Discovery River Pt. 01

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I thought I should step back and share the story that, more than anything, made me who I am today. If you have read my story, A Hot Hotel Room, then this is a sort of sequel to that. If not, you should, (shameless plug…I know) but it’s not really that necessary for enjoying this one. That was a story about my first homosexual experience. This is the story of me realizing my absolute love of cock and total acceptance of the fact.

I had recently moved for a new job. It was typical office work in the IT department for a smallish company. It was quite a long ways from where I had grown up but the pay was great, and it gave me a chance to get out and experience new things, new places, and meet new people.

I never really had a problem with making friends, and it wasn’t long before I made one with a guy named Nick that worked a few cubicles away from me on the company’s website design team. We were the same age and found after eating a few lunches together that we had a lot in common. He was about an inch taller than me (I’m 5’7”), rather thin, and really cute with light brown, short hair. I say cute at this point simply because he was really funny with a great attitude and very likable. Everyone loved him. He was also pretty damn easy on the eyes.

I was becoming more and more attracted to him but was also very confused in what way. It had only been a matter of weeks since my very first time having sex with another man, and I was still trying to wrap my head around it. I had tried to convince myself that it was just that Nick was a really great guy. He hadn’t shown me any signs that he was interested in me that way or with other men in general but that didn’t stop me from beginning to frequently masturbate to the thought of me sucking his cock until he spilled his load into my mouth and me swallowing it all. That, of course, led me to feeling slightly ashamed of myself afterwards with my own jizz dripping down my stomach—any gay or bi-sexual person that grew up in a very religious household probably knows what I’m talking about. It’s hard to beat years of programming.

It became an almost nightly ritual after one day going to the bathroom and having Nick come in and take the urinal next to me. I wanted to get a glimpse of his cock so bad that I all but involuntarily looked down at his prick while he pissed and took a good look. It wasn’t huge but it wasn’t small either and was circumcised with a sexy, slightly round head. It looked so good that my own began to tingle a little, and I swear that he even gave it a few strokes while I was looking—but that might have been my overactive imagination.

Either way, I quickly looked forward, finished my business, and that night fucked my ass relentlessly with the larger-than-expected dildo I had just got online, imagining it was Nick. I ended up shooting a gigantic load. scooped it up to eat it, and again felt a little ashamed myself afterwards.

I tried and tried to push those thoughts out of my mind and not act completely weird around him whenever we talked, so I did the best I could to contain myself when Nick proposed an idea to me after eating lunch together about a week later.

“You have any plans this weekend?” he asked.


“How would you feel about going on a short canoe trip with me and a couple friends of mine?”

“I don’t know… Maybe,” I replied, trying to stay cool.

“It’ll be on a small river not too far from here and just two nights camping. It was going to be just the three of us with me paddling a canoe by myself and my friends in another. I thought I might see if you are interested in joining us.”

“What the hell, why not? Sounds like fun!” I said a little over anxiously and losing the cool vibe I was trying to present.

“Great!” Nick replied, not noticing it. “We’re meeting at my place on Saturday morning and heading to the river from there. I’ll give you my address and stuff after work. It should be a lot of fun.”

We went back to our cubicles, and I tried to suppress the imaginings that were making my dick hard. I did my best to rationalize things: It was Labor Day weekend, I had nothing to do, I did love canoeing, and it was a great chance to get to know Nick better outside of work as well as possibly making some new friends. There was no reason to think that any sexual escapades would occur in any way. At least, that’s what I tried to tell myself as my penis got stiffer.

Saturday morning came up and I headed to Nick’s place. When I arrived his two friends were already there and Nick was loading his stuff into their SUV. I was certainly impressed. They were both very good looking, and wearing only T-shirts and shorts, it was easy to see that they were also in great shape.

I took a deep breath, told my wandering imagination to shut the hell up, and got out of my car.

Nick introduced us, and I shook each of their hands. One was named Adam. He had shoulder length, black hair, and was probably somewhere close to six feet tall. The other casino siteleri one looked like an absolute stud. He had to have been about 6’3” or so, big chested with bowling ball shoulders, and long, dirty blonde hair that he kept in a ponytail high on his head. They were both remarkably good looking.

“My name’s Ford,” he said as his huge hand nearly crushed mine. “They call me that because I’m a fucking truck.”

I looked at him googly eyed as he nearly picked me up off the ground and started to wonder if I had made a terrible mistake.

He let me go just before I started to audibly whimper. “Nah, just messing with ya. My dad is actually the biggest Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fan you’ll ever meet. There’s a character in it named Ford Prefect that he loves and insisted that I be named after him—apparently mom didn’t really care.”

What a relief! I thought I was going to be stuck with some dipshit, stud-muffin for the next two days. “Really? I love those books! I’ve read the whole series a few times, actually.”

“I fucking hate them,” he replied with a steely gaze.

“Oh…” My face made the perfect model of chagrin.

“Just playing again,” he then laughed. “I really like them, too. What’s your favorite line?”

“That’s a tough one… I always liked ‘The knack to flying is to learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss’ but there’s a bunch I love.”

“That is a good one,” Ford replied. “I love just about everything Zaphod Beeblebrox says. I really liked the movie, too.”

“So did I! Sam Rockwell played him perfectly.”

“I thought the same thing.”

We both laughed, and I realized I was already falling in love with the guy.

Nick told us to break it up and that we didn’t have all day. He then helped me get my gear out of my car and into their vehicle. I didn’t bring much: the swim trunks I was wearing, two pairs of shorts for changing into something dry later, a couple of T-shirts, an extra pair of socks, jeans and a sweatshirt just in case, my sleeping bag wrapped in a garbage bag to keep from getting wet, the brand-new tent I had just bought, some food, my camera, and a twelve pack of hard cider in cans. I was probably a little over prepared, but it had been a few years since I had last gone canoeing.

Nick and I had already agreed to share a cooler, so I put everything I needed kept cold into his. We put that and everything else that we were bringing into the SUV and then got in with Adam taking shotgun, Ford driving, and Nick and I taking the backseats.

“Everybody know where their towel is?” asked Ford, and I nearly shot the water I was drinking out of my nose.

We drove for a few hours and made a stop for a much needed bathroom break and chance to stretch our legs. We were going through a very small town and pulled into its equally small gas station. It was one of those mom and pop’s places that barely exist anymore, and I knew from the look of it that we were definitely leaving civilization.

Everyone took care of their business, got something to drink for the road, and got back in the vehicle. Except for Adam. We waited for him to come out, and when he did, he was carrying a small box with him.

“I got some doughnuts for everybody,” he said, getting in.

I was really beginning to like Adam, as well. He just seemed like such a genuinely great person that thought about others as much as himself.

“I got a variety, but I think they’re mostly jelly or cream filled,” he said as he passed the box around.”

I was handed the box first. “This looks kinda like a Krispy Kreme.”

“Oh, I love those!” exclaimed Adam.

“Then here you go,” I said and gave him that one.

“Not bad,” he replied with his lips glazed with frosting.

I took what was something similar looking to a cheese danish and bit into it—it was not great. I don’t know exactly what was off about it—maybe the people working there simply had no idea how to make donuts. I didn’t really care, though. I realized that with all my anxiety about coming on this trip, I hadn’t eaten anything for breakfast and was starving. I just ate the thing, knowing it was better than nothing.

Nick was the first to say something. “I don’t know about this thing. I’m not really that hungry anyway.”

His was a powdered sugar covered, pastry, type of thing, that wasn’t really a doughnut given it didn’t have a hole in it. He took a bite of it, and it essentially exploded on him, covering the entire thing with fruit like jelly.

“Here, give it to me,” I said. I figured the jelly would at least help me with my low blood sugar, so I took it and licked all of it off and put the doughy part back in the box.

“I’m not that sure about this, either,” Adam commented and turned back to me. “You want it?”

“Yeah, I’ll try it. I’m starving!”

Adam handed me back a small, chocolate, eclair. I didn’t think it looked that bad, so I put the whole thing in my mouth and bit down. It wasn’t canlı casino bad at all. The cream filling shot in my mouth and I swallowed all of it down in a couple of gulps.

“Go ahead and have this, too,” Ford then said holding up a traditional jelly doughnut.

I was pretty full by that point but again figured a good dose of sugar would help my cause, so I just squeezed it, causing the syrupy filling to fill the hole in the middle, and licked and sucked it out. They teased me a little about eating so much sugar, but I was just happy to have something down the hatch and felt a lot better with a few calories in my system.

We had been going back down the road for a little while, listening to music, and not saying much when Adam leaned back and said: “So, Nick told us you just moved here not too long ago.”

“Yeah, I’ve only been here over month now.”

“That must have been a little scary.”

“I guess so. I’m just glad I had someone I can get along with like Nick working in the same office as me. It’s made things a lot easier.”

“Well, Nick is awesome. We’ve known him for a long time—Ford was his college roommate.”

“Ah, shucks,” Nick said sarcastically.

“Oh, don’t act like you don’t think you’re the coolest guy in the world,” Adam said with a smile.

“What do you guys do for a living?” I then asked.

“We both work at the same restaurant. Ford cooks, and I’m a server.”

“I pitch it, and he catches it,” Ford piped in with a chuckle.

“Hey! I’ll pitch it anytime you want,” Adam said as he sat back forward in his seat.

I had a growing suspicion since we were at Nick’s that the two of them might be a couple. It was the subtle things in the way they acted with each other. Nothing obvious, but it seemed like they were a little more than just friends. Adam saying “We’ve” when referring to themselves about how long they had known Nick definitely stuck out a bit, and after that last comment my curiosity was more than a little piqued. Not that it mattered. I had to just let it go. I certainly wasn’t going to blurt out: “So, you guys gay or what?” or especially say what was really going through my mind: “Any chance on a three-way, later?”

We reached the small gas station, slash-convenience store, slash-bait shop, slash-I don’t know what, after driving for about another hour and were greeted by a somewhat elderly and very grumpy man.

“Take two canoes and put them on the trailer,” he barked at us. “I’ll be out in a second.”

“Do we pay now?” Nick regretfully asked.

“No!” He all but howled. “You pay when you get picked up and brought back. That way I can charge you for anything you fuck up!”

“Okay…” Nick agreed, and we did as we were told.

We got all of our gear into the van that was connected to the trailer and waited. The old-timer finally came out and strapped the canoes in place and told us to get in.

“Anyone else coming?” asked Ford.

“No! Too damned hot out! Now get in!”

Did I mention that it was hot? I mean “Uff da!” (to use a parlance of my home region) it it was hot out! The large, round thermometer hanging outside on the wall of the place said 101°. It was one of those late summer heat waves and to be honest, it didn’t bother me at all. Growing up in Wisconsin I had learned to love super hot weather. When you spend that many months of the year freezing your ass off, you start to pray for 101°.

It was thankfully a short trip to the river landing, and we all piled out as soon as the van stopped, gasping for air. After a quick dialogue with the old guy, unloading the canoes, and getting all of our stuff into them, we were finally paddling downstream.

Nick had told me to take the back of our canoe, and Ford was in the back of theirs. We came alongside of each other, cracked open our beverages of choice, and made a toast.

“Here’s to a great trip!” said Ford.

“To a great trip!” The rest of us joined in and took several much needed gulps.

We floated for a few hours not worrying about staying together or doing much more than just steering, and I took more than a few pictures. The river was amazing! It was so unbelievably beautiful. Only canoes were allowed on it because it never got more than eight or nine feet deep. In most places it was only a couple. It wound like a snake, slithering through a dense woods that covered it on both sides and the water was so clear that you could see straight down to the sandy bottom. The whole scene was just incredible and made you feel like you were a million miles from anywhere.

Nick and I took our canoe around a sharp bend and found Adam and Ford standing next to their canoe on the bank and shouting for us to stop. We pulled up next to theirs, and they suggested that we take a quick swim. The heat was almost oppressive at that point and sounded like a great idea. The spot was a small pool created by the turn in the river and seemed like a perfect place for a quick dip.

“You know, I don’t kaçak casino think there is another soul on this entire river,” commented Ford as we got out of our canoe. “Fuck it! I’m skinny dipping!” he then added.

“That’s a great idea!” exclaimed Adam.

Nick looked at me questioningly. “Sounds fucking good to me,” I said.

“Hell yeah!” he replied, and with all of us being down to only our shorts, we simply dropped them and ran into the cool water.

It felt so good. It was a much needed cool down and after dunking ourselves underwater and washing the sweat away, we all played around in the clear water, talking about how spectacular the river was. It wasn’t long before I had had enough and decided to get out. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy skinny-dipping as much as it was that I am not a big fan of swimming in rivers or lakes or anything that isn’t a swimming pool. It may have something to do with me swimming in a river when I was a kid and having something very large run into me with no idea what it was. The thought of having what was essentially a dangling lure between my legs also didn’t help.

I didn’t get completely out, although. Instead, I went towards the bank and sat down on the sandy bottom with the water covering me up to my belly button. I just sat there enjoying the feeling of being naked, half submerged, and cooling off as well as the view of three, also nude, hot men swimming in water that was clear enough to let me see just about everything.

“Down boy!” I mentally said to my cock as he decided on his own to come up and take a look for himself.

Things only got worse when Ford said that he was also done and started making his way towards me. Everything went into slow-motion, and it looked like a scene out of a movie as he came out of the water. I tried as hard as I could to not look at his bare crotch. I turned my head back and forth so many times to keep from staring at it that I must have looked like a dog trying to follow a tennis match. To make things even more difficult, he came up to where I was sitting and just stood right next to me.

What was I supposed to do at that point? No matter how conflicted I was feeling, there are few chances in one’s life where you have an absolute gorgeous specimen of a man standing completely naked next to you. There was only one answer—use my peripherals.

And use them I did. Ford was standing in the perfect position that allowed me to use only the slightest turn of my head to easily see his cock and balls, and what a sight they were! He had an absolutely beautiful dick. It was large even limp. I couldn’t have told you how big it was erect at that point, but I guessed it had to be eight or nine inches. It was circumcised with a large, pointed head, and wow, it looked thick! The sight of it made my mouth almost hit the river bottom. Time seemed to stand still as I watched beads of water drip from his manicured bush down to his shaved balls.

Of course in reality, observing all of it took less time than me telling you about it. Ford had actually only stood there for a few seconds before turning to me and asking: “Having fun?”

I turned my head to find his cock staring me right in the face. It was so close I’m surprised my nose didn’t brush against it. I quickly looked up and made a concentrated effort to look him in the eyes. “Oh, yeah! I’m having a blast!”

He said a couple more things to me I can’t remember. All I could think about was the fact that all I had to do was lean forward a few inches, open up, and that scrumptious looking hunk of penis would’ve been in my mouth. Luckily for me, he then turned again and suggested to the other guys that we should probably get going—I was almost completely erect.

