Hotel Room

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I drive into the hotel parking lot, send a text that I’m here. I get out of my car to go to his and on the driver’s side is the hotel key he put aside for me. Once I get to the room, I unlock the door and walk in. The room is dark with candles lit, him sitting at the far end of the room on a chair. I can’t see his face, outlined by the candlelight. Per his earlier instructions, I remove my jacket and place that, along with purse, into the closet. Standing 10 feet in front of him, I slowly remove my shoes, socks, jeans, and then stand up taking off my shirt, then bra. Clad in only my black thongs, I walk slowly to him. I stop a foot in front of him, turn around, and wait.

He comes up from behind, brings his arms/hands around, cupping my breasts, bringing his right hand down to my crotch, roughly rubbing my slit over the material, then moving his other hand up to move my long hair aside. He breathes in my neck, smelling the perfume I put on for him. He licks and kisses the nape of my neck. In my ear he growls, “You were 3 minutes late.” I don’t say anything. “You were 3 minutes late, right?” I say yes. I know my place, I can only answer yes or no, unless I am talking dirty. He says to bend over and hold ankles. He spanks me hard, first the right side of my ass, then the left. He repeats this. He pulls my thongs down just to mid thigh. Probing, feeling my wetness. Pushing one finger, two fingers in. He can feel I’m ready. He pulls back, I hear the buckle of his belt as he removes it, then the zipper of his pants.

Still bent over, I grip my ankles. I feel the head of his cock line up with my hole and he pushes it in roughly, gripping my hips to hold me up as he thrusts in and out. I am gasping and moaning, not expecting the rough beginning. He pulls out as quick as he started, then sits back down on the chair. He tells me to face him, and then motions for me to kneel, to suck his cock. I know from when he was in me seconds ago that he is bigger than I’ve ever had, and I am eager to have it in my mouth, seeing how much of it I can take in. I slide my hand from the head to the base, holding it straight as I bring my lips to the tip, sticking my tongue out to taste him, taste me. I slowly push my mouth pendik escort down on him, tightly, deeper and deeper until I start to gag. I don’t stop, I keep pushing until my nose is against his stomach, my chin against his balls. He moans, “Oh baby, yes. Suck that cock”. I eagerly do so, bobbing my head up and down, using my tongue to swirl around his shaft, making sucking sounds as my saliva drips around my lips, covering my hand. I feel his cock pulse in my mouth as his breathing quickens. He grabs my hair and stops me, tells me to go to the bed and lay on my back. I am quick to do so, eager. My panties are still halfway down my thighs. He stands there, staring at me, his eyes lingering on my body. I can see the lust in his eyes. I can see how bad he wants to fuck me, from his face and from his erection. He pulls his pants off now, his shirt.

He comes onto the bed, lays down next to me, his hand moving appreciatively up and down my smooth leg. I have shaved everything for him, again per his instructions. His mouth claims mine, his tongue gliding in and out, me sucking his bottom lip in between. I grab the back of his head and pull him close to me, wanting his touch, craving it. He grabs my thong and pulls it down, me pulling my legs up to accommodate him. After throwing it aside, he brings his hand back to spread my legs apart, to slide his fingers back to my wet cunt. I can feel how he loves to push his fingers into me, feeling how tight I am, me squeezing them. Wanting him inside of me.

Please. Please fuck me. I whisper these words to him. Please.

He moves up and brings my legs around him. He moves the head of his cock up and down my wetness again, covering it with my juices, then leans forward, claiming me, claiming my cunt with his cock. I whimper…Yes! God yes. Fuck me. I wrap my legs around him tight and stare up at him. He pounds into me. He’s so fucking big. I wasn’t expecting his size, GOD it feels good. So hard.

He stops again, pulls out. “Baby, I want to taste you.” He moves down, his mouth trailing down my body, licking, tasting my skin. His lips stop when they find my clit, he licks softly at first, laying his tongue flat against it, bathing my clit with his spit, then closes escort pendik his mouth over it and starts sucking. I cry out, I’m so sensitive. My body starts moving against his mouth, the harder he sucks and licks, the harder I want it. I grab his head and pull head mouth even harder onto me. I am building up quick, so turned on, and I peak, FUCK!! He keeps suckling after I come down, shaking, my ass being squeezed by his big hands. I feel my cum dripping, and he is lapping it up. Moving back up, he brings my legs up in the air, over his shoulders, pushing them down against me to crush his mouth onto mine at the same time he slams into me again. I moan against his mouth, my hands reaching behind and grabbing his ass, pulling him tight against me. He picks up the pace and pushes harder and faster against me, unrelenting. My pussy is quivering around his shaft, squeezing. He is getting too excited, throttles back.

“I want you to sit on my face, babe.” He lays down, I’m not sure which way he wants me to face, but I err on the side of what men usually want, and move into the classic 69 position. I position my pussy over his mouth, then lean down over his torso, taking a moment to look at his beautiful cock. Licking my lips, I take him in my mouth and start working him. Do I try to make him cum in my mouth with my talented tongue, lips, teeth? Or do I just want to torture…

I run my tongue up and down each side of his shaft, my hand massaging his balls. I savor his taste, I can taste myself on him and that turns me on even more. His breath on my pussy as he sucks on me hungrily. He is gripping and squeezing my ass hard, spreading my cheeks as he buries his face into me. The closer he gets me to orgasm, the more intense I suck his cock…oh, my favorite, deep throating. So much more fun in this position. I wonder how long he can last, I’m thinking not long as he is starting to swell and throb. I smile to myself as I lightly run my teeth when I pull up, but then gasp as another orgasm rips through me. GODDAMNIT.

“Get up, stand up…face the bed.”

Oh!! Finally, my favorite. He gets behind me and roughly shoves me forward, my arms over my head, face down. I spread my legs wide. Grabbing my hair, pendik escort bayan he finds my hole again and glides right in. I’m so hot now, I feel my wetness moving down my inner thighs. I moan as he starts pistoning in and out of me. Then, when I thought he’d taken me hard before, he shows me what rough is. He pounds me mercilessly while I cry out, his grunts accompanying me. It feels like he is spearing me so deep, deeper than I have ever had before. Sweat and my cum mix together and create a sticking sensation as we come together and move apart. One hand pulls my hair tighter, harder, while the other hand reaches around to my stomach and brings me back to his hips, harder and harder. My legs get weaker and weaker as he continues to drive himself into me….

He grabs my waist, pulls out, picks me up and throws me onto the bed, still face down. He uses his knee to spread my legs out again, grabs my hips and slides back into my swollen pussy. More and more, I can only lay there and moan, whimper, gasp. I don’t know how much more I can take, I feel so used up. He stops to flip me around and starts up again. But, he has reached his limit and fills my cunt with his cum, I can fill him pulse as he shoots his load into me. Warm sticky cum, I try to hold it in, I want to hold it in…but I can’t hold it all and I feel it pooling out of me and onto the covers. After collapsing onto me for a few minutes, he moves down and suckles my breasts, biting my nipples, squeezing with those big hands. He then grabs my legs and shoves them above my head, and fits his face again between them. Voracious is the best word I can come up with as he attacks my clit and pussy again. After the beating my pussy has taken, and the 3 orgasms I have already had, I feel as though I’ve reached my limit. But, his skilled mouth finds my sweet spot again, and he slips 3 fingers again into as he moves his mouth side to side against my engorged clit. My hands are pulling my legs farther back over my head when I yell at him to keep going, don’t stop, don’t FUCKING stop, and I hit my climax. I cum so hard that I start laughing with the sensations rocking through my body. I collapse after crying out “Uncle, I call UNCLE!!!”

He gets up and goes to the bathroom. That’s my signal to write down on the notepad a bit of a going away endearment before getting dressed and leaving. I have one hell of a smile on my face as I walk out.

I didn’t even know his name.

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Hotel Bar Fantasy

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This is my very first submission and I really do want to know what you think. Take just a second to rate it or to send me feedback. By the way, this was a real fantasy that came true!

It starts with you and me walking into a hotel nightclub out of town, so as not to be recognized. It’s not a very large place, but decent sized for a hotel. It is darker than most hotel ‘bars’, so it really has the ambiance of a true nightclub; it even has a decent sound and light show. You are a little nervous because you’ve had time to think about what we are about to do, but we’ve talked about it so much, you know you can’t back out now. Besides, the idea excites you and you feel a small tingle build between your thighs. I think you are a little surprised that I am going through with it.

I gaze at you as you walk just in front of me and marvel at how good you look. Your auburn hair cascades just across your shoulders. Your figure is amazing. What I can’t see from behind is your beautiful face and those brilliant hazel eyes that always melt me. You originally protested, but I begged until you agreed to wear the outfit I laid out for you: that tight fitting plum sweater bursa escort top and short black skirt with those awesome 3″ heels which make you the perfect height, not to mention accentuate your already fabulous legs. I picked out a bra for you, but purposely left out panties. The skirt and heels really accentuate your shapely legs and awesome ass.

Wow, the club is packed tonight. You hold my hand as we work our way through the crowd to the bar. We had originally talked about dancing first to loosen up, but now you just wanted to do it before you lost your nerve. People are three-deep at the bar, so it takes a minute to work yourself up to it, your stomach pressing on it. I stand right behind you, still holding your hand. The crowd is loud and having a good time and is oblivious to us. I lean over your shoulder and whisper in your ear to order us drinks. As the bartender walks up, I let go of your hand and place it on the front of your thigh, causing you to jump a little. As you strain to hear the bartender and order, my hand slides around the outside of your leg behind you and between your thighs, touching your already damp lips. You hold on to your control bursa escort bayan while slightly spreading your thighs wider allowing me better access.

You push back into me a little, pressing against my fingers as I slide one, then two fingers inside you. I am getting so excited just feeling you and watching your subtle movements that mean nothing to anybody else. The drinks come (tequila shots) and you shoot your down quickly, lean your head back and say, “OK, do it before I change my mind.” With that, I throw back my shot, move in as close to you as I can and unzip my fly, releasing my thick 6″ cock. It effortlessly slides between your thighs and along your wet lips, lubing me up for what’s about to happen.

You tilt your ass back a little more and with your palm guide me into you. Since large movements would give us away, we start swaying to the music. To anybody watching, we are just grinding away like everyone else. Little do they know we are really making love right in front of them! My cock swells as we slowly push into each other, your excitement trickling down your thigh. You lean you head back again, turn to kiss me and whisper in my escort bursa ear “Pump me one time good and hard and I will come!” I happily oblige you and shove my throbbing cock into you as deep as I can and hold it there. You become very rigid and I see you gripping the edge of the bar tightly and I know you are cumming. This is all too much or me and I explode inside you with a force I have never known.

We stand there for a long moment catching our breath and trying to look around casually to see if anybody noticed. After a minute, I slide out of you and quickly push it back in my pants. I know you need to clean up, and follow you towards the restroom. I can see a small trail of cum dripping down your thigh and that excites me all over again. As you get to the restroom door, I push you in and pull you into the first available stall. I sit down and flip up your skirt to see what I have done to you. Your shaved mound is so beautiful I just can’t help myself. Starting on your thigh, I kiss and lick up your leg, cleaning you as I go till I reach those swollen lips of your sweet smelling pussy. I go to my knees and drive my tongue into you and suck deeply until you cum again, this time into my mouth. I drink in all of you, tasting us together. When you come back down from your orgasm, I rise and leave you to gather yourself. I’ll be waiting at the bar… just in case you want to do something else next.

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Ryan’s Surprise

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**Author’s Note: This story contains some bondage elements. I’ve never been into that sort of thing, and I’ve never been to a club, or even read a book about it. All I have is daydreams and porn. So, if I got things mixed around in my fictional club, yes, it’s my fault. No, I’m not into it enough to try it myself. Yes, I’m a coward. But, I liked the setting and scenario, so here it is. If you’re not into kinky sex stories involving group sex in a semi-public forum, scram. If you’re underage, or if any other factor would make it illegal for you to read this, please leave. Other than that, I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks for all the votes and comments. Please tell me what you think.


The Whip and Nail was a run-down office building turned BDSM nightclub. I walked up the steps with my girlfriend Sarah on my arm. She was dressed in a red leather mini-skirt and short black halter trimmed in lace. The neck of the halter was so low, I swear when she twisted, I could see the edges of her areoles. Her breasts were small, she only barely fit into a B-cup, but I loved them all the same.

Inside, we found an entrance hall with about a dozen exits leading to other rooms and various hallways. Sarah directed me towards one in particular. It was a crowded room to my right. I shrugged and led her through the door.

This size of a small classroom, this room was divided almost in half by a simple nylon strap like they use at banks to make teller lines. Only, there was nothing so innocent on the other side. Our side of the line was filled with a throng of people dressed in Goth styles, leather, lace, and rubber. PVC. One woman wore a gown so sheer she might as well have been naked. She wasn’t wearing underwear. I know my face burned when I realized Sarah had caught me staring. I waited for an elbow in the ribs, but instead she tugged my arm to guide me over towards that very woman.

When we got closer, I could see what the spectacle was about. A woman was tied up on a table. Her ankles, knees, and wrists were bound with her knees anchored to her neck, which had the effect of forcing her groin into the air and thrusting her genitals upwards. She had a loose pussy, but it gaped provocatively as a man with a leather bondage mask moved closer with his naked, erect cock. This guy wore leather over his entire body, leaving only his penis free. I was shocked to see such blatant nudity and perversion in such an open location, but then I remembered the security guards at the front doors.

“I love your gown,” Sarah said to the woman beside us as the master put his dick against the slave’s clit. The slave shook her head from side to side, trying to deny the master his prize. She squirmed her hips back and forth, but he thrust into her without preamble, forcing his considerable girth past her nether lips and bringing a cry of pain and violation from beneath a little swath of silver tape across her mouth.

“Thanks,” the blonde said with a smile. She turned to model it for Sarah. She smiled at me, then at both of us. Her grin was catching, and friendly, and told me she wore the dress just so situations like this would arise. I felt a little out of my league. I also felt a little of my own rise coming on.

“Where are you guys from?” she asked us.

