though he had just been running his fingers through it. As the observation came to me, so did the image of me fisting my hands into the golden brown strands and forcing his head back so I could nibble along his collar bone.

I felt hot, and it had nothing to do with the temperature in the house. It was empowerment and the knowledge that I was finally going to have what I had needed for so long. I slid into the room, sneaking up to bostancı escort bayan where my husband sat toiling away, knowing that if he caught me in his presence before I wanted him to that my plan would most likely fall to pieces. My feet sunk into the soft grey carpet as I stalked closer, my breath coming in silent whispers, my heart pounding in my ears, all making me feel like a huntress after her prey. Closing in on an innocent victim who remained clueless to the danger he was so near and the hunger he was about to sate. Almost there, just a few more steps…

Thayne pushed away from his desk just as I stopped next to him. He had a moment to look startled before I straddled his lap and sat down facing him. The jackass actually laughed.

“Jess, what are you doing? It’s so hot!” Thayne chuckled as he tried to stand me up, but I wriggled closer, pressing myself into him and wrapping my arms around his neck.

“I was getting lonely out there all by myself.” I kissed around his jaw, nipping softly every once in a while. “I thought I’d come and see what you were up to.” I slid my hands up into his hair, letting the silky smooth locks slip between my fingers until I reached the back of his head, then I did make fists, just as I had pictured myself doing as I stood in the doorway. His body went tense beneath me and it sent waves of heat through me, making me want to move faster though I knew that doing so would ruin my plans. I bent forward for a kiss and I released the breath I didn’t even know I was holding when he put his hands on my hips.

I sucked his bottom lip into my mouth, running my tongue along its fullness before sinking my teeth in. Thayne jerked and hardened, though he tried to push me away at the first hint of rough play. His eyes were dilated when his hands pressed against my shoulders, his breathing just a bit raspy, and it suddenly dawned on me that he might actually want the same things that I had been dreaming of. I always knew that I could taste that dark passion in him, but had thought that it was just my wistful imaginings. Maybe my sweet, gentle husband had been holding back for the same reasons I had. The idea tightened things low in my belly and made me more daring than I had already been.

“Jess, I’m almost done here. If we could just wait a minute…” he trailed off briefly as I rocked against him, “…I can take you to the bedroom…” I pulled his head back and bit down his neck, maybe just a tad too hard, “…for God’s sake, what has gotten into you??” Thayne pushed with earnest at that point, looking somewhat panicked as he tried, unsuccessfully, to pry me from his lap. I wrapped my legs around him and hooked my feet behind the legs of his chair.

I ran my hands down his chest, circling my fingers around his nipples, pinching them gently when they hardened for me. “I said I was lonely, Thayne,” I purred to him. “I want you now,” I traced the skin just above the waistband of his shorts, smiling wickedly when his stomach jerked in reaction. “I don’t want to wait, and I don’t want the bed. Here.” I ran my hands up his chest and around his shoulders, digging my nails in as I rounded to his back. Thayne arched up into me as I bit his chest and sucked the skin into my mouth. His hands flew to my head and he pulled gently, trying to move me away without hurting me, but I wouldn’t let go.

“Jess, stop, please. You don’t…” He stopped mid-sentence as I bit up the center of his chest and across his collarbone to his neck. His groan vibrated against my lips and I sank my teeth in just a little deeper, enough that he gasped and clutched my hips, grinding me onto him. I rolled my hips and allowed my fingers to creep back up into his hair, then nibbled across his jaw again, making my way to his mouth.

I licked and bit his lips between words, words that I had practiced a thousand times before as I fantasized about seducing my sedate, sensitive husband into getting rough with me. “Haven’t you ever wanted to just take something without asking? To just do what felt good because you needed it right then?” I jerked on his hair, my lips hovering over his, just making contact as I whispered my little speech to him. Thayne’s hands were working my hips now, rocking me against an erection so hard it had to hurt. I traced my tongue around his mouth but pulled back when he moved to kiss me. He growled and I smiled the smile of a temptress hell-bent on torture.

“Come on, let’s get out of the office and go to our room, ümraniye escort we’ll do whatever you want…” Thayne stopped again when I bit his ear. His hands tightened painfully on my hips and I moaned rather loudly in his ear. I wanted to be pressed against him skin-to-skin, but I had to settle for the friction from the fabric of our clothing. I licked his earlobe and was rewarded when he stifled a groan. He was sinking slowly and I was determined to win a battle that he hadn’t even been armed for. So I went in for the kill.

Using that sexy, husky whisper, I ran my tongue along the whorls of his ear and said, “But what if I want you to fuck me? You want it to…I can feel you…so hard.” I kissed along his throat and licked from the base of his neck to his mouth, pulling his head to me by the hair that was still wrapped around my fingers. He was trembling, sweat beading across his forehead as he stared into my eyes. His nostrils were slightly flared and his breath was coming heavily, but desire burned like fire in his eyes, and I knew I had won.

“You want to, don’t you? To hurt me, to bite me. To fuck me. To pull my hair and hold me in place while you pound that hard cock in…” I didn’t get to finish. Thayne growled like a feral thing and drove his fingers into my hair, ripping my head back as his hot mouth moved hungrily over my throat. Teeth scraped and bruised across my skin and I couldn’t have moved away even if I’d wanted to. He dragged one hand down my back to my ass and pulled me against him as he rocked himself against me. His mouth, that wonderfully enticing mouth, bit across my shoulders and licked its way down my chest until it came to rest at my nipple. He roughly told me to keep talking just before he sucked on the hard nubbin through my shirt.

My hands were all over him, scratching his shoulders and upper back, pulling his hair, sliding in the sheen of sweat that was covering us both. I moaned and cried out and franticly told him every naughty, dirty thing I had ever thought about him doing to me, and it only managed to drive him on. My gentle Thayne ripped my shirt and bra off of me and pinched one nipple as he gnawed on the other. I was blind, euphoric, so wet that I was shocked Thayne’s shorts weren’t soaked with it.

He stopped abruptly and stood me up. I panted heavily and stared at his face, panicked for a moment that he was actually done. For one breathless moment, he stared back, unblinking, then he turned me around. He pulled my ass against him and I wiggled around, teasing him. Thayne’s hands ran down my chest and across my stomach, latching into the elastic of my shorts and sliding them down. He bit his way up the backs of my thighs as he stood back up, one hand coming to my hip and the other meeting the back of my head. He bent me over, telling me to spread my legs and grab the edge of the desk.

Finally, we were going to fuck, really fuck. I could feel the wetness slipping out of me to dampen my thighs, my heart beat pulsing through that part of me that craved him the most. I held my breath, waiting, nearly shaking with my desire, knowing that he surely wouldn’t want anymore of this type of play before he found release. But my sweet Thayne had other ideas.

He knelt on the floor behind me and I could hear him whispering, mostly nonsense. “You had to…I tried to stop…God I’ve wanted…but you weren’t…and I didn’t…but now…sweet…so sweet…” And then his mouth was on me, tongue swirling and slurping, plunging into me over and over. My knees almost buckled from the pleasure of it, from the newness of having my straight-laced husband kneeling behind me and lapping up my juices, from the feeling of his fingers gripping so forcefully on my thighs. I bent over further and watched him working between my legs, sliding his tongue over every crease and fold in my pussy, biting on the hard nub before shoving two fingers into me. They slid back and forth over some lovely spot inside of me, making my entire body feel liquid as he flickered his tongue over my clit.

“Oh my God, that’s fucking good, Thayne…I’m going to cum…” I could feel myself starting to tighten on his fingers, so close, then he sucked my clit into his mouth and pinched my nipple and I felt myself cum in a flood, the juices running down my thighs and drenching Thayne’s face. He never stopped moving his hands or suckling that little pink pearl. My orgasms rolled one into the other and he seemed content to suck my pussy forever.

Finally, escort kartal after one long last lick, Thayne stopped and stood up. I could hear his zipper opening and the slide of fabric as he dropped his shorts, then he was turning me around and sliding his cock between my legs. I was shaking so hard I could barely stand, but he held onto me as he slid back and forth, coating himself in my cum. He kissed me hard, his tongue exploring my mouth as though we’d never really kissed before, his hands gripping my hair in a death lock.

“Was that what you wanted?” he said against my lips. “You just wanted me to suck your pussy and be done?” I looked at him through glazed eyes and shook my head, and he turned my devil-smile back on me. “Oh, you want more? How about I shove my cock in you?” Thayne grabbed my ass and slammed me against him, forcing me as close as he could to that delicious cock without actually putting it in. I whimpered. “You know what I want? I want you on your knees choking on my cock while I fuck your face.”

He bit my lip then and shoved me to the floor. I kneeled there as he rubbed his damp cock across my lips, pushing the head into my mouth as I licked the pre-cum off the tip. The salty taste made me moan and run my hands up his thighs as I slowly sucked him into my mouth. Thayne jerked when I closed my lips around him, his hands caressing my face while his erection disappeared into my throat. I gripped him with one hand and got into a steady rhythm of stroke-and-suck while I massaged his balls with the other, drawing groan after moan after delicious sigh from him. I gagged, he laughed. I choked, he held my face against him.

He grabbed my hair again after I picked up the pace, sucking franticly as I attempted to get him to cum for me as hard as I had for him. I was dripping again, so hungry for his cock in my pussy that I could have begged, but I was enjoying the dirty blowjob so much that I couldn’t stop. I slid one finger across his asshole and Thayne shouted out and jerked violently in my mouth.

He used my hair to pull me back up to my feet then let go to pull me against him again. His cock was wet from my blowjob, hard and throbbing against my belly, but his eyes looked dangerous. My belly twisted into knots. I had pushed him too far. My heart sank and I knew that it was all going to be finished faster that it had started. I had just had to keep going and I had ruined it. Now my husband was angry.

His arms tightened painfully around me. A faint tremor of fear shook through me, barely noticeable, but Thayne felt it and he smiled wickedly. I felt his hands sliding down my back and across my ass where he grabbed me and lifted me up, wrapping my legs around his waist. I was elated. Not too far after all. He began to walk with me wrapped around him and, though I was disappointed that we were going to the bedroom, I was relieved that he wasn’t and angry as his eyes had implied.

I bent my head to kiss him gently because I knew he probably wanted to calm down, when I felt my shoulders touch the wall. In one motion, he shoved me into the wall, slammed that too-hard cock into me, and savaged my mouth. His teeth bit, his tongue soothed, and his cock never stopped moving. I could feel him so deep inside of me that I was surprised that I didn’t split in two. I held on for dear life, taking every thrust and bite and kiss that he gave me, my pussy throbbing around him and leaking juice over both of us. His mouth was on my ear and his hand moved to my throat and squeezed.

“You want to cum again, little bitch? You want that pussy to cum all over my cock while I fuck you?” I couldn’t speak, my breath wheezing in around his hand on my throat, but I nodded my head and slid my hands into his hair and pulled. “I’m going to cum in you…You like my hot cum in you? Mixing with your pussy juice and then running down your legs. You want to be filled up with my cum, don’t you? Then you want me to fuck you again…”

I couldn’t take anymore. I came on a scream, my body arching against him as I shook and shuddered, barely noticing when he let go of my throat and buried his face in my neck. Both of us soaked in sweat, both fighting desperately for air, both reveling in the conclusion of the dirtiest, hottest sex we had ever had. We came together, wave after wave hitting us and pulling us under, and I knew that we would never, ever go back to that sedate, gentle love-making that had plagued us before.