Ford headed back towards their canoe, and I jumped out of the water and went a little ways into the brush, saying I had to piss, but really just wanted to get out of there before everyone saw that I had a pretty substantial boner. When I got there, and softened up some, I found I really did have to go which helped with my ruse.

I went back to our canoe and found Nick standing next to it and again had to make a concentrated effort to look a sexy, naked man directly in the eyes.

“Ready to go?” he asked.

“Most definitely!”

We were just about to put our trunks back on when Adam suggested that we should all just stay naked.

“No shit!” added Ford, “There’s nobody around for miles.”

“What’da think?” Nick asked me.

“Why not?” I answered, thinking it sound like fun to me.

There was one slight drawback to it I found out quit quickly—although, drawback is probably not the right word given how much I enjoyed it. It was that as we continued paddling down the river I had no choice but to look at Nick’s naked body. Especially his sexy ass.

I had often wondered how I would feel about topping if ever given the chance. I knew I was definitely more of a bottom given how much I loved having that first cock, or almost anything else, up my butt, but I wasn’t sure if I would find other guys asses all that appealing. After an hour, or so, of staring at most of Nick’s bare crack, I started to get my answer. All I wanted was to see more and daydreamed about playing with it.

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Discovery Ch. 04

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When Steve woke, he instinctively checked his phone to see the time, frowning internally as he saw it was time to get up to get to work. Then his mind caught up with itself, and he remembered where he was. Rolling over, he saw the bulk of Phil lying next to him, breathing steadily as he slept. The light cotton sheets had been thrown off him, leaving one tanned arm, thrown randomly across his bare chest, free. The early morning light that escaped the curtain dapped across Phil’s skin, and Steve lay there for a moment drinking it in.

Sighing to himself, as he needed to be in early to catch up on things before the weekend, he rolled himself to the edge of the bed, and gently, trying not to disturb Phil, threw the sheet off his body and swivelled his legs off the bed.

“Running out already?” Phil said, eyes still closed, momentarily catching Steve off guard.

“No, but I need to be in early.” Steve replied, staying sat on the edge of the bed.

“How early?” Phil replied huskily, eyes now opening, one hand reaching out and caressing Steve’s bare arm. At this light touch, Steve could feel himself becoming aroused, and all his good intentions about getting to work vanished in the blink of an eye.

“Not that early,” he smiled, allowing Phil to pull him back down, head flopping back onto the pillow.

Hungrily he rolled over to face Phil, and their mouths sought each other out, lips open, tongues eager to explore. Slowly they kissed, tenderly and sensually entwining their tongues together, whilst their hands reached as one to the others’ body. Steve let his fingers caress down Phil’s waist, feeling the warmth of the skin beneath them. In return, Phil was running his hand outstretched across his belly, the other reached behind his head to pull him closer. As he did their kiss became more intense, deeper, tongues dancing round each other in increasing speed, their need for each other growing.

The sheet had been pushed to one side, their two naked bodies lying facing each other on the bed. Steve’s eyes darted down, seeing both their dicks erect, casino oyna pressing towards the other as if magnetically attracted. His wandering hands continued to caress Phil’s body, whilst slowly reaching further down.

His fingers reached the throbbing flesh, and gently caressed, causing it to grow and harder in his hand. Rubbing his fingers up and down, he slowly, with one lingering kiss, broke their lips and shuffled down the bed. Once there, legs hanging off the edge of the bed, he bent down and took Phil into his mouth, revelling at the warmth and power he felt filling his mouth.

Gently he took it in his hand as he pulled it from his mouth, sensually licking up and down the shaft, eyes locked on Phil’s as they enjoyed the moment. Slowly, teasingly, he took the head into his mouth once more, and inch by inch, lowered his head, stopping regularly, letting his tongue caress and tease Phil. He could tell Phil was loving this, feeling his body squirm beneath him. Finally, he had taken the full length into his mouth, and just as slowly his head made the journey back. Phil was moaning gently to himself, as he started to suck up and down the cock, each time licking the precum that was forming, revelling in the salty taste on him tongue.

After a few minutes of this, and not wanting Phil to come yet, he stopped, and seductively crawled up over Phil’s body, pulling him back into a deep and longing kiss. He was now straddling Phil, their warm bodies pressed tightly together. As they kissed, Steve could feel Phil’s dick rubbing up against his ass and felt his own stiffen more in return.

As they kissed, Phil’s hands reached down and round Steve’s ass, massaging the flesh with his fingers. One firm cheek in each hand, he caressed and kneaded, heightening Steve’s arousal. This increased when Phil popped one finger up Steve’s ass, probing and widening his hole. In return Steve arched his back, pushing his ass back onto Phil’s finger, eager for what was to come.

After a few minutes of Phil’s probing, he pulled his finger out and Steve knew he was ready. Breaking canlı casino their kiss, he shuffled upright, and reaching behind, grabbed Phil’s dick, guiding it upwards into his willing hole. Despite the attention his ass had received, it was still tight as he lowered himself down, feeling his ass stretching as Phil’s dick entered him.

“Arghh,” he sighed in agonised pleasure, as he slowly let the full-length slip in until he was sitting on Phil’s crotch, impaled. Taking his weight onto his legs and arms, he slowly lifted his weight until only Phil’s tip was in his ass, before lowering slowly once more. Twice more he did this, slowly working himself to take Phil easier, the slowness teasing both men. Finally, he felt like the dick was a part of him and increased his pace.

Up and down he gyrated his hips, ass cheeks pumping like a living thing as he fucked Phis dick. Phil had his hands around Steve’s waist, holding him up, caressing his skin, causing goose bumps to firm as Steve bounced on his dick.

Steve looked down, seeing his own hard dick flapping around, slapping meatily on both his and Phil’s stomach as he pumped for all he was worth, squeezing his ass around Phil’s dick as he drove down, feeling as he was being deliciously split in two each time.

His legs were tiring, and he slowed down, leaning forward until his arms could support more of his weight. Keeping Phil’s dick in his ass, he leant forward and kissed Phil hungrily, the other man responding urgently with his own tongue. The pleasure was building, both from the erotic kiss and the throbbing fulfilment in his ass, and Steve knew he was close. Phil was now no longer just laying on the bed, he was thrusting his hips up, meeting Steve’s downward plunge with his own, the feeling of being taken so thoroughly coursing through Steve’s body.

Breaking their kiss, he straightened, and increased his speed again, his ass pulsating as it moved, Phil’s dick appearing and disappearing as he moved. Steve was sweating now, the salty liquid running down his body, causing his skin to be slick beneath kaçak casino Phil’s hands.

“Keep going,” Phil moaned, as Steve began to slow again, and Steve responded, doubling his actions, knowing Phil was almost there.

“Arghh,” Phil exclaimed, and Steve felt him throbbing in his ass, and so slamming down once more, tightened his ass, and milked the explosion of cum. Deep inside him the fluid spurted, and as Phil pulsed, Steve continued to massage the cock, coaxing every drop from out of Phil. Even when he felt Phil finish, he stayed on top, dick still in his ass, and collapsed on top of Phil, lazily kissing him as he did.

“What a way to start the morning!” Phil murmured, “now let me see to you,” he added, rubbing his hand between them at Steve’s still hard cock.

Steve rolled off Phil, a loud plop emitting as Phil’s dick came loose, and draped himself over the bed, trying to catch his breath. He could feel Phil’s cum oozing from his ass as he lay there, but just smiled up as Phil spun to face him.

With a smile of his own, Phil bent forward and took Steve’s length into his mouth. The warmth took Steve’s breath away, and a small yelp emitted from his mouth.

“Ahhhhhhh,” he crooned in bliss as Phil’s tongue caressed his sensitive skin, “Mmmm” he added, incapable of words. It didn’t take long, and already he felt himself coming. Without a chance to warn Phil, his own orgasm hit, and he spurted his own cum deep into Phil’s mouth. Phil had a massive grin on his face as he did, before rolling up and kissing Steve once more, Steve’s cum coating both of their lips as they kissed deeply once more. Steve felt himself abandoning everything, aware only of the kiss, and his tongue eagerly sought out Phil’s.

“You best get going,” Phil said, breaking the kiss delicately, “else I might keep you here all day,” he chuckled hoarsely.

“Maybe that’s what I want,” steve replied, but reluctantly broke away and rolled to the edge of the bed. Standing, naked but without shame, he headed towards the bathroom, ass glistening in the soft light.

“Will you call this time?” Phil asked, as Steve returned the bedroom later, showered and dressed in yesterday’s work clothes.

“You bet!” Steve replied, smiling himself, “nothing would stop me now!”

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Discovering Boys Ch. 03

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My dreams were a confusing mess of images: Dave’s flint eyes boring into mine as his thick lips wrapped around the head of my cock; Matt grabbing me by the waist and pulling me into that fierce kiss; Nathan’s laughter as he joked about the new queer guy on the block. Eventually the dreams gave way to blissful nothingness.

I woke up in pretty much the same place that I fell asleep, slumped against the door where I had cried myself to sleep. The last week had been an emotional rollercoaster which I was not at all equipped to handle.

First, I’d had my first gay kiss with my best friend, Matt, whilst drunk and at a club. Then I’d endured nearly a week of the cold-shoulder from my best friend, whilst the rest of the group spread rumours about me being some kind of ‘queer’. Then I met Dave, an Adonis of a man who had given me a mind-shattering blowjob and then cuddled me through the night. And finally, last night Matt had practically forced his way into my room, accusing me of ruining his relationship with his girlfriend, before kissing me.

I felt like I’d gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson. ‘How can simple emotions make me feel so physically tired?’ I wondered. Groaning, I stretched out and my hand hit the wall. Ah. That’s why I felt so tired. Sleeping on the floor will do that to a person. My phone buzzed and I picked it up. My notifications had gone mad:

“Hey sexy man, how was your night”

– Dave

“Jake, you okay? Sounded like some shit was going on in your room yesterday”

– Harriet

“Dude, I’m so sorry ’bout that, let’s be friends k?”

– Matt

“Actually, fuck you, Kerryn’s right I shouldn’t let a homo like you drag me down”

– Matt

“Just leave Matt the fuck alone, Jake, okay?”

– Kerryn

“I need to talk to you, please?”

– Matt

“Jake man, answer me”

– Matt


– Matt


– Matt

I groaned again. Deciding that other people could wait for a while, I chucked my phone on my bed, and walked zombie-like to the shower to try and regain some sense of humanity. By the time I wandered back into my room, towel wrapped around my waist, it was clear the day was going to be a write-off. I’d missed most of my lectures and anyway I was in no emotional state to handle human contact and the probing questions that my flatmates would subject me to.

There was a hesitant tapping on my door.

“Jake…” the voice was nervous, tentative, but it also had that growly deep characteristic that people get when they’re hungover, “let me in, man, please.”

It was Matt. Matt who had kissed me. Matt who had ignored me for a week. Matt who had drunkenly kissed me again last night. Matt who was my best friend, or at least I hoped he still was. I sighed and went to open the door, still wrapped in just a towel, still with wet hair, still utterly unprepared to face him. He was, as always, absolutely stunning. On his worst day, Matt was a muscled, tall, stunningly handsome man, even when he was haggard. Today was not his worst day, the white T-shirt he was wearing was clinging to all to all the right places and his hair was just the right amount of tousled.



“So… uh… I guess… sorry man, for last night”

He had the audacity to look sheepish. This was definitely one of his signature moves, I’d seen him pull it out on his girlfriend countless times and it pretty much never failed to work. It was easy to see why, the slight head tilt, the puppy dog eyes, the slightly imploring tone of voice. It was a well-practiced move and it took all my strength to tear my eyes from his gaze.

“Matt, I mean, come on man. Do you think that’s gonna cut it? You kiss me, you ditch me, then you kiss me again. I’m not your fucking toy to play with when it suits you!”

“Jake… please…”

“So what am I, Matt? Huh? Your friend? A piece of meat? Some dirty queer?” I could feel it building within me, all the emotions of the week bubbling to the surface and demanding to be heard, “What are you gonna do, try and fuck me then tell Nathan and everyone about gay I am?!”

He looked directly at me, “So are you? Gay, I mean.”

I stopped mid-rant. “I – I don’t know,” I said, deflated, “I don’t think so, I mean, I definitely like girls, but this is all new to me”

Matt nodded, “Yeah I get that. I kinda… I mean, maybe I feel the same?”

“You feel the same? What about Kerryn?”

“I love her, man, I swear I do. She’s hot, funny, sexy, and I’ve never had better sex”


“But that kiss, dude, hotter than any I’ve ever had…” His voice trailed off meaningfully.

My heart was pounding in my chest, and my breathing was requiring far too much concentration for my liking. casino oyna Matt shuffled closer on the bed, one arm dangerously close to my leg. I could feel the heat spreading and my dick was uncomfortably hard given all I had on was a towel. He leaned forward slightly, putting his face directly in front of mine, uncomfortably close.

“Matt…” I protested, weakly. I shuffled backwards on the bed to get away, propping myself up on the headboard. The only problem with this was that it dislodged my towel and freed my dick which sprang up and hit my chest with a soft thwack.

He looked at me with an almost predatory eye. Moving forward, his lips met mine. This was a kiss more like the first than the second, strong, deliberate, and hot. His lips parted slightly, and I allowed his tongue to lightly caress mine and I sank into the kiss and let myself go with it. I felt the urgency in his movements build and felt his hand grab the back of my head, taking hold of me and holding me close. I broke briefly, gasping for air, but couldn’t get a word out before he pulled me back into it.

I felt his hand pawing at my abdomen before finally finding my cock. His grip was weird, the angle felt wrong and his grip was too tight, but it somehow still felt good. The jerking was sporadic, and not really all that comfortable but the heat of the moment made me want to go with it. I held out for a few minutes before the sheer weirdness of the situation reasserted itself and I pushed him off me.

“No man, stop”

“What, Jake, what?” His voice practically growled.

“I can’t do this with you. Not now. Not when you might turn around in two minutes and tell me to fuck off, not when you have a girlfriend.”

“Oh. Kerryn.” His voice cracked slightly.

“Yeah, Matt. I want to be your friend, but this is confusing as fuck for me, and I can’t be caught up in your love life as well.”

I couldn’t help myself, he looked so sad. I darted forward, planting a firm kiss on his lips. “You’re awesome man, don’t let this shit fuck you up. I’m here to talk, but not the rest, at least not right now.”

He looked sort of lost, and I felt a twang of empathy. It was as if I’d kicked a puppy. ‘No,’ I thought, ‘after the last couple of days giving in on this would be pathetic’. My inner monologue seemed to be developing two personalities, one justifiably angry at Matt for his behaviour towards me, the other panting like a dog in heat at the idea of seeing what he had beneath his pants. Matt looked at me again, his eyes dark and clouded, and then left without a word. He was very difficult to read, at times.