“Across town,” Sarah told her.

A commotion from the front of the crowd drew our attention. The man fucking the Slave had finished, and was releasing a part of the barrier. “Come up in small groups, if you want to touch her. Anything’s allowed unless she says ‘I submit’.'” He grinned when he said that last part as he gently pulled the tape off her mouth, and I wondered what it would mean if she chose to finish the exhibition early.

A brave couple walked up to the slave, touched her body, prodded her, then left. The master went over to one corner to watch. He crossed his arms, then his feet, and waited, oblivious to his wilting cock and the trail of semen across his pants leg.

After a few moments, people began to leave to find the next attraction, and Sarah, myself, and the blond woman were the only ones left. I started to leave, but the blonde woman caught Sarah’s arm and pulled her towards the naked slave. Sarah followed willingly, with a laugh, and beckoned me with an evil grin and one finger. I followed the two women up to the slave, who looked at us with wide eyes. Few had seemed interested in touching her, but the blonde woman with us released my girlfriend and went right up to her.

“Hi, there. I’m Callie. You’re beautiful, baby, and your willing submission is beautiful too.”

With that, she reached out and ran one of her fingers through the drool of cum that had drained from the slave’s cunt. She lifted her fingers to her nose, sniffed delightedly — with a grin at the master waiting in the corner — and then licked her fingers clean.

“Try her,” Callie said to my girlfriend. Sarah didn’t even look at me, as if I had no say in the matter. It was hard for my ego to accept, but I told myself that I really didn’t have a say. It wasn’t like she was going tuzla escort to fuck the guy in the corner.

She touched the slave’s thigh, then gradually traced her fingers to the cleft between leg and vulva. As much as I had fantasized, as much as I had yearned, I had never imagined I’d see my girlfriend touching someone else’s pussy. Yet here I was, drooling as Sarah’s fingertips glided down onto the slave’s delicate, brown petals. My cock stirred to rigid hardness as she slowly pushed one finger into the bound woman’s cunt. Watching that digit disappear into the slave’s sweet, succulent flesh was better than any porn. I wanted to fuck Sarah right then and there.

“I think we’ve got your man’s attention,” Callie whispered, giggling.

Sarah glanced my way without turning her head. Her face was blank, almost expressionless, but with a slight crinkle of pleasure at the corners of her eyes and lips.

“I believe we do,” she whispered.

“You touch her too,” Callie said, prodding me by reaching around Sarah. “Tease her together.”

Sarah pulled her fingers out of the slave’s pussy and grabbed my hand, the slave’s wetness and the guy’s cum sticky against my dry fingers. She lifted my hand and set my fingers lightly against this other woman’s sex. The fluids gathered on the slave’s naked skin had grown cool in the air, but her pussy and the moisture within remained quite hot. Together, mine and Sarah’s fingers probed her depths, tickled her clit, and slid back to tease the soft flesh between her pussy and her ass.

“Oh, you like that, baby,” Sarah asked me.

I grinned out of one side of my mouth. “Are you kidding. I’m just surprised as hell that you’re going along with this.”

“He definitely likes it,” Callie murmured. “Why don’t you put that cock of yours in her?”

I was watching Sarah’s eyes. She was watching the slave’s pussy and our fingers. Her eyes betrayed nothing. Not anticipation, not dread, and not anger. I wasn’t sure what that meant, so I took the safe road. “I don’t think so. This is nice but…”

Sarah’s eyes tightened, but I couldn’t tell why.

Callie watched us, then fondled the slave’s breasts. “We could go someplace more private. There’s another room here. Come on.” She pulled us away from the slave and led us out into the center room again. Callie led us down a long corridor, down a flight of stairs, and through another hallway until we came to a metal door. She knocked twice, then entered. We walked into a plain, unadorned room, about thirty feet square, with a plain concrete floor, and harsh, fluorescent lights overhead. Another slave laid on the narrow, hip-high bench occupying the center of the room. Callie walked over to this slave, whose face was covered by a leather mask. Leather cords fastened to the ball of red rubber filling her mouth. Pretty blue eyes peered out at us, nervous but not frightened. Other than that, she was naked except for the ropes that tied her hands over her head, and like the other slave, her knees up but spread wide, and her feet down, which opened her thighs beautifully. Her wonderful pussy was narrow, with a little hair, and very little fat in the skin of her vulva. Her clit was slender, long, and slightly pointed, with small flaring lips begging to suck my cock into her. Her skin was pale, lighter than Sarah’s, and delightful.

“I like this one even better,” Sarah whispered to Callie.

“I thought you might. I saw her earlier. Isn’t her pussy to die for?”

“Did one of the masters fuck her already?”

“No. She’s fresh. Fresh for the plucking.”

Sarah grinned at me. I couldn’t believe she was so into this. I had a sudden fear that she was going to want me to touch a guy later, or something.

While we watched, Callie started playing with the woman’s cunt, at first prodding her flesh this way and that, then probing into her hot insides with more than one finger, and finally squeezing and lightly twisting her clit. The woman moaned eagerly around her rubber gag ball.

Callie moved over to me and Sarah, lifting her fingers to our lips. When I saw Sarah inhale deeply and then suck the woman’s fingers into her mouth, I did the same. That lovely sweet and sour flavor of a hungry pussy was just so enticing.

“Lick her,” Callie said to Sarah. “Tease her clit with your tongue.”

Sarah froze, staring at the bound woman’s pussy with a blank expression, like someone not certain if they are willing to accept their own desires. She knelt at the end of the table, her face only inches from the slave’s narrow, seductive genitals.

“Go on,” Callie urged. “Taste her sweetness. She’s young, beautiful, and tied up all for you.”

And then, to the appeasement of all my greatest hopes, my girlfriend pushed her tongue out onto the tender petals of the slave’s pussy. I was practically drooling. What a sight. Pity I was no photographer.

Sarah licked up through the slave’s small, pert folds, then pushed down, down into her hole, into the wider opening of her vagina, that beautiful, narrow, red teardrop of lust burning between her creamy thighs. The bound tuzla escort bayan woman moaned, twisting her head deliriously as my girlfriend ate her out. To my amazement, I watched Sarah’s tongue dip back to the slave’s anus and taste of her nether opening.

“Oooh, that’s hot,” Callie whispered. She moved over and started teasing and pulling at the slave’s nipple.

Sarah grinned, then glanced at me. The slave’s pussy juice coated my girlfriend’s upper lip. My erection throbbed against my jeans.

“I think he’s about to bust,” Callie said, staring at my bulging hard-on. “Why don’t you pull that thing out of there, so we can all see it.”

Sarah glanced at her. I expected friction, but instead, she looked to me almost slyly. “Lock the door,” she said to Callie. “We’ll want it just a bit more private.”

Callie did just that, locked the bolt and turned with a wicked smile. She reached over her shoulders, unzipped her transparent dress, and let it fall to the floor. Sarah smiled at her, then glanced my way.

“Alright, lover, let’s see it.”

“Are you serious?”

Sarah got to her feet as a now naked Callie joined us. My girlfriend cupped my jutting cock in her hands, then undid my fly. She pulled my dick out and stroked it eagerly. The slave was watching the hands on my dick with wide, interested eyes.

Callie’s eyes lingered on my erection as well, but she returned to her place beside the slave. “You want to see that cock too, don’t you,” she asked, pinching the woman’s nipples. God but her tits were small, nice, and perky. So pink in the nipple, so un-used.

The slave looked at Callie, then back to me. Her wide eyes dropped to where Sarah was still jacking me. Finally, she nodded to Callie.

“That’s a good slut,” Callie cooed. “A very good slut. You want to feel it too, don’t you. Feel it in your hand, on your cheek, in your cunt? In your ass?”

The slave glanced back at me again, her eyes wider than before. She swallowed. I didn’t like agitating her like that, even if it was what she wanted, but she nodded to Callie once more.

“We’ve got a good slave tonight,” Callie said to Sarah, laughing.

I looked at my girlfriend, who should have turned into a terrible ball of rage over the notion of this woman fucking, or even just handling, my cock. Yet, she was looking back and forth between my prick and the naked slave on the table.

After a brief hesitation, Sarah pulled me by my manhood over to where the slave’s small hands were tied over her head. My girlfriend moved behind me, wrapped her arms around me, and guided my dick into the hands of the bound slave. I have to say, it was very, very weird to have four hands on my cock. Sarah stroked me with the other woman’s hands, though the other woman made no move to grip me or even touch me. Yet, neither had she pulled away.

I closed my eyes, leaned my head back. Even without a grip, the woman’s hands were soft, slightly sweaty, and I realized that she was younger than I had initially thought, maybe as young as eighteen or nineteen.

“Erotic, isn’t it,” Sarah whispered in my ear.

I nodded, unable to speak, and Sarah kissed my neck, just behind my ear, which had the usual effect of bringing goose bumps and a tingle down my spine. She then pulled me around to the side of the bench, at the slave’s face. The girl on the table looked up at me, her eyes wide, almost panicked, and yet she didn’t flinch away as Sarah pulled my cock to her face and pressed the head against the girl’s cheek. Her mask was vinyl rather than leather, I now saw. The slave looked at me, met my eyes, and I found a sort of submission there, a willingness to do what should have been taboo. I found I liked the feeling it gave, but at the same time, I wondered what it was like for her, to surrender herself like that.

Sarah toyed my cock across the slave’s cheek, up to her lower lip where her mouth was spread around the rubber ball. The ball felt a bit abrasive to my dick, but her lips were as soft as Sarah’s.

Like some sort of erotic brush, my girlfriend rubbed my prick along the woman’s body, painting her with my pre-cum and paying particular attention to the girl’s nipples, until finally I stood at the end of the table with my prick only an inch from the slave’s cunt. I could feel heat from her hole, like a little oven, and a heavy bead of moisture trailed down over her anus and dripped to the floor.

“You like that?” Sarah asked the slave.

“Oh, she does,” Callie laughed.

The slave nodded, her eyes still a little wild as she looked at me.

Sarah pulled me forward by my dick. The slave twitched when the soft, spongy head of my cock touched her sleek, slightly puffy vulva on one side. My cock throbbed in Sarah’s hand, and I moaned as she slowly traced a circle around the slave’s pussy with the tip of my dick. I left a slick trail of pre-cum on the woman’s pale skin.

When she had completed one circle, Sarah pushed the tip of my cock down across the slave’s clit. “How’s that, slut? How do you like my boyfriend’s cock touching you there?”

Again, escort tuzla that long pause, and the distracted gaze staring off at the ceiling, before the slave nodded her appreciation.

“Good slut,” Callie told her. “You ready for that cock? It looks awful good to me.”

Another belated nod.

“Good slut,” Sarah said as well. “Take this big cock and suck it up into that pussy like the tight little slut you are.”

She lowered the tip of my erection to the slave’s narrow vagina and pushed on my ass with her other hand, guiding me into the slave. The woman’s pale flesh parted around my cock like hungry lips. Whatever pretense of nervousness or fear she showed in her eyes, her pussy was hot, slick, and nearly gushing fluid. Sarah stopped when my head was inside the slave. She stroked my prick, jerking me into the slave’s cunt, then leaned down and licked the woman’s clit.

While Sarah licked the girl, I pushed further into her. The woman squirmed, then spread her thighs more to let me bottom out inside her. She was boiling and slimy inside, as hot as I had ever had Sarah on our nights of the nastiest sex. In spite of that, she was the tightest pussy I’d ever touched. Her inner walls squeezed me like a soft, velvet fist, but better because of the slippery wetness sloshing around my cock. I almost thought she’d been fucked already, except that her vulva had been clean and pale, rather than red. Well, until we started working on her that is.

Sarah kept her hands at the slave’s cunt and stroked me as I fucked the young woman. My girlfriend straightened and kissed me, the slave’s pussy all over her mouth. It was so erotic tasting that loveliness on Sarah’s lips. It made my cock twitch.

“I’ll be done soon,” I grunted, more to Sarah than anyone else. From the gleam in her eye, I guessed she’d planned all this.

“Oooh,” Callie laughed. “We don’t want that. At least, not yet, right?”

Sarah grinned. “No, not yet.” She pulled her hand away from my cock, straightened, and kissed me again. I stopped fucking the slave, let my prick rest inside her seething depths. Sarah moved up to the slave’s head. “What do you think? Cum on your tits? Your belly? Your pussy? In your pussy?” My erection throbbed at the thought of flooding this pretty little girl’s insides. My knees weakened, buckled. It took more concentration than I might have liked to keep me upright.

“What about in your ass?” Callie asked.

The bound woman glanced back and forth between the two tormentors. Eventually she nodded. I’d never been in anyone’s ass before. Sarah’s not into that, though she enjoys my finger back there from time to time. Callie grinned at Sarah, who released my prick and lowered her face back down to the slave’s groin. To my utter amazement, my girlfriend started licking the slave’s anus with forceful licks that visibly penetrated the woman’s sphincter. Sarah started finger-fucking the slave’s pussy with the index finger of one hand, then used her other pointer finger to lubricate the slave’s ass with pussy juice. Moments later, she was finger-fucking both holes. I watched her finger slide in and out of the slaves ass, imagined it would soon by my prick instead, and started jerking off.

“Why don’t I help you with that,” Callie murmured, eyeing my masturbating and coming down to the end of the table. I watched Sarah, who smiled at Callie as the woman reached over and replaced my hand with her own. Still fingering the slave’s holes, Sarah turned her head and slipped her lips over the head of my cock. I was watching Sarah’s fingers in the slave’s ass, and one woman was jerking my cock while my girlfriend sucked me. I was entranced, as hard as I ever got, and throbbing like crazy. Much more of that and I was going to cum. I said so.

“Oooh,” Callie laughed. “Well, put it in her, then.”

Sarah rose, moved, and replaced Callie’s hands on my dick with her own. She guided the tip of my prick into the narrow furrow beneath the slave’s pussy. I loved touching the tender skin there with my cock, and feeling the gentle rasp of her sparse pubic hair around the brown ring of her anus. Sarah’s saliva made the girl’s ass all wet and slippery, and before I knew it, Sarah had me jutting right against the tight sphincters of the girl’s hole.

