Roberta Ch. 10

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Big Tits

Marlene awoke very slowly, at first becoming conscious of subdued voices, then carefully opening one eye…then the other… The first image to greet her was that of Peter’s smiling face. He was lying beside her on the plush carpeting, gently stroking her hair and massaging her neck and shoulders.

“Hi Peter…” she whispered, smiling at him. Peter returned her greeting with a widening grin.

“Hi, baby…” he replied, “You feeling okay?” Marlene actually had to think for a minute before answering him, her mind taking a quick inventory of her body. The wet tingling in her pussy caused her memory engines to kick in and she sighed as she recalled the last half hour of the evening in the cabin. She moved a hand over her breasts, smiling as she felt the slick mixture of sweat and semen, then she moved lower…between her thighs to feel her sopping pussy. She mewled lightly as her fingers moved over her swollen clit, barely touching it as a shiver ran through her body. She remembered telling Jeff to come inside of her pussy as Alan was shooting off in her ass and her smile grew wider as she slid her fingers over her crotch…smearing their combined juices…

Marlene’s eyes opened wide as she grinned at Peter. “I think I’m feeling fine, Peter…” She ran her tongue around the inside of her mouth and swallowed, reveling in the taste of Peter’s cum. “Mmmm….baby… came in my mouth. But I guess I must have missed some of it…”

She rolled onto her back, smiling sexily as she ran both hands over her tits. Her smile grew wider as she stretched like a satisfied cat.

“I can’t believe I did that… You must think I’m a total slut…”

Peter smiled back and shook his head. “A slut? My goodness, no… Just because you just did two guys you hardly even know? Just because you let my sister’s boyfriend fuck you in the ass…while his sister’s boyfriend fucked your pussy… and you sucked me off in your mouth? How could you imagine I’d think of you as a slut…?”

Peter stared stone-faced into Marlene’s eyes, hoping that she would relate to his off-the-wall humor. He let up only when he saw the slightest glimmer of self-doubt in her eyes and realized his acting wasn’t having the hoped for results. He grinned widely and shook his head.

“Baby…” he said comfortingly, “You were the hottest, most exciting slut I could have ever imagined. Watching you was the hottest thing in the world! I still can’t believe you took both of their cocks like you did… Look at me! I’m getting hard just thinking about it!

Marlene looked down at Peter’s crotch, and what had been a tentative smile on her face grew wider as she saw his growing hard-on. Soon she was grinning as she realized that Peter had been every bit as turned on as she’d been.

“You liked watching two guys fuck me, didn’t you?”, she teased, reaching her hand down to run a finger over his cock. Peter sighed and nodded his head, feeling the blood rushing back into his penis.

“Almost as much as you appeared to enjoy getting fucked…” he chuckled. “I think you’d have liked having two more for your hands, wouldn’t you…?”

Marlene grinned up at him and wrapped her fingers around his born again cock.

“Mmmm….how did you know?” she said with a grin. “Actually, I did have that thought… completely surrounded by hard cocks…in my ass…in my pussy…you in my mouth…jerking two more off on my tits…Mmmm…” She looked up at him, her expression growing serious.

“I think I really am a slut, Peter… I loved every bit of it. Getting so….fucked… When the three of you were coming in me at the same time…Damn! It was all I could think of! I was thinking about cocks in my hands… hard cocks pointing at my face…my tits… jerking off on me.. Damn! If there were twenty guys in the room I would have done them all… GoD! I feel so fucking good right now!”

She sat up and hugged Peter to her, sliding her cum-slick tits against his chest. “Plus…you came on my tits…I don’t remember…but it feels soooo good right now…” Peter laughed out loud, happy to share Marlene’s giddiness as he hugged her tightly.

“Well…” he chuckled, “Just make sure I’m there if you bring twenty guys over… Otherwise I might get jealous…” Marlene leaned back and looked up into Peter’s eyes. Her hand squeezed his cock as she slowly massaged him.

“Would that turn you on, baby…? Would it? Your cock is so hard… Do you want your baby to be a slut? ” She leaned forward, kissing him wetly as she slid her tongue deep inside his mouth.

“You want to watch a bunch of guys come all over me? Watch me suck them off…? Mmmm, baby…. While you fuck your cock in my ass…fuck my ass…”

Peter groaned rolled onto his back and pulled Marlene into his lap. She grinned and continued to stroke him, rubbing his hard cock against her belly as she leaned back and let him play with her tits. She had finally let her slut flag fly high and was as excited as she’d ever been to see Peter’s reaction.

Marlene’s eyes moved around the room as her consciousness bursa escort expanded. Alan and Jeff were both at the ‘bar’ pouring themselves another drink and she grinned as she remembered the looks on their faces when she’d fucked them. And her grin grew wider as she looked over towards the couch…

“Look at your sister…”, she whispered to Peter, using one hand to turn his head in the direction of the others.

“Oh…fuck…” Peter sighed as his eyes focused.

Sandy was stil in control of the video camera, panning between Marlene and Peter, then over to Alan and Jeff at the mini-bar, then slowly back again. The sight of her naked body was turn-on enough for Peter, but what knocked him over the edge was the bigger picture…

Sandy was leaning on the arm of the couch, the camera held firmly to her eye. But Peter groaned as his eyes moved over her body. Bobbi was kneeling between his sister’s legs, licking and sucking on Sandy’s pussy as she ground it against her friend’s face. One hand was holding the camera, while the other was wrapped around the back of Bobbi’s head, pulling her face in tight to her cunt as her hips squirmed on the couch arm.

“I think there might be more than one slut in this room, honey…” Marlene said as she grinned at Sandy and gave her a slight wave. She saw Sandy smile from behind the camera and begin to move her hips in a circular motion. At the same time, she lowered the camera’s lens, spreading her legs wider as she focused on Bobbi’s face between her thighs.

“I think we need to take a break…” Sandy whispered down to her friend. Bobbi looked up and, seeing the camera focused on her, smiled and ran her tongue erotically between Sandy’s pussy lips. Looking quickly over her shoulder, she saw Peter and Marlene watching them and, in particular, Marlene’s hand sliding up and down Peter’s long, engorged cock. She immediately knew why Sandy wanted to ‘take a break” as she’d said. Turning back to look up at Sandy, she continued to lick her friend’s pussy. She paused when she reached Sandy’s clit, flicking her tongue over it before tilting her head and starting another lick from Sandy’s asshole, pushing between her lips, then pausing again at her clit. Bobbi smiled as she felt a shudder run through Sandy and she looked directly into the camera.

“Are you sure you want me to stop…?” she teased, “I love eating your pussy, Sandy… I was kinda hoping you’d come in my mouth again…” She sucked lightly on Sandy’s clit, making her moan, then slid her tongue lower, sliding it deep inside Sandy’s pussy. “Your pussy should be good and wet if you’re going to fuck your brother…”

She continued to look up into the lens as she began to tongue fuck Sandy…slowly at first, then picking up speed and sucking deeply each time she thrust all the way inside. Sandy’s low moan , combined with the increasing speed of her hips, told Bobbi that she was going to be allowed another taste… She grinned and tried to match the movement of Sandy’s hips, keeping her tongue buried as she brought one hand up to gently massage Sandy’s clit.

“Come in my mouth…” Bobbi panted into the camera, “Then I’ll film you fucking your brother…Film you taking that big hard cock in your wet pussy…”

Sandy groaned and felt her orgasm spread through her body from every extremity… coursing madly through her body and focusing between her legs. Bobbi sucked even harder as she felt Sandy’s pussy begin to contract on her tongue. She began to bob her head, fucking her tongue in and out and using her nose to tease Sandy’s clit with just the right amount of pressure.

Ooohhhh.fuck…!” Sandy wailed as she felt her orgasm explode inside her pussy and pour thickly into Bobbi’s sucking mouth. “Oh…baby…you are so fucking hot… Eat me, Bobbi…drink it…yessss…”

The site of her friend kneeling between her legs, gleefully and greedily sucking and swallowing her cum only heightened the intensity. Filming her own orgasm was a new and terribly exciting thing for Sandy, and watching another woman, especially her boyfriend’s sister, creating that orgasm increased that feeling beyond measure. She tried desperately to hold the camera in position as she took her eye from the viewfinder and threw her head back, nearly shrieking as her orgasm detonated. Her eyes met those of her brother as another massive quake wracked her body. She loved having him watch her come like this. So wantonly… so completely… She closed her eyes and let the feeling overtake her, shivering as she felt Bobbi’s tongue inducing more cum from her pussy.

Even after her orgasm had begun to diminish, Sandy was still shaking. She opened her eyes, looking down to see Bobbi’s grinning face. Her friend was still sucking and swallowing the thick flow from her pussy, even though Bobbi’s lips and chin were already covered with the cum she’d missed. Thick strands dangled sexily from Bobbi’s chin, looking almost like semen and sandy groaned at the sight.

Sandy smiled and brought the camera back to her eye, hoping that her mindless ecstasy hadn’t screwed bursa escort bayan up her filming too badly. She focused on Bobbi’s grinning face as she licked and sucked for every stray drop, then she slowly panned up to Peter and Marlene, zooming in on Peter’s hard cock.

“And now…” Sandy breathed into the microphone, “I want that thick, hard cock inside me…”

Bobbi leaned back a bit, licking her lips as Sandy slowly stood in front of her on shaky legs. She smiled as Sandy tentatively made her way across the room, keeping her eye on the viewfinder and stumbling slightly until she stood over Marlene and Peter, pointing the camera downwards. She swayed a little, trying to maintain her balance as she focused again on Peter’s cock, then zoomed out until both of them were in the frame.

“So….what have you got there, Marlene?” Sandy teased, feeling her knees shake. Marlene grinned and ran her fingers up and down Peter’s shaft as she looked into the lens.

“I found this nice, big, hard cock, honey…” Marlene chuckled, playing along. “It’s very thick. And very hard right now… I’ve been trying to decide what to do with it…” Sandy grinned, loving Marlene for playing her little game. She zoomed in on Peter’s cock until the shaft filled the entire frame. She sighed as she saw his pre-come flowing from the tip and Marlene’s expert fingers spreading it over his cock.

“It’s a beautiful cock…” Sandy breathed, “And nine inches is very big…”

“Nine and a half…” Peter said, and Sandy panned the camera up to his face. He was grinning again, hoping he knew where this was leading. She grinned back at him and focused on his eyes.

“It’s always been nine, but I just grew half an inch looking at you…” Peter chuckled. Sandy smiled and zoomed out again, capturing both of them in the frame.

“But Peter… don’t tell me you’re lusting after your own sister…Is that why your cock is so big and hard?”

Peter smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

“What can I say… she’s pretty hot”, he croaked, trying to keep his runaway emotions in check. His eyes moved hungrily over her naked body. “I mean, she’s got perfect tits…And the way her nipples get so hard and long… it’s like they’re begging me to suck on them…”

Sandy felt her knees begin to weaken again, but she steeled herself and continued. “And…” she panted.

“And…after watching her girlfriend eat her out and make her come…I know her pussy is very hot and wet right now…” Peter’s heart was pounding wildly again as he watched his sister swaying in front of him. He used every trick he’d ever learned to hold back his urge to come. And Marlene’s hand on his cock wasn’t helping in the least.

“Did you like watching Bobbi eat me, Peter? Did that turn you on? Did you see the way she was sucking my pussy when I came? Mmmm….damn…. And tonight is the first time for her. That’s pretty hot, don’t you think? She loves drinking cum as much as your sister does…and she sucked me off soooo good…”

Sandy felt her knees beginning to go and slowly sank down, crouching beside Peter and Marlene and holding the camera steady. “But you’re right about my pussy… it’s very hot and wet right now…”

Peter grinned and reached his hand out, sliding it slowly and torturously up Sandy’s inner thigh. He stared into the camera as he approached her pussy and sighed as he felt the moist heat emanating from it… Marlene didn’t say a word as she slowly rolled off Peter’s lap. She saw Sandy’s smile glowing from behind the camera as she moved closer, positioning herself over Peter’s hips.

“Are you going to fuck me now, Peter?” Sandy breathed, her voice beginning to shake. Peter nodded as he tried to smile. He looked down the length of his body and groaned as he watched Marlene slowly raise his hard cock straight up into the air. Sandy’s hips began to move in a slow, circular motion as Marlene gently rubbed Peter’s cockhead over her lips….

Bobbi was watching the goings-on with increasing interest. It was if the union of Peter and Sandy was the last act necessary to ensure that this night would live forever in the hearts of every participant. It was the culmination of a desire that had been flowing through their universe since they’d all discovered what sex was all about. When she looked over at Alan and saw him staring back at her, she realized that he was feeling the very same feelings as she was. The two of them had ‘come out’ on this night. They’d let their desire for each other be known to others for the very first time. And, in doing so, they’d discovered that they weren’t alone in the world. Jeff’s immediate acceptance had been a huge relief for Bobbi, and Sandy’s confessions, even if they had had to pull them out into the open, had been a huge revelation for Bobbi and Alan both.

It was as if the whole evening had been set up for them by forces unknown. Forces that fully understood the innocent, and not so innocent, desires of two people who just happened to be born of the same parents. The fact that Sandy, because of her own escort bursa secret desires, had understood only too well… The cosmic happenstance that placed Peter at the scene precisely at the time of their individual revelations…

It was a beautiful and almost other-worldly feeling that flowed into the room right then. Bobbi had never in her life felt so much at peace as she did at that moment. She watched, through half-lidded eyes as Alan approached her and took her hand. At the same time, she watched Jeff step slowly, almost reverently, over to Sandy and take the camera from her shaking hands. The entire process of movement was taking place in a matter of seconds, but Bobbi watched as if her world had suddenly become a slow motion video clip. She saw Sandy smile her thanks as Jeff took the camera from her and turned it around, standing back a bit as he began to film the proceedings…

Bobbi looked up at her brother as he slipped his arm around her waist. Then her eyes dropped lower, over his young, muscular chest and finally settling on his upthrust hard-on. She turned slightly, lowering her hand and curling her fingers around his cock.

