Working Late Ch. 02

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It’s recommended that you read Chapter 1 first to set the scene properly. I’m always looking to improve my writing, so please feel welcome to leave feedback! I hope you enjoy it.


Amelie woke to her phone buzzing beside her ear. Turning off the alarm, she stretched and looked up at the ceiling. Images of last night’s events danced through her mind, curving her lips into a smile. More eager than ever to get to work, Amelie jumped out of bed and began her morning routine.

Standing under the shower, Amelie was unable to think of anything other than Karl. As she soaped, her fingers idly caressed her skin. Reaching up, she smoothed her cleaned hair down to her shoulders before sliding her hands onto her neck. Memories of Karl’s kiss stoked the fire within. Tasting herself on his lips had almost drove her to beg him to come home with her for more. Leaving his office, she’d initially felt disappointed that he’d not wanted more of her that night. But as she made her way home, she firmly reminded herself that she was being too greedy. Plus, today would be most interesting.

Amelie’s fingers traced the curves of her breasts to slowly rub her hardening nipples with the palms of her hands. Massaging her weighty mounds, she felt the warm tingle in her pussy begin to ache. The more she rubbed at her nipples, the more her pussy throbbed. She continued until she couldn’t bear not to touch her pussy any longer. She gave her nipples a final, hard tug then released with a gasp. Leaning against the tiled wall, Amelie slid her hands over her stomach to cup her pussy.

Consumed by both the memory of Karl and the fantasy of having him kneeling in front of her, Amelie spread her legs a little more. She used both hands to pull her pussy lips open and began to run one finger slowly up her labia. Careful to avoid her clit, she teased herself down the other side before finally pressing her swollen nub. Repeating this, she imagined Karl’s face only inches away as he watched her fingers. Finger fucking herself, her movements quickened and pushed deeper. She moaned Karl’s name as she changed up to two fingers. Amelie felt her body begin to tremble and the need to cum intensified.

She started to alternate rapidly flicking her clit and pushing down on it, rubbing in circular movements. Her body hummed at the change of sensations but within moments she knew that today, this wasn’t going to be enough. Using her fingernails, she nipped at her clit causing her to cry out, but it still didn’t work. With a frustrated groan, she grabbed at the small-handled loofah hanging from the shower dial and stroked its roughness from clit to hole. Moaning louder, Amelie spread her legs wider to push the end of the loofah against her hole. She knew it was far too big to enter her, but her cunt ached to be filled. Pushing aside more frustration, she focussed instead on the hard sponge frigging against her swollen clit. Her thighs shook as the thought of begging for Karl’s cum. She repeated that same plea under her breath, over and over. The shattering orgasm sent electric waves coursing throughout her every fibre.

Unable to bear the rough sensation a moment longer, she dropped the loofah and leaned her head back. Chest heaving, she closed her eyes and let her body slump against the cold tiles. Amelie revelled in the sensation of her pussy pulsating until it eased then turned off the shower and stepped out.

Once towel-dried, Amelie began to dress. The grey cap-sleeved shift dress hung waiting on the wardrobe door as she slipped on her black panties. Taking a fresh pair of tights from their box, she gathered the nylon to the toes and smoothed it up her leg. As she pulled the gusset over her midriff, she made a mental note to go shopping as soon as possible to buy some stockings. Being the ever-practical girl, she’d never seen the appeal of them before. They’d always seemed more fuss than they were worth. But now, the idea of Karl seeing her in stockings was all that was needed to change her mind.

She glanced at the clock, wondering if she had enough time to take the vibrator from her bedside table and find deeper satisfaction of having her pussy filled. With a heavy sigh, Amelie rejected the idea in favour of being on time for work. She continued dressing, focussing instead on the joy of being in Karl’s presence again soon.


An hour later and armed with coffee, Amelie approached the lifts where the yesterday’s suited man stood waiting. As she arrived by his side, the lift pinged, and the doors slid open. He gestured for her to board first.

“Sixteen again?”

He smiled as his finger hovered over the button. She smiled back, mildly impressed that the stranger would recognise her and remember such detail.

“Yes, please.”