He lifted his head and looked into my eyes, half smiling, still struggling for breath, and kissed me again. Then he gathered me up into his arms and carried me to the bedroom, but I didn’t complain, and haven’t since that night. I guess perfection finally fell into my lap.

Or better yet, knocked me to my knees.

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Second Chances

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Judy’s life was coming off the rails, which was saying something because it had been a complete mess ever since her ex-husband had knocked up some bimbo he had been sleeping with. That would have been bad enough, but then in his infinite wisdom, rather than admit to his wife what he had done, he had decided to support said bimbo behind Judy’s back and hope his wife didn’t notice. Well, when he ended up cleaning out both his and Judy’s bank accounts and maxed out several credit cards, his wife noticed. Apparently, Judy had married a complete moron without noticing. She promptly divorced him upon finding out, and was able to, justifiably so, get court ordered wage garnishments and hefty alimony in the divorce to make reparations for him financially ruining them. However, that implied the lazy ass had a job to garnish wages from. No, she had made the mistake of marrying the laziest, most useless, cheating, lying, unfaithful excuse of a man in northern California.

Out of money, and with a mound of new debt, she had been forced to get help, and had somehow managed to scrape some kind of adult life together after the divorce. She was working two jobs to make ends meet and pay off her debts. By day she was a pediatric nurse, which was her real passion, since she loved working with kids. By night she worked as a hospice nurse for extra money. The situation was necessary, but the double duty was wearing on her; she had been at it over a year and she did not think she could take much more of this.

What’s worse, she was about to lose her cheap lodgings, because the owner was selling the house of which she lived in the basement apartment, if you could call her barely finished hole an apartment, to a family that had no interest in a tenant. She could have fought it, but her landlady had always been super nice to her, and putting up a fight would not have changed that the owner could not afford to keep the place. She had sweetly offered to sell it to Judy, but Judy couldn’t afford it, and even if she could, no bank would lend her money thanks to her idiot ex.

Despite all of that though, things were surprisingly looking up. It seemed her sister’s roommate had just moved out, and given Judy no longer had a place to live, she had offered her spare room. Judy did not like to accept charity, but it gave her some place to go to regroup, if she could get a job that is. Since she had gotten the news from her sister, she had managed to line up a few interviews, and she was taking a long weekend to go on a few and help her sister redecorate a bit. One of the interviews in particular had her excited, as it paid enough that she would not need a night job.

So, at least she had hope, unlike many of the patients she saw at this job, like that hero firefighter quite a few of her fellow nurses were obsessed with. Here was a big strong guy with everything in front of him, likely to never wake again.

Not that you could tell that from his fan club of nurses. Judy swore that many of them thought he was going to wake up and sweep them off their feet or something, ‘right, when pigs fly ladies,’ she thought to herself. Still, she saw the draw, he was in a coma for saving a bunch of kids and really cute. He just had so little chance of recovery, though his case was one of the oddest she had ever seen.

Matthew Whitten, for that was his name, had received media attention for rescuing a mother and four kids from a smoke-filled room in a burning building. Reports were, he had moved a large book case, and protected them from other falling debris, as they were rescued. He had had to be helped out of the building by his fellow firefighters, but despite several broken bones and somewhat severe burns, he had been okay when he arrived at the hospital. He had no head injuries to speak of, and they were able to set his fractures and tend to his other injuries with relative ease. They had sedated him as a precaution, to prevent shock from setting in, but all and all everything seemed fine. It was the next day when they could not wake him that the doctors became concerned. They tried just about everything to wake him before running a bunch of tests on him. Nothing was wrong other than the injuries, he had brain activity similar to that of a person in deep sleep, his heart was working fine, and he was breathing independently. After a few days, and several more rounds of tests, the doctors could find nothing wrong. All that could be done was to see if he would wake, and let his body heal itself in the meantime.

When over two weeks had passed with no change, he was transferred to the hospice facility Judy worked at. Over the next few weeks they continued to monitor his vitals and let him heal. The only danger to him was that he could not feed himself, but they used an IV and feeding tube to take care of that. Unfortunately, as his other injuries began to mend they were running out of reasons to keep him, other than to study his bizarre case. What little family Matthew had was from Buffalo, and a few representatives were consulted bostancı escort bayan about his case when he had been transferred. It seemed that, though they cared for him, they did not want to be burdened with his care, especially given that it was unknown how long it would be before he woke, if he ever woke. They did express that they did not want him made an experiment, nor did they want to keep him alive in a vegetative state. No matter how much the hospice staff and doctors tried to explain he was fine, just deeply asleep, almost in hibernation for lack of a better term, the family just wanted the matter resolved so they could grieve. They were not convinced that Matthew would ever wake, and did not want to lose him twice. Judy understood that, even if she disagreed with their overall decision.

The final decision was made that if he had not had any change by the end of the following week’s end, they would remove the IV and feeding tube, and see if the hunger and dehydration would wake Matthew. Judy and many of the other nurses found this to be the same as killing him, unlike most cases where they ‘pulled the plug’ so to speak. In most cases she and many of her fellow nurses saw pulling the plug as an act of mercy, but in Matthew’s case, it just seemed wrong somehow. Unfortunately though, it was what his family wanted, and no one had the power to overrule them since, legally, they alone had the power to make his care decisions.

The night following the visit by the family, Judy was doing her rounds and came to Matthew’s room to find, once again, one of the guys from Matthew’s firehouse sitting vigil. She swore since Matthew had been in the hospital at least one of them was in his room at all times, as if he could wake up any minute. This one’s name was Ray, and he must have had the shift at the same time as Judy’s rounds, because she usually saw him when she came in to check on Matthew. He had talked to her a few times, and a few of her coworkers thought he had a thing for her, but she was definitely not interested. Ray was a smoker, cocky, was a bit of a loud mouth, and clearly thought himself a lady’s man. It also did not help that, like all of his fellow firefighters on the vigil, Ray was a good six inches short of Judy’s 5’9″. Judy chuckled a bit with some of the other nurses that Matthew was probably the only tall one, at around 6’3″, in the whole firehouse judging by the group of at least seven others they had seen on the vigil. Judy had to admit Ray had made her smile a few times, and she admired his loyalty to his friend, but that was about where his admirable qualities, except of course his line of work, ended. “It’s a shame what they’re going to do to Matt, simply because they don’t want to bother with him. I told that so called family of his we’d watch him, even pay for his care, that he’s too good a man to lose like that, but they wouldn’t listen.”

“Yes it is,” Judy said fixing Matthew’s pillows and checking the IV. She sighed, “God knows most of us agree with that, but there’s nothing we can do. The family’s wishes are the family’s wishes, and like it or not we have to respect them. The only way around it is if one of you has a legal document saying you have the power to make his care decisions, otherwise what they want, goes. I’d help him if I could, but there’s not really anything I can do at this point.”

Ray shook his head, Judy had figured that was the first thing her boss would have asked once the family had made that controversial decision.

“Have a good night Ray,” she said, leaving when it was obvious he had no reply. He nodded and Judy went about her work for the rest of the night. Later that evening she was sitting at the nurse’s station with a few other nurses when Ray came up.

“Hey Judy, did you mean what you said? About helping Matt if you could? I think I’ve got a way, what do you say I buy you some pie or something when you get off, and we discuss it?”

Judy open her mouth to turn him down, but her friend Eileen put her hand over Judy’s mouth and said, glaring at Judy, “She’d love to Ray.” Judy tried to remove the hand, but Eileen was persistent, “she gets off around 1, where should she meet you?” Ray named a nearby 24 hour diner and Eileen smiled and said, “she’ll be there.” Then looking at Judy she said, “Won’t you Judy?”

Resigned, Judy sighed, nodded, and Ray smiled and left. When he had gone Eileen finally removed her hand from Judy’s mouth.

“Well, that was uncalled for Eileen! You know I’m not going,” Judy said glaring at her friend.

“Oh, come on Judy, you haven’t been on a date in months. As far as I know that’s the first cute single guy to ask you out in a while. I know you haven’t gotten any since the divorce, and I’m guessing so do a few others, since you’re starting to get the nickname Sister Judith Agatha around here, and not even the cute firefighter seems to impress you.”

“Really?” Judy asked kind of depressed, realizing that she actually had not had sex since the divorce, and irritated ümraniye escort that people here thought her some kind of nun.

“Yes, Judy, your life is this job and the pediatricians office, you need a bit of fun.”

“Ok, fine, but why Ray? He’s nice enough, I guess, but he’s so full of himself and I’m a half foot taller than him!”

“It’s just pie Judy, what’s the big deal, it’s not like I’m saying marry the guy. By the way, as for you saying you’re not going, you nodded Judy, which means you are going, I know you.”

“Fine,” Judy snorted, “But if this goes badly I’m blaming you!”

“Just as long as you invite me to the wedding if it goes well,” Eileen said smiling. Judy glared at her and she immediately said, “Kidding! Wow don’t be so touchy, but seriously if he offers sex, I say take it. You need to get some honey, and full of himself or not, you could use being full of him if you know what I mean.”


“I’m just saying that ex of yours was a world class jerk, no need to be celibate for that moron. Live a little, Judy.”

With that Eileen went off to do rounds and Judy finished off her shift. Before she left, now that she had a sort of date with Ray thanks to Eileen’s interference, she stopped to make herself look a bit more presentable.

She arrived at the diner and found Ray already seated, and two cups of coffee on the table. He got up and greeted her.

“Thanks for coming Judy, it looked like you were pretty reluctant to come. Your friend seemed to push you into it, I wasn’t sure you’d show. I ordered you coffee because I figured you’d need some after a long shift.”

Judy sat and smiled, “Not a problem, I appreciate you trying to help your friend, I’m just not sure what I can do to help. As for Eileen, she’s just trying to be a good friend, misguided as she can be at times. Thanks for the coffee, you’re right, I can definitely use some.”

Ray then began asking her about herself, getting her background, finding out whether she was seeing anyone and such, during which time the waitress came to take their order. Judy started to feel like she had been lured when she asked, “Ray, as much as I love telling you about myself, how exactly does knowing my life story help your friend Matt?”

“It doesn’t, strictly speaking. You see, this isn’t so much about saving Matt, much as I’d love to do that, that ship has kind of sailed as you said. It’s more about fulfilling a last request so to speak. You see we have this pact in the firehouse that in the odd event one of us ever ends up in Matt’s condition, that one of us arrange kind of a ‘final sendoff’.”

“So, what, you want me to give him a kiss or something?” They were interrupted by their food arriving.

“Or something,” he said uncomfortably. He then took out a piece of paper, and set it on the table, before starting in on his pie. “You can read for yourself, this is a copy of the pact.”

Confused and slightly concerned, Judy read the pact. Basically, in the event of incapacitation resulting in a plug being pulled the agreement called for a member of the firehouse to arrange one last lay, for the firefighter in question, before said firefighter was taken off life support. Judy read it again, to make sure she read correctly.

“You want me to do what, with a patient?” she said incredulous. “Ray, I can get fired for that, heck I can lose my license.” Then she leaned in and said more quietly, “not only that, but without consent, that’s rape. I could be arrested.”

