Wicked Halloween Costume Party

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The Halloween party was in full swing and Doug and Marie were pleased with the results. The basement was almost packed wall to wall with friends in costumes of every variety. Doug handed Marie a cup of punch and they watched as one of the couples strolled passed, he dressed as an Arabian sheik and she dressed as a belly dancer, the jewels and trinkets of her costume jingling merrily.

Doug had spent a couple of months scaring up all of the things he’d used to decorate their large finished basement for the party. In fact, he’d been very secretive and had gone to great lengths to keep Marie out of the basement altogether until he was finished. She’d been willing to go along and indulge him at first, but became mildly annoyed after the first month. But she had to admit, as she looked around, she was glad that she had waited. He couldn’t have done a more perfect job if he’d hired a Hollywood set designer to decorate the basement in the style of an old B horror movie. Spider webs hung from the ceiling, black lights replaced the regular bulbs in the table lamps and red lights shown up from behind the furniture. Orange, black and purple streamers hung from the walls and ceiling, along with a variety of rubber bats and large spiders. Propped in one corner was a stereotypical wooden coffin. The lid was hanging open and a very realistic dummy vampire was lying within, blood dripping from his fangs.

He’d even set up a mad scientist’s laboratory in another corner next to their built in bar. Marie had marveled over his eye for detail. He had taken the time to find some sort of material that looked like stone blocks and hung it up in the corner where he’d constructed the lab. Small colored lights shined on glass beakers, which bubbled and dry ice provided a smoking effect. Clear tubes ran everywhere and ended in various containers full of colored liquid. One of the containers housed a very realistic looking human brain and a pair of eyeballs. The lab was the hit of the party!

Marie had likewise outdone herself in the food and drink department. Everyone commented on the wonderful food set out on long tables and Doug was eventually relieved at the bar by one of their friends so he could grab a bite to eat and mingle with the guests.

As they stood near the punch bowl, they commented to each other on how creative their friends had been with their costumes. They really weren’t sure how well a costume party would go over, but it looked like everyone was having a great time and some were even acting out their costumes, which got some laughs from the rest of the crowd. In fact, their friends Frank and Liz had shown up dressed as Robin Hood and Maid Marian. Frank was strolling around the party, robbing the rich of their food and drinks and giving to the poor. He attempted to talk several partygoers into letting him shoot an apple off their head with an arrow until Marie had told him that had been William Tell, not Robin Hood. Of course, Frank had then tried to sweet talk Marie into accompanying him to his tree house in the words where he would introduce her to his “merry man”.

Since Doug had made the basement off limits, Marie had decided that she would keep her costume idea a secret and not reveal it until she had to get dressed for the party. Doug had been amused, but he played along just as Marie had with his decorating project. Marie even refused to get dressed in front of him and he was sent to the guest room to change into his costume.

Doug had decided to dress as Batman for the party and the costume he had found on the internet was first rate. It looked identical to the costume worn by Adam West in the original tv series from the sixties. Doug wished he could have gotten his hands on a Batmobile to complete the ensemble, as he wanted to look as real as possible.

After dressing, Doug made his way to the kitchen, his dark blue cape flowing out behind him as he walked through the house. There was about an hour to go before guests would start arriving and he wanted to be ready. He was gathering up a few more things to take to the basement when he heard their bedroom door open at the other end of the house.

“Doug,” Marie called to him. “Where are you?”

“Kitchen,” Doug responded.

“Okay. I’m coming out there. But you have to close your eyes. I want this to be a surprise,” Marie said with a giggle.

“Alright,” Doug said with a smile. He was always a good sport about Marie’s surprises and this time would be no different. He closed his eyes and waited as he heard Marie walking across the hardwood floor of the living room and dining room toward the kitchen. Her footsteps stopped near the doorway and she suddenly burst out laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Doug asked, his eyes still closed.

“Open your eyes and you’ll see!” Marie said, still laughing.

Doug opened his eyes, looked at Marie and started to grin. She turned in a circle, her laughter settling to a giggle. It was almost like looking in a mirror; Marie was dressed as Batgirl, from the original sixties tv series, not from the recent movie with Alicia Silverstone.

“You like?” she asked, holding out her cape, turning from side to side. The dark purple spandex outfit fit her gölbaşı escort curvy body like a second skin and accentuated her bust, hips and butt very nicely. The hood covered her head so only her auburn hair spilled out the back and the mask covered her eyes and nose. She was wearing dark makeup around her eyes where the mask didn’t cover and bright red lipstick.

