1st Installment

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A Family Affair: 1st installment

After years of writing novels, I wanted to try short stories, as an intellectual exercise. This is my first shot at it. I wrote it for a thread in the ‘Author’s Hangout’ forum.
I found that I had enough original ideas that I decided to make a series out of it. Some of these will serve later on as the starting point for a novel or a series of their own. There just too much material I had to leave aside for the shorter format.
I also found an editor. I love working with him. Thank you, Valphund!


Sunday, 10:30pm

The moment I greeted your family at the door, one look into your eyes and I was yours. Heck, I’ve always been yours, but life came between us. The bitch!

All afternoon, as we worked in the kitchen with the other wives, you teased me by brushing your firm breasts against whatever part of my body was available as you reached for something or other. How often did I stifle a moan when your hand pressed against my waist to steady yourself? Did anyone notice when you squeezed my cheek?

I’m positive you chose the perfume I gave you so long ago to enflame my senses. I know you only wear it when we get together, no matter if our families are near, as you deliberately make me wet by taking me back to the first time you wore it.

How I wish I dared drop a fork to see if you were wearing panties. You’re so brazen, I bet you didn’t. Your small breasts don’t need support, and I’ve longed for hours to nibble on the hard nubbins your shirt couldn’t conceal. What about the succulent flesh playing peek-a-boo through the button which came undone by ‘accident’?

Your pealing laugh sent shivers down my spine… all the way down. I had to go to the bathroom, thrice, to wipe myself. I didn’t dare do more. I can never stop myself from shouting your sweet name at the crucial moment.

I count the minutes until we meet again in the flesh.

Sunday, 11:00pm

You bet your sweet ass I was wearing panties. I even had three spares with me. I used them all while we were in the kitchen and I rubbed myself against you.

Hell, I had to change them twice while I was getting ready for our phantom date. Dear hubby wondered why I had to jump in the shower a second time. What does he really care, as long as it doesn’t interfere with his football game?

If you’re looking for your frilly red boy shorts, I’m wearing them as I write this. They were on top in your dirty clothes hamper, still wet with your cream. I just had to feel it against my pussy. I wish you could have deposited it yourself by tribbing. Just thinking of it, I can almost feel your clit press against mine as you make us come.

I practised for hours in front of the mirror so I could aim the peeks at you and only you. I had to suppress my own moans each time I saw your eyes widen at the sight of my tits.

Why did you have to wear a knee-length skirt? I squeezed your ass because I couldn’t reach your pussy with all the hens so close.

It’s 3,720 minutes, honey. I’ll be at the market Wednesday at 1:00pm. I’ll be on my way as soon as the kids leave for school. Why did we have to pick a house so close they could come home for lunch?

Monday, 08:45am

Thank you for leaving the black silk thong. I licked it clean before putting it on for the night. Brad didn’t even notice. I was so hot for you that I tried to be amorous with him… lot of good it did me. He grunted something about an important sales meeting before turning over and going to sleep.

I cried thinking of the stolen nights we spent together, cuddled against each other, of the times you’d wake me in the middle of the night, making oral love to me, laughing when I pressed the pillow against my mouth so my cries of ecstasy didn’t wake the whole house. You’re the only one who ever had that powerful of an effect canlı bahis şirketleri on me.

As I write to you, I’m looking at your picture. You know, the one I took last summer on the camping trip with both our families, the one where you lowered yourself in the bottom of the canoe and took off your bikini so you could tease me by masturbating. I’m glad you taught me how to hide and encrypt it on my computer and on my phone. That way, you are always near my heart… well, there too.

Do you think I could call you later this afternoon so we can make aural love?

Monday, 09:25am

It’s called phone sex, sweetie. I’m sorry, but a couple of those cunts from the PTA will be over. I somehow got shanghaied into baking cupcakes for the upcoming rummage sale.

Tell you what though… Why don’t we set a time? I’ll go to my room and I’ll call you on the QT so we can have a quickie. I know you like it when I talk dirty to you and build you up to climax, but, hey, at least we’ll be doing it together.

I’m typing with one hand and friggin’ myself with the other while watching the video you gave me for my birthday in a loop. I wish I had your talent to convince Brad that your ideas are his. I’d never be able to get Kevin to buy such an expensive digital camera to record ‘family souvenirs’.