Ray smiled, “I figured you might take it like this. I know it’s odd, and as for that last point this is a binding agreement, in this case I am legally authorized to give consent for Matt. Only in this matter, unfortunately, though, and trust me I asked the lawyer that drew this up. So, no charges can be brought against you. As for your job, I understand that, I just figured, why not ask? Truth is, well, I’ve been watching you, and I think you’d be Matt’s type.”

“Why? Because I have these?” She said irritated, pointing to her ample chest.

“No, though those, and your body, don’t hurt,” he said with a smile.

Judy rolled her eyes, she knew she had an okay body. After all, much to her amusement and annoyance, she caught some of the dads at the pediatrician’s office she worked at checking her out. She could not really understand the draw though, as other than her boobs, she did not think she was that impressive.

She was a slightly above average height woman, who was a bit on the chubby side, with wide hips, shoulder length light brown hair, brown eyes, and just a few years shy of 30.

“Really though, it’s the stuff I saw, the way you handle yourself, and the stuff you just told me. I can just tell you’re the kind of woman he’d like.” Then after a pause he added, “though it doesn’t hurt that he’s a sucker for beautiful brown eyes and a gorgeous smile like yours.”

Judy smiled at that, and taking that as an opening, Ray began telling her about Matt. He grew up in Buffalo one of five escort kartal kids, he loved math so much he became an accountant. He was a good one too, until one year during the thick of tax season he missed a family party, busy with work, and that night a space heater shorted out and his family’s house burned down. He lost his whole family in the fire.

After that, he left Buffalo and moved to San Diego to get away from anywhere that needed space heaters, and quit accounting to become a firefighter. He was a hard worker, and had only just qualified a few months ago, but he was quickly becoming one of the best in their house, earning the loyalty of his fellow firefighters quickly along the way. As she knew, he landed in the hospital saving a mother and her four kids.

“He does sound really great Ray, but this is a big ask.”

“I know, and if it helps, me and the guys have some money…”

“I am NOT a whore!” Judy hissed, angrily cutting him off.

“Not saying you were,” Ray backpedaled quickly, “I just thought I’d mention, your friend said you had money issues. I meant no offense, really. I wasn’t implying, just thought I’d offer.”

Judy nodded and calmed down, as she figured out he had meant well, “It’s ok, just some advice though, let the woman ask about money in future if this ever comes up again. Most women won’t respond well to being paid to screw a guy.” She regathered her thoughts and asked the obvious question. “Why me? I know you said you think he’d have liked me and all, but seriously there are nurses I work with that would gladly pay YOU to sleep with Matt. Why ask me?”

Ray thought and said, “First off, you don’t fawn over him, Matt wouldn’t want that in a woman, but you still treat him with respect. You do your work and move on, Matt would respect that. It really is a shame he’s in a coma or you’d be his type. I think you’d be the kind of woman Matt would settle down with.”

Judy smiled, touched, “Did he want a family?”

“Yeah, a big one, and your friend told me you love kids.”

Judy’s heart sunk, “Then I’m not his dream woman. I’m infertile.”

“You sure?”

“Not that it’s any of your business but, yes. My ex-husband and I tried to get pregnant for like 3 years, then all of the sudden I learn he’s knocked up some bimbo he’s sleeping with on the side, with twins. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out where the problem is.”

“I’m sorry, not about your problem, I mean that sucks, but about your ex, the guys a d-bag in my opinion. You don’t cheat on your wife just cause she can’t get pregnant, you find other ways.” Ray paused and smiled, “like adoption for instance, which by the way, Matt has always said he’d like to do someday. So like I said, you’re his dream woman.”

“Accept that part about him being stuck in a permanent dream, Ray; no offense but I’d like my dream man to be able to talk to me and hold me.”

“Still, will you think about it? We have a few days until they pull his plug, so to speak. The guys and I would really appreciate it.”

Judy said she would think about it, mentioning that it really could cost her big time if she got caught.

“I’m leaving town for a few days tomorrow, and I’ll be back the middle of next week, I’ll let you know what I decide then. Does that sound fair?”

Ray nodded, thanked her, paid the check, and they left.

Judy immediately called Eileen to berate her, telling her what Ray had asked her to do. Eileen was of course no help; she said to do it, she would even help.

Judy hung up the phone and, as promised thought it over for the next few days. The next few days were filled with interviews, helping her sister, and just catching up with her sister in general. Despite all the distractions, what Ray asked was never far from her mind. Fortunately, it did not distract her too much on her interviews, which she thought went really well.

She was still on the fence about what Ray asked later the next week, with her deadline to make a decision for Ray looming, when she got word she had gotten the job in San Francisco and it decided it for her. She had already filled out her notice paperwork the previous week so she already only had a few days left. As long as she did not get caught everything should be fine. She knew she would not be the first nurse to do something inappropriate to a patient, she just had never imagined she would find herself considering doing something like this herself. When she got to Matt’s room Ray was of course sitting there.

“Well?” he asked, as he had the past few nights since she got back.

Judy sighed and looked at him, “I must be out of my mind, and your pact is stupid, but if anyone deserves this, it’s this man. So, I’ll do it. Tomorrow night, right before I go home.”

What the hell, right? This time next week she’d be living with her sister in San Francisco, getting ready to start a brand new job. She was still taking a huge risk, but less so somehow now that she knew she had a new chapter waiting for her.

Just to be sure though, she did take Eileen up on her offer of help. She traded rounds with her, and Eileen agreed to make sure the hall was clear. Ray and a couple of the guys from the firehouse offered to stand guard, but Judy did not want this to turn into a spectacle.

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Sculpting Mei-Lien Ch. 03

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Three days later Mei-Lien arrived punctually for her next lesson. When she removed her coat, I saw that she was dressed as she had been for her last visit, only now she wore the rope belt which I had given her. Guiding her once more to the hall mirror, I took up my position behind her and placed my hands on her stomach.

Curious to know how she had found the last three days, I asked her whether she had had any problem adhering to her regimen.

Proudly she answered, “Although they have been sore, I have exercised my stomach muscles twice daily and am now able to do twelve sit-ups each time. Mostly, my belt causes me no problem, and I am now accustomed to its presence. My biggest problem comes from the constant tickling of my tummy by the brush which you asked me to insert under my panties. It is very distracting, especially when I have to sit for long periods as I do at work. My lower belly has become very sensitive and pink, even when I get up in the morning. However, by applying ointment as you suggested, I have prevented it from getting irritated and rather like the color it has become. Finally, although it is embarrassing for me to admit, all this attention to my body has kept me in a mild state of excitement which I enjoy but find difficult to bear.”

The effect of her training were clearly evident in the image which I saw in the mirror. In addition, by palpating them with my fingers, I discovered that her abdominal muscles had already improved their tone and that she was learning to keep them firmer. After expressing my satisfaction with her progress, I told her that it would be no longer necessary to subject her to the sort of harsh treatment which I had used last time and that I would count on her to continue strengthening her muscles on her own. I had thought that she would be relieved by this news and was therefore surprised by the cloud which past over her face.

In order to reassure her that I would continue her training, I drew her body back against my own and said, “Mei-Lien, my dear, I have no intention of abandoning our program or of leaving my sculpture in an unfinished state. All that I meant is that the techniques which I will employ will be more refined, even though they will still make considerable demands on your body. Before introducing you to them, I need to know if you ever studied yoga. In particular, do you know how to take the lotus position and can you maintain it comfortably for a protracted period?”

“Yoga was a part of the curriculum in Chinese schools, starting in elementary schools and continuing through high school. Thus, I have spent many hours in a lotus position and am quite comfortable in one.”

“Well then, today may represent something of a return to your childhood, since I have been hoping to give you your posture lesson while you are in that position, and I know now that I can. If you are ready to find out what I have in mind, please go into living room and assume a lotus position in the same place on the rug where your training took place last time. I will join you in a couple of minutes.”

When I did join her, I found Mei-Lien seated crossed legged in the middle of the living room, the backs of her feet resting on her thighs, their bottoms turned upward, as were her hands. She appeared quite relaxed in this classic yoga pose, and I was struck by her poise and the ethereal beauty of her Asian features which were delineated by shadows in the late afternoon light. However, I was there to instruct and not just admire. As I had anticipated, this position highlighted her defects as well as her assets. Not only was her lower belly bulging out below the rope digging into her midriff, her shoulders and neck slouched forward in a way which partially hid her upper body, Thus, I knelt down by her side and, cupping my hand under her chin, lifted her head until her back was in a straight line above her pelvis and her breasts thrust out between her arms.

Leaning back to survey the changes I had wrought, I told Mei-Lien, “I want you to remain in that position for about half an hour. During that time, I want you to concentrate on the position of both your back and your stomach. Your spine should be a vertical column between your pelvis and head, which should be held so that your chin is in a line with your collarbone. Although your stomach should be tucked in, it should appear to be relaxed so that its feminine roundness is on display but firmly under your control. The aesthetic ideal for which you should strive is achieved by enhancing the contrast between the flat plane of your back and the rolling contours of the female assets on your front.”

Earnest student that she was, Mei-Lien absorbed my words and did her best to follow my instructions. However, after about ten minutes, I could see that her concentration was beginning to flag and that was in need of some stimulation. Having assumed that this would be the case, during my brief absence, I had armed myself with, among other things, a hair brush. After asking her permission, I moved behind her to release her hair from the bun at the back of her head and let it cascade down her back. bostancı escort bayan Then, taking the brush in one hand and using the fingers of my other hand as a comb, I ran the brush followed by my fingers through her hair in rhythmic strokes, starting at her scalp and ending at her rump on each pass. From the outset, it was clear that Mei-Lien was getting considerable sensual pleasure from what I was doing. With each stroke, her head tipped further backward, so that her hair was soon flowing in an unbroken curtain between me and her back, and, as I continued, she began breathing through her mouth, from which came soft sounds of contentment.

The brush had done its job, but its effect waned quickly. With fifteen minutes remaining before Mei-Lien’s lesson was to end, I resorted to a bolder tactic. Taking her head between my hands and tipping it further back so that she was staring at the ceiling and her face was below mine, I said, “Mei-Lien, I am wondering whether you would allow me to bare your breasts. You have already permitted me to take great liberties with your body, but until now none of them has had explicit sexual connotations. Baring your breasts would give me great pleasure, but only if I knew that I was doing so with your unqualified consent. I won’t pretend that my reason for wanting them bare is entirely pedagogic, although I believe that having your upper body completely exposed will add to the effectiveness of your training. In addition, having your breasts bare will make this an entirely different experience for you, one which will open the possibility of your receiving immediate, as opposed to indefinitely deferred, reward for your efforts. Do you agree?”

Looking down into her upturned face, I once again saw the furrows bunching over her brows in the way that they always do when she is deep in thought. It took her a couple of minutes to respond, but, when she did, the profundity of her words took me aback. “If I allow you to bare my breasts, our relationship will be entirely different. Until now you have been my teacher, even though some of the things you have been teaching me have sexual implications and have involved your making intimate contact with various parts of my body. However, a woman’s breasts are not just another part of her body. They are one of her greatest and, at the same time, most vulnerable assets. Allowing you to bare them means that you are no longer just my teacher but are also my lover. Is that your understanding as well?”

