With Three You Get… Ch. 04

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Day 6

The two women awoke to find Mark already up and gone. The boat was quiet but moving so they knew they were sailing, today’s destination was Moorea where they could dive in the afternoon and spend the evening at one of the resorts ashore, returning to the boat later in the evening. The next day the boat would return to the main island and the trip would be over. Mark and Dinah were actually staying on a few days in Moorea, as were some of the other passengers. Janet would be flying home tomorrow and the idea of leaving her new … friends? lovers? … saddened her. She lay, rubbing her hand over Dinah’s back as she contemplated the end of the trip. Dinah rolled over and faced her, “We’re gonna miss you …” she said, her voice trailing off. “Do you want to help me surprise Mark tonight? This whole week has been living a fantasy for him, both the diving and the sex, but there’s one more thing I want to do with you and him.”

Dinah explained what she had in mind and Janet nodded eagerly. “Oh, yeah. And we should make him wait, if he comes back in this morning with any ideas. It’ll serve him right,” Janet said in a rush. “It’ll be hard, though, I want it so bad.”

Dinah laughed at her unplanned double entendre’. “I know what you mean.”

Mark walked back in a few minutes later, bearing a tray of fruit and tea to find Janet with her face buried between Dinah’s spread legs. Dinah opened her eyes when Mark entered and he could tell from the look on her face that she wasn’t far from cumming. Janet’s cute little ass and pussy were wiggling in front of him as she knelt on her knees between Dinah’s legs. Dinah was rocking her hips and as Mark watched, her eyes rolled back and she came, her stomach and thigh muscles clenching convulsively.

Mark reached down and slid his finger through Janet’s wet slit as it was presented to him. She immediately rolled over and sat up… “Not this morning,” she said, I’ve got some tanning to do,” and she darted out of the cabin into her own.”

Mark looked at Dinah, his hard cock tented in his shorts. “Don’t look at me, babe,” Dinah sighed, “I’m done for the day…” Mark acquiesced and sat on the side of the bed to feed her the fruit he had brought. He teasingly mentioned he had seen Ivana on deck and she teased back about the young men in the bar. Finally she had to get up, her pussy was dampening again and if she didn’t get up she was going to jump Mark here and now. And that would never do.

They went up on deck to find Janet being chatted up by two of the other passengers. Janet was flirting shamelessly and Mark said to Dinah that they had probably lost their friend for the evening. Dinah caught Janet’s wink and said quietly to Mark, “Could be…”

Unknown to Dinah or Mark, Janet had recognized these two as being in the group she had watched fuck Ivana and she wasn’t the least interested in doing anything more than flirting. She couldn’t wait to carry out Dinah’s scheme for the evening.

Ivana was on the bow, topless and alone, when Mark and Dinah went forward. She smiled at them as Dinah got settled with her book. Mark kissed Dinah then went off checking out the boat for the umpteenth time.

Dinah lay reading and stealing an occasional glance at Ivana surprised to find Ivana was not surrounded by men as she usually was.. She was beautiful and although Dinah wasn’t pleased she had made a pass at Mark, it had been somewhat exciting to have Mark arrive at the cabin in such a state. Dinah broke the silence, “Mark turned you down, huh.”

Ivana smiled, “Yes, he did. You and he must be something together. And the other woman, Janet.”

Dinah was a little taken aback at her blunt admission but smiled back at her, “It works, very well.”

The ice broken, the two started chatting and Dinah was surprised to find Ivana wasn’t a brainless airhead, she was well traveled, intelligent, funny … and loved sex. Dinah described her and Marks relationship and how good sex was between the two of them, without going into details. Ivana wished she could find a good partner, too, and liked the relative “openness” of their relationship, referring to Janet.

“This is a first, and maybe a last,” Dinah said. “We just found the right person to share.”

Ivana said she understood that but secretly doubted it would be the last time.

Ivana sat with Dinah and Mark at lunch and Dinah caught Janet’s surprised look from across the room where she sat with another group . Mark was a little quiet at first but when they started passing dive photos around he quickly got into the conversation.

Later in the afternoon the boat stopped outside the reef and all the divers went in for their last dive. The visibility was a little worse than it had been but still it was a breathtaking experience.

