Wife whores out daughters to pay off gambling debt(Part 1)

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Before I start this story, let me tell you a little bit about my family. My wife’s name is Krystal, and she has a very nice body (34B-25-35). She works out at our local gym. Our sex life over the years has been quite steady, and she does a good job taking care of the house and raising our two girls. Katie is the oldest at 17. She has an athletic body, and has small boobs maybe 32A. Kathy is 15, and is a very bubbly type of girl. Her body developed faster than Katie’s did, and she has 34C boobs. They both have auburn hair and brown eyes. They take after their mother in looks, as she has auburn hair and brown eyes.

The past six month’s things have not been going very well in our household. Our sex life has been poor. Krystal seems distant, and disinterested in sex. There is a feeling that something is wrong. Nobody seems to talk with each other, we seem as strangers in our own house.

I have been really busy with work the past year, our company has put in some new products, and I am the main salesman for the Midwest region. I am also a computer geek. I got some state of the art web cams, and a new external hard drive, with 3 TB of memory.

Before I left on my business trip to Chicago, I got out my web cams and put them in the bedroom covering all the angles, just to see what might be going on in there while I was gone. I also set up some of the camera’s up in various other rooms in the house. I set up my laptop to act as a go between to my new external hard drive, so that it could record everything with lots of memory space. I had them set to start recording at 6:00 p.m. Sunday night, and record continuously till I got home. The camera’s would not record, unless something trips their electric eye.

“I would be home sometime Friday late afternoon,” I told Krystal as I gave her a kiss goodbye, and headed out the door for Chicago.

Things wrapped up early for me, and I headed home Thursday. I tried to call, but the phone just rang, and none of the girls seemed to answer their cell phones. That in it self was very odd.

It was late Thursday evening, as I got to my house. I noticed a strange car out in front of my house. So I circled the block to check things out before stopping just before my house. I went around the house and the dog was chained outside, which is something that she never does, unless someone is there that the dog doesn’t like and barks at them. Things were starting to smell funny to me, even the dog did not bark, as he was glad to see me, almost like he has been outside for along time. I petted his head and scratched his ears to calm him down, so he would not make any noise.

I open the back door and let myself in as quietly as possible. I sneaked up the stairs, and I could hear sounds coming from my bedroom. I slowly open the door to see what was going on, and I got the shock of my life. Here were two big black bucks fucking my two daughters, as my naked wife watched them. I watched for a few minutes, and then I slinked back down the hallway to the stairs and down the stairs to my office. I went through my drawers till I found my pistol. I went charging back up the stairs to end this torture to my two baby girls.

I crashed through the bedroom door, and I pointed the guy at the two black bastards.

“Get the fuck off my daughters, or I will kill you both on the spot,” I growled at them in pure hate.

“Whoa man put that gun down we don’t want anybody gettin’ hurt here,” canlı bahis the biggest black man said to me, as they got off my two daughters.

“Kevin what are you doing?” my wife says as she starts to fight with me over the gun.

The next thing I know I wake up naked tied to a chair. My two girls are on the floor tied to the bed posts.

The black guys are having their way with my wife. I could not believe just how big their dicks were, at least 10″ long and big around as my fist. They were taking turns pounding my wife’s pussy. I could not see her face, because she had a pillow over it. Finally they double teamed her, with one fucking her pussy, and the other was fucking her ass. I thought for sure that they were going to split her in two. I did not think that her two holes could stretch that far to accommodate those huge pricks. They must have cum, as they both had their cock’s out and up to her mouth, and she was licking them both clean.

They got dress and called my wife a slut and whore, and said they would be back to fuck her and the girls again, and they better be ready, as this was the only way to pay off her debt. They asked me, “if I enjoyed the show. Get used to it, for it was going to happen every weekend till the debt is paid. Next time maybe we will shove our cock’s up your ass,” they laughed as they slapped me a few times.

After they left, my wife untied me and the girls. I was livid. “Just what the fuck is going on here.” I screamed at her. Everybody was crying, and I was getting nothing out of them. I figured to let things calm down for the moment.

I headed back to my office to see just what my camera’s captured for me. Sunday night, and Monday it is quiet, I did not see her around, so I assume she was gone somewhere. Tuesday afternoon she comes home from work early, and there is a guy with her. Fuck I could not believe it, here was our neighbor, a fucking guy neither of us liked. He is put his meat to good use on my wife and she seems to be enjoying it, I think. Later on that night, two men and a woman show up. I have know idea who they are. After a short chat, my wife takes them up to our bedroom, where they proceed to have an orgy my bed. She is sucking and fucking both men and the woman. I just can’t believe it but I am starting to get a big hard on. She is doing stuff with them that she would never try with me, that bitch. Wednesday is quiet till later in the evening, when the girls come into her room and they all get together on our bed and hold each other, and it looks like they are sobbing. She goes to work in the morning, but comes home at noon, with a couple of her male co-workers for a nooner. For an hour they spend time in bed sucking and fucking her. I can’t believe what a slut she has become all of a sudden.

Thursday night the two black guys show up at dusk, and they start to slap my wife around. I could hear them swearing and screaming at her, the big guy then said, “that their boss is pissed because she did not show up with her two girls, for a client that he had set up for her to service Wednesday night.” My two daughters arrived home and they were quickly subdued, and tied up and gagged to stop their screaming, and struggling.

The real big black guy starts to talk, “now you three listen real good, cause I only going to say this once, and then we start hurting someone. Do you understand?” he asked them.

The three of them nodded their heads yes.