The ball was now in my court, and I was not sure how to return it. A little over a week ago, I had thought of Mei-Lien as a charming student to whom I was teaching English. I am accustomed to guiding and molding the intellectual development of my students, and, even though I was sexually aroused bywhat I had done with her during her last visit, I thought of it in the same terms: she was still a tabla rasa on which I was writing, the difference being that I was now writing on her body as well as her mind. Only after her response, did I realize how much deeper than my own was my student’s understanding of human emotions. She was not just a statue which I was molding, she was a full fledged woman who was not about to compromise her sense of propriety just for a casual fling.

After giving myself time to formulate my answer carefully, I told her, “Mei-Lien, you are a remarkable woman, one whom I am beginning to love. If it were not for the difference in our ages and backgrounds, becoming your lover would be a natural next step in our relationship. However, I am at least fifteen years older than you, and we grew up in entirely different, in a sense, diametrically opposite worlds. Under the circumstances, it would be dishonest of me to encourage you to think that ours is likely to evolve into a long term, lasting relationship which might end in marriage. Thus, if that is the sort of commitment you seeking, then I have to decline your offer to become your lover. On the other hand, if that is not what you were saying and instead you meant is that the change in our relationship to that of lovers would entail an emotional commitment very different from the usual one between a student and teacher, then I agree and welcome the concomitant responsible which that change would imply. Thus, I must ask you which of these interpretations is the one you want me to make, and in order to not rush you, I will leave you here for a few minutes so that you reach your decision in peace.”

I left Mei-Lien, seated in her lotus position for five minutes, during which I tried to keep myself occupied with trivial tasks. I knew what I hoped her decision would be, but I was reconciled to accepting whatever it might be. Upon my return to the living, my answer was literally staring me in the face. Framed between her arms were Mei-Lien’s naked breasts. Like those on the Cambodian statues which I had always admired in museums, Mei-Lien’s breasts are perfect cones which ride high on her chest in a way which defies gravity. They are not large but are pleasingly ample and are capped with generous reddish brown areolae from which her nipples ümraniye escort emerge as two cylindrical pegs that, when they are erect as they were, can be as much as half an inch long.

Overcome by a combination of admiration and gratitude, I stood transfixed before her. At last I pulled myself together sufficiently to say, “Mei-Lien, you are more lovely than I had imagined. Seated there as you are, bolt upright, with your hair flowing down your back, your front a symphony of gentle contours, and a serene, nearly beatific expression on your face, you take my breath away. It’s a shame that your half hour is already up and that I will not be able to savor this image longer.”

With obviously feigned annoyance in her voice, Mei-Lien protested, “I did not bare my breasts just to have you dismiss the class. I intend to remain as I am as long as it takes for you and my breasts to get thoroughly acquainted. You said that you wanted me to think of you as a sculptor who is putting the final touches on his statue. Well, there is more to your statue than just a tummy, and your statue thinks it is time for its sculptor to give a little attention to something other than its posture.”

Her teasing tone did much to leaven the atmosphere, and I responded in kind. saying, “Your sculptor agrees so long as his statue understands that having her breasts molded does not relieve her of responsibility for her belly.”

Seating myself directly in front of her, with my legs wrapped around her buttock and my heels resting against her rump, I reached forward and cradled her enticingly available breasts in my hands, cupping their undersides. I recalled from my teenage years the wondrous texture of my teenage girlfriends’ breasts, but it had been many years since I had held in my hands breasts with the marvelous resilience of the ones resting in them now. Fascinated by their consistency, I could not resist the temptation to watch their response to displacement in various directions. With hardly a wobble, they returned to their original position, whether raised and dropped or pushed to the side.

Looking into Mei-Lien’s eyes, I told her, “There is very little even Praxeteles could have done to improve these mammaries of yours. Their shape and texture are essentially perfect. Since you insist that I work them, I will try the only experiment which I can imagine might make them more appealing. Namely, I will see whether I can make your nipples grow. Your nipples are already erect, but it would be interesting to know if they can be made fuller. Would you like me to try?”

Mei-Lien agreed to participate in my experiment on the condition that I tell her who Praxeteles was. Pleased to learn that I was comparing hers to some of the most famous female busts in the classical world, she smiled and told me, “You are welcome to try, but my nipples are as hard as they have ever been, and I doubt if they can be made any larger.”

Happy to oblige, I shifted my hands to the sides of her breasts and placed a thumb on the tip of each of her nipples. Like the pictures of many Asian women I had found while surfing the web, Mei-Lien’s areolae and nipples were surprising large for a woman with breasts of modest size. In addition, the tips of her nipples were bisected by distinct creases, whose function, I assumed, was to facilitate the flow of milk during nursing. I had always wondered whether these anatomical features would make Asian women more susceptible to having their nipples teased, and I was glad to have been given the opportunity to find out. Exerting only enough pressure to keep the pads of my thumbs in contact with her nipples, I slowly rotated their distended stalks.

After several rotations, I could see that I was having a profound impact on Mei-Lien’s equanimity if not the size of her nipples. Her initial response was to shut her eyes and emit a muted sigh. This was soon followed by her throwing back her head and rocking her torso from side to side. It was clear to me that the purpose of her rocking was not to remove her nipples from their torment but to find a release for the tension which that their torment was causing. Nonetheless, I reminded her that she was my statue and that, as such, her first obligation was to her sculptor and his craft, which her rocking was in danger of disrupting. Chastened by my warning, she resumed to her original pose and turned her attention to the progress of her nipples.

It took more than five minutes before any substantive progress was visible. As she had said, her nipples were fully erect before I began. Thus, the only apparent change initially was a gradual darkening of first the nipples themselves and then the surrounding areolae. However, much to our mutual satisfaction, when five minutes had elapsed, her nipples started to show a definite thickening and the narrow slits at their tips began to spread.

Intrigued, I asked her, “Do you like what is happening to your nipples?” When she made it clear that she did, I teasingly added, “I do too, but I am afraid that if I continue much longer your nipples will grow out of proportion with your breasts and ruin escort kartal the aesthetics of my statue. On the other hand, their obvious athletic ability has given me ideas about their potential use in your training. However, I think that they have been exercised sufficiently for now and that it is time for me to give them and you a well deserved rest.”

Rising to my feet, I reached down to grab her arms and helped her extract herself from the demanding position in which she had spent close to an hour. When she was standing upright in front of me in nothing but her shorts, her naked breasts pointing directly at me, and her nipples rampant, she made a delectable sight. Overcome with gratitude for the mutual pleasure we had received, we spontaneously closed the gap separating our bodies hugged one another in a tight embrace.

Feeling her yielding body locked against my own, I knew that we would soon have to confront the question of whether the time had come to consummate our rapidly evolving affair. I was myself conflicted. On the one hand, I was highly aroused by the little games we had been playing. On the other hand, I did not want to rush Mei-Lien and was not averse to the idea of prolonging this tantalizing period of our relationship decision together for quite a while. Thus, when we finally stepped back from one another, I once again assumed the role of a stern instructor.

Holding her by the upper arms so that she was stranding directly in front of me, I said, “Mei-Lien, your lesson for today is over. The only question is whether you go home like a good girl, now that class is dismissed, or whether you stay at school for extra-curricular activities, in which case, we have to decide what those activities will be. Because they are not part of the standard curriculum, the student should make these decisions, and so I will leave them up to you and put myself at yourself disposal.”

Standing before me, wearing nothing but her shorts and with her pert breasts pointing straight at me, she cut an image which was simultaneously seductive and vulnerable, and I could feel a slight trembling in her body as I delivered my little lecture. Nonetheless, her inherent curiosity and courage were manifest in her response.

“Thanks to her teacher’s skill, this student has learned today a lot about her body which she had not known, and for this she is most grateful. However, she is not ready tot ake her final exam, the one which she assumes will be eventually administered in her teachers bedroom. On the other hand, she can’t very will leave for home in the excited state her lessons left her. Thus, if her teacher agrees, she would like to stay after school for some extra-curricular activities which will relieve some of the tension she feels and help to restore her equilibrium. For instance, as yet her teacher has not graded, or even thoroughly examined, her homework, and perhaps that is where we should begin.”

Without waiting for my reply, Mei-Lien stepped back, lowered her shorts, and let them drop to the floor. After kicking them aside, she assumed a pose in which her lower belly was purposefully made the center of attention. Shoving aside the strands of hemp which had been continuously rubbing against her stomach, she drew my attention to the livid color of her skin, saying, “I thought that you should see for yourself what a toll on my poor tummy has my homework has exacted. As you can see, its surface is no longer the color of my ancestors and has become a deep pink. What you can’t see is the incessant tickling which those strands of hemp have imposed upon it, not to mention the relentless girdle circling my waist and making me conscious of every breath I take. Only while you sculpting my nipples was I sufficiently distracted to ignore my tummy. If you think that I have earned a good grade, maybe you could reward me.”

Impressed by her decisiveness and enchanted by her playfulness, I joined in her game and sank to my knees to grade her homework with the care she deserved. Running my hands over the bowl of her lower belly, I could feel warmth radiating from its pink surface and could imagine the discipline required of her to not relieve herself of the constant irritation which the hemp must have provoked. Looking up, I saw that she had reduced the length of the belt around her waist by more than an inch and that it was embedded at least a quarter inch into her flesh. Moved by her obvious dedication, I undid the knot holding her harness in place, gently peeled it away from the shallow groove it had dug into her waist, and let it join her shorts on the floor.

To indicate my approval, I grasped her buttock in my hands, pulled her forward until my nose was buried in her navel, and planted a kiss on the bulge just below. After rising to my feet, I led the now completely naked Mei-Lien back into the living room and asked her to arrange herself comfortably on the couch to receive her reward. Lying on her back and luxuriating among the pillows which she arranged to prop herself up, she resembled, in somewhat diminished dimensions, one of those seductive portraits by Ingres. What she lacked in dimensions she more than made up in vitality. With her long, absolutely straight, black hair draped over her shoulders and her intelligent bright eyes glowing with contentment, she was, without doubt, the most delightful adornment that my living room had ever had.

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Schoolwork Fun

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My names Kevin and I’m thirty three years old. I’ve recently been appointed deputy head at a school and have been in post for one term. During the summer holiday I was completing a piece of work in collaboration with Liz the school office manager. It was three days work but on the middle Wednesday she informed me that she had to remain at home as she was awaiting a delivery and needed to be there to sign for it. She suggested that we could do the work at her house, if I didn’t mind. I could see no problem, as we both had our laptops with all the information we required, and agreed to her suggestion.

We’d had an excellent day on the Tuesday and had done a considerable amount of the task. I arrived at her house at about nine-o’clock on the Wednesday and Liz welcomed me in. She showed me through to the kitchen-breakfast room and she offered me a coffee. After coffee we went upstairs to her office. We worked very productively until about eleven thirty when the door bell rang. Liz went down and answered the door, it was her delivery. She then shouted up that she was going to make a drink and to come down and join her. I finished what I was doing and went down to the lounge. “Hot drink, cold drink or something stronger,” she shouted from the kitchen.

“A cold drink would be perfect, it’s a little early for anything stronger,” I responded.

“It’s home-made lemonade, is that O.K.” she said carrying two tall glasses into the lounge.

“That’s fine,” I added as Liz sat down in the armchair opposite me.

“We’ve done well again today, we’ll soon have it finished,” she commented.

“Well we nearly didn’t get any work done today,” I informed her.

“Why ever not?” she questioned.