Once everyone had returned to the boat it moved into the cove and docked near a resort hotel. Individual palm-covered huts extended out over the water supported over the water on tall poles. Wooden walkways joined bakırköy türbanlı escort the widely space huts. Mark and Dinah packed their clothes and carried them off the boat to a waiting porter who wheeled their bags to their hut and their dive gear to a storage locker in the main building. Janet hugged and kissed each of them, promising to see them before the boat left in the morning. Mark had hoped she was going to join them for dinner and dancing later but Dinah hushed him, “She needs her own life, too.” Janet said she may see them later, and then rejoined her group on the boat.

The room was great, their hut was the furthest out over the water, just one walkway went to it so they didn’t need to worry about anybody passing by on the way to somewhere else. They sat on their private veranda overlooking the bay with a couple of strong rum drinks, quietly relaxing. Mark sat forward and began rubbing Dinah’s feet and was starting higher when she stopped him, “That’s far enough, I told you I was done for the day,” she said, somewhat more sternly than she had planned.

Ever the gracious loser Mark had her roll onto her tummy and he rubbed the vanilla lotion into her back for a while before rising as the sun set, another explosion of reds and oranges, “Just another day in paradise,” he said.

“Why don’t you shower first,” Dinah said, digging through the suitcase of clothes that had been delivered to the hotel while they were on the boat. They hadn’t needed the evening clothes on the boat. She picked a flowered shirt and white shorts for Mark while he showered then she got in while he was drying off. “I’ll meet you over there if you want to head over and look around,” she called from the shower.

“OK, babe,” he called back and headed out the door. He met Ivana along one of the walkways, dressed in shorts and a tee shirt and still looking great. She smiled at him as they passed and she went into one of the other huts.

He wandered about the hotel grounds for awhile, more like a small park with neatly trimmed grass and a profusion of hibiscus and many other flowers he couldn’t name. He eventually wound up at the restaurant and sat at the bar waiting for Dinah. Darkness had set on the moonless night and Mark was used to Dinah taking her time getting ready but this was really taking a while. He had finished his second drink and was starting to rise to go back to the room when she entered. It took him a second to recognize her, she was sooooo different, and sooooo hot.

Her usually wild red mane of hair was straight and somewhat darker, he thought. She had dark red lipstick, which contrasted sharply with her fair skin. Her large smiling eyes, always a turn-on for him, had been enhanced by a less restrained application of liner and shadow than she usually wore. He approached her in a daze, his mouth agape. She wore a sleeveless black top with a neckline which plunged halfway down her smooth firm belly, and he wasn’t sure of what engineering feat of the tailoring kept her breasts covered but strip of fair skin was visible from her throat to just above her navel. A long black dress swept clear to the floor and as she stepped forward he saw through the long slit on the side of her dress that she was wear black stockings over her legs. He wondered if there was a garter holding them up. She reached up and kissed him when he finally made it to her, her tongue warm and soft in his mouth.

“Do you like it?” she asked, the question obviously rhetorical.

“Oh, yeah,” he said, “you look …great, although that’s hardly a good enough word.”

He took her hand and led her into the restaurant/ballroom and to their reserved table for two. He greeted many of his dive buddies as the wound their way through the room but they mostly had eyes for Dinah.

They just made the end of the dinner serving and were still eating when the music started. A few couples got up and started dancing to the mixture of soft rock and slow music. They finished their meal and Mark took her out for a spin on the floor. He was no great dancer but they enjoyed each other and were smiling and laughing as they came off the floor. Mark’s earlier drinks caught up with him and he excused himself. When he returned Dinah was dancing with a young man who tried for another dance when that one ended but Dinah declined heading back for the table. She was almost at the table when another man intercepted her and she smiled at Mark as she turned and headed back for the dance floor.

She was smiling and laughing as she danced and every now and then she would turn her head and wink at Mark. He made his way to the floor and cut in when the song ended and another slow one started. They kissed as they danced and Mark whispered in her ear, “Let’s go back to the room.”

“Not yet,” she whispered back, “I feel like dancing.”

They danced another dance after that one and went to the bar for a drink. Dinah pursed her lips around the straw as she drank, bakırköy ucuz escort looking up into Mark’s eyes as she did so. He felt his cock firm up in his shorts and was getting ready to plead his case for returning to the room again when Ivana came up and kissed him on the cheek before turning to Dinah and asking her to dance. Ivana wore a simple black dress, cut well above the knees, it’s banded collar high around her throat. An teardrop shaped opening showed a small patch of tan skin at the center of her chest. Dinah handed her drink to Mark and the two women headed for the dance floor.

