What I Did on My Spring Break

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My best friend Shirley and I are both teachers. For the last dozen years or so, we’ve gone on a ‘girls trip’ over spring break – usually, we just stay at a hotel in a big city not too far away, and spend the week shopping, taking in a show or two, and generally enjoying the ambience of the city, and things we can’t do in our hometown.

This past year, we both turned forty-five, and we both crossed over into menopause. No more periods! No more pregnancy! Woo-hoo! Shirley had special plans in mind for our spring trip. “Let’s go to the beach, Claire!” she enthused. “Let’s do sun and sand, and waves, and maybe even a bar or two. What do you say?”

“The beach? For Spring Break?” I questioned. “Won’t it be all crazy college students?”

“We don’t have to go to the college hot-spots,” she countered. “There are quieter places that are still a lot of fun.”

Now, Shirley is definitely the wild-and-crazy one in our friendship, but I had to admit that, when I let myself cut loose a bit, and go with one of Shirley’s crazy schemes, I’ve always had fun. “Okay, Shirl,” I said, “let’s do it. It’ll be fun!”

“Damn right it will,” she agreed, with a smirk.


If we were going to the beach in the spring, we needed to get in shape, at least good enough shape to be seen in a swimsuit. So Shirley and I hit the gym all fall and winter, both of us dropping about 20 pounds. I had to smile when I looked at myself in the mirror – my belly was flatter than it had been in years, and my legs were almost shapely. For a 45-year-old, I thought, I was looking pretty good.

Even my husband Bob agreed. As I worked out, he was taking notice of my new shape, and was more affectionate with me, even dragging me off to bed more than he had in years. Our sex life was having a definite revival. And, since I was now menopausal, I wasn’t worried about getting pregnant, so we were freer and more libidinous with each other than we’d been in many years.

Shirley noticed, too. “I haven’t seen you smile this much in years! The workouts must be making you feel better.”

“Of course. And Bob has been working me out extra, too, if you know what I mean.”

She laughed. “Ed, too! We’re having more and better sex than we’ve had in years! Ed even said he could finagle his vacation time, and maybe he and Bob could come with us!”

“What did you say to that?”

“I told him, ‘No way!’ This is our girls’ trip. We can do a couples trip in the summer.”

I was relieved when she said that. I love Bob, and I was certainly enjoying the increase in sex. But spring break was ‘Girls’ Time’ for Shirley and me, and as much as I love my husband, I didn’t want the men coming along and changing everything.


Our flight left early on a Saturday morning, so Friday night was effectively the last time Bob and I would see each other for over a week. As we cuddled in bed naked together, he kissed me and said, “A whole week without you; what am I gonna do?”

“Hmmm. . . I don’t know. . . Do your best to get by until I get home, I guess.”

“Maybe if you leave me with something to remember you by. . .” He slipped his hand onto my breast.

“What did you have in mind?” I asked, slipping my hand down his belly to find his penis. He was already stiff and hard. “I see. . .”

Bob and I have been married for more than twenty years. His cock isn’t the biggest one I’ve ever had, but it’s solid and reliable, just like Bob. And he knows how to use it to give me pleasure. What’s more, he makes it clear to me that I’m the one true object of his desire. I’ve never been remotely tempted to stray.

I rolled myself on top of him, pushing my tongue into his mouth, and sensually rubbing my body against his. I could feel his erection probing around, searching for my opening. When I felt the tip of his cock brush against my labia, I moved my hips and ‘captured’ it with my pussy, his cockhead snug between my labia. I squeezed with my kegel-muscles, drawing a groan of pleasure from Bob’s throat. Slowly, sensually, I slid myself down along his body, consuming him inch by inch inside my hungry womanhood. When he was completely buried inside me, I sat up.

“Oooohhhhh,” I groaned. “You’re all the way inside me, filling me up. It feels so good!” I could feel his balls nestled against my ass, and my pubic hair tangled with his. Again, I clenched my pussy-muscles, squeezing his shaft inside me, drawing another groan of pleasure from Bob.

Slowly, I began to grind myself on Bob’s erection, savoring the complete union of our bodies. I could feel his hardness inside me, filling me, sexily rubbing my vaginal walls from the inside. Bob reached up and squeezed my breasts, and began thrusting his hips upward, pressing his cock into me.

“God,” I breathed, “this feels so good. Let’s just make love all night!”

“Sounds good to me,” Bob chuckled in agreement.

We settled into a steady erotic rhythm, savoring the joy of our bodily union. We mated on and on, losing track of time and our surroundings. There was only Bob and me, our bodies undulating together sincan escort in the ancient rhythm of sex.

