Who’s Who

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This story describes a moment in time (December 1990) and was written shortly after it occurred. The descriptions of the people in the story are accurate for the time however, their names may have been changed to protect the innocent. Understand that like all works “Based on a True Story”, there may be some artistic license taken.


Shortly after Leigh I had moved from Orlando to Miami, we returned to visit a friend. We had become quite close to Jonathon while living in Orlando and continued to stay in touch after we had moved.

He had invited us up for the weekend to meet his new girlfriend Soih Kong. Soih Kong, or Sue as her friends called her was from Malaysia (though she had been in the U.S. for the last 10 years) and was attending the University of Central Florida. Jonathon was attending graduate school at UCF and met Sue in one of the classes he was teaching. Jonathon was anxious for us to meet Sue, since he felt their relationship had the potential to become serious.

We picked a weekend in December for us to get together. It was going to be an informal weekend of eating, drinking and socializing. Jonathon, Sue, Leigh and I we’re going to go out to dinner on Friday, and then Sue was going to cook dinner for us and two other couples on Saturday. Leigh and I had been partying hard lately and we were looking forward to the quiet weekend.


Let me tell you about my wife Leigh and our relationship. Leigh is 5′ 11″ and weighs 136 lbs. She has an athlete’s body, with long muscular legs, and a flat stomach. Her natural C-cup (maybe closer to D) breasts are perfectly shaped and sit high on her chest. Even with their above average weight, her breasts are firm and stand out proudly, and it is no problem for her to go without a bra. Her beautiful face is framed by her long jet-black hair and accented by her sparkling green eyes. Leigh keeps her body in peak physical shape. She runs and swims (her collegiate sport) regularly as well as lifts weights. Leigh has always looked younger than her years and though at the time of this story (Winter 1990) Leigh is 27, but she could easily pass for ten years younger.

When seen from the rear, one might think that Leigh’s ass is her best feature. Her small waist flares out to two well-defined and separated ass cheeks. It amazes me that such a tiny waist can support Leigh’s top half. There’s something about seeing Leigh in a micro skirt. If it’s tight enough, each cheek is outlined, pointing the way to one of the best pleasure spots around. If you’re lucky enough to catch her bending slightly, you’ll see the bottom of her ass cheeks peak out beneath the hem of her skirt. A survey of Leigh’s legs, ass and tummy will find no ripples of fat. Her skin is so smooth that it feels like baby’s skin.

Leigh and I met during our freshman year of college (1981). We began to date and quickly fell in love. Initially, our sex life was torrid, but by the time we were juniors, we were like an old married couple. We began to experiment with fantasy and role-playing, but by accident, discovered that what really turned us on was exhibitionism (See “The Hike” for Leigh’s first exhibitionist experience). This grew into practices of Leigh flashing in public, as well as sex in front of others. Our relationship has developed in such a way that Leigh and I engage in swapping and frequently have sex with multiple partners.


Shortly after Noon on Friday Leigh and I hopped in the car and started the 3-hour trip to Orlando. We were making great time until we got to Orlando where we ran into some local traffic. This slowed us but we still got to Jonathon’s by 4:30 PM.

We were happy to see Jonathon, but unfortunately Sue was not there upon our arrival. “Sue got held up at school.” Jonathon informed us. “She’s going to meet us at the restaurant.”

Jonathon showed us around his new place. It was a two-bedroom apartment in a nice complex not too far from the campus. After the quick tour I retrieved our bags from the car and put them in the guest room.

When I got back to the living room Jonathon was fixing drinks. The three of sat and talked about the changes in our lives since we had last seen each other and our plans for Christmas and the New Year. Before we knew it was 7 PM and time to head to the restaurant.


We went to a local brew house that we had all liked when Leigh and I were living in Orlando. Jonathon and I knew the people who ran the place, so it was no time before we were seated at the best table in the place. We ordered a round of drinks and continued our conversation from the apartment.

It wasn’t long before a very attractive Asian woman entered the restaurant. “There’s my girl!” Jonathon said excitedly.

Sue couldn’t have been much over 5 feet tall (maybe 5’1″ or 5’2″) and if I told you she weighed more than 90 lbs I would be lying. She had a beautiful Oriental face that was accented by her long cobalt black hair. Her hair was in a single braid along her back that reached past her waist. Though she eve gelen escort was petite, she still had a cute hourglass figure. Her thin waist flared out to a nicely shaped ass that was accentuated by the tight jeans she was wearing. If it were not for the fact that Sue appeared to be entirely flat chested, she would have been perfect!