“Good bahis siteleri now here is the problem, your mother missed an appointment she was supposed to bring you girls to, and we are here to enforce the punishment.” He stated to them.

I watched as they took the three women upstairs to our bedroom, and proceeded to strip them and fuck them silly. I left the computer and walked back upstairs to the bedroom. The girls had calmed down some what, and I started to find out just what is going on.

Krystal started talking through sobs, “she got herself deep in debt from gambling, and that the casino people were really nice to her, and tried to help her out, but in the end they had her turning tricks to pay down her debt. The neighbor behind us helped by paying off some of the debt, in exchange for sex.” She told me.

“You don’t even like the fucking guy, why would you fuck him?” I said starting to get pissed again. That just made her cry harder.

“What about the orgy with your co-workers?” I asked her. She just hung her head, “they were blackmailing me into it, they knew about the trouble I had gotten into.” She said through her tears.

What about the two big black guys?” I demanded to know.

“They work for the casino boss, and are his debt collectors.” She said sadly.

I sat down on the chair and tried to think this mess through. I could take the video to the cops and have them arrest the two black guys for sex with a minor, but they would just send some different enforcers and someone here could get hurt. Man did my head hurt from all this stress, and the knockout punch that I never saw.

I looked over at my two daughters and my wife sitting on the bed, all three of them naked, holding on to each other, and sobbing softly.

“How much do you owe the casino?” I asked her with some disgust in my voice.

“40 thousand,” She softly said to me.

“You think turning tricks is going to pay this off?” I asked her in disbelieved. “And and you got our daughters involved in this fucking mess. I fucking can’t believe it.” I shout as my whole body started to shake.

“They prey on women just like you, they will suck the life right out of you, and discard your worn out body when they are done with you.” I tried to explain to her, but she just sat there crying.

“You not only have ruined your life, but your daughters and mine also.” I said as I was really worked up.

Now I have all three of them crying like babies.

“Well I guess we will have to buy ourselves out of this mess, in the morning I will go to the bank and cash in our saving and the girls college fund, and remortgage our house.” I said in a revolting tone.

Nobody said a word, as I looked at each one of them. Finally Krystal broke down and cries and said through sobs, “I have gamble the savings, checking and college fund away.”

I was stunned how all this could happen right under my nose, and I did not suspect a thing wrong. I got up grabbed my robe, I walked out and went downstairs, before I did something that I might regret later. I went out back and let the dog into the house. We both headed to the kitchen to get some food, as I made myself a sandwich, which I shared with the dog.

A short time later Katie came into the kitchen wearing a robe, and put her arms around my neck.

“Daddy’s I am so sorry about what has happen.” She sobbed into my ear.

“It is ok honey, I don’t blame you or your bahis şirketleri sister for this mess. I am just sorry that your mother dragged you both into it. It is not right for teenage girls to be used as sex toys to pay off a gambling debt. In some aspect I blame myself for not understanding what was going on sooner.”
I told her with a reassuring smile. “Why don’t you go upstairs and take a shower and go to bed, and I will try and figure what to do tomorrow.” I told her

“Thanks daddy, I love you.” She said as she kissed me on the cheek.

“I love you to baby,” I replied as I gave her a hug.

I figure tomorrow I would go down and talk with my lawyer and see if he had any ideas on just what we should do. I locked the house up and headed over to the couch to sleep, as there was no way that I was sleeping in the soiled bed, with that whore of a wife in it.

After a while I could hear Krystal come down the stairs a little bit, and call out to me.

“Kevin I cleaned the room up and changed the sheets on the bed, are you coming up to bed with me?’ She asked me.

When I did not respond, she called again, and again I made no response. I could hear her give a sharp sob and headed back to the bedroom.

Friday morning I heard the girls in the kitchen getting breakfast. When Krystal call to me, “Kevin would you like anything for breakfast?”

“No, I will get my own,” I hollered back.

It got real quiet in the kitchen after that. A short time later the girls left for school and Krystal left for work. I got up and went to the kitchen to fix my breakfast. I was off today after being gone for the week in Chicago. I went to see my lawyer, but he was out of town and would be back Monday, so I made an appointment and left. Next I went to the bank to see what I could do about rasing the 40 thousand dollars. I knew the bank president, and talked with him on the problem, and the some of the possible solutions. “I will look into what we can do for you Kevin, and get back with first part of next week.” He told me.

I got home around noon and had lunch. Afterward I got on my computer and typed up a report of what has happen to Krystal and the girls, with this gambling problem and all the sex they were forced to due. I attached the report to the video of the sex acts and then made some copies. I went back to the bank and place a couple of the copies in my safety box that I had there.

I stopped at the office to check in and see what if anything is up. I chatted with the boss and told how things went in Chicago, and that Monday I would file my report with him. I wished him a good weekend and left to go home.

I got home and Krystal had dinner going and it smell good. As the four of us ate our dinner, I informed them of my day and how things went at the bank. Krystal gave me a grateful look. After dinner I went back to my computer and watched the video over again. The more I watched it the harder my cock was getting. Soon I had my cock out and was softly stroking it as I watched the video. This was better than a lot of porn that I watch.

I was so intent on watching the screen, I did not hear my two daughters seek in on me.

“O MY GOD,” I heard a gasp behind me.

I spun around with my cock in my hand, and stared right into the wide open eyes of my two daughters.

“MOM MOM come here and see this,” Kathy yelled at the top of her voice.

Fuck I am busted. Fuck fuck fuck I thought to myself.

Sorry about not as much sex in the first chapter, i was trying to set up the story first. Chapter two will have more sex in it.

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