The rest of the day passed mostly without incident as I kind of camped in my room, half afraid to leave in case I should bump into Matt, not knowing what I would do I saw him. I spent the time zoning out watching Netflix on my laptop, idly playing games on my phone trying to keep my brain busy rather than have to think. I’d half dozed off when my phone suddenly rang, bringing me round with a start.


“Hey Jake! It’s Dave, was just checking you’re still alive? You didn’t answer my texts.”

“Oh, uh, yeah, sorry man it’s been a rough day”

“Aw, that sucks, wanna come over? Or I could come to you? You can tell me all about it, or not, and we can cuddle. I promise I’ll make it all better, you can trust me, I’m a doctor!”

I laughed, involuntarily, “not yet, you’re not!”

“Okay, I promise that I can try to make it all better, you’ll either recover or die in a horrible bloody mess! Can’t say better than that.”

“I’m not sure I’d be the best of company today, but sure, you can come over”

“Sweet! I’ll see you there.”

When Dave arrived, my flatmate, Harriet, beat me to the door of the flat. I heard her laughing as I entered the corridor and saw her flirtatiously stroking his chest. Dave was leaning against the door frame, grinning winsomely at her. “Is Jake in?” he said,

“Oh sure, I think he is, but why don’t you stop by my room instead?” she said, laughing,

I decided it was time to intervene, “Harriet, this isn’t a porno and nobody talks like that, leave him be,” I said, laughing.

She gave a petulant pout at me and then grinned impishly, “well, you keep saying no… can you blame me for trying your hot friends?” she winked at him, “oh fine… I’ll go, I know when I’m not wanted! Just remember my door is always open.” Turning, she flounced away with a theatrical strut.

I shrugged at Dave, “She’s always like that, I honestly cannot tell if she’s joking, or if she really is as much of a nympho as she claims to be”

Dave laughed, his eyes sparkling, “nympho, yeah? And you keep saying no?”

“I’m just sticking to the rules, no sleeping with housemates!”

“Not canlı casino a bad rule, so, what do you wanna do? You sounded upset on the phone, care to talk about it?”

I nodded mutely and motioned him into my room. We talked well over an hour as I told him everything that had happened over the last week, from the first kiss to the last. He stopped me occasionally to ask questions, but mostly just let me ramble on aimlessly. By the end I felt more tired than I had in ages, but somehow felt a lot lighter. Just chatting to Dave felt soothing, and his cool grey eyes radiated warmth and concern. I’d been a bit worried that telling Dave about Matt might scare him away, but he took it all in his stride and didn’t seem to be concerned in the slightest.

“So, you’ve had a rough week then”

“That’s putting it lightly”

“Well I think you need a night of doing absolutely nothing, and boy can I provide. I’m going to go grab some beers from your fridge, you do have beers, right?”

I nodded.

“Cool, I’m going to grab some beers, we’re gonna chill in your room and watch the cheesiest silliest film I can find, and we’re not gonna do anything else. Okay?”

“Nothing else?” I couldn’t help but sound a little reproachful, remembering the last night I’d spent with him.

Dave laughed quickly, “Yup, nothing. Sorry man, but you’re way too delicate for anything tonight. We’re gonna do a night of nothing, and it’s gonna be super hot.”

He put so much inflection onto the last two words that I couldn’t help but giggle and blush. He caught me by the waist and pulled me close, giving me a kiss and lightly biting my bottom lip. I gasped as he stepped back just enough to whisper in my ear,

“Don’t mistake me, Jake, I would love to bend you over and fuck you right here right now. But that’s something I’m gonna have you begging for before I give it to you, and we’re not doing that when your dick friends have been messing you about.”

He kissed me again, and then vanished to grab the beers.

When he came back, I’d put on something inane, and we passed the rest of the night chatting, telling stories from our pasts, and laughing at the movie. For the first time all week I think I was fully relaxed, held securely in the arms of this guy I’d only met a couple of days previously.


I woke up the next morning before Dave did, and managed to give myself a few minutes to survey the situation I found myself in. He was pressed close to my back, muscled arms wrapping me close, and his legs were tangled with mine. The blanket was sort of half hanging off the bed and wasn’t really covering either of us. Dave’s breathing was slow and regular, with an ever so slight hint of a snore on the outward breaths and his body was radiating heat like a furnace. I squirmed a bit to get a little more comfortable and was suddenly acutely aware of his groin pressed firmly against my arse. We were both still wearing our boxers, but I could feel the warmth of his crotch and the tightness of the cloth holding his dick back.

I snuggled in as close as I could and tried to gently grind my hips a little without disturbing him too much, giving a little bit of stimulation. I had no idea if this was even worth doing, as I was operating almost purely from instinct. Of course, I knew that I’d liked it in the past when girls had ground against my dick but had no idea if this would work.

“You know, I’m definitely not going to be able to sleep if you keep doing that,” Dave sounded sleepy, but faintly amused.

I tried to twist around in his arms to see him, but he just wrapped me closer in his bear hug, trapping me tight.

“Oh, I didn’t say stop.”

Taking that as my cue, I put a bit more effort into grinding against him, and heard his breathing pick up pace. He pushed forward with his hips, increasing the pressure against me and I found I liked the feeling of that pressure. One hand roamed over my body, starting from my jaw, across my neck, and down my chest. He paused to pay attention to my nipples, rolling his index in circles lightly around my areola before pinning the tip and grinding into it with a little bit of force. I’d never had my nipples played with like that before and it was driving me wild. It was as if someone had wired my pecs directly to my dick, each urgent twist and flick causing my dick to twitch in by boxers.

He kept up the assault for a few seconds more, until he had me practically panting before roaming further down, one hand slipping into my boxers and cupping my balls. One thumb lightly traced the edge of my glans and gently milked a drop of pre-cum out of me, before spreading it over the head of my dick.

By this point I was gasping, and my dick was straining against my boxers. kaçak casino I could barely stand it anymore, so I struggled free of his grip and pulled off my boxers. I span around and kissed him, pouring all the passion and heat I was feeling into the urgency and strength of the kiss. As we kissed, I ran my hands over his body, tracing the curve of the V shape in his abs down to his waistband.

I hooked one thumb into it, pulling it down and over his dick which sprang free. It was beautiful. At least 7 inches of manliness and at least as thick as my fist. On instinct I pulled free of the kiss and began working my way down Dave’s body with my lips. I started on his neck, planting little kisses on each centimetre of skin as I trailed down, over his pecs, down over his abs, and towards his cock.

I was facing my first ever penis at eye level. Somehow up close it was more intimidating than I had imagined.

I tentatively reached out with my tongue and licked on the underside, slowly tracing along the line from the base to the tip, focusing on the frenulum. I placed a kiss on the very tip and then let my mouth open as it entered, being careful to keep my teeth clear. I bobbed slightly, working my tongue over the first few inches that I could fit inside. Remembering what he had done to me, I reached and cupped his balls with my hand, gently fondling them and eliciting appreciative moans from him.

I sped up my technique, each time my head bobbed I took a little more of him into my mouth, trying to maintain eye contact as much as I could. His hands grabbed at my hair, gently guiding my stroke and encouraging me.

Suddenly he pulled me up and away, kissing me, his tongue roaming my mouth.

“Oh my god, you are so good at that,” he said in-between gasping breaths, “but at that rate I was gonna cum way too quickly.”

I felt a glow of pride at that. It felt strange to know that I was good at this, this weirdest of skills, but I’d had more than enough bad blowjobs to know it wasn’t easy. His eyes flashed like steel at me, making me blush even more.

“Oh, I do so love it when you blush.”

I grinned at that, then suddenly I was falling backwards as Dave flipped me onto my back. He loomed large over me, propped up on his strong arms.

“So, I think I’d like to fuck you now… you up for it?”

“Oh God, yes.” I gasped.

I pointed him in the direction of my lube and condoms and he began to work on me. He pressed one finger gently at my hole while slowly jerking me.

“Just breathe deeply and relax, I need to open you up first.”

Slowly, deliberately, he pressed the finger into me. At first it was a little uncomfortable, but then he curled it inside and rubbed something and suddenly I was in heaven. The pleasure I was getting from this one little movement was so much it was almost pain. Suddenly I realised he’d added a second finger and sped up on my dick. He started to move his fingers in and out of me, occasionally adding a little more lube so he could be sure I was fully ready. Finally, he added a third finger, really working me.

It was agony. It was bliss. I simply couldn’t interpret the conflicting signals my body was sending. I was moaning, but it was the wordless vocalisations of an animal.

“I think you’re ready for my dick now. This might hurt, so tell me if I’m going too fast.”

He lined up the head of his dick with my hole and pushed, just enough pressure that I could feel myself stretch to accommodate him.

“Slow, deep breaths, push out a bit, yes that’s it.”

He was so much bigger than his fingers had been, it burnt quite a bit as he pushed steadily deeper. Finally, with a satisfied grunt, he was all the way inside me. He held himself there for a few seconds, allowing me time to adjust. I could feel him firmly inside me, I could have sworn I could feel his pulse at the entrance to my hole I was so aware of him.

Then he began to thrust. Slowly at first, but smoothly. Deep, long strokes that took his dick almost out before pushing all the way back in. As he picked up speed, he twisted his angle slightly and suddenly as he bottomed out each stroke there was a moment of white hot energy. I couldn’t tell if it was painful or pleasurable, but each time he hit that point it was like a lightbulb going off in my brain, disrupting my thoughts.

It only took a few minutes before I was practically screaming underneath him, and I felt myself give in to the sensation and began to cum, shooting a bigger load than I think I had ever done before, splattering my face and chest.

Dave growled a low groan and suddenly somehow seemed to be fucking me even harder, his balls bouncing off my arse as he bottomed out and then, with one final hard thrust, he came to a stop as he came.

Still inside, he flopped forward, kissing me and then just lying there for a few seconds.

“Not a bad way to start the day,” I quipped.

He laughed weakly as he rolled off me.

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Dinner with the Sforzas

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Dinner at the Sforza household was always a formal affair, being the ruling Ducal family over Milan, and most of the known world as far as they were concerned, they felt entitled to only the finest. It was generally a stilted thing, quiet and painfully polite, but tonight the eldest son’s future hung in the balance, and he had other plans.

“The Countess DeTrevalle is a lovely girl, Ludovico,” Beatrice trilled happily, “She would produce such fine heirs!”

Duke Ludovico Sforza nodded in distracted silence. Many times he had heard this particular statement from his wife, and already he had conceded to this particular proposal; he needed no further convincing. DeTravalle’s lands were fertile, the family rich, the daughter attractive and voluptuous. He already looked forward to having such a lovely daughter-in-law, the thought of seeing her alone in the passageways of Castella Sforezco gave him enough incentive to arrange the marriage now that his son was 18 years old. He had been beating around the bush too long about this anyway. It was about time the boy had some interest in something other than his dogs, his horse and his Doctor. Beatrice was excited about an impending wedding to plan, grandchildren to dote on, an actual girl around the castle she could bring up to her bower to gossip with on endless warm summer days. Ludovico was content to stay out of it until it was time to sign papers with DeTravalle, and to sample the tastes of the young Countess. Beatrice’s endless trilling and gushing over it was grating on him, but it was nothing new. The look on his son’s face suggested that he shared the sentiment, though there was something more to his look than he let on, a sourness that was more than simple annoyance, and he was more than certain that the relative peace of the dinner table was going to be short-lived tonight. The old Duke had not been as successful as he was through ignorance of his surroundings and the emotions of those around him, and that included that of his strong-willed, fiery-tempered oldest son.

For his part, the youngest, Massimiliano, was content to sit quietly and enjoy his meal, out of the spotlight for the moment, and mentally preparing for what was to be an interesting evening. He shared his father’s sense of his surroundings, and his silence, though Max was not going to fool himself into thinking silence would stop it from happening. He saw the storm brewing in his brother’s brooding blue eyes, and it was all he could do to stifle the case of anticipation giggles he felt coming on. At 14, he was too young to be in his mother’s sights for looking for a wife, but old enough to find his older brother’s discomfiture endlessly amusing.

Dr. Ivan Urbane was quietly, blissfully unaware of the storm brewing around him. He was all too familiar with this kind of conversation, and was under the impression that perhaps with the choice having been made already that he could enjoy a respite from it in a few weeks’ time. He had learned early on in his career with the Sforzas to selectively tune out Beatrice’s endless dinnertable prattle, thanks to Ludovico’s example. Smile and nod, smile and nod, as he had once learned of his late wife’s henlike sisters so many years ago, seemed the only way to enjoy any amount of peace. The memory elicited a melancholy sigh from the quiet Russian, which was quickly mistaken by the wretched Adrian to be something other than what it was.

“I won’t have it,” Adrian spoke quietly, almost unheard over his mother’s chattering. Max stifled a snort of laughter. Ivan and Ludovico did not react at all, either too absorbed in their own thoughts to hear, or tuning out the boy as much as they were his mother.

“I refuse!” Adrian spoke a little louder; on a level with Beatrice, now, and getting impatient. Max took another mouthful of cannelloni to hide his giggle. Here it comes, he thought. Ivan glanced up at Adrian over his wine glass. Ludovico simply sunk lower in his seat, pouring another glass of sweet red wine to dull what he knew was going to be a headache to end all headaches. Beatrice continued to blather with no regard for the little drama beginning to play out around her. She was not about to be able to ignore it for long, though.

Adrian finally stood, kicking his ornate wooden chair out behind him with a booted foot, his fists hitting the table with a thud that rivaled his father at his angriest, his blue eyes flashing with old-fashioned Italian passion. “I refuse to marry this girl or any other! I will not have it!” he shouted at the top of his lungs.

Beatrice looked startled and offended that she had been interrupted and she glared at the boy. Ivan nearly dropped his wine glass, his eyes widening as he stared at him. Max giggled obscenely. Ludovico uttered a long suffering sigh, draining his wine glass.

“What are you talking about, Adrian?” his father said with cool patience, waving Beatrice down from what was going to be a noisy tirade that would accomplish nothing. He casino oyna was used to fiery tempers when it came to politics, and family politics need be no different.

Max knew darn well what his brother was getting at. He had heard him whisper in the night more than once what his desires were, had seen the longing glances, the heartsick sighs, the awkward arousals at the wrong times. His heart was already quite taken, and not by any courtly lovely their mother had paraded through the castle in the past few months.

Adrian lifted his chin in a remarkably accurate portrayal of his father’s haughty glare, the one that suggested he would take no refusal, and came off much like a young lion cub practicing his sire’s lordly mien. His voice was steady, strong and confident, though still cracked slightly with youth’s transitional fragility. “I have someone I want, and I will take no other. I need no woman, now or ever. My heart is spoken for, and that is final!”

