Writing Retreat – Day 01

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Bouncing Tits

She tried really hard to ignore him – really, really hard. Most of the men who passed through her day didn’t even draw her attention, but he was different. Even when she didn’t see him, he was constantly on her mind. She had tried to talk herself out of her attraction to him for a while, but realized it was futile. How could she not be attracted to him? Smart him. Funny him. Very, very sexy him.

He was conflicted – very conflicted. As a married man, he shouldn’t have done anything more than notice his colleague’s good looks and then get back to work. But there was more to her than her looks – although he did enjoy her long legs, curvy hips, and ample breasts – she was smart, she made him laugh, she cared about others (including him, as she’d shown time and again), and she was just the right amount of provocative.

Her obvious attraction to him plus his outgoing nature caused a lot of sparks. Once, after their coworkers had all scattered for the night, he had grabbed her in the hallway and pulled her close to him because the flirtatious tension was too much. They fit so well together because they were both tall, and the feeling of her soft curves pressing into his harness as she looked up at him aroused them both. It could only be madness for them to be acting this way – in public and around their coworkers. Surely this was dangerous. It was only a matter of time until these sparks turned into fire. If they were going to explore this flirtation further, they needed to get away so they didn’t get burned.

He had an unwritten rule that he wouldn’t text her, and – while she disliked this rule – it made sense. The virtual distance prevented them from getting too emotionally close. The heat from the times they would run into each other at work smoldered for the long periods in between. Given that he so rarely texted her, she was surprised the day that her message indicator lit up and she had a text waiting from him. When she read the text she was even more surprised, because the text was asking her if they could go away for the weekend. He had a great cover story: writing retreat… who could argue with that given their profession?

She was shocked. Would their families buy this getaway excuse? She was also excited. She knew their families wouldn’t think twice about this cover story because they’d both gone on writing retreats separately for work before! Although she was nervous, she agreed to meet him. They picked a weekend when the fall weather would likely be crisp but not too chilly, and there weren’t things going on with their families. He took charge of planning the getaway, and texted her to meet him at the cabin in the North Country. He said he’d “drop a pin” with the exact location on the morning they were to meet.

She had no idea what he’d planned for their weekend – beyond the obvious intimate time together – so she ended up packing quite a bit for the trip… hiking gear, casual clothes, a black dress that flattered her curves, and a few pieces of lingerie. She also threw her research and writing materials into her backpack, since that was the supposed reason for the trip and it was important to keep the cover story solid. She had just finished packing when her cell phone pinged announcing the text with the pin for the location of the cabin.

He had remembered the cabin from a story she had told him when they first met. It took him a while to find the right place because there were so many cabins in the North Country, but there was only one like this. It sat on a low bluff and was surrounded on three sides by a rushing river. The cabin was really more like a house and had a ton of features that were perfect for a romantic getaway. As he thought about the cabin’s perks she’d told him about – the hot tub on the patio, a wood burning fireplace, the large farm style kitchen table, a jacuzzi tub in the master bath, the four-poster bed – his mind vividly pictured fucking her in each place. Just the thought of it made him instantly hard. He hoped she wasn’t delayed in getting to the cabin and that the pin brought her to him by the fastest possible route, as he was starting to get uncomfortably aroused and needed her there to help bring him to release.

He had arrived at the cabin a bit ahead of her and checked the place over. It really was as nice as she’d said it was. He wasn’t sure where he’d have her in first, but he was sure he’d have her in all the places before the weekend was through. Funny – he hadn’t even thought about the “writing weekend” cover story even once since he’d arrived.

He was prepping dinner when he heard her car pull in. He expected her to be nervous or even a bit aloof at first, as that’s how their interactions often started. He didn’t know what to make of that, but she knew that it was because she was fighting an internal battle over him whenever she wasn’t with him… but as soon as she saw him that battle was over and she was instantly happy and no longer conflicted.

