Wife Rules Cuckold

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Wife Rules Cuckold
“Oh god, I am so horny,” I thought when I woke up this morning with a bulging erection. I reached down slowly to touch my member ensuring that I didn’t arouse suspicion in my partner lying next to me. It felt good, it need to be stimulated. I wanted sexual release, but I knew that wasn’t up to me. My wife has expressly forbid me to masturbate without her permission.

I looked over at her loveliness, her curly brown hair dr****g the pillow and her lips pouting in an innocently c***dish way. I rolled over reached up under her shirt and gently caressed her small breasts and nipples. Her skin was so soft and her nipples were perpetually erect. We have been married eight years and I find her even more physically attractive today than the first time we met. Shannon always sleeps naked next to me. She knows how horny I get. Her ability to rouse me sexually so easily reinforces the feeling of power she has in our relationship, a power she loves more than any physical pleasure life can offer.

“Mmm,” she moaned with her eyes still closed. Her small breasts were so sensitive and she loved it when they were caressed in this gentle way. I continued to rub them while carefully observing the expression on her face. I knew that she was enjoying herself and I hoped that I might get lucky this morning.

With my free hand I released my penis from my restraining underwear. I brought my erect 5 inch cock next to her bare snatch and began to press the head of my naked penis against her, as of yet, dry pussy lips. The tip of my penis was literally dripping with precum, and despite my wife’s dry state my cock’s modest size allowed me to spread her lips. The moment my glans entered her cunt Shannon’s expression soured and she slapped my cock away.

“What a cunt!” she yelled at me. “There is no fucking way you are going to fuck me bareback you little bitch!” She was pissed. “You know I am not on any fucking birth control”.

“I’m sorry honey, I just need your wonderful pussy,” I tried to charm her with my sensitivity. “You were looking so beautiful lying there.”

I failed.

“How inconsiderate, there is no way in hell I am going have another one of your k**s!” Shannon scorned. We had two daughters 6 and 8 years of age. “What if I was to have boy, and he turned out to have a small cock as pathetic as yours”. After our youngest daughter was born my wife resumed taking birth control but only three months ago she stopped because she felt that it dampened her libido too much and she found it exciting not to be protected in that way. What this means for me is that I have to use condoms each time we have sex, and it has been months since I have felt the softness her womanhood against my longing penis.

“I’m sorry Shannon, you know I need some release.”

“You are so pathetic, why can’t you control your perverted urges like real man,” she scoffed.

Shannon climbed out of bed, stood at the mirror, and started brushing her hair and fixing her makeup. She was wearing one of her boyfriends large t-shirts. She always wore these when we were in bed together. Firstly, she told me that wearing her boyfriends clothes while we were sleeping in bed together comforted her in knowing that she could have “real man” when she needs one. The second reason is that she never wasted an opportunity to humiliate me by reminding me that another man was fucking her pussy.

The shirt stopped about half way down her ass. Her toned legs and the tight round globes of her ass were beautifully accented by the t-shirt. It reminded me of how I was first attracted to her great legs when we met in college. She was on the varsity soccer team so most would assume that she would have gone for a jock type as opposed to a debate team nerd like me. Well I had money and sweet car and at that time that seemed to matter to her a lot. When we started to date we used to fuck a lot. Shannon was up for anything and it didn’t matter if a dormmate was sleeping in the next bed or not we were going to fuck. Let’s just say we weren’t always careful and she got pregnant in her sophomore year. So we went down the cliché road of getting married to raise the k**. I still think she resents me for the fact she never had a chance to go as far in college sports as she had hoped and that is probably why we only have two c***dren together.

After a few minutes of staring at her I had lost my erection and felt a little sad about my position in life and my inability to satisfy my own wife sexually. When Shannon finished brushing her hair she turned to me.

“Alright, you little bitch, I am going to let you ejaculate,” she snarled, “It’s more than you deserve.”

“Thank you,” I replied.

“Where are your fucking manners?!” she yelled.

“I’m sorry, thank you mistress,” I grovelled.

“Go to the bathroom, take your close off, and don’t even fucking think about touching yourself until I join you.”

I took off my shirt and walked naked to the bathroom and sat on the toilet to wait for my wife. While I was I waiting for her I was intensely aroused. My erection began to throb in anticipation of its first ejaculation in nearly two weeks. It took all my will power not to touch myself, but I knew that any deviation from her instructions would only cause me further denial.

Shannon walked in the room wearing her one of her fitness outfits. Since the k**s are at school during the day she has a fair bit of time to work on her body. It was her usual routine to go the gym and exercise while I was at work. In reality though, I know that a lot more goes on at the fitness club than exercise.

