100% Perfect

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Public Sex

Hearing the knock on the door, she checked her appearance one final time, knowing that she looked very sexy, but also knowing she looked casual, as if this meeting was a complete surprise. Wearing low slung jeans and a simple button up shirt to hide the sexy underwear and applying only the slightest of make up she knew she looked like she was just having a chill out day at home. But the knock on the door and the sexy underwear spoke of something different.

Hearing the knock for a second time, she took a hold of the door handle, took a deep breath and opened the door to reveal a dark haired male. To her he was a vision of everything that was masculine in the world. He wasn’t overly toned, but that suited her, his hair was jaw length and his clothes scruffy, but beneath all that lay something that could send her into a downward spiral.

Allowing him into her home she offered a drink, just to be nice, but he was having none of it, and as soon as the door closed behind the pair he launched on her, his lips crashing onto hers as if he hadn’t seen her in years, not weeks. His hands roamed every part of her body, remembering her curves and her soft skin. Moaning, he could feel himself becoming overly aroused by just this, their fully clothed antics.

Pushing canlı bahis her back into the wall, his hand forced up her shirt feeling the slight swell of her tummy, the heaving of her confined breasts. Undoing her shirt and pulling down one cup of her bra, his lips latched onto a nipple, the other breast under the onslaught of his large hand. She moaned as he switched to the other nipple, one hand grasping into his hair, the other above her head against the wall.

Removing her shirt completely, he divested of her bra, expertly flipping it open with one hand before hurling it across the living room. Kissing her neck, he felt her shudder, knowing that this was exactly what she needed. One hand slithered down her body to cup her sex through her jeans, pressing lightly, feeling the heat radiating from between her legs. She wrenched his t-shirt off over his head and ran her hands over every inch of his chest and torso, feeling the soft skin contrasting with the rough hairs. She loved the feeling of him corrupting her.

He knelt before her, ridding her of her jeans and placed a single kiss to her clit through her panties, feeling her hips buck, asking for more. He slid one hand up her inner thigh, tracing circles as he went, before moving the wet fabric bahis siteleri of her panties aside and sliding one finger easily inside her. He’d missed this, the feeling of her soft pussy slick with her own juices. He couldn’t compare her to anything, she was unique.

He moved his head between her legs and, using his hand to keep her panties out of the way, licked along her sopping slit. He flicked her clit with his tongues and felt her go weak under his touch. Standing, he lifted her and carried her to the settee. Setting her down he knelt between her legs and carried on his ministration, licking and sucking on her clit, his tongue probing her pussy, tasting her, living her. He inserted one finger into her and curled it round, catching her G spot, keeping pressure on it, loving the feeling of her clenching around him. She was getting louder, her breathing was laboured as slowly worked her to the edge of her desire.

Sensing how close she was, he stopped, removing his tongues and fingers from her, standing to remove his shorts. Hearing her intake of breath as he abandoned the last of his clothing, as his cock sprang forth. Feeling her lips as she claimed his cock as hers, licking, sucking, one hand straying to between his legs to cup his balls, massaging bahis şirketleri them gently with one hand. The other hand was at the base of his shaft, stroking, gripping, rubbing.

He pushed her back and pulled her by her ankles so that her bottom was just resting on the edge of the settee. In one swift motion he knelt and pushed into her, entering her easily, feeling how hot and wet she was, how tight she was. She inhaled sharply as he took her by surprise, her hands flying to his shoulders, her nails digging deep. She had been so close that this was all it took, two strokes and she was cascading into a pool of pleasure, her orgasm hard hitting and exhausting, but he had just begun.

Long, slow strokes kept her pussy tingling, but allowed her to catch her breath again, before he sped up, taking her hard and fast. He was breathing hard, groaning and moaning as her pussy squeezed him with every stroke. She was quivering beneath him, her nails leaving track marks on his skin as she used him to keep control over herself. Using one thumb, he teased her clit, circling it, bringing her to another frantic climax, her pussy pulling him with her, grunting he came deep within her and her pussy squirted down on his cock. Falling forward and breathing heavily, he couldn’t believe how quick it was over. But he knew that she was satisfied, he could tell from the look on her face. Extracting himself from her, he dressed and left as she smiled to herself.

That was 100% perfect.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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