“Your cock is so hard…” she sighed. “Does it turn you on that Sandy’s going to fuck her brother in front of all of us?” Bobbi whispered, squeezing his cock lightly as she began to stroke him. Alan grinned and turned towards his sister, moving his hips and urging her to continue manipulating his cock.

“You know…” he began, “It does turn me on. I had a feeling that she was into her brother for quite a while. Yeah…it turns me on to see her so excited…” He smiled at Bobbi and brought a hand up to cup her naked breast. “And you know what else turns me on? Even more than watching Sandy?”

Bobbi smiled and shrugged her shoulders, wondering what Alan was going to say next…

“What is turning me on even more right now is your hand on my cock.” Alan whispered. “And right now, I want to take you over there…Right next to the others… And I want to let them watch me fuck the most beautiful girl in the world…”

Bobbi’s eyes grew wide as a huge smile broke over her face. She turned towards her brother, hugging him to her as she felt his hard cock pressing against her belly. The night simply could not get any better, she thought as she moved her hips against him. She grinned as she felt his pre-come flowing out, coating her belly and making his cock slide smoothly against her skin.

“I want that more than anything, Alan…” she moaned into his shoulder. “I want you to direct me…tell me what to do… What you want… I want to feel your hard cock inside of me…in my pussy…my ass…my mouth…I don’t care. I want to feel your big, hard cock inside me… Show them how you like to fuck your little sister…” Bobbi stepped back and grinned up at Alan. Her heart was pounding as she took him by the hand and led him over to the other side of the table. The two of them stood there for a moment, watching breathlessly as Sandy slowly lowered herself onto Peter’s long, thick cock…

Sandy groaned out loud as she felt Peter’s cock sliding into her pussy. She’d dreamed of this in so many night-time fantasies, so many masturbation sessions… She stared deeply into her brother’s eyes as she felt his cock slide effortlessly into her pussy, and her low wail continued until she felt his entire length inside her and she was sitting on his hips. Her eyes were wide and glassy as she stayed in place, simply enjoying the throbbing of Peter’s cock. Her gaze locked on his, their minds connected into the kind of psychic link that only siblings can share. Then she began to move her hips. Slowly, almost imperceptibly at first, then slowly picking up speed until she established the most perfect of rhythm’s… fast and hard enough to keep him on the edge, yet slow and easy enough to keep his orgasm under control. It was sheer torture for both of them…

Bobbi sighed as she watched the two, returning her hand to Alan’s cock and stroking him gently. They were standing over Marlene and Bobbi grinned as Marlene leaned back, sighing as she watched her boyfriend’s cock slide inside his sister. Alan made a move to step back and get out of Marlene’s way, but Bobbi pushed him forward, chuckling a little as Marlene leaned back against Alan’s legs. She looked back as if to apologize, then saw Alan’s cock bobbing in front of her face. Bobbi grinned down at her as she pushed Alan’s cock lower, rubbing it against Marlene’s hair and against her cheek.

Marlene smiled up at her and moved her head slowly from side to side, letting Bobbi rub Alan’s cock over her face, running it through her hair and sliding the wet tip over her ear. She had also realized that tonight was a magical night and she was ready for absolutely anything. Her eyes moved to Jeff’s hard-on as Bobbi continued to tease her face with Alan’s cock. Finally, she turned her head, letting Alan’s cock slide over her cheek and onto her lips. She smiled up at Bobbi as she opened her mouth and took Alan’s hard-on inside. Bobbi sighed and began to stroke Alan faster, jerking his cock as Marlene began to suck on it. Her fingers smacked against Marlene’s lips as the girl took more and more of Alan’s cock into her mouth, then Bobbi groaned and relinquished her hold on her brother’s cock.

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Hot Flashes

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I open the front door and there you are…looking hungrily at the way I am leaning against the door…edge of the door pushed into my breasts, showing the deep separation between my full and rounded tits…my nipples, rosy brown and long and puckered, push hard against the thin purple silk robe that comes between my skin and the cool night air…i know you are dying to pinch my nipples between your thumb and forefinger…to pull them out and roll them into hardness and drive sharp currents of pleasure from my nipples straight to my cunt…

Cos there is a connection, my lover, between those nipples of mine and the power you hold over my pussy…you stroke my tits and my pussy swells…you suck my nipples and flick me with your tongue and you cause my legs to spread for you…lap at me with your hot flat tongue like a dog and my cunt will warm with sticky girl cum…

“So, why don’t you cum inside?” I say, and open the door wide for you. You enter the dark hallway and move into me, opening the front of that purple silk robe so my tits and belly and shaved pussy are yours for the taking…you run your hands over my skin and bursa escort wrap them around my tits like a warm blanket and run your hands down my belly straight into the crevice of my smooth cunt…your fingers grope me there, feeling the wet heat of me, the slippery cunt lips, the hard and swollen clit that demands to be touched and excited…

Cos you do, you excite me beyond belief…when you stand there and sample my soft bits I want to open my body to you and take you in wherever you can penetrate…your tongue into my mouth like a hard cock…i suck your tongue and bite your lips like a young girl giving her first blowjob…so hungry for your body, so oral, so sucking, so wanting to use my mouth on you till you cum…

And your cock…did I mention that yet? So hard and straight and urgent is your desire…i drop to my knees to stare you down…my eyes to your cockhead, noticing how you twitch and pulse with heat…your cock is perfect, so tasty, so male, and I open my mouth and suck you in like I can’t get you far enough inside me…stroke and suck and slurp and suck and taste that drop of precum that tastes like inner male bursa escort bayan juices and I suck and suck and suck your hard cock while you hold my face to your groin and fuck into me like a man who is driven by the need to pump…and then I hear and feel that rumble from deep inside your cock and balls and I hear your breathing speed up and your hands tighten around my face and you begin your final descent into your cum and you push into me one last time and hold that position while I keep sucking you in and out then open my throat wide to swallow the cum you shoot deep into the back of me…

And like a good girl, a sexy girl, I let a bit of your seed spill across my lips and I use my soft pink tongue to lick that drop up…

You are still hard for me, spent from your cum, but still hard as a rock…

So I lead you into the dark room to the couch that is soft, buttery leather and I lie back with my legs spread wide and my tits full and open to you…you stand over me, just watching, stroking your own cock kind of lazily, while I slide my finger down my belly and thru the small tangle of my bush to the smooth clean escort bursa line of my shaved pussy…and there I part my lips wide with both hands so you can see the full pink insides of my cunt and how my hard swollen clit is, sticking straight out for the taking…

Then you drop to your knees, spreading my legs wide, and place your mouth over my cunt to suck and pleasure me…you can feel my clit like a small cock in your mouth, and you suck and tease and breathe your hot breath onto me…you can’t get enough of my cunt, cos my smooth warm lips and the hard swollen bud and my warm firm thighs wrapped around your face just drive you to hardness, and you push your face into me while you stroke your cock like a teenage boy watching a young girl through a keyhole…

Here’s the way I want to cum…i want to be on top of you with your cock buried straight up into me…then while I ride you up and down you can reach up and pull on my nipples and buck your hips up and I will take my fingers and rub small tight circles over my clit and do that faster and faster until I feel the cum rise up in me and grip my clit and tighten my cunt down around your cock that is now trapped inside me…

And the cum that rips through me will make your cock explode…

Then after we’ll feel the slow sticky trickle of your cum dripping down and out of my cunt…

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Road Trip Ch. 01: Departure

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AUTHOR’s NOTE: Arthur is 60, Kent 38, Pearl, 37, Cherry 36, Rose, Renee and Ross are 18 years old. The characters are a family introduced to Literotica Readers previously in the cantos of the epic poem “O Mother Dear”.


The twins stood side by side facing the open closet doors. On the beds, behind them to their right, were strewn open luggage pieces from the set given them last week for their 18th birthday.

The morning sun, from the left side windows, was a spotlight illuminating them as they gazed at their clothes and shoes. Directly behind them, in the doorway to the room, stood Arthur, equally transfixed, staring at their forms.

Rose, imperceptibly taller than her older sister, had her hair pulled back to a ponytail in a turquoise scrunchie. Renee’s hair fell loose and straight to her shoulders. Both girls wore pale yellow pajamas with a small pink and green flower print and stood in floppy gray slippers with mouse ears on the toes. To an unpracticed eye the twins were, indeed, identical, which fact they enjoyed exploiting to their advantage.

Arthur quietly stepped into the room. Drawing close between the girls, he lightly snugged them to his sides with his hands on their outer shoulder points. “Well,” he chuckled, “packing for a three-day road trip is always a dilemma, isn’t it?”

He dropped his hands to their hips and pulled them slightly closer. Their bodies radiated a palpable warmth and his cock stirred invisibly.

The twins smiled and turned their faces toward him. “It is hard, Uncle Art,” Renee pouted, sticking her tongue out as Rose added, pendik escort “Yeah, we don’t know who we’ll see or what we’re gonna want to do!”

Arthur, moving his hands to their butts, gently squeezed their cheeks once, quickly, saying “remember the adage: ‘a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.'”

“Oh, Uncle Art!” they giggled and grinned. “When is dad getting back with the Jeep, anyway?”

“I guess within the hour and we will want to load up and get going as soon as possible, so get hopping, you two!” Arthur smiled and with a little laugh he gave Rose and Renee each a firm, but not painful, swat on the rear, turned and left the room.

Rose flushed and said softly to Renee, “When he touches me and then gooses or pats me like that, I get so wet so fast I can’t believe it!”

“Me too,” nodded Renee. “I mean, OMG, he’s our uncle and old, but I still almost peed!”

The twins both laughed just as their mom, Cherry, poked her head in the doorway,

“C’mon, girls! You won’t be ready when Daddy comes! Who’s going to make sure you get to your classes at college on time when you can’t even pack an overnight case, hmmmm?”

“Don’t sweat it, Mom,” Rose said, “We’re almost ready, and anyway it’s just a campus visit. So, what if we are a tiny bit late?” Renee cut in before Cherry could reply, “Seriously, Mom, we’re like five minutes from done and ten to get dressed. Lottsa time!”

Cherry just nodded and left to check on how Pearl and Ross were doing down the hall. Nearing Ross’ bedroom she heard their voices arguing.

“But, Mom! What else do I need? I have escort pendik a toothbrush and toothpaste. I shaved yesterday. My clothes are clean. It’s not like I’ll be dressing up or working out or doing anything special. We’re just driving a day out and a day back and kicking it on the campus for a few hours…what’s the big deal?

Cherry entered the room just has her sister, Pearl, hit full stride on the old

‘First Impressions’ lecture, telling her son, Ross, he would be glad to have a change of boxers and T-shirt, a sport coat and regular shoes besides his brushpopper, jeans and favorite boots. “In fact, young man,” Pearl continued, “It may not be a ‘date’, but you should respect yourself and your Aunt Cherry and your mother, who will be with you. We don’t want to be poorly thought of by others when they see us. So, fill your bag, and don’t forget razor, lather and deodorant. This is not a grunge trip!”

Cherry stepped up beside Ross and whispered, “Just humor us on this, OK, Honey?”

Ross shrugged and started to throw the identified articles in a kit bag as Cherry grabbed Pearl’s elbow and said, “C’mon, Sis, we have our own stuff to stow in the car.” Over her shoulder she said, “We want to leave in thirty minutes, Ross, can do?”

“OK,” he said as they left, “I’ll be downstairs.”

Cherry and Pearl finished their own packing and had the Subaru Outback open for loading just as Kent pulled the Grand Cherokee into the drive. “Hey, Kent!” called Pearl, “it looks like we are about out of here.”

“Hey, Babe,” called Cherry, as she walked toward the Jeep, “I am glad pendik escort bayan you got here before we left.”

Kent got out and gave Cherry a long deep kiss, held her close and squeezed her ass. “Mmmm…me too, Sis. Keep it warm until Monday?”

As they unclenched, Cherry, licking her lips, said, “Of course!” just as Pearl came around and said, “Hey Mister! Where’s my sugar?”

Grabbing Kent, she kissed him hard and pressed her palm to the crotch of his jeans.

“Pearl, hissed Cherry, “here come’s Ross, let’s roll!”

“OK, OK, but wait a sec,” replied Pearl, “we still have to kiss Daddy goodbye, too, don’t we?”

Ross stepped off the porch followed by his dad, Arthur, carrying his bag. Arthur chunked Ross on his shoulder and pushed him toward the car, tossing the bag as he moved. While Ross piled into the backseat with his gear, Arthur turned to Pearl, gave her a warm loving kiss and close hug and said, “Drive safe and hurry home. I love you.” He gave his other daughter, Cherry, the same good wishes and embrace and saw them to the Subaru and watched as they pulled out.

Kent asked Arthur, “Dad, where are Jewel and the youngsters?”

“Still up at the high school,” Arthur replied, “Blue and Chris had a late ball practice and Pinky and Lindsay are doing their gymnastics. They won’t be home before we’re gone but I spoke with Jewel on the phone and they are all set for the weekend. It’s all good.”

Arthur and Ken had the Jeep nearly packed as Rose and Renee came out with their bags. “Whoa!” laughed Kent, “Little Misses Three-Bags Full, where are you going with all that luggage?”

“Oh, Daddy! Uncle Art helped us decide and now we’re ready,” explained Renee.

“Alright, already, I know when I’m licked,’ smiled Kent, “we’ll make some room in back. Let’s get out of here.”

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Hot ‘n’ Wet Ch. 01

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These are some of Marilyn’s adventures when she was young and wild. She’s a petite, average looking blonde with a pair of tits like casaba melons — high, round, and firm on her chest. Her ass is tight and fine, but her best feature by far is that superb rack. She gets her share (and more) of male attention which is the biggest problem she has. Rather, her libido is the biggest problem she has. She’s always enjoyed sex, perhaps too much, but she’s never had too much sex, not yet. She’s a twenty-three year old college dropout who fucked her way through the first five semesters finally flunking out in the sixth. She’s promised herself that she’ll go back some day but that won’t be anytime soon. She has an apartment and a car payment. Not to mention a cell phone, girl stuff, clothes and partying to fund.