Every man’s (and a large portion of the women’s) eyes were on the two as they danced, Dinah’s laugh coming across the room as they danced with abandonment. Mark was leaning on the bar watching them when Janet showed up at his elbow. “How about a dance, sailor,” she asked. Janet was also dressed in black, her dress similar to Ivana’s but with a lower neckline, showing plenty of cleavage. She grabbed his hand and led him out to the floor where they joined Dinah and Ivana. The novelty of the two women had worn off and the floor had filled up. Mark danced with Ivana next, swapping partners with Dinah. He noticed Janet and Dinah whispering to each other as they slow danced, Ivana’s head on his shoulder.

At last Mark was able to get back with Dinah for one last dance and finally, she was ready to go. They both hugged and kissed Janet goodbye having exchanged email addresses before they left the boat. They waved goodnight to Ivana as they left the room and a swarm of men approached her and Janet.

They walked silently out to their hut and Mark lit the storm lamp. Dinah had taken something off the table and swept it behind her back. “Turn around,” she said. Mark did as he was told and a black blindfold was pulled down over his eyes and tied at the back of his head. With the touch of her hand he turned again, “No touching,” she said as she unbuttoned his shirt. He shoved his hands in his pockets when he felt her fingers circling his nipples then pinching them suddenly. He moaned in a mixture of pleasure, pain and surprise then he felt his shorts being unbuttoned. They, along with his boxers, were pulled down and he stepped out of them. He heard her breathing quicken as she leaned against him, kissing and nipping at his neck with her teeth. His cock stood out proud and he was dying for her to touch it but with her hands flat on his chest she pushed him back to the bed where he sat down.

“Lay down,” she said, “with you’re hands over your head.” He did as directed and he felt a soft rope get tied around one wrist, then the other. Then each ankle was tied and he laid spread eagled on the bed. He felt Dinah straddle his stomach, her dress spreading out over him as she settled down on him. He felt her warm, wet pussy on his skin, answering the question as to whether she was wearing underwear.

“You didn’t tell me the full extent of Ivana’s attempt at seduction, did you,” she said, rubbing her wetness down his stomach.

His cock twitched as he said, “She was very convincing.”

“It sounded like it,” she said, now rubbing her very wet pussy up and down his shaft and balls. “Did you like her pussy, did you want to lick it … did you want to fuck it?” The tip of his cock momentarily caught at the entrance to her vagina and Mark thrust vainly up to it, but Dinah pulled away and swung off him.

He felt her kneel on the bed by his head and his hand came in contact with her pussy. He stroked it as good as the ropes would allow as Dinah gyrated around on it. “Make me feel good, babe,” she whispered as his fingertips were just able to the puffy lips. “That’s nice, babe,” she said, adjusting her position again so she now straddled his chest. She rubbed her cunt over his hairy chest, then rose again and he felt her dress settle over his head as she scooted forward, he could smell the delicious scent of her pussy not. “Did her mouth feel good around your cock?” she panted as she lowered her pussy lips to his mouth, moaning as his eager tongue plunged into her, scooping the juice out of her then tickling her clit. She rocked her hips, grabbing a handful of his hair, her juices now running down his chin and cheeks. “I bet she looked up at you as she sucked your cock. I bet you wanted to come allover that beautiful face, didn’t you?” she rocked faster, she was close now. She turned her head to Janet who had silently entered and nodded, Janet led Ivana to a chair and whispered, “No touching, anybody.” Ivana nodded and held her hands in her lap.

Dinah’s orgasm broke over her, Mark’s tongue playing swiftly around her clit as her juices oozed over his face. He felt her slump forward, resting her head on the headboard as she caught her breath. He continued to softly lick her until she finally rolled off him and lay beside him, breathing deeply.

Janet’s voice sounded in the quiet room, startling Mark. “Now, the key to pleasing a cock, at least başakşehir escort this cock, is to stroke it all over.” Janet’s fingertips slid over his twitching cock, causing him to involuntarily thrust upward. “It’s pretty aroused right now,” she said, “look at how it’s leaking.” Janet’s tongue licked across the head, it’s tip momentarily probing the opening as it passed over. “Mmmmmm,” Janet said before she took his cock into her mouth, the warm wetness extracting a moan from Mark as she took it to the back of his throat. She pulled back, keeping just the head in her mouth and stroked the shaft up and down with her hand, the other hand lightly tickling his balls. She continued, stroking and sucking until his balls drew up tight then she stopped, eliciting a groan from Mark who was nonetheless wise enough not to beg.

