Wine , Kisses

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I am waiting for you to arrive home after a hard day at work. You called me right before you left, as is our custom. As soon as we hung up, I raced to get ready. Shower, lotion, perfume, long hair shiny and done the way you like it, I have on your favorite teddy. I am just finishing applying my lipstick when I hear your key in the door.

I fly out of the bathroom, and down the hall to the living room, where I give you a big hug, and deep slow kiss at the door. Hanging up your coat, I take your hand and lead you to the couch, where you can see I’ve poured wine. The only light is coming from the fireplace and a couple of candles arranged around the room.

As you stand in front of the couch, I kiss you again. Your arms snake around me, and I feel how hard your day was. The pressures of work are still in your body, and I want to relieve them from you. Our tongues mingle in greeting as my hand moves to your shirt, where I start to unfasten the buttons. My hands sneak in and feel the texture akyurt escort of your chest as I start to nibble along your jaw line. As I continue to unbutton your shirt, my lips trail down your neck. I inhale, breathing your scent as I start to undo your pants.

Breaking away for a moment, you look at me. It’s not been our custom to let me take the lead. You usually seduce me. But tonight, I know that you need to be taken care of, and I yearn to do it. Smiling, I look at you and say, “Let me?” You close your eyes as you nod.

I peel the shirt from your shoulders and arms. Your pants and underwear slide down your legs, and I gently push you to sit on the couch. Kneeling down, I take off your shoes and socks, one by one, massaging those tired feet a bit, and finally releasing your legs from the last of your clothes.

You are fully naked, sitting on the couch, and I am kneeling in front of you, between your knees. I take a glass of wine and bring it up ayaş escort to your lips for a drink. I watch your throat muscles move as you swallow. Who knew that sight could turn me on so much? I take your glass, and sip from it myself. Leaving a little bit of liquid in my mouth, I go back to kissing your neck. I love the way you shiver slightly as my lips and tongue caress your skin.

I take another sip and move down your chest and belly, leaving a trail of wine and kisses until I reach your cock. Taking yet another sip, I slowly take your hardness into my mouth before I swallow. The room temperature liquid filling my mouth, along with you, is a pleasure that you haven’t felt before, and you marvel in its newness. My tongue starts to move around your shaft, as the wine in my mouth moves from side to side. Up and down I go, my lips glued to you, and my tongue rubbing the spot that you love, just underneath the head of your shaft. My hand steals to your balls, and I ankara escort tickle and play with them as I continue to pleasure you with the wine and my tongue. I can feel them tightening, and though I would love to tease your for an eternity, taking you to the brink and backing off…I feel that tonight, you need release. At least right now…Later on is time enough for my pleasure.

Slowly, I swallow the wine, as I draw you deeper inside my mouth. Swallowing the wine creates quite a bit of suction, and you inhale sharply as you feel your cock hitting the back of my throat, and beyond. You start to shudder as my hand sneaks behind your balls, and starts to rub lightly but firmly at the spot back there. You can’t hold out, and you put your hands on my head, rocking back and forth, as I hang on, never once letting up on my sucking and licking.

As I feel you start to cum, my eyes look up at you. How I love to see the orgasm on your face, and in your eyes. I feel the waves coming off your body, as you spurt your hot cum into my mouth. Your whole body spasms tell me that I’ve done a good job, and as you relax, you place your hands on my head, stroking my hair as it falls to your knees. I smile as I continue to lick your cum and the last of the wine off your cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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