Becky and Me

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He talked about it all the time, in the context of a fantasy. Most of our fantasy talk usually became a reality eventually. That’s what I find so exiting about him. We read, shop and fantasize together and then when the opportunity presents itself we instinctively act it out without hesitation. This particular fantasy however required the consent of another individual, my very good friend Becky. We all go out drinking some Fridays and the conversation usually tends to turn to sex after a few beers. He’s always talking about having the two of us together. Well it’s time to call his bluff.

He and I had arranged one of our rendezvous at a hotel for a day of lovemaking, showering and fantasy role play. We’ve done this before, each time playing out something new, a toy, a position. We’ve done almost everything so I decided this was one fantasy that we needed to play. Becky and I had concocted our plan over some beers one afternoon talking about all the things we’d do to him and each other to get him hot. I’m not really into women but I’m not against them either and I am always into whatever gets him hot. I love his reaction when I take him up on a suggestion of his – I live to pleasure him and I’d do anything sexually he wanted and he knows it. He would do the same for me and that’s why we are on fire whenever we’re in each other’s presence.

I didn’t really expect Becky to agree but I think I’ve talked him up enough to her that she is really curious to experience him. He is the hottest, most energetic and motivated lover I’ve ever felt. As much as I want him to myself I also want to share him with a very good friend. Plus this is a fantasy of his so it makes me hot to be part of it.

I told him I’d meet him there at 7am sharp, separate cars this time because I had a commitment in the area later on in the evening. Becky and I made him wait of course. At 7:30 we arrived. I knocked first while she waited a few feet down the hallway. He opened the door in nothing but shorts. I immediately ran my fingers down his muscular chest, shoulders and arms. I gently worshipped his body, knowing that this was the last time I planned to be gentle with him today. He was rock hard before I even got there, probably stroking that thick hard cock while waiting for me. I began kissing him and moving him toward the chair which was strategically positioned in front of a large mirror.

“Are we starting out with a lap dance?” he asked hopefully.

“I guess you could call it that,” I replied with a devilish grin. “I have a special surprise waiting for you in the hallway,” I said rather loudly so Becky could hear me. That was her cue.

He looked intrigued and surprised. I don’t think he got it just yet, like maybe it was just room service or something. But it was Becky and she walked in wearing her tight black skirt and a tight tank top with no bra. He almost fell off the chair in surprise. His cock clearly approved, continuing to stand at attention. I wanted to drop to my knees and just suck it as hard as I could but we had a plan to stick to, at least initially.

“Hi Tim!” Becky said in her perky casual voice. Then she walked over and sat across from him on the bed. Becky didn’t have any panties on – as she’d güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri often teased over beers, she doesn’t wear them with skirts. She slowly spread her legs to prove this was the case today. While Becky had Tim in shock and awe over her bare pussy peeking out I went to work on him. First I just kissed his neck and shoulders. He let out a long groan and began to drop his head back but quickly pulled back to keep his view of Becky’s pussy. She didn’t say a word but got up from the bed and leaned in on him to offer her braless tits. They easily popped out of her low-cut tank top. Tim reached up to cup them in his hands but I took this opportunity to grab his wrists and tie them behind his back in the chair. She still offered her breasts to his mouth and he eagerly sucked her nipples. I can practically cum from Tim’s nipple sucking so I knew that Becky was in good hands right away. I was surprised how turned on this got me and I found myself reaching beneath my own skirt to stroke my wet pussy.

Tim suddenly turned his head around, looking for me. He always said that if we did this I would not be ignored. But there wasn’t much he was controlling now since I had his wrists tied behind his back. Still, I met his lips with mine and kissed him passionately. This allowed Becky a free moment to remove his shorts and greet his beautiful cock for the first time. I could tell she was happy with what she saw and she slowly took it into her mouth. I was watching her as I kissed him and felt his body weaken under my kiss as her mouth descended on his cock. This was already hotter than I imagined and we’d barely started!

Becky took his cock in her mouth and licked it gently for just a moment before kneeling lower and tying his ankles to the chair legs. That was all he was going to get for a while, it was our turn. I came around in front next to Becky, took her hand and kissed her mouth gently while we began to undress each other. I unzipped the back of her skirt as she pulled mine to the floor. I still had my thong on but she slid that off as well. No one spoke but the look on Tim’s face told me everything. I wanted to do anything and everything to turn him on and keep that beautiful cock at attention. Becky and I continued kissing, groping each other’s bare asses and slowing working our way towards our tits. It’s no secret that Becky loves tits so I knew I wasn’t putting her out when she took mine and began sucking on my nipples. With my back to Tim I slowly lowered myself onto him while Becky continued to play with me. The feeling of Tim’s hard cock between on my ass checks and Becky playing with me was amazing. I was in heaven and felt so spoiled sandwiched between them like that.

After rubbing my backside on Tim’s cock for a while I spun Becky and myself around and let her feel that cock. She faced him though, while I stood behind her and grabbed her tits. She slowing began sliding her wet pussy up and down his cock, not allowing it to penetrate just yet. With one hand still on Becky’s tits and Tim’s mouth sucking her other tit I snaked my other hand around Tim’s back and sandwiched Becky harder against Tim’s cock. Suddenly Tim and Beck let out a surprised moan and it became clear güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri that all the wetness and movement had caused Tim’s cock to pop inside of Becky. I could tell she was really enjoying him inside of her and she rocked on it for just a few seconds before getting off of him.

She walked around behind him and began to untie his hands while I knelt down and began to suck his cock, something I’d been dying to do all week. With his newly freed hands, he gently rocked my head up and down his cock. While I continued taking that thick beautiful cock as deep into me as I could, Becky untied his ankles. Although he was now free he waited for our cue, clearly enjoying his submissive role. Becky pulled him to standing position while I continued to suck and stroke his cock. She kissed him and led his hand to her pussy and let out a moan as he eagerly fingered her. I turned slightly to watch still taking his rock hard cock in and out of my mouth. She was moaning a lot now as he fingered her with one hand and tweaked one of her nipples with the other. His cock felt harder than ever in my mouth and I knew one of us one going to need to feel it in our pussies very soon. . .

With Tim untied, we let him to the bed. He followed, still kissing and fingering Becky but his eyes following me to see what was in store for him next. I loved watching them, it was like I was watching myself from a new angle and it had me really hot. But I really needed that cock so I got us positioned, throwing him down on his back. I then resumed licking and sucking his cock. Becky joined me between his legs and we both ran our tongues over his cock and balls, looking up at his ecstatic face. He had a hand on each of our heads, stroking us gently as we played together with his beautiful thick cock. We’d each start at the base and lick up the full length of his shaft to the tip, then tongue kiss each other with the sensitive tip of his cock caught in our tongue kiss, occasionally meeting his eyes. This was driving him crazy which had us very motivated to continue licking and nibbling his cock while kissed each other. Becky caught his balls in her hands while I ran my fingers across is anus as we got a little rougher with him.

“I told you this is the best cock you’ll ever taste!” I told her between kisses and licks. We were completely objectifying him and he loved it.

All she could respond with was an “Ummm, uh-huh,” as she eagerly took his cock all the way down her throat.

He moaned in pleasure and got a little rougher himself, grabbing our hair and pushing our heads harder up and down on his cock. He clearly needed something to play with and I needed his cock deep inside of me. I broke my cock and tongue kiss with Becky and gave her a nod.

“I need you to lick my pussy, Tim.” she announced and crawled slowly up his chest and positioned herself on his face.

“And I need to fuck this cock hard!” I said. His tongue quickly went to work on Becky and again I found myself really turned on watching him from the new angle. And there lay that rock hard cock, all mine for the taking! I eagerly sat up and pressed my clit against Tim’s cock and rubbed my wet pussy up and down him. He let out güvenilir bahis şirketleri a moan that must have reverberated on Becky’s pussy because she shrieked in pleasure. She was really riding his face rough, rougher than I ever had but he seemed to be taking it all very well and kept right on eating her up. It was finally time to push that cock inside of me and so I did, very slowly, excited to see, feel and hear Tim’s reaction between licks and nibbles on Becky’s pussy. When I had him all the way in I could not hold back any longer and began to ride him violently, so turned on by the sight of Becky riding his face. I still had full access to his wonderful hard chest which I grabbed tightly as I rode him hard, occasionally grazing Becky’s ass in the process.

I was so fucking turned on that I was sure I would be the first to orgasm but as I was thinking this Becky let out a scream and grabbed Tim’s head so tight and shoved it so deep into her pussy that I was sure she was suffocating him. But his hips kept bucking beneath me as our pelvises wrestled and Becky’s orgasm ripped through her. While I couldn’t see her face, I could see her whole body tense as she came hard on him. Although he had clearly licked her to a very strong orgasm he continued actively fucking me from beneath the two of us. I love how he can just keep on going no matter what.

Just as Becky was beginning to come down from her orgasm, still positioned on Tim’s face, I felt mine building and I rode him harder.

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!” I announced excitedly. Becky jumped off just in time for Tim to watch my last hard thrusts as I came hard with his cock deep inside of me. It was a really intense full body orgasm; like I could feel the tip of his cock rubbing my G-spot roughly and I couldn’t get that cock deep enough in me. It was most definitely the strongest orgasm I’ve ever felt.

It was finally Tim’s turn – I couldn’t believe he had held out this long but he did. Becky was lying on her back watching the last thrusts of my orgasm. I briefly fell down to Tim’s chest, cherishing his hot body and taking in his wonderful smell. Then I pulled him up and off the bed. Becky positioned herself on the edge of the bed with her legs hanging off and I wrapped myself around Tim’s back.

“Go ahead and fuck her Tim. Show her what that beautiful cock feels like when it’s deep inside.”

He moved toward her and I stayed wrapped around him, about to assist in fucking Becky with him. I stroked his chest and stomach as his cock approached Becky’s pussy, still dripping from the hard licking that he gave her. He entered her slowly – I can tell he’s enjoying finally having some control over things. Again I found myself excited at the new angle – it’s like I get to be HIM fucking ME. As he had done with me, he went slowly and deeply at first then suddenly slammed her really fast and hard. Becky screamed and that just fueled him more. Then he stopped and Becky looked up at him begging for more. He grabbed his cock and used it to caress her clit and all around her pussy lips but didn’t enter her for a moment. He’s such a delicious tease when he has control, I thought. She whined and moaned and struggled under his cock to bring her body closer to his. He turned around suddenly and kissed me passionately as he pinched my nipple. Then just as fast as he turned to me, he turned back to Becky and fucked her harder and faster than before.

Will he cum in Becky? Let her swallow? Let both of us swallow? Something else? To be continued . . .

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Church Boy – Backstory

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When I was younger I used to keep journals. They’re filled with significant events and things I would have otherwise forgotten the details of. Of course, most of the things I wrote in them were related to sex (first blowjob, best or worst blowjob, etc.). I was reading and reminiscing about some of my sexual adventures (and “misadventures”) and one of the results is a series I wrote called “Church Boy”. The basis of which are actual people and events, embellished with “wished this would have happened too”.

I still find it ironic that my earliest sexual experiences are associated with the church I attended when I was growing up. Especially since my VERY “church-lady-ish” mother thought it would be a good idea to keep me as close to the church as possible to cull any mischievous, sexual notions or intentions I might have had. She never took into account the “notions and intentions” of some of the other “church ladies”.


In the first “Church Boy” story, the main character, Brian, (“me”) is a young man that has a sexual encounter with an older woman, Lydia, while traveling home on a bus from a church sponsored getaway.

This actually did happen to me. This was during the summer after my freshman year. I was around 19 or 20, and LM (her real initials) was 35. Both of us were flirting throughout the entire trip, which took place over the course of 4-days. This culminated in us making out one night, and then me fingering and going down on her during the return trip.

Unfortunately, canlı bahis that was also the only time that LM and I would get together. She had a live-in boyfriend. We certainly tried to hook up – multiple times – but it never happened. In the second story I imagined what getting together with her might have been like, and in part four I imagined a threesome with LM and another lady from church that I’d had encounters with.

In part three of the series, I introduce Willimena, or “Miss Willie”. LW (actual initials) was also an actual person. She was a close friend of my grandmother. They’d served on several administrative committees together. I also recall that she and my mother didn’t really like each other (although it was mostly my mother that had an issue).

We had several dozen causal encounters from the time I was 20 that lasted until I was 22 when I moved away from home. At the time she was in her mid to late 50s. She was also the first person to tell me “there’s NOTHING WRONG” with sex – it’s fun and feels good for a REASON! I personally credit LW with being responsible for my sexual enlightenment, growth and creativity. She was a VERY open-minded lady!

LW was a woman who followed her own path, she was flirtatious, and always had a nick-name for people she liked (she called me “Sweetie”). She was into yoga and was the first to laugh at (or tell) “off-color” humor. She was also the first person her age I’d met that had tattoos (peace-sign on left shoulder, Black-Power bahis siteleri fist and a heart at top of left thigh).

The definite polar opposite of my mother.

I’d have to “blame” my grandmother for LW and me first getting together. As I got older, Grandma would sometimes use me as her courier to retrieve or drop off church documents at LW’s apartment. I think she also did this to get me out of the house and away from my mother’s barrage of “you’re not amounting to shit” attacks.

Thanks Grandma!

LW lived about 40 minutes (walking) from our house, in a neighborhood where some of my friends from school lived. Later when I was questioned as to my whereabouts, I would use “hangin’ with TJ” or “at Donald’s house” as an excuse (the three of us had a long-standing alibi pact).

The first time “things got started” with LW, I was dropping off some church paperwork. I’d done this several times before, which meant waiting around to bring something back to Grandma or she’d offer me something to eat. Once we just sat and watched a college football game.

This time she just wanted to chat, but this was also one of those times she was practicing yoga. This wasn’t the first time I’d seen her doing yoga, stretching and bending, wearing a leotard and barefoot, but this time I was a horny 20-year-old. I was a lot more confident and forward with my “notions” and was very open with sharing them. I wrote a re-imaging of watching her go through her yoga routine in the 3rd bahis şirketleri chapter of “Church Boy” – very similar to what actually happened – staring at breasts and protruding nipples, resulting in an obvious raging hard-on.

