Learning to Surrender Pt. 07

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“Come over. I need you before I go on a business trip.”

Rick got that text in the morning and couldn’t wait to get over to his lover’s house after work. He wondered what kind attention was in store for him and was excited to possibly take multiple loads from this man. He parked his car and sprinted into the house. He called out for Jack but there was no answer. I figured that Jack was up in the master bedroom so he went to bathroom downstairs and showered and readied his body for Jack’s pleasure. He loved how urgent and horny his man became when he smelled and felt a smooth showered body being offered to him. As he stepped out of the shower and began to lotion up his skin from head to toe, the door opened. Jack, wearing nothing but a robe, stepped in and without saying a word, grabbed his younger boy and began to violently and urgently kiss him, ravaging the boy’s mouth with his tongue. Rick loved how small and submissive he felt letting a man take control of his mouth. His small hands reached under the robe and began to feel, cradle, and massage the hot, swollen testicles.

“Take my dick with both hands and walk me to the sex room.”

Rick did as he was told, walking backwards carefully across the hall. He held the thick shaft with his left and cradled the hot scrotum with his right. When they entered the room, he saw that there were four go-pro cameras set up around the bed. He was going to be filmed taking his lover’s semen today. He was confused how he felt about it. There was a thrill that he was going to be recorded servicing this man but he was also worried about it being seen by others. As he sat nervously on the bed, Jack walked around and turned on each of the cameras to recording mode.

“Whats your name for the camera sweet heart? Look up.”

Rick looked up and said, “My name is Rachel”

“Are you over 18?”


“Why is that important Rachel?”

“Because you’re going to fuck me.”

Jack walked up to his seated boy, threw off his robe behind him to the floor, and with one hand, guided Rick’s head to his manhood. Rick tried to give the performance of his life. He assumed this video was for Jack while he was away to remember and watch when he got horny. He kneaded the balls with his hands and slurped and sucked the shaft with all the energy he had. Jack was shocked how well trained this once straight young man had become. He planned to not cum in the boy’s mouth but he decided to reward the boy for his efforts. He let himself go, grunted harder and harder, until he exploded in the boy’s casino siteleri mouth. Eager to not lose a drop, Rick held his mouth tight against his man and shoved the dick as far down his throat as he could, pressing his nose against Jack’s abs and his chin against the tense balls.

“That was amazing… now get on all fours. Feel free to scream all you want little girl because were going to stretch you today.”

Rick did as he was told and was worried by what he had heard. He watched Jack go to the cabinet and retrieve several dildos. The last one was much larger than the others. It was black, thick, and incredibly veiny and was connected to a pair of enormous rubber balls. It looked possibly bigger than Jack’s manhood.

“Don’t be scared. Relax Rachel.” Jack squirted shot after shot of lubricant into the boy’s bottom and began to lubricate the smallest of the three toys.

“Have you ever seen a black dick before?”

“No, of course not. You’re my first man, Jack…”

“Have you ever wondered how big they were?”


“Are you curious at all what it would be like to sleep with a black man?”


“Would you be scared to?”



“Because… will it even fit? I can barely take yours.”

“That’s up to you dear. If you want it, your body will make it fit…”

Jack slowly began pushing the dildo in and out of the boy, making sure to twist and turn it slowly. He loved hearing Rick yelp each time he grazed or pressed into the prostate.

“You’re too talented for this size. Time to move up.”

Rick felt empty, and then something else, larger, pushing into him. Again, Jack began to rotate it and manipulate the younger man like a conductor. The room was filled with growingly louder panting and moaning as Rick clutched hard to the sheets, eyes closed, mouth gasping for a breath.

Jack decided that it was time to try the largest toy he had. He knew that no boy he had ever been with could help himself from going completely nuts. Rick felt something trying to push into him that was larger than anything he had before. He looked down and saw something dark and knew was that black dildo he had seen before.

“Relax Rachel. You must relax. Remember your first time with me. Push out. Breathe deep and push out.” Rick obeyed and sure enough, each time he pushed out, he was invaded more. His ass was on fire as it inched into him bit by bit. Just when it felt like it had reached the “end” inside of him, his lover edged it further in more and more. canlı casino Rick was again a helpless, babbling mess. He was drooling and his moans now took on a far more animalistic tone of a female being forcibly mounted in the wild. His small cock was leaking all over the bed as he begged Jack over and over. Jack couldn’t even understand what he was saying but he knew what the boy wanted. He pressed further and further into him until the rubber balls at last hit the boys scrotum.

“Wow Rachel… you did it… you took all of this black dick… I knew you were talented.”

“I… don’t… kn-“

“How do you feel?”

“So… full…” He yelped with every sudden and slight twist and tug from Jack.

“Good girl… You sure you don’t want a real black man inside you like this?”

“Uggghh…. No…”

“No? Why?”

“I… just…. want you.”

“You’re such a good girl, Rachel.” And with that, Jack began to ease the third largest dildo in and out of his boy. The screaming and writhing and sweating on the boy was the most he had seen to date. He watched as the boy’s ass lips clutched at the dildo as he pulled it out. He began to re-enter the boy with speed, edging deeper and deeper until the rubber scrotum began to tap on the boy’s much smaller testicles. The screams started too take on an other worldly tone. Jack knew his boy was now on another planet.

Jack suddenly pulled the toy out of the younger man. He saw the wide open gap left and decided he had had enough – he needed to empty his seed into this boy asap or he was going to burst.

“Rachel, lay down on your back and close your eyes.”

Rick did as he was told as Jack lubricated himself and climbed on top of his boy, spreading the legs by pushing them apart with his knees, the way a real man demands access to his woman. He pulled Rick’s long smooth legs even further apart and pushed them back until his thighs were pushed back and his calves and feet were pointed into the air. Rick loved the feeling of being crushed underneath a needy man and began to submissively kiss Jack’s chest, neck, lips, and opened his mouth for the man’s tongue. He felt the hot lubricated manhood run along his bottom searching for the opening. He reached down with one hand and guided it in.

“MmmmmmmMMMmmmmggghhh.” Rick moaned helplessly into Jack’s mouth as the man meat bottomed out at the first stroke into him. Rick put one arm over the shoulder around Jack’s neck and the other under the arm and across the back, holding the man close to him. He pressed his cheek kaçak casino against his man’s stubble, closed his eyes, and let his feelings flow out of his mouth between gasps and moans. He didn’t know what came over him but words he never could imagine saying began tumbling out of his mouth.

“I love how much you want to use me Jack. Let me show you how much I love it… Oh God… I love it when you fill me up… Please fill me up… explode inside of me. Ill take every drop of your semen… Fuck me like you want to make me pregnant… flood me with your semen please…”

Jack couldn’t believe his ears and was trying his hardest to not cum instantly inside of this boy. He instinctively tried to slow down and pull himself out of the boy’s ass to calm himself and fight off the urge to blow his load so soon but Rick moved his hands under the older man’s arms and lowered his hands to the muscular butt. His fingers grabbed and helped guide and slam his man at every stroke. The boy’s moans and slender hands guiding each slam of manhood deep inside of him was more than Jack could withstand.

“Jack… Please… Give me your seed… I…. Oh God… I love you… I really do… You’re the man for me… You’re my man… I love your dick… And… I love you… My king…”

Jack couldn’t hold it any longer. Hearing the words made his body shake and he screamed as he erupted into the boy under him. Rick’s body tensed as well as he sprayed his semen against his man’s abdomen. He locked his legs back and held Jack’s butt firmly against him until he could feel the shaking of the orgasm and the throbbing of the unloading manhood inside him subside. Jack rolled off the young man and laid down to catch his breath.

Rick’s mind was in turmoil over how happy he was to make Jack cum, but how ashamed he felt over the things he said in the heat of the moment. He didn’t want to scare Jack but he did want him to know that they weren’t just empty words either. He wanted Jack to know how he felt.

“Umm… Sorry if my words wierded you out there.”

“No. It’s ok.”

“Ok… It’s just that I do feel connected to you Jack and you bring out a different side of me and it scares me.”

The two laid there until Jack got up and began to turn off the cameras. He walked to the door and looked back at his thoroughly used boy still spread eagled on the bed, eyes closed.

“You made me happy tonight, Rachel. Go home and wait for my contact. We’re going to take things to the next level.”

With that, he was gone. What did Jack mean? Rick felt it was sore to walk normally as he hobbled about to collect the remains of his clothes. He couldn’t wait to see what Jack would ask of him next. All he knew was that he had no choice but to accept his fate.

To be continued…

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Just My Size

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Big Dicks

The other night, I was at the department store in the mall, buying some clothes. As I was leaving, I walked by the shoe department and I decided to see what this year’s women’s shoe styles were like. As I perused the designer’s spring collections, the saleswoman approached me. She was a petite brunette in a silk blouse and long skirt. Her figure pleasingly rounded her clothes out and I caught a glimpse of suede boots as her toes brushed past the hem of her skirt as she walked.

Her nametag read Lyn, and she asked, “Is there anything I can do for you, sir?” As she cocked her head and looked up at me with liquid brown eyes, I thought I caught a mischievous glint.

“As a matter of fact, you can, I said, I’m looking for some shoes for a friend of mine.”

“What kind of shoes does your friend like?”

“I was thinking of something along the lines of those over there,” I said, pointing to a pair of beige high-heeled sandals.

Lyn walked over and picked one up, running her fingers over them. “These are an excellent choice sir, Italian leather and very soft on the feet.”

I looked into her eyes and said, “I don’t know how they would look.”

Lyn’s pupils dilated as she replied, “I’m sure your friend will love them, sir.” She teasingly slid the ankle strap around her finger as she looked up at me, an unspoken question in her eyes.

“I’m still not sure; could you try them on for me, so I can see how they look?”

“Well sir,” Lyn said, biting her upper lip thoughtfully, “we’re not exactly supposed to….”

“Don’t worry, if anyone says anything, I’ll tell them you are helping me pick them out.” I reassured her.

“In that case,” Lyn gave me a coquettish look out of the corner of her eye, “I’ll go get a pair in my size.”

As she went into the storeroom, I sat down to casino siteleri wait. After a few minutes, she reappeared and I could see she was wearing the shoes. As she walked toward me, I glimpsed her feet as they appeared beneath the hem of her skirt, her toenails glistened with the same pearly white color as her fingernails, and she had a silver ring on the third toe of each foot. I felt my cock stir as she stopped in front of me and slowly raised the hem of her skirt.

“What do you think now?” she asked, eyes flashing a challenge to me. Her bare feet, strapped into the soft beige shoes were beautiful, and the heels accented the delicate arch of each foot perfectly. I felt my cock stiffen as I saw the straps circling her ankles.

“They’re gorgeous, “I said, entranced, “simply gorgeous. Can I see them a bit closer?”

“Of course, sir,” she said in a husky voice, “whatever the customer wants.” Lyn walked over and planted her left foot on the edge of the chair between my legs, skirt pulled up to just below her knee.

I thought my cock was going to tear through my pants as she flexed her foot up and down on the edge of the chair. A tiny beaded gold chain clasped her ankle, glinting as shapely calf muscles moved luxuriantly beneath her smooth tan skin.

“Anything the customer wants?” I asked, captivated by her lovely leg.

Lyn dropped her foot to the floor and bent her head close to my ear, “Maybe I should show you a different pair, sir? Why don’t you sit over there, make yourself comfortable, and I’ll go get a pair I know you’ll like,” she whispered, indicating another chair behind some discount racks. She turned and walked back into the storeroom. My cock throbbing, I moved over to the other chair as Lyn returned.

She stopped in front of my chair, bent down and breathed into canlı casino my ear, “I couldn’t help, but notice your discomfort, sir. Here, let me help you….” She deftly pulled my zipper down and released my stiff cock from its confining fabric. “My, my, aren’t you a hard shopper?” she said playfully as her hand stroked my shaft. Pre-come dripped down onto her hand and she let go of me, brought her hand to her lips, and licked it off. “Mm, you need some help with that. Let me see if I can do something to make you more comfortable.”

Lyn lifted her left foot on the edge of the chair between my legs again and my cock jumped as I saw she was wearing cream and black peep-toed pumps. “These are just my size and I can see you like them as much as I do,” she said, taking my cock in hand again, “Let me show you why I like them so much.”

She dropped her heel back and slipping her foot partially out of the shoe, directed the head of my cock into the toe. I felt the soft leather rub the sensitive underside of my cock as it slowly slid into the shoe. Lyn slipped her foot back into the shoe, rubbing her toes on the pre-come soaked head and then gripping my shaft firmly between her big toe and second toe. She straightened up and began to slide her shoe back and forth.

The sensation was incredible as my cock slid in and out of her shoe, trapped between her foot and the warm leather, her toes stroking my shaft. Lyn looked down at me, smiling as she slipped her skirt up over her knee. I could now see all of her lovely thigh and a view of a tiny white g-string barely covering her pussy. I saw it was soaking wet and the sweet aroma of her arousal filled my nose. Lyn moved forward until her knee was beside my head and continued to slide her shoe back and forth along the shaft of my cock.

I moaned as I felt kaçak casino my orgasm nearing.

She bent down, put her lips to my ear, and in a sexy voice, whispered, “Come on my toes sir. Fill my shoe with hot come. I want to feel your hot come between my toes!”