Leigh and I stood up and greeted Sue as if we had known her all our lives and it wasn’t long before the four of us were talking like we were old friends. Later Leigh commented to me that she thought Sue and Jonathon made a cute couple. I had to agree!

We finished dinner and decided to call it an early night. Leigh and I were tired from our drive and Sue said she needed to be in the computer lab at the university early the next morning. On the way back to Jonathon’s place I asked, “You and Sue don’t live together?”

“No,” Jonathon replied, “our relationship hasn’t gotten to that point yet.”


Leigh and I slept late and as we were getting up the next morning, Jonathon was heading out the door. “Where you goin’?” I inquired.

“One of the aerobics instructors is sick and they need a last-minute replacement. I’ll only be a couple of hours or so. Why don’t you and Leigh grab a bite to eat and then hang out at the pool. Sue should be done about the time I’m finished, and we’ll meet you there.”

“Sounds great! I’ll see you in a little while”


While Leigh took a quick shower and put on her make-up, I made us eggs and coffee. Just as I was filling the plates and pouring the coffee Leigh came out dressed in a filmy beach cover-up. I could tell that she was wearing one of my favorite bathing suits. It was a tiny blue bikini that consisted of the briefest of string tops and a thong bottom. Whenever she wore this bikini every man at the pool or on the beach was unable to take his eyes off her.

When we got to the pool there were only a few people there. Though it was sunny and in the 70’s December in Orlando isn’t exactly pool weather. By the way Leigh’s hardened nipples poked through her bikini top, I could tell that she was a little cold.

As I had predicted, as soon as Leigh removed her cover-up, the guys at the pool began to stare. While the men stared Leigh went about rubbing sun block on her exposed skin. She made certain she covered her rounded butt cheeks and well-toned stomach. When she bent over, to get her calves and ankles, a couple of guys across the pool got a clear view of her beautiful ass and literally drooled over the sight. It amazes me how Leigh can unintentionally drive men wild.

It was only about 45 minutes before Jonathon and Sue joined us. Sue was wearing a pretty sexy suit of her own. Sue wore a black string bikini that consisted of two very small triangles that just barely concealed her nipples and a G-string. Most of Sue’s small breasts were left exposed. The G-string bottom had just enough material to cover her pubic mound, but if you looked closely you could see a tuft of jet-black hair sticking out of the top of her bikini bottom.

Sue took a seat next to Leigh and Jonathon next to me, and once again we became engrossed in conversation. Leigh and Sue discussed fashion, music, and relationships, while Jonathon and I talked about cars, sports, and sex.

We spent all afternoon together and I concluded that I really liked Sue and that Jonathon, and she might have a good thing going. I told Leigh my thoughts while we were getting ready for dinner. She gave me a sly smile and said, “I’m not sure. There are some strange things going on between them.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well first off you know they haven’t had sex yet.”

My shocked look said it all, but I replied, “You’ve got to be kiddin’ me!”

“No, Sue said that Jonathon seems afraid to press the issue. She feels that he thinks she’s a virgin.”

“No virgin I’ve ever known would be caught dead in public in a bathing suit like she was wearing today.”

“Apparently, Sue is very experienced, but she had just gotten out of a bad relationship, and she told Jonathon that she wanted go slow when it came to the sex thing. Coupled with her assertions that she’s a traditional girl, Jonathon took that to mean she was a virgin.”

“I’ll be damned.” Was all I could say, “We’ll have to do something to break that ice.”

“I don’t know what, but we’ll think of something.”, Leigh replied mischievously.


Jonathon and Sue had invited two other couples to dinner. Ray and Michelle and Jake and Sharisse. Leigh and I knew both couples and though we had all engaged in flirting, flashing and heavy groping, our sexual interaction had not gone beyond that.

Michelle was a tall red head who was just shorter than Leigh. Though her shoulder length fire red hair and blue eyes drew your attention, what caught your eye first were her mammoth double D tits. They stood out proud on her chest and jiggled only slightly as she moved. The only disappointment in her looks was that despite having fatih escort a thin waist, Michelle had a flat ass and the dark slacks she wore did nothing to flatter her shape.