She looked hot as ever. She wore her tight blue lululemon pants which clung snugly against her ass. She was probably wearing a thong underneath because these skin-tight pants would have shown panty lines had she worn anything that provided more coverage. On top she was wearing a matching hoodie and I could guess that she was wearing sports bra underneath that would allow her to show off her abdominals to the guys at the gym.

“Alright let’s see this pathetic cock of yours,” she said with disdain, looking down at my somewhat smaller than average member. “A cock like this doesn’t even deserve to ejaculate. But, because I love you I will look past that for a moment.” She wiped the precum off the tip of my penis and used it for lubrication as she began stroking me. It felt so good to have my penis attended to and I knew I wasn’t going to last very long.

“You know honey; I am disappointed in your behavior this morning,” she continued to stroke me slowly. “Because you broke the rules that I have clearly in place for you, you are going to have to help me get ready for my date with Chuck tonight.” When she said this I could feel my orgasm building. Shannon güvenilir bahis siteleri must have seen it in my face because she immediately slowed the pace of her hand job adding to the frustration. “First you are going to pick up my dress from the dry cleaners, then you are going to make dinner reservations at the restaurant you proposed to me in, and finally you are going to make the spare room ready, because you are going to be sleeping there while Chuck and I fuck in the master bed room.”

The combination of jealousy and arousal I was feeling was more than I could take, I was about to explode my load. When I reached the moment of no return she stopped stroking me and squeezed my balls tightly effectively abandoning my penis and denying me stimulation at the most critical point in the orgasm.

“Uhh,” I moaned as a very subdued orgasm took over. My cum slowly arrived at the urethral meatus and spilled over my cockhead. I could feel the urethral muscles move the ejaculate to the tip but in the end it did not feel very intense.

Shannon smiled, “You don’t cum very hard do you hubby? I’m actually amazed you got me pregnant twice… Now go clean yourself up.” I grabbed some toilet paper and wiped the white fluid from the tip of my penis. “Oh, don’t put your clothes on just yet honey,” She commanded. Shannon left the room and returned leaving sufficient time for me to become completely flaccid before she returned. She brought with her my CB6000 cock cage. She made me wear this from time to time as joke, mostly; however, as evidence by her sour mood I had a feeling that this might be a bit more of a serious denial. She slid the penis tube over my shaft and locked the scrotal ring and spacers in place. “This way you won’t be tempted to masturbate while I am fucking Chuck. Now what do you say for my kindness.”

“Thank you mistress,” I replied. Although I was frustrated by subdued orgasm I just experienced I did, at least, feel some sexual release.

“Good. As a reward for you behavior this morning I am going to let you eat Chuck’s cream pie from my pussy this evening,” Shannon said slyly.

“What?” I retorted. “What about the fact that you are not on any birth control!”

“Well you should have thought about that before you tried to dry fuck me this morning. And besides just because I don’t want to carry your baby doesn’t mean I wouldn’t happily carry Chuck’s.” She said smiling.

I was devastated. I knew she had slept around a fair bit but she was always insistent on using condoms and spermicides to reduce the risk of pregnancy and disease. Shannon was only 29 and was therefore at the prime of her fertility. So I was genuinely concerned that if she followed through on this threat she would become pregnant.

“When is your period due?” I asked hoping that this was a low risk time from pregnancy.

“Well my period was about two weeks ago and I felt a little cramp this morning so I might be ovulating. You know Chuck cums a lot. I am sure that if there is an egg in there to be fertilized his ample semen will hit the mark.”

I couldn’t say anything at point and for the rest of the morning we tried to resume our regular routine. We got the k**s ready. I tried to pretend to my daughters that nothing was out of the ordinary. There are plenty of times where I wonder why I put up with Shannon’s abuse. I ask myself why I cannot be a man and take control of this relationship. When I look at my daughters all of that doubt disappears. I love my daughters and I couldn’t manage a life without them. Shannon’s father is by far the most influential attorney in the city and I know if Shannon and I were to break up I would not only lose millions of dollars and 50% of my stake my company, but I would lose custody of my daughters and my reputation would be ruined. I need Shannon, much more than she needs me and with each humiliation my sick mind becomes more attracted and more deeply bound to her.

When I got dressed for work I took care to choose pants that would not show my chastity device to obviously. My day at work was distracted slightly by the cock cage; however, the thought of some dude cumming in my wife’s unprotected uterus placed a stranglehold on my concentration. I may be the boss at work and the king of negotiation in real estate, but when it come to my cock I can’t even touch it without my wife’s explicit permission and lately masturbation has been strictly off limits.