The next time I went to see LW was at her invitation. She wanted to talk and “hang out”, so we ended up watching TV and having take-out and cheap wine. She asked me to rub and oil her feet, which I did – resulting in more raging hard-on. She suggested I go into the bathroom and relieve myself – I did. That facilitated our first kiss and lots of touching afterwards. She let me put my hand between her legs (“up the skirt but over the panties”) and rub her off.

I was back at her place a few days later. When I went over this time (late afternoon) she answered the door wearing only a silk robe and a nightshirt. The next several hours were spent having my first ever lesson on “the art of cunnilingus”.

Those “lessons” lasted almost 2 years. Every woman I’ve been with since owes LW a debt!

Some of the most memorable things we tried included:

*mutual masturbation

*nipple tease orgasms

*role play (her favorites were “teacher and student”, “step-mom” and “the landlady”)

*anal and anilingus


*public sex (we were almost caught in the Uptown Theater in DC!)

*our first swing parties (those parties resulted in both good and bad experiences)

We’d get together 2 to 3 times a month. With each visit she seemed to want to try or teach me something new. LW admitted that many of the things we did she’d always wanted to try but could never find a willing or available partner.

Our arrangement remained our special secret.

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Cafe Cravings Ch. 02

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Sarah tried to conceal her frustration as she struggled to get her day under control. A line of customers stood before her, trailing all the way out the front door

“Where did they all come from?” she wondered to herself. ‘It’s as if there’s some great latte emergency, this is insane.”

Glancing over at Brian, she watched as he moved at a frenetic pace between the espresso machines. Constantly placing new cups under spouts, pouring on steamed or foamed milk, or whipped cream, all to the customer’s impatient demands.

Tiffany stood next to her, calling out orders at lightning speed, and Sarah’s mind wandered momentarily, as she wished her girlfriend Michelle were working beside her instead.

It’s not that she didn’t like Tiffany. She was a fabulous girl. It’s just that Michelle had this way of shedding light on situations such as these. When it seemed as if the sky was falling, and in reality you were just serving up high-octane caffeinated beverages, to a bunch of junkies who needed a fix.

Her eyes trailed down the line, scanning the patrons as each tried to find some way to disguise their impetus to get to the front of the line. One girl, with blonde hair, and a cute ass, talked on her cell phone, while looking in the opposite direction to seem nonchalant about the wait. Only to glance over her shoulder every five seconds to see if anyone had moved.

The man behind her held a copy of “Time”, his face pointed in the direction of the magazine, leaving his eyes free to closely examine the partially exposed breasts of the blonde on the cell phone.

Two co-workers stood in the middle of the line, David and Gina. Sarah recognized them instantly. They were 3 time a week regulars, minimum. The café was an excuse more than an actual break for them. They had been having an affair for some time, and their mutual enjoyment of half-caf, double soy latte’s were the cover they used to allow them to fuck in the parking lot on their lunch break.

Sarah watched as Gina leaned in to whisper something “important” to David, using the movement as an excuse to covertly tease his cock. While David took the opportunity to rub güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri his chest against Gina’s breasts, exciting her nipples to a slight erection.

Michelle had a way of noticing all these details about the patrons that frequented their store, and sharing her juicy findings with Sarah. Using the information as a way to get Sarah horny at work, only to remind her that they had to maintain a professional relationship, or risk both of their jobs. Sarah had spent many a day on important managerial tasks, locked in her office, masturbating her aching desires away. Only to find she craved Michelle’s tight ass and beautiful breasts all the more.

One day, Michelle had even gone so far as to find the car that Gina and David were getting it on in. Calling Sarah out back to hide behind the dumpster and watch them fuck like wild fire. As they spied Gina ride David’s cock, her breasts bouncing as she fucked him. Michelle had rubbed Sarah’s ass and moaned teasingly in her ear. Planting a few clandestine kisses on her neck, but never giving in to temptation.

Sarah had even tried to refuse her sex that night, just to get back at her for the torment. But she could never hold out. There was nobody quite like Michelle, no one who could excite her more.

An hour and a half later, the rush had finally died down enough so that Sarah could leave Tiffany and Brian on their own and attend to the inventory that awaited her in the back. Retrieving her clipboard from her office, she made her way to the storeroom and began the scintillating task of counting paper cups of various sizes.

Making notes on her stock sheet, Sarah was startled by the sound of someone closing the door to the small room. Turning around to see what had happened. She was both exhilarated and surprised to see Michelle standing before her.

“What are you doing here?” she asked excitedly

“Oh, Melissa stopped by on her way to class, and told me how busy you were. So I thought I’d stop by and see if I could make you feel better,” Michelle answered mischievously. A wicked grin spread across her face as she reached down and locked güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the door.

“Honey, what are you doing?” Michelle asked slightly shocked. “If you’re going to torture me, don’t bother, I don’t think I can take it today.’

“Not at all sweetie. I think it’s time we fulfilled your fantasy.”

Sarah’s eyes widened as Michelle walked over to her and grabbed her hips, pulling them toward her and began to kiss her passionately. Gripped by fear and longing, Sarah put her arms around Michelle’s neck and kissed her back. Her tongue sliding into her mouth, dancing with Michelle’s as she pulled the other girl closer to her.

As Michelle started to moan, Sarah pulled back and looked at her. “We shouldn’t do this. We’re going to get caught. They could get busy up front and come looking for me. How will I explain you being here and the locked door?”

Putting a finger to Sarah’s lips, Michelle whispered, “don’t worry baby, it’s dead up there, and besides I work here, remember. It’s not such a big surprise for me to be here.”

Pulling off Sarah’s shirt, Michelle kissed up and down her neck as she continued undressing her, removing her bra and cradling her breasts in her hands, flicking the nipples with her thumbs. Sarah struggled not to moan as she turned to jelly in Michelle’s arms, her pussy enflamed with desire as her heart beat pleasure directly into her erect nipples.

Pushing Michelle away, a bit more forcefully this time Sarah spoke sternly, “Michelle, really, we’re going to get caught, I can’t take this. I want to, but I can’t. I’m a manager for Christ’s sake. Oh, I can’t even think straight.”

“Baby, you have wanted this for months, and I never gave in, because I knew you couldn’t go through with it. But I know deep down, how good this is for you. Now stop arguing and come here,” Michelle finished authoritatively.

Pulling Sarah back to her by the front of her pants she began to unbutton them and strip them off of her. Sarah felt more naked then she ever had, the skin of her toned calves and thighs tingled in the cool air, in contrast to the aching heat of her wanton güvenilir bahis şirketleri sex.

Not wasting anytime, Michelle disrobed as well. Sarah stood breathlessly looking at her, in awe of her perfect body, as if she was seeing it for the first time. The tight ass, and firm stomach muscles, the beautiful black hair that kissed her neck and shoulders, and the wild tufts of black hair that shrouded her gorgeous pink nether lips. Her own growing wetter at the mere thought of them.

Reaching for her bag, Michelle pulled it in front of her and much to Sarah’s amazement, pulled a double-headed dildo from it, looking up at her and smiling broadly.

“Hey, if we’re going to do this, we might as well go all out,” she said through her enormous grin.

Sarah moved toward her and fingered Michelle’s pussy, getting it super wet before Michelle slid the latex cock into herself. Fastening the straps around her thighs, Sarah watched intently, licking Michelle’s juices from her fingers.

The strap-on member secure inside of her, Michelle turned Sarah around and bent her over placing her in front of a footstool so she could support herself. Massaging Sarah’s ass lightly, she slipped her hand between her legs and rubbed her hard clit between her fingers, causing Sarah to rock back and forth with desire and fight to contain her moans.

Slipping the cock inside of Sarah’s wet cunt, Michelle slid it in slowly at first, getting her used to the enormity of it. Then, as Sarah moved her hips faster, Michelle grabbed the other girl’s hips, and thrust deeply into her pussy. Her own slit rubbing happily against the dildo inside of her.

Sarah struggled to contain her noises as she arched her back and bucked wildly. Placing a hand on Sarah’s ass, Michelle pumped even faster as her own pussy began to throb with orgasm. The dildo moved effortlessly in and out of Sarah’s hole, coated with wetness as she neared climax. Panting loudly, Sarah covered her mouth with her hand as she screamed in ecstatic release.

Sighing heavily, Sarah stood up and pulled Michelle to her, kissing her deeply.

“You’re something else, you know that?” she said slyly.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” Michelle replied teasingly. “But you better get your clothes on before someone catches us.”

“Oh, we’ll see about that,” Sarah contended, pulling Michelle in for another kiss. “I’ve waited a long time for this,” she said laughing in satisfaction.

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Five-Star Service

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I’m requesting that no e-mail address be posted with this story. Hope you enjoy this one…I sure enjoyed writing it! Thanks!

* * * * *

He walked into one of the newest and best-rated restaurants for his lunch break. The waiter greeted him and led him to a booth, where he sat down and began looking over the menu. I looked up as I chatted with the girl at the pickup window, realizing it was my turn to wait the next table. I told her I’d catch up with her later and proceeded to grab an order pad. As I approached the table, I was surprised to discover how handsome my new customer was. He was a tall, dark-haired piece of eye candy with a nice body (from what I could tell under that business suit) and bedroom eyes. Somehow managing to keep my composure, I gave him a cheerful greeting and began reciting the day’s specials. He finally looked up from the menu and ordered a drink, but he soon found himself studying something that wasn’t on the menu. For the sake of modesty, I guess I am pretty easy on the eyes…I’m tall – about 5’9″, not “supermodel skinny” (which is just fine with me), but voluptuous and curvy, like a 1940’s movie star. I have light golden brown skin – an almost tropical honey-almond complexion – long, dark brown hair, brown eyes, full lips, and a cute smile to top it off. It seemed like he was impressed. I figured that he’d noticed the mischievous twinkle in my eyes as I strolled off to get his drink. I mean, what can I say? I liked what I saw too.

By the time I returned with his drink and some silverware, I’d made up my mind that I would brush up on my flirting skills with my handsome customer. I unrolled the napkin and silverware on the table, and silly me – I “accidentally” dropped his fork. I bent down to pick it up and caught a glimpse of him, and it was clear that he was trying to catch his wandering eyes again. Smiling to myself, I rushed off to get a clean fork and returned almost instantly to take his order. Afterwards, I reached across him to take the menu and to my horror, I knocked his drink over, spilling it all over him. He jumped up, shocked by the cold, and I cringed with total embarrassment. I apologized repeatedly and silently hoped that no one really noticed, but as I scanned the room, I saw about half of the non-smoking section staring at us. I tried to help him clean up and dry off, but it was no use. I commented that I couldn’t dry him off very well this way and suggested that he come with me to the private washroom in the back of the restaurant, still constantly apologizing. He told me it was okay – it was an accident, and it seemed as though he felt sorry for me because of my obvious embarrassment.

When we arrived at the washroom, he thanked me and started to clean up. I stood across the room guarding the door, watching him clean his shirt. Even though I was still reeling a little from my public humiliation, my mind began to wander as I watched him, slowly filling with “impure” thoughts. I had an idea.

He was surprised to hear a distinct ‘click’ from across the room. When he looked up and noticed that I’d locked the door, canlı bahis he stopped what he was doing and stared at me.

“Don’t worry about that stain…I’ll help you clean up,” I said.

My voice was a little softer. As I came toward him, my walk was a little more sensual. He had a questioning look on his face, wondering what I was going to do. I gently put my hands on him and looked up into his eyes. To him, it seemed like I was reading his thoughts. Then I flashed him a smile and my hands traveled downward to the wet spot on his shirt. I started to soak up the spilled drink with a towel.

“I hope I didn’t embarrass myself too much,” I said with a little laugh.

” No, no – not at all. Don’t even worry about it. Accidents happen,” he said, trying to comfort me a little.

“I know. I just wish there was some way I could make it up to you,” I said, never looking up. I wanted to hear what his response would be.

When I got no answer, I slowly looked up at him, and it seemed like his didn’t know what to say. On one hand, I could’ve just been a very nice and hospitable waitress trying to keep he customer happy…on the other hand, it seemed like I was dishing out the formalities, but really wanted to play. He decided not to risk it.

“Well if it bothers you that much, how about just letting me have a drink on the house?” he said with a laugh.

I looked up at him and gave him a sexy smile. “Well, actually…I had something else in mind,” I replied.

He looked a little surprised at my answer. I pressed my body into his and wrapped my arms around his neck. He looked down at me and noticed that a few more buttons on my blouse had been undone, making the button in the middle strain even more to contain my large breasts. I could feel his “approval” poking the front of my short black skirt.

“This is a five-star restaurant. I refuse to risk its reputation and let my customer leave here unsatisfied.”

I brought my lips closer to his, and his expression slowly changed from surprise to lust as I snaked the tip of my tongue out and ran it across his top lip. He responded with a hot, greedy kiss, and his hands trailed down the sides of my body, stopping mid-thigh to play with the hem of my skirt. I felt his hands slip under my skirt, and he began to run them up the back of my thighs. Slowly, he lifted up my skirt and caressed my round, bare ass, squeezing it lovingly. He traced between my ass cheeks with his finger, discovering a lacy thong, which seemed to turn him on to no end. He started kissing, licking, and sucking on my neck as he gently tugged on the thong, making it press into my pussy lips.

I moaned softly. His warm breath on my skin turned me on even more as he let his tongue trail down my neck and my chest. He stopped and quickly unbuttoned the rest of my blouse and tossed it on the floor. Then, he slid one hand up my back and expertly unhooked my lacy white bra, caressing my breasts as it came off. After tossing that aside, my nipples, hard from all the teasing, became his target as he lowered his head to taste one. He circled bahis siteleri my nipple with his tongue before he eagerly began sucking and nibbling on one breast while massaging the other, gently squeezing the nipple, sending waves of pleasure straight to my pussy. As my soft moans began to excite him, he started sucking harder and tonguing my nipples faster, until I stopped him and guided him up to face me.