At last – it might have been hours later, it might have been days, for all either of us cared – I felt my climax building inside me. Gradually, I began to increase the tempo of my grinding on Bob’s loins, and he matched his rhythm to mine. Soon, I was gasping and panting as I sat on the edge of orgasm. . . And then my dam broke. I rolled my head back and screamed as waves of pleasure washed over my body.

Bob responded to my climax by thrusting his hips violently upward, pressing deeply into me, once and then twice, and then with a roar, reaching his own climax. I felt warm pulses of his semen surging, flowing inside me.

And then we were quiet.

“I hope that’ll hold you for a week,” I teased.

“It’ll certainly be hard to forget,” he replied.


Shirley and I got up at the crack of dawn and rode to the airport. Once we were safely on the plane, I leaned back in my seat.

“Bob and I had a wonderful time last night,” I said, dreamily.

“Mmmmm,” Shirley smiled. “So did Eddie and I. Got to give them something to remember us by.”

“That’s exactly what Bob said!”

Once we’d landed at our destination, we took a cab to the beach house we’d rented for the week. Nothing fancy – just a pair of double beds, a kitchenette, a bathroom and a TV – but the price was right, and it was a short walk to the beach. Shirley chose her bed and I took the other one, and we unpacked our bags.

Our first order of business was shopping. First, groceries to stock the fridge, and then some clothes. And swimsuits. I picked out a nice one-piece, but when Shirley joined me in the changing room, she had a tiny bikini that barely covered her breasts. The bottom was so skimpy that her dark pubic hair flowed out of the sides of the crotch.

“Shirley!” I hissed. “You can’t go out in that!”

“No worries,” she giggled. “We’ll just get a razor on our way back to the house. Now, let’s get you something a little more daring – no, a LOT more daring.”

“What’s wrong with this one? I’m a 45-year-old married woman. I don’t need to flash my boobs and butt to the world.”

“You’ve just spent the last six months getting yourself into the best shape you’ve been in since your wedding day. Give yourself a little credit where it’s due, Claire. You’ve got a great body now – show it off a little!”

Truth to tell, I’ve always been proud of my boobs. Bob has always loved them, too. I’ve definitely been blessed in my mammary endowment – firm C-cups that still hardly sag. My recent workouts had made them even firmer. I just wasn’t sure how much of them I wanted to put on public display.

Shirley got dressed, told me, “Stay right here!” and returned a few minutes later with three different suits for me to try on, which didn’t add up to the amount of fabric in the first suit I’d tried on.

All three of them were similar to the suit Shirley had chosen for herself, maybe even skimpier – two triangular pieces of multi-colored cloth which covered my nipples and not much else. The sides and undersides of my breasts were clearly exposed. The bottom was another triangular piece which barely covered my vulva; my pubic hair not at all. It was even more daring than Shirley’s. If I wore it, I’d have to shave myself practically bare. The back was what Bob called ‘butt-floss’ – it made me look like I was bare-assed.

“I can’t wear this!” I hissed. “Maybe you don’t mind, but I’d feel practically naked in this!”

Shirley looked at me thoughtfully. “Maybe you’re right. Tell you what – let’s trade. I’ll wear that one, and you can try on mine.”

When I tried on Shirley’s suit, it covered me a little bit more. Maybe it was just the comparison – at least I didn’t feel quite as naked – but I agreed that I could wear it. I’d still have to shave to make it work, but I could still leave enough pubic hair to feel like a grown woman, and not a little girl.

“And you know, Bob will love it when you get it back home!” Shirley enthused.

As promised, we picked up a pack of disposable razors on our way back to the beach house, and once we got back, we set about trimming our crotches to the contours of our bathing suits, being careful not to painfully nick ourselves.

With some help from Shirley, I trimmed my light-brown bush carefully, so that, no matter how I twisted and turned, my suit would still cover the bit of pubic hair that remained, a triangular patch that extended down the sides of my labia, and ended just below the waistline of the suit bottom. I had never shaved myself, and I had to admit that it made me feel sexy to attend to my pubic grooming.

When Shirley had her turn with the razor, she said, “What the hell,” and just shaved off all of her dark pubic hair, leaving her entire mound bald and bare. She was as smooth as a young girl. I couldn’t help staring – her nether-lips flowered out eagerly, as if beckoning to whatever penis was near-at-hand. And Ed’s was a thousand tandoğan escort miles away.