Doug laughed and took Marie in his arms, planting a kiss on her lips. “Great minds think alike!” he said. “This ought to give everyone else a good laugh too. What a great surprise!”

“I think tonight will be filled with surprises,” she said with a wink.

As the party went on, the couple greeted friends and guests and surveyed the crowed. Marie saw their close friends Tom and Amy and quickly worked her way through the crowd to say hello. Doug emptied his glass, then walked over to the bar and asked Frankenstein for a couple of beers and to whip up a couple of Love Potion #9s, then headed back to a corner of the basement where Marie was talking with the other couple. Tom had shown up in a very elaborate Dracula outfit that he proudly claimed took him several months to put together. Amy had decided to throw caution to the wind and come dressed as a very sexy version of Zorro, complete with a cape, flat broad-brimmed hat, black mask, and a foil. The two of them looked fantastic. Marie grabbed her camera and snapped a few pictures for the photo album.

Amy and Marie left Tom and Doug and made their way over to the table loaded down with snacks to grab something to munch on. Doug and Tom watched them from their vantage point across the room.

“Marie looks incredible in that Batgirl outfit,” he said with a grin. “She looks like she just stepped out of that old television show. Did you two plan to dress the same?”

Doug shook his head. “No! I was shocked when she came out of the bedroom in that outfit. I was very careful not to let on that I was going to dress up as Batman. We both just stood in the kitchen and laughed at each other before everyone got here.”

“Well, you both look great, but she’s got you beat by a mile, buddy. Those tights really show off that great butt of hers when her cape isn’t in the way!” Tom said with a laugh.

“Not to mention what it does for her chest,” Doug mused. “Of course, Amy looks amazing as Zorro. What a great idea!”

“She came up with that on her own. I encouraged her, of course,” Tom said as a sly smile spread across his face. “I just wanted to see her in those black tights and that black ruffled shirt.”

“It definitely works for her,” Doug said as he watched the two women from across the room. It wasn’t the first time that he noticed how similar the two of them were; about the same height and weight, both with long wavy auburn hair and dark brown eyes. Both women had very full, round breasts, though Marie was about a cup size larger than Amy. He wondered how much alike they were in other aspects as well, and he knew that Tom did too because he’d commented several times that he wondered if the two weren’t actually twins separated at birth.

“So what do you say, Batman? There’s no Robin around, so how about taking on Dracula as your trusty sidekick?” Tom asked with a grin. “I say we go find some crime to fight and maybe rescue some women from these evil monsters milling about!”

“That sounds like the ultimate drive-in b-horror movie… Batman meets Dracula,” Doug said with a laugh. Tom burst out laughing and nodded and the two of them made their way into the crowd with Tom shouting “Whap!”, “Boff!”, “Bam!” and “Socko!” as they went.

About an hour later, Doug stepped up to the bar with a tray full of empty glasses and bear bottles. Amy was just getting a refill from the Wolfman, who had relieved Frankenstein only a few moments before. It seemed that everyone wanted a shot at tending bar and that suited Doug just fine because it left him free to mingle and enjoy the party. Amy set her drink down and helped Doug with the tray and the empties.

“Boy, these people drink like fish!” she said with a giggle.

“You aren’t kidding! I’m glad I said it was bring your own, otherwise I’d be broke,” Doug said as he put the empty tray behind the bar. “I had to fill up three coolers with ice just to hold all the beer everyone brought!” Suddenly, the Monster Mash blared out from the stereo speakers and people started laughing and dancing.

Amy pressed up against Doug, her lips almost to his ear to be heard above the noise, “This is the best party you guys have ever thrown! I’m having a blast!”

Doug grinned at her and put his lips to her ear beneath her flat brimmed hat, “I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself!” He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and felt her shiver slightly. He looked at her with mild surprise. He’d given her plenty of friendly pecks on the cheek before tonight and he thought that this one had been no different than the others.

She looked at him and fluttered her eyes, then put her lips to his ear once more and said in a breathy voice, “Oh Batman! My hero!” Doug felt his skin tingle as her breath caressed his ear. She tipped him a wink, then picked up her drink and made her way back into the keçiören escort crowd. Doug watched her go, then turned back to the bar to get another beer. Someone playfully grabbed his ass and he turned around to see Marie standing there with a comical grin.

“So were you and Zorro comparing notes on how to fight injustice in the world today?” she asked.

