White Trash Family Fun

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“WHEW! Some good fuckin pussy, baby doll!”

“I know you done got me pregnant again, sweetness. I fuckin love it!” My sister Teri smiles all pretty and shit and wiggles that super sweet, super filled sister pussy all over my fourteen and a half inches of pure bred family fucker, white thrash white dick. Bitch is hornier than the devil all liquored up at a strip club. HOT DAMN! NOTHING FINER THAN FUCKING YOUR BIG TITTY SISTER! I suck the fuck outta her E cup jugs, motorboating em silly, kissin, bitin, and suckin em senseless. Drinking down all that sweet ass titty milk shootin out into my horny ass mouth. DAMN… IT’S GOOD! (Big ass belch)

We got like eight kids together or somethin. I lose count. I got the bitch pregnant like 30 times. The damn abortions cost so much, Teri started havin em and puttin em up for adoption. Just like mama. I must gotten mama pregnant like 70 or 80 times. Somethin like that. Too much damn moonshine and meth to remember. (Another big ass belch… and big ass beer belly rub)

We got a bunch of checks comin in from the government for em so fuck it. Might as well keep fuckin and makin em. (Loud fart… Teri waves the air and grabs her crack pipe. She lights up, winkin at me as she smokes. Sexy bitch!)

I got two wives. Beth is my oldest one. She’s my age… 52. Got a hot young one too. Jessi is a super hot blonde honey. Met her in Vegas. All drunk and shit. Wifed her up and brought her back to the trailer park. She’s like 25 or somethin. I forget.

“Baby… Kaia wants some weed.” Mama tells me. She brings me a sandwich and a beer. Such a sweetheart. kırklareli escort I open my nightstand and hand her a bag of weed for my baby sister.

Kaia is eighteen and fuckin beautiful. Young blonde goddess. Gotta beat the horny motherfuckers off her round here. Spent thirty days in county jail for assaultin a peepin Tom. Bitch was peepin Kaia. I fucked him up good. Ha. Me and a couple of my drug crew violated that motherfucker big time. He moved his peepin Tom ass outta the park. Good fuckin riddance, punk! Only motherfuckers than can peep Kaia is family. The way it should be!

“Thank you, baby doll.” Mama kisses me. She grabs my dick and leans over and slurps it a little too. Such a sweet mama. She kisses the tip, leavin a big ass red kiss print on my dick. Oh yeah!

I eat my sandwich and belch again while Teri hits the crack pipe. Some good quality family bondin time for us. I love all my hot ass sisters… and mama. Hell… all my horny, trashy ass relatives. White trash for life, bitch!

I lean over and lick Teri’s milk dribblin nips. She digs that shit. I suck em hard, gulping down a mouthful of creamy titty milk. Teri’s got some sweet ass milk for sure. Mama’s is too. Tasty milk runs in the family. Granny Paula has some real good milk. Still makin that shit even at her age. It’s a gift.

I head to the bathroom. The corner of my room. Got my cousin Lisa chained up in the corner. She fuckin loves bein used like a fuck pig.

“Open up, bitch!” I tell her. She wakes up outta her moonshine daze and opens wide. I start pissin. GOD… AHHHHHHHHHH!! FEELS SO FUCKIN GOOD!! I let loose with a massive stream of warm, yellow dick liquor. Lisa gladly gulps it all down, relishing her role as worthless human toilet. Ahhhhhhh! The piss keeps comin…and Lisa keeps drinkin.

I down my beer and keep pissin all over Lisa’s cheap whore face and right down her very slutty throat. Oh yeahhhhhhhhh!

I shake and walk to the living room. (Big fart… and belch)… I scratch my big ass and walk over to the window, looking outside. Nothing much goin on. I plop down on the sofa and chill… belchin again.

Mama walks in and lays on the sofa with me. We get all snugly and shit. I grope her still firm butt with my left hand, scratchin my fat nuts with my right. Ahhhhhhh. Nice and cozy.

My big kırklareli escort bayan titty niece Deena walks in the front door. She’s one of my hoes. Awesome tits too. “Here’s your money, James. It was a good night.” Deena hands me five hundred bucks. I give her $100 back and she gives me a kiss and a titty hug all over my face. I do love that!