Amelie fell into habits of using this short ride to imagine how the day would play out. But today was different. How could it not be? Twenty-four hours ago, the same vertical ride had been based purely on professional notions. Here, now, yenidoğan escort the scenarios being played out in her mind’s eye were fuelled with lust. She knew how Karl tasted, how he felt inside of her, and that he lusted after her too. With this simple thought, all scenarios melted away leaving only the raw desire. Scenarios didn’t really matter. She didn’t care how it happened, when, or where. The only thing that mattered was that it happened again.

“So, on the sixteenth floor, do you work for Karl Wallis or Deborah Finn?”

Amelie blinked, processing the question as it interrupted her thoughts. She resented the intrusion as she was forced to trade her lust for the innate need to be polite. Giving a little cough to clear any possibility of her desire husking her voice, she engaged in the conversation.


“You’re new, aren’t you? Enjoying it?”

“I’ve been here a couple of months, now, but yes, I’m really enjoying it, thank you.”

“I didn’t see you leave last night during the great five pm exodus.”

“I was working late.”

“He’s a hard task master?”

At his words, Amelie’s resolve cracked, and she laughed. The man opened his mouth to say more but at that moment the lift stopped.

“Have a great day,” she grinned as she stepped out.

By the time she reached her desk, Amelie had somehow managed to pull her smile back in order. Leaving her belongings and latte at her desk, Amelie grabbed her notebook. Standing in front of his closed door, she took a deep breath before entering Karl’s office.

The familiar sight of him tapping away at his computer caused a gentle ache in Amelie’s chest but, determined to be professional, she ignored it. She placed his coffee in the usual spot before settling in her seat to hear today’s tasks.

“Good morning, Karl.”

She flipped the notebook open and crossed her legs, deliberately angling herself ever so slightly sideways in the chair. She hoped that the hem of her dress would ride up to show a little more thigh. She had decided that she’d wait and take Karl’s lead in how they were going to conduct themselves during office hours. But temptation had whispered, and she yielded. Aware of how she now sat, she stilled, waiting for Karl to notice the subtle shift in how she usually presented herself.

“Good morning.”

He threw her a brief smile with his bland response, before proceeding to reel off today’s list in priority order. The instant stab of disappointment was met with her inner voice jeering for attempting to flirt. She’d known he would be professional. Still, she’d tried to tease and entice him. As she scribbled her notes, she berated herself. Embarrassment heated her cheeks, and she became thankful that he wasn’t paying attention to detail after all.

“Anything else?” Amelie asked as she finished writing.

As she waited for Karl’s reply, she uncrossed her legs ready to leave. The movement caught Karl’s attention. His eyes shifted from the screen to settle on her closed knees. Amelie’s heart raced at the notion of slowly opening her legs to expose herself to him. If she were to do that, would he stop her? Could she open her legs as wide as the chair would allow? What if she were to lean back, pull her dress up? What if she ran her fingers from her knees to her pussy, and began to rub her clit over the top of the nylon?

His eyes remained fixated on her legs for mere seconds. But to Amelie, it felt like a lifetime. Would he encourage her to slide her hands inside her panties? At what point would he tell her to stop? Could she slide her fingers either side of her clit, scissoring at it, pulling at it, then reach further down and push her fingers inside her hot, wet cunt? Would he remain still and silent as she fucked herself until she came all over her fingers? With this final thought, Amelie began to inch open her knees.

“No, that’s all for now.”

Karl’s voice grated a little. With a throat-clearing cough, he looked back to his screen. Amelie quickly shut her knees and stood up. She felt woozy but managed to reach the door without stumbling.


Karl’s voice stopped her at the threshold. His eyes found hers across the room.


“You’re still ok to work late tonight?”



Karl turned away again. Butterflies still danced in her stomach as she closed the door quietly behind her.


Amelie barely saw Karl for the rest of the morning as they each settled into working through the list of tasks.

Breaking for lunch, she went to the restroom and on return, she found his office empty. His jacket was gone from its hanger. A frown creased her brow before she remembered that he had mentioned a working lunch with a client. With a silent office, she became determined to have every item crossed out on her list by the end of the day. And so, for the second day running, Amelie ate lunch at her desk while she continued to work.

Minutes turned to yenikent escort hours as she became consumed in the workload. It wasn’t until the door from the corridor opened that she realised how long he’d been missing. A jibe about four-hour lunches stopped at her lips as she realised that he wasn’t alone.