At the end of the day I went to the dry cleaners to pick up Shannon’s dress for tonight’s date. The dress she had chosen was a stunning blue number that was specifically designed to demonstrate that she was not wearing any underwear to anyone who looked her way. The chest line was cut too low to allow a bra to be worn and the entire inside of her breasts would be visible. The dress was floor length but there was a very high cut side seam on the left that allowed her to show her entire leg up to hip, effectively demonstrating that she was nude underneath. This dress was hot, and the thought of her in it tonight made my penis bulge and strain against its cage.

Next, I made a reservation to Auberge du pommier my wife’s favorite restaurant which happens to be the place I proposed to her 9 years ago. This was the hardest of my tasks because I felt we had a special connection at this restaurant and from now on that special memory would be clouded by today’s experience.

I got home around 6:00 and brought in my wife’s gown and kissed my k**s (careful to hide my cock cage from their aggressive hugs). My wife was taking a bath upstairs readying herself for tonight’s date.

“I have your dress honey, and it looks like they did a nice job,” I was trying hard not to disappoint her. “Also, you have a reservation for two at the Auberge du pommier for 8:00.”

“Excellent,” Shannon replied. “I’m just about done in the tub. I need you to help me with a few more things.”

It was torture helping my wife get ready to fuck another man. I had always passively accepted her sexual exploits but to be forced to help her get ready and book a date for her and her loved at romantic restaurant was immasculating. Shannon got out of the tub. I could see her incredible body. Her legs were long and her abdomen ripped, and although her tits were smallish they certainly suited her athletic body. What surprised me was her pussy. It was shaved bare! I had always wanted her to shave her pussy, but she said it made her feel like a little girl and she called me a pervert for wanting her that way. I guess Chuck also liked a shaved pussy because tonight her beaver was bare.

“I need help finishing my shaving,” she said. “I need to make sure there is no hair around my asshole or any other place.” She bent over to show perabet güvenilir mi me the places and I shaved off a few hard to reach areas around her asshole and the lower part of her pussy. By the time I was done the only hair on her body was on her head. “Thanks hun.” Shannon was obviously in a better mood than this morning. She was even smiling at me affectionately. I went to bedroom to read while she finished her makeup and got dress in the bathroom. When Shannon returned to the bedroom she was wearing her evening gown.

“You looking irresistible,” I complemented her. She had an aura of sexuality about her. Any man looking at her tonight would know that she was planning on getting fucked.

“Aww, thanks that’s so sweet” she gazed at me with adoring brown eyes and leaned over to give me a peck on the cheek. We adjusted her hair so it flowed elegantly with her dress and added some final touches including a spritz of perfume to her most delicate areas. When the door bell rang there was no doubt who it was, but my wife took this opportunity to continue the teasing. “Why don’t you go see who it is?”

When I opened the door it was Chuck. We had never met before. When I saw him my immasuclation was only enhanced. I was relatively short at only 5’7″ Chuck was at least 6’2″ broad and muscular. I presumed they met at the gym since you would have to spend a great deal of time there develop his physique.

“Hey big guy, you must be Rich, Shannon’s husband.” I hated him even more when he used that patronizing expression “big guy”. Chuck stuck out his hand in a polite greeting.

“Your right, my name is Rich and it’s nice to meet you.” A lie of course but being rude was not going to help my situation any so I returned his handshake. “Shannon is ready for you.” At that moment Shannon made her way down the stairs.

“Umm, She looks tasty. Don’t worry Rich, I am a seasoned bull I will take good care of your wife tonight.”

When Shannon met chuck at the door they embraced in a deep passionate kiss. I just stood there awkwardly while Chuck grabbed my wife’s right tit roughly.

Shannon turned to me upon leaving, “Make sure the k**s are in bed by 9:30. We should be back around 11 o’clock and I expect you to be up because we are going to need your help in the bed room.”

They arrived home about 11:30. I was up watching some pointless infomercial on the TV in the living room. Shannon and Chuck we laughing and joking when they came in, obviously a bit drunk.

“Cucky where are you,” my wife yelled laughing. This was the first time I heard her use that nickname, but I wasn’t naive and understood its meaning. I came over to see her and Chuck holding hands. “Come up stairs and help us cucky.” I complied. “Take off your clothes, Rich, and show Chuck exactly what has been disappointing me all these years.”

I felt flushed immediately, but fearing Shannon’s wrath I stripped naked except for the CB6000 cock cage.

Chuck laughed, “What a fucking pathetic cock. No wonder you are so tight Shannon. I am not sure that cock is even thick enough to break a virgin’s hymen.” From experience, I know my cock is thick enough to pop a cherry so that comment was both insulting and incorrect.