Unlike Michelle, Sharisse’s ass was her best feature. It had that nice round shape so typical among black women. You could tell by the way she moved that though Sharisse’s body was a compact 5’3″, 100 lbs, it was solid muscle. Sharisse had dyed her short kinky hair blond, which was a striking contrast to her chocolate brown skin. Her large lips and flat nose, as well as the way she held herself gave her the heir of a Nubian princess. As with Sue, Sharisse’s only flaw was that she also had no tits. If you had given Michelle’s tits to Sharisse or Sharisse’s ass to Michelle, you would have had perfection on two legs.

Everyone hit it off and Sue served a great dinner. The wine and liquor had flowed freely during dinner and by the time the desert dishes were being cleared, everyone felt a little drunk. The group moved to the living room and Jonathon refilled everyone’s glass.

As with any group of young and attractive (for that matter old and unattractive) adults, the talk soon turned to sex. After about 30 minutes of lively conversation, there was a lull. Sue quickly jumped in. “I heard about an interesting study that a University up in New England did. They wanted to see how well couples knew each other. They brought in couples that had been together for various periods of time. Some as little as a few months. Some as long as 15 years. The first test was to see if the men could recognize their partner’s breasts by touch. So, the men were blindfolded and led up to a line of women who were stripped to the waist. The men had to feel each woman’s breasts and then pick which one was their partner.” Sue paused for a moment and repositioned herself in her seat. “Less than 10 % of the men were able to pick out their partner by feeling their breasts.”

Michelle was the first to speak up. “I don’t believe that! I know Ray could pick me out by my feeling my tits.”

Sharisse echoed Michelle’s sentiment. “Jake knows what my boobs feel like. Don’t ya baby?” Jake nodded his agreement.

I saw Leigh flash me one of her mischievous smiles as she stood up. “Well there’s only one way to find out. Let’s recreate the experiment!”

The women looked shocked at Leigh’s suggestion. The men looked horny.

“Jonathon do you have anything we could use as a blindfold?” asked Leigh. The women couldn’t believe that Leigh was serious.

As Jonathon left the room Leigh said, “Come on girls let’s get ’em off.” Leigh began unbuttoning her white oxford shirt and in no time had revealed her lacy white half-cup bra. Her nipples were hardening and had just begun to peek over the top of the cups of her demi-bra. Michelle shrugged her shoulders and joined Leigh.

Before Jonathon had returned with a rolled-up bandana to be used as a blindfold, Leigh and Michelle had stripped to the waist. Sue and Sharisse sat there aghast and didn’t know quite what to do. Jake, Ray, and Jonathon just stared at the tits on display in front of them. It was finally Sue who broke the dead lock. She downed what remained of her wine and said, “What the hell!” as she pulled her T-shirt over her head revealing her braless chest.

“Come on honey join the fun!” Jake encouraged Sharisse. Within in half a minute Sharisse, was standing next to the other women after shedding her top and bra.

“Who wants to be first?” Leigh asked as she grabbed the blindfold from Jonathon.

Since no one volunteered, Leigh suggested Ray. “Since Michelle is so certain that Ray will be able to pick her out, we should let him go first.” Leigh moved behind Ray, dragging her bare breasts across his back and wrapped the blindfold around his head. She tied it off and then checked to see if he could see anything. Confident that Ray couldn’t see, she organized the women into a line.

I immediately saw an issue. The women were of different height and their breasts were at different levels. This would help the men in determining who was their partner. “Hey, we need to do something about your heights. We need to make it so that your boobs are at the same level.”

Everyone saw what I was talking about and looked around for solutions. Jonathon left the living room and came back with a stack of encyclopedias in his hands. I followed suit and in no time, we had set up a series of platforms using the encyclopedias. The women were now at the same height.

I studied each of the women. Not only did I want to identify Leigh, I wanted to be able to identify every woman. That’s just how competitive I am.

Leigh was the first in line. Leigh has one of the most beautiful sets of breasts I have ever seen. Though they are natural, they are almost perfectly spherical and sit high on her chest. There is no sag to them, making them extremely seductive and impossible for any guy to resist. Her areolas are about the size of a silver dollar and her nipples are long and will stick out almost a half inch when she halkalı anal yapan escort is fully aroused.

Next came Sue. Sue’s chest was in total contrast to Leigh’s. Instead of having two large spheres, Sue’s breast consisted of two slight up-turned swells. Her small breasts were accented by triangular tan lines that framed her delicate nipples. If you tried to judge Sue’s age by examining her breasts you would guess her to be about 12-years old.