Karl held the door open and a petite woman stepped in, softly thanking him. Amelie’s lips shut tight as she took in the svelte figure now standing in front of her desk. The woman’s fiery red hair was smoothed into a perfect knot. The pencil skirt and cardigan clung to the toned figure underneath. Her heels boosted her perfectly proportioned frame up a few more inches.

“Good afternoon, Mr Wallis, would you like coffee bringing in?”

Amelie greeted them both politely as they headed straight for the main office. Karl paused, his eyes sweeping over Amelie’s desk before resting on hers. She could have sworn a frown passed over his brow but so it had been so fleeting that she immediately doubted herself.

“Yes, thank you,” he replied before following his companion.

A few minutes later, Amelie knocked before entering with a tray of refreshments. In the brief conversation she overheard, she realised they were talking about potential new strategies to secure and promote new clients that built on Karl’s current model. This woman was not a client, and Amelie silently hoped that she would be able to help Karl during this difficult period. Heading back to her own workspace, she felt more determined than before to have a clear desk by the end of the day.


Six pm had passed when Amelie came up for air. Closing her eyes, she leaned back to stretch her arms above her head. Tiredness threatened to cause trouble in the final hour, but the seven pm finish line was in sight. More importantly, so was the prospect of what waited beyond. Amelie’s heart fluttered and spurred her to carry on. Grabbing the freshly printed letters, she returned to Karl’s office for his signature. With the briefest of knocks, Amelie stepped inside and halted at the scenario in front of her.

The redhead had moved her chair and now sat closely beside Karl. Very closely. She’d discarded her cardigan, revealing a sleeveless blouse that scooped low over her breasts. Her bare arm rested over the back of his chair as she leaned in to look at Karl’s computer screen.

The intimacy was blatant, but it wasn’t the woman’s appearance that hit Amelie hard. Never had she seen Karl look less than professional when working. But he now appeared to mirror his colleague with his cuffs rolled up, and his tie discarded. He’d popped the top button, revealing his throat better. He also seemed unfazed by how close the woman sat, or by her fingers that rested on his exposed forearm on the desk. A bitter mix of envy and jealousy nipped at Amelie.

“Sorry to interrupt,” she forced herself to sound neutral, “but these need to be signed.”

Glancing at her, he nodded and held his hand out. Now empty-handed, she threw a polite smile to the woman as she moved to collect the empty cups and restack the tray.


Karl handed back the papers and immediately launched back into discussion with the sweet-smiling female. Amelie had clearly been dismissed.

By the time she’d cleaned the stacked tray, stuffed envelopes, and sent the final group of emails ready for their clients to open the following morning, it was nearing seven pm. Her list was done but her usual thrill of satisfaction was absent tonight. She fought the increasing sense of foreboding, trying to reason with herself that she was just being silly. Now, she stood in front of Karl’s door listening to sensual female laughter drift into silence. Taking a deep breath, she briefly knocked and entered the office a final time.

As she opened the door, the woman’s painted fingernails held Karl’s jaw to turn his head. The scene played in slow-motion as she watched Karl’s lips meet hers. His eyes open, Karl raised his hand to cup her face. Retreating, Amelie’s movement caught Karl’s eye and he momentarily froze.

The slow motion shattered. Karl twisted away to stand, causing the redhead to lose balance slightly and tip forward.


Karl’s tone commanded her to halt. The woman jerked her head round to see Amelie halfway out of the door, frozen to the spot. The look of shock on her face melted into a dismissive smile. Clearing her throat, she shuffled to sit properly again. Karl took a step around the desk and Amelie snapped out the panicked trance.

“I’m so sorry to interrupt, Mr Wallis,” she hurried, “but it’s nearly seven pm and the final emails have been sent, so I was wanting to check if there was anything else I could get you before I leave?”

“I would love more coffee, Emily,” the woman purred, immediately raising Amelie’s hackles.

“What?” Karl’s eyes snapped from the wall clock to Amelie, “Seven? Already?”

“So, more coffee?” Amelie asked through a yenimahalle escort forced smile.



Both answered simultaneously and Karl frowned.

“No, you’re right, Karl,” his companion smiled, “go home, Emily, we can get our own coffee.”