The past couple of years she’s been trying to deal with her ‘problem’ — a hot clit and an imagination to go along with it! She’d like to find a nice guy, settle down, live right, all that but there’s that sex drive to deal with: She hasn’t found a man yet who could take charge of her coochie and she wasn’t sure that she would. The urge was just too powerful. She’d heard the old joke that men think about sex every five minutes and women every six, she wished it were true. She couldn’t go two days without a hot fuck; scratch that, she hadn’t gone a day without sex for the past four years! Some days it was only four sessions with the vibrator but it was sex, nonetheless. Even if she did get a good, hot one there was no guarantee that she wouldn’t be plugging that damned thing in later. She talked to her mom about it after she left school and, although she was sympathetic, she told Marilyn:

“Just wait. It gets worse.” She laughed, but she was only half kidding. “It’s a curse that women in our family have to live with. I thought that it would ‘go away’ when I got into my forties but ask your Grandma — she’s still whoring around even though she’s past sixty. She’s just lucky that Grandpa is such a good, understanding man. I wish that your dad could have been just a little more sympathetic with me, but…” She trailed off. Her parents had been divorced nearly ten years and her mother had gone through more than a dozen boy friends and live-ins. That’s just the ones that Marilyn knew about, she was sure that there were more — her mom was an older version of herself, slim-hips and big-tits. She hugged Marilyn then and said, “You just have to find the right man who can handle you or your appetites. In the meantime, be safe, have fun, and enjoy being a woman. It’s a great gift.”

It wasn’t much consolation.

She was trying hard to settle into her new job at the country club. The concierge service desk offered very similar services as the luxury hotel that she’d just left but the Whitewater Creek Country Club was much smaller and more intimate than the Marbury. The Whitewater was just as elegant, perhaps more so, than the Marbury.

She hoped that she’d be able to restrain her horny self in this place. She didn’t need to get into the same situation that got her ‘transferred’ from the Marbury. The different atmosphere helped, but this place was full of handsome, successful, older men who were active and very sexy. This was their environment. They came here to relax and play. So did their wives and families. That was one factor that helped restrain her but not much. It only made the men seem more attractive. They were friendly enough and that was natural but she couldn’t help getting all hot and wet when certain ones stopped to chat or make arrangements for activities. So far, none of them had affected her like Roger Marbury had.

Roger Marbury was the owner of the Marbury hotel where she’d previously worked. She was working the front desk on her first day when she met him:

It had been a fairly busy Sunday afternoon with a bunch of check-ins for the week ahead. The usual stuff but when a tall, older fellow showed up and introduced himself as Roger Marbury (she’d already heard that the owner lived in a penthouse suite) she felt the world around her come to a stop. He welcomed pendik escort her to the Marbury team and hoped she’d enjoy working there. His eyes and smile dazzled her. He was affable and quite nice looking. She was like a deer caught in headlights; unsure about what was happening, unable to get out of the way. He excused himself and left her standing there mesmerized. Her nipples were tingling. She smelled her hand where they’d touched.

A hand waved in front of her face. It was Colin, the senior desk clerk.

“Earth to Marilyn, Earth to Marilyn,” he teased, “Come in please.”

She blushed, embarrassed. He laughed again. “He’s mighty cute for an old guy.”

Colin was relaxed, funny and gay; they had hit it off right from the start. He was ‘training’ her, but the system was user friendly and simplified so she had focused on being attentive and friendly (his advice) to the guests as they checked in or out. He helped her with the unfamiliar stuff. Colin leaned close to her and whispered, “It’s a good thing he’s straight or I would’ve thrown myself at him ages ago!” He rolled his eyes.

“Stop it!” She laughed, “Behave!”

“If you insist,” he smirked. “But I saw that ‘moment’ between the two of you.”

“What are you talking about?” Now she was embarrassed. “A ‘moment’? Right!”

He shot a predatory glance at her tits and then sniffed the back of his hand while batting his eyes. She narrowed her eyelids and made a mock fist.

He retreated, saying “At least wait till the end of the shift to beat me up! I’d like to get into something more comfortable.”

She shook her head laughing at his antics. She was glad to be working with a man who wasn’t interested in fucking her. That was a change of pace. She loved sex but had found out during college that it tended to complicate relationships, especially in the workplace. As the afternoon wore on she thought about Mr. Marbury. She was smitten by the ‘moment’ that was for sure! She thought about his eyes and smile, his calm, self-assured demeanor, and his touch. It made her wet just thinking about him! So taken by him that she fingered herself in the employee women’s washroom during break. It was one of those orgasms that she should’ve avoided — no real satisfaction; it just primed her pump.

She had coffee with Colin after work and found out more about the hotel and Mr. Marbury. He lived in a penthouse suite on the top floor with his trophy wife who

Was thirty years younger, maybe more, than he was. He was nearly seventy, worked every day with no sign of slowing down. It was rumored that he had a mistress who’d formerly worked at the hotel. She was careful not to ask too much about Mr. Marbury, Colin was her friend but she didn’t know him all that well. She wondered if he’d gossip about her. Probably not, he wasn’t talking about mean about any of his coworkers. She felt comfortable with his easygoing and kind manner. That was also a change of pace. She was really glad to be working with him for a number of reasons, not the least of which was his orientation.

He did tell her that the bell captain had taken notice of her.

“Mark was checking you out as soon as he saw you.”

“Really? We only met briefly. I didn’t notice.”

“Probably not, he was short-handed today and left early. He’s got a girl friend but that doesn’t stop him from scoring with the girls at work from time to time.”

“Colin, really!”

“No, really, he has quite a few opportunities: there’s women working the front desk, banquets, housekeeping, maintenance, the restaurant, and the event center.”

“It sounds like you’ve got them scoped out too.” She winked.

He rubbed his palms together and smiled, “Oh yes! My future conquests!”

They both laughed.

She had a serious case of ‘the horn’ when she got home. She got into bed and turned on the vibrator. She didn’t even bother to put it away anymore, not for months. She couldn’t stop fantasizing about Mr. Marbury. She wanted him. She needed to touch him and be touched by him. The ten-inch vibrator with the nubby skin was ok but she needed a escort pendik man! She needed to suck some real meat and taste some cum. Needed to feel his hands and lips on her body. His tongue on her clit, yeah! She woke up in the middle of the night with that damned thing still humming away. She turned it off and wondered how she was going to deal with this libido thing. It wasn’t going away and it seemed like it got worse every day. Why was it that men wanted to fuck your lights out for three or four weeks and then decide that the pussy belonged to them? And start neglecting it? She’d tried to explain that to her last couple of boy friends: She needed it hot and hard twice every day, three was better and she wouldn’t complain about four!

She’d only met a couple of guys that horny and they were married. By the time she’d gotten over that fact and realized that they were gonna be boning someone if not her or their wives, she’d lost their phone numbers. She hoped that one of them would call her sometime. She was willing to be a booty call if it could take care of her lil friend.

The next few days at work she got aquainted with quite a few of the men who worked at the Marbury; Mark the bell captain included. She was glad that she was cute, not beautiful. It was easier to make friends with the women and the men found it easier to approach her. All of them were nice to her and she found herself attracted to most of them for one reason or another. She just couldn’t get Roger Marbury off her mind. Seeing him every day and knowing that he was ‘off-limits’ was frustrating. He was so energetic and self-assured. She thought that he liked her, but then, he was a people person so he was going to be more outgoing. She became better friends with Colin and started regularly going out after their shift to have coffee, shop, discuss their lives, ‘all the girlie stuff’, – as Colin described it. He listened sympathetically to her venting about the hard time she was having finding a man.

He nodded and said “You think you’re the only one having trouble? Try walking on the wild side sometime! Besides, I have to complete with women for the straight and the bi-guys, it’s not fair!” He winked and flashed a lascivious grin.

“Oh you’re impossible.” She blushed.

“Actually, I’m quite easy. Not nearly as easy as you are, but easy, yes, very easy.”

She laughed and laughed at his silliness. She really liked Colin. He was funny and honest.

She asked him: “How do you..” She wasn’t sure how to ask him about his own needs. There was understanding in his smile.

“Never, ever, at work. Never. Ever. Nada. Zip. Aside from that, It’s a jungle out there; so many men, so little time!”

“I’m serious”, she protested.

“So am I. I’m seeing someone right now. He works as a steward on transatlantic flights, so he’s gone for a week, maybe more, at a time. He doesn’t fool around when he’s working overseas and I wait for him.” He gave her that mock leer: “I don’t have that hot coochie calling to me day and night.”

How the hell did he know about that? He’d probably been able to figure it out; they’d talked about her being horny enough. Besides, it was the truth; her lil friend always wanted some attention.

“So what do you do when ‘nature calls’? She cocked an eyebrow.

“I take the problem in hand, of course.” He held up both hands and wiggled his fingers. “You know it takes two hands to handle a whopper!”

She sputtered into her coffee; some of it ran out of her nose, as she reacted to his antics. The barista came over and asked if she were all right.

“I’m fine,” she was still laughing at Colin, “could we have a wet rag to wipe up this mess? I’m sorry.”

“S’Ok, I’ll get it.” The barista ducked under the counter to get a bucket and sponge.

Colin whispered: “What about her? She’s hot, and she was checking you out.”

Marilyn frowned, “Oh sure.”

He looked straight into her eyes: “You’ll see. Next round?”

“You’re on.” She backed away from the table as the barista came over with a bucket and rag to wipe up the mess. She looked to be pendik escort bayan about twenty-five, about 5′ 8″, ink on her right shoulder and a diamond stud in her left nostril. Her hair was black with streaks of blue and red. Her features were regular and pretty.

Colin said to her, “She does this all the time. I don’t know what to do with her.”

The girl laughed and flashed Marilyn a smile as she wiped the coffee up. “You could buy her another latte.” She was even prettier when she smiled. Marilyn felt the tug of attraction for this sexy woman. She felt like killing Colin when he asked the pretty barista if they could buy her a drink in the Alligator Club down the block.

“Sure you can, I get off in about a half hour.” She winked at Marilyn and rolled her hips as she walked back behind the counter. Colin was smiling slyly at Marilyn.

“I’ll have a Cosmo,” he smirked.

The barista’s name was Delia and she joined them at the Alligator. She pounded a shot of tequila, ‘It was a long day’, then asked Marilyn to dance. The band was playing some funk and Colin winked at her as she followed Delia to the dance floor. Delia led with really dope moves and cued Marilyn when and what to pop. She made her pop those tits a few times. Marilyn could pop one up and the other down, just like the hoochies in the hip hop vids. They had a great time workin’ it. The next dance was slow and Delia pulled her close.

“You had the twins poppin’ girl!” Delia’s lips touched her ear. She’d worked up a little sweat from the dancing and smelled fine. They wrapped up close and moved together to the music . She put a hand on Marilyn’s butt and nuzzled her neck. The blood was flowing to Marilyn’s ears and face. Her nipples were stiff from the poppin’; Delia rubbed her own tits against them. She was enjoying this so much she wanted the song to go on for another hour. She kissed the other woman’s ear, touched it with her tongue. Delia shivered. Then she gripped Marilyn tighter, bit her earlobe. Marilyn’s clit started to send waves of heat through her groin and jolts of electricity to her nipples and brain.

All of a sudden the song was over. Delia put her arm Marilyn and led her back to the table. Colin was gone and so were their purses. The waitress showed up a moment later with a couple of drinks and told them that the purses were with the bartender.

“Your friend said to have fun but don’t be late tomorrow.” She winked.

Marilyn sipped her Cosmo and enjoyed Delia’s closeness, the smell and feel of her. This was good, Colin was right.

Delia kissed her ear and suggested that maybe they should go if Marilyn had to be at work early.

“One more dance.” Marilyn kissed her back.

Delia lived about five blocks away and Marilyn parked behind her flat. They made out some more in the car. She was ready to get jiggy right in the front seat if Delia wanted, but she broke off and took Marilyn upstairs.

Her place was small and neat, well kept. She opened a beer and offered one to Marilyn. Marilyn put it aside and took Delia in her arms.

“Maybe later, right now I want some of this.” She kissed her deeply letting her hands roam over the taller woman’s body, searching for those special places. Delia did the same to her as they helped each other out of their clothes. Delia pushed her onto the bed and began to explore Marilyn’s ripe curves in earnest. She ravished Marilyn, worshipping her tits and licking her clit till Marilyn wrapped her legs around her head and exploded on Delia’s face. She rolled the other woman over and went down on her to return the favor. Marilyn tongued and teased the pussy lips and finished her by rolling her tongue, then fucking her clit. She tasted so good! She pulled Marilyn’s face hard into her pussy and writhed as she came and came again on Marilyn’s tongue.

Afterward they lay together kissing and tongue wrestling while they fingered each other for what seemed hours and endless orgasms. Marilyn couldn’t remember when she’d enjoyed anyone, man or woman, so much.

Delia’s tongue woke up her. She was tasting and teasing her clit. She loved being tongued by this woman. She really knew how to make her hot! She pulled Delia’s trimmed bush onto her face and gave that spicy quim some tongue of her own! This was the right way to start the day, no doubt.

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Horny in the Morning Pt. 03

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I sat at my desk, turned on my computer, and looked at my schedule, nothing really pressing, I was a writer, photographer and illustrator, being able to take my own photos was a huge advantage, most writers had to bring a photographer with them when they covered a story, I usually went out alone.

My latest story was high school sports, the cost and advantages, and whether we should have a minimum grade to participate. Today I was interviewing a couple of coaches and then a few teachers that taught athletes. I called Jon, told him about my story and I would be late and I would be going to a couple of high schools for interviews. The first school was in a very influential, white neighborhood, I signed in, the coach was called down and we walked back to the gym. His small office smelled like a jock strap, he looked like a teacher, not a jock, a couple of kids said, “Hi coach”, he nodded at the kids and said hi, they were tall, black kids. I didn’t notice until he showed me a picture of the team, fourteen kids, two white the rest black.