Mama starts blowing me as I booty slap Deena who smiles back at me and heads into the kitchen. Damn… mama can suck a mean dick. She slobber all over it, spitting on it repeatedly and slurping it up and down, fast then slow, over and over. I smirk and close my eyes as mama eats my fat rod, making her only son feel so fucking awesome! She rubs up and under my white wifebeater tank top and plays with my super sensitive pierced nips. So good.

I pump my fat load right down her cum crazed throat. Mama deepthroats the entire fourteen plus inches, gaggin only slightly, greedily gulpin down every thick, gooey drop of ball goo in me. She drinks me jizz dry, shakin my very happy nips the whole fuckin time.

Later in the afternoon…

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! HOLY SHITTTTTTTTTTT!! GIVE ME THAT HUGE FUCKING COCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!” Got Jessi screamin and creamin big time on mama’s bed. I broke mine earlier, ass bangin Beth.

My 300 pounds is pushin Jessie’s thin frame down into the mattress as my monster cock destroys that super wet, super tight blonde pussy, drilling the living fuck outta it as the bed shakes wildly. I can feel that pussy stranglin my fat meat as she cums, drenchin it with all that delicious and sweet pussy nut.

I pull out and dive down into that hard cummin twat, sucking super hard on it, snakin my tongue all up in it, tasting all that delicious, milky pussy cream.

“GOD YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!! SUCK MY PUSSY, DADDDDDDDYYYYYYYYYYYY!!” I suck her clean, then flip her over and start ass bangin her into sexual unconsciousness. I drive my super cock all the way in, pressing Jessi down deep into he fuckin mattress. She screams in delight into the pillow, huggin it, lickin it… lovin my ass drillin extravaganza! She cums and cums and cums.

I pull out and fuck her titties, watching Jessi lick and suck my insanely twitching fat ass mushroom crown. Jessi smiles so sweet and sucks so damn hard on it as I pound her super perky, escort kırklareli C cup titties. I cum right into her slutty fuckin mouth. Jessi moans her horny delight as she drinks me dry, feverishly swallowin every fat drop of creamy ball goo I rapidly pump into her cum lovin mouth.

Jessi and a drink some moonshine in bed and make out. I roughly manhandle her perfectly shaped ass, slappin and squeezin it silly. She moans happily into my mouth, sucking off my tongue so nasty and shit, drinkin moonshine directly from my mouth. Love that sex crazed, naughty slut!

Looking out the kitchen window into the back yard, watchin Deena double blow two of our cousins while her dad Phil ass bangs her. Better be chargin them horny fuckers. Damn… she’s got some great fuckin titties! So big and round. Implants, but good ones. Real good.

Mama is gettin fucked by uncle Dave on the picnic table. Damn… she looks so beautiful gettin fucked. She’s on her back, titties jigglin, while she drinks a beer and pisses on her brother in law. Dave’s got his fat hog bangin mama’s twat while he smokes a cigar. Damn… I love this trailer park. Always somebody… usually a bunch of em… gettin fucked.

I fucked Deena myself after she showered and gave me the money from her daddy and cousins. Jizzed her pussy on the toilet. Kaia blew me afterwards, drinkin my piss after she drank my jizz. Her and Deena both sucked me off after that. Deena got her big tits pissed on by me and Kaia. Kaia drank another load of my cum… and drank Deena’s piss as I ass banged her.

I knocked up Beth again. Twenty third time. I titty fucked her massive milk jugs for a couple of hours, sucked em crazy, drank her creamy milk, then pussy drilled her for another hour. Jessi ate Beth’s ass while I came inside Beth. She sucked me clean, then drank a fat load of my piss while she pissed in Beth’s mouth, all 69 and stuff.

Jessi blew uncle Dave while Beth filmed it. It’s his birthday. He titty fucked Beth and Jizzed all over mama’s face. Jessi licked it all up. She’s a hardcore cum freak.

We threw a moonshine and meth party for Dave, gettin drunk and high as fuck… then fuckin our brains out all night. Fun fuckin times at the trailer park. Got Deena pregnant too. Triplets. Gonna make them big ass titties real fuckin big with all that sweet sweet milk.

I pimped out granny Paula too. A rich old doctor Jessi knows wanted to fuck her. Dude paid $300 to pussy pound her and titty fuck her while Jessi filmed it. Jessi drank his load. An extra $100.

It’s all about fuckin, drinkin, getting high… and fuckin some more round here. Keepin it white trash 24/7. With my family you got too. Oh fuck yeah!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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