“It was a couple of male members of staff who told me I’d be going into the ‘spiders web’ if I came round here.” I informed her.

“Spiders Web?” she queried.

“Yes, they think you’re a bit of a man eater.”

“Do they now?” she said a hint provocatively. “And what about you?”

Unfortunately I’d put myself in a rather tricky position. Liz is in her early forties, incredibly slim and slender with small boobs and a cute little bum. She’s got pretty eyes and an attractive mouth. All in all a good-looking package. I wasn’t sure what to say as I didn’t want to offend her. “I don’t agree with them but I think you could be classed as a MILF,” I eventually responded.

“I see… a MILF,” she said looking directly at me. “So would you?” she asked.

“Err…..certainly, if it was on offer,” I said nervously having been caught on the hop. “Any guy would with such a good looker,” I stated honestly.

“And if it was on offer would it bother you that I’m a work colleague or that I’m married?”

“No. Not at all.”

“I see… In that case we need to go back upstairs, but not to the office. I don’t think we’re going to get much more school work done today,” she stated quite boldly.

“Don’t you?” I replied suggestively.

“I hope not,” she said as she stood up. She took hold of my hand, helped me up and led me to the stairs. We quickly ascended and I followed her through a door into a large bedroom containing a sizeable low slung dark brown leather bed. “Is this a big enough playground for you?” she enquired rather cheekily.

“Plenty big enough,” I added giving her a smile.

“You will play nicely, won’t you?” she said teasingly.

“Come here and let me show you how nice I can be,” I suggested. She came over and I placed my hands behind her head, lowered my mouth towards hers until our lips met and I kissed her. Her lips parted as my tongue worked its way into the warmth of her mouth slowly entwining and playing with her tongue. “Is that nice enough for you?” I asked quietly as our lips parted.

“It will do fine as a starting point,” she replied. I reached out and slowly started undoing the buttons on her black blouse, from top to bottom. She undid the buttons on the sleeves. I eased it off her shoulders and down her arms which revealed that she was wearing a black lacy bra covering her small boobs. I reached behind her and popped open the button on the waistband of her black skirt. I located the zipper and slid it down. With a little tug the black material fell to the floor and I watched as her black stiletto clad feet stepped out of it. To my surprise, but total satisfaction, I could see she was wearing a black lacy thong, that matched her bra, I like women in matching underwear, but best of all she was wearing black hold up stockings. I’m glad she wasn’t wearing tights, such a turn off.

“Oh yes! A five star MILF I’d say,” I commented.

“Thank you young man,” she said jokingly. “Now let’s see what you’ve got for me,” she continued, as she began divesting me of my shirt and trousers. I was soon left standing in just my white Calvin Klein trunks, I don’t wear socks in summer. “Mmm.. looks good,” she said. We came close together again with me standing behind her this time and I kissed around her neck. My hands were feeling her wonderful smooth skin, around her waist, across her back and the wonderful orbs of her bostancı escort bayan bum cheeks. She also smelt terrific the perfume she was wearing was wonderful and subtle. I reached up behind her and unclasped her bra slowly removing it.

“Superb little tits,” I said on seeing them in the full length mirror opposite.

“They’re not too small?” she questioned a little anxiously.

“Not at all,” I reassured her as I fondled each small mound of flesh. “They’re wonderful and firm and your nipples are long and hard. I think someone’s already quite excited.”

“It’s the thought of being fucked,” she said quite candidly.

“Is that what I’m going to do?”

“I hope so. It’s what I’d like.”

“If I’m going to have you you’ll have to lose your thong,” I informed her as I hooked my thumbs in the waistband and lowered them to the floor. They slipped over her shoes and off. In the mirror I could see the reflection of a landing strip of dark hair disappearing down between her legs. Her pussy looked inviting. “Would you like a massage?” I enquired.

“Ooh! that sounds good. There’s some oil on the shelf in the bathroom,” she informed me.

“Go and lie down and make yourself comfortable and I’ll get the oil.” I crossed over to the bathroom and located the bottle. I had a little giggle to myself when I saw the name on the label ‘Cowshed – Horny Cow – Seductive Body Oil’. I returned to the bedroom and slipped off my shorts before moving over to the bed. Liz was lying face down and I straddled her body, kneeling either side of her waist, before sitting in the small of her back. I poured a little oil into my hands and rubbed them together. “The oil smells great, I hope it won’t be too cold,” I informed her before placing my hands on her back just over her shoulder blades. I slowly began kneading the flesh beneath my palms.

“Mmm… that’s nice,” she said quietly in response to the pressure. I slowly worked up to her shoulders and down each arm, applying a little more oil as necessary. I worked back up before concentrating on the nape of her neck. I lingered there for a time as her sighs indicated she was enjoying my actions. I then gradually moved all the way down her back, on both sides of her spine, loosening the stress in her muscles. “You had quite a bit of tension and a few knots in there,” I said on reaching her lower back.

“I’m sure they’re all gone now,” she replied in a quiet and voice. “That was wonderful.”

“We’re not finished yet,” I informed her as I moved to the foot of the bed. “Come here,” I said, softly, catching hold of her ankles and gently pulling and sliding her towards me at the end of the bed. I also took the opportunity to part her legs a little and I could now glimpse the dark folds of her mature pussy lips. I knelt on the floor and starting at her feet I worked my way up each leg in turn slowly massaging her, little by little, until reaching her hamstrings at the backs of her thighs. she seemed totally contented if her little sighs were any indication.

I moved and joined her on the bed. I encouraged her to raise her hips and placed several pillows underneath her whilst at the same time coaxing her to spread her legs a little wider, to which she responded readily. As well as her pussy lips I could now see the dark puckered ring of her arse hole as her anal cleft was more open like this. I drizzled a little oil directly on to her pretty, petite bum cheeks whilst ensuring that a small amount trickled into her crack. “Ooh!” Liz responded in surprise. I took hold of her bottom, one orb in each hand, and kneaded and massaged the warm smooth flesh whilst pulling her cheeks wide apart. “Mmm… that’s so nice, don’t stop,” she encouraged in contented fashion. I granted her wish and continued my massage of her buttocks. After a time I slid a finger on each hand down between her legs pushing together her pussy lips. “Aagh!” she responded positively to my first contact with her sex. I moved my fingers slowly up and down the outside of her snatch which showed indications that Liz had a very prominent clit. This intrigued me and I wanted to see more so I gently pulled her dark folds apart which revealed the contrasting pink shiny flesh of her slit. As I gazed down my eyes worked their way from her gorgeous looking love hole towards her love button which was still shielded by the wrinkled skin of the outer covering.

I was ready to taste the goodies that this wonderful sight held in store. I lowered my head and poked out my tongue gently swirling it around the entrance to her butt hole. “Mmm… that’s a very intimate massage,” she commented. “I love being rimmed,” she added encouragingly.

“That’s good,” I replied, before continuing with my tonguing and then licking over her perineum.

“Ooh! stop there it’s nice,” she instructed. I’d intended to as it’s an area I know is quite sensitive for most women but is often neglected. “Oh yes!” she exclaimed when my tongue moved on and probed into her love hole.

“Mmm… Liz that’s so good,” I informed her. “You’ve got such a sweet ümraniye escort tasting pussy.”

“Thank you… I’m glad you like it… Keep tasting for as long as you want,” she replied, approving of my actions. I complied with her request and tongued her hole for some time enjoying the taste. In our current positions I couldn’t proceed further down her slit satisfactorily with my tongue but I wasn’t concerned as that could be dealt with later and I had other ideas. I began running a finger along her slit, stopping short of her clit, before slowly inserting it deep into her love hole. “Ugh!… Aah!” she moaned as it slipped up her quite easily as she was already good and wet. That was not to say she was loose, far from it, she felt nice and tight, much tighter than I’d expected for a MILF of her age.

“Liz your pussy’s so wet already, you’re obviously quite an excited lady,” I observed.

“It’s you,” she replied. “You’ve made me feel extremely horny.”

“That sounds good… I’ve got a horny MILF to play with.”

“I guess you have,” she responded mischievously. My finger was working away inside her as I slid it in and out. My thumb was now circling around her anal rose. “You can put it in, if you want,” she informed me. I spat some saliva onto her hole and pushed my thumb inside. I felt her muscles and her body tense as I did so.

“Just relax… That’s it… Breathe deeply… There it’s all in… How does it feel?” I enquired.

“Mmm… It feels so good… I’ve not had anything in there for some time… Thank you for being gentle,” she said.

“No problem. I’m not here to give you pain, my aim is to please you,” I reassured her.

“You’re succeeding so far,” she said encouragingly. “I hope you’re getting satisfaction as well.”

“Oh I am! I enjoy playing with willing ladies and I get satisfaction from seeing them getting gratification.”

“Kevin… You’re my kind of man… I’m happy to be your ‘toy’ and I’m eager to be played with.”

“Good,” I responded as I simultaneously began working my finger and thumb in and out of her. I was squeezing them together on the thin wall of tissue that separated them. My actions were having a positive effect on her as a series of little moans of delight escaped her lips. Her love hole was also juicing up nicely. Suddenly she bit her lip. “Umm!…” she sighed out loud.

“Have you just cum?” I enquired.

“Uhh huh!… Just a little bit,” she replied. “It felt so good,” she added.

“I told you I’d try and please you.”

“Well you succeeded,” she informed me rather cheekily. I removed my digits before coaxing her over on to her back. Her boobs looked even smaller like this but her nipples seemed longer and they appeared to still be quite erect. I reached out my hand and tweaked each one in turn which confirmed their rigidity. “Mmm… I like having my nips played with, their so sensitive.”

I poured some oil into my hands and began gently massaging her shoulders, boobs and upper body before gradually working down to her waist and tummy. Her body felt firm and her stomach was flat and taut. “Do you work out?” I questioned.

“Umm… I do… I go to the gym two or three times a week,” she replied. “Why do you ask?”

“It’s because you feel good. You’re so lovely and toned.”

“Thank you, One tries to keep oneself in shape.”

“Well you’ve succeeded. Your bodies better than many MILFS half your age.”

“Is that the voice of experience?”

“I’ve experienced one or two in my time.”

“I bet you have,” she said good-humouredly with a cheeky grin. I moved down to her feet and holding one in each hand I eased her legs apart. Applying more oil I rubbed and kneaded my way up each leg, in turn, from ankle to thigh. I now wanted to explore some more of her pussy and to taste her. I lifted her legs and pushed them back either side of her torso further exposing her sex to me. She knew what I was doing and assisted me by holding on to her ankles which freed my hands to pull open her lips. I was now looking once again at her beautiful pink slit. I lowered my head, stuck out my tongue and licked up her cleft starting at her love hole. “Ugh!” she sighed as I made the first fleeting contact with her clit.

“Liz you taste wonderful,” I informed her before repeating my tonguing. This time I lingered longer over her love button. “Mmm.. What a fabulous clit you’ve got,” I said with a touch of amazement in my voice.

“Ha! Ha! Most guys are surprised at first… But they seem to like it,” she said.

“I can see why… It’s certainly sizeable… Definitely something to play with,” I told her. My initial assessment had proved to be correct as when I pushed aside a little skin I could see she had what can only be described as a ‘mini-cock’. She was aroused and her nub stood out for about half an inch. Slowly I pulled back the hood exposing the glans before lowering my tongue and flicking it gently.