This time, I didn’t wait for Sarah. Either she was setting me up for a horrendous breakup, or she didn’t care, and maybe even enjoyed seeing my dick touched by these other two women. So, it didn’t matter what happened now. I was committed. So, I pushed forwards, into the slave’s ass. She was tight around me, almost too tight. If we both hadn’t been so slippery, we never would have made it. As it was, that first bit of pressure had my erection curling like an angry serpent instead of sliding into her.

“She’s too dry still,” Callie told us.

“Out,” Sarah commanded. She spat in her hand, caught part of it with two fingers, and smeared it onto the slave’s butt before stroking what was left across my prick. When she was satisfied, she pulled me towards the girl’s anus again. This time there was less resistance, and the head of my prick plopped into her tight ring, her sphincter parting around me like compressed lips. She was hot in there, hotter than in her pussy, and that heat seethed around my cock head like boiling water.

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Runt Ch. 03

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For those who provided it, thanks for the feedback, it really does feed the muse.

The story thus far…

I had spent Thursday night with a young whore named Runt. She got her nickname because she was the smallest in a set of quadruplets. In addition to the sex from Runt, I was able to talk her into phoning her mom, Paula while we were playing. I actually got along pretty well with her mom on the phone and she had invited me to take her out to dinner the next evening, but then it came out that Runt was a whore and I had been fucking her while I was talking to Paula. Paula made it clear that she wanted to keep our date, but quickly hung up.


Friday evening found me at home getting dressed for my date with Paula. My daughter Suzy was helping me pick out a tie. I’d almost say that she was more stressed about the date than I was but that’s not exactly right. She just didn’t know the whole story. I had told her that a girl I worked with named Runt had set me up with her mom. I didn’t tell Suzy that my working relationship with Runt was that she was my whore and that I was the one who told Paula that her daughter was a whore. I also failed to mention that I told Paula about her daughter’s work while I was fucking Runt. If all that wasn’t enough to stress me out, I also didn’t mention that Runt was one of a set of quadruplets and there was a possibility that her three brothers would be waiting to beat the shit out of me when I got to their house. But even with all of that, I was still going forward with the date. Paula didn’t sound mad when she hung up last night and I figured I could end up in the hospital tonight, but I also might be OK.

After I had finished with Runt, she gave me her address and phone number. I gave her my phone number and asked her to call me if she thought I shouldn’t go. I took it as an “all clear” when I didn’t hear from her. I thought about stopping by Sunny’s to check, but decided to just face the music.

Finally Suzy was satisfied with how I looked and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Stop and buy her a nice bottle of wine and try to relax and have fun,” she said.

“Relax!” I thought. Relaxing wasn’t easy under the circumstances, but the wine was a good idea so I stopped and bought a nice Chardonnay.

I found the house without a problem. I didn’t know what I was expecting, but I was pleased with what I saw when I found it. The house was small, but well kept and in a nice neighborhood. Runt had told me that her father had died when she was just a baby. Seeing the house and knowing Paula was a single mom impressed me. I parked out front, took a deep breath, grabbed the wine, got out of the car, walked up to the front door and rang the bell. I hate to think of what my blood pressure was.

The door opened and there was Paula. I had seen her picture the previous night, but it has not begun to do her justice. She was very beautiful. She looked like a woman in her mid to upper thirties. She had blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She looked to be about 5-5 and 120 pounds. She smiled and invited me in.

Her smile took a lot of my dread away. She seemed genuinely happy that I was here.

“I’m so glad you could make it,” she said. “If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be ready in just a few more minutes.” She left me on my own and I looked around the room.

On the wall above the television was a family picture. It showed three young men standing behind a sitting Runt and Paula. These young men had to be Runt’s brothers. I was still looking at the picture when Paula came back into the room.

“That’s my gang,” she said. “You’ve already know Runt, and that is Mark, Steve and Tom,” she added pointing them each out. “I’d introduce you, but they are all out. Runt and Tom are night owls. They often stay out all night. Mark’s staying with a friend in Chicago for the weekend and you just missed Steve.”

I didn’t say it, but I was relieved that none of the kids were there.

Paula was wearing a conservative black dress that buttoned to the neck and reached to just above her knees. I could tell she had a wonderful body and she was very sexy, but the way she had dressed just gave her an incredibly classy look. I handed her the bottle of wine. I have to say that I wasn’t very smooth. I felt like a kid in high school handing his girl a corsage and it dawned on me that this was my first date in over twenty years. She smiled and took the bottle. “I love Chardonnay,” she said and gave me a smile. I was immediately put at ease. She put the wine in the kitchen and bursa escort we left.

We had a wonderful time in the restaurant. She was bright and funny and with her, so was I. I felt more at ease talking to her than I ever had with any other woman – and I had been married to Dawn for twenty years.

She was the owner of a dress shop. She had started as a clerk, later had managed the shop and eventually bought out the previous owners. Besides Runt she had the other three boys: Mark, Steve and Tom. They were 18 and had all graduated from high school the previous year.

The boys were all very different. Tom was an athlete and was now working as a roofer. Paula said he lived life large. He was the type who was in shape now, but could have a weight problem later. He was a consumer and that extended to the ladies. He rarely kept a girlfriend more than a couple of weeks. Once when Paula asked him about it, he laughed and replied that there were just too many girls out there to settle on one. His girlfriends were all cute, but Paula could tell he was more interested in quantity rather than quality.

Mark was the spiritual one. He was interested in art and acting. His interest in art and things beautiful extended to his ladies. All of his girlfriends were beautiful. He had only had a half dozen girlfriends over to meet his mother, but each had been stunning. Paula said she could envision Mark choosing his girlfriends as he would chose a painting. He was interested in quality above quantity.

Steve was the most scholarly. He had graduated very high in his high school class and was now attending the local community college and was working as a teacher’s assistant and mathematics tutor. Steve had never brought a girl home. I wouldn’t have asked, but it crossed my mind if Steve might be gay. Paula must have sensed it because without me asking she said he was definitely into girls. She had been finding his Playboys and sticky sheets for many years. It was just his nature to not waste time. She expected him to one day bring home a beautiful, wonderful girl who he would introduce as his fiancée.

Paula touched on the fact that she couldn’t afford to send the kids to college, but that they were working on sending themselves. The four of them had agreed to pool their earnings so they could all attend.

I told Paula about my marriage with Dawn. I saw sadness in her eyes as I told her and she reached out and held my hand.

I told her about my kids. Suzy, the 18 year old high school senior who had been seeing the same guy for the last four months; a guy I didn’t really like I should add. There was something about the guy I just didn’t like. He was nice, but struck me as a phony.

Bob was completing his first year at college. He was a good student and a good kid. He had dated some, but never found anyone very special. When it was time to leave for school, he didn’t look back too much. Now after being away for nine months I think he was anxious to be home for the summer. I guess that is just how Bob is. Always anxious for the next adventure, sometimes to the point of not completely experiencing the one he is on.

As the night went on, Paula seemed to become more beautiful. Our conversation never touched on the happenings of the previous night. I certainly didn’t bring it up and was relieved as the night continued that she didn’t either.

I noticed the restaurant was clearing and looked at my watch. It was almost eleven o’clock. We had been there almost three hours. We left the restaurant and I drove her back home.

I pulled into the drive and walked her to the door, then again my awkwardness started to come through. Again I felt like a damn schoolboy. She looked at me. “Would you like to come in? I think we need to talk about last night.” I nodded, took her key, unlocked her door and held it open for her. For an instant I considered running, but instead followed her inside.

The house was quiet. We were alone. Paula walked into the kitchen and I followed her. She opened the refrigerator and took out the bottle of wine I had brought. She handed the bottle and a corkscrew to me and I opened it. She got two glasses and I poured. We walked into the living room and sat on the couch. All of this was done in silence. I think each of us was absorbed in our own thoughts. I cursed myself for what I had done the night before.

I spoke first. “Paula, I am so sorry for last night.”

Her reply surprised me. “Do you know why I still wanted to go out with you tonight? It’s bursa escort bayan because you were honest on the phone last night. I really respect that. We will get along fine if you stay honest, but I don’t think you are being honest with me now. You’re sorry about last night? Why are you sorry?” she asked.

I thought about it a moment and answered. “I’m sorry because I’m afraid what happened might have screwed up any chances I might have to get to know you better.”

“But I still went with you tonight and I really enjoyed myself. I think you enjoyed yourself. I’d like to keep seeing you,” she said. “Knowing that, are you still sorry?”

“I guess I’m sorry I broke the news to you that she is a, um, well what she does for money,” I said.

“OK, first of all you can say it. Runt is a whore. I wish she wasn’t. I wish I had more money. I wish she hadn’t of lost her scholarship, but that’s not the way things worked out. To tell you the truth I kind of suspected it anyway. How do you think I guessed so quickly? Jesus, she brought home almost a five hundred dollars a few weeks ago and told me it was all tips. I doubt if she could make that kind of money at any country club. But you know what else? I used to whore myself.”

I stared at her in disbelief.

Paula was staring straight ahead, not looking at me as she continued, “You can leave if you want. Most men run when they hear the word quadruplets. With a few of those who didn’t, I’ve fallen in love, but when I tell the men about my past, they’ve all run. I’m an honest person. I’m not proud of the fact that I was a whore, but I’m not ashamed either. It put clothes on the kids and food on the table. It’s part of who I am.”

I put my wineglass down and pulled her close to me and kissed her deeply.

After the kiss had ended I looked into her dazzling blue eyes, “I’ll promise to be honest with you. I’m not sorry I went to a whorehouse last night because I wouldn’t have gotten to know your daughter. I’m not sorry I got her to call you because otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten to talk to you. I’m not sorry she sucked my cock before we called you because otherwise I would have cum too soon and it would have been a short conversation with you.”

Paula laughed at that and I continued, “I’m not sorry I ate her because she tasted so good. I’m not sorry I was fucking her when I was talking to you because in that moment when you made me laugh I felt more alive than I had in years. I’m not sorry I paid her last night even though she was on the house, because she is a great kid. But most of all I’m not sorry I came here tonight.”

Paula smiled and in that moment I fell in love with her. She leaned in and kissed me back than took my hand and held it against breast. Last night Runt had mentioned that her mom had a great body. She wasn’t lying. Through the dress I marveled at the size of her breasts.

Paula stood and took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom.

Paula was taking charge. She turned me around and gently pushed me back onto her bed. She knelt down between my legs and undid my belt buckle, unhooked and unzipped my pants. She pulled off my pants and underwear. My cock was half-hard as she put the tip in her mouth and started sucking it. Paula was very good. She had a beautiful smile on her face as she attended to my hard cock. She cupped my balls as she ran her tongue along the bottom of my shaft. I wondered if I had ever been harder.

I watched as Paula looked at my hard wet cock. “Beautiful,” she said.

When Runt was sucking me off the night before I was going to surprise her when I came, but she had sensed it and had put the tip in her mouth in time to swallow the load. This night, I had no intention of doing that but when I heard Paula say that word about my cock, I shut my eyes and came. She was caught by surprise by my suddenly spewing cock. She popped the tip back into her mouth and started swallowing, but not before she missed the first shot.

After I had finished I looked down at her. I saw that the cum had hit her on the chin and had dripped down on her black dress. The glob on her dress was large and white and was slowly sliding down and soaking in. I groaned as I thought about what Paula might be thinking about all this. Now on top of everything else, I had ruined her dress.

“If you wanted me out of this dress, all you had to do was ask.” Paula was laughing as she said this. I was tremendously relieved.

I laughed along with her and apologized.

“No problem,” she said, escort bursa “It hasn’t been the first time I’ve gotten sticky,” she said as she scooped up the remaining cum on her chin and licked her fingers.

She stood and took off the dress. Two things amazed me. The first was her body. Under the black dress it was hard to see exactly how wonderful her body was. Her waist was small. She obviously took her fitness seriously. Her breasts were nothing short of magnificent. They were D cup and had very large nipples and aureoles. They were not the breasts of a young girl, but that was all right. Her tits looked big and round and soft.

The other thing that surprised me was that she hadn’t been wearing underwear. “Well if I would have known your pussy was so available, I might not have waited,” I teased her.

“Don’t wait anymore,” she replied.

Paula laid on the bed and spread her legs. Her pussy wasn’t shaved, but her bush was nicely trimmed. It wasn’t the wild mat of hair that Dawn’s was. Instead it looked tidy. I crawled between her legs and spread her lips, then ran my tongue across it. She was wet and I easily slipped a finger up inside of her. I began finger fucking her and licking up her flowing juices. I removed my fingers, spread her open and found her clit. I gave it a few nudges with my tongue. Paula grabbed my head and held me against her pussy.

“OOOOH, right there. Fuck that’s it. Eat me.”

Obviously Paula was a loud fuck. Listening to her and eating her had made me hard again. I climbed up between her legs and started fucking her. Her cunt felt nice and warm and tight. I started pumping my cock in and out of her and she started pushing back. As I fucked her, she started swearing loudly.

“OH FUCK, THAT’S IT. KEEP FUCKING ME. RIGHT THERE,” she was saying. We were going harder and harder. Our bodies were slapping up against each other. I bent down and took a nipple in my mouth. It was hard but I sucked it harder. Finally I felt myself start to shoot my load. It felt like I came a bucket. It seemed like I would just keep depositing my load, but finally it slowed and ended.

“You were great,” Paula and I each said in unison. Then we laughed. I kissed her again.

Paula said, “I want to sleep in your arms and wake up with you.”

There was a phone next to Paula’s bed and I picked it up and called Suzy. She answered and I told her I would be out all night and would see her in the morning. I could tell she wanted details, but she didn’t ask.

I hung up and turned back around toward Paula when we heard a door shut down the hall. A look of concern came to Paula’s face. “Shit that must be Steve. I hope he didn’t hear us.”

“Is my staying a problem?” I asked.

“I’m sorry, but it is. I want to sleep in your arms, but I really can’t, at least tonight. The fact is that I’ve never had a man with any of the kids in the house, let alone have a man spend the night. Would you mind not staying? I need to talk to the kids about it first.”