I hastily unbuttoned his shirt and flung it aside, revealing his very sexy, defined upper body. I pulled him to me and kissed him again, running my fingernails down his back and then around to his belt, which I quickly unbuckled. With my tongue in his mouth and his hands on my breasts, he hardly noticed what I was doing until he felt my hand squeezing his rock hard cock. I stroked him slowly, rubbing the tip each time my hand slid up, making him groan softly. I pushed him against the wall and pulled his pants down as I kneeled in front of him. All he could do was close his eyes and enjoy what was happening. I gradually began to guide the tip of his cock into my mouth, tickling it with my tongue to tease him. He reached down and ran his fingers through my hair, grasping it gently as I sucked him slowly at first, then faster as he got more into it. The feeling of his cock hitting the back of my throat excited him, but I didn’t want him to come. Not just yet. I sucked hard as I slipped his large cock out of my mouth one last time. He pulled me to my feet and looked at me with lust-filled eyes, both of us enjoying the feeling of his cock rubbing against my bare thighs.

“Now it’s my turn. I wanna see just how sweet that honey is,” he said, teasing my pussy with his finger.

He got down on one knee, reached under my skirt and slowly slid my lace thong off my hips and down my legs. After I stepped out of my panties, he picked me up by my ass and sat me on the nearby countertop next to the sink. He didn’t hesitate to pay me back for all my teasing. He kneeled down between my outstretched thighs and began to suck my pussy lips and lick around my clit for what seemed like an eternity. I closed my eyes and bit my bottom lip, trying to stifle my moans, but I was forced to let go when he attacked my swollen clit. He had me right where he wanted me and he knew it. I rubbed the back of his head with one hand and braced myself with the other, my head tossed back, my breasts rising and falling with my heavy breathing, my legs spread wide – it probably would’ve been a voyeur’s dream. I pushed my hips into his face as he continued to tongue fuck me and roll my clit with his tongue, and my deep, throaty moans began to become more high-pitched as I felt myself getting ready to come. He took this as his cue to stop what he was doing, giving my clit one last flick with his tongue, and he stood up and stroked his aching cock. I got down off the countertop and he put a hand on my hip and turned me around to face the washroom’s mirror. He traced a finger down the center of my back…across my ass…and deep into my pussy. I gasped. After finger fucking me for a moment, he slid his wet finger bahis şirketleri out of my churning pussy. Then he grabbed my hips, pulling me closer to him, spread my legs a little, and began to rub the head of his throbbing cock up and down my hot, slick pussy.

“Now…” he whispered, his warm breath on the back of my neck making my skin tingle, “it’s time for dessert.”

He slowly slid his long, hard cock into my tight pussy. Surprisingly, he felt even bigger that he looked. At first, I didn’t know if I could take all of him, but after a couple of slow strokes, my muscles relaxed a bit and my pussy swallowed him whole. I moaned loudly and saw an expression of pure pleasure on his face in the mirror, as he tried to stifle his own moaning. I got off watching the both of us in the mirror as he fucked me – him grabbing my hips with authority and keeping a slow, steady rhythm as he pulled his cock almost all the way out and thrust it back in, making my ass jiggle. The sight of the whole thing turned me on – the way his muscles tensed as he began to fuck me faster and harder, my breasts bouncing wildly, the slapping sound of skin on skin, our heavy breathing, the sound of our voices moaning in ecstasy…

I felt his hand reach around my hips and he slipped a finger between my pussy lips to play with my clit. The pleasure began to overwhelm me and my moans started getting higher – I was going to come. In the middle of my frantic gasping, I stopped breathing for a second as I felt my body tingle all over and my pussy started to spasm. I clenched my eyes shut and screamed, overcome by the strongest orgasm I’d ever had, squeezing his cock for all it was worth. My orgasm triggered his own and he slammed deep into me one last time, shooting burst after burst of his hot cum into me, flooding my already drenched pussy. He finally collapsed on top of me, and we lay there on the countertop for what seemed like forever, panting, with his now softening cock still buried deep inside me. After a few minutes, he finally gathered up enough energy to slide out of me and stand up. Even though my legs were still shaky from exhaustion, I slowly stood up and turned around to look at him. He had the smile of a satisfied man on his face as he silently watched me get dressed. As I was buttoning my blouse, he put his hand on my waist and pulled me to him and gave me a kiss that could wet any woman’s panties. I smiled at him seductively.

“Now I see why this place is so highly recommended,” he joked. “Are all the waitresses as hospitable as you?”

I laughed. “Well, I believe in going that extra mile to please my customers…well, maybe just one customer in particular,” I replied.

We made sure the coast was clear, and he strolled around to the front of the restaurant and back to his table. I showed up at his table a few minutes later.

“Will that be all, sir?” I asked.

He smiled. “Yes, that’s all for now.”

“All right then. Here is your check, sir. Have a nice day, and please come again.” I winked at him as I strode away.

He found that I’d left him my name and number along with his check, and then realized as he reached into his pocket for his wallet that I’d left him a little present to remember me by – my white lacy thong. He smiled and thought to himself, “I’ll definitely be back.”

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Darla Seduces Tim Conclusion

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Thank you so much for your feedback! You don’t necessarily have to read part 1 unless you want to know more about how the two find themselves in the motel room but there is a quick recap in the beginning just the same. I hope you like and comments are always appreciated.

Dave Rollands, is a 30 something year old, lean built, 5’11” happily married man. He is wearing what he usually wears when he goes out with the guys on Thursday nights: sneakers, jeans, and buttoned shirt. He has two secrets. One of them is wearing the frilly white French cut panties with the sexy, white stockings carefully hidden underneath his manly clothes. The other is the semi-hard cock in front of his eyes. That dick is no longer hard because the semen carrying balls are now empty with its contents deep in Mr. Rollands’ belly. The remnants of the fourth spurt from that delicious cum-shooting cock are on Dave’s (oh excuse me: Darla’s) cheeks, chin and a dollop of sperm on his/her tongue.

Yes, Dave enjoys being Darla once a week. His first, and only guy, is out with his own wife tonight. Dave would not have known what to do if not for one of his friends saying, “Earth to Dave.”

That is correct. The owner of the freshly sucked cock is Dave’s other married friend, Tim. Tim thought something was odd between Dave and Bill and wanted to know more-MUCH more- about the two of them. And he Found out! And he liked it! MMMM. If only his wife enjoyed sucking his seven-inch cock, deep-throating him, and swallowing his load.

Tim’s trembling and excited hands are in Darla’s hair. His breathing is slowly returning to normal. Tim’s eyes still glazed over with post orgasmic lust. Looking down at his expert cock sucker and excitedly saying, “That was fantastic, Darla!”

Still kneeling on the motel floor, Darla is happily massaging his balls, stroking lazily up and down the lovely cock, and looking up at its sexy owner. The two match eyes while Darla slowly rises, opening her mouth to show Tim that she still has his flavor, his cum, on her lips and a dab of his sperm on her tongue.

Sliding her arms around his neck, Darla moves closer to kiss him on the lips. Tim looked at her open cum filled mouth, then into her eyes. Shaking with nervous anxiousness, he opens his mouth and presses lightly against Darla’s lips, tasting his own cum.

Emboldened by his actions, Darla slips her tongue into his mouth while lips press softly together. Tim swallowed her tongue, tasting himself and moaning softly. Soon, the two are avidly French kissing, swapping his cum, as he tastes more and more of his maleness into his throat, gulping nervously.

Tim feels Darla’s jeans covered hard cock rubbing against his spent dick. Darla’s hands are on Tim’s naked ass cheeks, pushing their pelvises tighter together. Her breathing is more labored. Her excitement leads her to slowly grind, rocking and humping against him as their passionate kissing continues.

Tim breaks the kiss. Sweat is forming on his brow and he is shaky but still holding onto her, “Darla, I don’t think I can. I mean, I mean this is all new to me. I am sorry.”

Darla keeps her eyes closed, temporarily lost in the sensual moment. She composes herself, gently stroking the small of his back. Easing her eyes open to look up at her lover. Quietly and calmly, with seemingly unshaken confidence, she says, “I know Tim, honey. Relax. I… There is so much I want to show you! I know you are going to be sooo excited when you see the fully dressed ‘Darla’! Bill Always is. (She smiles lasciviously while her pointer finger and thumb massage his dick tip, and licks his nose.) So I know I am sexy!” Darla releases her fingers from his soft cock and removes her hand from his back. Slowly turning away, taking her paper bag toward the bathroom, wiggling her ass seductively.

Ten steps from Tim and without turning, Darla kicks off her sneakers. She then unbuckles the pants, letting the jeans fall silently to the floor. Leaning over (slightly exaggerated to emphasize her curvy ass and shapely legs) as she steps out of them, giving Tim a glorious view of her ass covered white panties and smooth legs enclosed in white stockings. With only feminine attire from the waist down, Darla rises and cutely jiggles her sexy ass and carrying the paper bag as she swishes into the bathroom.

Stepping one stocking clad leg out from the door, the rest of her concealed from Tim’s view, Darla asks so sweetly, “Tim, why don’t you put on some music and hand me a glass of wine in a couple of minutes. I want to take a hot and scented bubble bath.”

“Yes, yes. Sure. Good idea.” He stumbles out the words while pulling up his pants, his cock beginning to swell from watching every swiveling, sexy motion of Darla’s rear.

Starting the water for the tub and dropping some scented bubble bath oil into it, Darla undresses, leaving the door slightly ajar. Looking into the mirror, tweaking her nipples with her left hand and fondling her very hard cock with her right, thinking bahis firmaları about all that has happened so quickly!

Darla thinks to herself, “I just sucked off my friend, fed him his own cum and he liked it! And by the looks of things, (she giggles as she just Knows Tim was staring at her wiggling ass) this could be one hell of a night! This is so much fun. I feel so fucking desirable. I must tease him some more!”

Darla shaved her face quickly. “Fourth time today,” she mused. Then she decided to put on some make-up and her shoulder length, curly, brunette wig. Feeling incredibly sexy, Darla checked her profile in the full-length bathroom door mirror. She saw her slim and hard five-inch cock sticking out and bobbing slightly up and down. “Don’t worry, sweety. We just might get lucky tonight!”

While admiring her slim swimmer’s build, she suddenly panics, “What if he chickens out and leaves?” Tweaking her nipples and pursing her lips, “No. I am too sexy. I have to stay confident. I am his Lover for tonight. I told him that and he seemed anxious enough.” Smiling confidently again as she remembered his hard cock. A cock that was hard because of ‘Fantastic, Darla.’ She is still glowing from one of his previous comments as she was swallowing his loads of cum.

She checked herself out in the mirror again to see how pretty and sexy she is before slipping into the hot, freshly scented and bubble filled tub.

As Darla’s feet tentatively stepped into the hot water, she is even more confident, relaxed and sexy as she hears soft jazz in the background.

“I got him!”

Darla congratulates herself as she let her legs slide under the bubbles, followed by that jumpy and hard clit. The rest of her sleek body slips in and soon the bubbles and water envelop her feminine form. She takes out her special bar of scented soap and begins to lather everywhere and humming joyously.


Tim cannot believe what has just happened! His mind is doing tumbles. He is almost beyond comprehending the ramifications of his actions!

“Not only did I kiss a guy, but I just let him blow me! And, to top it off, ate my own cum from his mouth! This is disgusting! But why am I staying so fucking hard?”

His six foot two well built frame paces the floor a few times. His dick is still stiff in his pants. “Okay.” Deep breathes, “Let’s rationalize this. This is not Really Dave-it is ‘Darla’. And she is a great cock sucking, sensuous, sweet moving Darla. Mmmm. She is the one doing the cock sucking-not me! That is right!” Pumping his fist in the air in psychological triumph. “I can do it. I would love to fuck her in the ass. Oh. I mean her, ‘pussy’. The way she moves that hot ass around is just like any other sexy bitch I have ever been with anyway. And I will definitely score! Something I haven’t gotten from my wife lately, that is for sure. I will just take her from behind with her on all fours. And whom is she going to tell that I am fucking her? Not my wife and not Bill for sure.” He chuckled to himself at that thought.

With renewed confidence, Tim looked at the motel radio and turned it on. “What station-something sexy, romantic-jazz. Yeah, that is the ticket.” He increases the volume so it could be heard throughout the room, not too loud, not too soft.

Walking toward the table and pouring the burgundy wine into two glasses, other thoughts cross his mind. “Hmm. And another reason I can have my go with ‘Darla’ is Bill is fucking her. Wow! I wonder how many times that lucky bastard has experienced Darla’s mind-blowing, cock draining blowjobs? I sure as shit would have a hard time not wanting that regularly! Maybe she would be into it…”

Holding the bottle with one hand, two filled glasses in the other, Tim slowly walks toward the bathroom. Hesitating a moment, “What if she expects me to suck her off? What do I do then? Has Bill sucked her ‘clit’? Is the only way I can fuck her is if she fucks me?!?”

“There is no way this is going to work. Dave does not look like a chick and I bet his legs and chest are hairier than mine! I just want a good fuck and then I am out of here!”

So, with new found confidence and a plan of action (and, of course, the raging hard cock in his pants!), Tim eases open the bathroom door, cautiously, carefully, preparing himself for the worst, hoping for the best.


“Darla!” she thinks to herself while shaving those slim legs for the second time today and luxuriating in the hot soapy tub. “This is better than I thought. I am sooo glad I brought my bag with me. I know I can turn him on! Oooohh. Just the thought makes my clitty all hard and my nipples tingle.” (Again giggling to herself as to how more feminine she is becoming while waiting for – Her MAN.)

After finishing with her legs and dropping the razor blade to the floor, Darla ran her fingers over her smooth chest, lightly pinching her nipples. She eased one hand down to the insides of her thighs. Her fingers moved closer and kaçak iddaa closer to the sexy vee between her legs. Those delicate fingers lightly touching herself, moving closer and closer to the hard clit below. Darla so enjoys teasing those sexy five inches while caressing her cum-filled balls. She then unhurriedly, slips a finger lower onto her puckered and clean ass-pussy.

Darla shifts her ass cheeks upward slightly. Slowly easing a finger inside, sensuously fingering her pretty hole. Darla’s chest is rising up and down with no sense of rushing the moment, languishing in her own femininity. She loves the feelings of the bubbles rubbing up and down her nipples; her hand wrapped around her hard clit, stroking slowly up and down. The digits, now two, are pushing in and out slowly, then quickly, then slowly again.