The combination of the incredible sensation of her shoe sliding back and forth over my cock, the smell of her perfumed lust, and her suggestive words; sent me over the edge. I groaned as I exploded into Lyn’s shoe. I felt spurt after spurt shoot into her shoe. Lyn continued to stroke my pulsating shaft between her toes as I coated them with hot slippery sperm.

Lyn licked my ear and cooed, “Oh sir! I think you filled my shoe up with come. It feels so hot on my toes. I’ll bet it tastes as good as it feels!” The thought of her drinking my come sent three more quick spurts into her shoe.

“Are you done now sir?” Lyn breathed into my ear.

“Oh yes.” I shuddered as I sighed breathlessly.

She reached down, pulled my softening cock out of her shoe with one hand, and held it off the chair, as she grasped the shoe with her other. She pulled out her dainty foot and placed it over my cock, propping it up between her toes. Her foot was covered with come and my cock began to harden again as I watched globs of come ooze from between her toes.

Lyn lifted her shoe up so I could see the puddle of semen that half-filled it. She lifted it to her mouth and licked her lips suggestively. My cock surged to full stiffness and began to throb as she tilted the shoe up and poured the come over her lips. She swallowed twice and then I could see her little pink tongue slide into the toe of the shoe to lick out the last drops.

She licked her lips, “Mm, sir, your come tastes good. May I have some more?” She lifted her foot away from my throbbing cock, and slipped her shoe back on.

I watched, entranced as come oozed out from between her toes and onto the floor.

Lyn held out her hand and led me into the storeroom.

…what you gonna do in those shoes?

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Just Another Squeeze

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He likes using lotion. Lotion. Locomotion. Jerking forward. Self-propulsion in a plush chair. Instead of chugging, lots of tugging. No diesel in his engine but billowing steam — his breath hot against the air-conditioned frigidness of his corner office. He is at full throttle. A bit of right-handed velocity, and here comes the viscosity. Vertical. Volcanic. Pure physics embodied in a nearly hairless Homo sapiens with a one-track mind. This description fits my boss, a seasoned accountant named Mr. McPhee, whom I’ve assisted for the past two years.

In front of the guys who spend hours hunched over their desks, crunching the numbers in claustrophobic cubicles, Mr. McPhee is always hot under the collar and reminding them of the bottom line. But behind closed doors, he hollers for an entirely different reason, and it is my dubious pleasure to witness it. In his office, the bottom he loves watching does not concern dollars. There in his lair, he likes using lotion. This I know, for whenever I walk into his office, my stockinged thighs swishing beneath my pinstriped micromini skirt and causing minute electric sparks from with every stiletto-sharp motion forward — I hear him roll out his desk drawer and fumble for the lotion. His ritual is unstoppable, so I figure I’d better walk back to the door to secure the lock.

With my back to him, I wait for that zing to pierce the silence of his office. Not the zing of a bandoneón, but the sweep of his zipper. A minimalist whistling sound like a lone catcall in the still of the night. All the while his eyes are pinned on a rearview mirror pruriently positioned on a front wall in his office. I bat my bedroom eyes at him and put on a crooked smile only to feel a bout of seasickness wash over me as I watch his muskmelon head seesaw sideways.

After taking a seat in the chair in front of his massive cherry wood desk, I absentmindedly begin fiddling with its brass knobs. He is excited, which I can discern from his wheezing, not to mention the flushing of his wide forehead. If he had a neck, I could gaze at his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down. But he casino siteleri is a shuddering, gasping mess. I hold back a chortle upon seeing his dome reflected in the impeccably polished wood of the desk. Then I hear squishing from his tube of lotion. The scent, pungent with his musk, wafts into my nostrils and stings the back of my throat. It’s an earthy yet sickly sweet aroma like ganja, and its effect on me is similar to the contact high I used to get from inhaling the herb’s lingering stench while using the stairwell between classes at my high school in Hell’s Kitchen. Just as I used to recline in my orange hard-plastic chair in the classroom, at first fighting against and then succumbing to Mary Jane’s seduction, now I lean back as far as possible in one of Mr. McPhee’s ergonomically correct swivel chairs and splay my legs.

In between wheezing and moaning, he notices that I’ve shut my eyes like a chanteuse disguising stage fright with rapture. He tells me not to look away from what he’s doing. “But, by God, don’t close those legs,” he adds, giving his thick, short penis a series of rough yanks as if it were an appendage that had become burdensome.

A half-hour into his masturbatory mantras, el jefe distracts me from ganja-musk-lotion-permeated meandering to ask, between lewd groans, “Do you want to help me lighten this — ungh-h-h-h — load?”

He doesn’t realize that I just want to watch him get off, as I am not permitted to tell him where. I need this job. No more sleeping with the boss, I promised myself in the past. I made that promise seven times, and I must have broken a mirror between the sixth and seventh vows because my luck is running out. It doesn’t get any lower than this — unless he wants me on my knees to worship his now-dribbling prick. My head swimming, preoccupied with failed romances and aborted dreams, I’ve plunged too far beneath the surface of my private ocean to hear him asking me to fetch him another tube of lotion.

“It’s in the sea-green tube,” he begs. “Ahhhhh, in the cabinet behind you, to the right. Ohhhhh. OHHHHH!”

“Uh, how much does canlı casino it mean to you?”

“Oh, shit! For Chrissakes, Roxanne, just bring me the goddamned lotion!”

“Oh no you didn’t! Ordering me around like that, you should be knockin’ on wood, like that table I polished for you, in the hopes that I don’t report you to the CFO.”

“Jesus-fuckin’-Christ! OK, Roxanne, dear. Please.”

The cabinet is only three feet away, and I walk the short distance in slow motion to the slap-slap-slap rhythm of his sticky palms against his man meat, a rhythm that intensifies as soon as my fatback moves directly into his line of vision. I am acutely aware that the power has shifted to my hands. Carpe diem, I figure. “You know, Mr. McPee-Pee, I mean, McPhee, I wanna raise. A big fat one.” (I use my booty as a visual aid.) “Do you hear what I’m sayin’?”

“Roxie, you really got some balls, you know that? You won’t even suck me off, according to the manifesto that you presented me when I first tweaked your tubular nips on your second day here. But you’ve got the balls to vamp around this office, as well as through the maze of cubicles, with your voluptuous physique, then expect me to subsidize your whore’s den?”

“What the hell are you talkin’ ’bout. I ain’t got no Hazden. What kinda car is that anyway?”

“What the fuck are you talkin’ about? Look, just get me the fuckin’ lotion so I can shoot my wad into that big mouth of yours.”

“Yeah, I bet it’ll be a real money shot, huh, Mr. McAtrophy. I mean, McPhee.”

And with that insult warping his tastebuds, and undoubtedly causing shrinkage, I swing open the cabinet drawer and remove the rancid-smelling lotion in the sea-green tube. At first winding it up like a vengeful pitcher in the penultimate inning being pelted with boos from the home team’s fans, I then hurl it at him. The plastic tube lands on the carpet beside his desk; the lotion, in globs on the wall, carpet and his tweed trousers.

“Roxanne, do you have any idea how much that lotion cost me last summer in Provence, you knock-kneed wench? Now, wiggle over here kaçak casino and clean up this mess if you want your big raise.”

I’m on the cusp of cursing out boss man, but instead ask, “Six percent?”


“Five point five?”


“Five, and I’ll throw in a weekly handjob with, uh, all the fragrant-lotion-from-the French-Rivera-that-you-desire. How’s that sound, boss man?”

“Make it a daily handjob with lotion from the dollar store, and you sitting on my desk with your copper legs spread wide so I can see those big white panties, while I beat off to completion — and it’s a deal. How’s, er, six percent, Rox?”

“Looks as if I’ll be helping you get your rocks off, then, Mr. McPhee.” And with that offer on the table — well, beneath the desk — I can’t resist crawling over to my balding superior. When I reach his trouser legs, I scoop whatever lotion I can from the tweed fabric and the carpet, then sit back on my ankles.

One furtive glance up at his flushed face gives me a fluttering sensation in my belly. The next thing I know, I’m sloshing the mossy-green lotion up and down his throbbing reddish-purple shaft and smearing it on his cool, tight, salt-and-pepper-haired balls. Damn, there’s more hair down here than on his head, I wonder while smiling wickedly into his glassy, non-repro-blue eyes.

“Now, who’s a good boss?” I coo, my voice quavering from the rhythmic movements of my sensuous strokes. As the saliva dripping from his drooling mouth pools on my scalp, I can feel he’s close to orgasm. I whisper, “How do you like my longhand,” and he erupts with white lava that’s a malodorous mix of garlic-scented perspiration and marijuana.

“Rox, oh-oh, Rox!!! M-m-m-mother of God! Here it comes!” he yells, eyes bulging. And a second later, still grimacing, he cries, “Heeeeerrrrre it is!”

He squirts his semen onto my face, barely missing my right eye. I’m smiling but not from the sticky baptism; I think it’s rather funny that Johnny Carson should be reincarnated as Mr. McPhee’s spunk. If I hadn’t been grinning, of course, I wouldn’t have any cum inside my mouth at the moment. But I realize it doesn’t taste half-bad. Guess I’ll be able to finance that condo after all, I muse, wiping off my boss’s man goo with my blouse sleeve and balancing myself on rug-burned knees.

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Beth and Ben Ch. 01

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The Series.

This is my first attempt at writing a story. This particular chapter is quite long, as I am introducing the characters into your world. I plan to do a series based around the characters, of which chapters will vary in length, and contain a lot more action. Any feedback would be nice, just to let me know how I get on. Enjoy reading.

Ben was a young lad in his early 20’s, he attended the local college, where he was doing a sports science course. It was Ben’s 3rd year into the course, he was well known around the college by most people and was very popular amongst his peers. He was captain of the college football team and played in centre midfield, so was well fit and could run all day.

Beth was a young girl; she had turned 18 earlier in the year and was just about to start her 1st year on the sports science course. Beth hadn’t been the most active of students at school, but boy was she in shape. Not the tallest of girls, however she certainly had healthy sized breasts, at least cup size D.

The college day began at 9:00, everyone was to gather in the lecture theatre, this was the norm for Ben and his mates, it was mostly for the benefit of the new students to the college, the lads didn’t have to be there but they couldn’t pass up the chance to eye up all the new girls.

“She would look good on my cock,” Johnny said.

“Nah, she would look far better on mine, or perhaps if she’s really lucky we could split her,” ben replied.

The group of lads couldn’t control themselves, they were lost in fits of laughter.

“You guys are disgusting,” the comment came from Denise, who was also on Ben’s course. She knew the guys well, so was able to give as good as she got, all in fun, she often flirted with Johnny, just to wind him up and get a reaction out of him.

“Maybe she doesn’t play that way, it is possible, not every woman will swoon at your feet guys and drop their knickers just because you gave them the fuck me eyes. Anyway she does look quite tasty I might try having a go myself.” Denise did like to swing both ways and when the guys started talking dirty about doing things with other girls it did get her juices flowing.

Another few minutes passed, then Ben caught a glimpse of a gorgeous girl he would later know as Beth. She looked to be a very compact girl, only about 5’2″ in height, he loved the shorter girls, as he wasn’t very tall himself about 5’6″

Billy nudged Ben “You want me to pick your jaw up off the floor dude? Which one have you spotted anyway?”

Before Ben could reply, Denise jumped up and was calling to Beth, waving her arms in the air.


She flashed Denise a great big smile and hurried on up the stairs to take the vacant seat next to her. Although Denise was 3 years older than Beth, they knew each other well. As Denise was her mentor in her final year at high school, before moving up to college.

“My gosh Beth, I didn’t think I’d see you here. God, how long has it been?” She said as she gave Beth a deep longing hug, “3years. Mind I must say you have grown up into a fine looking young lady.”

“Oh Denise I’m so glad to see you, at least I now know one person here.”

With that, Denise squeezed Beth’s leg just above the knee and turned to the 3 lads behind her, “Let me introduce you to 3 stooges, first we have Bonny Johnny, Big Ben and Billy no mates.”

Billy opened up with “So Beth, which course are you here to do?”

“I’ve signed up to do the sports science course, the whole four years.”

“That’s so cool, we’re on the same course, except we’re all starting our 3rd year, I’m sure we can help you when needed,” Ben informed her, whilst starring deeply into her eyes.

“Beth has anyone told you that you have the most deep casino siteleri brown eyes? I feel I could get lost in them all day.”

Giggling and blushing, Beth wasn’t used to the advances from boys or in this case, young men. Whilst she was at school the uniform she wore everyday wasn’t the most flattering, and hid all her lumps and bumps. Now though she could dress how she liked, nothing to provocative though. After all Beth was a good girl.

The time passed by very slowly for the guys, they were sitting hitting each other, giving dead legs, after-all it was the third time they had sat through this and it was the same mumbo jumbo each year.

Finally it came to an end, “Lets head to the cafeteria for something eat!” Johnny mentioned

“Great idea Johnny, I’m starving,” Spoke Denise “C’mon guys lets show Beth the way, maybe I’ll let you have some of my muffin Beth,” She said with a naughty smile.

“I am partial to a nice muffin, do they also do hotdogs?” she quipped back at the same time looking towards Ben and giving him the sort of look as too say “I want you”

As they were walking down the hall Ben lent into Beth and whispered “I hope that I’m allowed some of your muffin too?”