You’re a female Fellini with that thing. This is the sexiest striptease I’ve ever seen. In the next one, ram half your hand in your cooch too. You know how I love to watch you come, honey.

Oooooh! Now I have to lick my hand clean. I wish it was your cream I’m tasting.

Are you sure you can’t come over tomorrow? I need you, baby.

Monday, 09:50am

1:00pm, 1:30pm, 2:00pm, 2:30pm, 3:00pm. The children come home at 3:30. Does this tell you how much I want you?

Tomorrow, I will be at school. You know I volunteer there on Tuesdays. If I dared, I would wear the gift you slipped me yesterday to open in private. I would have died of mortification if anyone had seen the flesh colored rectum stimulator you gave me. It was the best Thanksgiving gift ever!

Earlier, I did as you suggested and sat on the washer set to spin while wearing it. I thought I would faint and fall off the machine. It was such a great orgasm, yet another one I owe to your imagination. You are the best lover a woman could ask for.

You can call at any time. I will carry my cell around the house, in a constant state of arousal. I decided that the bedsheets need to be washed again.

Monday, 11:00am

I knew you’d have forgotten that I had you try all my butt plugs until you found one you were comfortable with when we celebrated summer camp week by staying in bed all day that day last July.

Too bad we had to put our bikinis back on before the hubbies came home for supper. I still had a few good comes in me.

I can’t fucking wait. The kids won’t be here for another 30 minutes. Grab your phone and the dildo you keep hidden in your tampon box.

Monday, 11:45am

Thank God for portable computers. I don’t think I could get off the bed right now. You had me so flustered hurrying like that, I forgot to put a towel on the bed. Now, I’ll have to wash the bedspread too.

There’s no hurry though. Doing it alone, thinking of you, is fun enough, but having you actually talking dirty in my ear while we masturbate in unison is so much better. I’m sorry if I was crying when your children arrived and you had to get off the phone. I was thinking that I would have to wait two whole days before holding you in my arms.

I hope you have fun baking all afternoon. I will be lying in bed, looking at the picture of you wearing only your radiant smile. How can I enjoy myself sitting on a measly appliance after you gave me such a wonderful orgasm?

I miss you so much already. canlı kaçak iddaa Call any time you can.

Monday, 04:30pm

Oh, sweetie! I’m so sorry I missed your mail. Mrs. Finlay arrived before the kids left, then the others got here and I didn’t get to read it ’til now.

I have an idea. Why don’t you come over for coffee after everyone’s left tomorrow morning? I’m sure I can lick your morale right back up. What do you say? Is it a date?

Look at the selfie I attached. Too bad they haven’t invented smell-o-rama yet or you’d get a noseful. The three fingers I’m licking were in my snatch seconds before I took the pic.

While you’re at it, why don’t you bring your camera? You can shoot a POV video of me eating your pussy. It should hold you until Wednesday.

Thinking of you, love.

Monday, 05:30pm

It doesn’t matter. I thought it might be something like that. I will be in my car the moment the children hop on the school bus.

You would do that for me? Do you want to shoot one of me loving you? I can bring the tripod and we can make a video of us making love all over your house. We could… I am getting carried away, am I not? We’ll do what you want.

I’m sorry I had to take off your black thong before the children arrived from school. It was getting noticeably aromatic. I washed it, hoping you’d exchange it for another pair in which you will have deposited some of your delicious cream.

Sleep well, darling. I will get up early and make myself fresh and beautiful for you.

Monday, 07:00pm

How can it be otherwise when I’m going to be dreaming of you primping yourself just for me? You know I’ll be doing the same thing for you.

Don’t bother wearing your butt plug. When I bought it, I also got a dildo attachment of the same size for my strap-on. I got a bottle of the vanilla lube you like so much to go with it.

After you do me with my favorite, I’ll fuck your ass until you beg for mercy. You’re such as ass fiend. Who’d ‘a thought?

I’m already waiting for you.

Tuesday, 12:30pm

I can’t believe I lied to Mrs. Granger, but I had to tell her something to explain why I was walking so gingerly. I went with the old reliable muscle pull. Remember the first time I had to use it to get out of gym class? You had just bought your first harness and sodomized me repeatedly in the woods behind the school.