Ludovico seemed bemused by this, his dark brows rising in mellow interest. “Oh really now, son? And just who is this lucky recipient of your affections?”

The boy could not have looked prouder of himself in that moment, his hairless baby smooth chin lifting higher, his graceful hand lifted to point a finger as though delivering the judgment of God as he announced, “Dottore Urbane. I will have none other.”

Ivan nearly dropped his wineglass again, his eyes dropping instead to the table to avoid the gazes he knew to be trained on him, now. Beatrice nearly fainted with shock. Max could not contain his amusement any more and promptly fell out of his seat in a gale of laughter. Ludovico blinked slowly at his oldest son, no longer quite so bemused. “Max, sit down and behave yourself!” he barked, allowing his temper to flare.

Max crawled back into his seat beside Ivan with a muttered apology. Adrian looked triumphant, but it was to be short-lived. Ludovico gathered his wits about him, he had been unprepared for this development, and did not like to be caught unawares. “Dottore, what do you know of this?”

Beatrice recovered from her shock in time to practically shriek, “Dottore!! What ideas have you put into my boy’s head?? How could you? The future of the duchy is at stake here!”

Ivan attempted to recover his own wits, so utterly taken aback was he that he barely knew how to react. “What? I had nothing to do with this! I have no idea where he got this idea from! I…”

Ludovico propped his elbows on the table, steepling his fingers, pressing his thumbs into his aching forehead. “Do you return these sentiments, Dottore?”

“What? No! Of course not! That’s absurd!”

Adrian’s blush was redder than the Sforza coat of arms, his expression easily read, his hand dropping so fast his knuckles scraped the table edge hard enough to bleed, his blue eyes glossing over. “But… Dottore…”

Beatrice began to weep, loudly and quite dramatically. The Duke sighed, returning his gaze to his stricken son, “Look, son, it’s not as though the good Dottore could provide the family with heirs. Be sensible, now.”

Ivan sputtered at the remark about providing heirs, practically choking.

It was all too much; the eldest of the Sforza boys was not used to being refused anything, especially something he was this passionate about. It had all been planned in his mind for God knows how long. Ivan’s loving smile, his father’s approval of his conviction, his mother’s stunned silence and lack of an excuse to parade any more brainless females in front of him anymore. This was not the reaction he had expected. He certainly had not expected the utter snubbing he had just received. With a sound like a dying animal, and the click of his hard-soled boots, the young Duke fled the dining hall in a rush of black and silver silk and velvet.

Beatrice continued her hysterics, relatively unheeded by her long-suffering husband. “Angelo mio! How could I have known? What will befall the duchy? I will never be a grandmother, now!!”

The Duke pinned Ivan with a serious look, his sonorous voice still soft, but with an edge of menace that brooked no argument. “I suggest you go speak to the boy and straighten this out. Get this ridiculous idea out of his head. He won’t listen to us, and you know that’s a fact. If you cannot talk some sense into him and bring him around I will have to terminate your employment with us. I’m sure you understand; I cannot have this kind of thing going on. We have a duchy to think of.”

Ivan stood shakily, “I would leave voluntarily, Your Grace…”

“Talk to him, first,” he replied firmly. “He won’t listen to me. Whether or not you leave on your own, he needs to have the sense beaten into him. If you cannot, then I bloody will beat it into him, and I would rather not resort to that.”

“Yes, Your Grace…” Ivan whispered, and left the dining hall himself.

The halls of Castella Sforezco were quiet, the servants in the basement kitchens having canlı casino their own dinners, and Ivan’s heightened senses allowed him to track the errant young lord through their drafty lengths. He wasn’t sure what to expect, or really where to look first. The boy’s room, adjacent to his own, was empty, as was the library and den where he liked to curl in the great armchairs on cool fall evenings like this. At a loss, he wandered outside, the chill in the air clearing his head. Even the dog kennel was quiet, the hounds at their meat or snoozing with full bellies in the warm hay that lined their stalls. There was only one place left to look, and Ivan prayed he was right.

He wasn’t sure what he was going to say, or even how he felt about the situation, thinking of his words carefully as he approached the horse stables. Should he chastise the boy in hopes that it would shock him back to reality? Reality, Ivan mused, was a tricky thing now. What was the boy’s reality? What was his own? How did this revelation change their reality? How did he really feel about the passionate little lord? Certainly he had loved him in his own way over the years, else why would he have worked so hard to save his life? But what the boy was proclaiming was something more than a patient’s appreciation for his Doctor, a student’s admiration for his teacher, a boy’s affection for a trusted family friend. He wanted to give up his entire future for his love of Ivan! Surely, many nobles married women they never loved for the sake of politics, and had mistresses on the side whose hearts were truly their own. Were there not lords who loved other men as well? If this were true, then why did the idea of Adrian marrying another woman fill Ivan’s gut with such writhing dread? Could it really be jealousy? This was absurd, and had to be put to ground right now. Ivan was certainly not into relations of this kind with other men! And most certainly not with a boy barely old enough to shave!

He approached the stable with a grim determination he only barely felt, and promptly felt it shatter when he spotted the young lord.

Deep in the shadows of the well-kept stables where the Duke kept his prized war horses was the birthing stall where his best mare had just foaled the day before. The colt had been promised to Adrian, and he had been thrilled at the spunky little foal’s will and instant recognition and acceptance of him when he had first laid eyes on him. Ivan made his way slowly down the aisle between the stalls to the back, where he could just hear the softest hint of tears, interspersed with the newborn foal’s snorts of confusion. Finally, he spotted Adrian, sitting in the hay beside the little black stallion, his arms wrapped around his withers, his face buried in the lanky little neck, his hair mingling flawlessly with the impossibly soft ebony mane.

All thoughts of cruelty to the boy melted away at the honesty of Adrian’s reactions. No hint of falseness or duplicity in those tears sinking into the soft hide.


He looked up, his eyes reddened, his expression utterly miserable.

“Your father requested that I talk to you.”

Adrian leaned back against the foal, toying with his mane, gazing off at the lamplit walls to avoid Ivan’s eyes. “This one, Dottore. This one was promised me. He cannot be taken away from me. So few things are ever denied us in the nobility, we barely know how to react when something truly precious to us is taken. I don’t know what to do. I’m sure Father has his ideas as to how this should be handled, but I am the future of this duchy, and someday my word will be law, and he will be but a memory.” He raised his gaze; his tear streaked face vulnerable, yet somehow undaunted in its misery. “I could make a case to forbid my losing of you; I’m sure he has threatened your position, but ultimately it will be my choice when I am Duke.”

Ivan found this amusing. Despite the fact that he had proclaimed that he did not love the boy in front of them all, Adrian was determined to keep him around. For what, he wondered, and smiled. The boy was as devious as he was passionate, and it was something he had always liked about him. That mind of his was always working, ever in motion. Even in his young boyhood he always thought three steps ahead of his playmates, and was almost impossible to beat in chess. This was no different, and despite his obvious heartbreak, that devious mind of his was not about to lie down and take defeat. It was that strength of resolve and character that would make him a powerful noble, and potentially a dangerous Duke.

“And what would you do, Oh Duke, should I decide to leave the service of your father voluntarily?” Ivan pressed.

Adrian pulled himself to his feet, stroking the foal’s forehead one more time as he rose. His resolve showed in his posture, though there was an exhaustion there that made him look almost more mature, his half-lidded eyes smoldering instead of ablaze. “Lo vieterei, I would forbid kaçak casino it,” he replied clearly.

With the stealthy steps of a predator, Ivan approached the boy, ready to see just how far he could push him. “And if he should fire me, instead?”

Adrian held his ground, even though he was a good head and a half shorter than the Doctor, only lifting his chin defiantly to meet his eyes. “I would hire you back on myself. It is my right as Duke of Milan to have whomever I wish on my staff. Including physicians.”

“And if I refuse this appointment?”

This seemed to shake Adrian yet again, his defiance faltering for only a second. Ivan encouraged him in his own mind, don’t give up on me yet, boy, you’re too headstrong to let this break you down. Fight it. Instead, the young lord turned his momentary lapse into an expression of righteous indignation. “You would refuse me? I am your Duke! I would have you punished for your insubordination!”

Ah, so he resorts to pulling rank, Ivan mused, way to show those teeth, cub. He stepped forward, slowly forcing the boy back toward the wall of the stall. “Ah, but I am not Italian, nor have I ever been. How can you be my Duke when I am not even Italian? What would you do?”

Adrian’s tone took on a timbre Ivan had never heard from him before. He had heard him shout, he had heard him scream, he had heard him wheedle and bully and push, but never had he heard the silken venom that now dripped from his young voice, and it stirred him deliciously. “I would have you flogged for your impertinence! How dare you defy me!”

The back wall suddenly met with Adrian’s back, and he startled again, his gasp almost audible as he was forced to stop his unintended retreat. Ivan’s hand came up to cup the boy’s cheek, holding him steady as he devoured the look of vulnerable surprise that crossed Adrian’s vulpine features. Suddenly, he was the 16 year old boy again, alone in a horse stall with the doctor he had proclaimed his love for not half an hour earlier, his fierce blush betraying his realization. Ivan relished the sudden vulnerability; the headstrong little beast was now at his mercy.

With a swift movement, Ivan wrapped his long-fingered hand around the boy’s throat, pressing him hard against the wall, locking his gaze with his own, his excitement making him rough. He could feel Adrian’s pulse rabbiting fast beneath his fingers, the tremble in his long legs, his breath hitching in his throat, and he knew the boy was afraid, and aroused as well.

“D…d…dottore…?” Adrian whispered, his hands fluttering like dying butterflies at Ivan’s fingers, his eyes wide and frightened in the dark.

Ivan hissed softly to hush him, then leaned forward and pressed his lips against Adrian’s, eliciting a whimper of surprise from his captive. He only struggled for a moment, then his body quivered under Ivan’s like a reed in the wind, and he melted into the kiss. His first. The young lord’s fingers clutched at Ivan’s arms as though unsure of where they should be. As his knees gave out beneath him, Ivan followed him down to the grassy floor, the kiss unbroken.

Adrian’s mouth tasted like red wine and tears as Ivan slipped his tongue hungrily between his lips, devouring his half hearted protests, drowning him in his own unfathomable desires. Suddenly, his lack of experience with men meant little in the heat of the moment, his hands knowing well where the young lord would be soft, and wanting, or hard and needing. Adrian’s youth served only to make him more delicious, succulent in it’s untouched virginal purity, and Ivan wanted it all to himself. All his. Ivan ran his fingers through Adrian’s long mane of ebony hair, clutching it to hold his body against him, to pin him so he would not move, could not move. He delighted in his lean, long-limbed form beneath him, feeling him tremble with anticipation, lust, fear. He pushed him all the way to the floor to lay over him, covering him in his robes, stretching over him to feel all of him underneath him, trapped and helpless.

Adrian tried to return the strokes and caresses the doctor bestowed on his hungering body, but he could barely keep his own thoughts straight, and his hands could only clutch Ivan’s arms. Finally, Ivan gently nudged the boy’s trembling hands to his own silver hair, wanting to feel him bury his beautiful long-fingered hands in it. Ivan moved to kiss Adrian’s tear streaked face, down to his lean throat, the boy’s frantic pulse under his lips, driving him mad with desire. He could easily feel Adrian’s arousal under him, despite the layers of clothing between them, and he was sorely tempted to pull his clothes off. He wanted to see him naked and virginal under him. He wanted to violate his beautiful body, make him utterly his. To be the first one to touch him, to kiss him, to caress his naked skin, to enter his body and take him completely, to make him bleed and cry out his name and never let him go. Ivan felt his own frisson of lust pass over his body, the temptation was too great, and he could hear Adrian panting his name, pleading with him, begging him to take him. “I want you, Dottore. Please, God, please…take me. Be my first. Be my only. I don’t care.”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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It was not the first time that Janet had seen her at the grocery store. In fact Janet had seen her each Tuesday morning about 10:00 for the last four weeks. She had already seen her today by the bacon. Every time the reaction had been about the same, weak knees and a racing heart. Janet lingered with the freezer door open looking at the frozen turkey dinners, the cold air barely affecting the raging heat from between her legs. It was good she didn’t have anything on under her knee length jean skirt. That was her one ‘naughty’ pleasure. She felt it was safe since no one would ever know; yet it made her feel sexy. As she shut the door with the window all fogged up, no longer able to see what was behind it, she put three turkey dinners in her basket.

Janet had no illusions of being a stunning beauty, though she thought she was nice looking. She had that natural earthy look that flatters some older women. Her long gray and black hair was often pulled back in a ponytail, but sometimes like today it was just spread across her shoulders. Her last lover had told her she was pretty many times. Maggie had been good for Janet and Janet for her. That was now history and Janet had lived in Rockville for a month. Rockville was about as far away from Morristown as Janet could move. Double that distance would have been even better.

Janet didn’t actually live in Rockville; she lived in a cabin nestled in the foothills about ten miles east. It was secluded in a valley with a stream down the slope from the cabin. There had already been a hard rain and light snow, now the stream had a nice roar to it.

A new log lay on the fire and was just about to catch, loud pops and cracks were echoing though the one room cabin. It was one room that is if you didn’t count the bathroom that sat behind the large rectangular main room. Even though there was just one room, she still thought of the different areas by their function.

As she walked from the living room to the kitchen, she kicked her shoes off and the soft sounds of her bare feet against the floor drifted up to her ears. She enjoyed walking around the cabin barefooted; it gave her a sense of contact with the wooden timbers of the building. Something she enjoyed very much. It was sensual.

By the time she stood in front of the three bags of groceries, her blouse was unbuttoned and the nakedness of her chest partially exposed. The cool mountain air caused her nipples to almost firm up and she touched one lightly with a fingertip. “There,” she moaned out loud as it became erect.

The refrigerator door opened revealing mostly bare shelves. A six-pack of beer, mayonnaise, and some hot dogs from the grocery store today helped make it a little less so. The freezer was just as desperate for company as she stacked the frozen dinners and one package of two small filet mignon steaks neatly on the bottom shelf next to the ice trays. She gave the boxes a little nudge to straighten them before closing the door. A bottle of Merlot was placed on the counter midway between the refrigerator and the sink with a slight twist of the bottle to make sure the label was in the front. She tapped the folded and creased paper grocery bags making sure they were aligned properly before laying them on the others under the counter.

She carried a soft chocolate chip cookie with her and sat on the floor in front of the fire, the new log now indistinguishable from the other flaming logs on a glowing pile of embers. Leaning against the front of the overstuffed leather chair, one knee up, the other leg sprawled out to the side, Janet let her mind drift as she stared at the tops of the flames.

“Bitch!” she screamed out not really knowing where the rage had suddenly come from. But as she thought about it, she began to realize it had been directed at Maggie. As suddenly and loudly, she added, “And for a guy!”