With the left soapy leg draped over the tub, her body rising and falling in motion with her self-pleasuring, Darla tosses her head back, her painted face exposing her self-induced rapture. The soft and pretty moans escaping from her sexy red-lipstick covered lips.

This is how Tim finds Darla!

He slowly opened the door and the first vision he had was seeing Darla’s smooth and sexy leg over the side of the tub. Transfixed at seeing how sexy she Really looks, he opened the door wider, his expectations rising. The opening door reveals her moving liquidly in self-pleasuring though her hands were not seen. The softness of her body, the feminine movement of her soapy, incredibly sexy form excites him greater. Her hard, red nipples were, at moments, provocatively revealed through the bubbles. Tim smiles and thinks to himself, “This is not baaaddd at all! Bill is one totally lucky bastard!” His eyes and mind becoming more filled with lust the longer his eyes grazed across her body and then seeing her lips, her pretty face, and her sexy hair.

The soft jazz is playing in the background and Darla’s sweet female sounding sighs filled the bathroom.

“Oh my god!”

Darla’s reverie is broken upon hearing Tim’s shocked voice. She composes herself, fingers slipping out of her pussy-ass. While washing her hands quickly under the water, hesitantly she looked into his eyes to gauge his reaction. Jumbles of emotions run through her mind as she considers the implications of the current situation.

“You look fucking hot!” is all Tim can muster to say as he continues to stare hungrily at Darla.

“Mmmmmm.” Darla thinks to herself, confidence regained. She smiles while thinking to herself, “This can be one HELL of a night!” She then gazed hungrily to the thick bulge in his jeans.

Tim is ogling her prone and sexy form from head to toe. His cock is so hard in his jeans as he admires and adores her body.

Darla likes his reaction. She even thinks it is cute. Teasingly and sensuously slipping the one exposed leg back into the tub while sliding the other out of the soapy water to caress the lip of the four poster basin, her toes pointing in his direction, waving wickedly at him. She shifted her right arm over the lip of the tub and leaned closer to him, her prettily painted lips puckered in his direction.

“Do you like the way I look, Tim?” Darla asks seductively while licking her lips to help make them shine in the bright bathroom light. She slyly eases one ass cheek above the soapy water to give him a better view of her sweet, feminine offerings. Her right foot is hanging over the edge and moving slowly up and down suggestively.

Tim watched her smooth motions, her seductive body gliding with ease in the bubbly tub, her sexily exposed and soap speckled ass cheek. Thinking to himself, “Wow! I can’t fucking believe how sexy Dave is! Almost makes me forget he is a guy! No. I have to think of her as ‘Darla’. That won’t be hard (Chuckling to himself at his own pun.). Sexier than most of the women I have been with.” He is grinning widely while absorbing all of her with his eyes. His body hardening, muscles tightening, reacting to his lusty thoughts.

“I love it!” He says to her. “Bill is one very lucky guy.” He kneels down to the tub, offering her the glass of cabernet wine.

“You are so incredibly sexy!” He moves his lips to touch hers.

A swirling of emotions run through Darla’s mind as she drinks in the events; along with Tim’s hot tongue and firm, thick, manly lips. “This guy is more of a romantic than Bill! I have to give Bill some tips if he wants to stay with me.” She thinks these naughty thoughts as Tim is working his best to seduce and please her. “Maybe Tim can give him the tips while I watch!” Darla’s hard clit jumps as she thinks wickedly to herself.

With continuing confidence, she presses her lips softly to his and feels his mouth push back. Tim shyly tongues her teeth then slips between to play with her tongue. Tim, unsure of himself or his actions, touches lightly upon her soapy shoulder, pulling Darla closer to him. She slides a wet arm around his neck and invites him sweetly in her mouth, mewing pretty kaçak bahis sounds of complete satisfaction. The tongue touching becomes a little more heated as Tim probes deeper inside. Excited, his hand moves from her shoulder then down to her ribs. His slow but insistent fingers sliding across her skin and, skimming the water, creating little ripples in the tub, to feel Darla’s hard, red nipple.

“Oh god! This is wonderful. He is feeling me up and I feel sexier than ever.” Darla thinks to herself. “I love his manly touch caressing my body, feeling my nipple, sucking face with him!”

Darla runs her wet hand across his shoulders, down his back then lower to his jeans to squeeze his ass cheek. His lower body tenses as he moans quietly into her mouth.

She thinks to herself, “Mmmm. I have to make this moment last. Who knows when or IF this will ever happen again. Wow! I feel so like a real woman when I am with him.”

Darla breaks the kiss and looks into his eyes, her fingernails brushing along his face. “Let’s not rush this Tim. You are making me feel so special. So much like a woman.”

Darla brings the glass of red wine to her lips, sipping the cool liquid. Her clit is so hard she can’t believe how excited, sexy, and horny she feels!

Tim looks anxiously into her eyes, keeping his fingers, lightly pinching, on Darla’s nipple as he finds his glass and brings it to his lips, gulping hungrily.

Darla can tell by his body language that he is beside himself wondering what the fuck he is doing. “Hmm. It is not that he is going to leave me. He is clearly turned on by this sexy transgender guy-ME! (She gives a sidelong glance at the near-pants-splitting bulge in his pants) It is something else. Something more but I can’t pinpoint it.” Darla sighs while reminding herself that she doesn’t have the experience with men yet. (Quietly chuckling to herself at the thought she is hoping for more experience in that area-MEN.)

Darla does not even realize it but her fluttering eyes; the pensiveness spreading across her smooth and pretty face is so feminine, so like a woman. So much a turn on for Tim! He is watching her with a confused, lust filled, excited, and taboo filled mind. Stealing glances at her as she leans over the tub exposing more smooth, soapy, and sexy skin. Watching how every move she makes is subtler, sexier, more like a woman.

“Tim, why don’t you remove your shirt? I am making it all wet.” (Darla says, giggling as she traces her soapy finger across his chest)

Refilling his glass while keeping his one hand on her nipple, feeling it, pinching it lightly between his thumb and forefinger, his eyes caressing her body and face.

He smiles and admits to her and himself, “I, I, uh guess I should. I did not even notice.” He looks at his wet shirt, Darla’s hand still sliding across his chest and around his belly, ever inching lower.

The two shy and soon to be lovers are still close as he puts his glass down, unbuttons his shirt one button at a time, never taking his eyes off her.

“It is not that he doesn’t trust me or anything like that”, Darla considers. “I think he really wants me to watch him undressing. That he is doing it to tease and please me!” She feels her clit harden more, thankfully hidden in the soap filled bathtub.

Putting down his glass and kneeling in the basin as he removes his shirt, he sees Darla’s eyes are drawn to his naked chest. She then slowly, sensuously leans forward to kiss and suck his nipples. Feeling his hairy chest between her fingers and pulling on each nipple with her lips. Darla hears him sigh as she continues to lick and suck each one delicately.

“Mmmm Darla!” He sighs with pleasure.

He tosses his shirt aside as she takes her wine glass and drips it over each of his nipples, sucking quickly. Making loud sucking noises and enjoying him squirm and moan quietly. The mixture of his sweat, hard body, and tasty nipples keeps Darla on sexual edge.

Kneeling in the tub, her hips are exposed but her very hard clit is still in the water as she continues to lick, dribble more wine on his chest, and lick, suck, and nibble some more.

“Oh fuck! That feels sooo good, honey! Mmmm. Yesss Darla!” Tim moans and utters again and again.

Darla drips some more wine onto his chest and let it trickle down to his hard stomach, licking and sucking with more desire. With more hunger. Looking up into his eyes as she spills more of the wine on him, letting him, wanting him, needing him, to see her enjoy herself sucking on his body.

As Darla kneels and leans over the tub to undo his pants, Tim’s hands are on her waist as he watches her excitedly. His strong fingers rubbing around her hips and slowly up and down her back. Silently and almost without thinking with the words fumble out, “Darla, please stand. I want to see.”

Darla is almost shaking with excitement as she hears those words. Her finch inch clit is jumping with excitement under the bubbles as she looks at him. Her fingers are undoing his belt and slender fingers unzipping his jeans. “Are you sure?” She asks, concealing her eagerness.

In a quiet and unsteady tone while gazing into her eyes Tim replies, “I, I think so.”

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Confident, Older , Powerful Men Ch. 01

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This section is the introduction to a story that involves a married 19 year old Asian model and her sexual exploits with powerful, wealthy and very endowed older men.


My name is Doreen. I am Asian, a mix of Korean and Japanese. I just turned 19 three days ago and on that day I married my fiancé of one year, Jason. I met Jason at a club in NYC where I was doing a modeling show for a trendy swimsuit company that specialized in ultra-sexy bikinis.

About me. I stand 5’8″ tall and weigh 108 pounds, and have long, jet-black hair. My measurements (which are always turning heads) are 34D-21-32. At the ends of my round breasts are a pair of dark nipples that sick out almost an inch and are a wide around as a dime. My nipples alone always advertise that my body runs really hot. This is something older men recognize. Being a popular swimsuit model has had many advantages for me, including being on lots of extravagant locations and also in the company of very-successful men.

Most of the men are older and very distinguished, between the ages of 55 and 65, and some in their mid to late 70’s. I have to say that all of these older men were in great shape and are always well groomed, dressed in very expensive European suits.

Being güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri in their company with their eyes all over me during shoots and then being in their spacious limos sipping champagne while going to dinner with them to the finest restaurants has always excited me. Ending the evening in their beds, after being spoiled and pampered, has always turned me on too and made me cum like crazy. This was the case for a majority of the models my age.

We all knew the benefits of being with older men. Being 18 and 19 and making a good living there weren’t many guys our age that could match our lifestyles. We all found ourselves in the company of older men, because of their success, and wealth, not to mention their years of sexual experience.

I always found it really sexy to be with a handsome man 30 to 50, even 60 years older than me. There were even a few times when I devilishly ended the night in bed with two distinguished, older men. The confident way these men carried themselves has always excited me and their success in life and the power they wielded has always drawn me to that type of man.

Even though I married Chase who is 25, I was always attracted to older men of wealth and power. These güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri men had the means to provide a luxury lifestyle which is how I wanted to live.

In a very trendy NYC club hosted by a large investment Hedge fund firm I met my husband Jason. He was 25 when I met him. Jason is stands 5′ 10′ tall and has a real preppy look. He is a little on the chunky side with a little beer-belly (exercise is just not his thing) but has a great personality, with a funny, quirky sense of humor that always made me laugh.

He was certainly different from the type of men I was dating and sleeping with. In fact, in bed Jason was really awkward and sex was very average, especially compared to the type of sex I was accustomed to having with much older men. What wasn’t average about Jason was that he was the head investor for the highest-rated Hedge fund management company, earning him an eight figure salary.

The reason I married him was because I knew he would always provide a very comfortable lifestyle for me. During our short engagement and right before we got married I admit to being really naughty and fucked three older men while on shoots while he was back in NY working.

Even though I tried güvenilir bahis şirketleri to remain faithful before I walked down the aisle I just couldn’t help the attraction I had for these older, powerful men that were so self-assured and exuded so much confidence, especially in the bedroom. One of the men who was the President of the company I was modeling for was 70 and the other, the CEO and main investor of the company, was 80. I had been with both of them a few times, once fucking each of them separately and twice fucking them together. The older one absolutely drove me insane.

They were both very distinguished looking, especially the 80 year old and were so persuasive when it came to getting a girl into bed. The biggest part of the reason it was so easy for them to fuck any model they wanted was because they were both so well endowed. The younger of the two had a real thick cock that measured 10 inches and the 80 year old had a staggering cock with a wild hook in the middle of it that measured 13 inches. His cock was not only enormous in length, but also as fat around as a soda can.

He drove every teenage girl crazy when he fucked them. He had the most charming and charismatic quantity about him that made every teenage model eager to go to bed with him but once he had you in his bedroom a ‘villainous’ quality instantly came out him that stripped-away any ‘moral-principals’ a girl had by the things he would order you to do to please him. He knew his cock was huge and thoroughly enjoyed making every teenage model fuck him the way he wanted.

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Dani and her Magic Wand

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Many thanks to schwingprose for the feedback and editing assistance.


Dani I first met many years ago. Our husbands worked together and we quickly became fast friends. Neither of us had kids so we had quite a bit of free time on our hands. Dani and I spent a lot of time together and would often go shopping, to the movies, or just hang out and chat. We had a lot in common, the best thing being that we both loved sex! Dani and I would share details about our husbands and had many conversations about what we liked sexually and the different happenings in our bedrooms (or whatever room in the house we happened to be having sex in).

She was short and petite, with small A-cup breasts and long brown hair, and I always found her attractive. Her build was quite different from mine, which I think is one of the things that attracted me to her. I was tall, with an athletic build, and have DDD-cups. She would often comment on my breasts, telling me she would love to have ones their size, so it appeared we both admired each other.

During the summer of ’92 you could often find us in Dani’s back yard by her pool. We swam and worked on our tans, often sunbathing topless to avoid tan lines. All the time by the pool paid off because we both had golden tans that summer. One day when we were at the pool things got very hot…and I don’t mean the temperature outside.

While we waded around in the water I began telling Dani about the sexcapades with my husband the night before. We had gotten into a sixty-nine position and the sex got pretty intense. I love sucking cock, and deep throating him while he eats my pussy, and I was telling Dani how the closer I got to orgasm the faster and deeper I sucked my husband’s cock. He’s told me before that he loves it when I start moaning with his cock in my throat. He says the vibration of my tonsils against the head of his rod feels very good. That night he could tell from my moaning I was about ready to explode all over his tongue so he stuck his middle finger inside my pussy and found my g- spot. He started running his finger up and down my g-spot as he sucked on my clit and I came with an intensity I hadn’t experienced in a long time. I swallowed his entire cock as I moaned and screamed, my voice muffled by his meat, and when my lips met his sac he shot his load into my throat.