“Jesus Christ, look at what’s coming our way,” Billy bellowed.

It was a group of the girls from performing arts, the dance group, they were all in hotpants, the kind that allowed just a little bit of ass to be seen. The boys couldn’t help but turn their heads to see some ass as they passed.

“Is it me or were they trying too hard to get attention,” Beth expressed in a slightly annoyed way.

“I don’t care; they got my attention,” Billy said in a dreamlike state, still looking even though the dance troupe were almost out of sight.

“Ha Ha DOWN BOY,” Denise snapped at Billy. Motioning down to his crotch where there seemed to be a protrusion, Beth noticed and gasped, “Billy.”

They sat down for lunch, the banter was flowing, as well as the flirting between Beth and Ben. A particular girl walked passed, the lads noticed that she had a bong eye, so you couldn’t really tell if she was looking at you or to the side.

“Bet you I could shag her eyes straight,” Johnny joked, again the group were in hysterics. Johnny was the true king of the dirty one liners

The first class of the day wasn’t till the afternoon, and as usual it was the dreaded fitness test, so that the tutors had a record on where each student was at with regards to their own personal fitness level. Once they were changed, everyone made their way to the sports hall. Ben, Johnny and Billy looked around and saw different stations set up. Above each station was the exercise that was to be done, the idea was to do as many of a particular exercise as possible in a minute then move on to the next station.

Denise and Beth finally decided to show up, the eyes of the entire sports hall were upon them. They were both in very short blue gym skirts and incredibly tight white shirts; everyone could easily make out the outline of their breasts. The air con was blowing in the sports hall, the girls could feel their nipples beginning to get stiff and they were popping out like little bullets.

Ben couldn’t remove his eyes from Beth’s chest, but to his utter dismay he was partnered with a random girl, although she was cute, she wasn’t on the same level as Beth. Too add further to his misfortune Billy was paired with Beth and Johnny with Denise.

The fitness test began, to the astonishment of Billy and Johnny, the two girls had secretly decided to wear thongs under their skirts rather than the usual gym knickers, they were playing a naughty game with the boys.

Billy did his set of star jumps, Beth followed. He positioned himself behind her and as she started her skirt was flapping up as she jumped. canlı casino It was revealing quick glimpses of her tight backside.

“Ohhh my god.”

“Did you say something Billy?” she said as turned to him.

“Me; no; I was just thinking how good you were at star jumps.”

“Do you think I have good form?”

“You could say that; yeah, just keep it up, your doing really well.”

His cock started to twitch, he felt the blood rushing to it. There was no stopping it, the sight of this young tight ass in front of him had him going. His shorts were beginning to tent, his face was getting flushed, he couldn’t let everyone in the hall see his cock standing to attention, he needed a way out.

He turned to the tutor David, “Dave I forgot my water I gotta go get it if I’m make it through this.”

“Yeah no problem Billy, looks like you’ve been working a little hard, your quite red in the face, are you feeling alright?”

“Never better,” and with that he ran out the gym to the changing rooms to clear his head.

Denise noticed the situation with Billy and mouthed to Beth “You tease,” Beth gave her a wink back and an innocent smile.

“Dave shall I go check on Billy, he’s been gone a little while?” Denise asked.

“That might be a good idea, let me know if he’s ok when you get back.”

In the changing room, Billy had gone from Semi hard to full blown hard, he didn’t know whether to wank himself off, or let it pass. It had been a while since Billy had last seen any action, so he slipped his hand down his shorts in the search of relief. At that point in walked Denise.

“OK, now I see why you had to leave in such a rush. Did the sight of Beth’s ass get you all excited Billy boy? Were you gonna take matter into your own hands, or could you do with some help there?”


“No need to be so shy Billy,” she cooed as she walked towards him.

“I’m not…”

“Just let me help you there,” Denise moved behind him.

She placed her hands on his arse and moved her thumbs just under the waistband of his shorts. Slowly she pulled down his shorts, over his hard cock allowing it to spring free.

“Denise what are you doing? What if someone walks in?”

“Relax Billy boy; no one is gonna walk in, they’re all busy in the sports hall.”

“Just what are you planning to do?”

“I haven’t planned any of this. I was a little concerned when you left the hall in such a rush and thought you might be in need of some help, which; clearly you are” She chuckled.


“Shhh Billy.”

Denise then then began to slowly slide her hands from the back of Billy’s waist to the front. Tickling and sending a shiver through the whole of his body. His cock also started to twitch at the erotic feeling running through him.

She lightly stroked the top side of his cock, from his stomach to the tip, again his cock twitched involuntary. Next she stroked the bottom of his cock from balls to tip. She repeated these moves another few times.

“Denise that feels so awesome; I don’t think my cock his been this hard before.”

“You do have a really nice cock, I wasn’t expecting it but now I want it. Just stand nice and still for me.”

Denise, still standing behind Billy grabbed his cock in her right hand, and began to gently wank him up and down his entire length. He threw his head back with the pleasure he was receiving. After what seemed like a couple of minutes, Denise then moved around to place herself in front of Billy.

“Are you gonna suck my dick?”

She gave him no answer, other than to start sinking to her knees, until she was gazing upon his super hard manhood. With one hand she tilted his cock up, whilst the other cupped his balls. She proceeded to lick the under carriage of this glorious dick, making kaçak casino sure she coated him with plenty of saliva.

“You have massive balls,” is all she could muster

Teasing the tip of his cock, swirling her tongue around the bulbous head, she could taste his precum, not salty as she imagined but exceedingly sweet. His cock now soaked in saliva and precum, Denise now took him into her extremely warm mouth, going down slowly, taking him inch by inch.

When she could take him no further, she withdrew his cock from her mouth and went at it again and again.

“Look me in the eyes Denise. Can you feel my huge dick filling your mouth?”

“I wanna feel your cum filling my mouth, not just your cock, get ready to fill me up Billy boy!”

Denise doubled her efforts on Billy’s cock, she took his deep and began to swirl her tongue round and round the mushroom head of his cock. Billy couldn’t take his eyes off what she was doing to him, as he was wanted to make sure he would never forget this moment.

She grasped his cock with her hand and began sliding up and down his length as she continued to bob up and down, enjoying every second of it herself. Then much to Billy’s shock, Denise sucked a finger of the jobless hand and slide it between Billy’s legs towards his arsehole.

She proceeded to give rim his ring with her finger, whilst still working hard give him this fantastic blowjob,

“OH MY FUCKING GOD, please Denise that feels intense, keep it going, I’ll be filling you up soon.”

She gave him a smile with his cock still buried down her throat and probed a little deeper with her finger till she had just the tip of it inside his ass. Slurping away on this big dick, Denise moved her finger in and out of Billy’s ass, a sensation he had never felt and never would’ve thought he’d ever feel either.

The feeling in Billy’s balls was beginning to build, he could feel the build-up of his climax coming, his balls were tightening up his cock got harder. Denise could feel his cock increase inside her mouth.

“Ohhhhhhhh, Yeeeeesssss,” Billy cried

He shot his hot sticky cum deep down Denise’s throat. The first shot tickled her tonsils, the second she could feel dripping slowly straight down her throat. With Denise’s finger still inside Billy’s ass, the feeling of each load of cum was intensified. He kept shooting load after load, he wondered if he would ever stop cumming, but wasn’t complaining, he was enjoying it after all.

Denise never once removed his cock from her mouth, taking each shot as he came. Her mouth was so full of his cum, it began to leak out the corners and start dripping down her cheeks, she’d never had so much cum in her mouth before.

Billy stopped cumming, his cock decreased in size and Denise released him with a pop and took a big gulp to swallow down his huge load, she forgot about the stream running down her cheeks, got to her feet and gave Billy a deep kiss, so he could taste his own cum mixed with her saliva.

They broke the kiss, just as Beth and Ben came into the changing room, they had been gone for a while. Billy pulled up his shorts at the speed of light to hide what had just happened between them. However the evidence was clear and it was dripping down the cheeks of Denise.

“Think you have something there Denise,” Beth said pointing to her cheek.

Ben put his arm round his shoulder and gave him a man punch in the arm. “You feeling alright Billy? It’s just you look a little red in the face lad.”

They all left together, Billy and Denise leading the way, followed by Beth and Ben. Ben held open the door for Beth, as she walked through he gave her slap on her firm ass, and gave it a little squeeze, which didn’t go unnoticed by Beth.

“Fancy coming to my gym with me tonight Beth? We could get some extra work in.”

“Yeah ok sounds like a good idea, what time?”

“I’ll pick you up at 8.”

“That sounds good to me, I’ll be looking forward to it.”

The End of chapter 1

Beth and Ben will return in “THE GYM”

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Pleasure Thy Sister Ch. 01

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Disclaimer: this is a purely fictional story. All characters are over the age of 18, and are not modeled around specific people.


Chapter 1: Good Girls Study

Samantha walked through the front door, her classes done for the day. Immediately the classic sounds of the Sappho Sorority House’s hustle and bustle took over. Music filtered from various bedrooms upstairs, afternoon talk shows chatted away in the common room, commotion in the kitchen, and of course giggles and moans.

Sappho Sorority was notorious for empowering women, specifically in sexuality and taking control of their pleasure. All the sisters took much joy in “bonding.” Where there was pride in education, there was also pride in orgasms.

A high pitch squeal drew Samantha’s attention to the common room as she was taking off her shoes. Four girls gathered around a fifth girl being laid out on the coffee table. Michelle, a junior, was being subjected to celebration for having made the cheerleading squad. Hands caressed every inch of her body, taking specific care of her nipples and moistening pussy. Michelle squirmed and giggled, gasping when hands got especially frisky with her.

“Sam! Come join us!” A girl offered, slipping a hand between Michelle’s legs and rubbing up and down.

“Sorry! This one’s got a study session to go to” came a voice behind Samantha. She smiled, tingling slightly knowing what was in store. Alexis was her favorite tutor, her study methods leaving Samantha thoroughly confident and satisfied. Alexis ran her hands across Samantha’s waist from behind, pulling her backwards.

“Biology isn’t going to brush up itself” Alexis teased in Samantha’s ear. Samantha took off up the stairs of the house, Alexis hot on her heels.

Not fifteen minutes later, the girls found themselves in bed. Samantha laid back, with Alexis laying sideways across her belly, facing Samantha’s spread legs. Using her right hand, she swiped on a tablet, reading off vocabulary words. Her left hand, had since developed a steady rhythm between Samantha’s legs, lightly grazing against her vulva. With every right answer, Alexis would reward Samantha with more pressure, speeding up, changing a direction. Every wrong answer, she slowed her teasing, quickly building Samantha to an edge.

“Good girl, Sammie” Alexis cooed, swiping the tablet the same time she let her middle finger swipe up between wet folds. “Now, which branch of biology deals with the study of insects?” A quick circle around a shy clit. Samantha gasped.

“Hm?” Alexis inquired, deciding casino siteleri to tease even more. “Something wrong?” Two more quick circles around Samantha’s hardening button. Again, Samantha gasped and gripped her sheets.

“Ah, y-you” She stammered.

“Oh! Did I find our friend?” Alexis smiled. This was one of her favorite parts about her Sammie. Samantha had one of the most sensitive clits in the house. You could tease it for hours, leaving her a moaning mess, or having her cumming in seconds with some quick tickles and flicks. Alexis loved playing with it and making Samantha writhe with pleasure. Not one to disappoint, Alexis decided study time was over. Truth be told, Samantha didn’t even need it, Alexis just wanted to play with her.

Slow and steady, a finger began circling Samantha’s clit. Samantha moaned softly, her head falling back against her pillow. Her legs instinctively spread wider.

“Ahh yes, there it is. There’s my Sammie’s favorite button.” Alexis teased. Continuing to circle the aroused nub, increasing the pressure. “Can I keep playing with it? Hm? Saaaammie?” Alexis slowed her pace.

“Mmmnnnooo Lexi please don’t stop” Samantha begged, ignoring the fact that a couple other girls had gathered in the open door. The house allowed for its inhabitants to display their pleasures for all to see if they chose. It was common to see spectators gather around a couple or more girls playing with each other. In fact, it was even more usual for an audience to form during “Sammie and Lexi study sessions”. Many girls couldn’t help but stare as Alexis would masturbate Samantha’s sex lovingly, often letting their hands wander into their own panties at the sight.

Alexis went back to toying with Samantha’s sensitive clit. Switching from circles to flicks, occasionally dipping lower to use Sammie’s wetness to coat the button. All the while cooing and moaning to Samantha, turning her on further.

“Mmmmmmhahhhaaaa” a ball of tension had wound itself up in Samantha’s core. She was in heaven as Alexis gave her pussy what felt like royal treatment. Ever since Samantha’s first night in the house, she had a special bond with Alexis. Alexis, being the first girl to pleasure her. The moment her fingers and tongue met her sensitive sex, all nervousness melted away and she was hooked.

“That’s right, baby. Doesn’t that clit feel good? Look how happy it is.” Alexis leaned down for a better look. “Oh I could just kiss it. Mwah!” A quick butterfly kiss to the top of Samantha’s slit gave her a quick jolt.