I asked him if he had any disciplinary issues, he said never, the team grades are monitored pretty closely, and he talks to their teachers and nips any issues with the students very early. He said he had a practice and brought me along. I’m about 5′ 1″, 110 lbs., and looked like a 9th grader, I stood very close to the coach, I felt a little worried about the balls flying around me, and the possibility of these big kids knocking me down. I shot a few pictures and moved on to the next school, the rest of the day was about the same, a couple of schools, and a few pictures. I never thought high school students were so big, and mature.

I made it back to the office unloaded my pictures, dropped off my notes and call Jon, he was out with people from work, I told him I was going to start my story and come home. I sat at my desk, outlined my story, and thought of my sore crotch, I couldn’t even think about having sex, I was having trouble walking. I was sitting at my desk, thinking about what those two black cocks did to me, they used all my holes, filled me with cum, made me sore and made me smile. Best fuck of my life, I doubt anything could top it, but I am willing to try, maybe after I can walk without pain.

I looked at my phone and remembered that I took a couple of pictures of the guys, when I brought up the pictures and saw how long and thick those black cocks are, I wondered how I did it. I know that I didn’t have all of Jerrod in me when he was hard, but even limp I shuddered at the thought of having both of them in me. I kept flipping thru the pictures, I pictured Jerrod’s big plumb in my mouth, I was getting horny. I called Jerrod, he was getting ready to go to work, I asked him if he had time for an oral day, and nothing more, he laughed and said of course.

I was at his door in fifteen minutes, he had part of a uniform on, just the top half. I walked in, sat on the couch, pulled down my skirt and panties, spread my legs open and asked him to be very gentle. He knelt in front of me, lifted my knees back towards my head, stuck out his tongue and went right to my hole, he licked up, parting my lips and flicked at my clitoris, he then flattened his big tongue against my slit and rubbed it up and down. I pulled on the back of his head, I and rubbed my pussy against the big tongue, I have never have an orgasm with just oral stimulation, but today might be different, I was aroused from the sore lips and thinking about the sex, and Jerrod’s tongue was huge, covering my lips, clit and sliding into my pussy, it wasn’t long, I was moving against his tongue, he was pulling my legs farther apart and his tongue kept slipping into me.

I started to cum but he slowed down, I said keep going and he slid his tongue in me, I started to rub my clit, with one hand and pulled his head closer with the other, he stopped again, I said keep going, he licked my clit and put a finger in me, it hurt, but I let him continue, I was rubbing against his tongue, he put another finger in me, that hurt too but I didn’t stop him, I wanted that tongue. He stopped again, I grabbed his head with both hands, he looked up and smiled, do you want my black cock he said, I said no, just your tongue, he went back to licking and fingering me, I started to cum again, he slowed down, don’t stop I said and he put another finger in me, his fingers were as deep as they could go, he started tonguing me again and I came, it was very nice.

I relaxed my grip on his head, he pushed my knees farther back, this gave him access to my asshole, his tongue went right to it, he pushed the tip in and started swirling it, This was another hole they used and made sore, but his tongue felt good, I couldn’t reach his head with my hands, so I locked one ankle behind his head and pulled his tongue deeper into my ass. I started fingering my clit, and had another orgasm. This was a new experience, his huge tongue felt like a soft penis, and tuzla escort he went really deep.

I relaxed my legs, he let them down, I did not know what to do next, my holes were too sore to fuck and my mouth was too small to take his cock, he sat on the couch, the big black cock sticking straight up. I said my holes are too sore, I will try my mouth, he smiled, I knelt on the couch, bent over and put the plumb in my mouth, I had a good angle and I got it back in my throat, I was pushing him into my throat, pumping the base with both hands, his hand was on the back of my head, and he was fucking my throat.

My eyes were watering, I was gagging, but I couldn’t give up, Jerrod had given me all he had and I wanted to return the favor. Jerrod’s hand was no longer on the back of my head, it was moving down my back to my crotch, I widened my legs and he had a finger in my crack, it pushed into my sore ass.

I kept bobbing my head sucking, and tonguing the head of his cock, both my hands were pumping him. One finger slid into my ass, the other was rubbing my cunt, and then he pushed it in, I groaned but kept my mouth on his cock. I knew stroking the base of his cock would make him cum, I kept up the motion and started to taste cum, I swallowed and gulped it down, I kept sucking until he was soft. Jerrod leaned back and looked at my mouth on his cock, he had a very black cock, and it looked like it was part of my face. I let it slip out of my mouth, I did not want him to start getting hard again, I couldn’t do anything else, with anyone else. I walked home, Jon was not home, so I washed up and slipped into bed, I was exhausted and fell asleep. Jon came in late, and kissed me, I didn’t stir, I didn’t want to have to fuck him.

Morning came, I opened my eyes and Jon was in the shower, I got out of bed, went for coffee, my crotch felt pretty good, I hoped I would not have to use my pussy or mouth on Jon. I showered, dressed and took the bus to work. I continued on my story, I had accomplished quite a bit, and the story was complete, but not very interesting, it was plain and predictable.

I thought I would do a few more interviews, maybe a few of the top players, and ask them to bring their report card, I called the coaches and the interviews were firmed up. The players were all polite, and all had hopes of college, and maybe the NBA, they all had good work ethic, understood that college was there only hope of making it in life. One of the players also played football, and there was a possibility he could be recruited for both sports. I wanted to focus on him he was 18, smart and new that any mistake could ruin his career.

He lived almost an hour from school and took the bus, he was recruited by this high school, it was academically the best in the city and always had winning teams. His practice was over and he had to head home, I offered him a ride, he accepted, maybe I could get a little more out of him away from school. He got in the car, I asked him if he received any favors from the school because he was recruited, he said he wasn’t never offered anything, and would never accept anything, one of the alumni offered him a job, but he declined.

I was impressed with everything he told me, he was smart and had goals, I stopped at a light, looked over at him and asked him what he didn’t like about the school, he looked at me and said absolutely nothing, the coach was a great guy and watched closely over his players, counseled all of them and was upfront. I looked at him, he was sincere, and as I looked I noticed how clean cut he looked he would be a great poster player. When we stopped I sked him if I could take a few pictures, he still had his practice uniform on, I took a few sitting in the car, nice profile shots.

We stepped out of the car, he stood against a brick wall, I straightened his jersey, turned him a little and stepped back to take a few more shots. He was tall and I was shooting up at him, not the best angle, so I told him to scoot down so I could get a few straight shots, it worked out, and I did get some great shots. When he was scooting down I noticed his crotch and a large lump, I was sure of what he was packing.

I moved closer, took a few more shots, reached out touched his leg to steady myself, and kept shooting. I stumbled and fell into him, my face hit his chest and my hand went to his crotch, I half planned it, it worked, my face was in his chest and my hand was on his crotch, I rubbed a little, looked up and saw him smile. I think I got his attention, so I kissed his chest and worked my way downward to his crotch, he stood up, I bent down, I reached in his pants, and felt a jock strap, pulled it down and pulled down with his shorts, his cock was out and I was smiling. My hand was around the base, I squeeze, and pulled the black cock, my hand slid up and down, he was surprised, and I lowered my head down to take him in my mouth.

I never tasted a saltier cock, my mouth was watering, tuzla escort bayan I sucked in so I didn’t drool, he was getting firm, so I dipped my head lower and took him deep, only about a third of him was in my mouth, I dipped a little farther and his cock was in my throat, I tongued and sucked, and started moving up and down on the black dick. I was able to get more of him in my throat, he had his hand on my back and then on the back of my head. He was fucking my mouth, and I was enjoying it.

I kept pace with his pumping and soon got the first blast, I choked but never missed a beat, I couldn’t swallow all of his cum, and started choking, I coughed a little out of my nose but kept sucking and swallowing, did I mention how good I suck dick. He started going limp, I still sucked making sure I cleaned him and swallowed all his cum.

My camera was still dangling from my neck, I looked up and said, “thank you for the interview”. He was speechless, I’m sure that was the best blow job he’s ever had, and maybe the most surprised he’s been in his life. I enjoyed sucking him, and was glad that he didn’t want anything else. He pulled his jock and shorts up, we walked to the car, I spoke first and said can I call if I have any more questions, not a problem he said.

He walked to his house, I pulled away, I wanted to get the company car back, and write a little before I forgot my story. It came out great, but needed a surprise ending. I walked straight home, Jon was waiting with diner, a pleasant surprise, but then I thought, he hasn’t cum in a few days, I’m going to have to put out.

Diner was very good, we had a bottle of wine that usually softens me up. I went to change, put on shorts and a t-shirt, no bra, my nipples poking thru the shirt this made Jon crazy. Jon was on the couch, I sat on his lap, he put his hands around me and cupped my breast, he squeezed my nipples and rolled them in his fingers. I laid back on the couch and put my legs in on his lap, I spread my legs and I gave him easy access to my crotch, I wanted to be played with.

I pulled my shorts and panties down, and pointed, he smiled and rubbed his thumb along my crotch, this was a good start, he rubbed my pussy lips and then dipped the tip of his thumb into my pussy, I told him to wet his thumb, he put in in his mouth, and went back to pushing it in my pussy. I pressed his hand against my crotch and started to grind, I was getting wet, my lips were slippery, his thumb slid in and out, I had a great orgasm.

I lay limp on the couch, Jon’s hand was wet, he put it on my stomach and rubbed my juices on my stomach. Jon asked me to sit on his lap, I thought I would suck him first, I sat up, bent over and started opening his pants, I reached into his shorts and pulled it out, his skinny white dick, my head dipped over it, licked it, Jon said, sit on it, I said in a minute.

The head was in my mouth, I smelled his crotch, it smelled and tasted tangy, I wasn’t sure what this new sensation was but enjoyed it, my head went down, I had Jon’s cock in my throat. Skinny cocks don’t make me gag, I tried to get more of him in my throat, I felt his hips move upward and he went deeper, I smiled, and pushed my head farther down his cock, the tangy smell got stronger. This was definitely a new smell, I compared it to the salty cock I sucked earlier, it was not the same. Jon’s hands were on my back and shoulder, he was fucking my mouth, he usually let me bob my head on his dick, but today he fucked my mouth. My lips were an inch from his crotch when I felt the spasms and the squirts, his musty smelling crotch and cum almost gave me a little orgasm. I was tired, Jon the same, we went to bed.

Next day, sitting at my desk, reading my story, it was a feel good story about high school athletes, I’ve been working on it for seven straight days and was ready to wrap it up. It was clear, the difference in high schools programs was coach dependent, they recruited, mentored, molded the athletes into students and made them well rounded citizens. I still needed a hook or a turn in the story to make it stand out.

All of the student athletes that I interviewed seemed to have been coached for the interview, so maybe there was still a story underneath the façade, there was one student that I interviewed and spent a little extra time with. He was a two letter athlete, with 4.0 grade point, and the politest high school student I’ve ever talked to. I had his cell number and I was sure he would meet with me, last time we met I gave him a ride home and a blow job that he’ll remember for the rest of his life.

I called him, he answered the phone and said hi, he knew who he was talking to, I asked if he had time to talk, he didn’t hesitate and said he would be finished with school around five, I told him I would have the company van and I would meet him outside of the school. I had time to kill so I Googled, “Why high school students fail”. I learned of all the pressures, escort tuzla peer pressure, scholastic issues, personality clashes and problems at home. I wondered how this 18 year old, who lived in poor part of town was doing so well.

I picked him up outside of school, I put his address in the GPS, I had already picked a route that would keep us off the freeway so we had a little more time. I asked him if he was being recruited by any colleges, he hesitated, the coach introduced him to three college recruiters, and told him not to talk to any other recruiters. I found this odd, I would expect a recruit to talk to as many schools as possible. Every time I stopped at a light I looked over, he was staring at me, I asked him if he had a girlfriend, he laughed and said he didn’t have the time, and the coach didn’t encourage it and actually frowned on it.

His gaze move from my legs to my breast, my breast weren’t exposed, so I unbuttoned the top button, he smiled, I undid another button and opened my shirt, he turned towards me and commented on how smooth and cute my breast were, my pushup bra helped. I asked if there was a place we could stop, he pointed right and said there is an empty super market with a large parking lot on the way, we headed towards it.

I pulled behind the building, put the van in park unbuckled my seatbelt and turned toward him, there was no console so I could turn and face him, I kicked off my shoes, and asked if we could continue with the interview, he nodded yes. I asked him what schools he was talking to and if he had visited, he said he couldn’t visit any schools until after the season had ended. He talked about the coach and how strict he was, the coach would kick you off the team after one warning. I asked if he if he knew anyone that was kicked off, he said two players, one for having a girlfriend and another for getting caught smoking pot.

I asked him what he thought about the students, he said, the coach was getting them ready for college and life, I was impressed, he believed in the coach. I asked him how things were at home and how he could afford not to work, he got quiet. I put my foot on his lap, I asked if he could squeeze my foot while we talked, he smiled held my ankle with one hand and my foot with the other, this was a good beginning. My legs parted, and he had a nice view of my panties, not much to see but a dark patch and an outline of my lips.

I leaned back and pulled his hand farther up my leg, he moved it under my skirt, I was amazed how far his arms reached. His hand stopped at my thigh, I looked at him, he didn’t look like a high school student, but he did act like one. I smiled, put my hand on his and moved it toward my crotch. I put the palm of his hand on my mound and moved it down, his thumb followed my slit, he pressed in and I tilted my crotch up, I decided to teach my student how to get me wet and ready.