A fingertip played between her legs under her skirt, just touching some of the skin around her opening without any attempt to enjoy what she was doing, just touching out of nervousness more than anything. She nibbled on the edge of her cookie as she remembered how much she had enjoyed nibbling on all the parts of Maggie. That connection between sex and Maggie almost made her want to never touch or be touched by anyone again.

The fingertip snaked inside the wetness and she let her head lay back, her long hair draped over the cushion of the chair. She could not deny how nice what she was doing really felt. Suddenly a loud “Ah-h-h” filled the room for a moment and then she took another bite of the cookie just before the piece would have broken off and fallen into her lap.

The sun peeked over the top of the trees as Janet stood naked on the porch holding her morning cup of coffee. A light breeze blew her hair and she reached up with her free hand to brush a few strands of hair out of her eyes as she turned to go back inside out of the cold air.

She sat the cup on the counter as she passed though the kitchen on her way to take a shower. Standing in the entrance to the nicely tiled shower designed so no curtain was needed, she twisted casino siteleri the knob for the hot water. As the steam began to rise and fill the whole room, she turned on the cold water, just enough to keep from scalding her, but leaving it hot enough to make her skin tingle. Tingle like it had in the middle of the night as she had flicked her clit around like a punching bag. “God, that felt good,” she mumbled softly remembering that part of the night for the third time as she stepped under the water.

A bar of soap in one hand, a fluffy washcloth in the other, she let the water flow across her breasts and thought of how nice it would be if that were someone’s tongue. The soap lather soon hid the nipple as she rubbed the bar over it far longer than necessary just to get it clean. The cloth splashed as it fell on the floor by her feet, the fingers that had just let go of it now probed her as if digging to China. Her knees weakened and she fell back against the wall. “Oh fuck!” she moaned loudly as the orgasm began and didn’t seem ready to stop for a while.

By mid afternoon, the clouds had cleared and the temperature was nearly 49. Out of the wind, the sun felt good as Janet walked from the cabin towards the stream. A large flat rock provided a quiet refuge from the quiet of the cabin. After all, she was here to recover from Maggie and the only way she knew how to do that was to be alone.

She undressed and carefully folded her jeans and blouse, then laid them near the edge of the rock. Lying on her back, the warmth of the rock against her skin felt like a body pressed against her in the middle of the night. Before she realized it, she was asleep.

It was probably the crack of a branch or the boot against the gravel of the path that woke Janet. She looked around quickly. “Not a bear,” she thought. Before she could react more, a voice called out “Hello.” The sleep worked its way out of her eyes enough to see a face of a woman her age that seemed familiar. Something she thought strange since she didn’t know anyone in Rockville yet.

“Didn’t mean to wake you up.”

“Shouldn’t have gone to sleep.” Janet’s mind raced to remember the face as she sat up, still naked and not even thinking to cover herself.

“We’ve passed in the grocery store. I’m Karen.” She reached her hand out not seeming to be embarrassed by Janet’s lack of dress.

Janet crossed a leg as she took Karen’s hand in hers. “I’m Janet. I should have said ‘hello’ in the store. Sorry.” She pointed at the cabin. “I live there.”

“I’ve always liked that place. It was empty for a long time.”

“Just bought it recently. Haven’t seen you up this way before.”

“Thought I’d try a different trail this afternoon. Pretty secluded up here.”

“That was one of the things I liked about the cabin. I just needed to get away from someone and someplace. Have a seat.” Janet patted the rock next to her.

Karen sat down. “My husband became interested in teenagers. Bastard!”


“Nah. Some girl. Could have been his daughter if we’d had any kids. And her twin sister, the three of them in bed. Gross!”

“Very long ago?”

“I don’t know. Maybe 5 months, 1 week, and 2 days ago.” She made a nervous little laugh. “Pretty much past that now. And you?”

“My girlfriend of 15 years. Some guy from where she worked. Bitch! Fucker!”

“I see you’re past that too.” This time they both roared with laughter, holding their stomachs and bending over.

“Want to see the inside of the cabin you’ve liked from afar?”

“I peeked in the windows last summer, but sure.”

Janet carried her clothes and walked barefooted though the tall wild grass along a gravel path, Karen walked next to her.

Karen glanced at Janet. “Your girlfriend?”

“Hope you don’t mind?”

The door closed behind them and Janet tossed a small log on the fire. It instantly began to catch fire.

“Not much to it. Just the one large room.” Janet pointed. “A nice bathroom back there.” She sat on the couch and began pulling her jeans back on.

“Don’t feel like you have to dress because of me,” Karen said as the fingers of her left hand absentmindedly rubbed between her legs a few times, then jerked away as she realize what she had just done to herself.

Janet continued to pull her jeans on. “Don’t be ashamed. I do that too.”

Karen blushed as she realized that Janet had seen her touch herself.

Janet stood to snap the jeans, her blouse was on and dangling open in the front, and then walked towards the refrigerator. “Get you a beer?”

“Would love one. Worked up a real sweat on that 100 yard hike from the stream.” Karen giggled.

Janet opened the freezer and pulled out the package of steaks. “Got two of them. Its nearly 4:30. Want one for an early dinner?”

Karen walked into the kitchen and took the package. “I lust after those every week. Can’t afford them.”

“Me either. That was a little splurge.” She popped them in the microwave to thaw them enough to cook.

Karen took her beer and stood in front of shelves of CD’s canlı casino in the living room and flipped though them.

“Feel free to put one on,” Janet called out.

Soon the sound of Van Morrison’s ‘Moondance’ softly filled the room.

“Turn it up more if you want.” Janet paused. “No one to hear us out here.” She chuckled.

Karen half danced, half skipped, as she walked back to the kitchen. “Great song,” she murmured between singing words of the song as she bopped along.

“My favorite of his. There’s some lettuce if you want a salad.”

Karen broke the lettuce head apart and dropped the pieces in a big bowl. “Do you work?”

“A writer. I get a royalty check each month and that’s enough.” Janet held her beer bottle up as if to make a toast. “Here’s to readers.” The bottles clinked together and then each took a big swig.

“Just a file clerk for the town. I’ll never get rich that way. But I get by if I’m careful.”

The steaks sizzled in the pan while Karen finished mixing the lettuce with tomatoes and carrots and then putting it in two bowls. Janet opened some microwave rice and set the timer.

“Sure wasn’t expecting to have a nice dinner tonight.”

“Guess I need to lay out naked more often.” Janet teased.

“Practically a forest nymph.”

“The sailors would have put wax in their eyes rather than ears if I’d been the Siren.” Janet slapped her thigh lightly and giggled.

The light was beginning to fade and the clean dishes were stacked on the counter ready to be put away. They glanced out the window in the living room and both women realized at the same time just how hard it was snowing. Janet opened the front door leaving a wall of snow against the space left by the door. The porch was covered with several feet of wet snow and the snow on the ground looked much deeper. They couldn’t see the stream because of the blowing snow that seemed to fall even harder as they watched. On one post of the porch hung a large circular yellow Pennzoil thermometer with a big red arrow that pointed at 29.

“Oops,” Karen groaned.

Janet closed the door. “Guess you get to spend the night. … I don’t mind.”

“Me either. Not like I haven’t seen you naked. Te he.”

“Not that I haven’t undressed you a few times in my mind.” Janet smiled a wicked little smile.

Karen leaned over and kissed Janet letting her lips linger just long enough to say what she was thinking. Before she pulled back, Janet’s tongue pressed slightly though Karen’s lips in a tender little exploration.

“I have thought about this before,” Karen whispered like she was telling a deep dark secret that she had never told anyone.


Karen pulled Janet closer and kissed her again, a hand lingering over a breast, a fingertip rubbing back and forth over the nipple covered only by the fabric of the blouse.

“I’m glad,” Janet cooed. “It will feel good to just hold you close tonight.”

“Maybe we could open that wonderful looking bottle of Merlot and cuddle for a while in front of the fire?” Karen suggested.

“So you’re a mind reader too?”

They sat on the floor leaning back against the couch; a single blanket wrapped around them both, the fire roaring like the feelings building for each other. A half filled glass beside each other, fingers curled around the stem as they traded little kisses between sentences.

“Why have you thought about this?” Jackie asked.

“Maybe I’ve read too many erotic lesbian stories over too many years. For some reason I have always enjoyed them more than other kinds of erotic stories. Maybe more than even ‘normal’ stories.”

“But you never experimented?”

“Guess I thought I’d just wait until I met you.” Karen leaned over and gave Janet’s cheek another little peck.

Nothing was said for another hour as they leaned against each other, just enjoying the feel of being with someone that seemed to share some of the pain of the other. Under the blanket, their fingers intertwined and occasionally rubbed back and forth against each other.

The bottle was empty, both half asleep, and the fire now just a bed of red-hot coals. Janet kissed Karen’s lips until she was slightly more awake. “Ready for bed?” she whispered softly into her ear and then kissed the earlobe, sucking it gently between her lips.

“If you’ll be my teddy bear?”

“Of course.” Janet stood and reached down to help Karen stand.

Karen leaned the door to the bathroom and smiled while she watched Janet sitting on the toilet. “Seems so personal to watch,” she said very softly almost as though Janet was not expected to hear her.

“It’s okay. Makes me feel closer to you,” Janet said as they traded places.

Karen wiped between her legs and more out of habit than necessity, pulled her jeans up and snapped them shut.

They walked hand in hand to the bed and sat on the edge next to each other. Their upper arms pressed against each other as their heads turned and eyes gazed towards the other’s eyes. There was just a single light peck on the lips.

“Undress me?” Karen asked.

Naked, kaçak casino both women pulled the sheet and comforter over them as they lay facing each other, bare skin resting against bare skin, one arm over the others side. Janet kissed Karen a few times on the lips; Karen’s tongue explored Janet’s mouth.

“This is the perfect ending to a perfect afternoon,” Karen said softly, her hand lightly touching things she had not touched before on another person. Her fingertips dipped into the wetness between Janet’s legs just enough to make them also wet. She held her hand in front of her lips and inhaled deeply, then sucked the moisture off. “Even better than in the stories. … Taste me.”

The morning sun reflected though the large sheet of ice over the window by the bed, small rainbows shown on the wall here and there as trees swayed back and forth in the wind. They lay asleep, still wrapped in each other’s arms, lips inches apart. Karen’s eyes flickered slightly as she tried to understand where she was. Janet did likewise.

“I slept better than in a long, long time,” Karen moaned as she shifted her body so it lay more on top of Janet. Her hand reached under the covers until it lay over the folds of skin where she had found that delicious wetness last night. “Guess I’ve liked morning fucks best.” One finger, then a second dug deep inside.

“Oh-h-h my-y!” Janet said loudly as she pulled one knee up towards her chest before stretching it out.

Karen worked the two fingers in and out slowly and her lips kissed their way down from Janet’s lips towards a nipple. As she began to suck the nipple into her mouth, Janet rested her hands over Karen’s hair and her fingers slipped though the long brown strands, occasionally pulling a piece out to the side.

As Karen worked her way down, Janet softly said, “You don’t have…”

“I want to darling,” Karen stopped speaking for a moment, and then started again. “And I want you … I want our lips over all of us.”

Karen flipped the covers back toward the foot of the bed leaving both of them completely exposed. She twisted her body until Janet’s face was next to the top of her thighs. Janet didn’t need any further invitation and pressed her lips firmly against Karen’s pussy, driving her tongue deep inside.

“Oh baby, that feels so good,” Karen yelled, for some reason feeling comfortable to express herself in ways she had never felt before. “Suck my cunt!” she screamed. “Eat me,” she growled as she ground against Janet’s mouth. It didn’t take long before Karen was moaning and screaming all kinds of unintelligible sounds.

Lying cuddled in each other’s arms, tips of noses touching, lips extending to touch the other’s lips, they looked into each other’s eyes.

“You learn quickly. Was it as good as the stories?”

“Oh hell yeah! I might be able to get used to this.” Karen giggled.

“You think?”

“It’s Tuesday. I don’t have to work today.”

“I hope you want to stay with me.”

“Let me think…”

Janet slapped Karen’s bare ass and a loud whack roared though the room.

“Guess I will.”

A second slap landed in the same place.

“Ok, Ok. I WANT to stay.”

“That’s better.”

Karen stood by the bed, before walking to the bathroom. Janet leaned over the edge of the mattress looking at the clothes scattered across the floor. She pointed and said, “Messy.”

Karen leaned down and picked up the clothes. “Sorry, we were in too big of a rush last night.”

Janet and Karen sat naked on the couch, covered only by the comforter, and leaning against each other as they watched the fire. A large sheet of ice crashed off the roof as they sipped coffee.

“I love the way you warm me up,” Karen softly said as Janet’s hand rubbed over her breast.

“Maybe we will be frozen in until spring.”

“Only until spring? You may have spoiled me.”

They sat cuddled together for half an hour just touching and cuddling.

“Why?” Janet asked somewhat suddenly assuming Karen knew what she was asking.

“It helped that I’d thought a lot about what it might be like … to be with a woman. All those stories and lots of touching myself helped me work … well it just felt right with you.”

“I wanted you that first time at the grocery store. One day I had to stand in front of the frozen food to cool myself off after seeing you.”

“I’m not that good looking. Am I?”

“To me you are.”

“Can we go slow with this? Don’t get me wrong. Last night and this morning was better than I could have dreamed of.”

“As fast or slow as you want. I am just enjoying your company darling.”

“Darling … I like the sound of that.”

Karen stood in line to pay for a book and flipped though her wallet to find a credit card to use. A picture was tucked in one of the plastic sleeves, a picture of Janet. Karen stood looking at it not knowing when Janet had put it there.

“You’re next,” the person behind her said.

She laid the book upside down on the counter. The woman turned the book over and whispered the title ‘Lesbian Love and Life’, then looked at Karen and smiled. Karen frowned and started to say, “It’s not for…” then said nothing else. The woman whispered, “It’s a good book,” then slipped it into a bag. “It helped me.”

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Did It For The Team Ch. 02

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Mike learns that the first time wasn’t a fluke

The drive back to campus was a little uncomfortable. I didn’t really say anything for the first 5 minutes. Dave and I were sitting in the back and Kent was driving. Kent was the first to break the tomblike silence that hung in the air.

“You’re awfully quiet Mike, you okay?” asked Kent.

“Yeah, I’m just a little tired.”

“I bet you’re a little freaked out by what just happened, right?”

“Yeah, to say the least.”

“I know what’s going through your mind. It doesn’t make you gay; tons of guys do this for their buds and teammates. Just think of it as your contribution to the team. You really showed your loyalty tonight, Mike, and your willingness to put the team first. I won’t forget that. Plus I think you did kinda liked it,” he said with a smirk.

Dave chimed in. “Well, I saw you were packing some wood in that speedo while you were sucking off Kent, and it was definitely stretched beyond capacity. So I know you must have been turned on.”