“Mm!” She bucked canlı casino her hips up, much to Alexis’ enjoyment.

“Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!” More quick kisses around Samantha’s sex, her hips trying to increase contact, before being held down more firmly by Alexis’ weight.

“Oh I see, not good enough for you?? You asked for it!” Alexis declared diving into Samantha’s pussy. Wasting no time, her tongue began sliding through wet folds, soothing along and building the tension in Samantha’s core. The small audience in the doorway cheering and moaning as some of the girls couldn’t help giving their own pussies some attention watching the display.

Alexis flicked her tongue all along Samantha’s pussy, circling around her clit, but not touching. Samantha roller her hips, moaning and smiling. This attention was paradise after a long day of classes. Another delighted squeal left her lips when she felt fingertips joining her teasing by lightly running along her nipples. Like her clit, she could cum from just light stimulation alone. But of course her sisters knew how to play with her and keep her at the perfect state for as long as they wanted. She remembered one time sitting at the counter during breakfast, softly moaning as a fellow junior, Kate, stood behind her tweaking and flicking her nipples. All the while, she carried along conversation with other housemates, as if it was totally normal to be teasing Samantha’s erect peaks to a series of soft orgasms. It was no surprise that Kate was now reveling in Samantha’s moans and sighs as she tweaked and rolled at the hard buds.

The combination of nipple play and clit tonguing was now becoming too much for her to handle.

“Oh! Oh my- ahhh ah! Ah!”

Alexis took her cue and began sucking Samantha’s hard clit, her tongue cradling it into a warm wet mouth. Samantha arched back and let out a long moan as Kate pinched her nipples, adding to her climax.

“AHHhhhhhhahhhhyesss!!” Samantha writhed as her orgasm washed over her, moving from her head to her toes and back. Alexis didn’t back off. Her favorite part was next.

“Ohhhhhhaaaaahaaahahaokayheyheyhee” Samantha giggled. As stated before, her clit was one of the most sensitive in the house. As Alexis continued tonguing around the button, Samantha was overcome with tingles. Post-orgasm teasing left her clit a bundle of ticklish nerves, that often left her laughing her way to another orgasm. An orgasm Alexis was happy to oblige.

“Ah!ahahahaLexiohmygoddd!! Wait ehehe!” She shouted.

“Nope, gonna make you cum again, Sammie. You kaçak casino deserve some more fun, don’t you? Come on baby. Tickle tickle!” Alexis commented between licks and flicks, each one making Samantha squeal and squirm. She wasn’t bound. She could get up and stop this any time. But she didn’t want to. As unbearable as the tickling sensation was on her clit, she loved it. And she didn’t want it to end.

“Yeeeheeheeyeeess Lexi oh my god!!” Her clit’s nerves were jumping and throbbing. She didn’t know how she became too lucky to get to experience this much love and affection constantly. All she could do was lay back and let her moans grow louder and louder as Alexis’ tongue hit the perfect spot on her clit that sent her into her second orgasm. It slammed into her leaving her breathless, but it didn’t relent. Alexis kept lapping at her soaked pussy for several more minutes until at least two more climaxes shot through Samantha’s core.

Finally, she was released, chest heaving staring at the ceiling. Samantha wasn’t sure how long she laid there before a moan to her left made her turn her head. She smiled.

Kate, the girl who had been teasing her nipples, now stood behind Alexis, fingers buried deep in Alexis’ pussy. Alexis was on her knees, face planted in the mattress and the fingers inside her no doubt had already found her g-spot.

“Hey Sam, go ahead and get some sleep, I’ll take care of Lexi here.” Kate encouraged, picking up her pace. Shifting her hand over, she began finger fucking Alexis more aggressively, a wet sucking sound filling the room.

“Ah! Ahhh! AH!” Alexis yelped. From where Samantha lay, she could see small splashes of wetness erupt from Alexis pussy. Kate smiled and kept her speed, rubbing Alexis’ back with her free hand.

“That’s it baby, let it all out for me. Goooood girl.” She began to slow down, assuming Alexis had begun to come down from her orgasm hit.

“Mmmmmmmore? Please??” Alexis mumbled into the mattress.

Kate stayed silent, pausing for a moment. Just as Alexis thought maybe Kate was going to deny her, she felt a third finger enter her and rock steadily against her g-spot. In and out in and out building Alexis up quickly. Alexis, overcome by the pleasure radiating from her soaked pussy, moaned and laughed, smiling into the sheets.

“Hah! Haaaaahaaahhh!!” In no time she squirted onto Kate’s hand and stomach, enjoying the ride as she slowed her pace, guiding Alexis down.

By this point Samantha has actually begun drifting to sleep. Alexis crawled up to her side, cuddling into her. Kate tucked the two satisfied girls in, giving them each a teasing flick to the nipple. Quietly she left the room, in search of some pleasure of her own. And thus, another night in the Sappho Sorority House continued.

The end

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Dad Puts Sally on the Right Track

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I must thank those who took the time to vote for my last submission. The feedback I received was very favourable and many of you, including Sally for whom I wrote the original, have requested for a continuation so here it is.


I was thoroughly enjoying my new role in life. A slut for dad, whenever the opportunity presented its self, which was often but unfortunately like all good things never enough, as well as a live in unpaid three hole whore for my brother John for his use, this was usually very late at night when our parents were fast asleep, which added to the taboo thrill of making love to my well hung brother. All this together with Linda, my brothers beautiful girlfriend, who as far as I knew had the tastiest wettest pussy in town and loved threesomes with John and me or just twosomes whenever I went to hers to stay overnight or weekends kept me content.

Although as I said I was very content with my lot I couldn’t help wondering what it would be like to be with another woman, other than Linda, after all I was presently receiving attention from two lovely cocks each one different and enjoyable in its own right, perhaps I owed it to myself to experiment some more with women.

I begun looking at the other girls in my year as possible candidates but although a couple took my fancy I was not sure whether it would be a good idea, what if it all went wrong, life at school could become very difficult. The more I tried to put it out of my mind the more the desire to get together with another girl grew. Surprisingly, my father of all people finally put me on the right track quite unexpectedly.

Dad and I hadn’t managed to do any fucking for a number of days, although I had taken to wearing no knickers at home, something I had made sure both dad and John were aware of. What they were not aware of was the fact that I was allowing them both the use of my body. Dad had managed to catch me on the upstairs hall landing where he had quickly fingered my tight juicy cunt a couple of times during the week, then licked his amazingly long fat fingers and jokingly told me how finger licking good my pussy tasted, unfortunately on each such occasion it was a bit fumbled as well as too brief, not long enough for me to cum on his long digits, which as you can imagine left me yearning for his giant cock and on the edge of cumming, so that I had to go to the bathroom or my bedroom and bring myself wet tingly pussy to orgasm with my own fingers which were no real substitute to a 10” long thick cock.

On this particular Saturday dad had said he needed to go to his office to finish off some work and asked if I would like to go with him and do my homework. I of course jumped at the chance, the thought of his big fat cock inside my pussy making me instantly wet.

I went straight to my room to get ready. I put a pair of white cotton knickers in my bag just in case, then put on a loose fitting short skirt but not too short and Zip up white blouse, which was just thick enough to allow me to get away without a bra as it was a fairly warm day and my nipples wouldn’t poke through. I then put on a pair of thin cotton socks which finished jut passed my knees. I hastily applied some make up, mainly lots of the bright red lipstick that mum used because I knew it was dads favourite. Finally, I threw a few schoolbooks in the bag to make it all look convincing.

We got into the car and drove off. Dad’s office was about half an hour’s drive away and I wanted his prick to be rock hard by the time we got there. I didn’t know if he had any work to finish or if it was all just a ploy to get me on my own, nor did I care, all I wanted was that huge cock to be buried deep in one of my holes and at that stage I didn’t really care which one, although my pussy was by now drenched at the thought and itching to be fucked making it probably number one in line.

“So dad what did you have in mind?” I asked innocently.

“Wait until we get there and do some work, then we’ll see.” He replied.

Like hell I was going to wait I thought, my pussy was on fire.

I lowered my bum on the seat at the same time hitching my skirt up so that my clean shave cunt was completely on display while my tight bare arse was sat on the cool black leather car seat. Dad hadn’t noticed my situation yet; time to make him take note I thought.

“But daddy look, my pussy is already to play now.” I told him holding my cunt open with one hand while running a finger from one end of my gash to the other picking up my juices on the fingertip.

Dad turned and looked as I continued to run the fingertip from one end to the other of my very wet pussy lips, I instantly saw the excited reaction in his eyes which almost popped out of their sockets as I offered my cunt juice covered finger to his lips which he sucked into his mouth instantly licking it dry with his hot wet tongue. I now knew that I had him where I wanted. I lowered my hand onto his groin squeezing his cock hard, it was only semi erect but we still had ten minutes of the drive left. I unzipped him and put my hands inside fumbling for the entry of his boxers.

“No don’t Sally, casino oyna I’m trying to drive don’t do that stop.”

I could tell his protest was at best half hearted and anyway too late as my hand firmly encircled his semi hard manhood pulling it out of its confines, my head going down to meet it. I opened my mouth sucking his meat inside feeling it growing in its newfound oral cage as my tongue run up and down the length captured in my mouth, finally resting on the sensitive exposed gland between the foreskin and head causing him to moan.

“Oh god Sally that feels so good, you are a brilliant cock sucker you most definitely take after your mum, oh yes that’s so nice do that think with your tongue again ahhh yes that’s good sweetie oh yes that feels so good.”

Dad’s cock was quickly growing and my jaw opened as wide as possible to accommodate the 10” plus pulsating monster. I was busily using my other hand for my own needs as I slowly fingered myself with two fingers while rubbing my sensitive clit with my thumb. I wanted to carry on until my dad flooded my mouth with his sour creamy seed but he pulled me off him using my hair as leverage.

“We have to stop Sally, we are at the security gates and it wouldn’t be right for anyone to see my cock inside my daughters mouth would it?”

I sat up pushing my skirt down then tried to push his cock back inside his trousers but couldn’t it was so big and hard, dad reached behind him and pulled a file out of his open briefcase putting it on his lap to hide his hard on. He only just managed to cover his cock when we drew up to the gate, the security guard looked inside his eyes resting on my long outstretched legs the skirt barely covering my vagina, he licked his lips in appreciation, if only he knew how wet my quim was and what little covered it I thought to myself.

We were now in the underground car park and dad managed to stuff himself back inside his trousers. Jumping out of the car we got inside the lift where dad pulled me to him hungrily seeking out my mouth and sucking my tongue deep inside his mouth, the kiss unmistakable proof of the lust we both felt. The lift stopped at dad’s floor and we stopped kissing as the office had numerous CCTV cameras which dad was fully aware of.

Once we were finally inside his room he closed the door, relocking it, this wasn’t unusual as there were sensitive documents as well as a large amount of petty cash kept in the room, then he switched on the do not disturb light.

Dad, now fully satisfied with the precautions he had taken, walked up to me without a single word he lifted me up as though I was a rag doll and sat me on top of his desk, he had made sure in the process that my skirt had been lifted up to my trim waist. The urgency of his fervent movements fuelled my excitement as he got down on his knees in front of me his head hurriedly burying itself in between my wide open legs until his mouth made contact with my drenched labia, he sucked my whole cunt inside his mouth sending shivers throughout my body as his long fat tongue entered my quim licking the flesh inside the entry with big deliberate circular motions making me moan in ecstasy. I think the most apt description is that my dad devoured my cunt, making me writhe as I lay flat on his desk my pussy defenceless to the oral attack of his lips and tongue my juices running constantly and uncontrollably along my perineum to my arse hole until nature took over and gravity made our combined juices fall in a pool to the carpet below the desk. His tongue left my vagina only to be replaced by two fingers that buried themselves to the hilt in my hot cave.

“So Sally you like your tight little arse to be fucked eh? Well daddy is going to fill up all your tight little holes for you, your going to be daddies little fuck slut today aren’t you?”

“Oh yes please daddy, I’d love that.” I replied adding a little giggle for effect as I played along.

His mouth the keeper of his very useful tongue made contact with my pucker the mouth sucking it hard drawing it in while the tongue toyed with the tiny hole, when satisfied that I was wet enough I felt the long fat middle finger of his other hand push for entry, my rubbery flesh slowly yielding until the violation of my arse was complete, the finger now fully inserted to the hilt while my sphincter seemed to be trying to pull it further inside me almost sucking at his long finger with a wish to be dominated.

“Do you like dad sucking your little cunt, is he as good as Linda?”

I heard the question but was unable to find the words to reply my mind was just too confused with the wave after wave of pleasure that numbed it.

“Daddy is going to fuck you good today we have lots of time and no interruptions you are going to get all of my cum inside you today baby.”