“Yeah, honestly I barely feel it when we fuck,” Shannon joined in.

“Wait, you’ve stopped letting him fuck you like I asked, right?” Chuck asked in a commanding fashion .

“Of course Chuck, you are my Bull and I obeyed your instructions.” It was beginning to be clear that Shannon really wasn’t the one in charge here which made me a bit nervous. “I don’t even let him masturbate. One ruined hand job a week is all that pathetic cock gets. “Shannon turned her attention back to me. “Now Rich, Chuck is my Bull and we are both going to follow all of his instructions, you understand?”

I didn’t say anything

“Rich, go over to the sofa and I will show you how a real man fucks your wife,” chuck ordered.

Shannon was still wearing her blue evening gown and slowly removed it revealing her nakedness. Chuck leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. It was a passionate kiss between two lovers. He immediately moved a hand over her pussy and started rubbing her clitoris in a circular fashion.

“Mmm, Chuck that’s nice. Let me see your cock. Rich needs to know what it really takes to please me.”

Shannon reached over to Chuck and removed his belt, opened pants and removed them. Chuck was wearing a pair of boxer briefs and it was obvious that had a large penis within them. My wife then massaged his member through his underwear. Chuck removed his shirt revealing his impressive muscular physique. Shannon started caressing his chest and abs, obviously impressed by these masculine features. Chuck was standing at the edge of the bed while my wife was kneeling. After a moment of enjoying his athletic body she went toward his member which was the ultimate goal. She removed his underwear revealing a large semi-erect penis. Shannon had told me that his cock was 8 inches but I really didn’t appreciate how large that was until I saw it free. It looked at least twice as long and twice as thick as my own penis and it wasn’t even fully erect. My wife immediately started licking the tip of this powerful cock and stroking the shaft. When it became fully engorged it looked enormous in juxtaposition to my wife’s petite hands and face. Shannon deep throated him for a while simultaneously using a free hand to masturbate her own clitoris. I could tell that she was getting close to orgasm when she asked, “Please fuck me Chuck. Don’t use any condoms tonight I want to feel your seed inside me”.

I felt incredibly jealous at that moment. Our entire marriage I have been begging my wife for sex and just this morning she ridiculed me for trying to have sex with her. Here she was tonight begging another man fuck her unprotected.

Chuck looked at me, “You see Cuckboy, when you are real man women actually need your cock. They actually beg me for my cum.” He smiled, and I hated him all the more.

Shannon lied back and Chuck climbed on her in the missionary position. In full view his cock easily slid into my wife’s soaking pussy. I could see her labia minora stretch to accommodate his girth and she moaned in approval. Chuck made a few slow stokes and my wife’s body started to respond. My wife’s body began to shake signalling she was approaching her orgasm. While Chuck fucked her Shannon thrust her hips in perfect time with his thrusts maximizing her own stimulation. Shannon reached up and massaged her own nipples adding to the sensations she was already experiencing. Shannon’s eyes were closed and as the first wave her orgasm swept over her she yelled, “Oh Chuck your cock feels so good.” My wife convulsed violently as tipobet each swell of orgasm overwhelmed her nervous system. Shannon overwhelmed slipped into a momentary period of u*********sness. At that moment I could see the wetness at her groin grow confirming the authenticity of this orgasm. Chuck was still fucking her at a leisurely pace when my wife finally reoriented herself after what was clearly a powerful orgasm. She looked at Chuck with passionate eyes and told him, “I love you Chuck”.

I was rocked with powerful and conflicting emotions. I was devastated beyond all my previous humiliation. Chuck was obviously more than a good fuck for my wife. She had a powerful emotional relationship and the hot sex happening before me was actually the physical manifestation of that fact. At the same time that I was horrified and humiliated I felt was a deep sense of satisfaction. I loved Shannon so much and it has been agony for me over the years knowing that she wasn’t satisfied sexually. Seeing her in the throes of ecstasy made me happy, happy for her, even though I was incapable fulfilling this need.

Shannon reached up to Chuck’s hips and pulled him into her. She was encouraging him to fuck her harder and he responded in kind. Shannon moaned with each thrust as his member massaged her g-spot and other sensitive vaginal areas.

“Cum in my pussy Chuck,” Shannon asked. “Give me a cream pie for my Cuckboy.”

“Not quite yet baby,” Chuck had impressive stamina and control. He pulled out and Shannon looked at him in a disappointed way. He then rolled her over onto to her all fours in preparation to be penetrated from behind. Chuck made sure Shannon held her knees together and straddled her legs with his own while squatting. This allowed him to penetrate her deeply and thrust in her hard.