As I told Dani about the hot sex my husband and I had I began to get pretty horny. Dani had something to share from the previous evening as well. She told me her husband had brought up the subject of a threesome the night before and told her he had always fantasized about watching her with another woman. As we discussed it we found the idea of being with another woman wasn’t necessarily a turn-off, but the thought of eating pussy just didn’t seem enticing to either of us. “Unless it was you,” we said simultaneously, and we both laughed.

After we got out of the pool and went back to sunbathing I started thinking about the topic of our discussion and found I began getting even more turned-on. Images of Dani and I together played in my mind. I thought about what it would feel like to have her kiss me, touch my breasts, and even lick my pussy. I found my nipples illegal bahis getting hard and my pussy getting wetter the more I entertained these thoughts. I was lying on my back, topless as usual, and decided I needed a little more suntan oil on my tits so I sat up and grabbed the bottle of suntan oil. Dani was also lying on her back and she glanced over at me to see what I was doing. I poured a little oil on each of my breasts, set the bottle down, and then started rubbing the oil onto my round, soft tits. My nipples were already stiff and as I rubbed the oil over them they became as hard as diamonds. I could feel Dani watching me as I smeared the coconut-scented oil over my breasts. The warm, slick oil felt nice on my skin and I could feel my clit swelling in my bikini bottom.

When I was done applying the oil I looked over at Dani and she was smiling with a naughty little grin. She asked me if I was thirsty and I nodded so we got up, put on our bikini tops, and went inside her house. When we got inside we got something to drink and she told me about a porno movie her husband had brought home the night before. We decided to watch the movie and, as she put it in, she said it featured threesomes. That was obviously what prompted her husband to bring up the subject. Dani told me about one scene in particular that really turned her on. It featured two women masturbating in front of each other. They started out fingering themselves and then, when a man walked in, it progressed to a threesome.

As Dani played the movie I found the scene she liked was the first one. I could see why she liked it because it was quite steamy. After the guy walked in to find the two women masturbating he dove down between one of the women’s legs and started eating her pussy. He was lapping at her pussy while the other woman watched and continued playing with herself. As I watched the up-close shot of him eating her I began to fantasize it was my pussy being licked. He was naked, on his knees and elbows as he ate her, and with every flick of his tongue I could feel my sex becoming more wet.

Not satisfied with just masturbating, the other woman made her way over to the pair and moved underneath the guy, with her head between his knees. She reached up, grabbed his cock, and began stroking it. She then moved her head up and took his cock into her mouth and began sucking him. He began thrusting his hips and fucked her mouth as he continued to eat her friend’s pussy. I was really getting into it.

As the scene was playing out Dani paused the movie and said she wanted to change her clothes. It sounded like a good idea but I had forgotten to bring a change of clothes and only had my cover-up with me. I went into the bathroom, took off my bikini, and put on the sheer white cover-up. As I looked up in the mirror I could clearly see my nipples and my triangle-shaped patch of my pubes through the fabric. I felt a little awkward with it being so transparent, and me being completely naked underneath, but I figured, “What the hell?” and just grabbed my bikini and walked out of the bathroom.

When I got back to the living room Dani was sitting on the couch with one of her husband’s t-shirts on. She was sitting with illegal bahis siteleri her left leg up on the couch and I noticed she that wasn’t wearing anything underneath. I felt tingles travel up my spine when I saw this. We smiled at each other and she pointed to the other end of the couch and asked me to sit there. As we watched the movie I became more and more aroused. My nipples got hard and swollen as I watched the two women going down on each other while the guy watched them and stroked his cock. I could tell Dani was also getting excited because her stiff nipples very visible in the t-shirt she was wearing. The two girls eventually turn their attention to the guy, get on their knees in front of where he’s standing, and take turns sucking his dick. He moved if from one girl’s mouth to the other, each girl taking a turn sucking him a couple times, and then he announces he’s going to cum and he shoots his load out over their faces as he pumps his shaft.

As the next scene came on Dani started telling me about a massager she had bought the week before. She said it was a standard neck massager but when she put it up against her clit it was heavenly. Dani left the room for a minute and when she returned she had the massager in her hand. I don’t know if it was a Panasonic Magic Wand, or if they even made those back then, but it looked just like them and let me tell you, it was magical! I had a vibrator that was pretty much a small, plastic penis that ran on a couple C batteries but this thing was quite large and I assumed by its size that it was quite a bit more powerful than my little toy. She brought it over to me and told me to spread my legs. I slid up my cover-up and spread them, exposing my juicy, wet slit to her. When I looked up I saw Dani looking at my breasts. She could see my swollen nipples through my cover-up and seeing her looking at them with a hungry look in her eyes only served to turn me on more.

There were so many sensual aspects of that afternoon that only helped to make things hotter and hotter as it went on. One of them was that the feel of the sheer fabric against my nipples was tantalizing. Any movement at all had it grazing the stiff tips of my nipples and the sensation just added to all the other things that were happening. Dani told me she had always admired my boobs and wanted to know if she could touch them. I whispered, “Yes,” in response. Every nerve ending in my skin was turned on as I watched her hand move to my breast. It was like a shock of pure sexual electricity was going through me when I felt her hand touch my breast. It got my pussy even hotter and wetter. I could feel my clit swell with her every touch and I began to ache for release.

Dani then stood up, took off her t-shirt, and sat down at the other end of the couch. We were facing each other, with our legs spread, and she told me to turn the massager on at its lowest speed. The massager was sitting on the couch, resting against my outer thigh. When I turned it on the vibration against my skin made me gasp, which made Dani smile. As I picked up the massager I noticed Dani was touching her pussy with her middle finger. She was slowly moving it around her clit in a circular motion, canlı bahis siteleri her brown eyes staring at me with such intensity I could practically feel them. I can only assume I was watching her with the same intensity as I told her to grab her tit with her other hand. As she did she let out a little moan and smiled at me again.

Watching my good friend masturbate in front of me got me extremely turned on and when our eyes met the heat was amazing! It was all more pleasurable than I even imagined it would be. Dani then told me to put the head of the massager on my pussy. I moved it between my legs and placed the round head of the massager against my clit. As it touched me another jolt of electric pleasure shot through my body. It momentarily took my breath away and then I started moaning. I didn’t feel self-conscious or embarrassed at all as I loudly moaned and panted while I quickly raced toward my peak. All of the erotic events of the day had me so turned on that I felt like I was ready to cum as soon as I touched myself with the massager. I threw my head back and the world went away for what seemed like an eternity as I came with a mind-blowing orgasm. All my senses were overcome with ecstasy as I my body shuddered and shook while I held the vibrating head of the massager against my engorged clit.

As I regained my senses my attention was drawn across the couch to Dani when I heard her moan. I looked over and saw her mouth open and her face filled with pleasure as she finger-fucked her pussy to orgasm. As she came back to earth we both looked at each other in amazement at what had just happened. Just then I recalled our previous conversations about our orgasms. We are both able to have multiple orgasms in one sex session and we would often compare how many orgasms we had the day before with our husbands and/or while alone. It was as if we both remembered this fact at the same time as I handed Dani the massager.

My juices were all over the head of it and I watched as she licked it to see what I tasted like. As she did she closed her eyes and moaned, “So sweet.” Then she told me to start fingering myself so she could have a turn with the massager while she watched me. My fingers instinctively went into my wet slit as my other hand found my breast and I began gently pinching my nipple as I fingered myself.

The sounds that filled the room as we watched each other pleasure ourselves added to the whole experience. There was the movie, with a woman purring, “Oh yeah, fuck me,” the sound of bodies smacking together as the guy was ramming his hard cock inside her, the hum of the massager Dani was holding against her pussy, and the sloshing sound of me frantically moving my fingers in and out of my pussy. I watched Dani’s face as another orgasm overtook her and it helped push me over the edge as I made myself cum again as well.

We spent the rest of that afternoon sharing the massager and masturbating in front of each other until we were completely worn out. I actually lost track of how many orgasms we had. That was the only time we ever did anything like that and I’ve never told anyone about it until now. A few months later Dani and her husband moved away but we’ll always share the memory of the events of that afternoon. Needless to say, after taking Dani’s for a “test drive,” I picked one of those massagers for myself. Reliving those events really got me going…think I’ll break it out again…(buzzzzzzzzzzzz………)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Denise’s White Underpants Ch. 03

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Denise was still working as a nurse after all these years.

My youthful fantasies about her in her white nurse’s uniform and the white underpants which I imagined lay underneath were still as strong now as an adult as they had been back then.

Now having had sex multiple times with Denise, at least some of these fantasies had been realised to my heart’s content.

Denise was indeed a wearer of white underpants although I was still yet to live out my teenage fantasy of discovering these white underpants underneath her white nurse’s uniform.

This was mainly because Denise no longer wore a white uniform to work as she had done many years ago.

In spite of this, I was soon to learn that Denise still kept a number of her white nurse’s uniforms and this is what we found ourselves discussing one night in bed after a wonderful love-making session.

I tentatively expressed to Denise my fantasies about her uniform and what I wished that she was wearing underneath.

“So would you like me to wear my uniform for you?” Denise kindly offered.

“I’d LOVE you to!!” was my eager response.

“How would you like me to wear it?” she asked, with a somewhat devilish grin.

“Yes, and you MUST be wearing your white knickers underneath!!” I replied with equally devilish intent.

“Well then,” Denise continued, “I will have to see what I can do!”

Given the medical nature of Denise’s profession, I had also wondered and fantasised about what it might be like to examine between her legs in a medical way.

I imagined seeing her legs wide apart in stirrups, underpants either pulled to the side or removed and me conducting a complete medical intrusion of her hairy female privates – both front and back – to determine the overall health of her mature, 52-year-old digestive and reproductive systems.

Perhaps Denise would be able to acquire some implements from her workplace that could enable this?

I decided to run this by her during our intimacy and see what her response would be.

“I’d really like to give you a medical examination inside your nurse’s uniform”, I asked boldly.

“A medical examination huh??” Denise replied. “Tell me what you’re thinking.”

“Well just imagine you had to come and see me as your doctor and I had to check inside of you to make sure everything is all OK.” I responded.

“Would you need certain things to be able to look inside me, for instance?” Denise seemed to be headed in the right direction with this.

“Mmmmm, yes I guess so,” I agreed. “Some things a nurse might have access to in the work place.”

And so it came to be that on our very next love-making session, I arrived at Denise’s apartment to find her fully dressed in one of her old white nurse’s dresses – one which thankfully displayed her mature figure in its best possible light.

We hugged and kissed for several minutes before eyeing each other in such a knowing way that it was impossible not to know what we both now intended.

Denise pulled a chair closer and sat down in front of me, with her legs far enough apart to extend an unspoken invitation for me to start exploring what I hungrily anticipated lay underneath.

My heart suddenly began to thump as my fantasy began to reveal itself before my very eyes.

Knowing almost exactly what I wanted, Denise held her dress up and invited me to come closer.

As I did, she inched her dress up just far enough for me to now see her large white cotton underpants between her legs, shaping down to a point over her pubic triangle that disappeared naturally beneath her undercarriage.

I knew Denise wore about a size 12 panty which covered her ample buttocks, thighs and hips in such an erotic and feminine way.

Carefully watching me and my response, she turned towards me and slowly lifted her dress up further up towards her waist.

For the best possible position, I decided to kneel down in front of her for a much more direct look up her nurse’s dress.

“Can you see down there?” Denise asked sincerely.

“Mmmmmm…I sure can!!” was my equally sincere response.

“Do you like it?” Denise asked in turn.

Looking directly at the smooth white cotton crotch pad intimately covering her most private areas was everything that I could have imagined it to be and merely liking it was not even close to how I was feeling!

“Ohhhhh Denise! Your underpants look SO pretty underneath your dress!!” I started to gush. “So pretty. So smooth. So soft!”

“You’ll have to take a closer look then!” Denise played along to my mood.

“That’s it…take a closer look in between my legs my darling. I want to you to see in between my legs. Take a nice close look at my white underpants and tell me what you see!!” Denise was now getting in the mood herself as she beckoned me towards her sex.

Denise then opened her legs much wider for me whilst beginning to stroke my hair as my face ventured further between her knees.

Seeing her thick, white thighs parting before bahis firmaları my eyes and the white panty-covered treasure that lay at the end of the tunnel was incredibly arousing for me.

I compulsively started running my tongue, nose and mouth against Denise’s pale inner thighs, feeling the amazing softness of her skin as I began to caress it.

Denise began moaning accordingly – quietly at first and then with more intensity as she opened her legs wider and allowing me further up inside her white nurse’s dress.

As her panty covered crotch came within sniffing distance, I noticed an unmistakable odour coming from the area.

My cock was already as hard as it could be but catching a strong whiff of Denise’s femininity direct from the source was like presenting a plate of fresh meat to a hungry tiger.

As I parted her legs and took a closer look, I could see design of her pretty undies with the tell-tale seam providing a protective crotch pad which primarily covered her genitals and which would have acted as an extra layer of absorption between her legs.

This extra protection was something I imagined many women enjoyed – as their vulvas sweated and vaginas discharged abundantly inside their knickers throughout the day, not to mention the menstrual activity of their periods.

Seeing first-hand evidence of this now staring at me from between Denise’s mature thighs simply drew me in compulsively to explore Denise’s secret vaginal stories from within her white cotton underpants.

I immediately started running my tongue along the exterior of her crotch pad protection – gently at first and then a little firmer, blowing the warm air of my breath directly through the cotton and onto her large vulva.

The pubic hair which I knew lay underneath must have contained Denise’s sweaty scent and I wanted desperately to peel back her undies now to reveal everything that was within.

First though, I wanted to tease my mature lover by also running my tongue along the elastic perimeter of her underpants, where it gripped her groin and separated her pubic area from her smooth, hairless thighs.

Denise moaned audibly as I did this, my tongue catching a couple of wiry ginger hairs – the tips of which must have been just escaping from underneath their soft cotton encasement.

“Do you want to see inside?” Denise asked willingly.

“Oh PLEASE!!” I responded without thinking.

Even still, I had the presence of mind to prolong the ecstasy by gently stroking Denise’s vulva multiple times over the top of the soft cotton, which drew a contented and sensual smile from her as I lengthened the strokes over her anal area.

“Mmmmmmm…you’re such a good boy!!” Denise whispered in her state of permissive vulnerability. “I want you to do want you want to do!!”