“His balls draw up very tight just before he cums,” Mark heard Janet continue her discourse, “But he’s not to cum yet, maybe we won’t let him come at all.”

Ivana was shifting in her seat, she had been sexually excited during the planning stages, and when helping Dinah with her make-up, and now, after the evenings dancing and teasing she was positively aching to be touched. Dinah and Janet had be firm, though, as her penance for coming onto Mark she could only watch. Tonight.

Still unaware of Ivana’s presence, Mark continued to squirm under under Janet’s and Dinah’s unmerciful teasing. Janet moved up Mark’s body and put her wet cunt on Mark’s face, then rose as he tried to lick it. As he settled his head back onto the pillow she lowered again, pressing it against his mouth and sliding it around his face and cheeks, causing him to chase it before allowing him to give her a satisfying lick. “He loves to give head,” Mark heard Dinah’s voice saying. “His cock is still really hard but his balls have relaxed,” Mark moaned as he felt Dinah’s tongue licking the head of his sensitive cock. She took a couple of licks then sucked the entire cock into her mouth, and then releasing it to the cool air again, much to Mark’s disappointment “But I don’t think he can do two things at once,” Dinah dryly noted. “He stopped licking Janet’s pussy.”

Mark immediately resumed his oral pleasing of Janet, but now he wondered if they were just playing with him with their words, or if there were someone else in the room. He felt Dinah swing her leg over him then felt her grasp his shaft and rub it back and forth across the wet opening of her vagina. With maddening slowness she lowered her slippery pussy down onto his cock, rocking her hips side to side when she reached the bottom, ensuring he was buried deep within her. Mark continued licking Janet as Dinah began riding him slowly, he could feel her finger as she pleasured her clit and was rocking her pelvis, minimizing his stimulation while maximizing hers.

They continued, Dinah fucking, Mark licking, and Janet moaning for a short time before Dinah rose off him, leaving his cock waving wetly in the air. Janet moved from his face to his waist where Dinah began rubbing his cock against Janet’s pussy. With a gentle pressure on Janet’s shoulder Dinah pushed her down onto Mark’s cock. After a settling moan Janet lay down on Mark, her breasts pressing against his chest, and began rocking her hips as she kissed his sex slippery face. Mark felt his ankles released from their bonds, then, as his hands were being release Dinah told him, “Leave the blindfold on.”

Mark immediately reached down and grabbed Janet’s ass and began pumping his cock in and out of her, much to her delight. “Yeah, babe, fuck me, fuck me good. It’s been such a long time since I had a real cock.” Spurred on by her words he held her as he rolled her over onto her back, his cock still twitching within her now convulsing vagina. With her calves on his shoulders he pounded into her, the sudden increase in physical exertion causing him to breathe hard.

“Fuck her good babe,” Dinah said, sitting down beside them, reaching back to stroke his balls. “She’s been talking about it all week, how good your cock would feel in her cunt. Fuck her harder.”

Mark’s naked body began to shine with fine sheen as he slammed into Janet, a grunt leaving her at the bottom of each thrust. Her wildly convulsing pussy massaged his cock, she was marvelously tight and wet. And then her orgasm started, a low growl in throat, her hands gripped into Mark’s back forcing him faster and hard. “aaaaaagh,” Janet almost screamed out. “OH ….. fuck! Ohhhhhhhhhh … fuck.” Thrusting up into Mark, pulling him down into her, harder, harder. Dinah saw Ivana rocking in her seat, her hands clenched into tight fists in her lap.

Mark held back as long as possible, making the pressure build … at the touch of Dinah’s fingertip to has tight balls he went over too, shot after shot of hot jizz firing into Janet’ cunt, his continued thrusting and Janet’s convulsing pussy forcing dribbles of the white fluid out around his cock, coating her lips…

They lay, breathing deeply, enjoying the tingling throughout their extremities as their climaxes tapered off. Mark eased himself off and out of Janet, laying beside her. Dinah leaned over and kissed him, “Was that good one?” A smile from behind the blindfold was her only answer. Janet, too, lay speechless for a few minutes. Ivana was smiling broadly at Dinah, licking her lips.

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