“Oh, Chuck fuck me… Keep fucking me,” Shannon begged as if Chuck actually needed some encouragement. As he fucked her I could see his balls swinging forward slamming against my Shannon’s sensitive clitoris.

“Cuckboy, why don’t you lick your wife’s clitoris while I fuck her? That way you can get a close up view of the kind big cock your wife really needs.”

“Yeah, Cuckboy lick my clit while a real man penetrates me,” Shannon laughed joining in.

I crawled underneath them and started to lick my wife’s button. Chuck slowed down his pace in order to help me participate in my wife’s pleasure. I was excited at first, because I really did enjoy licking her pussy. However, as Chuck picked up the pace I realized what he had in mind for me. As he thrust into her I could not keep my lips locked on her clitoris and found myself involuntarily licking Chucks cock. At the same time his balls now soaked in sweat and my wife’s ejaculate were smacking me in the side of the face only adding to humiliation I was already experiencing.

“Oh, yes Chuck,” my wife begged “Keep fucking me and keep licking me Cuckboy. Ohh,I feel my orgasm coming Chuck. Cum in me please. Fill my pussy with seed.”

Chuck needed no encouragement and he picked up the pace.

“Oh, Shannon, I’m going to cum.”

I could feel Chuck’s cock spasm as my face was right next to their interlocking organs. Shannon also came simultaneously with chuck, something we were never able to achieve in 8 years of marriage. Shannon’s body began to convulse, once again, as her second tidal wave orgasm of the evening overwhelmed her body. She arched her back and collapsed on her elbows as this powerful orgasm weakened her arms. I continued to lick her pussy desperately wanting to participate in the heavenly pleasure she was experiencing. While I licked her clitoris I could feel her vaginal muscles involuntarily contract around Chuck’s cock giving him the pleasure I have completely denied and encouraging the movement of his semen into her fertile uterus.

After what seemed like an eternity Shannon’s orgasm eventually subsided. Her and Chuck laid together enjoying their afterglow. They cuddled like experienced lovers and Chuck gently pecked her neck. After several minutes of this Chuck was sufficiently flaccid and removed his penis from my wife’s wet cunt. I could see a large gob of his semen at her introitus and my wife could feel that it was there also.

“Now clean me up Cuckboy,” my wife commanded. “Clean up Chucks wonderful cum.”

I had never tasted cum before and was a little disgusted at the thought but I knew I had no choice. Shannon rolled on her back and spread her legs.

“You might be there a while honey, Chuck’s cock was deep in me and he shoots a lot of cum.”

I crawled forward to lick her pussy. There was a slight farting sound and Shannon squeezed out his volumous cum on my face which only added to the vulgarity of the situation. His jism tasted bitter and fouled what would normally be the pleasurable experience providing cunnilingus for my wife.

“Oh yes Cuckboy. Eat Chuck’s cum.” Shannon pressed my face firmly into her groin where I doubled my efforts to both swallow Chuck’s disgusting ejaculate and licked my beautiful wife’s clitoris. I was committed to giving my wife at least one orgasm tonight to prove my usefulness in a limited fashion, and I did not fail.

“Oh yesssss, Cuckboy clean my pussy… yess.” Shannon’s third orgasm of the night swept over her body and as her vaginal muscles contracted involuntarily her pussy offered me yet even more of Chucks DNA.

I looked up at my wife with the most loving eyes I could offer her considering the situation.

Chuck saw this and laughed, “I think he enjoys eating another man’s semen. Well don’t worry Cucky there is plenty more where that came from.”

Shannon regained her composure. “I think we have had enough of your participation Cuckboy. Let me tuck you into bed.”

Shannon led me by my hand to the guest bedroom and got me into bed tucking the covers around me like we do to our daughters every night. She lied down beside me still completely naked covered in sweat and smelling like Chuck’s sex and cuddled me for a moment.

“You know I love you honey, and I need a Cuckboy,” she said affectionately.

“I love you too.”

“Chuck and I are going to spend the night in our bed,” Shannon informed me. “I came to the realization this morning that the master bedroom is meant real lovers like Chuck and me. From now on the guest room is going to be your bedroom Rich. That way you won’t be tempted to fuck me like you were this morning, and the sanctity of the wedding bed will remain as it will be used only for me and my lovers. I know you will understand honey. Have a good night.”

And with that she kissed me on the forehead like one of our daughters and left the room to the powerful embrace of Chuck. A single tear rolled down my cheek as I contemplated my situation. I was no longer the man in my wife’s life. I was her cuckold. The humiliation frustration and satisfaction that this role brought me was better than anything I ever could expect. I knew I was a man no longer I would be a cuckold for the rest of my life and would not have it any other way.

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