I kissed her, “You are a good mother.”

I dressed and Paula walked me to the door. “Do you have plans tomorrow?” I asked.

“I got in a new shipment of dresses that need inspection, pricing and display. I really should get that done, so I’ll probably get up and go in early – since you’re not staying.”

“What time do you suppose you’ll be home?” I asked.

“Early afternoon.”

“I want to see you tomorrow,” I said.

Her robe opened and she gave me a hug. “I want to see you too. I’ll call you when I get home tomorrow afternoon. And thanks for being so understanding about not staying tonight. Steve’s not like Runt. He might even be a virgin,” she said.

We kissed and I left.

I drove home slowly deeply absorbed all that had happened. I noticed that Suzy’s boyfriend’s car was parked in front of the house. As I pulled into the garage I recalled that I had told Suzy I wouldn’t be home. I didn’t hear the television when I walked into the house, but I heard another noise.

I knew what the creaks of bedsprings meant before I saw, but I looked anyway. There, naked on the bed was Suzy and her boyfriend. She was lying on her back and he was on top of her. His 4-inch cock was furiously fucking her cunt.

Neither of them saw me and I went to my room chuckling at his size. I shut the door, but I could still hear them. Suzy’s boyfriend was being very loud. He kept asking her if she was a “nasty little whore” to which she kept agreeing.

If this would have happened the week previously, I might have walked down the hall and kicked his ass, but in light of my last few days, I just let it go.

I got in bed and drifted off to sleep listening to my daughter being fucked in the room next door.

(to be continued)

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“You don’t think it’s a big deal that you fucked your own brother?” was all Sarah’s mother could say. The moment the sentence left her mouth, she realized how absurd it was.

Sarah rolled her eyes, “It wasn’t like that! They were just hookups. We followed the rules. It is NOT a big deal!”

With their parents panic stricken at finding out about their hookup arrangement, Sarah and her brother sat at the kitchen table, waiting for the lecture to stop. Sarah even had the audacity to check her text messages on her phone at one point, which caused her mother to scream even louder.

It had all started just before the end of high school. They went to an upscale, elite private school just down the road from the family’s 5,000 square foot mansion. Sarah had been sexually active for so long that she was totally bored with the same old drink-and-fuck routine that came every Saturday. She never had a need for a boyfriend, so she bounced from hook-up to hook-up, trying different races, different sized cocks, whatever she wanted.

It was easy: she and her older brother were considered the sexiest two people in school. Sarah stood at 5″8, blonde hair with piercing green eyes, and a healthy chest. She tanned regularly and made sure to show her tanlines through her preppy school uniform any chance she could. Her brother was 6″4, muscular, and had the highest cheekbones she’d seen. Yet, they had never been “attracted” to each other in the traditional sense.

Just before graduation, one of Sarah’s hookups posted pics of her on Facebook in the midst of a threesome with two football players from the public school across the city: one black, one hispanic. In a white-bred, white-run neighborhood, this was a massive scandal. For the last few weeks of school she was shunned by her parents, called a slut by anyone with an open mouth, and had to drag her feet through graduation. When it was finally summer, she found herself unable to venture outside her circle of friends, and without the two things she craved: booze and orgasms.

At some point, her brother mentioned that his “girlfriend” (which, in their sleepy rich neighborhood was a cover for their morally ambiguous hookups) wanted to sleep with Sarah’s “boyfriend” in a threesome. The girl had only seen a facebook picture of him, but that was considered enough reason for someone to ask for a hookup. Sarah was never one for lesbian antics, so she suggested they get shared hotel rooms with a third couple and swap around partners for a night, obviously avoiding sleeping with each other.

A long story short: Sarah saw her brother nude and in a lot of sexual situations. Once the night was over, her seclusion grew, and she wanted sex. She found several internet forums with other siblings who slowly but surely had casual sex…and they all seemed so normal, like ordinary people. Incest started to not sound like a dirty word.

Finally, she talked to her brother, and laid out the ground rules for their sexual trysts. She knew he was too horny and too stupid to insist otherwise, and the gross factor wasn’t a concern after she’d been without a man for a full month. To her shock, her brother readily admitted that he was attracted to her. When she pressed, he said it wasn’t really a choice.

“Every man who sees you wants you,” he had said, “You’re one of those women. Like…beyond sexy. It’s kinda sucked that you’re my sister.”

Off and on, sometimes twice a month, sometimes once every few months, sometimes twice a week, they fucked. It was discreet, over fast, and she never thought of it as anything more than a hookup. It felt good, and he was reliable.

Two years later, while they were both away attending the same college, her brother had secretly recorded one of their sessions for masturbation material. After they came home for the year, a mixup with cloud drives and leaving a phone unlocked had allowed his mother to find the video. And so, she found herself getting reamed by both her parents, just as the summer was getting started.

“How on earth is it not a big deal? What the fuck do you mean ‘rules?’ What RULES are there to this nightmare?”

Once again she rolled her eyes at her mother. “We made sure to do certain stuff so there wasn’t any feelings. I didn’t want to have feelings for him, that would be gross. And we did it with other people and stuff, we weren’t ‘together’ or anything.”

Her mother’s face was a ghastly shade of white. “Please, do tell me the rules.”

Her brother chimed in, “You really want to know?”

Their mother just placed her hands on their waste.

Sarah felt the need to list the rules. Every kid at school knew the rules, in order to avoid feelings. Otherwise, it was hard for girls to hookup without getting attached.

“We never kissed, he never looked me in the eye, he never came in me, we always used a condom, and when it was over he got up and left.”

Her mother’s mouth was wide open. Her dad seemed strangely quiet.

“All so you can just have sex and not feel anything for bursa escort the person? Why would you do that? That is apalling! Young lady, how can you even…I can’t even look at you.”

Sarah continued, “Mom, what’s the difference? If we don’t have kids and nobody has feelings then it’s just a good time. We just took care of that stuff when we couldn’t find anyone else, ok? It’s NOT a big deal. You’re being intolerant.”

Her dad finally started talking, “It is a big deal, and it’s disgusting. Families are around for the rest of your life, and you crossed a line with this. Your relationship will never be the same. You must have some kind of sex addiction problem, and it’s just destroyed our family. First the pictures, and now this…”

“Fuck you, dad!” her brother yelled. Her parents just sat in silence. Sarah thought they were both so pathetic.

“Alright, well, you’re going with your mother to the lake house for the rest of the summer. Sarah, you’re staying here with me. I don’t know how else to put an end to this…thing…you’re both doing to each other. And we’re going to make sure you’re living with roommates next semester, and ONE of you is transferring to a different school. This is so far beyond horrifying to me and your mother…if anyone found out about this we’d be ruined. NO ONE is to tell ANYONE about this! Your brother leaves tomorrow, NO ARGUMENT!”

“THAT ISN’T FAIR!” Sarah squealed, ” We didn’t do anything wrong!”

The back and forth continued until both kids stormed off to their rooms. The next day, kicking and screaming, Sarah’s brother left with her mother to the lakehouse. Sarah truly, in the ultimate fog of teenage delusion, did not understand what the problem was with having casual sex with her own brother.

The next night, she went downstairs to find her father very drunk and surrounded by empty beer cans, watching television. She sat on the living room couch, hoping to cool off any tension they shared. After a half hour of silence, she broke the ice.

“Are you still mad at me dad?” she asked. He stayed silent, which upset her.

“Are you not going to talk to me?”

He sighed.

“I worked for twenty five years to build this family, this house. I did everything for you two and your mother, thinking it’d make me so happy….to have a little dream life. What a fucking joke. What a fucking nightmare.”

Sarah was shocked, “Dad, I am STILL your daughter!”

He chuckled sarcastically and paused. “You haven’t been my daughter since those photos came out. You’re something else. It’s bad enough you dragged my only son into this. My life is for shit. What a fucking joke.”

Unsure of what to do, she sat in silence for a bit longer, and then retired to her room.

She had hated her parents since high school. All they did was expect her to do things she didn’t want to do. Suburbia was torture, everything was boring, and she just wanted to have a good time. She didn’t understand why it was a big deal. Her parents didn’t understand how modern, mature kids had fun, they were stuck in their old ways like the losers they were. After all, they hadn’t hurt anyone. If you don’t hurt anyone, how can you do anything wrong?

And yet, her mind wandered to the time in her dorm, when her brother had lasted longer than usual, when he put his muscular arm around her as he came. She looked and saw his face, and she saw him as someone other than a taboo cock….she felt close to him. For just a moment there was intimacy between them, something her family had always lacked. When he got up to leave, she felt cold, and alone. The only smell in the air was the lingering latex scent from the condom. She had wanted him to stay, and be with her. It took her a few days to feel normal again, to be around him without feeling confused.

Maybe they were right…maybe it was a bad idea. But, fuck them. She did what she wanted to do, and she’d never admit she was wrong. Never to her parents, never. To hell with them and their bullshit expectations. She could totally understand how gay people felt about not being able to get married. Society judged her. She was the victim here, and they just didn’t understand.


Two weeks passed, and Sarah was sitting in her room on a sleepy, relaxed Saturday afternoon. She wore a plaid shirt that clung to her body, showing plenty of cleavage, coupled with tight blue jeans. She furiously texted her friends, all of whom didn’t understand why her brother had to leave town so suddenly. She was thankful no one knew of their arrangement, and trusted her brother not to reveal anything to his friends. Doing so would mean becoming the laughing stock and ire of the entire suburb, if not a staple on every bottom-of-the-barrel porn site on the internet. How could she explain to a future boyfriend that there was a video of her fucking her brother in regular circulation on the web? It just couldn’t happen. She was deathly afraid it would be uploaded somehow.

Her dad had played the sad card since her brother left, bursa escort bayan drinking and sulking, only leaving the house to work. He sat despondent, staring at the television. Occasionally she would yell at him, accusing him of trying to make her feel guilty. She’d curse, hurl insults, anything to get a reaction out of him. He just stared straight ahead, silent.

It didn’t matter to her. Her mother kept putting her allowance into her bank account, and she could leave whenever she wanted. As far as she was concerned, the house was a place to sleep while the summer dragged on, nothing more.

Then her dad opened her bedroom door that Saturday afternoon, closed it, and stared at her. He was even taller than her brother, at least 6″7, unshaven and looking haggard. Despite this, his steely blue eyes stared ahead.

“What do you want? Don’t you knock?” she said coyly.

He walked forward and sat in a desk chair beside her bed. He sort of stared at her, his mouth slightly open.

“What? What is it?” she asked.

He took a deep breath and then looked at the floor.

“You have a choice. It’s important you know you have a choice…”

Sarah was instantly confused.

“You can either stay in the room, and do exactly, and I mean exactly, what I want. Or, you can leave. If you leave, I will email the video of you and your brother to everyone you know. Anonymously. And the world will know what you did.”

Sarah’s heart sunk. What the hell was going on?

“You can leave. I want you to know that. But if you do, I send the video.”

She shook her head, “What about all that crap about keeping it a secret?”

“You have to make your choice now. You can either stay, or you can leave. I sent your mom and brother away for a reason.”

She froze. There wasn’t any way this was going to go the way she thought it was going….was it? He couldn’t….what was he doing?

He got up, taking her silence as agreement. He sat beside her on the bed and peacefully took her phone from her hands and placed it on her nightstand. He gently brushed his hands against her forearm.

“Arms to your side,” he said quietly as she complied, “There you go…”

And with that her unbuttoned the first button of her shirt.

She jumped and placed her hand on his. “No! Are you fucking crazy? Freak!” she exclaimed.

He glared at her, “Either you leave, or you do what I want. From now on, you don’t speak at all, or I send the video. Leave if you want.”

“You keep your fucking hands off me! I’ll tell mom…you’re sick!”

“Do you think she’d believe you, after the drivel that you yell at us? Don’t fuck with me right now, I’ve had it with you.”

His voice held a quiet anger. She waited with her eyes mired in fear, but eventually brought her arms back to her side. They stayed there, limp, as he undid her shirt. One by one, he unbuttoned her, until the cloth was ready to fall by the wayside.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for so long.”

He softly, carefully, opened her shirt. Her small lace bra was revealed, barely containing her large breasts, along with her tight abs, which trembled from the fear overcoming her.

“Not another word from you. You can leave anytime.”

He stared, glassy eyed at her nubile young body. He exhaled a few times, drinking in the sight of her, watching as her chest heaved up and down.

“A front-clasp bra, you must have been ready for someone.”

Sarah sat, ashamed of her body. For so long it got her whatever she wanted from all kinds of men…now it felt like a curse. She looked down, making sure not to meet his eyes.

“Everything in the world tells me how wrong this is,” he said, “and I don’t care.”

He placed his hands on her tummy, just above her pelvis, and rubbed it lovingly.

“I go my whole life, afraid of women, shunning women. Afraid to talk to the gorgeous ones, the ones I really wanted to fuck. To cum inside of.”

He slipped his pinky just under the waistline of her jeans.

“Even the ones I did fuck, I had to wear a rubber. I had to pull out. I had to take her orders, do what she wanted me to do. Like some gimp.”

He traced a path around her belly button. Her tight, tan skin retracted from his touch as goosebumps formed along her smooth skin.

“But I settled. I felt pressured to get married. I gave up on trying to make love to a beautiful woman, one that was just staggering, one that brought any man to his knees. And then you got older, and started to develop. And I thought God had cursed me.”

Sarah was feeling more and more unsettled. She was contemplating leaving. Saving her social life wasn’t worth her father’s unwanted touch. But he seemed so intimidating, she was afraid of what he would do.

“Then you get older, and you’re not just another girl. It’s like having Kate Upton living in my house, teasing me, every day. Walking around in a towel, sitting outside with a bikini, looking nothing like the kid I worked my ass off to raise. Then comes escort bursa your bratty shit, your self absorbed bratty shit, that drained any love I had left for you. Parent’s aren’t supposed to say that sort of thing, but then again sisters aren’t supposed to fuck their brothers. And daddies….aren’t supposed to do…. this….”