At this, I gazed longingly between her legs, staring directly at the white cotton crotch pad separating her private parts from my overarching desire to explore them.

I could resist no longer and carefully slid my right index finger under the groin elastic of Denise’s underpants, slowly pulling them to one side and instantly revealing her beautiful ginger pubic hair and large vulva with the centrepiece of her bright pink, leafy labia.

One of the things I had discovered from exploring between Denise’s legs during several love-making was that she was so PINK!!

Her labia minora were quite well flapped – unevenly so, as many of the most desirable pussy flaps are – her right lip was distinctly longer and independent than the other and moved around very freely when encouraged.

Both labia were barely tinged with brown on their outer tips – pink was certainly the dominant colour within her vulvic structure.

I had particularly enjoyed watching Denise’s blood-filled labia swell noticeably and wrap themselves around my thick penis during penetration. I had learned to intentionally slow my stroke rate inside her, watching with fascination as her engorged labial flesh gripped my cock on the both the way in and out of her body.

The interior of her vagina was even more exciting – bright pink in colour and lined with a substantial mass of moist, lumpy meat which had readily accepted tampons, penises and most likely marital aids during her lifetime as a mature woman.

In spite of the relatively small size of her clitoris, Denise’s wide-open womanhood was everything I had fantasised for many years.

Having it now revealed to me from within the very private and sensual covering of her white cotton underpants was my ultimate dream!!

The reveal on this occasion involved the build-up of Denise’s vaginal activity over the course of the day.

It was now just after 9 pm as I made love to Denise and I wanted to imagine that she had been wearing these undies since about 6 am – sweat, discharge, urine, and maybe even the remainders of a bowel movement had been responsible for contacting with the inside of these soft, absorbent and tender white underpants during that time.

The fact that they had also been kaçak iddaa contacting for such an extended period with her pubic hair, vulva, labia, vagina, perineum and anus was so utterly exciting to me, I just wanted to become absorbent and responsive as her panties had probably been throughout the day.

Immediately obvious as I peeled the crotch panel away from her vulva was the abundant coffee-coloured staining, which thankfully Denise did not seem the least bit embarrassed about as she allowed me to examine her in this way.

Upon closer inspection, I could also clearly see a couple of small patches of crusted vaginal mucous which were matting her pubes just to the fringe of her inner labia.

As I peeled her dangling flaps apart there was quite clearly a build-up of whitish-yellowish discharge, deep within the throat of her cunt opening.

“Mmmmmmm…there you go you dirty boy,” Denise purred, “I’ve been saving up my special lady cream for you inside my undies all day long!!”

With her white nurse’s dress pulled high up over her milky thighs and her white cotton underpants now pulled to the side of her hairy pink genitals, this felt as much medical as it did sexual!

This could have been a gynaecological examination in a surgery as Denise spread her legs and peeled her underpants aside to let me inspect the health of her vagina and the daily contents of her underpants.

I could tell the health of Denise’s interiors by closely assessing the abundant staining inside her underwear and the odour it presented.

Likewise, the quality, colour and odour of her discharge could also offer so much in a sexual sense as my compulsive need answer the questions I was asking took over.

“Ohhhhhh Denise,” I panted, “I just want to lick the inside of your undies!”

“Then go ahead my darling!” Denise responded favourably, “Go and run your tongue along the inside of my undies. Lick my discharge! Taste it! Find out what REALLY goes inside a ladies’ undies during the day!”

It was almost too much.

Denise was instinctively playing to my desires to uncover her deepest feminine secrets.

It was like her medical background and practical knowledge of women’s gynaecology was coming fully into play and was allowing her let me examine her in this way, just as she would allow a doctor to examine her in a surgery.

For as many hairy vaginas and anuses as I had seen whilst viewing porn, this was now adding another dimension with real life odour and feminine soiling presenting itself to me from underneath Denise’s nurse’s dress.

I immediately applied my tongue to the inside of her underpants as promised and tentatively began licking away.

The stale musky odour I was inhaling was undoubtedly infused with sweat, urine and the acrid, slightly fishy smell of her discharge.

The taste was actually quite dull – more exciting to me was the fact that my tongue was actually contacting with something so dirty – something that had been in such close contact with her cunt, pubes and groin sweat that it was transferring something most sacred and unutterable directly into my mouth.

So dirty, disgusting and feminine – yet also so smelly, private and intimate – something that should only ever be exposed to either the inside a woman’s underpants or only revealed when going to the toilet.

Yet here I was, playing both the role of a panty gusset and a toilet bowl, my tongue exploring areas of Denise’s body they were not meant to go!

Soon enough I wanted to go even further.

Her vagina was so filthy yet intoxicating and of course I was aware that her other intimate opening was incredibly close to her female workings that I needed to include it immediately.

I had licked Denise’s anus before during sex and we had both enjoyed it immensely.

Erring on the side of caution, I generally insisted on inspecting her back opening before licking it, just as a matter of course.

As I tilted her buttocks into a slightly better position, I was afforded the best possible exposure to her brown poo opening.

Parting Denise’s large buttock cheeks, I was able to get a clear view of her anus at close range.

The inspection paid immediate dividends as I could see some brown poo flecks and maybe even some microscopic fibres of toilet paper remaining around the bumpy, lumpy sphincter that had most likely pushed out an amount of faeces from Denise’s bowels at some point during the day.

Knowing that she had probably not showered since last defecating sent my heart racing.

If I licked her anus right here and now, I would be likely to taste that remaining evidence from Denise’s last toilet visit.

Get it in my mouth.

Transfer the germs directly from her anus to my mouth.

Swallow them – little bits of poo along with some tiny pieces of toilet paper that were trapped in the fine ginger hairs around her spread, wrinkled anus.


I had to do it!

Denise, I think, knew what was coming, as I had spread her large, fleshy buttocks kaçak bahis and looked more closely at her back passage.

“Do you want to lick my anus?” Denise asked frankly.

“Mmmmmm…I’d love to!!” was my frank reply. “Looks like you’ve got little bits of poo in there from when you went to the toilet last.”

“Mmmmmm, that was from when I went at lunchtime. Do you want to lick them?” Denise tempted me, “I love it when you lick me there! It’s so naughty, tasting my poo like that. Licking my bum clean even though I haven’t washed!”

With nothing more needing to be said, I applied the tip of my tongue directly to Denise’s raw anus – pressing it to begin with and then swirling it around her sphincter – which had quite clearly filled with blood and begun to swell beyond its normal size within a few minutes of this sensual contact.

Denise now had her eyes closed and was moaning compulsively as I licked away, straining to gain some taste directly into my mouth as I poked away.

Whilst there weren’t any sharp, overwhelming faecal flavours, I did catch a somewhat familiar dull and earthy tang which occasionally hit the back of my taste buds.

The overall smell emitting from between Denise’s legs continued to drive me wild as I explored her back opening with my tongue.

If this was going to be a proper “medical” examination however, I realised that there would need to be a more thorough incursion of her innards.

I imagined that if this were in fact a REAL medical examination, that her undies would be removed completely, probably lying scrunched up elsewhere on the floor or wherever she had happened to drop them before subjecting herself to inspection.

Playing the role of the good doctor myself would enable me to conduct this very intimate inspection on Denise – her nurses’ expertise would permit this on medical grounds so that EVERYTHING would be checked and reported on – pubic hair, vulva, labia majora and labia minora, clitoris, urethra, vaginal opening, cervix, perineum, anus and rectum.

And of course, the inside of her underpants could be a clear gauge of her internal health and cleanliness – something I would take the utmost pleasure in providing direct feedback on to my “patient”.

It seemed as good a time as any to enquire whether my lover had acquired those certain items from her workplace that may enable a “proper” examination which we had previously discussed.

“I had wanted to surprise you my love, but I’m so glad you asked!” was her response. “If you go and grab my work bag from the other room like a good boy, bring it to me and I think you will like what I am about to show you!”

Bursting with a fresh sense of anticipation, it would have taken quite a lot to remove my face from between Denise’s legs and my tongue from her anus at that point.

But that I did.

It took only a moment to locate said work bag and take it into the room where my lover still lay with her nurse’s dress pulled up beyond her thighs and her white cotton undies pulled to the side with her pubic hair and moist vagina still on full display.

I handed it to her and she then delved within; pulling out not one but two important items which she had clearly “borrowed” from the hospital at which she worked.

What I recognised to be a plastic speculum was first to be removed, followed by a clear plastic wrapping which upon further examination contained a thermometer.

“One in the vagina, the other in the anus!” was my immediate thought on the subject.

By including an obvious sexual element to Denise’s examination, her clean bill of health may also be determined by how she was able to achieve orgasm – vaginally, anally or clitorally – it was my hope that it could be all three at once!

Denise had been more than willing to let me feel up inside her rectum when making love previously, this would be even more exciting with her dressed fully in nurse’s attire – white nurse’s dress lifted high, with her large white underpants pulled aside to give access to her private bodily openings and erogenous zones.

Possibly missing from the equation might have been a tampon or sanitary pad but I lived in hope that future love making sessions with Denise may include these very items!

After several minutes of licking, I then withdrew my dirty tongue and replaced it with my right index finger, touching Denise’s now swollen anal ring so very gently with my finger and caressing it round and round the shiny, lumpy muscular diaphragm.

Denise all the while was keeping her big white underpants pulled to the side with the fingers on her left hand, exposing all her openings very explicitly but also trapping an amount of ginger pubic hair within the cotton and elastic confines of her undies.

“Do you want to inspect me now?” Denise asked almost casually.

I thought for a brief moment before realising that the answer was “yes”.

“If you pass me the two items from my bag, we can get started!” Denise continued with a sultry grin now appearing on her face.

I did as requested and handed Denise both the speculum and thermometer from within the bag.

She then looked inquisitively at the clear plastic speculum and then at me, asking, “Have you ever used one of these before?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Jim had just settled in to his apartment after returning from a six-week stint working at a mine in the far north. It was strange re-adjusting to life on one’s own after weeks of living in a company-controlled environment of work, bunkhouse living and cafeteria food. Suddenly you had to plan your own day and activities. He was out for a long break and was considering a variety of options that included some time in the sun.

He was 28 years old and had been on his own since age 18, with very little regular contact with his family. His parents had divorced after he and his siblings had left home and he was the only one that maintained contact with his father. His sisters had written their father out of their lives while staying close to their mother. Both parents had moved on, his father remarrying while his mother had entered into a long-term relationship with another man. There had been no apparent reason for the break-up, no infidelity involved, no fights or disagreements apparent, just lack of commitment to each other. The parting had been amicable and organised.

Jim was easy with both of his parents, they had provided all physical requirements that he had ever wanted or needed. At the same time his feelings towards them were ambivalent and it bothered him that he did not feel the deep love one normally has towards one’s parents. It was possible that their lack of affection for each other accounted for his outlook towards them.

He had skipped the opportunity to attend college and became attracted to a nomadic life style. He developed into a skilled and much sought after underground contract miner with a preference for working at remote sites. He liked the lifestyle, hard work with big pay and nowhere to spend it, lonely while on site but with the freedom and cash to do what he wanted when he came out for extended periods. He dated often when he was out but his way of life suppressed relationships of any length. What woman wanted to put her life on hold for six to eight weeks at a time?

He had just completed unpacking his clothes and setting his apartment in order when his phone rang. It was his father Bill, calling from Maui where he had recently purchased a condo. Maui had been a favourite vacation spot for the family, one of the few places that Bill had played the role of father to his son. He had been a busy executive with little time for his family and vacations had provided him an opportunity to be more of a father and husband.

“Hi son; how was the trip out from the north? Settled back in yet? Is everything in order? What are your plans?” Bill’s voice was a little strained, not normal when he was in Maui. There was obviously something on his mind and he was struggling with how to get it out.

“Hi Dad, everything’s fine. Had a good run at the mine, ended up with a great partner underground which always makes life in the north more bearable. Trip out was a little rough, especially the floatplane on the first leg. Not sure yet where I will go or what I will do, just settling in.”

“Hey then, why not join Shelly and I here in Maui. We have a nice big condo, lots of room, and maybe we can relive some of our Maui memories together.” Bill sounded nervous; he normally was in full control of the world around him but now he sounded vulnerable.

“Ah well Dad, come on now. I would love to see you, and love to visit Maui again, but I doubt that Shelly would want me underfoot. How long will you be there?” Spending his time out of the wilds with his father and stepmother was not high on Jim’s bucket list.

Bill sounded deflated, “Well son, I am sure Shelly would be pleased to have you around, but I realise that you have plans of your own for your free time. We will be here for another month at least. If you change your mind, just let me know.”

They continued to chat, talking about friends and family and Jim’s life in the north before saying goodbye. Jim had no qualms after it was over, life moves on, telephone calls and Emails were enough to satisfy his need for family contact.

The phone rang again about 30 minutes later. This time it was Shelly and she blurted out, “Bill’s gone for a walk, he’s really down now, he wanted to spend a little time with you. I hope that you will reconsider and come over, even if it’s only for a week or so. I would love to see you too Jim, you are the only one of the family to even talk to me and I appreciate that. Please think it over and call back. But if you do, don’t tell him that I called you. You know what he’s like, too damn proud to beg a little. Please come.”

Jim was caught flat-footed, with no idea of how to respond. He did like Shelly, she was a calm and pleasant woman; probably ten years younger than his father, but the thought of spending a week in the same condo as them did not resonate. He said, “Ah Shelly, thanks for the call. I’ll reconsider and call back if I change my mind. It does make it easier that you wouldn’t mind me being around.”

“Thank you Jim, please come.” Her voice was tremulous and struck Jim in a fashion that reminded güvenilir bahis him that treating others kindly did much for your own soul.

‘What the hell,’ he thought. ‘I can give up a week or so to make the old man happy.’ And there was Maui as well, a favourite place in the world. Maybe he could find a lady while there. It was a great place for sex. Everyone was easy and relaxed in a world of warmth and soft breezes. He could hear the sound of the surf on a beach while making slow passionate love with a willing partner. ‘I’m goin,’ he grinned to himself.

Two days later he was stepping off of the plane in Kahului airport.