“Something like that,” Doug said with a smirk. “Where have you been?”

“Trying to keep Robin Hood’s hands off my ass,” she said with a laugh. “Maid Marian finally had to sic Dracula and Frankenstein on him. The last I knew, they were discussing draining his blood and making him Frankenstein’s bride!”

Doug chuckled and shook his head. “We’ve got some seriously disturbed friends!”

“Those are the best kind! Everyone looks great, especially Tom and Amy,” Marie said. She pulled him close and hugged him tightly. “I’m having such a great time!”

“Me too,” Doug said into her ear, then gave her a long, slow kiss on the mouth.

“Hey!” a voice called out behind them. “Hey, you bats! Get a belfry!” Doug and Marie grinned as they turned to see Tom sidling up to the bar. “Bloody Mary, my good Wolfman. Hey Batgirl, Zorro is looking for you. I think she needs to borrow some lipstick. Women keep trying to kiss her when she saves them from the clutches of evil!”

“You’d think they’d notice that Zorro grew breasts!” Doug said with a grin. Marie laughed and left to find Amy.

“Fantastic party, my friend,” Tom said. “I just got through rescuing your wife from Robin Hood and his ‘little john’. I even got a kiss for my efforts!”

Doug laughed. “Yeah, she told me that he was going to be Frankie’s new bride!”

Tom laughed and nodded. “I figured that was only fair. I mean if any guy here is going to grab Batgirl’s ass, it should be me!”

Doug nodded and raised his beer to Tom’s. “As long as I can grab Zorro’s ass!”

“Be my guest,” Tom said and took a swallow of his beer. “You know, the two of them look so much alike that I’ve always sort of wondered…”

“You’ve always wondered if being with Marie would be like being with Amy,” Doug finished for him. “Right?”

Tom just looked at him a moment, then laughed. “Yeah, that’s pretty much it. I guess you’ve been wondering the same thing.”

Doug nodded. “I can’t say it hasn’t crossed my mind a few times. It sounds like you and I are on the same page. I wonder what it would take to get the girls on that page too.”

“I don’t think it would take much,” Tom said with a grin.

“What makes you so sure?” Doug asked.

“Just a feeling I get from Amy,” Tom said as he gave his friend a knowing wink and slipped off into the crowd again, holding his cape up around his face saying, “Bleh! Bleh! Bleh!” He paused to grab a mutual friend who was dressed as a jungle girl in a skimpy leopard print outfit and proceeded to bend her back in his arms and bite her on the neck playfully. Her husband, dressed in a gorilla suit, looked on and shouted encouragement along with a witch, a mummy and a zombie.

Doug made his way around the room, chatting with friends, freshening drinks and collecting empties. A friend of theirs named Susan was dressed in a nun’s habit, which struck everyone who knew her as hysterically funny. She slipped a dollar bill into Doug’s bright yellow Bat-utility belt when he handed her a drink, so he gave her a quick bump and grind, which cracked everyone up. He collected a few more empties and unloaded them at the bar, noticing that Satan was now tending bar. He grinned and helped the Lord of the Underworld fill a couple of drink orders then stood next to the bar and watched as everyone enjoyed themselves. Across the room he noticed that Zorro had Dracula by the hand and was leading him toward the downstairs bathroom. With a quick look over their shoulders, the two of them disappeared inside. Doug smiled to himself and expected to see Tom return to the party with a big grin on his face.

Once again he felt a hand on his butt. He turned around and Marie was standing there grinning at him. She leaned close, put a finger to her lips and winked, took him by the hand and led him across the room. Doug followed along, wondering where she was taking him. He soon discovered that she had her sites set on the small utility room near the front of the basement that concealed the washer and dryer, water heater, furnace and so on. She checked to see if anyone was looking, then opened the door and ducked inside. Doug quickly followed and pulled the door shut behind him.

“The host and hostess are going to be missed eventually,” he said with a smile. Once more, Marie just put her finger to her lips in a shushing motion. Doug decided that if she wanted to have a little Batman-Batgirl fantasy, he was willing to go along with her and see what happened. Marie moved close to him, ran her hands up his chest and kissed him on the mouth, lightly at first, then gently pushed her tongue between his lips. Doug could taste the sweet flavor of the alcoholic punch on her lips and in her mouth as his tongue wrestled playfully with hers. He slipped his hands around her waist then down her lower back, then down further to ankara escort cup her ass in his hands. He squeezed firmly and she moaned in his mouth and kissed him harder.