He reached forward and unclasped her bra. He pushed up her breasts and then let the bra fall away, causing them to bounce as they fell free.

“Oh God,” he said, gasping, “Oh God, finally….”

He stood up slightly on the bed and took off his pants. He sat his cock in his hand. It was the first time Sarah had ever seen his crotch in full view. In a word he was…massive. She didn’t know if another mans he’d been with had equaled his girth, and he was at least seven inches in length.

“In college, I…” he said, slowly masturbating, “Fucked a couple girls. Just one night stands, or so I thought. After I made it with them I….they kept coming after me, trying to be with me again. I knew I was a good lover, that I could make women attracted to me, but I was a fool. I thought women you made love to were supposed to be good people, your….friends….Disney bullshit….”

He sped up his thrusts.

“I regret meeting your mother. I should have been inside girls like you….so perfect….made for sex….”

He laid beside her on the bed and put his arm behind her, holding her. She could feel his breath on her cheek as he breathed.

“Your womb is sought after. It’s a prize just like this house, just like anything in life. It doesn’t matter if I’m your father. Your cunt is what men kill for. And you live under my roof, and suck every penny and ounce of life out of me…I’m done with it…”

He yanked himself harder, and aimed his cock at her body.

“Sarah…oh God, your body…”

He climaxed, making sure to spray his sperm all over her torso. She couldn’t believe how hard his cum sprayed against her, falling in lines from her breasts to her tummy. The sight of watching her father climax on her was damaging to her psyche. What had she done? It all happened so fast…

“I want to live in this moment. Before I take you. While you’re still so pure. While you still feel like my daughter. God, Sarah, those tits I….I still want this. I thought I would get this far and change my feelings. I’m so happy…such a relief…”

He put his head against her shoulder and breathed. She sat, motionless, watching as her fathers sperm dry against her skin. He ran his finger over it, spreading it over the top of her crotch. He dawdled there, letting the silence take over the room. He watched as her breasts heaved. It was the first time he’d seen them from above, looking down at her pert nipples standing at full attention. He could feel how scared she was of him. It was the first time he’d felt in control of her in years.

“Just a few millimeters away from your cervix. If I’d cum inside you just a little closer, through that smooth skin…there’d be a baby. So fuckin’ hot.”

He drew the cum along the top of her crotch.

“That sperm made you. Can you feel how wrong this is? You were never supposed to have my sperm touch you. It’s against the law…everything that’s right.”

He raised his head. He took his shirt off and wiped away the cum. He laid beside her again.

“Look at me.”

She was horrified. She turned and looked at him, but it wasn’t like when she’d been with her brother. Then she was drunk and would close her eyes, let him give her his cock, and they would walk away. He wanted her to look him in the eye. To break the rules….to feel.

Her eyes met his.

“I want you to kiss me. And I want you to kiss me like you want me. Or else, we’re done here.”

He took her cheek in his hand, opened her mouth, and put his lips to hers. Sarah was repulsed. She had slept with an older, married professor once, but it was just another carnal hookup. Her dad forced her mouth open and searched her with his tongue. His hands never touched her bare breasts, instead lightly massaging her tight tummy as he kissed her with a restrained passion.

She did her best to do what he wanted. Mentally she tried to pretend it was someone else, to be somewhere else. She didn’t know how she didn’t get up and leave the room in horror, but she persevered. That video would haunt her the rest of her life. She had to do this.

But, he wouldn’t stop. He kissed her lightly, than deeply, teasing her, then thrusting hard into her mouth. Even as she tried so hard to mentally leave the situation, she couldn’t help but notice that he wasn’t groping her chest. All the boys she’d ever been with had rushed to maul her body, but her father was taking his time, kissing her like he cared about her.

After a solid two minutes of kissing, she pulled away. It was her mistake when she met his eyes, associating the carnal passion he was bringing out of her with the face of her own father, his soul. She closed her eyes and tried not to cry. What was happening? Everything was so fucked up…

“Do you know why women wear clothes? And why they have power over men when they wear revealing things? Or why men can’t control themselves when you bare your breasts to them?”

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Hot Tub Stiffness: Expanded Story

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It’s the end of a hard business day on the road and I’m so tired when I return to the hotel. I enter my room and fall on the bed; so good to get off my feet and not have to be around anyone else. My body is sore and my back a bit painful. I decide to go to the hot tub and let the hot jets massage my back and neck.

I get off the bed, shuck my clothes, and put on my trunks, clogs, and a t?shirt. After leaving the elevator and entering the pool area, I am glad that I am the only one in the pool room and I immediately go to the hot tub, turn on the jets, and slowly enter the steaming water. MMMM…it feels so good. I find a nice spot where a jet blows warm water on my back, I lay back and shut my eyes. Sooooo soothing. My mind shuts down and I stretch out and enjoy the warm water.

My mind is far away; I am with my lover caressing her body slowly as my eyes feast on her naked beauty. Her two small breasts, one covered by my hand, are so soft and pretty with their small hard nipples protruding from the apex of each. I roll the nipple that is in my hand, enjoying its hard pliability. So beautiful, I lean over and kiss the one I am not caressing with my fingers. I lick the nipple, I suck it, I nibble it. Oh, my love, you are so wonderful. I love the feel of your body.

Even though I am totally absorbed in my lover’s breasts and nipples, I am also aware that she has started to run her hand up my right leg, slowly moving from the knee toward my hardening love pole. Just as her hand touches my balls, I feel a little shock and the dream vanishes and I open my eyes.

Across from me in the hot tub I see a beautiful face with a big smile. Now it is my turn to smile…it is my lover, she has finally returned to the hotel from her work, and when she found me asleep in the hot tub, went back to the room, put on her two piece and joined me. It is her foot that is between my legs massaging my balls and stiff cock. It’s my dream come true. She sure know how to awake me with pleasure.

We pretend that we don’t know each other and as we sit across from each other without speaking. She continued to caress me. Ohhhh, how I love the feeling of her toes, now under my trunks, rubbing up and down my shaft. I stretch out my leg and move my foot slowly up her right leg until I felt her thong covering. It was easy bursa escort slipping my big toe under it and finding her clit. I pressed slightly and slowly rotate my toe. I can see the pleasure of it in her face and eyes. The more I pleasure her, the more pressure she applies to me.

After several minutes of this mutual caressing, I slid my toe down her pussy feeling her engorged lips on either side…and then I enter her, sliding the full two inches of my big toe into her; doing some serious toe fucking. Her head goes back and she scoots forward pressing harder onto my foot. The next two toes slid into her and she pressed harder. I think she wants the whole foot. I wiggle my toes touching all sides of the inside of her cunt. I can tell as she starts to cum because not only is she moaning but her legs have stiffened and she stops caressing me; she is just pressing hard.

When her orgasm subsides and we both open our eyes; we jump with surprise. Another couple is in the hot tub with us, both smiling at us. We are embarrassed. They tell us not to worry, that they enjoy watching others make love. That we were especially enjoyable because of the passion we displayed.

I guess we talked for about a half hour learning about each other, why we are here at the hotel, that we are lovers, and what we do for a living and for fun. They are about our age (50s) and are married, on the way back from visiting their children and grandchildren. He is a bit heavier than me and she is tall and slender with larger breasts than my lover, but not as pretty. He moves to sit by my lover and she comes over to sit by me. Both are smiling. I look at my lover and she smiles.

Kari, Matt’s wife puts her hand on my now shrunken dick in a most obvious way. Again, I look at my lover and her smile broadens and she nods to me. Kari has slipped her hand inside my trunks and grasps my again hardening cock. She squeezes and strokes me until I think I will rip my trunks. Kari notices my dilemma and just pulls my trunks off. Now the tip of my cock is at the surface of the water. Kari leans over and licks the head. I cannot believe it when my lover says, “ take it all, he is very tasty”. Kari holds her breath and slides all the way down on me. Ohhh…..her tongue does wonders on my cock and her throat tightens on my swollen bursa escort bayan head. My lover comes over to kiss me.

As she does Matt moves over too. We are all together now. Matt begins to fondle my lovers breasts and in a blink, he removes her top. Her nipples are harder than I have ever seen them. He begins to kiss them. Kari arises and sees her husband licking my lovers nipples. She takes her top off revealing two beautiful fully developed breasts and tinny nipples on each. She leans toward me and I put my mouth over one and suck it as hard as I am able. Both women are quietly moaning now. Kari reaches over and lowers her husband’s trunks. He has the biggest cock I have ever seen. It must be 10” long and it’s not fully hard. Kari lifts his cock up so my lover can see it. She gasps and reaches down to hold it. It grows longer in her hand.

Then she laughs and says that Matt could pin two women at once with his thing. She asks Kari if she can take all of that in her and Kari answers yes with a big smile. My lover says that she would love to see Kari take all of it. Kari moves from me and over to her husband, tells him to get out of the water. He looks around and then sits on the edge of the hot tub. As my lover and I watch, she goes down on him slowly. Taking first just the head and licking it. Then opening her mouth wide, tongue out, she begins to take first the head and then down and down over his long shaft until she is to his balls. We can see the lump his cock makes in her throat. We are impressed and we tell her so. She raises her head and his cock slowly retreats out of her mouth.

My lover reaches over and touches his cock. She wraps her hand around it’s base and then with her other hand grabs on top of her first. She removes her lower hand and grabs the top of his cock. Reminds me of choosing who will start in baseball. Wow, she says, he sure is long. Kari and I watch as my lover continues to play with Matt’s cock, stroking him and licking his penis head. Then she lowers her mouth over his penis and begins to swallow him. She gags at about a little over half way down him and pulls back. When her breath returns she looks at Kari and says that Matt is just too much for her little mouth. We all laugh.

My lover looks at me and smiles and I nod. She looks at Matt escort bursa and says that although she may only be able to take half of him in her mouth, she would like to see if she can take all of him in her pussy. Matt says he is up to the attempt. He slips back down into the water, sitting on the step with his legs stretched out. His cock is still above the water line. My lover pulls her thong aside, straddles Matt and slowly begins to lower herself onto his long pole. We watch her slide down his cock until she slides below the waterline. She gasps as she continues to lower herself. Finally she says that he is fully in her. She just squats there, wordless, pleasure on her face. She must be squeezing him with cunt, Matt squirms. They both now start moving in rhythm together, she standing and squatting; he raising his hips and then settling down to the underwater seat.

I am so horny I start stroking myself. Then Keri begins to do it for me. I am enjoying watching my lover get fucked by another man. Keri has now pulled her thong aside and slides onto my cock. I grab her hips and help lower her onto me. Her cunt is tight and hot. When I am fully in her, she squeezes her cunt muscle and I come alive. I think I’ve grown another inch inside her. Man, this is one fantastic cunt around me. I moan and she know she has me in her magic now. Keri rises and lowers herself on me. Her wet cunt juices lubricating us. I am in heaven. Keri see my face and know I am not long for this world. She says, “cum in me now, I want your cum now”. I am in no mood to hold back as I feel my cum leaving my balls and rising up my penis. As I explode in her and move from this world to total pleasure, I hear my lover also scream. It is hard to focus but I see her jerking in passion as I am also. We are all drained now and weak as our passions subside. My lover leans over an kisses me. Keri get off me and goes over to her husband and kisses him.

A voice says from the side, “That’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen”. It’s an older man sitting in a chair. “I’ve never seen so much passion and pleasure. In fact, first time I have seen two couples fucking at once and such sexy ones too”, he says. “Makes me want to have sex too; it’s been such a long time for me.” Keri gives the man her room number and then she and her husband get out of the hot tub and leave. Yes, the man followed a few minutes later.

My lover and I stay in the tub hugging and kissing awhile and then go for a short swim before returning to our room for more pleasures, just the two of us.

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Hot Silk

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Jenny let herself into the small boutique just off the high street. The good smell of furniture wax hit her as she walked through the first part of the old Tailors, the tiny bell ringing out her presence as it had for many years. As she waited for old Mr Thorpe the tailor she examined some lovely cloth from the metre rolls surrounding the cash desk, planning out her next handmade outfit down to the last detail. She had always had money, and there was something decadent about getting tailored clothes in this day and age.

A polite cough behind her made her turn around, but the tailor was nowhere to be seen. Instead there stood a much younger man, offering his help.

“What happened to Mr Thorpe?” she murmured, as she drank in the appearance of the stylish man before her.

“I’m his son, come down from my shop in London to give him a hand. He’s getting too old to deal with all the admin you know?” he smiled, “How can I help?”

She began to reel off the outfit she had planned in her head. It was a party dress, for her annual New Years Eve party. She wanted it in black material, coming to just below the knee with simple embroidery on the hem. She wanted something elegant and flattering because she knew there would be a lot of unattached men there and it been so long since she had had anyone else in her bed, she’d begun to think it would be empty forever. She saw his straight nose wrinkle a little with distaste as she described the dress to him and she faltered.

“What’s wrong with that?”

“Oh nothing, it’s just that in a woman as striking as yourself, it seems a little plain. Would you like to take a look in the back and see some of the new fabric we have in? Dad wasn’t too adventurous when it came to ordering goods, but I’ve been splashing out”.

She blushed at the compliment from this handsome young man and agreed. They made their way through the small brown door she’d never been through in all the years she had visited the tailors shop. The place was a warren, with endless rooms veering off out of sight containing every kind of material. It was silent but for a radio playing quietly in some far off room.

“Name’s David” he extended a hand as he walked, stepping over rolls of unpacked cloth, “sorry about the mess, Dad’s unimpressed.”

“Jenny” she smiled back. He really was an interesting looking man, cool blue eyes, a lean face, mouth always on the verge of a smile, and when he smiled he was transformed, lighting up his eyes, with an infectious laugh she couldn’t help responding to, as he showed her around the shop, making her laugh and throwing compliments at her over his shoulder.

She liked the way he moved. His body seemed to stalk, making her think of some wild animal. She was aware of his eyes on her, had been on her ever since she walked in.