I asked him if he wanted to pull my panties down, he reached behind me, hooked a finger in the waist band, I lifted my ass up and my panties were soon around one of my ankles. He put his hand back on my mound and his thumb was back in place, pushing into my pussy. I was getting wet, I hadn’t had an orgasm in a few days and was ready. His big hand covered my mound, my crotch and his big thumb was deep into me, I was flowing, I could hear a slurping, it was his thumb plowing into my wet lips. I ground against his palm and had a little orgasm, I moaned, he was watching my face, I smiled at him, I moved his hand up to his nose, smell my pussy I said, he breathed in and smiled again, I smelled his hand, it was tangy and sweet. I thanked him, and asked him what I could do for him, that stopped him dead in his tracks.

He opened his mouth but nothing it came out, I bent over, put my hands on his crotch and started rubbing. One hand was rubbing through his shorts, the other was reaching into his waist band, I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock, and started a gentle squeezing, I pulled it a little, while my other hand reached up the leg of his shorts and started squeezing his balls. It took a minute and his cock was uncoiling like a big black snake, I told him to pull down his shorts, I had to take control or he would have cum in my hands, and I wanted him in me.

His shorts were down, his cock was pointing straight up. I pulled the handle and lowered his seat back, I pondered the thought of sucking the head, then decided he might cum in my mouth, nope, maybe later. I pulled my skirt off and started to straddle him, his hands went to my waist, put your cock in me, he reached a hand down and guided it into me as a dropped down. The tip touched my lips, I dipped a little, the tip was in, he pushed his hips up, I grunted, he was big. My hands were on his chest, I started talking to him, ‘go slow, your big”, he stopped, I lifted up he had about three inches in me, I dropped back down, I moaned leaned over and kissed him. I must have triggered something, he shoved half of his cock in me, it took the breath out of me and I let out a loud a little cry. He stopped, I said that’s okay, I lifted up and came back down, an inch or two at a time and soon he was buried in me.

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Hoppin’ Halloween

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Kari sighed when she looked at the Halloween invitation. Probably the same stupid frat friends of Jay’s! Gina promised it wasn’t going to be the same guys at their Labor Day barbecue. There would be some cute guys, and they were single!

“Please, it won’t be the same without you!” Gina pleaded. “And I need you to help me with the rum punch.”

Kari was out of costume ideas but had stopped at the thrift shop on her way home from work yesterday. She found an old Girl Scout uniform, complete with sash and badges that looked like it would fit her.

“Good enough,” she thought. She only planned on staying the polite amount of time and then fake a stomach ache.

She got into a hot bath to wash her day away and enjoy a glass of wine.

Kari toweled off to get dressed and she decided to go braless because it was so hot at Gina’s. Then she braided her hair into pigtails and put on the beret.

She gulped the last of the wine and grabbed the tray of cookies she made and the bottle of rum she promised Gina.

When she got to the party there were already a few people there. She noticed a cute baseball player and his pirate friend wasn’t bad either.

“You look adorable!” gushed Gina, who was dressed as a Playboy bunny.

“Not as cute as you!” replied Kari. They set on mixing the rum punch which turned out to be a hit.

“There’s some cute co-worker friends of Jay’s, you know!” hinted Gina.

“I’m not really interested in hooking up,” muttered Kari through clenched teeth.

“Aw, c’mon, Kari. Live a little!” Kari felt a poke in her side and it was Jay, already tipsy.

“Hi, Jay,” said Kari.

“Let me introduce you to some of my buddies!” Jay took her arm to lead her away. Kari looked back at Gina who winked at her. She learned the baseball player was named Nick and the pirate was Dave. Later, there were more baseball players making up a team but there were too many names to remember. Kari was getting a little buzzed. Nick was giving her the eye and she felt a little giddy over it. Eventually she made it around the room and helped herself to the rum punch. Nick walked over with his empty cup.

“More punch?” she offered.

“Yeah, thanks. You helped make it, right?”

“Yup, my specialty,” Kari shrugged.

“As a Girl Scout, aren’t you supposed to be making cookies?” he bursa escort joked.

“I made those, too!” she laughed. “No alcohol in them, scout’s honor!” she added.

They continued to make small talk but then a woman named Jill (dressed as a hippie) came over and hung around Nick, like he was her property. She found out that the two worked together and they appeared to be an item so she eventually excused herself from the conversation.

“Gina, sorry, I gotta go! My stomach is killing me,” she whispered. Kari hated lying but she felt bummed out. She promised she’d be fine going home, their backyards were practically adjoined. Kari felt relieved by the cool night air. She then let out a scream because a man appeared to jump out of the bushes. Kari’s eyes closed in relief to see that it was Nick.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you,” he grinned.

“What are you doing out here?” she demanded.

“Bathroom was full, had to go,” Nick replied still grinning. “Hey, what are you doing out here?”

“I’m leaving. My house is over there. It was nice meeting you,” she said lamely. Kari started to walk and he followed her.

“I’ll walk with you,” he offered.

“Nah, you don’t have to. Won’t hippie chick be looking for you?”

“You think she’s with me?” he asked.

“I guess. Not that it’s any of my business. I gotta get going,” she trailed off disinterested. She just wanted to climb into bed.

“Hey, listen, we’re not together,” said Nick.

“Ooh, in that case, want to buy some Girl Scout cookies?” she joked. Kari didn’t want to come off as desperate but she could flirt, couldn’t she?

“Come here, you.” Nick put his arm around her shoulders and squeezed her and she felt giddy again. They walked slowly like that for a bit, she even put her arm around his waist. He turned to face her and she froze.

“I don’t normally do this.” He leaned in for a kiss but she was suddenly overcome by giggles. She mocked his “I don’t normally do this” line and began laughing. She dropped to a kneeling position and was holding her stomach from laughing so hard, tears coming to her eyes. Nick lifted her up and held her body to his.

“I’m sorry,” she continued to giggle. “I think I drank too much!”

“Sssh,” he replied. His mouth found hers again stifling her giggles. Kari’s eyes widened at first and bursa escort bayan saw that his eyes were closed. She closed her eyes too and decided to ‘live a little’. His soft kiss got more aggressive, then his mouth was on her neck and she could tell he was going to leave a hickey. As much as she hated those things it was turning her on. Her pussy was getting moist and she could feel his hard-on against her stomach.

“I’ve always wanted to get it on with a Girl Scout,” he lightly joked, nibbling on her earlobe.

“Mmm, would you like to try the macaroons, mister?” she taunted. Nick pulled her blouse open and rubbed her tits. He put his lips on the nipples and sucked at them.

“Please, mister, be careful with my campfire badge,” she pleaded. They were leaning against a tree but they slid to the ground. His hands moved fast and Kari became breathless. His lips sucked on one nipple and his other hand found its way under her dress pulling the thong away from her pussy lips. Nick’s fingers felt how slick she was and he boldly slid his finger in.

“Did you want to sample the Thin Mints? They’re our best sellers,” she whispered. Her cunt was so willing, she had no control. Her hand reached for his zipper and slid his enormous cock out. Kari’s hand lightly squeezed it and rubbed the length of it. She wanted to suck it so bad.

“Sir? I need to suck your cock in order to get my sewing badge.”

Kari kneeled and put his hard dick in her mouth. Her lips and tongue moved up and down his cock getting her pussy wetter. Nick leaned back against the tree and moaned as Kari’s mouth sucked him hard and fast. She felt him hike up the back of her dress, massaging her ass cheeks and then fingering her clit from behind.

“You have a great little ass, I noticed it right away.”

” Mmm, thank you, sir, I like yours, too,” Kari replied, her mouth full of cock. Her breathing was getting faster as he slid two fingers into her slick cunt. She sucked his cock faster in response.

“Cum in my mouth,” she whispered huskily. Nick leaned back and moaned, his eyes shut. She gripped his cock with her hand and continued to suck and stroke it. She lowered her head to suck his balls, still stroking his cock.

“Oh, God, I’m gonna cum!”

“Ooh, yeah, cum in my mouth!” Talking dirty wasn’t her thing, but it was making her escort bursa horny as hell. Nick groaned and his cock shot out cum so fast it went right down Kari’s throat. It was so fast she didn’t even have time to gag as usual.

“Wow, that was the cleanest blow job ever!” Kari blurted out.

“Don’t you ever stop talking?” He smiled. He pulled her up to him so she straddled him. Kari felt his dick harden up under her and she felt tingly and horny. Nick’s mouth covered hers in a hot, dry kiss. His fast hands were on her tits again, then lifting her skirt up so he could squeeze her ass. “Mmm,” she could only say as his lips found her neck again. He was biting her neck and squeezing her nipples and she was loving his every move. She grasped his cock in her hand and guided it into her wet, waiting pussy, her thong pushed aside. Her pussy resisted at first, but then it opened up and took his cock all the way in. She moaned and slowly rode his cock. It filled her cunt all the way but she wanted to fuck it deeper and rougher.

“Oh,God! Your cock is in so deep!” She was screaming “Oh! oh!” with each thrust. As she continued riding his fat cock, up and down, Nick pressed his finger against her puckered ass opening. Kari felt a shot of pain that made her eyes fly open and then in a flash his fingered was nestled into her ass opening. The finger in her ass was making her cunt quiver and her only instinct was to drive his cock in deeper to enjoy the intense sensations.

“Oh, oh, oh, God!” she moaned.

“Do it, baby. Cum on my cock, let me feel your ass cum,” he whispered.

She threw her head back, gasping as the sensations grew. Her pussy exploded, and to her shock she could feel her ass contracting around his finger. Kari kept cumming so intensely, she could only grimace, eyes squeezed shut. She felt Nick pushing his hips up from the ground, pounding his big cock into her as he finger fucked her.

“Fuck me, fuck me,” she pleaded. One final hard thrust and his cock shot another load into her and she felt like she was being ripped apart. Nick lay back, sweating and breathless. Kari leaned forward, his cock still inside her juicy cunt. She kissed him, boldly sticking her tongue into his mouth as he responded with his own tongue. He rolled her onto her back, his semi-hard cock coming to life again. As he fucked her more, she wrapped her legs around his back. She almost cracked another joke about cookies but she stopped herself. Instead she unbuttoned his baseball jersey and pulled her blouse open so she could feel his bare chest on her tits. Kari liked Halloween now.

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Rhonda’s World Ch. 02

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“Yes I can do that if you need me to.” Rhonda was on her cell phone talking to the bank she worked for. “I can fly out to Los Angeles this afternoon if you need me… hello? Hello?” She looked at her phone and saw it was dead. “Shit! Kelly!”

“Yeah Mom,” Kelly called from the bathroom.

“My phone just died and I was on a business call. Can I use your phone?”

“Sure. It’s on the dresser.” Kelly was about to step into the shower.

“Thanks baby, you’re a lifesaver.”

“Just remember, it’s a smartphone, not a flip phone, so when you hang up, don’t try and bend it in half,” he teased.

“Ha ha,” Rhonda said, rolling her eyes.

She finished her business call and was feeling a bit curious. After checking that Kelly was still in the shower, she looked through the web history to see what sites her son had been looking at on his phone.

“What the fuck?” she said to herself. “BDSM, bondage and latex fetish… holy shit.” She pulled up a website to see a dominatrix in black latex whipping a male slave. Rhonda looked again to make sure Kelly was still showering. Another site showed a young man tied down and being force fucked by an older woman.

“I didn’t know he was into this kind of crazy shit,” she said under her breath. “Hmm, I’ve got some planning to do. If he likes this hardcore kinky shit, then Momma needs to rock his fuckin’ world.” A devious smile came across her face as she closed out the websites and set his phone down.

They sat together eating breakfast. They were both dressed for work; Kelly in a nice shirt and slacks; Rhonda was wearing a dark blouse, brown blazer and matching skirt. Her makeup was just right and her hair was done up. Her diamond earrings sparkled in the light. Kelly was always awed by how gorgeous his mother was. So many times she would look up from what she was doing and catch him staring at her. She caught herself smiling; thinking about what she had seen on his phone.

“What,” Kelly asked, smiling back at her.

“Oh nothing,” she muttered as she took a sip of coffee. In her mind she was thinking, “You kinky little fucker.”

“Okay,” Kelly said, still smiling.

“What time do you get off work today, sweetie,” she asked.

“About two o’clock. What’s up?”

“I have to leave for California this afternoon.”

“Damn it,” Kelly said in frustration. Not even a hint of a smile remained on his face.

“Well, my flights not until five, so could you drive me to the airport?”

“Of course,” he said, perking up a bit. “That would be great. When are you coming back?”

“It looks like Saturday.”

“Okay, I’ll take off work if I have to and pick you up.”

“If you can’t make it, it’s okay. I can always catch a cab back to the house.”

“I’m gonna miss you,” Kelly said bursa escort as he stared into her eyes.

“I’ll miss you too, honey.” She got up and walked around the table then sat in his lap. She put her arms around his neck and they kissed deeply. He held her tight and tried to put a lot of meaning into that kiss.

“I love you Kelly,” she said tenderly.

“I love you Momma. I love you so much. I don’t want you to go.”

“Don’t make me cry,” she said. “I’ll have to redo my makeup. I’ve already got my lipstick on you. I’ll see you this afternoon.” They kissed again. Rhonda picked up her purse and left for work. Kelly finished his breakfast, wiped his mother’s lipstick off of his face and left for work as well.

When Kelly got home, he saw his mom’s car in the garage. “Mom,” he called from the living room, “Mom? Where are you?”

“Upstairs, honey,” she called back.

He walked into the bedroom to see Rhonda in bed with the covers pulled up to her neck. Her hair was still up, makeup fixed, earrings sparkling and a look of lust in her eyes.

“What are you doing?”

“Well, I got off work a little early, so I came home and packed my bags for the trip. I got a call telling me my flight was changed, so I’ve got extra time on my hands. I couldn’t stop thinking about you, so I wanted to give you a little going away present.”

“Oh really,” Kelly said smiling. “What’s my present?”

“Let’s start with this.” Rhonda threw back the covers to reveal her wearing a shiny gold bikini. “Do you like it?”

“Oh my god! You look so fuckin’ hot. Holy shit, Mom.”