So he was surprised when kızılay escort she raced into the cabin, dropped her bag by the door, and raced to him. He was a little overwhelmed at her enthusiasm and was about to comment when she started kissing him – a million little kisses all over him – and then she whispered into his ear, “you remembered” and then turned his mouth toward her and began to kiss him deeply.

She pulled at his lower lip with her teeth, stroked his tongue with hers, and moaned softly as she pulled his hips into hers. “I’ve been getting so excited to see you during the drive,” she said. “I kept thinking of you, and the uninterrupted time we’ll have together… and all the things we can do.” She stopped talking, kissed him again as she pulled him into her while she leaned back against the kitchen table. Her leggings, tank top, and unbuttoned flannel shirt made it very easy for him to feel her body… her full breasts pushing into his chest, her hips grinding against his… especially when she kept pulling his body into hers as she kept kissing him.

“I missed you,” she said. “I’ve been thinking about you the whole drive – and getting very excited to see you.” With that, she took his hand and slipped it into the front of her pants. She guided him past her lace panties, past her neatly trimmed bush, and ran his finger over her wet clit. She felt an electric shock rock her pussy as he touched her and she arched her back and moaned with pleasure. “Did you miss me?,” she murmured while hating herself for needing to ask the question.

“Yes, of course,” he said as he continued to finger her while she writhed on the sturdy wooden table. “I’ve been thinking of you, and doing this, and just being able to relax with you this weekend.”

“Show me how much you missed me,” she said. “I need to feel all of you in me.”

With that, he decided dinner could wait; he was going to explore her body. What they were really hungry for was the pleasure and comfort they could find in each other.

Feeling how wet she was and seeing how happy she was to see him really turned him on. Her response to him was undeniable. Every time he swept his finger across her clit, she’d gasp a bit and arch her back. She began rocking her hips in rhythm to his finger, moaning under his touch. Soon it became too much for her and she screamed out in release.

As his hand stilled and she quieted, she looked up at him from the table with smoldering eyes and a small smile eased across her face. “Your turn,” she said mischievously, and then pulled herself up and into his chest. “I’m going to make you cum now,” she whispered softly against his lips as her hand wandered down to his cock.

He nodded and then groaned as her hand wrapped firmly around his dick. He was really hard, and she could feel him throbbing in her hand.

She began to stroke him slowly and then asked, “do you want my hand or my mouth on you?”

He wanted both – now – he thought, but couldn’t get the words out fast enough.

It was as if she’d read his mind. She sunk to her knees in front of him and was freeing his cock from his pants. She continued stroking him while teasing the tip of his cock with her tongue. She swirled her tongue around his head, flicking it across his tip every so often just to make him shudder. The combination of her hand pumping his shaft and her warm, wet mouth wrapped around him was intense.

He could feel his climax building so he told her, “wait, I want to fuck you on the table. Stop so I can.”

She replied, “but I want to make you cum like you made me cum.” She turned her attention back to his cock for a minute and when he started to pull away saying he wanted to have her on the table, she said, “I’ve been thinking about doing this the whole drive. Relax, and let me make you cum. I really, really like making you feel good.” Her words were accented by long, slow strokes of her tongue on the underside of his shaft and her hands pulling his ass toward her so she could take him deeper into her mouth. As he groaned in surrender she pulled away to tell him, “Besides, I’m totally going to let you fuck me on this table at some point this weekend. We’re not leaving until you do.” He realized that she was determined to pleasure him right now and decided to let her without further argument.

She turned him so he could sit on the table and then focused on his cock in earnest. She loved how he responded to her. He relaxed and let her work on him, and he felt himself hardening and coming close to climax. She was so into sucking on him and tasting him that it almost came as a surprise when he released into her mouth. She swallowed, licked him once or twice more, and said with a smile, “well, I think that was my favorite appetizer ever.”

They decided to let dinner wait for a bit and relax by the fire so they could catch up with what had been happening in their lives since they’d seen each other last. She curled up on the kolej escort smooth leather couch as she watched him build the fire. He was just so… capable. He felt her eyes on him and asked what she was thinking.