They admired some cloth and reached out to touch it at the same bursa escort time, stroking it, fingers touching. Did his fingers linger on hers? Jenny felt a slight heat in her face as she recognised the look in his eyes, he made no pretense of hiding his admiration for her. Turning to face her, he reached and stroked her cheek softly, stroking his thumb slowly across her full lower lip, as he whispered “So soft…”. With that he turned away and loped off across the room, leaving her a little breathless.

“I have just the thing” he murmured, calling her over to a small room, where the silk was stored behind tissue to protect the expensive cloth. He set one of the rolls free; a soft chinese silk green, it glowed softly in the dim light. She touched the soft weightless material, jumping a little as she heard him speak quietly by her ear and realised how close he was.

“Why don’t you try some on? I know you’d look amazing.”

“What, now?”

“Why not?”

As he spoke he began to ease her coat off her shoulders, and Jenny dimly realised that she wasn’t stopping him. In fact her hands had moved to her blouse and she was slowly undoing the buttons, knowing he was still facing her back, beginning to feel more than a little aroused at this daring act. She began to slip it down and she heard his stifled breath as he turned round. Had he not believed she would do it?

She felt a little powerful as she moved to the side, just to the very outskirts of his vision, and began slowly to remove her skirt. She stood for a second in her underwear, considering her next move. She looked past the package of green fabric to a standing roll, tearing open the tissue covering it, she found the crimson silk beneath. It was beautiful.

At that moment she decided what she would do. Pulling one edge of the roll, she unwound a long bolt of the blood red, and pulled it across her. Behind this veil, she removed her underwear, then she wrapped the silk around her curves, knowing that every contour of her breasts and body were visible, her skin pale and creamy above the scarlet.

“What do you think?” she spoke, her voice low and husky.

He turned, his eyes raking over her, “God, you look so different!”

She was pleased he sounded so dazed. He couldn’t drag his eyes away from her body. Perfect. She decided to have some fun.

“Oh are you sure?” she pouted, pulling the silk in tighter, knowing her nipples were hard against the fabric, running her hands over her body, holding it aginst her, letting one smooth pale thigh come into view. As the slit got higher it went all the way up the side of her body, past her hip to just below her breasts, showing nothing but one creamy line of flesh, letting him know she was absolutely naked beneath the cloth. That was it. His cool was blown. He ran a hand through his hair and stuttered, actually stuttered!

“So bursa escort bayan you’re like, naked under there?”

He sounded like an adolescent boy confronted with his first kiss. She smiled and decided to keep up the act for a little while.

“I hope you don’t mind, I just love feeling this against my skin, it’s so cool and I’m so hot…” With that, she took his hand and placed it on her belly, letting him feel the heat penetrating through the thin material.

He swallowed as she leant back against the rolls of silk with his hand still on her, slipping down slightly over her skin. It took guts but she placed her hand over his and slowly led him to the inevitable. The slow trip of his light fingers down was intensely erotic, his eyes met hers and their gazes locked.

He watched her face as he pushed down over her pussy through the silk. She opened a little for him and he slipped his fingers into the hot cleft within, coating her skin with damp silk.

He needed no more encouragement now, and his other hand slid up to cup the soft curves of her breasts, stroking and squeezing gently, pushing his hard body against hers, his fingers stroking her, he looked into her eyes for a few seconds, watching her gasp and shudder before covering her mouth with his own, feeding on her mouth, dragging ever deeper kisses from her swollen lips crushed against his.

He moaned softly as his roaming hands encountered velvet soft flesh above slippery silk, the heat of her body stirring his own. He was so hard.

As he stood back to pull off his shirt, she let the cloth slide slowly of its own accord from the slopes of her breasts, exposing the pale swell of them, their pink tips hard under his gaze. He struggled with his top and became impatient, she heard a tiny rip and smirked a little. Now this was power.

Soon he stood there in his boxers, his desire very evident. He kissed her again pressing it into her soft body, his arms surrounding her. Her hands moved around him and pulled down his underwear, feeling that amazingly sensual moment when his erection burned through the silk at her hips. Now there was only one last barrier between their bodies, grinding against each other in the heat of their lust for each other. Suddenly, he stopped and stepped back with a sexy glint in his eye, walking quickly to the back of the room. He came back with a huge pair of metal dressmakers scissors, gleaming in the light.

He stood before her, as she eyed them, unsure of his next move. Now he was in control. He touched her thigh softly, making her shiver, growing with desire for him. Then he held the material slightly away from her skin and began to cut with the sharp scissors into it. Slicing up and into it, leaving it in tatters hanging from her form. And as he snipped away, exposing more and more of her creamy pale flesh, she felt the touch of the escort bursa ice cold blades caress her skin, sending thrills racing through her body, she gasped out loud, wanting more yet not wanting this dangerous touch to stop.

He exposed her nipples again, brushing the sharp metal against one, before lowering his hot mouth to it and surrounding it entirely, licking softly, maddeningly, then sucking hard until she could feel herself becoming wet and tingling, ready for his touch. As he kissed and softly rubbed his lips across the other breast, his arms were around her and he was brushing the scissors very softly up and down her spine and around her hips, the sensation was incredible. She writhed beneath him, his lips moving up to her neck and lips.

As he began to tease and suck gently on her neck, she wanted to regain control. She knew just what to do. Her hands delved between them and she gathered up a handful of strips of silk, slowly wrapping them around his cock, smiling as his lips slowed on her throat. He breathed heavily, his hot breath almost driving her wild. She began to masturbate him slowly through the cloth, hearing his gasps.

Somewhere, a large pair of scissors dropped to the floor.

She gripped him loosely letting him feel the slippery soft texture of the cloth on his sensitive flesh. Soon it was almost too much. He moaned her name and she knew he couldn’t take much more.

She lost herself in the depth of his gaze, his eyes speaking volumes of his need for her, as if his body wasn’t enough. She let go, dropping to her knees, pulling off the silk and licking her lips.

As her soft wet lips surrounded his cock she felt him shake, letting his head fall back, loosely stroking her blonde locks, obviously wanting to guide her. Suddenly her hands came down hard on his, pushing her mouth as deep as she could go, and he almost came right there and then.

Sensing she liked it a little rougher than he was giving it, he pulled up by the shoulders, kissing her fiercely, his fingers digging into the soft skin of her arms. He turned her around and leant her against the rolls of cloth, spreading her legs apart slightly, touching her gently, fingers sliding between into her wetness, stroking her clit skillfully, almost making her legs buckle.

She felt his cock nudging against her pussy against his own fingers and she tilted her hips back to allow access. At the first touch of her silken wet interior he went wild, grabbing her hips and pushing into her hard. Within seconds she was in heaven. She felt her orgasm building, and as he pumped in and out of her fast, she couldn’t help her moans of delight.

With a few final thrusts she was shuddering, crying out and he was right behind her, ramming it into her velvet depths as he reached climax and the world faded away….

As they lay on the floor in a soft veil of scarlet, kissing softly, Jenny had never felt so sexy, and snuggled up next to this wonderful man, she decided red silk was the only option for her New Years Eve party dress, and now she had the perfect date too. It was going to be a good year.

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Hot Summer Night Continues

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Adrian shook with nervousness as he stepped from the shower. Looking in the mirror he shook his head and his long brown hair fell into his bright green eyes. He knew he was handsome his high cheekbones and clear complexion added to his 6’2″ frame with six pack abbs made all the girls drool.

But he wasn’t interested in them,they were just skinny little girls. He was interested in a real woman, a BBW with long blond hair and bright blue eyes. A woman with breasts that filled his hands and a butt big enough to squeeze. A very beautiful mature woman. His cock got hard just thinking about what tonight might bring. If he guessed right she would welcome him back. He sure hoped so. His hard throbbing cock sure hoped so.

He whistled as he got dressed. Should he wear jeans or kakis? Should he wear a tee shirt or a muscle shirt that would show off his muscled arms? Did it really matter? Either she would welcome him or she wouldn’t it was that simple!

God if it only was simple! He didn’t even know her name and he wasn’t sure he could trust anything his friends said about her. They didn’t know what he did. They said she was a crazy old lady who would shoot you if you walked on her property. But he didn’t think she would shoot him and he certainly didn’t think of her as old, at least not after last Monday night. No sir, she wouldn’t shoot him. At least he hoped she wouldn’t.

Ellen sat in the swing and fanned herself. Damn it sure is hot again tonight. Might as well slip off some of these clothes they are way too hot to bear touching her sensitive skin. As she stood up and wiggled out of her pants she thought back to last Monday night and her little encounter with the neighbor’s son. What was his name? Adrian, that’s right, Maddie said his name was Adrian and he just turned eighteen on Sunday, before Memorial Day.

Well she sure gave him one hell of a late birthday present! And no doubt he would always remember that Memorial Day. She chuckled to herself as she thought back to their steaming sexual encounter. He was young and green but eager to learn and boy would she love to teach him. Yes, she sure would!

Oh well, he probably won’t have the nerve to come back. Too bad she had such a bad reputation for being a “crazy old lady”. She sure didn’t want to shoot him. She wanted to fuck his brains out!

She dreamed of squeezing him between her ample thighs and taking his cock deep into her wet hungry cunt. she dreamed of pushing his head to her breasts and having him suckle her firm double D breasts and rub his hard cock between them and sucking the head as it poked thru, over and over again. God, she loved the sound of a cock sliding between her breasts and the sucking sound as it popped in and out of her hungry mouth. Just thinking about it got her hot!

Signing to herself she got up and went inside the house. Might as well get a glass of wine and watch some TV. There is supposed to be a new porno film on Sex TV tonight. Yeah, it’s about some randy old dudes and a young girl they gang bang. Learning From Your Elders, that’s the name of it. Well maybe it will be good.

As she sat down she heard a sound on the porch. As the door bell rang she thought to herself damn who would come by on a Friday night? Especially after 10pm? Sighing she put down her glass of wine and went to the door.

OMG! It’s the neighbor kid she fucked! Adrian! With a nervous pat on her long hair she opened the door, forgetting she was only wearing her tee shirt and panties. Adrian stood there with a bouquet of flowers in his hand looking very nervous and hot in his tight jeans and muscle shirt.

As they gazed at each other Adrian thrust bursa escort the bouquet forward, “these are for you” he said is a deep sexy voice.

Ellen smiled it had been a long time since anyone brought her flowers, especially a hot, sexy man. Ellen reached out and took the flowers and stepped to the side so Adrian could come in off the porch.

Adrian thrust out his hand to shake hers but his hand hit her right breast at nipple height instead and it was like lighting struck her! They both jumped from the electrical discharge and laughed.

“My name is Adrian and I picked these flowers for you myself” he said proudly.

Ellen looked him up and down analyzing his stance and confidence level. She smiled at him and said “Thank you, they are lovely. It’s been a long time since anyone brought me flowers. My name is Ellen. Would you like to sit on the porch and talk?”

Adrian let out a big sigh, looks like I’m not going to get shot tonight he thought to himself. “Yes I would like that very much.” He said.

“Would you like a glass of wine?” Ellen asked him.

Surprised he answered “Yes.” He had never tasted wine before.

As they walked to the porch he watched the sexy swing of her hips and the way her red silk panties pulled over her plump ass. Smiling over her shoulder, Ellen thought at least he is looking.

“So, what brings you here tonight?” she asked with a hint of a smile.

Adrian looked into her eyes and said in a strong steady voice “I was hoping I could fuck you again.” Ellen almost choked on the wine she was drinking. With a laugh she tossed her long hair over her shoulder and smiled up at him. Damn he is good looking and so sure of himself!

“Well,” she said, “I was just wondering if you would be brave enough to come back. I guess I have my answer. How many girls have you had sex with and what ages were they?”

Adrian was surprised at her question, “well,” he said “I have only had sex with one girl before you and she is 17.” Ellen smiled; yep this is going to be an interesting summer she thought.

“Would you like to learn more positions and techniques?” she asked with a smile.

“Oh yes!” he said, “I sure would!”

Ellen smiled and reached out and patted his leg then squeezed his thigh and said “Good, I was hopeful you would.” She stood up and taking him by the hand led him into her bedroom and closed the door.

Her bedroom was huge! With a big four poster bed with sheer red lace curtains around it and a dim light glowing on each side. The overhead and headboard were both mirrors! Damn it was a beautiful seductive sight.

Ellen led him to the bed and pushed him into a seated position. “Well” she said, “No time like the present to start your lessons. Why don’t you get undressed and I’ll be right back.” She rose and went into the adjoining bathroom and closed the door.

Damn it was going to be fun he thought as he hurried to take his clothes off. As he slid onto the bed she opened the bathroom door and standing silhouetted by the light he could see her shapely full figure thru the flimsy silk scarves around her hips and the bells on her ankles tinkled as she moved. Her naked breasts swayed as her body moved and her bright red nipples peaked thru the ropes of pearls draped over them. Her peach scented perfume wafted through the room and her long hair danced in the breeze created by the overhead fan.

God she was sexy! A vision of pure seduction outlined in sheer red silk scarves and creamy pearls with her lovely long blond hair curling in a halo around her head and her bright blue eyes sparkling with a sexual hunger he had only seen in her bursa escort bayan eyes. She made him feel like he was the only man in the world!

As she walked into the room, she stopped and turned on the small stereo and Middle Eastern music started to play. She moved to the middle of the room and began to sway to the music. As he watched she picked up the tempo, moving with a grace that belied her size and her sensuous body shimmered with a fine sheen of sweat.

As she twirled and gyrated, her ample belly and hips in constant motion rolling and enticing him, she dropped the scarves one by one on the carpet. He was mesmerized! He had never seen a real belly dance before and he couldn’t take his eyes off her body.

She unwound the pearls and dropped them to the floor revealing her lovely huge breasts and their bright red nipples. How did she get her nipples so red he thought. As the last scarf fell to the floor she sank down on the carpet in a prone position with her hands up toward him. She was a vision, like a Pagan Goddess offering herself to him.

Instinctively he knew what he was supposed to do. He rose from the bed and took her by her hands and drew her to her feet, wrapping his arms around her he pulled her close and kissed her, long deep and wet.

She sighed and leaned into his kiss and wrapped her arms around his naked hips. All she now had on was a chain around her waist and a bracelet of bells on each ankle. “Did you like my dance?” she asked in a husky voice.