She sat up and swung her legs around where she was sitting on the side of the bed. Kelly was completely in awe of his mother. He took her all in; gazing at the metallic looking material cupping his mom’s breasts; drinking in her beautiful tan legs; still falling in love every time she smiled.

“Clothes off; right now,” she said sternly. He did as he was told. “Aw, my little boy has a hard on for his mommy already. You’re a dirty little boy, aren’t you Kelly?”

“Yes,” he replied.

“Yes Momma,” she corrected him.

“Yes Momma.”

“Well today I feel like being a mean mommy. Mean mommies punish their bad little boys, so tell me son, have you been thinking naughty thoughts about your own mother?”

“Yes Momma.”

“You have?” Rhonda raised her eyebrows in mock surprise. “You are a dirty little boy. Say it; tell Mommy what you are.”

“I’m a dirty little boy.” Kelly’s pulse was racing.

“Say it again Kelly,” Rhonda said more loudly.

“I’m a dirty little boy.”

A fire was raging inside of Rhonda. She felt a powerful tingle run down her body. She shouted at him. “Tell me Kelly! Say it again!”

“I’m a dirty little boy, Momma!”

She grabbed bursa escort bayan him by the arm and jerked him towards her. “Then get your ass over here, you sick fuck! I want you over Momma’s knee this instant, little boy!”

He was lying across her lap; his hard cock against her legs. She had her right hand on his legs and her left on his upper back. Rhonda could feel her pussy getting soaking wet from the sight of her son in total submission to her. She began spanking him fast and hard with her open hand.

“Bad little boys get spanked by their mother. I’ll wear your ass out, you little shit! I’ll spank your fuckin’ ass ’til its bright red. You dirty little boy. Mommy’s dirty little boy!” She wasn’t letting up as she wailed away with her open hand on his ass.

“Momma, I’m sorry,” Kelly begged.

“You haven’t begun to feel sorry yet, little boy; not by a long shot. I’m gonna teach you a fuckin’ lesson. Does it hurt? Does it hurt, Kelly?

“Yes Momma! It hurts! Please!”

“Good! That’s good! I want it to hurt. Every time you sit down this week I want you to remember this. Do you understand me?”

“Yes Momma!” Kelly’s bottom was stinging with every slap of his mother’s hand. She was perfect; from her sexy bikini to the power she was displaying over him. He had never been so turned on in his life. He could feel pre-cum oozing from the head of his hard cock onto his mother’s legs. He loved hearing the soundof her hand against his bare flesh. Her voice was filled with rage and anger. Hearing her talk filthy to him was driving him absolutely wild as the spanking continued.

“Tell me about those dirty thoughts, little boy. Were you thinking about seeing me in a sexy outfit? Was that it? Did you think about seeing me naked? Did you think about seeing Mommy’s big tits? Was that it? Huh? Were you thinking about my pussy? Does that get you off, you sick fuck! You want to see your own mother’s pussy? That’s it isn’t it? You want to see the hole you came out of.” Rhonda was gritting her teeth as she spanked and scolded her son. “Did you think about fucking me? Huh? Is that it? You want to fuck me? Oh yeah; that’s it. You want to fuck your own mother.” She was yelling at him. “You want to fuck me? Answer me, goddamn it! DO YOU WANT TO FUCK ME?”

“Yes!” Kelly exclaimed. “Yes Momma! More than anything!”

She grabbed him by the back of the hair and yanked hard; screaming at him. “Then fuck me! Fuck me little boy! Fuck your mother right now goddamn it! Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!”

Kelly got up and shoved her onto the bed as Rhonda jerked down her gold bikini bottoms. Kelly jumped on top of her and slammed his rock hard cock into his mother’s soaking wet cunt. Rhonda let out a blood curdling scream as he pounded his dick into her. She had no problem giving escort bursa him some pain, so he returned it in kind by tearing up his mother’s aching fuck hole. The bed was rocking and the headboard was banging into the wall as he rammed his cock into her with all his might. He watched her huge tits shaking in the metallic gold bikini top.

“Fuck your mother!” Rhonda screamed at the top of her lungs. “Fuck your mother! Fuck your mother! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Fuck me harder! Goddamn it! Fuck me harder!”

Rhonda was completely lost in the moment. She had never been fucked that hard by her son. They were like two savage animals that were out of control. Every thrust of her son’s huge cock sent pleasure and pain pulsing through her body. She screamed and screamed; her body begging for more. The sound of their bodies slapping together, the headboard knocking paint off the wall and Rhonda’s endless screaming filled the entire house.

“Cum in me! Cum in Momma’s pussy,” she shrieked. “Give it to me little boy! Give me that fuckin’ load! Do it! Do it! Fuck your mother! Cum inside me right now!”

She could feel Kelly about to come inside of her. This is what she was craving the most; to feel her little boy’s creamy, hot load filling her up.

“Momma! I’m gonna cum! I’m cumming!” Kelly exploded inside of his mother; almost blacking out. His face was contorted and every muscle in his body tensed as he shot cum deep into his mom’s hungry, cum craving pussy. His balls pumped torrents of his seed over and over again inside of Rhonda’s cunt.

Rhonda’s body was convulsing as she felt her son’s cock buried balls deep in her throbbing pussy; cum gushing against her cervix. She had unknowingly dug her nails into Kelly’s arms. He groped her breasts as the last of his seed emptied into her; feeling the material of the sexy bikini top.

Finally, he collapsed on top of her. They were both panting, gasping for breath and completely spent. Neither of them could speak. In what seemed like desperation, Rhonda grabbed him and wrapped her arms and legs around her son’s body. They held each other tight, just trying to breathe.

Through her panting, Rhonda whispered, “Don’t let go.” They were both sweating; not releasing their hold on each other. At last they were beginning to compose themselves a bit, but still did not break the embrace.

“Oh Momma,” Kelly whispered. “You’re incredible.”

Rhonda whispered back to him, “Kiss me Kelly.”

They kissed passionately; her tongue in his mouth. Rhonda finally broke the embrace and cupped Kelly’s face in her hands.

“My baby,” she said softly, “my precious angel. Momma’s sweet boy. You fuck me so good, baby.”

She kissed him fiercely again; running her fingers through his hair, then moving her hands down his back. She gently touched his thoroughly spanked ass cheeks.

She spoke softly in his ear. “I’ll be taking your cum with me all the way to the west coast tonight. The whole time I’m on that plane, I’ll have you inside me.”

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Honeymoon Ch. 2

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A Taste

Jim and Jane finally arrived in Jamaica for their two week honeymoon. She still couldn’t believe that her first sexual experience with Jim had been so wonderful. We both knew it would be great but not this fantastic. Jim made sure that Jane got the best mind blowing sex possible and she expected to return the favor to him several times in Jamaica.

Jim was dressed in a colorful shirt and light pair of slacks. He had a great set of buns and a magnificent chest. She use to dream about taking his buns in her hands while we where making love and pulling him into me over and over again. Jim would not let me move during our first night of sexual bliss and I was still able to have four orgasms. I dreamed all night about what I was going to do to Jim when we got to Jamaica. He was so handsome with his black hair and blue eyes. On the other hand I had blond hair and green eyes. The mini sundress I was wearing obviously had an effect on the men at the hotel since I could feel the many eyes examining my body as I walked through the lobby. The dress was cut deeply in front and showed off my well curved breasts, the dress barely covered my ass. My 36-23-36 figure and long blond hair down to my waist attracted a great deal of attention. I knew they could see my bikini panty line through my dress as it clung to my figure. Every time I walked the material would move across my ass and accented the waving of my hips. I walked in front of Jim wanting to turn him on as much as possible. I could see that occurring as I noticed the familiar bulge in his slacks. I noticed him using his hands to try to condition his cock to stand in an erect position so that it would not be so obvious. There was a little wet spot on the front of his trousers.

When we arrived in our room it was just as I had envisioned it to be. There was a private swimming pool outside our bedroom window. The bed had four big posts with a net draped above it. There was a hammock in the sunroom that looked out on the night sky. There was some exercising bars, a Jacuzzi, and hot spa. Wow! What a neat place. Jim tipped the bell hop and as soon as the door closed scooped me up in his arms and crushed me to him. He kissed me with so much passion that I felt myself becoming weak to the point of fainting. I got control of myself and told Jim to take a shower. Jim finished quickly and came out in only his briefs which barely covered his erect cock. I couldn’t believe that I was able to take all of that into my body and was anxious to try that again and again. I quickly moved past Jim and took my shower. I put on my new night gown which was completely transparent. I wanted Jim to see my breast and pussy when I walked out of the bathroom. When I open the door I heard him gasp and say “Oh sweetie, you are the most beautiful girl in the world. I am so in love with you. I want to make love to you over and over again. Oh, darling I want to fuck you so bad. “

She noticed his cock’s head sticking out of the top of his briefs as if to take a look at her scrumptious body. He reached for her but she put her hand out and told him that last night was his turn and that tonight it would be hers.

Jim did not want to wait but he thought it might be interesting to see what Jane had in mind. He knew that she had been preparing for this honeymoon by reading many books on sexual techniques.

Jane smiled at Jim and took him by the hand and led him over the exercising equipment. She told him to hold on to the bar above his head that was used for pull ups. She could feel her face blushing and a warm tingling throughout her body.

“Jim I want you to hold on to that bar and not move no matter what happens.”

He smiled and said “I will do whatever you ask.”

She thought to herself “He might want to reconsider those words before I am done.”

Jane slowly let her gown slide down her body. She did not dry herself completely and Jim could see the tiny drops of water inching there way down her body and was thinking how he wished he was doing the same thing.

She slowly moved her hands down her body. Her magnificent breasts stood straight out from her body with beautifully hardened nipples. Her hands traveled down her stomach to her pussy and she smiled as she open her legs and allowed her fingers to spread the lips of her pussy so that he could see warm inviting entrance to her cunt.

She could feel the lips quivering and the moisture running from her pussy across her fingers in anticipation of what she had in store for Jim. She slowly turned around wanting Jim to devour her with his eyes. he was beside himself. Jane’s ass was so beautifully rounded. She turned her back on him and bent over to grab her ankles. She parted her legs so that Jim would be able to gaze completely on her fully founded ass and her pussy nestled between her legs. She knew he could see the moisture dripping from her cunt lips. She moved her hips in a circular fashion knowing it would have a great effect on him.

“My God, Jane you are so damn beautiful. I can’t hardly wait to fuck you. bursa escort You won’t sleep tonight!.”

She smiled, as she noticed his huge cock quivering under his briefs.

“Jim, remember how I begged you to fuck me but you continued to tease me? When I finished with you, you will know what you put me through. You will be begging me to fuck you before I am done.”

“Ha. You’ve got to be kidding. There is nothing you can do to make me do that. “

She smiled again and moved her ass back and forth. “Oh, darling, we will see how much resistance you have.”

He was beside himself. She once again warned him not to move. She slowly walked over to Jim and inched his briefs down an inch at a time. Jim could feel the material move over his highly aroused cock and was thinking how he couldn’t wait to sink it deep into her pussy. His cock was sticking straight in the air with drops of moisture on its tip.

She smiled, “What is this on the top of your cock. It seems to me that you are already getting excited and I haven’t even started yet.”

She reached in her pocket book and pulled out a mask. She told Jim that he had seen enough for the time being and she wanted to surprise him for a while.

He briefly objected then defiantly said “Go ahead and put it on me.”

As Jane put the mask on Jim she laughed and countered with the comment “I look forward to making you squirm at my every command.”

A cold thrill went through his body and he couldn’t control the quivering of his penis.

Next She went to her suitcase and removed 4 pieces of cord attached to 4 bracelets. She attached the cords to each of his arms and legs and secured them in place so that he could not move. Both of his legs were stretched out and he was still holding on to the pull up bar.

“Jim, I know you told me you would not move but I thought I would make that a safe bet and assure myself that you would be true to your word. After last night I could see how excitable you can become!

He was sweating and trembling all over his body. “What in the world are you doing?”

She said nothing but walked slowly around his body examining the man she had married. She was very impressed with his wonderful physique especially his cock which stood almost parallel to his body. . She decided it was now time to get started. She applied astro glide to her nipples and walked behind Jim. Jim and Jane were about the same height. She very slowly placed her nipples against Jim’s back and began to agonizingly slide slipperily down on to his rounded ass.

“Ohhhhhhhh, my God, Jane what are you doing. Agahhhhhhhh, that feels so good.”

“Oh, darling this is just the beginning”

She moved to the front of his body and applied more astro glide to her nipples. She moved slowly towards him so her nipples barely touched his chest. He jumped slightly at the contact. She then place her tongue very lightly across his lips. He opened his mouth but Jane once again told him not to move. Her tongue explored his lips very lightly before moving slowly along the inner top and lower surfaces. . Jim’s breathing became very labored and in gasps. He wanted desperately to reach out and pull her to him and fuck her. She continued her movements for several minutes before moving further into Jim’s mouth. She moved her tongue slowly in and out of Jim’s mouth sometimes fast and at other times very slowly. It was as if she was simulating the fucking that Jim had given her last night. She finally took her tongue and moved it all along the slides of his tonque and then finally around the bottom and top very gently. Jim’s body was quivering all over and his penis was jumping back and forth. She was having such a good time. She left his mouth and with her tongue outlined his eyes while moving her chest back and forth against his. She turned his head and licked around his ears and finally moved her tongue into his ear canal while rubbing her nipples across his nipples.

“Oh my Godddddd Jim screeched.”

She could see more and more fluid escaping from Jim’s penis. She applied more astro glide all over her breasts and her ass and down her anus and along the lips of he pussy. She stood close to Jim and let her nipples touch his chest. He acted as if he has been burned, as his chest muscles contracted. She pushed her chest against his and slid very slowly down his chest and stomach and each leg. When she came close to his cock she could see him tighten his jaw in anticipation of her touching his huge cock which was spasming. In order for him to realize how close she was she blew lightly on the head of his penis. His whole body shook.