Desperate to leave, she nodded and hastened to close the door behind her. She’d already placed her bag and coat on her desk and so she swept them up as she hurried out of her office. Forcing herself to not run down the corridor, Amelie felt her face burn as she cursed herself for again being foolish.

Hitting the lift button, she tried to unpick the situation. Reluctantly, she admitted that she’d built a whole fantasy around what surmounted to a couple of hour’s physical pleasure. Karl had not promised anything. Not a damned thing. Yes, he’d insinuated that they’d be having more fun. Sex, she self-corrected. It was sex as two consenting adults. No other strings had been attached. At least, not by Karl. She’d done that all on her own because of her fantasies. She’d taken his enjoyment of their time together and allowed her imagination to run riot.

For fuck’s sake, she shouted inwardly,it was sex, once. You know the score; it’s not as though you’ve never had casual sex before. If he wants to fuck her, then he can do what he damned well pleases and you get no say in it at all, so stop this shit now.

Still waiting for the lift to arrive, Amelie fought back the self-pitying tears that threatened to flow. She punched the button again in frustration.


Karl’s voice reverberated down the empty corridor. Amelie’s heart lurched and her breath caught.

Please don’t, please don’t, she silently begged but he started approaching anyway.

Releasing a slow breath, Amelie quietened her voices and stiffened her spine. She turned to face him.


“Where are you going?”

“Home, I know you’re still working but it’s late and I thought seven pm was the cut off.”

“You said you were going to stay behind.”

“I did! I’m finished all of my work.”

“That’s not what I meant. Go back to the office.”

Not knowing how to voice her thoughts, Amelie grabbed at the first excuse she could think of.

“I’m feeling tired, I should go now.”

“Go back to the office, Amelie,” his voice lowered as he stepped closer.

“You’re still working, and you’ve…got the help you need.”

Amelie’s frustration grew. He didn’t seem to understand what she was implying. Was she really going to have to spell it out for him?

“Go back to the office.”

“I don’t…” she paused as a very specific image flashed through her mind, “I am NOT going to…”

“Amelie, stop talking and get back to my office, now.”

He took the final step that invaded her personal space completely. Without waiting for her reply again, Karl seized her arm to lead her back down the corridor. As they walked, Amelie’s wits gathered again. If he thought for one minute that she’d be willing to welcome the redhead into their fun, then he was about to be sorely disappointed. It wasn’t as though she’d never fantasised about exploring another woman before, but hell would have to freeze over before she allowed her first threesome to be with the woman still sitting in Karl’s office. She prepared herself to pull away, reject him now and forever, if need be.

Taking her bag and coat, he dumped them on her desk before continuing to lead her back into his office. The chairs had been moved back to their original positions and the woman now lingered, looking somewhat dejected.

“Thank you for your help today, Jessica, it was greatly appreciated but I can take if from here on in.”

Karl released Amelie’s arm to shake Jessica’s hand. Giving her final big-gun smile, Jessica held on to it and stepped in closer.

“You know where I am,” she breathed, “you have my number, please use it any time.”

He took his hand back and offered to walk her out. As Jessica left the office, Karl lingered behind and turned to Amelie.

“Sit down. Do not move.”

He pointed to the chair that Jessica had vacated. Once alone, Amelie glared at the chair and remained standing. She walked over to the large windows and looked down onto the city below. Dusk had fallen and the neighbouring office buildings were sporadically dotted with lights. She wondered how often they worked late too. The twinkling streetlights added to the calming effect, and Amelia impulsively moved to turn off the main light. Only the small desk lamp now illuminated the office. Returning to the window, she soaked up the night glow with better effect.

“What are you doing?”

Karl stood in the doorway, hands in pockets. Amelie startled at his voice cutting through the quiet.

“I’m sure I told you to sit down,” Karl remained still, “why have you turned off the lights?”

“To see better.”

Karl closed the door and moved to stand beside her. He looked out of the window to see what Amelie was talking about. Silent seconds ticked by as they stood side by side. Without acknowledging the starry city, he turned and stepped into her personal space once more. Amelie’s heart leapt as she smelled his faint cologne. Leaning in until his lips were barely an inch from her ear, his breath warmed her skin as he spoke.

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