“Oh yes” he said, “I have never seen anything like it before. It was so, so damn sexy and exciting.” “How did you get your nipples so red?” he asked.

She pushed gently at his shoulder and he landed on his butt on the bed. “I used rouge, a red powder that tastes like strawberries, would you like a taste?”

She moved so that her lush breasts were even with is hungry mouth and he eagerly licked both nipples, holding her breasts squeezed together so he could draw both nipples deep into his mouth.

Laughing she reached up and kissed him again. “Now” she said, “The lessons begin. When you kiss a woman don’t go at her with your mouth wide open, wait until your lips touch hers then gently slide out your tongue and run it around her lips, like this.” She said as she demonstrated to him. Damn it was so sexy and exciting!

She felt his cock rise against her naked belly. She could feel the drop of pre-cum on the tip as it slid along her skin. She scooted down on the bed and lay down beside him. “Would you like to learn how to get a woman so hot she will cum multiple times for you?” she asked.

“Oh yes I sure would. I know I don’t really know much about sex, Amy and I only did it twice and she was so loose and dry and she is so skinny. Nothing like how hot and wet and tight you are and how good it feels to stroke your body.” He said.

“Well how about eating pussy? You like it?” she asked. “Well” he said, “I only ever did it that night with you so I guess I don’t really know what to do.” He admitted.

“Well it is easy and you have a natural talent for it!” she laughed. “Start with caressing her breasts with one hand while licking her other breast, that’s it just like that.” She said as he cupped her right breast and licked her left one with his wet tongue. “Ummm that’s good” she murmured. Boldly he licked and sucked both her breasts and felt her body spasm as she had an orgasm!

Damn she was hot and so responsive. Every move he made she would squirm and coo and groan to let him know how much she was enjoying what he was doing to her sexy body.

He slid down her belly kissing all the way and stopped at her escort bursa belly button to tongue it good. Her moans were all the encouragement he needed.

Sliding down where his face was level with her hot wet pussy he inhaled her heady scent. As he dipped his head to lick her clit she almost jumped off the bed! He knew he was on the right track so he put his tongue out and wrapped it around her stiff clit and licked it then he nibbled it gently with his teeth as she squirmed under his assault. He opened her soft outer lips and licked down the inside of them. She tasted so sweet, like honey. As he licked her he became so aroused he was sure he was going to explode soon.

Looking up, he saw their bodies reflected in the mirror overhead and it made him even hotter. She looked like a pagan sacrifice laid out with her legs open and her hair pooled around her lush body. The fine sheen of sweat added to the sexy glow.

He inserted a finger in her cunt. It was wet hot and tight, real tight. She wiggled on his finger dancing for him. He licked and sucked her clit and inserted another finger in her tight cunt.

Finger fucking her he ate her cunt and licked the heavy cream that gushed out of her as she came in his mouth and her moans of pleasure were music to his ears.

As he slid back up her body she kissed him long and deep plunging her tongue into his mouth and licking her cum off his lips.

She smiled at him and slid down his body taking his erect, so erect hot cock into her hand. She gently squeezed it and slid her fingers around it and pumped it a few times, bringing a drop of pre-cum to the tip and she stared into his eyes as she slid down and licked it off!

OMG! Still staring intently into his eyes she licked around the head and then sucked his cock deep into her mouth! As she licked and sucked him she continued to look in his eyes, he was unable to look away. She looked so hot, so sexy, and so happy. Just before he could cum, she slid up his body and mounted him.

Settling her hot wet cunt over his erection, she slid down over it slowly. Then, riding him like a cowgirl she flung her head back and her long hair slid down between his thighs to tickle his balls and ass.

Sitting up she leaned down so her lush tit was right in his mouth and he sucked it deep into his eager hot mouth!

Looking up at their reflection was such a turn on it was like watching a porno and being in it at the same time!

As he sucked her tit she rode him harder and harder until with a cry they both exploded and as lighting flashed behind his eyes he had the strongest orgasm ever.

She slowed her pace and her inner cunt muscles squeezed and milked his cock until it had every drop. She collapsed against him and groaned. “OMG! I haven’t been fucked that good in years” she moaned with obvious pleasure.

Then she slid down his belly and taking his now flaccid cock into her hand she began to lick him clean. She licked his cock and balls until he was completely cleaned of all traces of cum. “Damn” he said “that feels awesome, where did you learn that?”

Chuckling she said “My first lover was a very meticulous man and he told me it shows a man how much you enjoyed his fucking when you clean him after, so I have always done it. Did you like it?”

“Damn straight I did, it blew my mind” he said.

“So” she asked, “How long until you leave for college and do you have a summer job?”

“Well as a matter of fact, I don’t but I am looking for one. And I don’t leave for college until late August.” He said.

“Well, how about you work for me this summer?” she said “I need my barn painted and the house painted inside and out, that should take you most of the summer and I will pay you for the work you do. And of course, we will continue your lessons on how to be a great lover.”

So begins a very long, hot and happy summer!

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Ron’s Journal 00

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Author’s note: My uncle Ron died recently. While sifting through his files, I found journal folders marked MY STORY, writings about his life. I have edited these accounts and will post them when I can. These stories include bisexuality, incest, interracial and mature and group sex, etc. All sexual activity depicted here involves persons at least 18 years old.

******************** 00: Start from the very beginning

It was a dark and stormy night. I was conceived on a rugged coastline, the typhoon-driven waves crashing brutally on the rocks below the cliff-top hostelry. My life was the result of separation-induced ardor, hormones boiling and bursting into steam. Something like that. At least, that is what Mom told me.

Dad was a handsome devil, tall, dark, and muscular, a manager at a major Southern California utility. The company was building new distribution lines up the coast. Dad found himself overseeing work in Pismo Beach, halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, and over 200 miles away from their suburban Los Angeles home, where he was born and raised.

Mom was tall and slender, with black hair and eyes, a nurse who fell in love with this injured sailor in a US Navy hospital in the months following the end of World War II. Mom had been home without him for a few weeks, tending their infant daughter, when they arranged a visit to the work site. She handed the baby to her older sister Jan and boarded the Pacific Coast Express train for a weekend fuck-o-rama.

Ah, the primal passion! The flowing juices! Dad pounding Mom until she could not walk straight! No need to scoop up and devour Pismo Clams as aphrodisiacs. Their mutual desire sufficiently drove their couplings.

I got that story from Mom. Dad and his male kin did not talk much about their lives. Dad did not talk about surviving the sinkings of three aircraft carriers during the Pacific war. His younger brother Reid did not talk about liberating Nazi concentration camps. Their father did not talk about surviving the trenches in World War I. And none of them talked about their love lives, or their work, or their hopes and dreams.

Mom and her mother and sister were talkers, and moaners and screamers too. Mom and Jan also hinted at having been lovers, and pulling three-ways with Jan’s husband Lou. I would not put it past them. Mom and Jan’s folks were bikers in their youth, and booze smugglers during Prohibition. A wild family!

Mom and Jan’s folks lived in the next town east. Jan and Lou and their kids lived in the next town north. I was sexually involved with those cousins a couple decades later. I tell those stories in other chapters.

Dad’s folks had a small farm at the undeveloped south edge of town, with a walnut grove, a little truck garden, and a large poultry yard with chickens, turkeys, rabbits, and goats. Beside the grove and poultry yard were two house lots: Dad’s, and his brother Reid’s. Their big sister Elena lived just a block away.

Yes, we were a close family. Each of those households had three kids. Even after Dad moved us a few miles away, all we kids were often together after school and most weekends and during holidays. A community swimming pool was just a few blocks away. On hot days, I often stopped there, biking to or from the farm.

So I grew up next to a farm, and with older and younger cousins in various stages of sexual development. Childhood fun included watching goats and rabbits fucking, and older cousins making out and screwing with their dates. The truck garden and poultry yard were enclosed with high vine-covered fences and tall trees. We kids tended to run around naked back there in privacy much of the time.

Yes, we studied our and each other’s anatomies. The biology of reproduction was no mystery to us.

We sometimes played a 78-RPM record in the farmhouse:

“It ain’t no sin, To take off your skin, And dance around in your bones”

Aunt Elena’s husband Mike was sent to Japan as a civilian administrator after World War II. He never came back. Mike abandoned Elena and their kids to live with a minor prince of the Japanese royal family. Elena responded by becoming a party girl, and taught her kids how to party too. Her youngest son Dane and I were best buddies. Years later, I stayed at Dane’s place. He would go bar-hopping and bring home drunk girls for us to share. I tell that story in another chapter too.

Aunt Elena liked watching us kids playing naked in the sprinkler on hot days. She liked watching us when we bathed. When I was young, she gave me a (phallic) toy sea serpent. She sat on the edge of the bathtub and chatted with me, from childhood into my early teens. She gave me a nice eighteenth birthday present: a blowjob. Not my first, but my first from her, and my best to date.

Sorry, I cannot tell you about my interactions with Uncle Reid and Aunt Dot’s kids. Impermissible here.

My older cousins’ sex lives were on display. Dane’s brother and sister were some years bursa escort older than we were, and did not have a lot of space or privacy in their nearby home, where they lived even after graduation and employment. But one almost-hidden corner of the poultry yard was a secluded little private yard fenced by thick trees and was accessible by a path by my home. We left a patio table and chairs and two chaises there. This is where the cousins brought friends for fun.

I could (and did!) sit on a tree branch and peer down invisibly on the amorous action. In a way, the human encounters did not differ much from the mating rituals of rabbits and goats. Approach; penetrate; leave.

Oldest cousin Bill would bring a girl. They might briefly neck on a chaise. He dropped his pants. She took off her shirt, maybe, and her bra, maybe, and her panties. She might suck his steely cock. They assumed a position from a limited set: missionary or doggie. Bill pounded away. Light reflected off his speeding, glistening piston. He eventually grunted. She might yell once, rarely twice, sometimes never. If she did not yell, I might not see her there again. Bill was not always the greatest performer.

Middle cousin Louise would bring a guy. She usually wanted more necking time on the chaise. She removed her bra from under her shirt and her panties from under her skirt. She laid him back on the chaise and fisted his dick until he was hard, then mounted him cowgirl-style and started pumping. If she yelled before he did, she might roll into missionary or doggie position and let him pound away. If he yelled before she did, she might fist his dick till he was hard again, then go missionary or doggie. If she did not yell, I never saw him there again. Louise had her performance standards.

Sometimes they double-dated. Bill might bring another guy and two girls. Or Louise might bring another girl and two guys. Or Bill would bring a girl and Louise would bring a guy. They took turns on the two chaises, and swapped. But on the days that Bill and Louise fucked each other, the other guy and girl were usually the same ones. They might have been brother and sister too; I did not catch their names.

Sometimes I chose a different viewpoint, a place where I knew Louise might see me through the branches. She did not seem to mind my peeping. She even grinned at me a couple times, and flashed me occasionally. Otherwise, I was not on her radar much. I was just the little-kid cousin who did not tease her.

Those were my Dad’s-side cousins. My Mom’s-side cousins lived a few miles away and were not on display. But I do know that siblings Janie and Terry fucked each other when they were older; and my sister Lyn and I and our blood cousin Janie fucked each other; and Mom fucked her blood nephew Terry and his wife Jill; and I fucked Jill, but she was not blood kin, so big deal. Some of those stories are in other chapters.

The family that lays together, stays together, or something like that.

As I bicycled around my middle school after-hours, I sometimes saw kids playing ‘doctor’ in nooks and passages between the buildings. Usually just one girl and one guy; sometimes two on one either way; partially disrobed, feeling, probing, but not in missionary or doggie or bent-over or up-against-the-wall postures. I figured they were being just like dogs sniffing each other’s butts.

I did not see such displays in any of my high schools, but 1) I could not bike or skateboard around those campuses, and 2) these older kids likely knew better than to explore in public.

Ah, but the college kids! When Dad moved us a few miles from the farmside house, it was only a short bike ride to a cluster of colleges. These campuses had their own nooks and crannies and private garden spaces. I had a favorite hidden vantage point to look into a popular lovers’ nook with a picnic table and benches.

And college kids were more inventive. What I saw of my cousins was mostly just one-on-one sex with peers in a very few positions. Many college kids fucked in groups. One or two guys with two or three girls; one or two girls with two or three guys; two or three or four guys or girls together; older and younger fuckers, probably teachers and students; and the occasional sex-train.

An older woman wearing a long wool skirt and a tweedy jacket came to my spy nook with four younger men in jeans and college sweatshirts. She lay back on the picnic table. Two of the men took turns with their faces in her crotch while she sucked the other two in turn. Then all four took turns being blown and fucking her, first in missionary position, then on elbows and knees. She yelled quite a few times.

An older man in similar professorial garb, but with trousers rather than a skirt, came to the nook with four girls wearing short skirts and college sweaters. He lay on his back on the table while one girl took her skirt and panties off and sat on his face and another girl blew him, then mounted him cowgirl-style. bursa escort bayan The two girls pulled their sweaters up, played with each other’s exposed tits, and kissed.

The other two girls took their skirts and sweaters off, with nothing underneath. One lay on a picnic bench; the other lay on top of her in the opposite direction. They spread their legs. Both had their faces in the other’s crotch. After some turbulence, the girls all shifted positions. A bit later, the girls took turns bending over the picnic table while the man screwed them in succession. Everybody yelled.

Some kids would do almost anything for passing grades, I guessed.

I was born in mid-century and I hit puberty by the time of JFK’s assassination. This era featured unsafe cars and sex, cheap gas and cigarettes, black-and-white TV, hypocrisy about sex and race and class, cultivated fears of imminent nuclear annihilation… and drive-in movie theatres.

Some of the local drive-in’s showed only clean family fare. Bo-ring. The ‘good’ drive-in’s specialized in films with monsters, aliens and robots chasing big-titted girls, or spies and big-titted girls, or surf / beach party films with big-titted girls in bikinis, etc. Oh yeah.

Cheap kids would pile a bunch of friends in the car trunk and pay just one admission. Horny kids would go with one couple in the front seat and more in the back seat. In either case, the patrons were usually busy sucking and fucking rather than actually watching the films.