She replied, “well, we’ve already confirmed in the kitchen that I think you are amazingly good looking and I’m super attracted to you, so will skip that thought that is always on my mind. I know from work how smart you are and I think that’s totally hot, too, but that’s not what I was thinking about just now. I was sitting here in amazement about how it seems like you can do anything you set your mind to, and I’m in awe of that.”

He replied, “um, I’m just building a fire… pretty much any elementary school kid in Scouts can do that.”

She smiled at him and agreed, but then said, “but you look way better doing it than en elementary school kid. Now, since you have that fire going, come over here and tell me how you’ve been.”

They shared stories of what had been happening in their lives while sitting entangled on the couch. She trailed her hand up and down his arm as she listened to him, asking questions about the details of his life, and enjoying getting to know more about what happened in his day to day world. She realized she felt content and happy in his arms, and she suddenly interrupted him with a long, slow kiss.

He was surprised at first, but quickly started kissing her back. She felt her stomach tighten with anticipation and she shifted so she was now straddling him on the couch. Her leggings were thin enough that it didn’t even feel like she had clothes on, so she could feel the outline of his cock under her. As she leaned in to kiss him more deeply, she rode his lap as though they were naked and he was inside her. She was so turned on by him, and wanted to see all of him do she started unbuttoning his plaid – or was it checked? – shirt and pushed it off him.

With his torso free, she was free to continue riding him to stimulate herself while exploring his abs and chest with her hands and trailing her lips over his neck, shoulders, and nipples. When she heard the sharp intake of breath as her lips skimmed over his right nipple, she knew she needed to play there for a little while longer.

She circled his nipple with her tongue, teasing it until it was erect. She lightly kissed around his nipple until she felt him relax a bit under her… and the she nipped him gently.

He jumped, and groaned, and said, “the other one… don’t forget the other one.” He felt her smile against him as she dragged her mouth leisurely across his chest but stopped before she got to his left nipple.

She pulled up from his chest and paused to kiss him on the mouth again, while still slowly grinding herself on his cock. “Mmmm,” she said, “I really like kissing you… and, as I recall, you really like kissing these.” With that she took off her flannel shirt, peeled her tank top off, and sat astride him with just her red lace bra. She could feel his cock jump under her as her big tits presented themselves to him at eye level.

He pulled her closer to him so he could release them from their pretty confines and started kissing them. She moaned and arched her back so he could more easily take her in his mouth, but then she pulled away.

“No, no,” she said, “I wasn’t finished… let me get back to what I was doing. I promise you can do that again soon.” She shimmied herself back down to his chest so she could once again start teasing his nipples. She moved quickly back to his left nipple and synced her tongue with her hips… slowly she worked her tongue in a circle around his nipple while slowly she worked her hips in a circle on his lap.

The sensation was much more intense for him thus time, because of their skin to skin contact. He could feel her breast skimming across his chest while her mouth lavished his nipple with attention and she gyrated suggestively on his cock. She was obviously into it and he loved the attention she was giving him, but he was ready to take the lead.

He grabbed a handful of her hair at the nape of her neck – just rough enough to get her attention but not enough to hurt her – and pulled her up to him. He said, “you are amazing and you’re driving me nuts” and then he trailed kisses across her neck and collarbone. He used his other hand to fondle her breasts as he kissed her.

Seeing her reaction to his touching her breasts, he decided to kiss them too so he leisurely scattered kissed from down to her breasts and made her gasp when he gently stated kissing the underside of her tits.

She’d had no idea she was so sensitive there! Her need for him was intense… it was the physical attraction to be sure, but their mutual acceptance of each other “as is” was a massive turn on too. She was loving this moment.

He could tell that she was completely aroused – as was he. He said, “you see that rug by the fire? Let’s go over there.”