What great memories I have of that sylvan haven. Our first kiss… on the mouth. Our first taste of a woman’s cream. Do you know what happened to Barbie? The day we deflowered each other. The first time you put your finger in my rectum. What I wouldn’t give to see those trees still standing instead of a baseball field.

Because of my ‘injury’, I got overview duty. I sat on the stage, keeping an eye on things. To be frank, I kept my eyes on the video we shot of us making love in the shower. I love your glass doors. They blur things just enough to make it look like a David Hamilton picture, yet you can still see everything. It’s so sensual.

Do you remember the days before the smart phone, and even before the cellphone? We could only talk on the telephone when no one was around to overhear us. Now we exchange selfies and we can email even when we’re away from our computers. I love technology. I love your new attachment too. It’s just the right size for me.

I wish I didn’t have to stay for recess. I’d be in your arms in a flash, my love.

Tuesday, 01:15pm

And I’d be waiting with arms and legs open for you, not to mention with strap-on at the ready with your choice of dick.

Remember the wireless-control egg I told you about? I’m standing in the sex shop as I write to you, looking at the different models. I think I’ll buy two. That way, the canlı kaçak bahis next time we visit, we can exchange controls when we arrive and when we leave. Oh what fun we’ll have!

I’m kidding, honey. You know I would never do anything to embarrass you. I’ll still get one for you though. There’s one you stick inside your cunt and it has an extension that fits against your clit. If I’m reading this right, the part inside you pulsates like a mini cock. Cool! I’m getting it for myself. You can try it. If you like it, I’ll get one for you too.

I wish you weren’t so… shy. We could shop together. They even have a booth in the back to try their products before you buy them. It would be fun, but the owner is a man, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a hidden camera in there. Too bad.

If you want to make a detour by my place on your way home, I’ll give you the egg. That way you can try it on for size tomorrow morning as a warm-up for when we can hold each other. I can’t wait to kiss your soft lips, both sets, and to taste your delicious come. I know you like it when I fuck your big tits.

We’ll have plenty of time for everything you want to do. I confirmed the reservation for our usual room on my way here. All it needs is our naked bodies to transform it into paradise.

Tuesday, 05:15pm

I couldn’t wait. I had to try your ovoid gift. You were so right. It’s heavenly. I was worried it would short-circuit while inside me if I used it in the shower, but I needed some sound cover, even with a towel stuffed in my mouth, so I let the it run at full pressure as I sat on the toilet seat.

It’s a good thing I did. I had such an intense orgasm, I thought I would pass out. I will never use it again while there are others in the house.

I know you wanted to say that I’m a prude, but I explained to you that I am simply a very private person. If you want, on our next girls-only vacation, I will accompany you in a sexual paraphernalia boutique. I will even hold your hand in public. I will do… what do you call it? PDA with you.

As time goes by, I become more and more convinced that we were wrong to fold under family pressure. I love you and I can’t bear to be without you.

Tuesday, 07:05pm

We talked about this before, my love. You mean the world to me. My heart and soul are yours, but we have to think of the children before ourselves. However much you love that movie, we are no Thelma and Louise.

You are not without me. We were together all morning. We email all the time. We have phone sex regularly. If you want, I’ll give money to the kids so they can eat at school, though I know they’ll stuff themselves with fast food instead. That way we can be together all day.

I love you, sweetheart. We already waited sixteen years. My kids will be in College soon, and yours only a few years later. When they’re settled, we can come out to the families. If they accept us, perfect, if they don’t, we’ll move to San Francisco and change our names if we have to. In either case, we’ll spend the rest of our lives together as the couple we should have always been. My fondest wish is to grow old with you at my side as a happy couple of lesbians, proud of our love.

Tuesday, 07:45pm

You are right, as always. It’ll be the dreaded time of the month for me in a few days and my hormones are wreaking havoc on my emotions again. I don’t know how you can stand me when I’m like that. You’re so lucky to be free of those side effects of… menstruation.

See, I’m not such a prude. I can say it… well, write it anyway, but I’m working on it. With your help, some day, I’ll be able to say… you know, the ‘F’ word.

Don’t change your plans for me. I know how you need to spend all the time you can with your children because they will be leaving the nest soon. I remember how you cried for a week when your first one started kindergarten.

I will call you in the morning so we can try our new gadgets while we make aural love. I’m joking. I know it’s the other thing.

I can’t wait to spend the afternoon making glorious love to my older sister.

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