The next morning, Shirley and I slept in. We were in paradise, and we were in no hurry. When we finally did get out of bed, we tossed down a cursory breakfast and a couple cups of coffee, then got into our new swimsuits.

I checked myself in the mirror one last time. I giggled in embarrassment – I had never shown so much skin in my life, not even in my college days. But I also had to agree with Shirley – those months of workouts had paid off. I was looking as good as I had in years; maybe I could actually pull off the skimpy suit.

We put on our coverlets and walked the half-mile or so to the beach. It was early afternoon when we got there. Shirley and I spread our towels, put sunscreen on each other, then leaned back on our little half-chairs, soaking in the ambience of the sun, the sand, and the crashing waves. The onshore breeze felt delightful, cooling us as it blew in our faces.

As Shirley had promised, the beach was blissfully uncrowded. The college kids were 15 miles away, but the beach town we were at worked hard to keep things calm and low-key, aiming at a clientele more like Shirley and me.

After an hour or so, two well-tanned young men wandered up the beach. They looked to be college-age, maybe a little older. late-20s at the oldest. One was tall – maybe 6-foot-3 – and dark-haired. His friend was a couple inches shorter, with sandy-brown hair. Both of them had broad shoulders, flat stomachs, tight butts, and thickly-muscled arms and legs. They stopped as they got to where Shirley and I were sitting.

“Good afternoon, ladies,” said the sandy-haired one. “I’m Alex.”

“And I’m Josh,” said his tall, dark friend.

“I’m Shirley.”

“And I’m Claire.”

“Do you mind if we join you?” asked Alex.

“Not at all,” Shirley replied.

The young men sat down, facing us. Shirley smiled, and adjusted the strings of her bikini top. Alex turned to Josh and smiled.

“So, how long are you ladies here for?” asked Alex.

“We just got here yesterday,” I offered.

“We’ll be here for a week,” added Shirley.

Alex continued, “Where do you ladies come from?”

“We’re from Ohio,” said Shirley, adjusting her bra-strings again. “Where are you from?” she asked.

“We’re from Virginia,” said Josh.

“We graduated from college a couple years ago,” said Alex. “The college scene doesn’t do it for us anymore, so we signed on for something more low-key.”

“Very sensible,” Shirley assured them.

Alex looked at Shirley’s hands, and then mine. “You have wedding rings,” he noticed. “Are your husbands here?”

“No,” Shirley replied. This time, she adjusted her suit bottom, running her fingers along the crotch-band. “Our husbands are back home in Ohio. We’re on a girls’ vacation. Every year, our husbands give us a week to act like we’re not married.”

Trying not to betray my surprise at her comment, I shot a look at Shirley, with one eyebrow raised.

“Really?” Alex queried. “And what does that mean – ‘act like you’re not married?

“What would you like it to mean?” Shirley smiled archly.

Alex grinned. “Well, we’ve just met,” he laughed.

I looked toward Josh. He was laughing and nodding at the interplay between Alex and Shirley.

Shirley turned on her most flirtatious smile. “Do you think you could be good fellows and bring us a couple drinks?”

“Of course!” Alex gushed. “Where are my manners? Would you like a margarita?”

“I’d love a margarita,” Shirley smiled.

“Me too,” I agreed.

The two young men hopped up and jogged toward one of the drink stands at the edge of the beach. Once they were out of earshot, I turned to Shirley.

“What the hell are you doing, Shirley?” I demanded. “You’re acting like a woman who’s trying to get laid!”

“Oh, Claire,” she admonished, “you can be such a killjoy sometimes. You need to cut loose a little bit and have some fun once in a while!”

“I’m a married woman,” I answered, “and so are you. I didn’t come here with adultery on my mind.”

“And what if I did?” she countered. “I’m menopausal now, and so are you. I won’t get pregnant, and neither will you. Just between you and me, Ed is a thousand miles away. And so is Bob.”

I thought back to the night before last, and the wonderful loving that Bob and I had shared. My vagina started tingling at the thought.

“We have a unique opportunity here,” she continued, “to have some fun like we haven’t had since our college days. God, do you remember those days?”

I blushed as I remembered. Shirley and I had known each other in college. Even then, she was wilder than I was, but still, I’d had maybe a half-dozen different lovers before I’d settled down with Bob.

“Wouldn’t it be fun to get fucked by someone young, and strong, and energetic? Did you get a look at these guys’ crotches? Both of them look to be quite well-endowed. VERY well-endowed.”

I blushed again. I had snuck a glance at Josh’s crotch. ankara escort His suit was black, so it was hard to make out, but it did seem that there might be something very substantial inside it. All I could say was, “My god, Shirley, you are crazy.” In spite of myself, I could feel my pussy tingling again.