“Uhhmmmm!” she moaned in reaction as her body jolted off the bed. “Be gentle… It’s very sensitive.”

“I can see that,” I replied. “I’ll escort kartal play nice and slowly.”

“Mmm… I’d like that,” she said. “Why don’t we sixty nine… I’d love to taste your dick.” I needed no more encouraging and manoeuvred myself around until I was astride her chest. I was looking forward to having Liz take care of my cock whilst sampling some more of her delights. “Mmm… That looks tasty. I like a man that’s un-cut,” she said as she wrapped her hand around my still quite flaccid meat. I then felt the softness and wonderful warmth of her mouth as she took me in. She was certainly eager for some action as she ran her tongue all over and around the head. Her tongue was very active and it was obvious that Liz was no novice in the art of giving head.

I wanted to return the favour and to sample some more of her pussy. I lowered my head towards her slit, put out my tongue and licked her love button very softly. It was still hard and erect as I gently sucked it into my mouth. This was by some margin the largest clit I’d ever encountered. It was a curious feeling have such a substantial nub in my mouth but I quickly got accustomed to it and soon discovered how to manipulate her hood, effectively giving her a ‘clit-wank’. It was obviously to her liking if the twitching of her body and the moans coming from her cock filled mouth were anything to go by.

“I love the feeling of a dick growing and hardening in my mouth,” she remarked as she took a brief respite from her oral ministrations. My cock had certainly been doing that and was now almost fully erect. She’d certainly ensured that my manhood was being taken care of and that I was receiving as much pleasure as I’d clearly been giving her. She took me back into her mouth and this time, with her hands on my buttocks, she encouraged me to push more of myself inside. Slowly it slipped in until she succeeded in taking my full length. She was totally in charge and was enjoying deep-throating me. She was proving to be an excellent cock sucker and I certainly wasn’t complaining.

I was continuing my oral manipulation of her clit and had inserted my middle finger into her love hole once again. She was lovely and wet, a real indication of how horny she was, and you could hear the squishing of her juice as I worked my finger in and out. “Can we switch?” she requested after a while. “I’d like to be on top.” I had no issue with this and assisted her as we both rolled over. Her pussy was now above my face and she positioned her clit in prime position to be serviced by my mouth and tongue. I sipped my thumb into her wet cunt and eased a finger into her bum hole. “That feels good,” she said as she caught hold of my cock and started stroking her hand up and down the shaft. Her tongue was licking and flicking over the head. We were both moaning our pleasures in response to our mutual pampering and I was enjoying being taken care of by a well practiced MILF.

After a little while Liz’s breathing became deeper as she began trying to push her pussy more forcefully into my face. I redoubled my efforts with fingers, mouth and tongue and was soon rewarded with a flood of juice over my finger as her body jerked uncontrollably and she groaned and sighed loudly as she climaxed hard. I released her clit but continued fingering both holes until her body ceased twitching at which point I withdrew them. We lay still and quiet for a moment. “Mmm… Kevin… That was terrific,” she said softly, breaking the silence.

“That cum wasn’t ‘just a little bit’,” I said teasingly. “Your juice tastes so good and you made plenty,” I informed her.

“That’s solely down to being well milked,” she added. “Your dicks nice and hard… Would you like to fuck me?”

“Try and stop me,” I replied. “How do you want it?”

“I’d like to sit on you,” she suggested as she swivelled round.

“You want to ride me?… It would be silly to refuse such a request… Cowgirl get mounted,” I instructed. She positioned her pussy above my erect member and holding my meat she slowly lowered herself on to it.

“Oooh!… That feels so good,” she said as she took all of me.

“Mmm… It feels pretty good to me as well,” I informed her. She was sitting up straight, fully impaled, as she began to slowly slide her pussy back and forth working it against me. I looked up at her, she smiled and her face appeared to glow with contentment. I reached up and took each long nipple between thumb and forefinger and softly squeezed, twisted and tweaked them.

“Mmm… That’s nice… They’re extra sensitive today,” she said as she closed her eyes and tipped her head back savouring the sensation. She continued to slowly grind and rub herself against me for some time before leaning forward, lowering her head until our lips met. Our tongues were soon exploring each other’s mouths and dancing together. “That’s amazing… You kiss so gently, for a man,” she said complementing me as our lips parted. “It’s time for me to fuck you,” she whispered in my ear before she started to slowly slide herself up and down my tool. Each downward stroke was met, on completion, with a grunt of pleasure from Liz. The feel of her unexpectedly tight pussy working me was fantastic. I noticed that she had closed her eyes and her tongue was just protruding, a little, from between her lips as she focused totally on her actions.

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School for Scandal: Diamond’s Day 03

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‘So where now Mr White?’ Diamond asked her interviewer.

‘As I mentioned, we’re going to see Mr Woodcock-Spatterwell.’

‘And what does he teach?’

‘Physics. Open that door, would you?’

Diamond and Ian were now in such a symbiotic state that the busty teen blonde pornqueen intuited just what Ian were asking her to do, and she took great pleasure in sliding her hand all the way down his engorged length from tip to balls, enjoying the feeling of the hard, bulging veins that studded the pre-cum slathered length it as she did so, and succeeded in eliciting a thumping discharge of gluey translucent precum that shot from Ian’s bell-end and smacked dead centre into the oak door in front of them, throwing it open and very likely embedding it into the wall that it crashed into, the sound reverberating down the corridor.

The door opened into an oak panelled office with a large walnut desk behind which sat a handsome, though slender, bespectacled man of about thirty. The man’s hands were holding a magazine, and Diamond recognised it as a new edition of an important anthropological publication called ‘PORNSLUTS’ that featured several pictures of herself on the cover in photographs taken from different films she had been involved in. In letters that looked to be made of a dripping gluey substance, the large teaser caption read ‘THE MANY FACIALS OF DIAMOND GAZONGAS’ and showed her gorgeous face adjacent to a variety of hugely erect cocks, most of which were either caught in the instant of projecting spunk into her face or having just done it, with the residue clinging to her in a number of decorous ways. All in all there were about a dozen different pictures of the big-titted porno minx on the cover, and in each of them she had been liberally blasted with cum. A large photograph in the centre saw her in a black vinyl ponygirl hood, four cockends pressed together all vying for being balanced on her tongue.

Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell jumped to his feet at the entrance of the two visitors, and in doing so the enormous walnut desk in front of him was instantly overturned onto its side, papers, books and a laptop computer crashing onto the floor. It was as if he had gripped it with his hands and flung it over onto its side, but Diamond, through shocked at the sudden commotion, still registered that he had both his hands in the air, clasped around the magazine. In an instant, while the huge desk rocked to a standstill in front of her, she recognised the cause of the disruption, and immediately clocked the vast-tent pole that was protruding from the strained material of Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell’s trousers.

‘Good Lord! Do excuse me,’ expostulated Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell, the teacher attired in a corduroy jacket with elbow patches, his glasses misted up, burbling other apologetic epithets.

‘This is Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell,’ said Ian, ‘Charles, this is Diamond Gazongas.’

‘Pleased to meet you,’ said Diamond, purposefully accentuating the teenage twang in her American drawl, pleased to be having such an effect on what was already to her evidently a quintessential Brit.

‘As I you, Diamond,’ said Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell, ‘I was most excited to hear that you were considering coming to our August institution I must say. I trust Mr White has been showing you the ropes?’

‘He’s been plastering me with ropes of cum, if that’s what you mean,’ said Diamond, the end of the sentence being punctuated with the very recognisable sound of stitches tearing in the fabric of the physics teacher’s trousers. A plume of precum ejected from the tip of Ian’s monstercock and splattered against the ceiling as if to prove her point, the sticky stuff dangling down like a gluey stactite.

‘Not quite what I meant, Diamond, but point taken,’ said Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell, clearly aware of the disruption that was becoming increasingly relevant to his groin area in the trousers department, and pacing the opened-out magazine over the area in a vain attempt to camouflage the protrusion.

‘Yeah, I’ve taken a few points today, Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell,’ Diamond continued, now practically fisting Ian’s rod in her left hand, ‘and one big fucking point in particular.’ She leaned over and opened her plump lips to place a slutty, slurpy kiss against the round tip of Ian’s bell, end, strands of precum connecting her mouth to the rod when she drew away that hung downwards.

‘Splendid,’ said Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell, ‘well we’d be delighted to have you on board. I was just saying to Laura, Mr White, just saying to her only half an hour ago that we could now afford to increase our entrance grades, and she agreed with me.’

‘What did she say, Charles?’

‘Well between you and me Ian she wants the inches quotient for our male intake to come up to fourteen inches but I told her assured I didn’t think it was going to possible. You see I don’t think she appreciates that…’

Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell was about to waffle on when Diamond decided to release her grip on Ian’s monster schlong, put her hands behind her neck bostancı escort bayan and untied the black dress. The strips of cloth fell down and exposed her massive breasts. The two huge orbs jutted from her bronze-tanned chest like a pair of footballs, capped by dainty little-eraser tip nipples. She put her hand on her hips and thrust her boobs even further out.

‘Ah…ah… ah-a-a-a-a–h-h-h-h-h-h-…’

Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell looked like he might well explode. He gaped at Diamond’s perfect, huge tits.

Suddenly there was another ripping sound, this one more distinct and prolonged, and it didn’t take a genius, considering from where the sound was emanating from that the physics teacher’s trousers were coming apart at the groin area. There was a final wrenching sound as the material gave, and the trousers came apart completely, limp fabric hanging off the teachers legs, some exploding away upwards to hang off the lightshade.

Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell hadn’t moved the magazine from where he had had it clutched in front of his groin, and then, suddenly, Diamond squealed in surprise as a monster-sized, purple, throbbing, heart-shaped, heart-sized cockend tore through the pages of the periodical, appearing just in the centre of the largest photograph of Diamond’s face and in fact protruding up through her open mouth so that for a second the physics teacher’s cock looked almost as if it was emerging from there.

Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell dropped the magazine but it remained impaled on his enormous protruding meatstick, and the magazine slowly slid down his shaft towards his groin. Speechlessly, Diamond observed the progress of the magazine down the cock with open mouthed abandon comparable to the way her mouth was wide open on the front of the magazine, as the glossy pages sank further and further downwards, more of Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell’s schlong was revealed.

And there was a lot of it. Most noticeable was an immense dorsal vein on top of the teacher’s swollen penis that was easily the thickness of a finger, and which lay all the way down the shaft. It branched off into multiple veins as it approached the enormous, smooth, bulbous head. The whole length was comparable to Mr White’s cock in both length and girth, and it throbbed angrily as it projected horizontally out from the teacher’s groin. Could it be eighteen inches? It certainly wasn’t far off.

Suddenly a thick blob of extremely viscous precum appeared at the widened tip of Mr Woodcock Splatterwell’s cumslit which was projected forwards in a beam. It flew through the air and ended up smacking against the centre of Diamond’s chest, sending a spatter of really thick prejizz between her knockers, much pasted onto the inner shapes of her jugs.

Diamond noticed, once the magazine had slid all the way down to the physics teacher’s balls, that there was a black band around Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell’s heaving member, the black band pulsing with each prodigious swell of the muscular organ.

‘What’s that?’ asked Diamond, puzzled.

Mr Woodock-Splatterwell carefully swept up the piece of jewellery that was clasped around his cock. He took it in his hands, and proffered it to Diamond.