She slid one of her hands down his chest, over his stomach and pressed the palm of her hand firmly against his crotch which was already starting to throb. She found his member easily and traced her fingers slowly over the outline. The dark blue costume did little to hide the bulge growing there. She quickly broke the kiss and dropped to her knees. Doug watched as she slipped her fingers into the top of the dark blue brief and the light blue tights and slipped them down to his ankles. She wrapped her fingers around his now swollen cock and slowly stroked it back and forth, her thumb occasionally rubbing over the head, spreading a drop of pre cum around, making it slick.

Doug groaned loud enough to let her know that he definitely approved, but not so loud as to be heard by anyone that might be standing near the door to the room. She glanced up, that mischievous grin still on her face. As he watched, her tongue slipped out and flicked at the head of his cock. He let out a sigh. Her response was to lean forward and wrap her lips around his hard on and slip it all the way into her mouth and down her throat in one fluid movement. Doug let out a loud gasp, and then slapped his hand over his mouth in a comical gesture.

Marie slipped his cock out of her mouth then repeated the deep throat process several times. Doug felt his excitement rising quickly and couldn’t believe that she had him so close to coming already! He put one hand lightly on the back of her head as her mouth moved back and forth over his cock, her tongue swirling patterns over the head and the sensitive underside. She reached up and placed her hand over his on the back of her head and forced his cock roughly into her mouth. Doug knew that she normally didn’t like it if he grabbed her head and forced her like that, but she seemed so turned on at the moment, he decided to give her what she wanted. He held his hand firmly on the back of her head and began to push her head toward his cock while thrusting his hips up to meet her pretty face. She moaned her approval around his member and worked him over at a fevered pitch. Doug felt the tingling begin at his toes and work it’s way up to his balls. He knew that he was going to cum hard and as usual he voiced a warning to his wife.

“God, I’m going to cum!” he growled. She growled back at him something that sounded a little like “Gimme!” Hearing that, Doug groaned deeply and let loose his hot load. Marie sucked harder, one hand wrapped around his cock and the other gently squeezing his balls, milking every drop out of him as he shot jet after jet down her throat. He leaned back against the washing machine as she tenderly kissed the tip, licking up stray droplets. Doug looked down at her as she smiled up at him and he seemed to regain his composure in an instant.

He helped her to her feet, slipped his hands into the top of her tights and slid them down her legs. He saw that she wasn’t wearing panties, which was unusual for her, and that turned him on ever more. He helped her to step out of the tights then tossed them on top of the washer. He picked her up and set her on the edge of the dryer, then dropped to his knees between her legs. He immediately noticed that she had shaved her pussy bare! She didn’t normally do that either because she said that it itched too much when it started to grow back. It was then that he remembered her comment that the night would be full of surprises. First the matching costume, then sneaking off for a mind-numbing blowjob, going without panties all night and now a shaved pussy!

Doug took her feet in his hands and lifted them up, placing them on his shoulders. He moved his face closer and inhaled deeply, enjoying the scent of her. His fingers lightly ran over her mound and she shuddered and let out a moan. Doug smiled as he gently pulled her lips apart, exposing her soaking wet slit and her rock hard little clit. He leaned forward and lightly flicked it with his tongue. Her ass came up off the dryer with the shock, and then she settled back down.

He leaned forward and sucked her pussy lips into his mouth, one at a time, sucking them and teasing them with his tongue. One of her hands slipped down and cradled the back of his head while her other hand massaged one breast, then the other through the spandex top of her costume.

Doug softly licked her pussy around the edges, savoring the taste of her juices. Suddenly, she grasped his head firmly, pushed his face between her thighs and thrust her hips up to meet his mouth. Doug took the hint and drove his tongue as deep into her dripping pussy as he could. He slurped and sucked as her juices ran faster into his mouth and down his chin. He found her clit, wrapped his lips around it and began to alternate between sucking and flicking it with his tongue. Marie seemed to go absolutely wild at this, so he kept it up, slipping his hands beneath her ass and holding her to him tightly. Both of her hands flew to the back of his head, she arched her back as her body stiffened and let out a low animal growl as her orgasm consumed her. Her body shook repeatedly as wave after wave washed through her body. Doug did his best to keep up with her, licking her sex juice from her throbbing pussy until her orgasm subsided. She breathed deeply several times and that grin spread across her face again.

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