Your Boss’s Office

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“Miss Johnson, we really have to have a conversation about your substandard performance”, I say as I call you into my office and tell you to shut the door behind you. I have you come over to my desk and lean over to look at some paperwork I am pointing to on my desk, as an example of your performance I’m taking about. I get a very nice view down your top at your cleavage and your lacy black bra when you do, and feel my manhood beginning to grow in response. You’ve been slacking around the office a lot lately, and today you are going to pay the price.

I have you come around behind my desk with me to look at the paperwork, and stand up to pull out a chair for you. As you sit down I admire your ass in your tight black skirt, wondering as I often have, what panties you are wearing. You often show off your legs in pretty skirts, so much so that I think you enjoy it. Never overtly, but you always seem to have some skin showing to tease your coworkers. I am definitely going to find out what panties, if any, you’re wearing today.

After showing you that your çukurambar escort work is seriously under par, I tell you that if you truly want to continue working at this office, you will have to show me you are willing to do what is necessary to keep your job, right now.

As I’m happy to hear, you say you’ll do anything to keep your job. By now my cock is very hard, and I have you move back around in front of my desk, and come around behind you, ordering you to bend over. I reach down to the bottom of your skirt and pull it up to find your purple cotton panties with lace, and notice they seem to have a small wet spot between your milky white thighs. I yank them down your legs and sternly say that from now on, you will never wear panties to my office.

I move up against your bare ass, you feeling my hard cock in my pants. “Turn around Mary, and show me what you’ll do to keep your job”, you hear me say as I back away from you so you can turn around and I tell you to get on your knees in front of me and take my hard cock out of my pants.

You demetevler escort get down on my knees, and, take my cock in your hand. You’re quivering with anticipation, as you’ve been lusting after my bulge for months. You lick your lips, and look up at me over your glasses.

I push my hard cock against your lips, feeling them part and enjoying the warm wetness of your mouth and tongue on my shaft, loving the erotic sight of your red lipstick leaving a slight smear on my cock. I groan at the pleasure of your tongue swirling around the head, and pull your hair out of it’s ponytail so I can run my hands through it.

Your skirt is still up around your waist, and as I look down I can see your legs spread and one hand playing with your clit as you suck my cock. As I feel myself coming closer to orgasm, I grab your head with my hand in your hair, and you feel my hips begin to buck, as I start to thrust my hard, thick cock into your mouth as far as it will go, fucking your warm wet lips as if they were your pussy.

“I’m ankara escort coming” I moan, and you know I am a stickler for cleanliness so you realize you will need to swallow it all, to avoid making a mess. After I pump my cum down your throat, I take my cock back out of your mouth, put it back in my pants, and tell you that will be all for now. You begin to rearrange your skirt and realize I have your panties in my hand. “I’ll be keeping these”, I say.

As you walk out the door you look back and see a look on my face that makes you think this was just the first of many times you’ll be called into a closed door meeting in my office.

You return to your desk, very turned on and a while later find yourself browsing, specifically the amateur pics forum. There is a gentleman there with a very large cock and the combination of blowing your boss shortly before, and seeing pics of a big cock on your phone, turns you on very much. You are enjoying the view when you get the feeling someone is watching you.

You look up with horror and notice that I have come out of my office and am looking down at you with a bemused expression on my face. “Go home Mary, take off half an hour early today”, I say, before my voice turns stern and I mention that we’ll discuss your liberal interpretation on phone use at work, tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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