‘It’s a choker, Diamond. It’s for around your neck.’

‘It’s very nice,’ said Diamond, observing the black band. She took it and fitted it around her slender neck. A small electric light was in the centre of it. ‘Thank you.’

‘I designed it,’ said Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell, ‘especially for you Diamond. You see in a way it’s a measuring device.’

‘Measuring what?’ Diamond asked.

‘Well there’s a sensor attached to it, you see,’ the physics teacher explained, ‘which is now positioned at the bottom of your throat, just above your clavicle. And that little sensor will sound a little beep when… ah…’

‘When what?’ Diamond said.

‘When a cock gets all the way down your throat,’ Ian said.

It’s not strictly my department, electronics and whatnot,” Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell began, and seemed set to ramble on for quite some time, “but it was quite an intriguing challenge of design and functionality, to make it dependable and durable without having it become cumbersome and unsightly…”

“Well I wish I could have been there to help you test it!” Diamond’s enthusiastic outburst shut the Physics teacher up, and her gorgeous face remained twisted into a lustful snarl as she stared down the length of his mammoth cock whilst using one hand to lovingly stroke Mr White’s equally elephantine equipment.

“Mr White,” Without missing a beat, Diamond turned her head towards Ian, the topless teen bombshell’s snarl transforming into a slutty smile and her thumb rubbing against his widened cumslit, “could you stand next to Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell?”

“Certainly, Diamond,” Ian smiled as he took a step forwards, then stopped and had his smile widen as Diamond stepped alongside him, her hand still holding onto his cock. Without saying anything further, Ian walked up next to Charles with Diamond matching the pace ümraniye escort of his steps perfectly and her fingers caressing the muscular trunk of his fuckpiece as they went along, until she could finally swing round in front of him and drop down in front of him, finally letting go of his member as she sunk herself onto her haunches with both his and Charles’ cumtubes pointing straight at her face. This meant that her dress, which had managed to stay on during the course of her short little stroll, had its top draped across the floor in front of her, hanging down between her spread thighs, while its flimsy bottom hung onto her wide hips and full, juicy booty.

“Fuck…” Diamond groaned at the two monstrous slabs of hard, glistening cockmeat bursting out towards her, and as she looked beyond them to make sure that the two teachers were standing hip to hip, she burst out giggling at the ridiculousness of the torn-up porno rag that was still dangling from the base of Charles’ cock.

“I think she wants you to get rid of that, Charles,” Ian said, nodding towards the magazine.

“Oh, right. Sorry!” Charles responded, and made Diamond’s giggling die an abrupt death and her eyes go wide by manipulating the muscles in his groin, the sound of her mirth being replaced by that of glossy paper tearing as Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell’s foot and a half worth’s of brawny cock heaved itself upwards, pulsing dramatically from the exertion as it tore its way through the magazine until it finally fell to the floor.

Snatching up the magazine, Diamond held it up in front of her and gawked at the state that Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell had left it in, her eyes remaining wide-open as she surveyed how the entire bottom half of it, from the front cover to the back, had been torn apart in a straight line running down from the round hole through which his cockhead had come bursting not that long ago. That hole came into play again when Mr. Woodcock-Splatterwell suddenly let out a low, barely audible groan and dished out a thick, lengthy spurt of precum, parts of which shot through the hole and ended up smacking into a stunned Diamond’s face. The rest of the burst of clear, sticky prejizz smashed against the back of the magazine, ripping it from Diamond’s gasp and sending it flying forwards, with her jolting upwards from the shock of having her face doused with precum ensuring that the now sodden piece of publishing ended up impacting against her chest, where it stayed, glued in place.

“I must say that’s an interesting choice for a top, Diamond,” Ian wryly remarked as he observed the previously stiff magazine curving its way round her huge, bulging boobs, “Unconventional, but interesting.”

“Oh, that reminds me…” Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell rejoined the conversation, and it was with a polite cough that he slipped out of his jacket, carefully throwing it onto the overturned desk before proceeding to undo the buttons of his shirt, “Nothing sillier than a man in a corduroy jacket sporting an erection.”

“Some erection…” Diamond mumbled, the blonde babe having resumed being completely awe-struck by the two monstercocks protruding out towards her, drooling precum that dropped onto her tits and further soaked the magazine, the pages of which had long since begun to dissolve themselves into a unified, pulpy mass.

“Congratulations, Charles, I think she likes you,” Ian gave his colleague a friendly smile as he in turn finished removing his shoulder, which he folded carefully before taking a look at Diamond, who looked back at him, and tossing it over his shoulder.

“Seriously,” Diamond began, her American becoming especially accentuated once more as she interrupted Charles to bring the conversation back to what was, in her mind, the most important topic, “both you guys are fucking huge.”

“Thank you, Miss Gazongas,” Charles replied, wiggling out of his ruined trousers and making his cock sway up and down in the air, Diamond’s head mimicking every last single movement of his dick as her gaze remained fixed on it the whole time.

“If you were to take a sharp turn to the right, Charles, you’d probably make Diamond snap her neck,” Ian joked.

Diamond chuckled at Ian’s comment, as well as Charles’ insistence that he certainly didn’t want that to happen, but otherwise remained silent and completely absorbed in staring at the two massive pillars of hard, veiny cockmeat pointing towards her, licking her lips again and again until she finally could resist the temptation no longer and so brought her right hand in underneath the hemline of her dress and proceeded to start playing with her pussy, her juices gushing out onto her fingers as soon as she brought them into contact with her brightly pink and severely overflowing honeypot.

While Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell finished getting out his clothes, Ian was standing perfectly still and so easily spotted what Diamond was up to. Grinning at the feverishly masturbating teen, Ian wrapped one hand round his cock and made her unleash a lusty whimper as he began to jerk escort kartal himself off, soon reaching the point where he was regularly blasting out long jets of precum which smacked onto her tits, until the two mountainous, toffee-tanned orbs of titflesh started to look as though they’d been lovingly and lavishly coated with oil.

Finally, with both studly teachers now completely naked, Diamond ran her eyes up their bodies, noting with some surprise that the seemingly bookish Mr. Woodcock-Splatterwell’s thinner frame resembled that of a long-distance runner, before her gaze wandered lower again and resumed its fixation on their stiff monstercocks.

“Mr White, I think you’re a little bigger,” Diamond finally decided, addressing his cockend while she spoke and simultaneously being in danger of becoming cross-eyed due to her efforts to ogle the crown of Charles’ cock at the same time.

“That’s what the board says,” Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell said, not sounding too disappointed at not being the biggest.

“I can’t fucking believe that you have a board with pictures of the male teachers’ cocks in the fucking teacher’s lounge,” Diamond barely paused for breath before pressing on, “I also can’t believe that I’m looking at three full feet of hard, thick cock.”

“Give or take a couple of inches,” Charles insisted, humbly.

“Usually, when that happens I’m the only girl in a fivesome,” Diamond had stopped fingering herself, but kept her thumb against her clit.

“Charles…” Ian suddenly began to look quite mischievous.


“Remember what we did to Miss Forbes last Tuesday?”

“Ah…” Charles nodded, and as one, the two men manipulated the muscles in their groins, causing their eighteen-inch schlongs to start rising further up into the air, reaching higher and higher until there were two dense thuds in quick succession as their cockhead slapped against their sternums.

Spellbound by the matching pair of bull balls and two veiny, brawny undercarriages of cock that she was seeing, Diamond started inching her way forwards on her haunches, and was caught completely unawares when both studs let their cocks fall forwards, a girlish shriek of surprise and lust clearing her throat, mixing with the swoosh of the two cast-iron hard pussy-pleasers cutting through the air and heading towards her upturned face until it was all drowned out by the resonant smack that came when two bulbous, fist-sized cockheads impacted against her forehead. That was smack was instead followed by the pitter-patter of streaks of girlcum scattering themselves across the floor as Diamond squirted in response to having her face cock-slapped by the two biggest, hardest and fattest dicks that she’d ever laid eyes upon.

“Ian, I think it’s time to let Diamond pick which one of us should test the choker,” Charles suggested, and was met by a drowned-out noise coming from in front.

“Sorry Diamond, what was that?” Charles asked, as Diamond’s attempt to cut into the conversation and give them her choice fell on the fact that her voice was muffled by the two monstercocks pressing down on her lips, which were also drooling out precum that spilled across her face, into her hair and even poured into her mouth and down her throat.

“I said…” Diamond stopped to take a long breath of air as Charles and Ian lifted their cocks off her face, “that I want to taste my own ass the first time I take your cock in my mouth, Mr. Cocksplatter-Woodwell.”

“Woodcock-Splatterwell,” Ian corrected Diamond, again with a friendly smile.

“An easy mistake to make. That’s why most of the girls call me Charles, Diamond,” Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell rushed to interject, he too being a paragon of benevolent authority as he smiled down at the boobed teen pornslut and pressed on with no discernible hint of irony, “My last name can be a bit of a mouthful.”

“And speaking of mouthfuls,” While talking, Ian began to move, stepping away from in front of Diamond and circling in behind her, “Diamond, get on your feet.”

Doing as instructed, Diamond turned round whilst getting up, presenting Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell with an unrestricted view of her barely clad booty and directing her undivided attention back towards Mr White’s drooling, rhythmically throbbing fuckpiece, which he raised into the air until its crown was pointing straight at her face.

Diamond could think of nothing witty or slutty to say as she tottered towards Mr White on her heels, her mind instead completely fixated on the fact that she was about to worship Ian’s monstercock yet again, her pussy frothing out juices that streamed down her toned thighs while her hands connected with the trunk of his cock, her slender fingers spreading themselves out over its vein-corded, muscular shape while the flow of juices from her honeypot increased at the sudden reminder that Mr White’s schlong was far, far too thick for her to ever catch in her grasp.

Mr White didn’t say anything either, only letting out a throaty groan that intermingled with Diamond’s heavy breathing, the latter coming to an abrupt halt as she placed her soft, luscious lips against his cockend and kissed it, her hands caressing the length of his cock all the way down to his balls, which she proceeded to fondle while the tip of her tongue danced against his pisshole.

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Scenarios 01-10

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Scenario 1:

You and I are cuddling on your futon. You have me wrapped in your arms and we’re making out. As we make out, you begin to undress me. The intensity grows and you move my hand so that it begins to stroke you’re throbbing cock. As you get harder and harder I get wetter. You reposition me so that now I am straddling you, waiting for you to force me down. As I ride you, you are smacking my ass and sucking on my tits. When you get ready to cum I climb off of your dick and suck it deep into my throat where you cum so hard I begin to choke. But as my master you order me to swallow it.

Scenario 2:

We are out running errands and end up at Wal Mart. Throughout the car ride though I have been stroking cock through your jeans. When we get there you drag me towards the automotive department. I ask why, and you tell me to be silent. I see a restroom sign and begin to piece things together. You take me into the bathroom and toss me roughly into the large stall. I try to get up but you force me onto my knees. You tell me that if I like to tease you and make you hard then I should love to have your cock in my throat. I pull out your hardening dick and begin to suck the head. You tell me that isn’t enough and you begin to face fuck me. I beg you to stop when you let me up for air but all you do is order me to stand and take off my jeans. As you had chosen my outfit I am not wearing panties and you simply bend me over and force your way into my ass. As you fuck me you tell me not to make a sound or I will be punished. You finish in me, tell me to put my pants back on and we go back out into the store.