The young men returned with our drinks, and we settled into a light, playful banter, with Shirley and Alex doing most of the talking. Shirley kept adjusting her swimsuit every few minutes, a couple times even grabbing her breast to situate it more comfortably in the skimpy ‘bra’. A couple times, I caught Josh sneaking glances at my breasts. When he looked away, I discreetly checked myself; nothing was hanging out that shouldn’t be, but I was very aware of how much of my body was on display.

Eventually, our drinks were empty, and Alex stood up. “Can we get refills for you?” he asked.

Shirley stood up. “Second round’s on us,” she said. “Why don’t we all just sit in the shade at the bar?” We folded up our chairs and our towels, grabbed our coverlets and walked up to the bar.

Shirley and I sat next to each other, and the guys sat ‘outside’ us, Alex next to Shirley, and Josh by me.

Shirley ordered the drinks, and immediately, she was all over Alex – leaning against him, stroking his arms and shoulders. My god, I thought, she’s not even trying to be subtle. It was obvious that, if Shirley had her way, she and Alex would be fucking later that afternoon.

Shirley’s aggressiveness was forcing me to think. Josh seemed a pleasant enough young man. And he was certainly well-endowed in all the visible physical traits. I hadn’t come here planning to have sex with anyone, but clearly Shirley had. What was I going to do if Shirley continued to force things in a sexual direction?

I turned to Josh. “Why don’t you tell me about yourself?”

He had graduated two years previously with a degree in engineering, and was living in Virginia, near where he’d grown up, working a ‘real job’ as an engineer with a defense contractor. Alex, as it turned out, had a girlfriend back home, who he was practically engaged to. I shot a glance over at Alex. He and Shirley were in full canoodling mode now.

Josh himself didn’t have a current girlfriend. He’d dated girls in college, and hooked up with a few of them, but nothing had ‘clicked’ for him yet.

I reached out to touch his arm. “Not to worry,” I reassured him, “A solid young man like you should have no trouble finding a good mate.”

The sun was getting lower in the sky. Shirley pushed herself away from the bar. “Would you young gentlemen like to continue our conversation back at our beach house?”

Shit. The moment of truth. If Josh came back to the house, he’d certainly be hoping to fuck me, especially given how Shirley and Alex were carrying on. My mind raced, searching for an alternative course of action, but I couldn’t find one.

“We’d love to!” Alex enthused. “How far is it?”

“it’s about a half-mile that way,” Shirley replied, pointing up the beach in the direction of our place.

We gathered up our things, and started walking. Shirley draped herself all over Alex, and he had his arm around her. In short order, he slipped his hand down and was caressing her bare ass as they walked.

Josh and I walked together quietly, both of us watching ‘The Alex and Shirley Show’ in front of us. I looked up at Josh. He was looking straight ahead. I scanned down his body, and for the first time, I could make out his semi-erect penis weighing against the baggy front of his swimsuit. As far as I could tell, it was huge, probably as big as any I’d ever seen. Alex and Shirley were clearly having their effect on him.

They were having their effect on me, too. I was extremely wet ‘down there’. If I could have done it discreetly, I’d have checked to see if the crotch of my swimsuit was showing a wet spot. Tentatively, I reached out and took hold of Josh’s hand. He looked down at me and smiled – ‘sweetly’ I’d have said, but god, that was such a saccharine thought.

Meanwhile, my mind continued to race – what was I going to do when we got to the beach house? What was Josh going to do? It was clear enough what Shirley and Alex were going to do. Oh, god, what? . . .


We got to the house, and Shirley unlatched the door. She and Alex rushed to the opposite end of the room, by Shirley’s bed. They kissed each other passionately, clutching and groping each other’s bodies. Alex quickly untied the strings of Shirley’s top, and it fell from her, revealing her breasts. Shirley pushed at Alex’s trunks, and they fell to the floor, exposing his erection. God, it was big! Shirley gripped it with both her hands, stroking up and down along the length of it, and if it were possible, it got even bigger in her hands. Alex bent down to take Shirley’s breasts in his mouth, and she groaned with pleasure as he suckled her boobs. With his free hand, he tugged at Shirley’s thong bottom, and it fell to the floor, leaving both of them completely naked.

Still gripping Alex’s cock, Shirley guided him onto her bed, laying him flat on his back, his erection standing straight up toward the ceiling. She crawled on top of him, in a 69 position, and began to suck his cock eagerly, while he cradled her ass in his arms and commenced eating her pussy.

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