I thought for a moment and looked for a way to rebut it. “Well, Kent was rubbing my junk and with a suit like that, you know any friction against it is enough to fill the whole thing up. I couldn’t help it.”

Kent laughed. “True, but I’m pretty sure you also enjoyed it. You’re the kind of guy that is on the fence – you wouldn’t go out seeking a dick to suck, but I had a feeling when I first met you that you just needed a push. A push of my cock buried in your throat. He laughed a little. “Some guys need just a little encouragement, while others I had to get a little more physical with. But they all eventually saw things my way.”

“And there is only one way, Kent’s,” added Dave. It was pretty obvious Kent had Dave trained physically and mentally.

“He’s right Mike, you submitted after a few minutes. Not that you’re a pussy, because you aren’t. Far from it. You’re just one of those nice guys who doesn’t like to disappoint anyone. And that’s a great quality to have. Granted, you weren’t getting out of that room without a load in your stomach; that was already predetermined. Dave knew that you were going to become a cocksucker that night also, and was cool enough to make sure you came to our get together.”

He and Dave both laughed. I didn’t see the humor of all of this.

Dave pushed my shoulder. “Relax Mike, were all buddies here, and I did the same thing last year. You and I just blew the two most powerful and best looking dudes on the team. Trust me, from the looks they get from the rest of the team, there are plenty of dudes who would love to be in your place- I mean, position,” he added with a laugh.

I broke my silence. “I don’t know. It was all a bit weird. Unexpected. And certainly something I never expected to do. I’ve only been at college less than a month and already I’ve done this. I didn’t have time to even say no. ”

Kent stopped the car. “Dave, you drive,” he said. “I need to have a little chat with Mike.”

With that Dave got out and suddenly Kent was sitting next to me in the back of the car. I was confused why he all of sudden he moved to the back. Dave glanced through the rear view mirror before we started moving again.

“I’ll prove to you that you liked it. And casino siteleri I’ll prove to you that you want to do it again.”

He spoke with such confidence and conviction that I found it pretty hard to even try disagreeing with him. He pulled my shorts down. My grey speedo was stretched beyond capacity and there was clearly a wet spot on it.

“See? Just talking about this has you hot and bothered. I’m in the same boat,” he added.

His pulled his shorts down and his blue and red speedo was in the same state, tented and with a huge wet precum spot all over the front. He pulled those down to his ankles and his huge member sprung forward. All eight inches in their full glory silhouetted against the night. It looked even bigger than before. His hand hooked around my neck and he pulled me towards his dick. All I said was, “Not again,” but he said, “Yes, again,” and continued the pulling motion. I tried to stop his forward motion, but he was just too strong. His crotch was emanating heat and I could feel it as my face got closer to it. His whole member pulsated. His hand went to the back of my head and I felt all five of his fingers spread in my hair as my downward journey continued. “Open up,” was all he said. I obeyed.

His slick precum hit my tongue and his rock hard prick continued its entry into my mouth. It was spongy, rock hard and even bigger than a few hours ago.

“There you go, see? No need to deny it or put up a fight for show, Mike. You’re a natural and you’re right where you need to be, face down in my crotch, right?”

“Mmmm hhhmph,” was all I could say.

“Sorry, Mike can’t really understand you, but it is oh so hot when you try to talk and I can feel the vibrations on my cock.”

I was about six inches down when his downward pressure continued until he had another full inch or so buried in my mouth. He gave one last thrust and I was suddenly flush with his pubes. I felt like I was running out of air and felt a gag coming on, but he quickly picked me up and I sucked in air through my nose.

“Dude,” he screamed out to Dave, “he just deep throated me.”

“Way to go Mike, I knew you would learn fast enough,” said Dave from the front seat.

I tried to say thanks, but it was a muffled utterance which again produced a vibration on Kent’s cock, which made him moan. Kent moved me up and down like he had a few hours ago and I pretty much got down to his pubes on every downward swallow. Incredibly I didn’t gag. I also realized when we hit a bump in the road, it actually drove Kent’s dick further down my throat. We hit one manhole cover and I pretty much kissed Kent’s balls. Kent just kept his hand on my head but not in a vice like grip as before.

“See, I don’t even need to force you anymore, you know the job you need to do.” Kent’s words slipped into my brain, and it reinforced the dynamic between us. This guy knew how to take the fight and doubt out of my mind. I kept moving up and down and Kent reached down to feel my hard dick through my suit. I moaned on his cock, which got a reaction out of him. I felt his dick jump a little in my throat and some precum leaked out. I got to taste that on the way up. It was a familiar taste from a few hours ago. Kent pulled my head off his saliva covered canlı casino dick and called out to Dave.

“He’s rock fucking hard, Dave. And he’s about as big as me! Looks like we have another hung Italian on the team! And more proof he is enjoying his job today. Dave, why don’t you come back here and show our newest cocksucker a little team appreciation?

The car came to a stop, and Dave turned off the car. He parked behind an abandoned building near campus. I started to question what was going on but Kent simply shut me up by pushing his large member back into my wet mouth. Dave got out while I continued servicing Kent’s engorged dick, which was pretty much hitting the back off my throat on each trip down. I also tried to give some extra attention to the bulbous cockhead, because Kent seemed to like that. That of course would made him leak out a few drops of precum, the taste of which I had grown accustomed to and actually began to like.

Dave got in the back and sat next to me. I was lying horizontally by now. He pulled my suit down and in one swoop took my cock down to the base. His soft mouth enveloped my cock and easily expanded to get my wide dick inside his throat. I thought to myself that he must be part boa constrictor because he took my entire eight inches down without even flinching. No girl I had ever dated could take me down to the base, and Dave did it in two seconds. He starting showing the stellar oral skills he seemed to already be known for.

My mind was spinning now and it was hard to focus on my job with this expert head I was now receiving. I also was moaning from the attention of Dave’s mouth and throat which of course meant more vibrations on Kent’s cock. Kent seemed to really react to the vibrations and every “Mmmmmm” out of my mouth was rewarded with a fresh load of that tangy precum. I took it readily. I can’t lie; Kent tasted great. Dave was also moaning causing my cock to throb. After he gave a few sucks on my head, I also began to leak. That caused him to moan out of satisfaction as he intensified his efforts. I felt a lightness in my head like I was floating and a tension began building up inside my body. I felt like someone flipped switch and I reached the point of no return. Out of instinct I also intensified my efforts on Kent as well, which had him moaning and cursing. Suddenly I felt my orgasm rise up my dick and I started shooting ropes of cum into Dave’s mouth. To my delight, he swallowed greedily and professionally.

My sucking and yelling (if you could call that) also elicited the same response from Kent. And as if almost on cue, Kent blasted into my mouth. I knew immediately I would swallow it with no encouragement or force from him. I was being fed sperm as I fed Dave sperm. It was an unbelievable sensation. My body jerked a little but both guys kept me steady on the seat, which helped as I convulsed as I shot and swallowed. Kent’s load wasn’t as big as the first one, but it was sizable, definitely a big sticky mouthful. I laughed inwardly, seeing that I was able to take it all with absolutely no problem, while girls I had dated in the past struggled with swallowing.

Dave, the seasoned veteran, coaxed a few more drops out of me, and then let my now deflating cock fall out of his mouth. Kent kaçak casino pulled out of my mouth as well, and said,

“Well, point proven, first time wasn’t a fluke. You’re an official cocksucker. My cocksucker, right?”

“I guess so,” I replied.

“I’m in you forever, Mike. We’re connected man, my sperm in your body, and now yours is in Dave. We’re all connected man, a team.” Kent moved up to the driver’s seat, and Dave and I got out of the car. Kent rolled down the window and said,

“Take it easy guys, I’ll see you at practice Monday , right?”

Dave and I walked the short distance back to the dorms and my head, throat and crotch were still buzzing from this road head episode. Dave finally broke the silence by saying how hot what we just did was. I did agree, as it was the first time I had ever been blown by a dude. He also admitted he wanted to suck me off the first day he saw me at tryouts.

“Dude, when I saw your body and your bulge, I knew I wanted to taste it, but I also knew those guys had plans for you. I feel bad I didn’t tell you, but it also turned me on that they were going to get you into our circle. When you were sucking off Kent, I was so turned on, I couldn’t contain myself. So tonight when I got the go ahead from Kent to do you, I went for broke on your meat. I’m glad I could please you, since tonight you did a lot of pleasing but not a lot of getting pleased. Your load was huge, the biggest and best tasting I ever had. You have a great cock, Mike. Thanks man.”

“Well, I do eat a lot of fruit,” I kidded. “And it felt good to get off tonight as well. I just didn’t picture doing this type of thing, and I don’t know how it all happened so fast.”

Dave explained the situation. “I had the same experience, but we’re the low men on the totem pole, and we’re dealing with two Alpha males here. You had no choice in the matter. They had carefully planned tonight, and like I said before, no guy ever refused Kent. Every girl, and I’m sure quite a few guys lust after him and you got to digest him twice in a few hours. You’re a lucky guy. And he thinks you’re a cool guy, too. I sucked him off last year, but I was mentored more by Jason who coached me a little bit so we developed more of a bond. I pretty much have been doing him exclusively. Kent had a freshman sucking him off last year, but the guy got kicked off the team for smoking pot at a party, so Kent dumped him. So he was quite eager to find a replacement this year, which is where you came in.”

I worried to myself if I gave a vibe off that made me seem like an easy mark, and questioned Dave.

“Was it so obvious that I was an easy target? I think I’m pretty masculine.”

Dave encouraged me. “That’s exactly what he and Jason look for. Low key, handsome, masculine guys in great shape, who are easy to get along with and agreeable, which is what your personality is like. You were a perfect fit.”

I also noticed that Dave also fit “their” bill. He was ruggedly handsome, classic Italian features, dark eyes and hair, and a muscular lean body. I guess I was in good company. We walked towards the dorm entrance. As he entered his room, he said, “Don’t sweat this so much Mike, and don’t make of it more than what it is. It’s just a few teammates bonding and expressing their masculinity in a different way, that’s all.”

That made it a little easier to swallow. Literally.

My heartfelt thanks to Ken for his valuable help in editing this chapter. Thank you!

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Dick – The Teen Gym Stud Ch. 07

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“What’s your idea Ryan?” I asked, looking over at him.

I was supposed to be the responsible adult escort for Ryan and a friend to go to his school dance. But earlier that night I had been dressed up in a costume—by Ryan’s older sister—as a lady bumblebee, complete with giant tits, a short dress, thigh-high stockings and heels. Ryan’s had then essentially used me as a female mannequin to induce his sister into sucking his giant cock while I watched, touching myself, before making out with his sister for his viewing pleasure then making out with him. The day had already spiraled out of control. Now his date had cancelled and he was looking at me with a glimmer in his eye.

Ryan just smirked at me and looked towards the road, driving.

“Ryannn,” my voice had a slightly high-pitch whiny sound to it, “what’s your idea? What’s going on?”

“Shhhhh girl, calm down. You’ll see.”

I swallowed but clammed up. I knew I wouldn’t get anywhere if I just sat there sounding like a broken record.

We drove in silence. Ryan reached up his hand to the back of my head, where he began running his fingers through my now-long hair.

“Just relax, Janelle. It’s going to be great.” He rested his hand on the back of my neck and started kneading. I felt my tenseness loosen. My head tipped back into his strong hand as he continued his massage.

“You’re so tense back here baby. Maybe it’s because you’re carrying all this weight around.”

His hand left my neck and I felt him squeeze my left breast firmly. My eyes flew open and I swatted at his hand. He laughed and I couldn’t help but grin, looking over at his young handsome face.

“Here we are baby” he said.

I looked out and saw we had arrived at Thompson High. Ryan’s high school and my Alma Matter.

Ryan got out of the car and came over to my side to open the door. “Ryan, what…eeeek!” I was cut off as Ryan wrapped his strong arm around my waist and lifted me down beside him, effortlessly.

After I caught my breath I continued “…wha…what about your date?”

“YOU are going to be my date, Janelle.”

I stared up at him, dumbfounded. What? He had to be kidding me. I was a man in his 30’s, I couldn’t go to a high school dance as a student’s date! “Ryan, are you crazy!?”

“Not at all. I needed a date, and here you are, looking fucking sexy as hell.”

I blushed, “Ryan…I…don’t think this is appropriate…” I stammered. “We could get into a lot of trouble…” One of the reasons I had looked forward to tonight was the opportunity to speak to a few of my former teachers and school administrators from when I was a student, who I knew still worked at Thompson and would likely be working tonight. This was too dangerous of a scenario. They could recognize me!

“Oh…but don’t you want to dance with me, Janelle?” Ryan wrapped his hands around me and rested them on my ass over my dress, squeezing hard and pulling me into him. My small body pressed up against his large strong one, I could feel his massive manhood pressing into me. My hands rested on his chest, feeling his huge muscles under the thin green lantern muscle shirt.

The fear drove my resistance on a little further. I said in a small voice, almost a whisper. “Of course I do…” Why did I say that? “But Ryan, don’t you remember the conversation we had? About the appropriateness of our relationship.”

Ryan ignored me and continued. “Besides, don’t you know the halloween dance tradition, baby?” I blinked, staring up at him, feeling his hands kneading my ass. Oh my god. I remembered. For years and years the rumors had generally been that if she hadn’t yet done so, a girl would give her boyfriend her first blow job the night of the halloween dance. I had never experienced it of course – I was in college by the time I had my first girlfriend.

He leaned in and whispered in my ear now. “C’mon, it’ll be fun Janelle” He nibbled my ear and pressed his pelvis into me. I felt the length of his huge cock pressing into my stomach. I moaned, unthinking, and brought my hands down, sliding over the large contours of his abs. It had been so long since I’d touched him. My hands were just about to make contact with Ryan’s cock when he abruptly stepped away.

I almost fell forward but Ryan had grabbed my hand and was holding on firmly. “Let’s go.” He said.

He started towards the door and I fell in behind him. My dress had ridden up a bit and I could feel the wind against the bare skin of the bottom half of my ass. I reached around trying to pull the dress down with my free hand. I got it over my ass but it would go no further. God this dress was short. What was I thinking coming outside in this costume?

As we walked in the front doors I felt a rush of nostalgia, but not the good kind. High school had been rough for me, full of awkwardness and social anxiety. I had always felt out of place and was always envious of the “cool” crowd. Now, my stomach dropped as we entered the hallways.

I immediately saw Principal Janice Winters standing off casino oyna to the side, talking to a young pretty redhead I didn’t know, likely around my age. Shit—Ms. Winters was principal when I had been at this school as well. She would recognize me!

I pulled at Ryan’s arm. “Ryannnn” I whispered. But he continued forward, even walking towards the two women!

