Worshipping Miss Donna Ambrose / Miss Danica Colli

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Worshipping Miss Donna Ambrose / Miss Danica Colli
I first saw Miss Donna Ambrose on the cover of Escort magazine in about 1986, posing with Miss Debbie Jordan. I knew She was special straight away, just the way She posed, Her lovely figure, lovely big bosoms, just the loveliest girl I’d ever seen in my mags.

My collection of mags at that time was probably around 5 or 6 thousand, and I’d been worshipping girls for over 20 years by then – I’d only seen girls bare in mags, apart from some lucky glimpses, at a distance on a beach or in a topless go-go pub.

So I’d worshipped lots of girls by then, but never been so totally knocked-out by a girl as I was by Miss Donna. There followed a golden era of Miss Donna worship.

I soon discovered big-bosom mags called Peaches, Amazons, and 50+, and Miss Donna was a regular model in those. It’s impossible to describe the excitement I felt when I saw Her on the cover, or read Her name on the cover, saying Her pics were inside.

Every time I bought mags of Her pics, I’d look at them straightaway, parked in my van near the shop, and when I got to Her pics it took only a few minutes for Her to make me cum in my pants.

When a girl does that to you, just looking at Her pics, you totally worship Her. And I totally worshipped Miss Donna. Just imagine the feeling when you go in the bookshop to get your weekly load of girlie-mags, and see the girl on the cover who made you cum in your pants last week!

There was one occasion when there was an absolutely LOVELY pic of Her on the cover of a mag measuring Her lovely big tits, and I didn’t even get the mag to the counter before cumming in my pants looking at it!!

Spunking my pants seeing Her on the cover in the shop – before I’d even bought the mag!

Every week I scoured all the shops for mags with Miss Donna’s pics in. She made me cum in my pants more than any girl in mags ever, and then of course there would be the most pervy wank-orgies on Her pics. How I loved to put pervy captions and cartoons next to Her pics (all of ‘me’ looking at Her and spunking my pants!) and then of course the pics would be heavily spunk-stained. Never in a million years did I dream in my wildest dreams that one day She would see these.

Soon I got my hands on vids of Her, often with other lovely girls with big tits. Videos were new in those days, and I was just dizzy, actually seeing bare girls move and talk and DANCE and undress. I’d never seen girls in real life do things like this, and I was very rarely anywhere near lovely girls – my mags were my sole pleasure.

I remember in Misadventures at Megaboobs Manor, in a scene where the girls are all trying on bras, and Miss Donna saying (when the dance instructor complains about their plain bras) “It’s difficult to find nice bras when you’ve got big tits!”

How I loved that, and wound and re-wound the tape so I could spunk as I watched Her say that again and again. What a wanker!

Then there were the pics in Escort of the amateur photo-sessions. How I dreamed of going to one of those, but never had the nerve. I spent a lot of time in Soho buying my mags, and going up to the reception of one of the many photo studios were you could pay to take nude pics of girls – usually the ones in reception!

It bet siteleri was enough for me to see them sitting there in their sexy gear, knowing they posed nude for men. I would have loved to see them pose, but was too terrified to even ask. Once I did it in my pants seeing a girl with lovely low-cut cleavage in the reception of a nude girl photo-studio.

I so loved the pics of Miss Donna at the Escort photo-sessions. There She would be, posing bare and being photo’d by lots of men! What a dream! Just looking at the pics made me cum in my pants, so there was no way I could ever go along!

The caption says it all – years later I sent this to Her!

Towards the end of the 80’s and into the 90’s mags got barer and barer, and increasingly I found I could not get past the first couple of pics. I’d always been happy seeing girls in minis and low-cut tops, or bikinis, and although I loved the topless pics too, I’d usually cum in my pants before I even got to those.

I would frequently go back to my mags with Miss Donna’s pics – how I missed Her! But I thought I’d never see Her again.

The hours I’d spent combing the baregirl bookshops was nothing compared to the hours I spent online and I managed to amass 1000’s and 1000’s of pics of girls from the net.

I tended to go to the glamour-type sites, as on the others pics were again far too bare for me. I was on a site, trying to get whatever free pics I could, when I saw Her. It was the early 2000’s, nearly 20 years since I first saw Miss Donna in Escort.

Obviously it couldn’t be Her, She was too young-looking. But the similarity was overwhelming. She was doing Spick & Span poses, but full of lovely, bosomy cleavage shots, and I was addicted in seconds.

They called Her Miss Dee, and although it didn’t seem possible, I was sure it was Miss Donna – and I was overjoyed and joined the site – Beautiful Britons (just like with the old Spick & Span mags that I loved so much).

I downloaded 100’s of Miss Dee’s pics, cumming in my pants just looking at them many times in the process. I spent hours surfing the web to see if She was anywhere else on other sites. Then many many months later, I found Her on Southern Charms as Miss Danica. What joy!! There were generous numbers of free pics regularly updated on the site – and although only members could get the ‘harder’ pics, I didn’t need to see any more than the free pics, before cumming in my pants just looking.

But apart from lots of lovely free pics, there was another lovely aspect to this site – you could email Her! In the early days of buying mags and worshipping girls, I would never have dreamed any sort of contact was possible. I mean, the girls that posed were like goddesses from another world, and you would only see them in mags or on a cinema screen.

So with great trepidation, I sent Her a worshipping email, and was astonished and very excited when She replied. In seconds I joined Her site, getting more lovely pics, even though some were too bare, and then sending Her ‘worship sheets’ with Her pics and my captions, plus cartoons of ‘me’, showing the effect She had on me.

She never said much in Her emails, but enough to tell me She liked the worship sheets, and I did many of them for Her, usually bedava bahis using those pics of Hers that had made me spunk in my pants. And I told Her that too – what a dream! My all-time goddess and I was telling Her of all the times Her pics had made me spunk my pants!!!!