She eagerly agreed ankara escort and headed over to the soft off-white shag rug. He stood before the fire and began undoing his pants. Watching him undress in front of the fire was like her own private strip show… the light of the fire reflecting over his lean torso, the heat of the flames washing over her as his enlarged cock was released from his pants. Had she been asked, she wouldn’t have been able to say if the heat she felt was caused by the fireplace or him.

He had watched her watching him and said, “you like what you see, don’t you?” He didn’t wait for an answer but rather grabbed her hand and pulled her down to the floor with him.

There was no doubting his attraction to her… he’d liked all the time they’d spent together. It was remarkable how easily they could slip between easy, comfortable conversation on all sorts of topics to insistent physical attraction – like had just happened here in the cabin. The talk on the couch had been peaceful and relaxing companionship, that suddenly turned to an edgy need for bodily connection – and he wanted that erotic connection to be fulfilled right now.

He laid her back onto the soft rug and parted her legs. He could smell her scent and he wanted to taste her again.

She had been so responsive to him last time, he couldn’t wait to see how she reacted when he went down on her now. His tongue on her clit felt just as good as it had last time – but the experience was enhanced by the setting… the crisp fall air making her nipples hard, the warm glow of the fire, the knowledge that their time together wouldn’t be rushed here.

She was aware of all of this and that allowed her to focus in the beautiful man between her legs and what he was doing to her. He teased her, he relaxed her, her brought her close to climax multiple times but wouldn’t finish her. She was getting wetter and wetter as a result.

He looked up at her when he heard her groans get louder and saw that she had thrown one arm across her flushed face as she lay in obvious ecstasy. His cock was throbbing in need of release, and so he slipped his arms under her legs and pulled her to him quickly. He plunged into the deep warm center of her wet pussy.

The sudden penetration made her gasp loudly, and then moan with pleasure as she felt the fullness of having him inside her. She clenched her pussy around him, causing him to close his eyes and moan at the sensation.

He stilled himself in her for a minute, and then pulled her legs up higher over his shoulders and started banging her. The pent-up desire to fuck each other over the weeks they hadn’t seen each other and the sexual tension build-up from their foreplay tonight was coming out in this moment. He wanted her fast and hard, and she wanted to meet him stroke for stroke.

She met him thrust for thrust, even though the pressure on her g-spot was intense, she didn’t want him to slow down. He was amazed at how into it she was and how she kept pulling him deeper with each thrust.

He knew he wouldn’t last long if he kept slamming into her like this and watching her tits bounce each time he entered her. She was writhing under him as waves of pleasure swept out from her g-spot and clit, competing for attention.

Watching her body and her reaction to him was going to make him cum. He didn’t want this session to end yet; he needed to figure out a way to slow them down. He decided to shift positions and asked her to turn on her side.

She turned to her left side and he slid behind her. He lifted one of her legs so he could slid his cock into her from behind, and then wrapped his right arm around her so he could play with her clit while he fucked her.

He wrapped himself around her, alternately playing with her clit and fondling her breasts, and slowly moved himself in and out of her wet pussy in long, slow strokes. The calmer tempo of this position lulled them both into a more relaxed state. They were both still highly aroused – as they could tell by her soaked pussy and his engorged cock – but this slower pace added something to what they were doing.

This was beyond fucking. This slower, more intimate pace made them feel a sense of belonging with each other. Surely this was just an illusion made possible in this getaway setting, but it felt good to connect in this way. The intimacy built just as the passion had, and she asked him to change positions again.

He pulled away so she could roll onto her back, and then she pulled him back to her. He was still rock hard after all this time and she was still wet with her desire for him.

“Come here,” she said, and drew him to her. “I want you on top, and to take me slowly. Let’s see if we can cum together.”

He found this to be an offer that couldn’t be refused, and so he moved into her. He rode her slowly, paying careful attention to hitting her clit with his pelvic bone and to kissing her as she’d asked. The were in sync and giving each other great pleasure. It wouldn’t be long before they both finally found their release.

She ran her hands over his back, his arms, and his ass as he filled her with his cock. They felt so good together. She noticed his tempo quickening and he started kissing her differently.

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