“Ohhhhhhh..My Gooooooood. Honey, if you love me you won’t keep this up.”.

“Darling it is because I love you that I am just starting to have fun and I promise you will have no regrets when I am finished with you.”

She got off her knees and looked at Jim and thought how much fun it was to be in charge. She turned around with her ass facing Jim and moved slowly backwards until she came in contact with his bursa escort bayan cock.

He screamed–“aaaaaaaagh, oooooooooh, you are killing me.”. She then contracted her ass muscles trapping his penis in her ass folds. Her muscles began to contract automatically and she cried out.

“Ohhhhhhh, my God, aaaaaaagh. Jim you are so warm.”

“Ohhhhhhhhh. ohhhhhhhh. Goooooooood, Godddddddd I am about to explode” He yelled. He started to move and she yelled at him to stop.

“Jim your cock is so warm and huge. “

She slowly moved her lubricated ass up and down Jim’s dick. It moved across the opening of her pussy and the opening of her ass. She was in heaven. She slid very slowly up and down. The lips of her pussy wrapped around Jim’s cock holding it securely as they contracted spasmatically. She noticed how red the top of his cock had gotten and could see more fluid oozing its way out of it. She could feel his cock rubbing across her clitoris and anus in such a way that she was coming close to an orgasm herself.

“Ohhhhhhhh. God your cock is so hot. I am enjoying this so much”!

Suddenly she could feel his cock start to contract and quiver and knew he was getting close to a climax but she wasn’t close to letting him have that early satisfaction. She quickly pulled away from his body not only to keep him form exploding but she realized that she was so close to having an orgasm herself. She definitely was not ready for that and she didn’t want Jim to have that sort of satisfaction so early. She abruptly moved away from him.

“Jane, what are you doing, don’t stop, I am so close to the edge. Surely you will give me some relief”.

“Darling I told you that you must beg me to fuck you and I haven’t heard those comments yet”.

” I am so excited but it will be a cold day in hell before I utter those words”.

“Sweetie I am going to move you to the bed.” She took off the cords and led him to the bed. She placed him on his back and tied his hands to the top two posts. She then told Jim to bend his knees. She tied the bracelets just above Jim’s knees and told him to spread himself as wide as he could and be comfortable. He did as she said but suddenly realized that he was completely exposed to her gaze..

Jane, “I feel so vulnerable. I have never been so exposed to anyone in my life.”

She laughed and said “Now you know how I felt when you held my legs above my head and teased me over and over again. Now it is my turn to return the favor”.

She sat in front of Jim and just looked at his magnificent body that she was going to use to pleasure herself and bring his self confidence down to earth. Not only was his cock pulsating but his anus was also contracting.

She moved to the bathroom and removed a razor and shaving cream that she had warming in a sink full of hot water. She trembled as she thought about what she was going to do. She moved between Jim’s widely stretched legs and slowly blew her breath moving inch by inch from his anus up to his cock.

“Oh,Oh,Oh,Oh, My God, My God, aaaaaaaaagh. Jane, “I am can’t blieve this is the innocent girl I married?”

Darlng, “I am just preparing you for the greatest experience of your life.”

She squeezed some shaving lotion on to her hand and applied it around his cock and all the way to his anus. She made sure that she did not touch his cock because she had some great ideas on how to make Jim beg her to fuck him.

He jumped as he felt Jane apply the warm material at the base of his cock and along his anus.

“Oh, Jane! What are you doing know. That feels so warm.”

He was shocked when he felt something sharp moving across the hairs surrounding his cock and anus. Jane smiled to herself as she carefully shaved the hairs from around his penis and next to his anus. Jim’s cock waved wildly in the air and his anus muscles contracted as she moved closer with the razor. She made sure not to touch his cock wanting to take him to the edge as long as possible.

“Oh,Oh,Oh,Oh,Oh, Jane, Oh Oh, Oh, your, Oh my God, I can’t believe you are doing this to me..”

“Darling, I told you that this would be my turn after you ravished me last night.”

She finished shaving all of Jim’s hair and marveled at his erect cock and could not believe he sunk that into her pussy last night. She could hardly wait for that again but first she must continue with her sexual plans for Jim.

She looked at Jim spread eagle before her and licked her lips. She took her tongue and very slowly started moving from the bottom of his ass towards his cock. She moved around his anus. Jim’s anus started convulsing and he yelled out again–

“My God Jane what are you doing now, I am tied up like a steer ready for slaughter and you continue to tease me like this.”

“Jim, as I have told you several times, this is just the beginning. I still haven’t heard you beg for me to fuck you.”

” You never will” he yelled.

She moved her tongue from circling his anus in a straight line up to the bobbing cock in front escort bursa of her.

“Oh God, Oh God, you are driving me crazy”. His restraints kept him from grabbing her ass and fucking her thoroughly.

She slowly started licking from the top of his ass. She hesitated for a moment and then decided to go all out and move her tongue back and forth across his anus and then finally slipped it into his anus as his anal muscles went wild contracting on her tongue.

“Jane, My God, I can’t believe you just did that. I never realized you could be such a vixen”.

“Darling, you haven’t seen anything yet. “

She took out of her purse a string of 40 anal beads. She placed the astro glide lubricant all over the beds and then to Jim’s horror preceded to stuff them into his anus. The whole string of beads were inside except for the string still hanging out of Jim’s anus.

“Oh, God, what did you stick in me. I can’t believe you would violate me like this. I feel so full.”

“Now you have a small idea of how I felt when you first put your huge cock into my pussy.. Trust me Jim, I think you find this to be a great experience.”

She realized that her pussy was just oozing with fluid and that it was wetting the chair on which see was sitting.. She decided to make her next move. Jane took her tongue and placed it under the ridge of his swollen cock head and moved it completely around it.

“Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, aaaaaaaaaaagh, Jesus, oh my, oh my, That is so wonderful..”

She could tell that he was about to reach a climax,. Jane moved her tongue just under the head of his cock and licked him slowly.

He begged…..”Please if you love me don’t do this to me. I need to have some release before I explode internally.”

She suddently stopped licking his cock.

He screamed. “Jane, my God don’t stop.”

She smiled to herself and went back to lightly licking him on the same spot and could tell that he was his orgasm was eminent.. Jane could tell that his muscles were under great tension.

Jim’s head was twisting back and he was moaning uncontrollably.

She could tell when he was just about to explode and and again stopped licking him..

His moaning increaed.

She removed his mask and told him to look at her e because she wanted to see when he reached his orgasm.

“Yes, Yes, oh God yes, take off my mask but please don’t stop licking me this time.”

She continued teasing the area just under the head of his cock. His cock starting pulsating.. He was desperately screaming for release. He had never been so stimulated by anything in his entire life.

She could feel him starting to cum and slowed down her licking one more time. Jim started sweating and finally begged Jane to fuck him.

She smiled and said “I told you that you would give in but I am not ready to fuck you. Get ready to reach your first climax”. She went back to work with her tongue.. She had read this was a sensitive area and it proved to be true. She continued licking the area near the head of his cock for the next 30 minutes.

He felt an explosion coming. A wave of excitement was filling his loins. His cock was quivering, jerking, and spasming as he came closer and closer to his orgasmic relief.. He looked straight at Jane and she smiled as her slow licking brought him to the brink of his climax. At the same time slowly pulled on the anal beads and they came out one at a time increasing Jim’s orgasmic response several times over. Jim screamed

“Oh, oh,oh,oh, aaaaaaagh, my God, I’m there, I’m there. I have never felt anything like this before, I’m cummmmmmmmming, I’m cummmmmmmmming, oh God this is so wonderful. “

Jim’s anus contracted in rhythm with his cock. Sperm shot out of his cock and completely covered his chest and hit the head board of the bed. His cock contracted again and again as Jane continued her teasing with her tongue.and pulling the last of the anal beads out of his quivering ass hole. Jim layed there trembling all over.

Jane took a warm towel and cleaned him up. She then smiled at him and told his she was going to put the mask back on him.

“Oh Jane, that was wonderful.? “I have never had a orgasm like that..” “I begged you to fuck me and you answered by teasing my cock until I thought I would die. Those anal beds were unreal.”I can’t believe you know how to stimulate me so greatly.”

Jane said “I still have a few more surprises for you, honey..” She loosened the ropes on his arms and led him to the hammock in the sunroom. She placed him face down on the hammock. She tied the bracelets to each side of the hammock causing him to be spread eagle.

“What else can you do to me. I am completely drained.”

“Well lets see if I can get you going once again. I still want to fuck you like you fucked me last night.”

He was lying flat on the hammock naked and with his mask on. She reached under his body with her hand. Jim jumped. She carefully grabbed his cock and pulled it though the opening in the hammock. His cock was getting harder by the minute and pointing straight down. There was no way he could bring it back towards his body. Here he was lying on a hammock with his cock pointing down towards the floor. What next he thought?

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


At 25,000 feet my mind drifts back to the last six months. My deployment to Operation Baltic Hammer is over. 147 combat missions and I’m still alive. My plane and body are still in one peace and I’m coming home. I scan the inside of my cockpit as I have done a million times before. The heads up display tells me I am on course at 25,000 feet and the final waypoint marches to the center. I scan outside of my plane. Yup. Razor is right where he should be. A steady 36 inches and to the right of my wing tip. Razor. What a character. He will be off to Nellis in a few weeks to begin the flight phase of selection to the Thunderbird team. When he found out he had been selected for trials, he started hanging his helmet upside down in the classic number five opposing solo position. He swears he is going to make it onto the team. Ah youth. Hell, he is only twenty-seven. Not much younger than I am.

The sunlight shines through my canopy in a bright glow. It is good to see the sunlight after six months of clouds and rain. The mountains of Arizona are barren compared to the mountains in the Baltic States. I’m almost home now. “Strike Eagle Lead, this is Luke tower. We have you on radar showing 25,000, heading 112 degrees, range 45 nautical miles. Air traffic is commercial at 31, 050, heading 270 degrees, range 22 nautical miles. You are cleared into military air space and is free of other traffic. Winds are 2 miles per hour south by southwest. Visibility 75 miles, ceiling is unlimited. Cleared for landing, runway two one north, over. Roger Luke tower, this is Strike Eagle Lead. Thank you and requesting missing man formation flyby for squadron. “Roger, Strike Eagle Lead. Permission granted. Luke tower out.”

The squadron forms up on my wings. I look out my canopy and see Razor looking at me. I know what he is thinking. The same thing we all are. The missing man formation is for Spade. Shot down in the Balkans. His body was never recovered. Spade was Razors roommate in the academy and flight school. He was also Razors best man when he and Samantha got married.

We see the base up ahead as we drop our altitude to three hundred feet. Lined up on the runway. Air speed 180 knots. I can see the people on the ramp. Ten miles and closing. Five miles. One mile. Center ramp and Digger pulls hard on the stick as the crowd passes under us. We all separate now heading back to the south end of the runway. Razor kicks it up to the afterburners and rolls inverted as a signal to Samantha that they are going to Nellis. Eight ball is next in the flyby. It looks like he is going to drop out of the sky he is moving so slow. The nose is up forty-five degrees and the speed breaks are out. I Kick the afterburners and am greeted by the slam into the ejection seat. The crowd passes in a blur and I kick the rudder hard left. Grunting hard now. 9 G’s now. G-suit is tightening around me. One turn, level and pull tuzla escort hard on the stick and kick the rudder. Strait up and roll. Watch the altimeter. 25,000. 30,000. Roll it over. Level out. Head back to the end and land this thing now. Wheels down. Steady on the nose gear. Down.

I roll to the ramp and raise the canopy. The crew chief directs me to park. Slow on the breaks. “Strike Eagle, welcome home sir. Luke tower out.” I smile. I power down and remove my gloves and helmet. The ladder is up and the crew chief helps to unbuckle me from the ejection seat. He climbs down and I follow. American soil. I haven’t felt it under my boots in six months. I look around as the families’ race to the planes to hold their loved ones. I turn to look at my plane and touch her skin. She has been faithful to me. She carried me into battle and brought me home. The crew chief extends his hand and says, “Welcome home sir. It’s good to see you and my bird.” It’s good to be home Tom. I shake his hand and hand him the logbook from my flight bag. The air is hot and humid and the smell of jet exhaust is strong.

I smell a light perfume and hands coming over my shoulders to my chest. Distantly familiar hands that race to the front of my memory. I turn to see a tearful, smiling face. I take you in my arms and hold you close. These arms kept me going for so long. The memory of your touch. Our lips meet in a kiss that tells on each other. We have been apart for too long. The kiss is mixed with different emotions. I miss you. I need you. I was worried. I am happy. I am relieved. I want and desire you. Our kiss ends and I step back to drink you in. You turn like a runway model. Your dress covers your body and hugs your every curve. I am amazed at the sight before me and smile at you. I take your hand and walk towards the waiting bus to take us back to the squadron.

The wives have decorated the squadron with welcome home banners and balloons. The cold air conditioning is refreshing as I walk through the doors. The smell of real food is strong in the air. A caterer has come in to feed us. We all mix and mingle with the other wives and pilots. I leave you to change clothes. In the locker room, I sit and think about the last six months. A flood of emotion hits me. Razors locker and Spades are next to me. A yellow ribbon on Spades locker tells it all. I open the door and see the pictures taped to the inside of the door. Not. Much left inside the small locker. He had most of his stuff with him. I see the pictures from Razors wedding. The tears flow as the memories flood my mind. I see the fireball as the SAM missile hits his plane. It was a strange mix of colors. The brilliant green mountains, the dark, gray, overcast sky, the red and yellow fireball and the black smoke. I never saw a parachute. I can hear the sound of his voice as he raced to dodge the incoming missile in my ears. I remember the gut wrenching tuzla escort bayan feeling I had when I saw the missile hit. It was instantaneous, but he was scared. He knew the missile had him. I can’t imagine what went through his mind with the missile tone getting louder in his ears. I shut the door and sit down.

