Working For My Pimp Ch. 01

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Big Tits

The following story is just for fun and as always all characters are fictitious. It deals with a whore and her pimp so if this offends please do not read on. NONE of the young men is a minor and apart from one, nasty youth, the others are still nervous and sexually inexperienced. The pimp enjoys hearing and reading about her exploits also when he is training her and this is the start of a long email to him, recounting what happened first with him, then with the “guests” and later, his son and then…?


Dear Charles,

You told me to report back once I had accomplished my task and so I am obeying you. I also know how you love to hear from me in my own words about how you use me, so I hope you will be pleased with this email.

You had instructed me to dress up in that sexy maid’s outfit with black suspenders and heels. You gave me specific instructions to put my long blonde hair up and make sure there was enough cleavage on show and the nipples of my 36C breasts to be visible in the outfit. I was to serve your son Jo and three of his friends when they got back from the football match they were going to on Saturday afternoon and you surprised me by coming round to the flat that you own and where I work to pay for it. I had already changed into the outfit, being careful not to soil it as I worked in the kitchen and was cooking the meal for the young men when the doorbell rang.

I must admit I was very surprised to see you standing there and knew that you weren’t checking up on me by the way you quickly pushed me aside, came in and closed the door behind you, almost slamming me up against the wall, kissing me hard, your tongue forcing its way between my lips and licking mine as you sucked it.

I tried to complain as I heard the rasp of your fly as you kızılay escort unzipped. You grunted as you roughly pushed skirt and still with your mouth pressed hard on mine I heard the rip as you tore off my thong. I struggled a little, angry at you destroying my new thong which I had bought for the occasion and winced at the urgency of your throbbing manhood as you stabbed at me, entering me brutally and making me cry out. The little lube offered by your already oozing manhood helped but soon you were rutting in me as you observed no niceties and just fucked me up against the wall, calling me a whore and using me as such.

I had to clutch at you, my left hand on your waist my right up on your shoulder blade as you used me hard, your turgid manhood deep in me, grunting like an animal as you just thrust into me, enjoying my body for your own pleasure uncaring about my discomfort and almost spitting out “o fuck, you bitch” almost in rage.

You must have had some pent up frustration in you as you roughly used me and unlike our usual “sessions” together, you obviously needed to cum quickly as you suddenly drove up deep inside me, growling like some demented bear, spurting your thick load into me as your body pressed hard against mine, your cock buried deep in me releasing a heavy sticky load, your face slowly relaxing and eyes half closed.

I stood trapped, your body preventing me from escape and grasping my throat with your right hand as you slowly pulled out. It was all over so quickly and although you had had the chance to orgasm I had not and felt unfulfilled and a little nervous as you glared into my eyes at close range. You sneered at me as you spoke almost in a whisper, telling me that you wanted your son educated in the kolej escort ways of sex and that you expected me to do a good job as your personal whore. Then you pushed me down onto my knees muttering that as I had caused the mess, I was responsible for cleaning it up.

I lapped gently at your deflating manhood, obediently running my tongue around the head, under the rim and into the slit, making sure I polished the shiny head and removed all trace of “the mess,” for which you blamed me.

I looked up at you as I worked and saw you grinning down at me, running your strong hand over my head and into my hair, calling me a good girl and telling me that you were pleased with how my training as your whore was going well, but that I now had to get on with my cooking as I had the young men to attend to soon.

I gently slid your manhood back into your jeans and carefully zipped you up before slowly standing up. I had to steady myself and clasped hold of the small table nearby as I felt my knees almost give way. I felt a little sore from your rough treatment of my body and walked a little groggily back to the kitchen to resume my preparations.

You followed me through and I opened a bottle of white wine, pouring you a glass and returning the bottle to the fridge. I watched you out of the corner of my eye as you sat on a kitchen stool, looking on at me, slowly sipping your drink as I continued my preparations. I told you I was preparing a French themed evening with my French maid’s outfit and French onion soup, “bouches à la reine” with new potatoes and fresh vegetables, followed by “crème brulée”. I would be serving a champagne to start with and French wine and cognac to end.

You seemed very pleased with me, running your hand up my leg and ankara escort over my now naked backside. I made a sudden mental note to dispose of my ripped thong, lying where you had thrown it, before the door. It would not do to have the young men see that when they arrived! Although my outfit was so short that it would be difficult to ensure that they did not see I was naked under it!

My body squirmed at the delightful touch of your hand on my backside, warm, massaging my cheeks and sending a thrill through my body as you grinned at me. You softly muttered you would have to get me to do all this for you, too and that you would have to invite some friends over for a meal and entertainment.

Your fingers slid round and you chuckled as you saw my body shudder as you slowly probed into me, your eyebrows raised in mock surprise as you felt the stickiness of your ejaculation into me a few minutes ago. I tried hard to concentrate on the task in hand but the feelings your expert fingers were sending through my body made me moan and stand with legs apart, panting like a bitch in heat.

Fortunately my preparations were almost complete and I looked across at you, suddenly realising what your plan was. The lecherous grin on your face, making me realise you were “heating me up”, deliberately keeping me well primed for the moment the young men arrived.

I was about to protest, to beg you not to do this to me, when I heard a key in the door and the sound of voices. My “clients” had arrived…………..

Charles, I must go. I will continue my report as soon as possible. I can hear your son in the bathroom and expect that, like father, like son, he will be horny and need to use me again.





I hope you enjoyed this and will give me a positive feedback, which is always very much welcomed.

Voting for a story is a great incentive for any author. If there is a wish for a sequel then please let me know. Charles leaves me to attend to my “guests” and, of course, must be informed about my “work”.

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