Dad finger fucked my two holes, opening and closing the fingers inside me as if stretching me then pulling them back to the brink before pushing them hard back inside my warm clammy caves. His mouth returned to my cunt to lick me again his hand pulled back to give his mouth the necessary access as he reached up with his hand offering me my own canlı casino juices which I greedily sucked off of the offered digits, once dry the fingers moved downward unzipping my blouse, freeing my orbs then pinching the already hard nipples one then the other sending a spiralling mixture of pleasure coupled with the pang of pain to explode in my brain. He moved now, his hand back to my cunt, which was nearing explosion level he buried three fingers inside my pussy the other hand still furiously fingering my arse hole as he fucked my holes in rhythm with the small alternative cocks on his dexterous hands. His head moved up furiously seeking my mouth which once located he attacked passionately capturing my tongue almost wrenching it out of my mouth as he sucked on it he then again abandoned my open mouth to suck on my areola and large bloated nipples one after the other he sucked hungrily on them his hands never slowing as his fingers continued their music inside my orifices. He then bit on each nipple in turn the pain adding to my lust finally I climaxed like never before screaming my body like a bowel of quivering jelly.



I expected for dad to stop now but instead he held my legs wide apart his head returning to my cunt as he feasted on the fruits of his endeavours until he had his fill of my thick cum, his thirst quenched he dropped his trousers and rammed my still recovering pussy with his huge cock driving it inside my juice box in one thrust before I had even time to catch my breath, it only took a few hard deliberate thrusts from his magic wand before I experienced another orgasm which hit me just as the last one finished making me scream even louder than before.


Dad pounded me with his giant rock hard cock, as though my cunt was the mortar and his cock the pestle until I couldn’t take anymore, he withdrew his shaft just as my cunt went into spasm and I lost control of my bladder peeing, it shot up high in the air like a fountain of molten gold before landing on my tummy all hot then dripping to the ground making me feel embarrassed as my pussy muscles continued to clench and release.

“Sally that was wonderful, I now know you must have really have enjoyed that, don’t look so down there is nothing wrong with it it’s a natural thing, now come and suck daddies cock like a good cock sucker.”

His words and gently way he had said it set my mind at ease and I eagerly got on my knees in front of him kneeling on the damp carpet my mouth readily wide open as I sucked on his cunt cum covered juicy prick my hands on his buttocks pulling him further in, my jaws just about able to stretch so as to accommodate his thick shaft, I begun breathing through my nostrils as he pushed his cock further inside my mouth until it entered my throat at first making me gag, pulling my mouth back, I tried again and again while he coaxed me until I was eventually able to let him fuck my throat.

“Oh yes that feels so good Sally, mum can do this really good its took her a while but she is really good at it now and loves it. Yes that’s it baby suck on dad’s nice cock get it all nice and wet for your little arse that’s my baby. God you and mum would be awesome together you really love sex so does she, maybe not as much as she once did but she loves it once she gets going, maybe she needs a change a bit of pussy eating eh like you and your friend Linda?”

Did I just hear all that or was it my imagination playing tricks, I nodded as I wondered what it would be like to eat mummy’s pussy and redoubled my efforts on his cock which I couldn’t wait to have up my arse.

“Yeah.” Dad continued “Mum liked girl on girl but only with her old friend Sue, do you remember her she’s the one that lives in Canada now. Yeah your mum loved doing it with Sue but in a small town likes ours she hasn’t found anyone she wants to take the chance of replacing her with.”

The more I heard the harder and faster I sucked his cock, god that sounded so hot, mum kept fit going to the gym everyday now she wasn’t working and her body was in fantastic shape, needless to say she was attractive, a lot of my looks and some of my brothers were down to her. I put the thought on the back burner as I sucked dad’s cock feeling it expand in my throat as he neared ejaculation. That’s when he withdrew the monster from my mouth.

“God you are good Sally, but I need to fuck your tight little arse I’ve been looking forward to it for a while. So get on my desk.”

I did as he asked.

“Now open your legs wide and put your head down, good oh yes that’s so good.”

His hands went to my arse cheeks drawing them wide apart like a pair of curtains then I felt his tongue as it licked my brown ring, first up and down then with circular motions like he had my pussy, he did this for a while then pulled my hands back so that my head rested on the desk.

“Hold it open for daddy darling, daddy wants to eat your pussy a bit get some more juices going would kaçak casino you like that?”

“Mmmh yes daddy.” I told him.

He was now back to licking my cunt which was still very wet, then he begun to push my pussy juices with his tongue along my perineum up to my brown ring. He seemed to carry on like this for ages and I could feel my arse hole was now saturated with my pussy juices and his saliva, so much so that it was gradually yielding to his tongue until I finally felt the tip of his tongue now made very rigid push inside until the tip gained entrance, he now finger fucked my cunt while continuing to wriggle his tongue just inside the entry of my arse. It felt so hot I was now almost ready to cum and his cock hadn’t even neared me.

“That’s good Sally you are nice and ready now use your hands on your pussy so that you are getting stimulation on both your fuck holes, you’ll love it, mummy does so I’m sure you will. Do you know how lucky you are to have three nice fuck holes, make the most of it but be careful and be choosy.”

That was the first fatherly advice he had given me for a while but I could tell how serious he was being. After all I was still his little girl and was sure he loved me, maybe even more that your everyday normal daughter father relationships.

I began fingering my cock tunnel while every so often running a fingertip over my clit all the time dad continued tonguing my arse hole, at one stage I thought he was going to manage to fuck me with it. Finally satisfied he pushed the head of the giant cock into the centre of my pucker and I felt the tiny now partly expanded hole opening slowly to accommodate him. Although this wasn’t the first time dad had fucked my arse it was obvious he was trying to make it more enjoyable for me than before. Once the head squeezed past the sphincter he stopped enabling my arse to become accustomed to the intrusion. I then felt him slowly begin to push again until all 10” were inside my rectum, god it felt so good and only weeks ago I would have said an instant no to this possible experience. Dad pulled his cock back just leaving the head still inside me then pushed all the way in, he did this a couple of times until he got into a rhythm and then begun fucking me in earnest it felt so good as I now plunged two fingers in my cunt and could feel the long thick cock in the other hole through the thin flesh wall separating the two as it went in and out like a steam piston, I begun using my thumb to rub my clit and was sent into another world full of pleasure. I could hear myself as though in some sort of out of body experience.







My screams seemed to spur him on as he rammed me while I now had four fingers in my wet cunt as I again exploded my sphincter trapping the cock deep in my rectum while my fingers felt the vice like grip of my young tight cunt muscles.



Dad pulled his cock out and came to the front of his desk pulling my head up using my hair as a grip he thrust his cock in my mouth which I readily opened wide so he could fuck it, finally I felt it expand in my mouth as he shot his thick warm spunk inside me almost straight down my throat, there was so much I couldn’t swallow it all and it dripped down my throat and onto my tits and the desk. Once I had sucked him completely dry dad pulled out his cock and watched as I collected his spunk form my body and his desk and stuffed it in my mouth.

“That’s a good girl Sally, god I almost wish I wasn’t your dad and I was a few years younger I’d never let you out of my sight in fact I wouldn’t let you out of my bed.” I could tell he meant it.

We stayed a couple of hours more repeating the days events until my pussy, mouth and arse were all worn out and I’m sure even mum would have had a problem getting dads cock to perform that night.

Eventually we got home, mum was waiting for us to have dinner and I was pleased to hear John had been with Linda all day as it would have been a bit awkward had he decided to come to my room that night as I was completely drained, however it’s surprising how quickly you can recover. That night in bed thinking about the day’s exploits and mum had me rubbing my pussy half the night until I eventually went to sleep with a finger still inside me.

The following morning, Sunday, I went downstairs for breakfast and couldn’t take my eyes off mum. I had never looked at her as a possible lover before. She was very attractive, her body well toned with lovely large breasts that still seemed very firm. Her legs were long and shapely and her arse looked firm, I couldn’t see any excess fat or any wrinkles. For her age my mum was in excellent shape, remembering the night I had watched her and dad making love I recalled how wet her pussy had been and felt my own moisten excitedly between my legs. Yes that would be so hot I thought, sucking on mums pussy, like a sort of thank you for letting me out, I laughed inwardly at my little joke. The problem was how to get her to let me go down on her.

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Just Say ‘Thank You’ Ch. 5

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The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you, or you are offended by subjects of a sexual nature – do not read any further!

This story is for entertainment only. It contains adult oriented material. This is a work of fiction. The acts and characters contained within are figments of my imagination and have no basis in fact. I do not practice, advocate, condone or encourage acts portrayed here. The characters in the story are entirely fictional. You need to believe that all of the characters are over the age of eighteen.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author. This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached.

* * * * * * * * * *

The phone rang at the office.

“Hello, Marcus speaking.”

“Hi, Mr. Marcus, this is Noni.”

Noni, the friend of my daughter who I’m secretly in love and lust with. I pray she’s calling to tell me loves me too.

“Hi, Noni, what’s up?”

“I’m calling to invite you to a surprise birthday party.”

“Oh really. Someone I know?”

“No, but I think you’ll enjoy the party anyway. Tracy and Teri will be there.”

My other two sexual students. I was getting hard just at the thought of those three in the same room.

“You still haven’t told me whose birthday it is.”

“Her name is Lori. She’s one of my closest friends. She’s sweet. You’ll like her.”

“And what is my, uh, role at this party?”

Noni had set me up before to introduce her friends to sex. I was more than a little curious if this was another such event.

“Oh no, Mr. Marcus. I’m inviting you to see how well I do as a teacher. I’m going to introduce Lori to sex, just like you taught me. Don’t you want to see how far your student has come?”

I knew how far I’d cum, just looking at the three of them, undressed. Across the room.

“Seeing you teach one of your friends about sex is something I wouldn’t want to miss.”

“Great. My house, Saturday. Be there by twelve thirty, so I can hide you in a closet. Lori is so shy, she’d probably pick up and leave if you were there.”

“Okay, I’ll see you then. Bye.”

My love, I almost added.

It was difficult to keep my mind on work until Saturday. I kept wondering how Noni was going to pull off the teacher role, especially the way she’s equipped. No, I don’t mean she doesn’t have a killer bod. Just the opposite. But lessons can only go so far with Noni’s tongue. And Noni doesn’t have a penis. Believe me, I would have noticed. I knocked gently.

“Hi, Mr. Marcus. Come on in quick. Teri called to say that she Tracy and Lori were running a little early.”

I was escorted up to Noni’s bedroom and told to wait silently in the closet. The slats in the closet doors gave me a pretty good view of the whole room. The smell of Noni’s clothes was intoxicating. I heard the doorbell and the tittering of young female voices, followed by footsteps coming up the stairs.

“Lori, birthday girl, have a seat.”

Lori was very cute, with small breasts and gentle curves. I was anxious to see her without her clothes. Actually, I was hoping that Noni’s instruction involved Noni stripping so I could once again gaze at the wonder of her naked body. Tracy and Teri sat on both sides of Lori while Noni was mistress of ceremonies.

“Lori, today is your eighteenth birthday. This morning, you registered to vote. That is one of the two important things that a girl should do on her eighteenth birthday. Tracy, Teri and I are here to help you with the second.”

“What’s that?”

“Popping your cherry.”

Real subtle.

“What are you talking about?”

“You haven’t had sex yet, have you?”

“Well, no, if it’s any of your business. I’ll find somebody one day, and when I’m ready -“

“And when you’re ready, you’ll be inexperienced and intact and it’ll be awful.”

Lori gave Noni a puzzled look.

“Lori, we’re your friends. You can trust us. We’ll get you started, that’s all. Then, when the right guy comes along and you want to do it, you’ll be ready. Without all the awkwardness and pain and confusion of the casino oyna first time mucking it up. And the best part is, you can honestly say you’ve never done it with a boy, even after we’ve initiated you.”

“So, all of you have done it? I mean, you’re not virgins any more?”

“Yep, that’s right.”

“Who did you did it with?”

“Gee, Lori, I promised I wouldn’t tell. It might get him in trouble. That’s all I can say. So, are you game?”

“Well, I don’t know. Do you think I’ll get turned on, I mean, by a girl? I’m no lesbo.”

“Of course not, that’s why I got this.”

Noni went to the top drawer of her dresser and pulled out a dildo with a waist harness.

“See, I wear this and it will be just like a boy doing it, except it will be your best friend. Come on, girls, let’s make Lori more comfortable.”

The trio started taking their clothes off. I didn’t know who to watch, so I missed Tracy’s breasts falling out of her bra, and I missed Teri’s undies coming down her long shapely legs. I did catch Noni bending over as she took off her panties, smiling at me with wet cunt lips. The idea of fucking her friend really had her turned on.

“Now it’s your turn, Lori.”

The two girls went to work on Lori, stripping her of blouse and jeans. Sitting in her bra, panties and white socks, she was a wet dream. My erection hurt all confined so I quietly unzipped and let it out. Tracy and Teri began to feel Lori up, her legs and breasts and back. Teri gave her a first kiss, which was followed by lots more kissing by both girls. In the meantime, Noni was getting into her dildo harness with a plastic penis a little smaller than me dangling from her crotch. She was rubbing along its length, just as she had done to me. My hand mimicked hers, and I pretended it was Noni’s hand on my penis, stroking it to full extension.

Lori had lost her bra, and Teri was paying attention to Lori’s breasts and nipples. By the look on Lori’s face, she was doing a fine job. Tracy pulled Lori’s panties down to her ankles, got on the floor in between Lori’s legs and began kissing and using her tongue. Tracy’s body blocked my view of the proceedings, but Lori’s sounds of pleasure made me believe Tracy was doing a credible job.

‘Oh, oh, oh what’s happening? Oh, ugh, ugh, hmm, hmm, uh, uh.”