I get changed and go back to the party. I find you and take you in my arms. It is good to see you. I know I am complete now. I take your hand and lead you out to the parking lot. We get into the truck and leave the base behind. We drive and drive just to hear the others voice longer. Instead of going home, we drive north to the mountains. The sun is setting and the sky grows dark with the summer monsoon thunderclouds. We get out and walk along a trail to the pond, hand in hand. I love coming to the cabin. It is a place to relax.

I sit under an old pine tree and you sit in my lap and drape your arms over me. I smell your perfume. So soft and sweet. You smile up at me and trace lines on my face. I stare deep into your eyes. So many emotions at play. You lean forward and our lips meet. Soft and tender. My heart skips a beat as you softly moan. My hands rub up your back and hair. Our kiss becomes stronger as the breeze picks up. A low moan comes from deep with in me. You stand up and slowly remove your dress.

You stare deep into my eyes and I see the hunger building in your expression as you remove your bra. Your hard nipples stand atop hard, firm breast. A wicked smile spreads across your face. You slowly pull the French cut panties down your hard legs. You remove your shoes and stand before me and smile. You turn around and spread your legs wide and look between them as you did your finger deep into your pussy. You slowly rub your clit as your moans of pleasure fill the woods. You tell me “This is what I had to do for the last six months that you have been gone. I have to rub my aching pussy all alone while I think of you.” I laugh and watch your show as I untie my shoes. Your hips sway as if you were dancing to an unheard song. Your tits sway with each movement and I am as captive as a cobra is to the charmers flute. I remove my shirt and pants and sit back down to watch you.

You seem perfectly content to satisfy yourself. Your fingers slide in and out as the wet sounds of your pussy fill the air. I slowly stroke my hard cock and tell you that this is what I had to do for the last six months too. You moan your approval. Your moans get louder as do mine. In the distance, thunder rolls up the valley to us. We are breathing deeper now as the floodwaters swell within us. Your scream fills the valley as the first wave of your orgasm hits you. Your fingers are a blur as they rub your clit. Lightning flashes across the sky as you scream in sheer delight and release. You turn around and walk to me and get on your knees. The burning passion in your eyes is white escort tuzla hot. You say, “It looks like you need some help” as you take my cock into your hands.

Your touch is electric. It has been so long since I have felt your hands around my cock. You waist no time as you are consumed by passion and take my cock deep into your throat. The sensation is mind warping. You stroke my cock with your hands as your lips slide up and down its length. Your tongue circles the head, sending shock waves through my body. Your mouth is so hot and feels like satin. I tremble at your touch. My chest heaves as I erupt deep in your throat. You moan as each spurt hits the back of your mouth. You stroke my cock, milking it, trying to get every last drop. You rise up with a smile and tell me how much you missed my cum in your mouth. We kiss and I taste my cum on your lips.

You stand and take my hand and lead me to the pond. The water is cool compared to the hot, humid air. I take you in my arms and kiss you deeply as the thunder rolls through the valley. You wrap your legs around me and slowly guide me into your depths. You are so hot and wet. Your tight muscles grip and pull me deeper within you. We groan as I slowly stroke deeper into your depths. I see a burning desire building in your eyes. The rain starts to fall lightly on us as we begin to breathe deeper. Our lips meet and it electrifies our bodies. Our tongues search deeper in our mouths. Our moans get louder as our intensity grows. The rain falls harder as we thrust into each other harder. The thunder is louder as our moans turn to small screams of delight. You scream for me to fuck you harder as you dig your fingernails into my back. We stair deep into each other’s eyes. Our passion wells deep within and rises like the waters of a flooding river. My hard cock slams deep into your molten pussy as you scream for me to give it to you. A flood of emotions race through my mind. I have come home to the most wonderful woman God ever put breath into. The Balkans are another life time away now. It seems like you are trying to fuck the last six months away from my soul, struggling to get me back from it’s clutches.

Lightning strikes near by. So loud. I slam deeper into you. Your head is thrown back and you scream with each thrust. I am dizzy. Our chest’s heave and burn from breathing so deeply. The ripples in the pond have turned to waves. The rain is pelting us hard now. We scream louder as we ride the tide of emotion. I slam harder and harder into you. Tears flow from our eyes as we hold each other. The storm around us rages. Our orgasm builds and begins to sweep over our bodies. It overwhelms the storm around us. Lightning strikes an old oak tree at the edge of the pond and shatters into thousands of pieces as we cum together. Our screams mingle with the sound of the lightning. Our bodies’ spasm together as I pour cum deep into you. Your pussy quivers around my cock, milking it. Our chest’s heave as we sob in each other’s arms. The emotion is strong. We are together at last. You raise my head and softly kiss me and say, “We are ok and welcome home…”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


One thing I dislike about school is when they hand out joint assignments. If you’re in a group there’s always someone who shirks, leaving the work to the rest of the group. That’s a real irritant. It’s even worse when you’re assigned a single partner. It’s OK if you can pick your partner because you can pick someone compatible who’s willing to work. This time we were assigned partners on a random basis.

I was sort of in luck. I was set to work with Jan and she’s quite smart and willing to work. She was a cute kid, eighteen like me, and not a bad figure. I could have done a lot worse. From the look Jan gave me she was probably feeling she could have done better but hard luck, girl, you were stuck.

We divided up the work between us, meeting at school several times to make sure we were both on track, and I think Jan was satisfied that I was doing my fair share. I know I was satisfied with the quality of her work. Eventually we had to meet up for a couple of hours to put the two parts of the project together and organise how we were going too present it. I suggested that Jan come around to my place to finish it off but she flatly refused. We had to do it at her place. That was fine by me and we arranged a time.

Saturday rolled around and I fronted up at Jan’s place. She dragged me inside, introduced me to her mother, and announced that we were going to her bedroom to finish our assignment.

“That’s fine, dear,” said her mother. “Just remember to leave the door open.”

“Really, mother, he’s gay. What difference does it make?”

“It doesn’t matter. He’s a boy. Leave the door open.”

Jan must have seen the amusement on my face because she glared at me, huffed at her mother, and marched off down the hall to her room. Once we were inside she pointed closed the door about half way.

Jan gave me a look daring me to say something and suggested we get on with the assignment.

“Fine by me,” I told her. “From what I see we should finish up with a nice piece of work. You and your mother are both wrong by the way.”

“What do you mean?” she asked, looking at me suspiciously.

“Well, you’re wrong in thinking I’m gay. That was a surprising bit of news to me. What on earth made you think I was?”

“What? But everyone knows it.”

I was shaking my head. “No, everyone does not know it. One of the people who doesn’t know it is me and I think I’d know better than anyone. I have no idea how anyone would get that idea.”

“But Wendy swears that you’re gay. She always knows if men are gay.”

“Wendy!” I said derisively. “Wendy’s idea of a gay man is someone who won’t fuck her. By that definition I’m one.”

“When would you get a chance to sleep with Wendy?” scoffed Jan. “Do you seriously expect me to believe you’d pass on a chance to sleep with her? Have you seen her breasts?”

“Both pendik escort had the chance and passed on it,” I said blithely. “Yes, I’ve seen her breasts. Au natural for that matter. She could give a cow’s udder a run for its money. I guess I just wasn’t in the mood for a, ah, bovine experiment.”

“You turned her down because, ah. . .” Jan gestured with her hands indicating considerable more in the breast area than she personally possessed, not that her breasts weren’t very nice ones.

“Not just because of that,” I admitted. “Let’s say I prefer someone with a bit more on top,” tapping my head to indicate brains rather than breasts, “and I guess I’m a bit of an explorer.”

“An explorer?” she asked, puzzled.

“I have no desire to follow in the footprints of a hundred other men,” I said somewhat callously, and Jan thumped me on the arm.

“She’s not that bad,” she mumbled.

Probably not, but she was working on it from what I’d observed.

“OK, so you’re not gay. Why did you say my mother was also wrong?”

I gave her a cheerful smile.

“An open door won’t stop me making a move on you if I want to” I told her. “It just means that I’d have to take some precautions.”

“You can stop right there,” Jan snapped. “You are not going to make a move on me.”

“That’s not your decision,” I said in a gentle voice. “It’s mine. Your decision will be how to react if I do make a move on you. Why don’t you consider what your response will be while we start on our assignment?”

Jan gave me an irritated look but settled down and we started work. After a short while she looked at me with a smirk.

“You can’t really make a move on me. If my mother came past and my clothes were mussed up she’d have kittens and banish you on the spot.”

I said nothing immediately and we continued working. When we reached a point where I thought we could take a short break I stopped, stretched, and turned to face Jan.

“Stand up for a moment, will you?” I asked her, giving an up gesture at the same time.

She rose to her feet, looking a little curious. I promptly lifted her dress, took hold of her panties and had them down below her knees in nothing flat. She naturally tried to move back away from me, bumped into her chair, and promptly say on it, which allowed me to finish taking off her panties and tossing them over into a clothes basket over against the wall.

“If your mother comes past she won’t notice anything wrong with the way your clothes are,” I calmly told her. “Of course, if you try to grab them and put them back on she’ll probably pick that time to come past. Now, as I was saying,” I added, turning back to the assignment.

Jan was blushing furiously and certainly wanted to do or say something but she swallowed her ire and concentrated on the work. After a few minutes I brought escort pendik her lack of panties to her attention again.

“Um, how does it feel to be sitting there without your panties, knowing that I know that you’re not wearing any, and that I intend to touch you up shortly?”

A blush rose to her face again and she tried her best to turn my attention back to the assignment. I was having none of it.

“The reason I ask is that I noticed that you shave and I can’t help but wonder if you feel as smooth as you look.”

Jan pointedly referred to something in the assignment and I shrugged and leaned forward to look at it. Deciding I knew what that bit meant I decided to amuse myself by stroking Jan’s leg. I dropped my hand onto her knee and started moving it upwards. Jan sat up straighter, looking down at where my hand was moving along the inside of her leg. As soon as it went under her dress, moving higher, she gasped and closed her legs tightly together, trapping my hand.

“Jan,” I said softly.

“What?” she said in a gasping voice.

“Relax your legs, there’s a good girl.”

“You’re a swine,” she hissed.

“I know,” I agreed. “Now relax your legs a little anyway.”

She did so, somewhat to my surprise, and my hand continued its journey, very quickly finding some very soft flesh, flesh that I started rubbing, ignoring the startled little noise that she made.

I heard the distant sound of the TV change had removed my hand, turning back to the assignment. I started to address the assignment and Jan started to take me to task for wandering hands.

“Quiet,” I told her softly. “Your mother is on her way.”

Jan looked slightly disbelieving but kept her mouth shut, and a few moments later her mother wandered past, pushing the door open a little more and glancing in at us. I looked up and nodded to her and turned back to the assignment and she continued on her way.

After her mother had gone Jan gave me a suspicious look.

“How did you know she was coming?” she demanded.

“The TV is on. Ads are louder than the shows to grab your attention and so that you can still hear them if you go and get some coffee. When the ads start your mother finds some reason to wander past. She won’t be back now until the next ad which will be about ten minutes away.”

Smiling and looking Jan directly in the eye I unzipped my fly. Reaching for her hand I placed it against my groin, right next to that open fly. From the way her eyes widened she could feel what I had there.

“I was touching you,” I pointed out. “It’s only fair that I permit you to touch me.”

She gave me a girl’s look but didn’t withdraw her hand, just leaving it lying there. She referred to the assignment and I went along with what she wanted. Still, I wasn’t totally shocked when her hand slipped through the open pendik escort bayan fly to start exploring what was there. I was slightly more shocked when she hauled it into the light to get a better feel for it. Now I was more consciously aware of that open door and a mother in the background.

A little touching on both our parts and the time passed quite fast. So fast that the next set of ads took me by surprise and I was very hastily pulling my cock into my pants and smoothing Jan’s dress down.

“When the show starts again,” I said, “we have ten minutes. During that ten minutes I’m going to bend you over that bed and fuck you just as hard as I can.”

“Really? Don’t you think I might have something to say about that?” Jan demanded.

“Certainly,” I agreed. “You can decide if you want to bend forward over the bed so that what happens takes you completely by surprise or you can lean backwards so you can watch as my cock enters you.”

“Right,” she scoffed. “As long as I have a choice.”

The ads finished and I rose to me feet, drawing Jan to hers. I gave her a gentle push towards the bed while taking a quick look out the bedroom door. Her mother was comfortably settled on the couch, feet up. I turned back to Jan. She was leaning forward over the bed, not looking towards me. I came up behind her, rubbed her mound and moved her lips further apart. Then I was lining up and driving home with some vigour. Jan gasped, pushing firmly back to meet me.

“God, you feel marvellous,” I groaned. “I’d really like to stretch this out as long as possible but we do have a time constraint. And I can’t even go hell for leather because we have to keep the noise down.”

I started pumping into her, with Jan pushing eagerly to meet me. My hands were on her hips, pulling her towards me as I thrust, doing what I could to give us that extra oomph.

It was plain to me that I was ready to go at any moment. My problem was going to be hanging on until Jan was ready. My cock was surging into her, almost lifting her off her feet I was thrusting so powerfully, and she was just lapping it up.

She had one hand clamped on her mouth, apparently wanting to give tongue but not daring to. I just grinned and gave my all.

We only lasted about five minutes and then Jan was hissing at me to do it, damn you, and I let myself go. She grabbed a pillow of the bed and jammed it over her face and I could hear a muffled scream as she climaxed.

We disengaged and Jan grabbed her panties from the basket. “Light that,” she snapped, pointing to a little incense burner, and shot through, to the bathroom I assumed.

She was back and we were sitting back at our assignment the next time her mother wandered past. She sniffed at the doorway and looked towards the incense burner.

“I don’t know how you can stand that stuff,” she said.

“The scent relaxes me,” was the mild reply. Her mother gave another pointed sniff and moved on.

“It especially relaxes me knowing that it kills the scent of you having demonstrated your manhood,” she giggled.

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