Scenario 3:

You get back to your room from working on a car and I stand and greet you with a deep, long, passionate kiss. When our kiss ends I tell you I’ve soaked through my shorts thinking of what I do next. I tell you how soaking wet I am. How desperately my clit aches to be touched. I tell you how badly I need my master’s cock deep inside me. Pounding away and that bostancı escort I need my master filling my ass with cum. I begin to strip my clothing off as I tell you this and you take yours off as well. You pull me to you, kissing me again, and pushing me back until I fall onto your bed. My legs open for you and you enter me. Gently at first, but then you get increasingly rougher. I beg my master for his cum. You turn me over and pull my ass into the air. You slide your cock easily into my ass and moments later, erupt.

Scenario 4:

It’s early. I wake up before you and decide to let you sleep, but I am very horny and wet so I decide to play with your dick for a bit. I start stroking it, and then slip it into my mouth. You wake up to see me looking into your eyes, your big cock deep in my throat, and a huge smile on my face. You sit up a little and enjoy. A few moments later I stop. I crawl towards you on the bed and kiss you, having you embrace me. Gently you lay me back on the bed, my hand goes to your cock, and your hand goes to my clit. Lazily we play with each other. As we kiss I beg you to fuck me. You get up and slide yourself into my pussy. I moan in pure ecstasy. I wrap my legs around you and milk your throbbing cock as you push in and pull out of me. We both climax as you cum deep inside me.

Scenario 5:

You come into the house furious and immediately start up the stairs. Telling me to follow. Once we get to your room you throw me inside, and I fall onto the futon. You tell me to stand, and you rip my clothes off. I’m a little afraid, but ever more turned on. Once I am fully naked you throw me onto the bed. You grab each of my arms and legs and tie them down; I have very little movement left. Then you undress and come back to the bed. You have the crop with you and you hit my stomach with it. I wince but do not cry out. You smack me with it a few more times. Then you hit my breasts with it until they are bright red and tears form in my eyes. ümraniye escort bayan You move to hit my pussy with it, but I beg you not to. You climb on top of me and enter my ass, and leaning forward you tell me to never ask you to stop. That I am nothing more than your sex toy, and you will do with me as you please. For the next several hours you choke me, fuck my ass and pussy, and hit me with the crop. Never once allowing me an orgasm. You then flip me over and re shackle me. Forcing my ass in the air you begin to spank me, and whip me. You fuck my ass one last time before you completely pass out.

Scenario 6:

You’ve just finished fucking my ass, and as we both come down from our orgasms you tell me to clean you off. I grab a wash cloth that I kept nearby in warm water. I gently begin to clean your still throbbing dick with it. Once I’m sure it’s clean, I take it into my mouth and suck gently until we’re both asleep.

Scenario 7:

We are relaxing in your room watching TV; I’m lying in your arms and have kind of fallen asleep. During a commercial you tilt my head so that my face is towards you. You lean down and kiss me, waking me slightly, and we begin to make out. We move to your bed and continue cuddling and making out. As I start to wake up more you begin to undress us both. You then maneuver me onto my back and start to kiss down my neck. Once you reach my throat you spend a moment there, and continue down to my tits. Taking each one in your mouth you suck the nipples till they are hard as rocks. You kiss down my stomach to my wet pussy. You spread my legs wider and begin to eat me out. I am begging you to let me orgasm but you tell me to wait a while longer. Then you continue to eat and finger my pussy till I am humping your face. You look up at me and smile, your face soaked. You come back up and kiss me. And as we kiss you slide in and out, in and out of my pussy. As you begin to erupt inside me you cause me to cum hard around your dick. You kartal escort pull out, and pull me tightly next to you and we lay there.

Scenario 8:

We are at a car auction, and you kiss me. You grab my hand and we start to walk around. We both see a secluded spot. Luckily I wore a skirt, and no panties. We rush over and you have me lean against a car. Hiking up my skirt you thrust in and out of me. We both cum and walk back to the auction.

Scenario 9:

We are hanging out in your room. It starts to storm and knowing how horny you get during storms I take advantage. I stand up, and unbutton my top slowly. I slip it off and my pants soon follow. I reach back for my bra clasps and undo them, and then take off my thong. I straddle you and we begin to make out. You grab my ass and pull me closer, mashing my tits into your chest. You tell me to stop for a second and quickly undress. You sit back down on the futon and I kneel before you. I begin to suck your cock, teasing the head, using my tongue on your shaft. When you are good and hard I stand up and straddle you. Plunging down we both moan as you enter my warm wet hole. I begin to ride you, slowly at first but you begin to smack my ass. This makes me ride you faster and we both cum hard. But I keep riding you, and you start moaning again. I get off and turn around. Sliding down you enter into my ass. I ride you faster and faster, and you pull me closer by grabbing my tits and forcing me to you. I begin to cum, and you erupt in my ass.

Scenario 10:

We’re both exhausted from a long day. As we are getting undress you come up behind me and kiss my neck from one side to the other. My knees buckle and you wrap your arms around me and laugh. You help me take off my bra, and slide my panties off me. I start to turn around, but you bend me over instead. I had felt your cock harden and I know what will be coming next. You spread my legs a bit and slide into my pussy. I moan. You only stay in my pussy for a few minutes and then you switch to my ass. You fuck me till you cum and then you slam in one last time, bringing on the orgasm you’ve chosen to let me enjoy. I stand up and turn around. We kiss and fall into bed making out, and you spend the night with your cock buried in my pussy.

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Saving My Almost Fizzled Marriage

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It was a hot day in Georgia and I had been digging in my flowerbed. I looked at my watch, it was almost time for Will to come home so I got up and went in the house to clean up. I went upstairs to the bathroom and started the shower. I was thinking of our romantic night I had planned while I undressed. I stepped in the shower, still with the thoughts of the soon to be romantic evening in my head. I lather myself up with the soap and start to rub my legs and then up my thighs I wash my pussy and as I am lathering it up I feel an excitement rush through me. I take the showerhead off the hook and rinse my body with it.

When it comes to rinsing my pussy I hold it there longer then necessary. It feels so good, the pressure of the water on my hot pussy; it hits my clit just right. I moan in pleasure. I can feel an orgasm building deep within me, so I insert 1st one finger then a second. I start fingering my pussy with one hand as I am holding the showerhead with the other I am so close, finally I cum with such force that me knees buckle. I stumble a little in the shower and I feel hard strong hands support me from falling. It was Will, he had joined me in the shower while I was entertaining myself and I didn’t even know it. By the looks of it he had seen most of the show.

I kiss him hello and travel my kisses down his neck to his chest on down to his hot waiting cock, I kneel in front of him and suck the head of his cock in my mouth as I engulf the rest of his cock with my mouth. I take my hands and squeeze his balls as I am sucking his shaft. He moans with pleasure and reaches his hands down and puts his hands in my wet hair. He starts pushing his cock deeper in my throat. We are both moaning with pleasure. bostancı escort I can feel his shaft start to twitch and know he is about to cum so I suck a little harder and his hot seed comes shooting down my throat. I take all his juice, until there is no juice left. I stand up and he kisses me hot and with such passion.

Passion I thought was on the verge of being dead, He says to me “Wow that’s almost like when we 1st got together.” I have to agree. We get out of the shower and go downstairs both of us naked. He asks what’s for dinner and I tell him to sit down I’d bring him his 1st entree. I come out with 2 dinner salads and a bottle of Chablis with 2 glasses. We sit down and start the meal.

I pour each of us a glass and we start talking about how much we enjoyed the shower. I then put my foot up on the middle of his chair and rub his limp cock with my toes a little. I can feel it instantly come to life. He smiles at me across the table. He then does the same to me. We finish our salad and I get up and take the plates into the kitchen. I then bring out his favorite, steak, a baked potato and broccoli with cheese. He looks down at his plates and smiles big.

It’s a smile I haven’t seen in awhile. I sit down and we continue on with dinner. The meal is excellent as is the flirty conversation. We finish the meal and I tell him that he has to go into the den for desert. He goes into the den and is shocked to find candles lit throughout the room. I bend over in front of him to light the fireplace. I tell him to lie down on the blanket I have prepared for our evening. He lies down and I go to the fridge and bring out the long stemmed strawberries and I retrieve our bottle of whine ümraniye escort bayan and glasses from the kitchen.

He looks at me in amazement as I kneel next to him. I take a sip of my whine and then a bit of the juicy strawberry. Then I kiss him with such passion. He gets heated up instantly. We are in such a state of passion I push him down onto the blanket. I start kissing his neck his ears his chest. I make my way down to his waiting cock, this time he rolls me over and pushes me onto the blanket and says its my turn for pleasure. He then starts kissing his way down my neck on towards my huge breasts.

He lifts one up in his hands and starts to suck on my nipple he bites it with just the force he knows I like. He then takes one hand and as he is sucking one nipple he is pulling and rolling the other between his finger and thumb. I moan with such desire. I can feel the juice start to flow out of my wet pussy.

He then kisses his way to my waiting pussy. He flicks his tongue across my clit, as it is as hard as a button he then takes his finger and inserts it into my pussy as he licks and sucks on my clit. I moan with such desire. He then takes his pinky and inserts it into my ass while he is fingering my pussy with his 1st finger. All the while he continues to flick and suck my clit. I can feel my orgasm building. With one final suck I start to buck my hips with such and awesome orgasm. I hold his hands in place so he can’t remove his fingers and I ride out the orgasm.

He then smiles up at me. He kisses his way back up to my waiting face and he kisses me all over. Each eyelid my cheek my chin my neck. He then positions himself above me and guides his hot hard cock to the kartal escort entrance of my hot wet pussy, he takes the head of his cock and rubs it against my ultra sensitive clit. I beg him to enter me at once. He pulls back and thrusts into me hard and fast. I am already so close to an orgasm but I know it will probably take him awhile to achieve his.

I wrap my legs around his hips and when he thrusts into me I hold him there in place with my legs until my orgasm subsides. He smiles down at me and says another one? I answer with a big smile. I then as him if he’d like to fuck my ass. He looks at me with that sparkle in his eye, for this has been a fantasy of his for as long as we have been married. He asks me are you sure?

I reply oh yes as horny as you have me oh hell yeah. I tell him the baby oil is on the mantle waiting for you. He grabs the warm oil and squirts it all over my ass. He rubs it in over my ass and I am getting so turned on just from the feel of his hands on my ass. He then positions me on my knees with a pillow under my stomached with my ass raised in the air. He guides his head to the entrance of my ass.

He asks again if I am sure and I again say yes. He enters me a little at a time so that my whole can get use to stretching like that. Finally I tell him how good it feels to please just fuck me. So he starts pounding his meat into my ass. It feels so good, had I known it felt this good I would of tried it long ago.

He starts pumping into my ass and I am meeting every thrust with his. I can feel yet another orgasm building and I yell out FUCK ME, Oh yeah I am cumming, Just as I say that he bucks with the hardest orgasm he has ever had, I feel his cum running out of my ass as mine is running out of my pussy. We both fall to the blanket in a heap. He kisses me gently and says, “This is just want we needed to put the spark back into our marriage.” I smile knowing he is so true and vowing to never go back to the boring sex life we had before.

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