I also included scans of photos from my vast collection of Her pics, which I’d added captions and cartoons of ‘me’ to. Some of them even had brown stains on or tissue paper. Once or twice She said She liked one or other of these, and even when I sent Her a video of all the mags in my ‘wank-room’ She said She liked that. She also said She wasn’t at all offended by the ‘tribute’ photo I sent Her.

She said She liked this one

Showing Her what a perv does to pics of girls he worships……..

As pervy as it gets….but I’m not telling Her anything She doesn’t already know

How I loved sending Her these worship sheets, confessing all about my worship and what She made me do, showing Her what a true pervert worshipper really does. But She still let me meet Her – twice – and She understood how in awe of Her I was

I regularly sent Her worship sheets, made up ‘mag covers’ using Her photos and with titles like ‘Spunk Queen’, as well as the scans of Her mag pics (which clearly had been ‘used’ by a ‘perv’). I was able to be quite explicit in my emails, unlike on the rare occasions when I got to speak to girls when I was always tongue-tied. And I asked Miss Danica if I could see Her pose. “If you mean do a photo-shoot, then yes”.

‘Mag cover’ sent to Her – She later wore this outfit at a Worship Session

I arranged a studio and the date was agreed (15.12.2010) and I was more nervous than if I was about to bungee-jump. But She was lovely, absolutely lovely, so thoughtful and understanding, knowing that this sad wanker who’d worshipped Her for years was totally knocked out by this experience of meeting Her, actually seeing Her for real.

I’d dreamed of course that I’d tell Her all sorts of things, show Her my worship folder of Her on my laptop, maybe even cum in my pants seeing Her show. But I was in a nervous state for the entire two hours, despite Her attempts to help me relax. I did get some absolutely lovely pics of Her though, and I knew that these would prove to me, every time I looked at them in the future, that I’d actually been in Her presence, seen Her for real, talked to Her – a beautiful Goddess, worshipped by so many men.

We continued to exchange emails, She was very good about that, even though She must get 1000s. My worship sheets were always explicit and showed Her my dreams, like seeing Her pose in a studio and cumming in my pants. I sent Her ‘Explicit Messages’, so that I could say things I didn’t dare to in my emails, and told Her my dreams. For example –

‘I dream of seeing you come out of the changing room in one of your lovely tops, making my jaw drop and my knob leak, and saying to you: “Oh Miss Danica, you’re such a bosomy goddess, when you pose showing your lovely big tits in magazines you make me spunk in my pants, now I’m seeing you for real and, oh, oh dear, ohhhh dear, I’m not going to be able to hold it, ohhh, sorry Miss, ohhh…..!!”’

So when She said we could have another studio session bedava bonus (16.05.2012), I was determined this time that I wouldn’t let my nerves get the better of me, and I’d turn it into a proper Worship Session. So I asked, could I bring a printed worship sheet to give Her? Could I bring my laptop to show Her my worship folder of Her? Could I bring my camcorder and video the whole Session?

To which She said yes to all of it. The Session was going to be in the studio of a friend of Miss Danica’s, a former glamour and nude model, and that in itself was going to be lovely, if embarrassing – this perv who worships Miss Danica turning up in his ‘dirty’ mac and perv gear and the two Goddesses seeing him like that. No doubt Miss Danica would have told Her friend all about this wanker and they’d both had a good laugh – I certainly hoped so! (Miss Leigh told me afterwards that they had!)
The Session was all I dreamed of and more. Miss Danica is SO good with Her pathetic worshippers – She’d told me about what She called Her ‘chaps’, who were all as in awe of Her as I was.

She read my worship sheets, posed with them and even showed them to Her model friend, and they both had a good laugh. She spent quite a bit of time looking through Her worship folder on my laptop and called in Her friend to look too. She posed for lots of pics, all on video as well, in different lovely outfits, and then, at Her last change, came in wearing lingerie! I’d never before been in the same room as a woman so scantily clad – and that showed.

I was dumbstruck, and Miss Danica had to try to lift my stunned silence. (How She and Miss Leigh laughed when Miss Danica told Her!) She posed for many pics in the outfit, and though I’d again been looking just through the viewfinder where I couldn’t really focus on Her, this time between snaps I was seeing Her in that lovely skimpy outfit and it wasn’t long before I felt a stream of cum gushing into my underpants. I did my best to hide what was happening to me, and fortunately it was one of those gradual cums, that starts with a lot of leaking of pre-cum so that you’re nearly done before you start shooting, and then a gentle pumping so it’s not so difficult to stop your shudders. A cough is the best way to hide your moans – I’ve had years of practice. (My mac hid my wet patch).

Miss Danica knew She’d made me cum in my pants posing in this outfit

Finally She spoke into the video camera when I was out of the room to leave me a lovely message, so fabulous of Her, She is an absolute Goddess.

Of course I had to tell Her in an Explicit Message afterwards what had happened, and yes, She’d guessed as much – ‘I totally appreciate that it would make you ‘cum in you pants’, it really wouldnt embarrase me at all that had happend. (well maybe next time, we will do the nearly topless pictures,, and you will undo your mac,, and if what happens happens, well all I can say is that maybe dreams do come true…..’

Whether I’d have had the nerve to do that, or just gone limp because She would be expecting me to cum watching Her and that would have rendered me impotent, I’ll never know, as before I could arrange the next Worship Session, She’d announced Her retirement from modelling. What a dream though, what a DREAM…….

Did you know?! Miss Danica did a burlesque stripping tour of Europe in the 90s with Her friend and beautiful model sex-queen Miss Joanne Bache aka Legshow Jo?!! Unfortunately I’m told no photos or videos of that exist

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