He could feel his body go on standby just as soon as the plane door opened, all tensions expelled. His Dad had a big grin on his face as he watched Jim emerge from the arrival tunnel. He looked relaxed and tanned standing there in shorts, tee shirt and sandals. Jim felt uneasy with his own pasty white body, sun-tanning not being an option on an Arctic Island.

And then he spotted Shelly, standing away from the crowd, smiling nervously in his direction. God, he had never really noticed what a great looking woman she was. She had always appeared strained and nervous in previous meetings, sort of hunched over in a protective posture. No doubt because of the tension in meeting his unforgiving sisters. But now, dressed in attire color-matched to his father, her body appeared soft and relaxed. And God, those tits! How had he missed them before?

He smiled at her as she approached; they kissed each other’s cheeks and embraced briefly. She whispered, “Thanks for coming.”

His father was at ease and they soon were in the bantering mood that they had only ever enjoyed while in Maui. Shelly drifted around, proud and pleased to see the relaxed relationship between the two of them. But she could not take her eyes off of young Jim, what a beautiful man.

Later at the condo she caught her breath as he emerged from his room in Maui attire, his strong muscular arms and bursting pectorals filling his tee shirt. A tight butt and hard thighs strained the cloth of his shorts. She thought, ‘God, I will have to be careful, my hands ache to touch him.’ But life seemed good.

Jim was pretty much an open book in his talk and expression. He seldom made an attempt to hide his thoughts and could be both frank and abrupt. People either admired his demeanour or were put off by it, assuming that it was arrogance. His father accepted his manner easily but Shelly was uncertain how to react.

He smiled at her often, looked at her tits and ass without any attempt to disguise his admiration, all of which frightened and excited her. Frightened because his looks at her matched her thoughts of him, and excited for the same reasons. It might be difficult for all to remain happy and relaxed for an entire week. She assured herself that she could control matters and that all would be well.

Maui life soon sucks one into it. Do what you want, when you want to and don’t do anything if you can put it off until tomorrow. Jim was always up the earliest, a carryover from his mining life. He loved the early morning here. The breezes were usually quiet until a stirring of palm leaves preceded the sunrise. Doves began to coo and myna birds chattered as they sought crumbs around the lanai. The warmth increased as the breezes died down. It was a paradise to Jim as he puttered away making his own breakfast, a chore that provided enjoyment for him only while being in Maui. He felt at peace.

Shelly would be next up. Jim could hear her moving in the bathroom. She showered first thing and Jim allowed his mind to fill with the thoughts of her naked in the warm water. She would come into the kitchen wrapped in a robe to prepare coffee for Bill, a notorious late sleeper. She would whisper, “Good morning Jim,” with a smile while appearing a little uncomfortable facing a strange man in her kitchen. She carried her husband’s coffee into the bedroom, later returning dressed in shorts and halter-top before preparing a light breakfast to eat on the lanai.

Jim was fully aware of her as she moved around the condo, watching and staring at her unabashedly. Fuck she was beautiful, breasts floating back and forth in the halter-top, bared mid-rift, the hems of her shorts just barely covering her round ass cheeks highlighted by attractive long legs; she provided a beautiful vision to start a day. Jim grinned to himself as he thought back to his early mornings in a mining camp. Every cold dark morning beginning with a grumpy hung over roommate, each of them vying to hit the shower first, followed by a line up of sour miners in the cafeteria and then changing to grubby mining clothes for eight hours of noise and danger. It did enable one to really appreciate some time in Maui.

And he was horny as well. He had not been able to hook up with the manager of his apartment block before he left. Clare often welcomed him home from the bush with a sex filled night. But her traveling salesman hubby was back in town and she reluctantly declined türkçe bahis his invitation. She loved taking that hard edge off of the young man when he returned from the wilds, horny and virile. Sex with older women was one of Jim’s pleasures in life and he seldom shied away from an opportunity to enjoy it.

Jim was the first to grab his snorkel and head down to the beach for a swim around the coral reef. He loved that part of the day, preferring to be alone, but joined by his father at some point. It had been their favourite pastime in Maui, and almost the only activity that his father had actually taught him in life. Jim had never taken to golf, while his father was a low handicapper and loved playing the game.

Shelly would show up at the beach around 10 am and stretch out to sunbathe for an hour or so before the heat became too much. Jim quite enjoyed coming out of the water to stand beside her while towelling down. He made no attempt to disguise his interest in her bikini-clad body while his attention did not appear to impact on his father.

That was life in Maui. If one wanted excitement and bars and exciting events, go to Honolulu. They went for drives often, sometimes just to one of the towns for supplies, but mostly to enjoy the widely varied views on the island. It never seemed tiresome or repetitive.

Building in the background however, was an undeniable attraction between Shelly the stepmother and Jim her husband’s son. Jim was at ease with the situation and his intentions were reasonably honourable. He loved watching her, loved her touch, and also the realization that she had a consuming interest in him. She was a gorgeous woman but he had no plans to move on her. Just was not in the cards, he enjoyed what he saw and felt, period.

Shelly’s issues were much more complex. Her marriage to Bill was the best thing in her life. She felt free with him, he looked after her interests and they enjoyed living together. She had lived through an early divorce, went through a series of sexual affairs before marrying Bill and becoming completely content as his wife.

This intense attraction for the young man bothered her considerably. She saw no good answer, but at the same time did nothing to limit looking at or touching him at every opportunity. She fantasized being in bed with him and doubted that, should the opportunity arise and he decided to screw her, she would refuse. The need burned in her, her senses acutely aware of his presence at all times.

The touches and looks were becoming more intimate as they adjusted to each other, encouraged and emboldened by the erotic vibes exchanged. She leaned ahead when his eyes went to her breasts, providing him a better view of the valley between them or even a nipple. Her hand would linger on his arm as she laughed at something he said, and his hand would slide down her side from her breasts to hip with a hint at circling her hip to caress her butt. She took note of his erection building as they jostled and brushed against each other in the kitchen. ‘Good morning’ cheek pecks evolved into soft lip kisses. Tension mounted.

Matters reached a new level one day after returning from the beach. Bill had settled down with a drink on the lanai to read a book. Shelly was in the kitchen still clad in her beach bikini. Jim joined her to search for a cold drink in the fridge. Shelly was watching him, leaning against the counter top nibbling on some crackers. He smiled as he turned to face her, eyes dropping down to view her bikini clad body. He shook his head, “God, you are one beautiful woman Shelly.” She was unfazed by his comment and stare, and if anything appeared to revel in his attention.

Her eyes fixed on his as he moved closer to her. There was a bar type opening over the counter that Shelly leaned against, with a view to the living room and the lanai beyond. Jim could see his father stretched out on a lounge chair facing away from them.

He reached out and with open hand rubbed the tip of her breast with his hot palm. Shelly gasped a little, encouraging him to close his hand around the breast still tucked into the bikini top. She bit her lip but made no move to pull back or to stop him.

He moved his hand to her side, slowly lowering it down to her hip, which he caressed slowly before moving his hand to the front of her bikini bottom. He rubbed her mound with the heel of his hand. Shelly closed her eyes in submission, leaning back against the counter top. She dropped one hand to cover his as his fingers pushed between her legs, probing and then pushing the crotch of the bikini to one side. His fingertip found her bare slit and slipped easily back along the length of it.

They both groaned at the touch of flesh on flesh, just as a sound from the lanai forced Jim to pull back from her. He glanced out to see his father beginning to rise from the lounge chair. Shelly’s eyes were desperate with emotion as Jim moved back out of sight of his father and put his finger to his lips, tasting her essence. She hurried off to her bedroom. Jim sucked his güvenilir bahis siteleri breath in as he watched her ass cheeks jiggle as she retreated. Damn close, good thing that his time was running out. He had never wanted a woman as badly as he wanted to screw his stepmother.

She sought sex with Bill every night. If he fell asleep earlier than she, she would move her tits against his back and reach around to find his cock, stroking it until it was hard and the excitement awakened him. If he refused or made excuses she went to the bathroom and got herself off. But this night she would not take no for an answer and went down on him to get him hard and then rode him like a cowgirl, her ass slamming down on him as if it was she with a cock.

Bill was up earlier than usual the next morning. He had a weekly golf date with some buddies. He apologised to his son for taking off for a good part of the day and told him that they had a reservation at a favourite restaurant for that night, Jim’s last night in Maui. Jim was easy with it, be good for the old man to have some time alone and a break from an extra person in the condo.

He was on the lanai when he heard Shelly get up and shower. He lay there a while in the warming sun before rising to gather his snorkel gear. A “Good morning Jim,” alerted him to her standing in the lanai doorway, clad in her early morning robe. Jim’s eyes roamed boldly down her body, at her breasts shifting freely under the robe, at a round hip thrust to one side as she smiled, “Are you off for a snorkel? Had breakfast already?” Still facing him, she backed hesitantly into the condo as he approached, partially blocking his way.

Shelly was in a quandary, her action totally involuntary, or was it? She looked down at his body clad only in tee shirt and shorts, as he said, “Yep, had breakfast with Dad, now have to change into my swimmers.” She did not move as he pushed past her, their bodies brushing, her breast automatically pushed out to rub on his arm. He paused, eyes burning into hers, moving his arm ever so slightly against the tit. Shelly returned his stare; her tongue circled her parted lips, her body on fire at his closeness. She was ready for anything but not ready to make the first move. Nor was Jim.

He deliberately left the folding door open as he entered his bedroom and dropped his shorts to the floor. Shelly was in an almost hypnotic state as she followed to stand in the opening. He paused as if considering his next move and then pushed his undershorts down to the floor. If she didn’t want a peek she did not have to watch him. He was turned away from her but sensed her watching him.

She willed him to turn around, she had to see him, she had to. She released her robe tie allowing the robe to fall open to expose her beautiful hanging tits and reddish blond gray speckled bush. Jim looked back over his shoulder, as if surprised to see her standing there and froze as he drank in her naked body. Clutching his swim trunks he swung slowly around providing Shelly a full view of his half hard cock and big balls. He put his hand on it as if ready to stroke it.

“Jim, what are we doing?” Shelly moaned, but remained standing staring intently at his hard body. His cock was starting to stiffen and rise up to a horizontal position; she could not take her eyes off of it. If she had had any doubts about his desire for her, they were quashed right there.

Jim was as direct as ever as he stepped into his swim trunks and pulled them up his legs. “We’re looking at each other because we like to, and we’re thinking of sex with each other, but neither of us really want to do it. Correct?” He tucked his semi-hard cock into the trunks. He grinned, “I’ll have to wait a few minutes before I head down to the beach.”

Shelly relaxed a bit, the elephant in the room acknowledged. She smiled wistfully, “Correct, you pretty well covered it. I could never live with myself if we did anything. But God, I want to. Could we just touch a little?”

Jim shrugged as though it was not a big deal, but his heart was pounding as they closed on each other, their eyes locked and arms outstretched. He slipped his hands into the opening of her robe, circling her waist before dropping down to cup her bare ass cheeks. Shelly’s knees almost collapsed at his touch. She moved her hands up under his tee shirt along the rippling muscles of his back and shoulders while grinding her tits against his chest. He pushed one knee between her legs and raised it to rub her pussy. They stood like that for some time before she moved her face to his, licked his lips with her tongue tip and then opened her mouth as his thick tongue surged suddenly between hers.

Shelly ground her pussy on his probing knee and sought to feel his cock with her mound. She wanted to take it out but preferred that he make the first move. Jim pulled one hand from her ass and eased it around her hip to her belly, than pushed his fingers down to rub her mound, sifting through her bush to locate the top of her slit. “Feel me Shelly, put your hand in my trunks and feel my cock.” She cried a little as she obeyed his request. She teased his knob with shaking fingertips and then clasped her hand around the shaft and pushed down feeling the hot pulsing cock slide up her palm until she felt his balls.

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Best Neighbor Ever! Ch. 03

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I’d love to have your FEEDBACK or COMMENTS on what you like and what you don’t. It’s knowing that someone actually reads my work that inspires me to keep writing. After submitting the original story I am adding this chapter (and possibly more) because all the feedback I received said you were waiting for the next installment! This Chapter is a little longer than I’d like, but I see no good way to split it up. TC 5

Ch. 03 – Cleo

Between my work schedule and Kirk being home on the weekend I didn’t see Kelly again until Monday. I caught a few hours sleep after my night shift, and when I looked out she was in the yard, working again. As I walked towards her I noticed she had been very busy, clumps of brightly colored flowers everywhere in the old flower beds. As soon as she saw me she smiled and yelled out, “Morning neighbor!” The “neighbor” thing had become almost a term of affection, as well as a code word with a lot of other meanings.

“Morning yourself,” I replied with a smile as I approached her. “Wow, it looks great out here! You really do have a green thumb.”

“The nursery has the green thumb, I just dig the holes and put the plants in,” She giggled. “But thanks, I’m glad you like it.”

“Would you like to come in for a visit?” I had had enough of the small talk already.

“I thought you would never ask,” she laughed her reply.

We tried to look nonchalant as we walked to the house, but I was shaking with anticipation. The moment the door shut my arms went around her with such force it would have looked like an attack if she hadn’t grabbed me just as hard at the same time. Our lips devoured each other and our bodies ground together, neither of us able to get enough. When we finally came up for air we were both gasping, staring at each other.

“GOD, I missed you!” she panted. “And him!” she added as she reached down and grasped the bulge in my shorts.

“I guarantee he missed you just as much, Kelly. I spent a lot of time at work thinking about you, and not much about work.”

Our lips locked again, tongues playing deep in her mouth as I ran my hands up and down her body, touching everywhere I could reach. She put both hands on my ass and just ground against me, her pussy positioned directly against my cock. I grabbed the hem of her T-shirt and yanked it over her head in one motion. She pushed mine up just as fast, and together we pulled it off and threw it with hers. When we crushed together again her nipples were rock hard against my chest, her breasts mashed almost flat, and she whimpered as she squirmed against me. I was moaning deeply, into her mouth, and my hips started to roll against her of their own accord.

