What happens at the party, stays at the party

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This is a fiction story but based on non fiction events. Although, I wish it was a non fiction!!;)
It is also my first one, so please, positive comments 🙂

It was mid last summer when I got the call from my mate, James, to help him with a gig for a party. I was 17 at the time and had been doing sound technician things for a good few years. I am about 5’10”, athletic and quite skinny.

James being a good mate of mine from school, he was in the year above me, I accepted the favour to help him with the party and we started to the the planning. James is around the same height as me, maybe a tad shorter but there is not a lot in it. The thing that always struck me about James was his arse. It was perfect. But, I never thought anything of this when we were in school.

It was 3 weeks later and the day before the gig when I next heard from James. The phone rang and I answered it almost immediately.
James “Hey Tom, how you doing man?”
Me “Hello mate, I am great, what’s up?”
“Ah nothing…just wanted to make sure everything was still going as planned.”
“Ya everything is going well, almost ready.”
“That’s awesome. Tom, instead of taking all your gear home that, why don’t you stay at mine after the party and go home the next day? We have a free house and no one else is staying.”
“Yeah okay, that sounds like a plan. Thank you man.”
“No worries, see you in the morning.”

I went to bed early that night knowing the day ahead was going to be long and manic but was awoken at 10am by the chirping of birds outside my window.

I got up and ready, excited for the day to happen. The van got loaded with all the gear and we left home for an hours drive to the venue. Well, the venue being the garden at James’s house. The girl the party was for had no clue that we were doing this, it was all going to be a surprises for her 18th.

Dad help me to unload all of the gear from our van and into the garden and then went back home, leaving me and James to set up the sound system before the band arrives. James was in the band himself so he knew what sound set up he wanted. We chatted normally the whole afternoon while setting up, everything seemed the same as it did in school. Well, that was till about 3pm when it was too hot to bare and he took his top off exposing the nicest body I had ever seen. He had an amazing six pack, he clearly worked out a lot. When he lifted something heavy his whole body tensed, his muscles were huge and defined. But still, I couldn’t help but still notice his round firm ares and the waistband of his white boxers under his blue sport shorts. At every opportunity I was taking a glance at the perfection of my mate.

Shortly after pendik escort we finished setting up the pa the rest of the band arrived in their cars and a van. We all greeted each other and had a drink before we even thought about unloading their band equipment. It must have been about 5.30pm when we finally got up off out chairs to start unloading, but we all went about it quickly and brought most of the equipment through. Whilst walking to and from the front garden, my eyes were caught by who I thought was another band member. He was around 5’6″, short dark hair, he was tanned, very athletic and clearly worked out a lot. He wore jean shorts and a green shirt with saddles and no socks. He turned to me and saying “hey, I’m Alfred a friend of the band.” I couldn’t help but notice the cutest birthmark I have ever seen on his face, it was a tiny white line on his cheek. Still, to this day, I have no clue what made me think this was cute, but he was cute full stop. I replied to him “hey, I’m Tom James’s mate, nice to meet you” and shook his hand. The small talk continued as we emptied the rest of the van.

We slowly continued to bring the smaller items through to the garden as the band started to set everything up for when the party started at 7pm. Walking through to the front garden, Alfred always walked in front of me and I am certain that his jean shorts were ever so slightly dropping between each walk. I could start to see the boxers he wore as he reached forward in to the van, they were pink and blue patterned which stood out well from his clothes. He also, like James had a lovely arse.

3 hours later it was getting on for 9pm. About 100 guests had turned up for the birthday party, the band were in full swing, I was running the sound and the birthday girl was loving it. A huge amount of alcohol was being drunk by everyone. The band finished a song, summer of 69, and James approached me. He came over and put his hand on my back “saying, Tom do you mind going to order that coach?” Me realising what he meant, something we had agreed weeks ago, I replied a yes and slowly walked away. Whilst leaving him, his hand slowly dropped from my back to the right cheek of my arse, which aroused me slightly.

I went inside his house and in to the kitchen to find a phone. I dialled the number for his dads friend who owed a coach. The idea was to get the coach to drop everyone at home after the party ended.