The ‘best’ local drive-in featuring films with big-titted girls had a break in its fence. Skinny kids like me had no trouble sliding through the gap. No, I was not really interested in the lousy movies. But by staying in the shadows, I always had good views of the sex.

A ’55 Chevy Belvedere was rocking. I peered in the side windows. A girl with great tits was riding a guy in the front seat. A pair of great-looking legs were spread in the back seat with a scrawny hairy pimply male ass thrusting frantically. How the fuck did he rate that?

A ’60 Ford Fairlane was rocking. Through the windows, I saw a missionary fuck in the front, with a better-looking male ass. In back, TWO girls were riding their side-by-side partners. The guys were sucking and fondling their tits. The girls were kissing each other. Oh yeah.

A muddy Dodge pickup was rocking. A girl was on top of a guy in the front. A girl was on her back in the pickup bed, blowing one guy who knelt beside her while another guy was between her legs, screwing her. After a bit, the guys in back exchanged places and continued.

A rusty Studebaker Lark was not rocking. But blankets were spread beside it, and three couples were busy. The girls were all on their hands and knees. The kneeling guys all pumped away behind them. Then a girl said “switch,” and the guys all moved over to different cunts.

A familiar-looking ’59 Rambler American was not rocking, and nobody was in the front seat, but a topless woman was in the middle in back, and guys on either side of her were sucking her tits. She looked familiar too. Holy shit, that’s Aunt Elena! Out partying again, yeah.

This drive-in, like most others, was de-facto segregated. People from one part of town and its high school occupied one side, while those from another part of town and its high school were on the other side. Only idiots actually watching the lousy films parked in the middle.

White Californians occupied most of the drive-in. Blacks had one back corner of the area, Mexicans had the other back corner, and white Okies were stuck in the middle back. The social stratification was pretty obvious. At least nobody fought there; that would get you banned.

I went sorta wild after my folks divorced and I was bounced from house to house. I went running around naked in the neighborhoods at night. I ghosted across lawns and down alleys. If I heard or saw a car approach, I ducked behind a hedge or fence or parked car or whatever. I was never caught, not once.

I tried looking in through front windows but they were usually curtained. Some gates were unlocked, and I could sneak into back yards, and peer into bedroom or other windows, which might not be covered.

HILLMAN was the name on the mailbox. Mr Hillman was a middle-aged middle-height middle-appearance guy who I never saw wear anything but a business suit, the few times I ever saw him. He was apparently away a lot, on business, I guess. Can you guess what comes next?

Mrs Hillman was younger, brighter, pretty sexy, a fairly tall bleached blonde with a thin face, full lips, wide mouth, high cheekbones, and luscious tits, with wide dark aureoles and thick nipples. Her waist was thin and her hips were wide. Her muff was medium brown, unbleached. Her legs were tennis-toned, although she only went to the courts when Mr Hillman was at home in the detached-garage ranch house.

Mrs Hillman’s body was visible because she was rarely dressed when at home, unless escort bursa Mr Hillman was there. If I rang her doorbell during the day, she always answered wrapped in a polka-dot terry robe and apparently nothing else. Her robe was sometimes open, especially when I smelled alcohol on her breath. I do not think she deliberately flashed me. She was just careless about staying covered around uninvited visitors.

With invited visitors, her body was VERY visible, at least through the backyard windows, at least when her visitors were not covering her body with their own. Their bodies were quite visible too. All of them.

When Mr Hillman was not at home, other men were. Many other men. Many women, too. Her visitors did not park in front of the house. They either walked up the alley, or parked in her alley-facing garage.

Mrs Hillman did not close the curtains on windows facing her backyard, and did not turn off lights, so her visitors were easy to see. Peering in, I recognized some of the men and women as neighbors. I recognized others as merchants with downtown shops and offices. I did not recognize others, especially the dark and swarthy men and women.

Mrs Hillman liked having groups of visitors of both sexes. She liked prolonged athletic sex on beds, tables, couches, stuffed chairs, the floor, wherever. I could not see her kitchen counters but she probably fucked there too. I sometimes saw her fucking in and on the cars parked in her garage.

Mrs Hillman like vaginal, oral, anal, and tit-fucking sex. She liked having simultaneous dicks (and the occasional dildo) stuffed into her vagina, anus, mouth, and both fists. She liked having mouths at her mouth and pussy and anus and tits. She liked having pussies in her mouth or rubbing her vulva.

Mrs Hillman was always good for a show.

Other neighbors might have fewer visitors, or even none, but were often just as indiscreet and careless about gates and curtains and lights. I made notes of which families were in-house nudists, and of the times when certain girls and women undressed for the night, and of the dates were husbands were away so wives could play, and vice-versa. And which occupants liked rubber, leather, whips, chains, ropes, hoses, water balloons, fruit and vegetables, and other toys.

You would find that notebook to be filled with very interesting information. Good thing it is gone now.

I cannot talk here about some of what I saw. Let us just say that not all sexual acts I witnessed involved consenting human adults, and leave it at that.

My sex education was pretty well-rounded even before anyone touched me.

All that voyeurism did not help me socially. In school, I was shy and clumsy, at least till I was dragged into sexplay in my senior year. I tell that story in the next chapter. I did not go to dances or hang out with popular kids or any of that teen-bonding stuff. I told myself that dancing was dry-humping and was trivial. I told myself that I did not need cliques or clubs. But really, I was shy, and lacking in what pundits call self-esteem. Have you been there too?

My mid-teens were awkward at home. My sisters were growing tits. Mom went around the house half-naked. Neighborhood girls in my age cohort were more physically mature, and seemingly not interested in that weird skinny geek, me. I saw lots of sex, but none of it involved me. As it turned out, some girls *were* interested in me, but I did not read their signals right, not then. I could have had sex sooner. But I could not tell you about that here, could I?

******************** determinants and cusps

I’ll get serious here.

My life would have been very different if I had not been born. (OK, you can laugh now.) My life would also have been very different if certain events outside my control had not happened.

* My older sister Matty died of Rubella when she was three and I was half her age. Had she lived, my folks might not have had two more daughters later, Sue and Lyn. Had she lived, I would be the younger brother, not the oldest. What would have been our relationship? Would we have fucked, as Lyn and I did much later?

(I have seen photos taken at age three of Dad’s older sister Elena, and Matty, and my granddaughter LuAnn. They look identical. Those genes are very strong.) (I also recently saw my sister Sue in bed with her adult son. Our behaviors are consistent.)

* I fell from a moving car when I was three. My skull was fractured; I was hospitalized for months. I was diagnosed and treated as pre-epileptic for many years. How much of my later behavior resulted from brain damage? Yes, I scored very very high on IQ tests. Did the brain damage lower my IQ, or raise it, or what?

* Mom found Dad too boring after twenty years and divorced him when I was sixteen. (Mom was still a nurse, and she fell for a patient, and dumped the old companion. Same old story.) The family fractured; my life fractured. Had they stayed together, would my life have been much more stable and mainstream?

(I came home from school more than once during the divorce to find Mom in bed with her new redneck stud, the curtains drawn, the noises more animalistic than goats humping, the smells unpleasant.)

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Hot Neighbour

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I am a hot single woman in her mid thirties and I live alone in a small house. I have various men in my life but no one who truly satisfies me the way I long to be satisfied. You are my 20 year old neighbour, you still live at home with your parents and have never convinced one of your girlfriends to let you go all the way with you so you have had to be content with quick clumsy blow jobs in the back of your car.

You watch me and fantasize that someday you could fuck a woman like me, your bedroom window looks onto my backyard where I have been known to spend some time alone on my deck chair when I think no one is looking, but you have seen me and have touched yourself while watching me touch myself.

I have a girlfriend that I confide in about my secret fantasies and I have also seen you when you do not think you are being watched. You are a young strong man and your body is hard and lean and you have so much potential, I can sense these things. I tell my friend that I overheard you and one of our girlfriends arguing one night about having sex, you were pleading with her and telling her badly you want to fuck her and she would not give in and all I wanted to do was take you inside my house and fulfill all your fantasies. She tells me that she would love to help me so we hatch a plan.

I invite her over to play in my pool and catch some sun on a sunny Saturday afternoon. We are both wearing bikinis that do not leave much to the imagination, mine is pink and the top barely covers my rosy nipples, the bottom is a thong and the front barely covers the mound of my pussy. Hers is black and it is a halter style and again the fabric barely covers her dark brown nipples and the bottom is a low cut and the top of her ass is just barely visible when she bends over.

We are lying on the deck chairs and have a couple of drinks beside us and we have been sunning ourselves and drinking for a few hours and are feeling no pain and are starting to get very horny. I look up into your window and I see your shadow so I know it is time to start the show. I take her hand and lead her to the cool pool. We step into the shallow end of the pool and we both start to giggle as the cold water hits our warm sun drenched pussies. I pull her close to me and start bursa escort to run my hands up and down her arms, I reach out and stroke one of her breasts and her nipple reacts to my touch and is rock hard in seconds, she moans and her head falls back, her long hair touching the water. I lean over and I move the fabric off of both of her nipples and I take each one in my mouth and slowly suckle each one. I make each one rock hard and then move to the other and keep doing this until she grabs my head and pulls me into a passionate kiss, she pushes me until my back is against the edge of the pool and she undoes the top of my bikini to reveal my rosy nipples. She bends her head and starts to reciprocate the treatment I just gave her breasts, my nipples react to each lick and touch like they have been aching for her touch. I sneak a look at your window and I see that you are still watching us so I up the ante.

I get out of the pool and I go and get my phone and I call you. You jump when the phone rings but you answer and I tell you that I need help with something and could you come over and lend me a hand…you agree and throw on your swim trunks and race over to my yard. I have left the gate open for you and you let yourself in. I have joined my friend in the pool again and she is now sitting at the edge of the pool. I introduce you to her and I ask you to come and sit beside her so I can show you what I need help with. You are too stunned not to do anything I ask of you so you sit down beside her. I tell him that we have heard is his plight and want to help you to be the best lover that you can be so that once word spreads about how good you are, you will not be without a date ever again. I tell you that I am going to show you how a woman wants to be pleasured so to pay very close attention to everything I do.

I tell her to lie back and lift her hips so I can remove her bikini bottom, she complies with a smile because she knows what is to come…we have done this before…I slid her bikini off her sweet ass and your eyes bulge out of your head, this is your first glimpse off a real live woman’s pussy and she is completely shaved like the women you see in the movies you watch in your room alone at night. I spread her legs as wide as they go and I tell bursa escort bayan you to lean in and listen closely. I tell you that a woman likes to be teased, you have to arouse her to the brink of orgasm to make the sexual experience the most pleasurable for her. I spread her lips and you can see the glistening wetness at the centre, I tell you that is the source of the wetness and you should always start there are spread it all over the pussy lips to lubricate it so you can work your magic on it. I start to rub the opening of her pussy and I drag the wetness up to her clit where I circle it with my fingertip. She likes this and moans softly, you see her clit get hard and I tell you to pay strict attention to this part of a woman because this is where it feels the best when you touch her. I spread her lips with my fingers and run my tongue from one end of her pussy to the other, I stop to suck on her clit, I slip a finger inside her pussy and you gasp, it went in so easily you had no idea that it was so easy to please a woman. I fuck her with my fingers and suck on her clit for a few minutes and I pull out my finger and ask if you want to taste her…you look at me with amazement and say yes please!! I give you my hand and you suck her juice off of my fingers while she watches you, she asks if you like the way she tastes and you can barely whisper…yes.

She sits up and sees the bulge in your swim trunks and she asks you if you are ready for another lesson. You just nod, to afraid that your voice will not work if you try to speak. She stands up and removes the rest of her bikini, tossing into the garden. She straddles your thighs and her heavy breasts at eye level, her erect nipples dangling so close to your face that you can hardly see them. She asks you to stick out your tongue and she grabs her breast and runs the nipples all over your tongue. She takes your other hand and puts in on her other breast so you can massage it and make her other nipple erect. You are doing everything we tell you to so we decide to reward you. My friend slips back into the pool and I get out, I remove my bikini and I tell you to lie on your back, I crouch down over your face so my pussy is only inches from your lips. I tell you to stick out your tongue and you do so escort bursa I reward you by rubbing my pussy over your hard tongue. I tell you to reach up and open up my lips so you can see everything and feel how wet I am, you spread my lips and reach up and start sucking on my clit while you play with the opening to my pussy with your fingers, you haven’t penetrated it, you are too afraid to try that until I tell you to.

Meanwhile my friend is between your legs and she has removed your trunks, your cock is so hard it looks like it is going to burst. We both know that this is your first real blow job so you will probably fairly quickly so we don’t want to waste too much time. You have been a great student and you deserve a treat. She starts lo lick your balls and you are so surprised that you sit up slightly which only brings your face that much closer to my waiting pussy. You get used to the sensation and she takes the base of your cock in her hands and tightens her grip on it while she slips the head of your cock in her mouth. You moan into my pussy and I grind it all over your face to distract you from what is happening to your cock. She starts to suck you a little faster and you moan louder and buck your hips a little…we know you are close so we give you what you have been waiting for all this time…I stand up and tell you to move farther from the pool. I straddle you and crouch down over you inching closer and closer to your hard tool. She grabs it and holds it still while I slip down on top of it…you cry out as each inch of my pussy envelopes you, you have never felt such warmth before. She is massaging your balls while I start to bounce up and down on your rod. I know you will cum fast so I start to bounce harder and harder giving you what you want. You have your hands on my hips and are gripping them for dear life…you have no control, you are moaning and bucking up into my pussy with such force that you almost knock me over and you suddenly stop and look at me with a question…I tell you that I want you to fill my pussy with your young hot load so anytime you are ready to let loose. I start to bounce up and down even faster now, your buck up one last time and I feel a hot stream of cum fill my pussy and you buck and buck until every last ounce has left your cock.

I stand up and you sit up and look at both of us with such a look of gratitude that we know that this will be a weekly meeting until you have learned everything that we have to teach you…

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