Ryan said “Hello ladies,” and I felt my world crashing down on me.

They looked up. I watched their eyes and, almost in unison, they both quickly scaned Ryan up and down. I noticed the younger woman biting her lip as her eyes scanned Ryan’s exposed arms, resting there. Principal Winters eyes then fell on me. She scanned up my legs, took in my large breasts, then rested momentarily on my face. I looked at Principal Winters, waiting for that flash of recognition. But instead she gave a slight disapproving frown then diverted their gaze back to Ryan.

“Oh, Ryan…Hi…” said the younger one, nervously. Principal Winters replied more sternly. “Please use our names Ryan. That is no way to speak to your principal and biology teacher.”

“Oh, of course. Hello Ms. Winters…Hello Sarah..or rather, Ms. Daniels.” Ryan said the second name with a grin and I saw him subtly wink at the redhead. Ms. Daniels flushed crimson and looked away. Huh?

Ms. Winters had missed the wink because she was looking at me again, suspiciously. My heart began beating rapidly, Shit, my life was about to be over!

She spoke. “This young lady does not attend school here, Ryan.”

Young lady?? What was she talking about?

“Yes, Ms. Winters. This is Janelle. She doesn’t go here now but she’s a recent grad.” Fuck –

Ms. Winters took another look at me. “Hmmm…She does look a little familiar… How long ago did you graduate young lady?”

“Oh…just a few years ago?” I said quietly, and in a high-pitched feminine voice—not wanting to ruin the facade. Why was I answering in the form of a question!?

“Hmmm…” Continued Principal Winters, still looking at me disapprovingly. “Very well. You two behave.”

I nodded my head vigorously, incredibly relieved to be free from her scrutiny. “Yes, of course, Ms. Winters. Say thank you, Janelle.” Ryan said to me like I was a toddler.

“Thank you.” I practically whispered.

Ryan tugged on my left arm and as we passed the teachers to the right of us, I saw him reach back and pinch the ass of the biology teacher! Holy shit, I thought.

Ms. Daniels jerked and stifled a yelp. I turned around then, not wanting to have any more interactions with the Principal. I was flooded with relief having made it through that interaction and I clung hard to Ryan’s large arm.

We stepped through a door and my senses were immediately assaulted by the party. The gym was full of high school students – some dancing but mostly standing around. Boys mostly stood with boys and girls with girls, with some exceptions.

We walked over to a punch table. As I scanned the room, I took in all the young boys and girls – the girls mostly wearing slutty costumes and the boys mostly wearing geeky ones. I quickly concluded that Ryan was the biggest stud here – and he was with me! I thought in wonder.

Ryan held a drink to my lips “Try this babe.” I opened my mouth and gulped it down in one motion, nervous. “Wow” Ryan said. “Impressive swallowing.”

I grinned at him, then my gaze fell on two girls standing across the room, looking at us. Shit! They were sisters who lived a couple doors down from me. Why were they looking at us?

“Ryan!” I whispered urgently. “I think those girls might recognized me! They’re my neighbors.”

“No, Janelle. That’s not why they’re looking.”

I looked over at him inquiringly. He continued. “You’re here with me. That alone is going to get some attention around here.” He grinned, shrugging. Then he stepped up to me and put his arm around my back, pulling me into him easily. “But also, you look fucking sexy in that dress.” Pressing up against Ryan, looking up at him with my hand on his strong chest, I smiled in spite of my nerves.

“Come on, lets dance.” Crap, I didn’t know how to dance.

But Ryan was pulling me onto the mostly empty dance floor. We stopped and he started moving his body. Holy shit, he could dance. Ryan had rhythm and style, gyrating his hips and moving to the music. I just stood there dumbly.

However, Ryan grabbed my hands and started to lead me, and I realized that with a partner who knows what they’re doing leading the way, it wasn’t so hard. As the music continued I let Ryan guide my body, spinning me and holding me. I began to laugh and smile, this was actually fun!

Then I looked around. Everyone was watching. I missed a step and tripped.

Of course Ryan caught me. But as we continued, I was moving awkwardly again, nervous. Ryan asked “What’s wrong, Janelle.”

“I don’t think I can do this, Ryan.” Moving awkwardly and slowly. “Everyone’s watching!”

“They’re just jealous. Don’t think about them. It’s just me and canlı casino you baby.”

Ryan put his hand on my chin and brought my face so that it was facing him. He pulled me close now, so that his groin pressed into me. I felt the vague shape of his huge cock rubbing against me. He grabbed my hips and started swaying them back and forth, grinding my body into his.

I found myself running my hands up the sides of his thin muscle green lantern shirt, feeling his cobblestone muscles pressing out. Ryan’s hands moved to my lower back, and then my ass, pulling me into him and squeezing. My hands continued up, and I squeezed his bowling ball shoulders, so large and sexy. I ran my fingers over the outline of his large lat muscles and brought my fingers together around his neck.

I was staring into Ryan’s eyes now as he smirked down at me. He looked so fucking hot. I really couldn’t believe he was there with me.

The song ended and, Ryan said he would be right back. To my surprise he abruptly wandered off and I was left standing, alone in the middle of the dance floor.

I slowly wandered over to the punch bowl, self conscious of the stares I was attracting left and right, from girls and guys alike. I was deathly afraid of someone, anyone, recognizing me. But as I cast around more carefully, I realized with a shock that they weren’t trying to recognize me, they were checking me out! Girls would look annoyed or jealous and boys lustful or embarrassed to have been caught staring. I felt a rush of pride at that—maybe I wasn’t a complete embarrassment to Ryan after all?

Ryan was taking his time and, when I had been standing alone for what must have been more than 15 minutes, I felt someone clear their throat beside me. I looked over and Ms. Winters was standing there, looking at me carefully.

My heart dropped. “So, Janelle,” the Principal said. “I must say you do look familiar, but I can’t put my finger on who you are. Suffice it to say, your graduation can’t have been too recent.”

“Ummm…” I replied.

“Listen here young lady. You shouldn’t be parading yourself about at a high-school kids dance. Though Ryan is not, many of the students here are underage. It is highly inappropriate for you to be here, especially dressed like a lady off the street! Ryan is a stupid and irresponsible boy who should know better than pull this kind of stunt.”

I went from scared, to embarrassed, to livid on the turn of a dime. How dare she say that about Ryan! And how dare she basically call me a hooker!

“What are you talking about!?” I spat at her.

“Aren’t there men closer to your age that would be more appropriate for you to throw yourself at? You don’t belong with Ryan.”

I saw red. How dare she. She wanted him for herself. Everyone here did! Just then I saw Ryan walking across the dance floor.

I spoke to the principal now. “You’re just jealous that I’m with Ryan and you’re not, huh bitch? I’ll do what I want.”

With that, I stormed past her towards Ryan, feeling her eyes on my back. Knowing she was watching, fuming, I swayed my hips as I approached the teenage stud. MY date. His grin widened as I approached.

The music was pumping hard now. I reached Ryan, put my hand around his neck, and pulled him into a deep and hard kiss. I thrust my tongue into his mouth, running it against his, feeling him smile into my mouth as I kissed him. God he tasted good. I wrapped one stocking-clad leg around one of his, feeling the thickness of his tree trunk leg pressing against my thin soft ones.

As we separated I looked hungrily into his eyes. I turned around slowly so that we both faced the principal, who was indeed still watching. I leaned back into Ryan’s large body and started rubbing my body up and down his. I felt the friction against my bare back in the low cut dress. I grabbed his hands and brought them down onto my body. Ryan obliged. I rested one hand on my stomach and brought the other to one of my breasts, where Ryan started squeezing with my encouragement.

I groaned and threw my head back, bringing my hand up again and pulling Ryan’s face onto mine, kissing him enthusiastically. It felt invigorating taking control. We continued our makeout session on the dance floor for another minute until the rhythm of the music stepped up again.

Acting on pure instinct now, I broke our kiss and bent over in front of Ryan and put my hands on the floor. I began grinding my ass into him, feeling his still-soft but huge cock pressed between my ass cheeks. I looked out across the dance floor and found Ms. Winters staring, her mouth half open. I smiled wickedly. I glanced over my shoulder and up at Ryan and saw he was looking at her too, his serious intense look on his face. Yes! I thought, what a fucking stud. My fucking stud, I thought. Suck it, Ms. Winters.

I was wrapped up in being Janelle now. Janelle thought Ryan was the sexiest thing in the room. A teenage muscle god. Janelle couldn’t keep her hands off him, couldn’t stop staring at him. She needed more.

I grabbed kaçak casino Ryan’s hand and began pulling him away from the dance floor. Ryan followed and we passed by the Principal. I barely gave her a glance now, hardly conscious of her existence anymore.

I dragged Ryan out of the gymnasium and down the hall. “Where we going, baby?”

I giggled and turned, pressing my hand against his chest and pushing him into a wall of lockers playfully. I gave him a wicked grin and strutted up to him, accentuating my hips as I did so. “You’ve been a bad, bad boy, Dick.”

“I have, have I?’

I pressed my body into him as seductively as I could, rolling my back so that my breasts slid up his abs and chest, pushing into him. I tried to come up with something clever to say but my eyes locked onto his handsome smile and instead I kissed him again, moving onto my tiptoes so I could reach his mouth with mine. I ran my hand through his hair and bit his lip lightly hungrily as the kiss ended.

I drew back and looked at him intensely, full of lust. My hand traveled slowly down his chest and abs as I maintained eye contact. It moved over the hem of his pants and found what it was seeking. I squeezed the shaft of his cock, feeling its size and denseness. I moaned out loud, unable to contain myself. Ryan grinned at me and I ran my hand up and down his long thick cock. Even with only a semi-chub he was unbelievably huge. “Fuckkkk Dickkk, you’re cock is so fucking big.” I moaned, rubbing him up and down, still staring at him.

“Janelle,” Ryan responded, calm and amused. “I like this side of you. Lets go somewhere a bit more private.” With that, Ryan simply picked me up, cradling me in his arms.

I giggled and brought my hands around his neck. I began planting kisses up and down his neck and defined jaw line, all while he carried me down the hall. “Where you taking me, stud?” I asked.

He just grinned and turned into a classroom marked “Biology.” He remarked “Hmm…looks like Sarah cleaned up and left. All the better for us, baby.” He shut the door behind us with a kick of his foot.

I drew him into another kiss. As I sucked on his tongue I pulled hard against the back of his head, pressing my lips hard against his. His stubble scratched my cheeks and chin.

Ryan lowered me to the ground and I pressed into him, wrapping my hands around his back and moving my face down now, trailing kisses down his body, along his chest and abs, then rising back to bite at his shirt, seeking his nipples with my teeth. My body was on fire and all I could think of was touching and feeling Ryan. My hands ran along his wide back, feeling the hard masses of muscle there.

Ryan sat down, pulling me with him and making me lose my balance. I let go of him and recovered my equilibrium. Ryan was sitting in the teacher’s chair, looking at me like he owned me. I began to bend my knees when he said. “Not yet, Janelle. I want to see that sexy body of yours.”

I swallowed hard and straightened up. One of the instructors for the exercise videos I had been watching also had instructions on lap dances. I had come across such a video one day while searching for more exercises and had found myself watching a few of them, trying some of the moves in the mirror at home. Though I had told myself that I was only learning the moves as a form of exercise, deep down I fantasized about performing them for Dick.

Slowly, staring at Ryan, I brought my hands over my body. I ran them along the outside of my legs, over my waist, up my stomach and into my breasts. I continued, keeping one hand on a breast and running the other one down again, pressing into my stomach, wanting to show off to Ryan the shape I had achieved over the past few months of hard work and radical dieting.

Ryan’s eyes followed my hands, looking at my body. He said nothing. I slowly spun around and press my ass out, feeling the dress ride up slightly, knowing that the very bottom of my ass is exposed to him. I wrapped my hands around the front of me, hugging myself, so that my fingers extended onto my back and pull in. This made my waist seem thinner and accentuates the shape of my ass.

“Such a sexy girl, Janelle.” I heard Ryan say. I felt a flush of pleasure through my body, like the heat in the room had just be turned up.

I turned back around and took a step towards him. I brought my hands down and separated his legs, running my hands up and down them once. They were so wide and large in my small hands.

I stepped away from him again and turned around. As seductively as I could, I peeled the thin dress off of my body, careful not to displace the wings, which I left on.

The cool air of the room blew against my bare skin and I felt my stomach and back get goosebumps. I was glad now that I was wearing Ryan’s sister’s panties, as I knew my ass looked great in them. I bent over, facing away from Ryan now, so that my hands touched the ground, keeping my legs straight and presenting my ass to Ryan. I swayed back and forth. I straightened up and turned around again, running my hands up my stocking-clad legs and grazing them over my stomach and breasts. Ryan looked out at me, his gaze intense, and I felt incredibly sexy in that moment, knowing I had Ryan’s attention.

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Destiny in Daytona Ch. 04

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8===> Storm clouds come with a silver lining

One thing we all quickly learned about Florida was, that especially during the summer months, you could expect at a minimum a short rain shower each day. Whether it was late morning, mid-afternoon, or early evening; some liquid sunshine was almost guaranteed daily. We had only been on the beach for less than an hour, when the daily thunder clouds moved in for a surprise mid-morning appearance. Grabbing our beach towels, mini cooler, frisbees, and tanning lotion bottles, we managed to make the dash across the sand to the motel before the sky opened up.

Once in the room, we dumped everything on the low profile dresser and opened the drapes to watch for when the weather moved on. We had been told sometimes it was only minutes and sometimes it lasted into the night…you just waited it out or changed plans. By the time the rain had been beating on the window for better than an hour, it was becoming painfully obvious that this one was socked in for the rest of the day. That fact was confirmed by the sky being dark in all directions and the weather report on the television.

“So what do we do now?” Trent finally asked. “I don’t feel like being trapped in here all day.”

“Me neither,” Ethan added. He was sitting on the bed scrutinizing the collection of tourist attraction folders he had acquired from the lobby display when we checked in. “Maybe we could hit a museum or drive down to Cape Canaveral?”

Greg and I were sitting at the little round table next to the window. I looked out and then rolled my eyes at the idea of going out in this weather at all. He looked up from the game of solitaire he was playing and quietly offered to me with a wink, “Or we could get rid of them and play strip poker.” I laughed but nodded my head at the idea.

I announced my decision with, “You guys go if you want, but I think I would rather just hang out here and veg to be honest.”

“Me too,” Greg chimed in with. “Maybe order a pizza and find some flicks to watch.”

“What a couple of party animals you two are,” Trent teased. “Maybe if you guys hadn’t been up and running around half the night, doing God knows what, you would have a little more energy.” The smirking look he gave me made me wonder just what all he was really imagining. Turning back to Ethan he added, “Let’s find something fun to do and let those two find a couple of blue-haired ladies to play bridge with.”