Soon I couldn’t stand it any longer, and scooped her up in my arms, not stopping till I could toss her onto the bed. We watched each other as we both unbuttoned and unzipped our shorts, and as soon as mine hit the floor along with my briefs, I grabbed the hem of hers and pulled them over her hips and down her legs. She already had her nipples in her fingertips as I leaned forward and buried my head between her thighs, my face mashed against the material of her filmy panties. She wrapped her legs around my head and locked her ankles, pulling hard as I inhaled her scent, then started to lick at the wetness already soaking through.

My hands were on her hips, which were already rocking, as I ran my tongue up the crease of her leg next to the hem of her bikini, then did the same to the other side. Slowly, I pulled the band of her panties over her hips as my mouth worked against the now-soaking little pouch, until finally she unlocked her legs to allow me to pull them off. She spread her legs wide, knees bent, and I dove in again, my tongue sliding between her lips directly into her boiling cunt. She gasped loudly, and as I drank up all the nectar I found waiting, her ass lifted off the bed and her hands grasped my head and pulled down hard, forcing me deeper into her.

She moaned and writhed on the bed, her back arched as she pulled at her nipples, and I was gasping, trying to catch my breath without moving a millimeter away from her. God, she tasted good, and knowing she was feeding herself to me made it even better! I slurped up every drop of her wetness, then slid my tongue slowly up between her swollen lips, my eyes looking up at her. Between the mounds of her breasts I could see her head was thrown back, eyes closed. Her hips were rhythmically bucking, and as my lips found the nub of her clit she practically growled, “OH FUCK! Eat me Ron! OH GOD, that’s it, devour me!”

She knew I was trying, as my lips sucked hard on her clit, tongue swirling and grinding against it. When she felt my teeth playfully graze it she started a series of high pitched whimpers, and as I sucked harder her hips started lifting, faster and faster. When she heaved off the bed with a hoarse scream I locked my mouth over her cunt, ready and waiting to drink down the mouthful of cum that gushed canlı bahis forth. I slid both hands under her ass and held her against my face till she stopped writhing and the cries changed to gasps.

I pulled myself up next to her, throwing an arm over her as I pressed my cum-covered lips against hers, and she tasted herself as we kissed long and hard. When I moved my mouth down to her chest and sucked in one of the nipples she had tortured into unbelievable hardness, I felt her hand wrap around my cock. As I sucked and tongued her, she started stroking, long and slow. God, that felt good! My cock had been waiting for that for days!

Her back was arched, hand on the back of my head, and I took as much of her as I could into my mouth. I could hear her legs sliding back and forth, kicking on the bed, and I knew she was already feeling it again. I caught her nipple in my teeth and looked up at her as I pulled up hard, stretching the already swollen nub. Her eyes opened wide, and she gasped out, “Oh damn, you bastard! You’re pushing all my buttons at once!” Once again, her hips were bucking against the bed and her whole body was rolling as she moaned and groaned.

She grabbed my head in both hands and pulled me off of her, then pushed me onto my back, hard. As she scrambled between my legs she growled, “My turn, dammit!”

She grabbed my cock in one hand and slid her lips over it, slowly sliding all the way down to her fingers. Her eyes stared at me, unblinking, as she forced me into her throat, not stopping until her lips pressed into my dark hair. I could feel her throat contracting around me and her mouth was dripping wet, but she didn’t move until she was forced to release me to catch her breath. I realized I hadn’t been breathing either, and my hands were fists on both sides of me, pressed into the bed.

“OH GOD baby! That’s so amazing!” I gasped out.

In answer she rammed her head down onto me again, filling her throat, and this time she bobbed up and down with short strokes, as my hips bucked. I laced my fingers into her curly blonde hair, as she took another breath, then sucked me down yet again. The strokes on my cock were longer and faster this time, and her tongue was pressed against my shaft. I was shuddering, trembling, and I gently pulled her head up, pleading, “No more baby, I can’t take that again!”

Her breath was coming in long deep gasps as she put her hands on the bed beside my hips and pushed herself up. In one motion she swung both her legs outside of mine and ended up on her knees, straddling me. Her hand grabbed the shaft of my cock tightly, and started stroking up and down, fast and hard, the wetness from her mouth making it feel wonderful. She stared at me and almost shouted, “Oh FUCK! I’ve been wanting this so bad!!

She straightened up just long enough to position my cock under herself, and with one long downward thrust, impaled herself on me, her ass resting on my thighs. “AHHHhhhhhhhh, YES! That feels so damn good! She snarled as she rotated her hips and ground her pussy against my groin. She leaned forward over me, putting her hands on my chest, and started rocking back and forth, sliding up and down on my cock so hard her ass slapped against me with a loud wet rhythm. I reached up and grasped her swinging breasts and squeezed hard, the nipples between my finger tips. Every time she rocked back she pulled against them as I pinched harder.

I raised my knees in back of her and started rolling my hips, meeting her thrusts and pounding my cock into her dripping wet cunt. I watched her body shake from the impact each time we came together. My cock was on fire, and I gasped and moaned with every stroke. Her head was back, eyes closed and she was making little high pitched cries as she slammed down on me. Juices from her cunt were running down my shaft, over my legs and onto the bed. She pulled loose from my hands and sat up, her hips going up and down faster and faster, hoarse screeches coming out with every stroke. I bit my lip and clenched my ass tight, trying to hold on, not wanting this to end so soon.

Suddenly she slammed down on me with a growling moan. Then her hips started bucking, out of control, as her cum poured out around my cock. Her hands were sliding up and down her body and I could see her shaking as her orgasm rushed through her. Tears ran down her cheeks from the sudden rush she felt. Somehow I avoided joining her, and lay still, buried in her and feeling her cunt clenching over and over.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, I didn’t know I needed it THAT bad!” she whimpered, staring at me.

She fell forward limply onto my chest, and my arms went around her as we kissed, hungry little kisses, over and over. I started moving my hips very slowly, my cock sliding in and out of her with long slow strokes; god that felt so good! Soon she started moving very gently, in time with me, and she stared down into my face. “Oh god yes! God yes, god yes, god yes! bahis siteleri She was almost crying, the pleasure was so intense.

I tightened my arms around her, and she locked her legs around mine as I slowly rolled her over onto her back, ending up on top of her without ever letting my cock slide out. She lay back and spread her legs wide, lifting her hips to me as I slid my legs between hers. Our lips locked for one more long deep kiss, and then I pushed myself up and slid my hands to her hips. On my knees between her thighs, I slid my cock very slowly back until I could see the beginning of the head, then just as slowly back into her, all the way. I did it over and over, slowly increasing the speed and force of the thrusts, until, at last, I rammed myself into her and ground my body against hers. I could feel her hips moving under me, and her fingers had captured her nipples again, slowly pinching and pulling as her back arched.

I started fucking her at a steady pace, my cock sliding easily in and out of her open, sopping wet tunnel. Her body was moving in unison with mine, and we enjoyed each other as I gradually increased the tempo, until soon I was slapping against her with every thrust. I had been very close to cumming, and I knew it wouldn’t take much, so I wanted to prolong the pleasure as much as possible.

When she started moaning with every stroke and pulling hard on her nipples I knew she was ready, and leaned forward, my hands at her sides on the mattress, staring down into her eyes. Her body started to bounce as I slammed into her hard and fast, and soon the bed was rocking under us. She was moaning loudly, and I was gasping, starting to sweat and watching the drops fall from my face onto her breasts. She was squirming and started softly chanting, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.” with hoarse gasps.

I gasped breathlessly, “Damn, Kelly, this is SOO FUCKINGGG GOODDD!” and I started pounding her, ramming harder and harder as I felt my cock throb and tingle, no longer able to hold back or wanting to.

Her moans changed to high-pitched cries again, and her hips began bucking, meeting my hard thrusts with her own. I slammed myself into her one final time and pressed down, forcing her ass into the mattress. My head went back and I snarled as my cock exploded, spurting and pumping, my hips bucking as I filled her shuddering cunt. I felt the hot flood as she joined me, screaming out her orgasm over and over, back arched so only her shoulders and ass touched the bed.

I lowered myself on top of her, my head coming to rest between her breasts. I was gasping, chest heaving. I could hear the little whimpering sounds she was making and feel her body shiver as the aftershocks of her orgasm ran through her. I finally forced myself to slide off next to her, knowing she couldn’t breathe with my weight on her, and we lay that way for several minutes.

I felt her hands begin to move, running lightly over my hair, and I lifted my head to look up at her. She had a little smile and her face was glowing as her eyes met mine. I gave her gentle little kisses, along the side of her breast, then down beneath it. I felt her breathing deepen and both her hands were lightly on my head, but she didn’t move. I slowly kissed and licked up her breast, teasing, until my lips met the hard pointed nipple, and I slid them gently over it. I kissed and sucked lightly, my tongue making slow wet circles around the tip, and she gave a soft moan of total contentment and pleasure. I felt her hands push my head down lightly, telling me she wanted more, and I was prepared to give all she wanted. As my lips and teeth and tongue played on her breast, her back arched more and more, as she pressed herself into my mouth. She whispered softly, “Oh god Ron, do anything, but just don’t STOP!”

One of my hands was running softly over her body, petting her anywhere I could reach, and it finally slipped down between her legs. When I gently cupped and stroked and squeezed her pussy, I fell the gentle undulation of her hips begin, and my fingertips got wetter each time they slipped between her lips. I was a little surprised when she said quietly, “Ron, please, will you 69 with me?” What a wonderful idea!

I straddled her on my knees, and as I bent over her I felt her hand grasp my cock and start stroking the length of it. I rested my elbows next to her hips and lowered my mouth to her, kissing lightly over her pussy and letting my tongue slide up and down the creases of her legs, teasing her. At the same time I felt her hand guide my cock to her mouth and she kissed and licked the tip. As I ran my tongue down the slit between her lips she spread her legs a little, allowing me to kiss my way down between them till I reached the entrance to her tunnel. She was already wet, and I licked up the juices leaking from her, then slid my tongue slowly inside her. At the same time I felt her lips slide over the head of my cock, and her tongue softly swirled around bahis şirketleri it.

I rocked my hips slowly and she took me in and out of her mouth, not deeply or hard, just enjoying the sensation of having me inside her, and perhaps even more, enjoying knowing the intense pleasure she was giving me. Her hand was still on my shaft, controlling the tempo and the depth of my strokes. With every stroke I felt her tongue slide over my shaft. She was making a low purring sound of satisfaction, and the vibrations felt wonderful.

My tongue probed deeper and deeper inside her as I drank the creamy juices she continually replenished. Her hips rolled slowly, and she pressed herself into my face. Concentrating on pleasing her allowed me to focus a little less on the wonderful feeling of my throbbing cock in her mouth. Even so, her wet slurping and the little sounds of contentment and pleasure she was making were great turn -ons! I slid my tongue up and down between her lips, kissing, sucking and nipping as she shuddered under my touch. I swirled my tongue gently over her swollen clit, not sucking on it, to prolong the pleasure for both of us.

When I felt the tempo of her hips increase I pressed my face harder against her, my hands sliding under her ass cheeks and squeezing. I heard a muted whimper from around my cock, and she started raising and lowering her head, her lips squeezing harder and sliding farther onto my shaft. I rolled my hips in response and was fucking her warm, wet mouth, feeling my head press against the opening to her throat. I did not press hard; the sensation was wonderful as it was.

At the same time my lips found her clit and sucked it in, and I squeezed and rolled the little bud with my tongue. She started gasping and moaning, having trouble keeping her mouth tight around my cock. Her creaming pussy was sopping wet, and I enjoyed trying to keep up with the constant flow. I rammed my tongue deeper into her and swirled it inside, and her hips began bucking as her head went back and I felt her lips release me. I heard her gasp hoarsely, “Ronny, please, fuck me!”

I quickly slid off of her, and she showed me what she wanted, getting on her knees, head down on the bed. I moved behind her and bent my head, kissing both her ass cheeks and giving them little nips. As I grasped her hips she was rocking back and forth, and when I pressed against her ass I felt my cock sliding under her slippery wet pussy. I pulled my hips back just a bit, and when she rocked back I slid inside her. My hands pulled her to me and I slowly pushed all the way in, my cock buried in her. She moaned, “God yes!” Her cunt was very tight, and I could feel it contracting around me.

I picked up the rhythm of her rocking, and we fucked at a nice easy pace. This had turned into her show, and I knew she would let me know just what she wanted. I slid my hands up and down her back, and leaning forward, let my fingers slide to her sides, stroking against the swell of her breasts as they swayed back and forth. In that position I was buried deeply inside her, and she started rocking harder, slapping back against my thighs. Both of us were moaning and gasping softly from the pleasure and the effort. I straightened up and gripped her hips again, using them as handles to start ramming harder into her, meeting her thrusts. The wet slapping of our bodies grew louder and louder as we accelerated together.

She started making little wordless cries and I was glad to see she was feeling the same thing I was. My cock was tingling and throbbing, and I knew it would not stand much more. My fingers pressed into her flesh as I gripped her harder and started pounding against her ass, my breath coming in strangled gasps. She started howling “ooooo, ooooo, ooooo, ooooo” in time with our thrusts and I redoubled my efforts, wanting only one thing.

With a snarl I rammed myself into her one final time and held her, impaled on my cock. In response her head lifted off the bed and came back over her shoulders as she let out a guttural scream of total release. My cum spurted deep into her time after time as she bucked against me, and my hips were thrusting, pumping, grinding. It wasn’t until my climax lessened that I realized my hands were holding little rolls of her flesh I had gripped her so tightly, and I ran my fingers softly over her hips, hoping to sooth them.

When my cock softened she rocked forward and slid off of me, rolling onto her back and staring up at me. I fell to her side and gathered her in my arms, crushing her against me. Our lips ground together in a long kiss of total pleasure. “Oh baby, that was so fucking great!” I whispered to her. Her arms tightened around me and she didn’t say a word, only giving a long moan of contentment and happiness as her body stretched and pressed against me.

We both knew it was getting late, and she had to go home, or we might have fallen asleep together. We gathered up our clothes and dressed, sharing a few little kisses as we went. Before she went out the door we locked in a long deep embrace, lips grinding, tongues playing. I walked her to the property line, and she turned to me with a smile, “See you tomorrow neighbor?”

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