Lori’s whole body bucked up and down on the bed, her small breasts bouncing. The two companions were working Lori into an intense orgasm.

“Oh my God! That was awesome! I never thought anything could feel so good.”

Noni stepped forward as her two accomplices stepped to the side.

“Now for the grand finale.”

Her accomplices giggled at the sight of Noni with a penis.

“Lori, I’d like you to pretend that I’m your first love, the one you’re giving yourself to for the first time.”

Noni handed her partners a large kerchief.

“You’ll be able to pretend better with a blindfold.”

“Besides, it will be more mysterious” added Tracy.

Lori laid back on the bed, legs spread, and heels flat.

“Okay, I’m ready, I guess. Just take it easy, okay? I’ve read it can be painful.”

“That’s baloney,” said Tracy. “I broke mine with a hair brush handle, and it didn’t hurt at all. But I wish it had been like Noni is doing for you.”

Noni felt the entrance to Lori’s vagina.

“You seem pretty wet. I’m putting just the tip in, to start. I’ll take it real slow, until you’re ready for more.”

“Okay,” said Lori timidly.

All I could see was Noni’s backside, wiggling back and forth as she attempted penetration of her friend. Noni’s legs were spread to give her balance, and her pussy was visible. I though I could smell her sex juices flowing, but I was clearly too far away. My hand only needed light pressure to keep my erection from fading. Meanwhile, Lori was grunting and groaning as Lori slipped the dildo further in.

“It’s too big. Oh shit, it’s stuck. Take it out. Please, Noni, take it out.”

Lori was almost in a panic. Noni leaned over. Her mouth must have muffled Lori’s cries because they stopped. I saw Noni’s hips pump once, twice, and then slide forward.

“Owww,” cried Lori, mouth free.

The deed was done. Her best friend Noni had taken Lori’s virginity right before my eyes.

“The canlı casino pain is only momentary. It will get better from here on,” said Noni.

Noni’s hips began a forward and backward motion. She was fucking her friend, and doing a reasonable job. Lori’s cries and whimpers took on a new sound, one of excitement and pleasure.

“Oh, Noni, oh, that feels much better. It feels like a massage from the inside. Come on, give it to me. Fuck me with that plastic dick. I love it, I love it.”

Lori was really getting into it. Now I wanted to get into it. I mean, I wanted to get into Noni’s wet pussy, waving at me, beckoning me forward. I opened the door to the closet. It was no surprise to Tracy and Teri, who were told in advance I’d be observing. But I was to be an observer no more. I took off my clothes and made my way between Noni’s legs. I slowed Noni’s rapid pace by putting my hand on her smooth round hip and sliding my erection up into her tight warm cunt. I leaned forward, driving the artificial dick deep into Lori’s cunt.

“Oh, wow,” said Noni.

“What is it? What just happened? You’re not stopping now, are you Noni?”

“No, it’s just that, uh, someone is doing to me what I’m doing to you. Oh, and it feels so good.”

“Oh, that sounds sexy,” said Lori.

Holding on to Noni, I tried to time my thrusts with Noni’s pullbacks. This wasn’t working. I kept popping out of Noni’s cunt.

“Noni, what’s the matter? Keep going,” pleaded Lori.

“It keeps coming out. Maybe this can’t be done as a threesome.”

“Well, okay, if you’re getting tired, why don’t you move off and let your lover pick up where you left off?”

Lori expected that Teri or Tracy was the culprit. Noni looked back at me over her shoulder and asked me only with her expression. I pulled back. This was Noni’s show, not mine. Teri and Tracy each grabbed an arm and prevented me from taking my leave.

“Are you sure, Lori? It’s a different kind of penis.”

‘Yes, oh, please, you’re the one who got me all hot and bothered. Don’t leave me like this. Get off me and let her continue.”

Noni crawled out from between Lori’s legs. The plastic dick was coated with Lori’s juices and bloodstains. Noni stood in front of me, kissed me and pulled at my erection. I guessed that was her way of recruiting me.

“Okay, I’ll get you started,” said Noni, placing my erection just inside Lori’s pussy. I held myself up on my stiffened arms and bent knees.

“Oh, this feels different. Does it have a temperature thing in it, ’cause it feels warmer than yours. And it has a softer covering.”

“It’s the deluxe model,” said Noni, watching me throw myself into this initiation.

“Oh, whoever you are, you’re really good at this. You must have been practicing. Oooh, ugh, ugh, ugh.”

“How does it feel, Lori?” asked Noni.

‘Oh, Noni, it feels wonderful. I hope my first fuck with a guy feels this good.”

Tracy giggled and pulled the blindfold off Lori. She looked up and saw me, slamming my penis deep into her cunt.

“What are you doing? Who are you? Get off me! Get off right now. Rape! Noni. he’s raping me!”

Noni jumped onto the bed, knocking Teri off, and put her hand over Lori’s mouth. I kept fucking, since I didn’t know what else to do,

“Shhh, Lori, this is Mr. Marcus. He’s helped all of us with our sex education. He was fucking me from behind while I was fucking you. You asked for him, you really did. This is my lover.”

I paused at Noni’s words. Perhaps she meant that I was the one with a penis in her cunt a few minutes ago, or maybe she meant something more. I looked down and saw Lori, laying there, trying to make a decision. I made my thrusts as tantalizing and erotic as I could. Her squeeze of cunt and stomach muscles was my first cue. Her small hands grabbing my ass were the second. I let myself down to my elbows, kissing Lori open mouth, fondling her small breasts and pumping in and out for everything I had left. I didn’t tell anyone I was picturing Noni beneath my loins. I didn’t notice if Lori reached a climax. I knew mine was coming soon. I pulled out. Tracy, who lost out the last time, was first on me, knocking me to the floor and taking the full length of my erection down her throat. With her hand milking my cock and kaçak casino fondling my balls, I gave Tracy what she wanted. She swallowed and smiled proudly.

I stood up, my legs aching, and wandered off to find Noni while Tracy and Teri put Lori back together. I found her, down the hall, in her parents’ bed. Noni sat there, a sheet draped around her body in false modesty.

“How was she?”

“Okay, I guess, but not as good as you.”

“Thank you.”

My prize pupil. It was getting close to the time Noni would be leaving for college. This was the time. I had to disclose my true feelings for her, or lose her forever.

“Noni, there’s something I want to tell you.”

“And I have things to tell you. But first…”

Noni dropped the sheet, exposing her sexy body to me, naked and willing. This was perfect. I could not only tell Noni how I felt, but demonstrate it at the same time. My mouth and hands were everywhere, rubbing, caressing, pinching, licking, swallowing, and sucking. Noni was writhing in pleasure at every touch. She laid back, legs spread. I crawled in between and entered her with a renewed erection. My heart was racing as I pumped and thrust into her, over and over. Noni was moaning, appreciating my vigor. I wanted to know how much I felt, by letting her feel as much as she possibly could.

“Ooh, you’re driving me crazy, Mr. Marcus. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

I was doing more than my best. Noni wrapped her legs around me, limiting my motion and preventing my disengagement. I didn’t care. I was going to share my seeds of love with the woman I loved.

“Cum in me, Mr. Marcus. Fill my pussy with your hot love juice.”

And love juice it was. Spurting from my deeply buried erection, streaming into Noni’s cunt. I rose up on my arms, to see her satisfied expression.

“I convinced my mom to put me on the pill. I told her it was a good idea, me going away and all.”

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about, Noni. I’m going to go with you. I’m going to leave my wife and daughter and come with you to school. I’ll get a job. We’ll share a little apartment off campus. Just the two of us. Lovebirds, together.”

Noni laughed in my face. My penis began to shrivel.

“Oh, Mr. Marcus, you’re such a kidder.”

“But Noni, I’m serious.”

“But you can’t do that. What about your wife and Lolly? You can’t just up and go. You’ve got responsibilities.”

“They pale in comparison to my love for you, sweetheart.”

Noni had a pained expression. She bit her lip. I knew it wasn’t gong to be good news.

“Listen, Mr. Marcus. I love having sex with you. You’ve taught me so much. I’m fully prepared to handle my side of a relationship, when I develop one, that is. But it will be with someone my own age. Someone who wants to spend his life, loving and caring for me.”

“But I love you. I’ll care for you.”

“Maybe you think you love me. Okay, maybe you do love me, in a sexual way. But we’re not soul mates, at least, the way I think it’s supposed to feel. I just don’t have those feelings for you. I’m really sorry.”

My penis wilted to a stub of its former length. I rolled off her parents’ bed and went looking for my clothes in her room. I was dressed before Noni came looking for me.

“You really left me quite a sticky souvenir, Mr. Marcus. It took a while to clean up.”

I didn’t know what to say. I was devastated.

“Wait, there’s the other thing I wanted to tell you. My cousin and I are swapping households. I’m going to live with my aunt and uncle, to keep my college costs down. And my cousin Mickey is coming to live with my folks. You’ll be a good host to my cousin, won’t you?”

“Sure, Noni. It’s the least I can do.”

“You’d better. I’ll be checking up on you.”

Tracy, Teri and Lori were downstairs having cookies and milk.

“See you around, Mr. Marcus,” said Teri.

“Yeah, keep in touchy feely,” said Tracy.

Lori just blushed.

I felt like I’d been punched in the stomach. My head was spinning. Wasn’t it love I’d felt for Noni? Or was it just a middle-aged man’s desire for youth and sex that drove my delusion? I had to think about it and figure it out.

* * * * * * * * * *

An Original H M Tale

Please vote. Your support made this sequel possible. Keep it up. This story doesn’t have to stop here.

If you enjoyed this story, please let me know.

Copyright © 2002, HarveyMarcus. All Rights Reserved.

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Sammy’s First Time

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My name is Samantha, I’m 22, I live and work in Edinburgh in an upmarket department store. At 5′ 3″, slim tanned body that emphasises my 30 C breasts and long legs I know I’m a good looking girl and attract a lot of attention from men. However I’m in a long term relationship with my boyfriend Ross. We’ve been together 5 years and have a very healthy sex life!

My first time was with Ross at a party we both attended.

I went with friends and wore a tight fitting white lace dress that showed off my firm breasts and tight ass, black waist belt and hot fuck me high heels to show off my toned, tanned legs. I knew I looked good and felt great about myself, I was sure in the mood to have a good time!

At the party I drank and chatted with friends not noticing all the lustful gazes from the guys in the room. Occasionally guys would come over to chat but we quickly got bored when they leered too long. My friends who are equally gorgeous are great fun and after a while we decided to get taxis and go to a club.

I ended up in a taxi with two of my friends and a couple of guys, one of them being Ross. He seemed really nice, charming and obviously worked out! I liked the look of him but made sure to play it cool!

In the club Ross bought me drinks and acted the gent which I liked. We moved to the dance floor where we danced. The more drunk we got the more we felt casino oyna each other. After a short while I found myself wrapped in his arms grinding my ass against his bulging cock. Though a virgin I constantly felt horny and wanted to lose it badly but unfortunately never found the right guy, however I knew that night Ross was the man to take my cherry!

Ross took me back to his parents where he lived. We both are from upper class families and so his home his gorgeous and huge. In his room we made our way to his bed, kissing passionately as he felt my slight curves through my tight dress. I could feel his penis straining through his chinos against my firm stomach. I felt it with my hand, tracing its outline against his trousers.

Ross raised the tight skirt of my dress over my pert ass and stroked me gently as he kissed my neck. By this point I could feel my wetness well up inside me, I was gagging for release but knew it would come. I undid his trousers and pulled them down to release his erect cock. I’d never seen a hard cock up close before and was pleased to see it was sizeable but did wonder if it would hurt me as I knew it would be a tight fit…

I slowly stroked Ross’s cock with my hand as he reached between my legs to rub my pussy through my lacy knickers. I felt a hot sensation between my legs and ached for some sort of release! Shortly after, Ross picked me up and canlı casino lay me on the bed gently, parting my legs, removing my knickers and moved his head in close to my hot snatch to lap up my juices. It felt insanely good! I loved the feeling of his rough tongue against my wet lips and clit. The hot sensation began to build until I felt like I was about to explode. Frustratingly Ross stopped short of allowing me to climax, he instead inserted two fingers, slowly pushing them into me and rubbing my G spot. This was brought me to a mind shattering orgasm within minutes, my mind exploded and my body spasmed as a wave of orgasmic bliss smashed through me. As I came down from my euphoric state I saw Ross undressing, revealing his muscled and toned body and of course his large erect penis. He obviously groomed himself well, I guessed trimmed and waxed but I wasn’t complaining his manhood looked great and I wanted to eat it…

I stood up to kiss him, wrapping my hand round his swollen member, stroking him gently as we kissed. I then sank to my knees, kissing his torso on my way down. I opened my mouth, taking in the end of his swollen cock, swirling my tongue around it, feeling it swell even larger. As I got used to having such a large thing in my mouth I got more confident and was able to take him deeper, though I gagged if it got anywhere near my throat. I knew Ross was enjoying my kaçak casino first attempt at a blow job as I could hear his groans but telling my his body jerking occasionally I knew I snagged his cock with my teeth…

All of a sudden Ross withdrew his throbbing member from my mouth, drawing a trail of saliva with it. He picked me up, threw me on the bed, positioned himself between my legs and gently but firmly pushed his cock into my wet slit. It felt fucking amazing! At the time I wasn’t aware, did even think about it in my lustful state but Ross didn’t have protection on which I’ve since learnt feels so much more amazing than using a condom.