Sharisse stood next to Sue and her small breasts were identical in size and shape to Sue’s. It was going to be difficult to tell Sharisse’s and Sue’s breasts apart.

At the end of the line was Michelle who proudly displayed her large tits. It was obvious that Michelle’s freckled breasts were fake, but still they were extremely attractive. Her surgeon had done an excellent job and most of the telltale signs of breast implants were not present. She did however have a half-moon scar under each areola. Though Leigh and Michelle were close in size (Michelle was bigger) it was not going to be difficult to tell their boobs apart. Fake tits just have a distinct feel that is impossible to miss.

“Okay someone needs to lead Ray over to the first woman.” Leigh instructed.

Jake grabbed Ray by the wrists and led him to Leigh. Ray reached up and firmly grasped a tit in each hand. Leigh was startled by the roughness of Ray’s initial touch and let out an inaudible gasp. Ray began massaging each globe in a circular motion and Leigh reacted by sticking her chest farther out in order to increase the pressure of Ray’s contact.

After about a minute of mauling Leigh’s tits, Ray moved onto Sue and repeated the process. After about 5 minutes he had made his way down the line and was ready to make a decision. “So, which one is Michelle?” I asked “1, 2, 3, or 4?”

A huge smiled spread across Ray’s face, “That’s easy. Number 4 is my sexy wife!”

Michelle’s reaction was immediate, and she began to clap as she jumped up and down her tits seductively bouncing with her movements. “See I told you Ray could tell which breasts were mine!” She bragged.

Still smiling, Ray pulled off the blindfold and handed it to Jake.

Leigh helped Jake put on the blindfold and as with Ray, she made sure she dragged her stiff nipples across his big chest as often as possible. When she was sure Jake couldn’t see anything, she returned to the line. Michelle had helped reorder the girls and now Sue was first in line, followed by Leigh, Sharisse, and once again at the end of the line was Michelle.

This time Ray grabbed Jake by the wrists and placed Jake’s hands on Sue’s small tits. Jake began gently pulling on Sue’s breasts. His actions were not nearly as rough as Ray’s and you could see that Sue was visibly enjoying having her tits massaged. What Jake did next was unexpected by everyone in the room. Jake bent his head down, extended his tongue and gently licked Sue’s right nipple. Sue’s breath caught in her throat as she reacted to this unexpected stimulus. Jake didn’t stop with licking Sue’s nipple. He moved his head closer and sucked her nipple into his mouth. Sue was doing everything she could do not to moan in pleasure; including biting on her hand to prevent any noise from escaping her mouth.

Once Jake had finished with Sue’s right breast he sucked on her left breast for a few moments. He then straightened back up and pinched Sue’s now fully erect nipples. Seeming satisfied with the results he moved onto Leigh and after quickly massaging her breasts began sucking on her nipples.

It wasn’t until after Jake had removed his mouth from Sharisse’s breast did I understand what reaction he was looking for. Sharisse’s fully engorged nipple was the largest nipple I had ever seen. Her nipple, which stood out almost a full inch, was the circumference of and color of a Tootsie Roll.

After Jake tweaked Sharisse’s nipples, a smile broke on his face and he moved on to Michelle. Jake already knew which woman was his wife, however he was not going to give up the opportunity to fondle Michelle’s magnificent mammaries.

When Jake had finished “examining” Michelle’s huge tits, I asked, “Okay Jake, so which one is Sharisse?”

“It was tough,” Jake responded, “But Sharisse is Number 3!”

Sharisse responded in much the same way as Michelle, “I told you my baby knew my tits!” she crowed.

Originally, I had thought it was going to be difficult to tell Sue and Sharisse’s breasts apart, but Jake had shown me how to distinguish them from each other. I also realized that this small group was on its way to smashing the results of the University Study.

“Your turn” Jake said as he tossed the blindfold to Jonathon.

Just before Jonathon turned to Leigh for help with the blindfold, he whispered to me, “How am I going to tell which one is Sue? I’ve never even touched her breasts.”

I just looked at him and shrugged, “Good luck!”

Once blindfolded Jonathon approached Sharisse who was now the first girl in line. He seemed tentative as he reached out and gently touched Sharisse’s tits. I’d never seen Jonathon be sexually timid. We had shared several women, including Leigh and he had always been an enthusiastic participant. I think his lack of sexual knowledge of Sue, along with the shock of the involvement of what he believed to be his “virginal” girlfriend was affecting his confidence.

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