“Fuck you,” I joked along with flipping Trent the bird. I felt Greg’s foot brush up against mine along with a grin on his face that said the same thing I was thinking: With any luck, we would be ending up with the room to ourselves soon.

After a few minutes of discussion over the travel folders, Trent and Ethan decided on the Daytona 500 museum and were immediately changing into street clothes for the excursion. Trent announced as he laced up his sneaks, “We will probably be there all afternoon. Sure you guys won’t get bored being here all alone?” Once again, he gave me a sly smirk that I wasn’t certain how to interpret.

“We’ll find something to occupy us,” Greg answered. Along with his comment, his bare toes from both feet trapped the ankle of my left leg and slid up and down the bottom part of my calf in a motion duplicating his hands on our cocks from the night before. The smirk on his face needed no interpretation.

Thankfully our positions at the table hid everything that was going on under it. I boned in a heartbeat and snaked my free foot up to Greg’s thigh in a hopeless attempt at wedging a toe inside the leg opening of his board shorts. “We will be fine, Trent,” I managed to gasp out; hopefully without sounding like I was in heat.

Without any further attempt at getting us to go along, Trent joined Ethan who was already anxiously waiting at the door. “Guess we will see you around dinnertime then. Have fun,” was his parting comment, but it came with a final smirk and a wink also as he stepped over the threshold and pulled the door closed behind him.

* * * * *

The room had abruptly filled with a strange stillness after the door clicked shut. Only the soft background noise from the TV was in the air as Greg and I stared at each other across the small table. The very thing we had wanted…hours of privacy alone…were suddenly ours and neither of us seemed to know how to proceed. I eventually broke the silence with, “So, you wanna order a pizza and eat first or what?”

Greg grinned and stood without speaking. He walked to the door, took the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign and hung it on the outside knob, and then slipped the security chain in place after double checking that the door was locked. When he got back to the chair I was sitting in, he leaned down and finally answered, “I think ‘or what’ first sounds like a very good way to work up an appetite.” His hand went to the bulge in my swim suit and squeezed as he added, “Sound good to you, Kevin?”

My hand worked up into the leg opening of his boardies and cupped the dangling balls it found. “Yeah and casino siteleri maybe finish what we really couldn’t last night?” I queried with hope and a large grin as I rubbed his juice makers.

“We started a couple of things I want to finish if you do too,” he shot back before pulling me up to my feet and folding me into an embrace. “Starting with this,” came next as his mouth moved in to meet mine.

The tentative kiss quickly turned passionate as I opened my lips to his probing tongue tip. My hands began running up and down his back and our hips started to grind together in lust. Greg’s hands slid down inside the back of my swim trunks and massaged my butt cheeks. I started to push his board shorts down while still sucking on his tongue like I had wanted to on the pool deck last night. I felt his fingers tugging at the waistband of my suit forcing it down when he inhaled my tongue into his mouth. We were still in the same embrace and lip lock when we kicked the swimsuits from our ankles and shuffled as one to the bed. We only broke off the long kiss when we fell onto the soft mattress. “Why didn’t you kiss me that way last night?” I asked as we cuddled up naked together.

“I wasn’t sure you wanted me to go that far, Kevin,” was all he said.

“We had just had each other’s cocks in our mouths…why worry about a kiss?” I answered with a snicker.

“Yeah…and speaking of that…”

It was all that was said before I was flipped to my back and Greg repositioned himself between my legs. He looked up across my torso, grinned, and then licked his lips as he held my dick straight up. I smiled back at him and pushed my hips up towards his face. “Suck me again like you did last night,” I pleaded.

“No…it will be better than last night,” he countered just before munching down on my mushroom. For the next five minutes, I watched intently as Greg’s mouth worked me with enthusiasm and a natural talent that made me moan on almost every slurp he took of my shaft.

I finally tapped him on the shoulder and stated, “What about my turn? Get that hot dick of yours up here so we can both enjoy this.”

Greg spit out my cock and stretched out beside me with a wide grin on his face. “If you insist, Kevin,” he joked as he waved his fleshy flagpole at me.

“You will be the one insisting on me not stopping in a few minutes,” I kidded back before leaning over his body. After seeing how large it really was, up close and in the daylight, I took a deep breath before beginning. My lips stretched over the helmet and my tongue teased his preeing slit. Over the next five minutes I was almost mercilessly slow by first casually chewing my way down his long, thick shaft, and then with my rhythmic bobbing on it. I used my hand to rub his nuts while I sucked him and the squirms and whimpers from him told me I was doing most everything right, so I was surprised when he pulled me off.

“Damn can you fuckin’ suck cock, Kevin! You have me almost ready to blow man,” was the explanation he gave before he took me in his arms and shoved his tongue back in my mouth. We stayed entwined together trading spit for several minutes, but the yearnings for more quickly returned. Greg’s only words were, “Let’s sixty-nine,” as he spun around in the bed again and took me back in his mouth without waiting for my agreement.

He didn’t really need it since his huge cock was now bouncing in the air about an inch from my lips. Like I was going to be able to ignore that temptation! I opened wide and took as much of it as I could without triggering my gag reflex too severely. It took no time at all for us to both have a good pace going that was being amplified by hip thrusts. That; along with hands caressing every inch of bare skin from the backs of our thighs, across ass cheeks, and up our backs; had us swiftly giving off the signs of pending eruptions. Just as I was ready to warn Greg how close I was, his knees pinned to my ears and his jabbing grew more pronounced. Deciding that and the increased furor of his mouth working me, meant he wanted to take this the whole way, I began humping his face harder and concentrated on bringing him off while still in me. When the near-simultaneous explosions ripped from our balls, our cries of pleasure were only barely muffled by the flesh and cum that was filling our mouths.

I was the one that made the next move after the final wads splashed over each of our tongues. A quick 180 spin in the bed had me face-to-face with Greg and I offered only “Off the fuckin’ uber chart, uber,” before pasting my mouth to his. We enveloped each other and spent the next couple of minutes making out and mixing our loads as if it was the most natural thing in the world. And at that moment, it was!

* * * * *

After a few minutes of cuddling and basking in the afterglow of satisfaction, the pillow talk turned to satisfying another need…food! Glancing over at the window, we could see the rain still beating against it. “Let’s just order a pizza,” Greg suggested.

“Fine with me. I canlı casino sure don’t feel like getting dressed and going out in that shit.” I grinned and tacked on while fondling Greg’s wilted, but still very impressive cock, “In fact, I don’t wanna get dressed the rest of the day.” A quick phone call to the shop down the street was made and I was told it would be about 40 minutes for delivery. After hanging up, I crawled back in bed and snuggled up against his naked body.

“So, Kevin…was that really your first time too?” he asked with a combination of caution and confidence in his voice.

“Everything we have done this week has been my first time,” I answered. “Even though I was nervous as hell that first night when we jerked each other, what we have had since makes me so happy that you came along on the road trip. I needed to find someone like you.”

“I did too,” he responded softly as he draped his hand over my bare thigh. “I have had the feelings for so long, but been so afraid of saying it out loud…admitting….being…you know…being gay.”

The hesitations he made while getting that out reminded me all too much of my own internal fears I had fought with for several years. Now that the word was actually out in the open, I felt some of them come back but also felt a wave of relief. “I know what you mean, Greg. I have had a thing for guys as long as I can remember, but was scared to ever act on them,” I confessed.

“So you consider yourself gay too?”

I snickered and squeezed his cock. “Either that or the worst case of being curious that ever happened.” I leaned in and brushed my lips over his. “Jacking each other off and even the blow jobs are one thing, but damn Greg…I get hard as hell just kissing you. I think that says this is more than just a phase or experimenting.”

“Oh I think we have lots more ‘experimenting’ to do, Kevin,” he teased and then licked my lips with his tongue. “That is if you want to,” he added.

I smiled at him and took his jewels in my hand. “Do you?” I asked as I rolled his balls in my palm.

Greg looked down at his crotch and grinned. “Well you are boning me up again, so I guess the answer is a definite ‘yes’, Kevin.”

His hand had strayed from my thigh to my cock and the attention was creating a similar reaction in me. I moved my hand up to his still developing pecs and pinched a nipple. “We’ve only got about 20 minutes, you know,” I warned.

“Until the pizza gets here maybe. We have the rest of the afternoon and this is just good build up while we wait.” A large smile appeared on his face. “Plus I am enjoying just being with you and talking.”

* * * * *

For the next 15 minutes we had snuggled and teased and talked. Dreams and fears. Fantasies and serious plans. The immediacy of college in a few more weeks and the desire for someone to share life with afterwards. When the knock came at the door, we were still talking, naked and twisted together, and both with chubbies that weren’t going to magically vanish. Greg laughed and pushed me out of the bed. “You get it. You can hide yours easier than I can,” he declared with a great deal of truth.

I laughed back and quickly pulled on the board shorts laying on the floor and grabbed my wallet. I was still trying to adjust my obvious boner when I opened the door. The delivery guy was about our age and cute as hell. His eyes looked past me for a fleeting moment and then back to me. “Good number man. Total is $14.69 dude,” he stated along with a grin.

“My favorite one,” I replied with a snicker.

“Mine too,” came from behind me.

I turned my head and blushed as I saw Greg once again letting his exhibitionist fetish out…stretched out on the bed in all his naked glory with a giant smile on his face. Even from across the room, you couldn’t miss that damn big hard dick laying in his happy trail. I knew the pizza guy sure couldn’t have either. When I turned back to him, I noticed his eyes were checking the large lump tenting my swim suit. I handed him a $20 and said, “Keep the change. Thanks for coming out in this garbage weather, man.”

“No problem. Only wish I didn’t have three other deliveries in the car. You guys look like you could be a lot of fun.” The blatant statement was followed with, “Enjoy your pizza when you get around to it.” He added a grope to my crotch and a knowing wink before he spun on his heels and trotted off.

Greg was laughing his ass off when I sat the pizza box on the little round table next to the window. I jumped onto the bed and pinned my body to his. “You fucker! That stunt almost made me lose my hard on!”

“Doesn’t feel like it,” he teased as he humped his crotch up into mine.

I reached between us and squeezed his shaft. “I think you are hungry for something else right now,” I lustfully whispered before shoving my tongue in his mouth. My boardies got pushed down my thighs as we kissed passionately.

“Do you really wanna know what I’m hungry for?” he quizzed when I freed his lips.

“Special kaçak casino sauce that isn’t on the pizza?” I kidded back.

There was a slight hesitation and then, “Actually I was thinking maybe you could find a new place for that sausage of yours.” The grin on his face and sparkle in his eyes said he was being serious.

“You mean…” I let the rest of my supposition trail off wanting him to complete the sentence.

Greg’s hand wrapped around my cock and wedged it between his upper thighs. “Uh huh. I wanna find out what it feels like to have you in me, Kevin.”

Even without his thighs pinching tight on me, at that moment my cock became the hardest it had ever been. I kissed him tenderly and asked, “You sure, Greg?”

“Yeah I am. I want you to fuck my virgin ass, Kevin.” His thighs punctuated the plea with another firm squeeze on my trapped tool.

“But we don’t have any lube.”

“So use some spit and all the pre we are both leaking.”

“You are really sure?”

“Kevin…I am sure! Don’t talk me out of it! Fuck me!” The order came along with a smile and his long legs spreading wide.

I moved to my knees between them and looked down at my friend. As I rubbed the tip of my fat cock between his cheeks wondering if it would really fit, I thought back to the few times I had fingered myself while beating off. That would be the best way to start I decided. After soaking my index and middle fingers with spit, I pried his butt split apart and rubbed at his opening.

“Oh yeah…that’s it…get it good and wet and open it up some,” Greg moaned.

With that direction, I scooped up the puddle of pre above his pubes and smeared it on his puckering boy twat and took a cautious poke at his rosebud with a finger tip. It slipped in much easier than I expected. I dribbled some spit on the rest of my finger and pressed in a little deeper. He was so tight but also yielding to my probing.

Greg bit his upper lip and his hips raised a little. He gently shifted back and took the next inch of my finger all on his own. “Doing good, Kevin. Put in another one now,” he directed.

Instead of asking yet again if he was sure, I moved a second finger to his cave opening and pressed it through the ring. He flinched noticeably and I stopped; just letting both fingers lay inside him. “You OK, Greg?” I paused to ask.

“Yeaaaaah,” was all he answered before using his interior ass muscles to suck both invading digits in further. “More, Kevin,” was the newest demand.

After some wiggling from his ass and my fingers, I was soon in knuckle deep with both fingers. I took up a slow thrusting and leaned over him. “I don’t want to hurt you, Greg,” I whispered to his face.

He grinned at me and raised his head enough to give me kiss on the nose. “Don’t worry babe…you aren’t and won’t. Just another minute or two of what you are doing and then I want the real thing.” The expression on his face was one of pure pleasure.

I worked my fingers back and forth for several more minutes and then decided that his continuous squirming and moans were my go-ahead sign. I pushed his legs high, snugged up to his balls with my cock, and just as soon as I pulled my fingers free, I pinned the tip of it to his entrance. “Hope you are ready cause I sure am,” I announced at the same time I jammed forward enough to pierce him with the head.

Greg shuddered but also cried out, “OH HELL YEAH!” as his rosebud bloomed open for me. He grabbed his erection and started taking strokes as he looked up at me. “Give me a little more now,” he commanded.

“I’m gonna give you as much as you let me take,” I countered with as I pushed another couple of inches in. I was so worked up that I wanted to slam the last few inches in too, but fought the desire for fear of hurting him.

“Take all you want, cause I want it all!” The words were accompanied by a backwards hump from Greg’s butt that swallowed up most of the rest of me. “Now show me what a good fuck you are, stud,” preceded the clenching of his ass on my cock. “Give it to me good and screw the cum out of my balls for me,” followed.

The dirty talk spilling from Greg’s mouth was turning me on almost as much as the physical act was doing. I joined in with, “Oh I am gonna fuck you even better than you can imagine, baby,” flew from my lips. I leaned over his torso again and stared into his eyes. “Fuck you SO good that you will never want anyone else,” I promised as I covered his mouth with mine and increased the tempo of my hip motions.

Greg sucked my tongue into his mouth and chewed on it as his hand began working himself faster. Our hip thrusting kept meshing perfectly and even though we had gotten off just over an hour earlier, I soon felt that happy tingle in my nuts. I pulled my tongue free and murmured, “Getting so close, man.”

“Me. Too. But. Keep. Going,” was the reply said with short, forced breaths.

As I raised back up to my knees, Greg’s legs circled my waist and his ankles locked behind me. His fist continued to yank with fury on his huge cock as he stared into my eyes. My hands fixed on his knees as I began slamming even harder into him. My balls were spanking his ass on every drive now. “I wanna see you splatter your own face with that load,” I challenged.

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