Penetrating me deeper and faster Ross was rapidly bringing me closer to another orgasm. His lustful gazes at my body and gently rubbing my breast made me feel sexy and hot. His cock sliding in and out of me felt sublime! As his thrusts increased in speed and power I felt my sex muscles begin to spasm and sensations I’d never felt before work up my spine, before long I knew I was having a mind blowing orgasm and could feel the muscles grip Ross’s cock like a vice. Despite this he kept thrusting and I could feel his cock swell within me and his groaning heavier. Without any notice he withdrew his cock and a shot of hot semen erupted from his member and sprayed my stomach and breasts with a thick layer of jizz.

He collapsed next to me and kissed me as I played with the fresh spunk on my body. I was in a post orgasmic bliss and very happy! I knew Ross was the man for me and looked forward to a lot more sex and related adventures!

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Just Out of High School Ch. 04

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We come back to Vicki Lander again. She’s a cosmetics salewoman at the local mall still. It’s been a few years since her and her young friend, Jim have hooked up. Vicki is currently seeing a lawyer, Leeman. He’s in his 50’s, short, slightly overweight, with some noticeable hair loss also. He really wants Vicki. And why not, she’s still smoking hot, blonde, with a remarkable figure. Vicki isn’t in this for the long haul. Let’s face it. Leeman buys her fine clothes, takes her to expensive restaurants, and she lets him fuck her a few times. Although she had sex with him, it wasn’t that good.

One saturday, it’s a very hot day again, they are going to a wedding. Vicki is in a very tight blue dress, almost painted on her. Very short, very revealing, very sexy. Leeman is driving them to the reception, talking away about clients, this and that. Vicki just stares out the window in his Lexus, oblivious to his chattering. They pull up to the front of the building and get out and Leeman gives his keys to the valet. Vicki steps out and sees the valet, it’s Jim! She perks up at once. Her insides are aglow once again. Not seeing Jim in years, he gives her a wink and speeds away in the Lexus. Vicki and Leeman walk into the reception. Leeman talks to this person and that person. Vicki becomes ignored once again, except for a few glances from some young males in attendance.

After roughly an hour, Vicki tells Leeman she’s out of cigarettes and is going down to get his car and get a pack. Leeman, still engrossed with his lawyer talks, nods an ok.

Vicki, the sexual rush taking hold once again, gingerly walks down all the steps, carefull not to make a misstep in her black high heels. She gets outside in the stiffling heat and searches for Jim amongst the other valets. He sees her and runs over, shoving an over-eager valet in the process. He yells at him saying, “I’ll take this one”.

He mentions to Vicki that the car isn’t far away, and suggest they walk to it. Jim can’t believe how good she looks. The blue dress is so hot on her tanned body. And short! He opens the door for her, runs over to the driver side and watches this sexy woman crawl inside.

“Where to” he asks. casino oyna

“Just drive me out of here…and fast, please” she tells him.

“I can do that.”

He isn’t quite a half mile from the reception when she crosses her shapely long legs. Jim notices. He tells her she looks really hot in that dress. She turns to him and they kiss. She smells so fucking hot! That perfumed scent is all over her hair, her face, her dress, everywhere. Jim inhales the scent aggressively.

“How about I take you to a motel down the road? I have to see you out of that dress Vicki.”

“I was hoping you’d say that. We don’t have much time. Of course I doubt he’ll notice I’m gone for awhile.”

“Yeah, I see you’re with Leeman. The lawyer. He’s kinda old for you, isn’t he?”

“Pays my bills and such, you get my drift, baby?”

They pull into a Super 8, he goes inside, pays for a room, and they drive down to the end area. Parks the Lexus, helps her out of the car, and walk into the room. He cranks up the AC on full right away.

“Vicki, Vicki, Vicki…it’s been so long. I can’t believe I’m here with you and that dress is driving my cock crazy!

“Jim, you are still so fucking handsome. You are turning me on once again baby.”

Jim goes over to her, they kiss, searching kisses, everywhere. Raw kissing of tongues. His hands are on her ass now. Lifting up the dress, which barely covered it anyway. He peeled it up, his hands on her thong now. Now he feels her wetness.

“Damn woman, you sure are excited! You are so fucking sexy. I could peel that dress off, slowly, and taste your entire fucking body right now!”

Jim, you can do whatever you want baby. First time I put this dress on, and you get to be the first to take it off. How’s that darling?”

Vicki, I’m honored. I just want to take that dripping thong off first, take it to my nose and inhale your sex. Then put it in my pocket.”

“Jim, oh Jim, take it off.”

He peels it down, over her black heels, and snaps it off her in a second. He brings it to his nose and does what he said he would. Looking at his prized blonde all the while. Her scent intoxicates his mind, he hasn’t had canlı casino this moment in years. He continues inhaling when she stops him by grabbing his hard on. Squeezing it, he takes his prized thong and stuffs it into his pocket. Vicki steals a kiss as he does this. Her lips are glossed and look so wanting. They embrace again. Jim wants this woman, real bad. She tells him to lay on the floor. He does. She begins a slow seductive dance for him. Straddling him, she teases him by getting lower, her ass dropping closer to his face. He knows what she wants. He waits a couple seconds and then grabs that ass he’s wanted ever since he first saw her on the porch, sunning herself. His hands, strong, continue to pull her beautiful ass closer to his face. Vicki knows how her ass turns him on. She will always remember him giving her a tongue fuck in her apartment. She is primed for him to do it again. He stares at the gorgeous ass before him, gives it a quick lick, here, and then another quick lick there and then showers her precious ass with several hot wet kisses. Her dress is way up over her waist now, her hands holding it up for him to have free total access to her sexy asshole and pussy. Jim begins the journey with his tongue, around and around, rimming, tasting, teasing. In his face might be the hottest ass around, and he knows it!

“Baby, you have the ass that drives men crazy. I have to taste it.”

“My ass is yours Jimmy. It’s always yours. Mmmmm that feels so good. Yessss. Stick that tongue up my sexy ass. Fuck baby. That is so hot. Owwww, that’s it. Ooooohhhh yeah, right there.”

Jim was inside her pinky asshole now, swirling his tongue to her grinding of her ass. Her asshole was his now. On her knees, she took his growing hard cock into her wanting mouth and began doing him. Jim was on fire! His tongue doing it’s job indide her tight asshole. Her scent, again, was musky with perfume mixed together. He was getting to her now. She was grinding her ass all over his poor face now. Then it happened. She was comming! Her head would shake back and forth, her blonde hair twirling everywhere. Her sculptured tan body rose off his cock to give him full access to her asshole. She was kaçak casino spent. He was enjoying the remnants of her sexual explosion, Slurping her fluids down his throat. Enjoying every last bit of liquid off her ass and anything that rolled down to her pussy…was his for the taking.

Vicki rolled over on her back now. Muffled sounds from her mouth. Jim got to her, began kissing her lips. She was startled by her scent on his lips, she loved it. Mixing the fluids from her ass from his lips to her lips and tongue. She was sexually alive doing this. This man has just fullfilled her sexual wish, and she was going to reward him right now.

Her dress still hiked up to her waist, she went on the bed, knelt in front of him and knew what she wanted now. Jim did too. His cock was rock hard. He spit on her ass, gave it several licks for lubricant, and stood behind her and began softly to plunge his cock inside her just-licked ass. Gingerly at first, Vicki moaned slightly with her approval. She made a slight face, with the anticipation of his mighty cock about to invade her treasured ass. His strong hands gripped her hips, and he began moving in and out, slowly at first. Then when he was all in, he fucked her at a feverish pace. Vicki’s eyes were almost bugged out of their sockets. She never felt a fuck like this before….never. And he was the only man to invade her there before. Ahhh yes, she thought, this is what she wanted today, this is how it had to be when she first saw Jim take the Lexus at the wedding. Her first time in the drop-dead sexy blue dress, this was meant to be today. Jim was grunting now, he was ready to come. Vicki could tell, she squeezed her buttock muscles the best she could, then let up, for she knew it was time. Her man was ready to deliver fluids of his on now. Inside her glorious asshole!

Vicki was still on a high when Jim mentioned they better leave. They were at the motel for over two hours now.

As they got dressed, they could not keep their hands off each other.

In the car, she remember the cigarettes, Jim stopped and got her a pack.

Getting back to the wedding, he left her off at a side door, not to cause any suspicion.

Vicki was back, saw Leeman, and he never said anything. She figured. She remembered her thong, and it was in Jim’s pocket. She smiled knowing her personal piece of clothing was where it belonged.

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Jennifer’s Cleaning and Organizing

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Jennifer Conley was in her car driving back to her office. While driving she was reviewing her visit with Mrs. Smithroth. Jennifer, a stunning blonde with long legs, pert tits and a perfect little ass, still could not believe what had just happened. Jennifer, 32 years old and very beautiful, is the owner of a small business called Jennifer’s Cleaning and Organizing. She and her staff clean residential and offices. She also will show you how to “organize” your closets, your storage areas, your garage or anything else. Her business has grown in the five years since she started.

She has many clients but Mrs. Mary Smithroth is a first. Jennifer had recently assisted Mary in organizing her home. The bedroom closets, including her two daughters, and all other storage areas were now in great shape. Earlier that day, Mary Smithroth had called Jennifer and asked her to come over for a consolidation. Jennifer agreed although she could not imagine what Mary needed now.

Mrs. Mary Smithroth is a 40 year old divorced mother of two daughters; Molly, age 22 and Jenny, age 19. All three are quite beautiful with light brown hair and similar bodies. Both daughters lived at home. Molly had just graduated college while Jenny was attending college. Mary had done well in the divorce and had an inheritance from her parents so she did not have to work.

When Jennifer arrived at the Smithroth residence, Mary welcomed her warmly. Offering Jennifer some refreshments, Mary led her to the living room. After some small talk, Jennifer said, “Mary, why did you wish to see me?”

Mary paused for a moment, and then responded, “I have a request of you. It is a little embarrassing but I have thought about it a lot since you “organized” my house.”

“What is it? You know I want to help if I can.”

“I know. You are very good at what you do.”

“Then tell me, please.”

Mary stared at the floor for a minute while Jennifer was wondering, “What in the world is she going to ask of me?”

Then Mary looked up and looked at Jennifer and said in a string of words, “I would like you to organize me. Take control of me. Make me yours. Use me sexually. Spank me. Please.”

Nothing could have surprised Jennifer more. She thought, “Organize her? Make her mine? Use her sexually and spank her?”

Neither woman said anything for several moments, then Jennifer said, “I am not a lesbian. Why are you asking me this?”

“I am not either but I want this. Please.”

“It sounds like you want me to be your Mistress.”

For a second Mary looked at Jennifer in the eye, then lowered her eyes and said, “Yes I do.”

“And you want to be my Slave?”

“Yes I do.”

Jennifer stood up and walked out of the room. With Mary waiting in the living room, Jennifer thought about it. She was intrigued. No she wasn’t a lesbian but she had played around in college. She asked herself, “Could I be a Mistress?” “Yes,” she answered herself.

Jennifer returned to the living room and without Mary noticing, placed a web cam with a view of the sofa and sat down. The web cam automatically sent the feed to her computer. Mary sat nervously, waiting for a response.

“So, you want me to “organize” you?”

In a small voice, Mary replied, “Yes.”

“You want me to “control” you?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“What about your daughters? Won’t they notice things?”

“My daughters? I guess so.”

“What if I ordered you to seduce one of them, would you obey?”

Mary thought long and hard about that. She finally answered, “God forgive me. Yes I would. You are my Mistress.”

Now it was Jennifer who thought. Then she said, “I accept you Slave Mary. Take off your clothing, all of it.”


“Yes, now.”

Mary stood up and stripped off her clothes, leaving on her underwear.

“I said all.”

Mary took off her bra and panties, and then tried to cover herself.

“Hold your arms at your sides. Let me look at you,” said Jennifer. Then she said, “Now turn around. And bend over. Let me see your ass.”

Mary did as ordered; she was embarrassed but excited too. Jennifer looked at her and said, “You are very nice for your age my dear Slave.”

“Thank you Mistress.”

“But you need better and sexier underwear. And sexy and slutty clothing.”

“Yes Mistress. Shall I buy some immediately?”

“Yes,” replied Jennifer. Then she said, “Come here Mary. Lay across my knees.”

Mary walked to her and lay across Jennifer’s knees. “Now Slave Mary, your first spanking. The first of many.”

Jennifer then spanked Mary with hard swats. Pausing to rub Mary’s pussy between strokes. After 50 swats, Mary’s ass was bright red and she was very hot and horny.

Jennifer asked her, “So Slave, do you want to cum?”

“Yes Mistress. Please.”

“What will you do for me?”

“Anything Mistress, anything.”

“Swear to be a good Slave.”

“I swear to be a good Slave.”

Jennifer said, casino oyna as she pushed Mary to the floor, “Bring yourself off Slave. Stick your fingers in your cunt and bring yourself off.”

Mary came quickly and Jennifer laughed, “Such a slut.” Then she continued, “Slave, I will return in two days. Have new underwear and clothes by then. Also, think about having sex with your daughters. It will happen soon. Start showing off your body to your daughters. Offer to massage their feet, do their hair, and clean their bedrooms. Be very submissive to them. Understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Keep me informed.”

“Yes Mistress Jennifer. Thank you.”

“I am leaving now. You may bring yourself off one more time. Then not again until I say so.”

“Thank you Mistress.”

Jennifer left and soon she pulled over and stuck two fingers in her pussy and had a huge orgasm. When she was able, she drove on, reviewing what had happened. She said to herself, “Did that really just happen to me? Do I have a slave now?” Smiling, she answered, “Yes I do.”

On her way again, Jennifer called Mary, who was still lying on the floor. When Mary answered, she asked, “Did you have a good orgasm Slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Do you still want to be my Slave?”

“Yes Mistress Jennifer.”

“I will be by your house tomorrow morning, make sure no one is there and leave a key under your mat.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Goodbye Slave.”

When Jennifer got to her office, she made plans and purchases. Meanwhile, after her Mistress called her, Mary got up and showered. Then following Jennifer’s order, got dressed in a pair of short shorts and a short t-shirt. And put her hair in pig tails. When she looked at herself in a floor mirror, she laughed at herself. “I look ridiculous,” but then said, “but I do look sexy.”

Later, when her daughter Molly got home, she welcomed her home, “Hi Molly.”

“Hi Mom.” Then Molly saw her mother. “Mom! What on earth are you wearing?”

“Oh, I thought I looked younger in this.”

“Oh you do Mom.”

“I don’t look silly?”

“No Mom.”

“How was your day?”

“Long, my feet are killing me.”

“Oh, come with me,” Mary said as she led Molly to the living room.

Sitting her down, Mary got on her knees in front of her daughter and removed her shoes. Molly was confused and asked, “What are you doing Mom?”

“I’m going to massage your feet. I feel like serving you.”

“Ok. Thank you.”

For several minutes, Mary massaged Molly’s feet and Molly said, “That does feel good.”

Mary smiled at her daughter. Then her other daughter walked in.

“Hi Jenny.”

“Hi Mom.”

Then Jenny saw how her Mom was dressed and what she was doing. She asked, “What is going on?”

Before Mary could answer, Molly laughed and said, “Mom wants a new look. And she is giving me a foot massage.”

Mary asked her youngest daughter, “Would you like one dear?”

“Sure Mom.”

Jenny came and sat down next to her sister. Mary removed Jenny’s shoes and massaged her feet. Molly and Jenny looked at each other and smiled. After several minutes, Jenny said, “Thank you Mom.”

“Oh that’s ok. I want to serve you both.”

Again, Molly and Jenny looked at each other. Mary made dinner, and after, when her daughters offered to clean up, she said, “No, I’ll do it. Go sit and relax.”

“Ok Mom,” her daughters replied.

Later in the evening, Mary asked her daughters, “Would you like me to wash your hair?”

“Sure Mom.”

All headed to the bathroom but Mary said, “No, we’ll go to mine.”

Molly and Jenny glanced at each other. Each thought to herself, “What is going on. Mom does not like us to use her bathroom.”

Soon Mary had washed and dried both of her daughter’s hair and all were back in the living room. As they sat, Mary said to her daughters, “That was nice. Let’s do it again tomorrow.”

“Yes Mom. Thank you.”

“Yes my dears. I want to serve you.”

The rest of evening was spent watching TV, with each in her own thoughts. Jenny was confused and wondered what was up. Molly was also confused but had an idea of what was happening. She thought to herself, “Mom wants to serve us, ok. Let’s see what happens.”

Mary was very happy at how things were going and thought, “Mistress Jennifer will be pleased.”

Jennifer was pleased. Very pleased. She had watched the earlier feed, the foot massaging of both daughters and was now watching the live feed. She thought to herself, “Yes, I am pleased. And starting tomorrow I’ll see more.”

The next morning, as the three women were getting ready for the day, Mary asked Molly, “Molly, what should I wear today? You decide for me.”


“Please Molly.”

“Ok Mom. Let’s see.”

Molly looked for a moment, then had a thought and said, “Wait a minute Mom.”

She left the room to go to her room and as after moment, returned with an outfit. “Here,” she said as she handed her mother the outfit, “put this on.”

Mary took the outfit canlı casino and looked at it. Molly said, “You wanted to look younger.”

“Yes dear. I’ll wear it for you.”

The outfit was a short skirt and a tube top. When she was dressed in it, Molly said, “Mom, you are beautiful. Now put your hair in pigtails.”

“Yes dear.”

Mary did as her daughter suggested and when Jenny saw her mother, she smiled and said, “Mom, you look adorable.”

Then her daughters had to leave, Molly to work and Jenny to school. An hour later, Mary left to go shopping to buy new underwear and clothing like her Mistress had ordered.

When the house was empty Jennifer entered using the key that Mary had left. She then put a number of web cams throughout the house. In each room; in each bedroom, in each bath, two in the living room, in the dining room and the kitchen. And she set up a central computer to take the feed, record it and then to send it to her personal computer. When finished, she thought, “Now I’ll see what they are doing.”

Jennifer then called Mary and after shared greetings said, “Now Slave Mary. Buy new clothes. Oh, how did it go with your daughters yesterday?”

“It went great Mistress.”

“Good. Keep it up. I will see you tomorrow.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Jennifer added, “Send me pics of anything you want to buy for my approvable.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Mary shopped for hours and had a great time. She was very aware how she looked and the looks she got. But, she quickly got used to the looks and enjoyed her day. And she found a large number of bras, panties, thigh highs, stockings, lingerie, blouses, halter tops, short t-shirts, short shorts, skirts and dresses. And all very sexy. Mistress Jennifer approved all of the purchases.

Later, Jenny returned home first and Mary asked her, “May I massage your feet dear?”

“Yes Mother, you may. Thank you.”

While massaging Jenny’s feet, Mary told her, “I love to serve my daughters my dear.”

Jenny responded, “You do Mom?”

“Yes I do. Ask me to do anything for you and I will.”

“Ok, wash my feet. Then paint my nails.”

“Yes dear.”

Mary got up, left the room and returned with a wash cloth and different polishes.

“What color my dear?”

While Mary was washing her feet, Jenny chose her color. As Mary was finishing up, Molly walked in, saw what was happening and said, “Well, that would be nice.”

Mary responded, “Hello dear, here sit down. Let me massage your feet, then wash them and paint your nails.”

Molly sat down next to her sister while her mother was on her knees before them. As Mary worked on Molly’s feet, Molly asked, “How was your day Mom?”

“It was great. I bought a whole new wardrobe.”

“Oh really, well you must model your new clothes for us.”

Jenny said, “Yes, so we know what to have you wear each day.”

Molly and Jenny smiled at each other.

“Yes Jenny. I want you both to tell me what to wear,” Mary said in replied. Mary then said, “After dinner my dears. I will show you what I bought today. It is almost ready.”

Watching the live feed, Jennifer was very happy at the show that Mary and her daughters were giving her. “Oh, this is wonderful,” she said to herself.

After dinner and the clean up, which Mary did by herself, Mary brought all of her purchases. The girls loved the underwear she had chosen; the bras, the panties, the thigh highs and stockings. Jenny said, “All are beautiful Mom. Now, try on the clothes.”

Mary tried on each article of clothing that she had bought that day. Each blouse, halter top, short t-shirt. And each skirt, dress and pair of short shorts. Then she tried on the lingerie. The girls loved her outfits and really loved the lingerie. Watching the live feed, Jennifer loved it all too. At the end Mary said to her daughters, “I love to serve you my daughters. Please, each day, pick out my outfit for me.”

“Yes mother, we will.”

It was getting late and all went to bed.

The next morning, it was Thursday, after all were showered and the daughters were dressed, Molly said to her mother, “Dear mother, Jenny and I want you to wear this.”

And she handed Mary an outfit. Mary put on the thigh highs, the short skirt and the short t-shirt. Jenny clapped and said, “Oh Mom, you look so look. Now, put your hair in pig tails.”

Mary did so and her daughters left for the day. An hour later, Jennifer, using her key, walked into the house. Jennifer had texted to Mary, “Slave Mary, I will be there in 15 minutes. I will let myself in. You are to be on your knees when I entered.”

Mary texted back, “Yes Mistress Jennifer. I am waiting for you.”

When she entered the house and saw Mary on her knees as she had ordered, she said, “Good girl Mary. So, how is it going with your daughters?”

“Very well Mistress. It has only been two days but they are more dominant with me.”


Jennifer walked onto the living room and sat down. She then said, “Very good slave. I did not tell you to move kaçak casino and you did not. Very good.”

“Thank you Mistress.”

“Now crawl to me and eat my pussy you slut.”

Soon, Mary was between Jennifer’s legs, licking and sucking on her beautiful, perfect pussy. “That’s it slut. Yes. Do it slowly and listen.” She continued, “I am pleased Slave. You are doing very well. Continue with your daughters; let them be more dominant with you.”

Pausing, Mary replied, “Yes Mistress.”

Jennifer continued, “Tell them that you want do take a part-time job with me as my personal assistant. Tell them that I had mentioned needing one, say from 10a to 2p. And you came dressed as you are for the interview. You start on Monday. Ask them for permission. Tell them it won’t interfere with your serving them.”

“But what if they say no?”

“They will say yes,” Jennifer answered back. She went on, “Yes, you wear the clothes they picked out for you today for the interview. Get them to tell you to continue to wear what they tell you do.”

“Yes Mistress Jennifer.”

All this time, Mary was eating the pussy of her Mistress and Jennifer had one orgasm, then a second. She lay for a moment, then said, “Slave, have you cum since I saw you on Tuesday?”

“No Mistress, you told me not to.”

“Very good. You will not until I give you one, understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Jennifer reached in her bag and pulled out a dildo. She handed it to Mary and said, “Fuck me with it.”

Mary smiled and fucked her Mistress with the dildo, soon bringing her to a third orgasm. After several minutes, Jennifer asked, “Any questions Slave?”

“No Mistress. I will do as you have ordered.”

Jennifer got to her feet, walked to the door, turned and said, “Oh, I bought you this. Put it on before your daughters get home. Tell them that you bought it today. Suggest that it be your evening uniform.”

“What is it?”

“It is a sexy maid uniform. Suggest that, while serving them, that you wear it.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Jennifer stepped out, saying, “I will pick you up at 10a on Monday. Goodbye Slave Mary. For now.”

“Goodbye Mistress.”

After Jennifer left, Mary sat for a time and thought, “Oh my god. She’s wonderful! Oh, I love her.” “But,” she continued thinking, “can I really have sex with Molly and Jenny?” She sat for a few minutes and then said out loud, “Yes I can. If Mistress Jennifer wishes it, I will.”

And she smiled.

When Molly returned home, Mary was in the sexy maid outfit as Mistress Jennifer had ordered. Mary heard Molly walking up to the door and let her in saying, “Hi dear, how was your day?”

“It was good Mom,” Molly answered as she walked in.

Molly looked at her Mom and said, “What are you wearing?”

“Do you like it? I picked it up today. I thought that from now on, I should wear it in the evenings while I am serving you and Jenny. What do you think?”

Molly stood for a moment, then said, “Turn around. Let me see you.”

Mary did as she was told. Molly said, “You look fantastic Mom. Yes, wear that from now on in the evenings.”

“Yes Molly.”

The two walked into the living room where Mary asked, “May I give you your foot massage now.”

Molly sat down and said. “Yes Mother. On your knees before me.”

Mary dropped to her knees, removed Molly’s shoes and began massaging her feet. As she was so occupied, Mary said, “At dinner, dear, I have something to discuss with you and your sister.”


“I will tell you during dinner.”

“Ok Mom.”

A few minutes later, in came Jenny. She stepped in the living room and said as she did, “I thought you would be doing that Mom.” Then she stopped and said, “What are you wearing Mom?”

Molly answered, “She bought it today. From now on it is her evening uniform while she serves us. Get up Mom; let her get a good look.”

Mary stood up, turned around and asked Jenny, “How do you like it?”

Jenny stared at her mother, and then looked at Molly, who smiled and winked, and then she said, “I love it Mom. Yes, by all means, wear it every evening.”

“Yes Jenny. Now, would you like a foot massage before dinner?”

Jenny sat down, saying, “Yes Mother.”

Mary got back on her knees, removed Jenny’s shoes and began massaging her feet. As she was doing it, Molly said, “Doesn’t Mother look natural on her knees before us Jenny?”

“Yes she does.”

Mary looked at each of her daughters and said, “I love to serve you my daughters.”

Molly and Jenny each smiled. During dinner, Mary brought up the subject of her new job, saying, “I want to discuss something with you.”

“Ok Mom.”

“I thought I would get a part-time job. Remember Jennifer of Jennifer’s Cleaning and Organizing?”

“Oh yes.”

“When she was last here, she mentioned that she needed a personal assistant. I stopped by her office today and applied.”

Jenny asked, “What did you wear?”

“What you picked out this morning of course.”

“Really. Jennifer didn’t mind your clothes?”

“Mind? No she didn’t. She offered me a part-time position as her personal assistant. 10am to 2pm each day. I start Monday. That is, if you two don’t mind?”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32