The party finished at 11.30 roughly and we spent an hour or so moving all the equipment in to their double garage. By the time everything was away, all the guests had been taken home leaving me, James and Katie the birthday girl. Once her dad arrived to collect her, we all said our thank you’s and good escort pendik byes and left.

Feeling exhausted me and James went indoors and locked up the house. We retreated to his room upstairs where his mum had already made me a bed up on his floor. We had laid on our beds for a good 20 mins just relaxing when James suddenly said “oh Tom, watch this” and set his mac on his bed. He invited me to come and sit on the double bed so I could see the video of a concert he went to. The video ended and we watched a few more things on YouTube before we were interrupted by someone knock on his door. Then my heart stopped, Alfred walked in. Wearing the same shorts and boxers but shirtless. It was then that I realised who he was, it was James’s younger brother.

He explained to us that he caught two guests fucking in his bed earlier at the party and couldn’t be bothered to change the sheets tonight to. James told him that he could share his bed with him tonight as I was sleeping on the bed on the floor.

We invited him in and he sat on the bed next to me, watching the videos on YouTube. He suggested that we watched something from his 16th party which was a couple weeks before this. When I next looked at the clock it was coming up for 2am but I was still wide awake from all the events that had happened. It was then that James said “fuck it, let’s watch something decent” and logged on to a porn site. We all layer down and placed the mac where we could all see it and started to watch this lesbian and then threesome video. We laid talking about the girls in the video and discussing what we would do to them. Me, being bi, I was getting pretty horny being in bed with 2 hot guys and watching porn. It was then that James turned over to me and said “you have a nice arse.” I thanked him and told him that he does too. I also told Alfred that he also does but he was engulfed in the lesbo action. Me and James were lying facing each other, my breathing was getting heavier I could tell. I kissed him, right on the lips but then pulled away. We looked set each other and then continued kissing, starting to use tongues and biting each other’s lips. He started running his hands over my body and mine were on his shirtless chest. I slowly moved my hand around to his back and then down to the top of his arse. I pulled him in to me tightly to feel his hardening cock against mine. Our tongues were entangled and our hands were out of control.

The kiss broke off and I looked at Alfred, be doubting very much he was interested in boys in the slightest, I thought he would have left but the 16year old was mesmerised by us. The porn video had finished a good 5 mins ago but looking down, James’s brothers cock was standing fully pendik escort bayan erect in his shorts and hot boxers. I got him to lay in between me and his brother with his back to me, I pulled his shorts lower slightly exposing his boxers covering his crack. He had nice big firm cheeks with quite a wide crack, perfect. I pulled off my trousers keeping my boxers on and then pressed up against Alfred’s body. My hard cock between his boxer covered ass cheeks, I held him on his chest and pressed against him. It felt amazing, my cock was throbbing.

I reached my hands around, sliding them down inside his boxers, I touched the very end of his big hard cock and started jacking it off slowly. He turned his head to me, I kissed him gently on the lips and he then returned to tonguing his older horny brother. James’s hand had joined mine down Alfred’s boxers, while I was playing with his cock James rubbed his balls and started going further round towards his arse. His fingers met the tip of my cock in his arse crack and he teased it gently while I slowly grinned in him. I felt like I was about to explode right there and then.

James suddenly said, “I’m not going to last much longer, maybe we should just suck each other for now and experiment over the weekend? We have till Monday afternoon when our parents get back.” Me and Alfred both agreed knowing that he was right and we were so close too. James dropped his shorts for his brother to immediately take his 7inch thick cock into his young mouth. I layer almost over the top of them both so that James could take mine and I had the pleasure of sucking his brothers. I removed my boxers making it easier for James. I slid Alfred’s shorts nod boxers down slowly letting his giant spring free. I sucked hard and slow on him, someone who I earlier could only dream about having.

A matter of minutes later there was a sea of manly moans coming from us as we were all about to release our day load of juice into each other’s mouths. Alfred was the first to go in my mouth, I got 4 massive ropes of sweet cum straight down my throat. I was so close to cumming but I remained sucking on Alfred’s cock which remained so hard. Suddenly I, along with James let out a huge moaning sigh as we both let go to our built up load of juice. Squirt after squirt came out of me and into James mouth. The orgasm felt like it went on forever! James let out one final big moan, instantly pulling out of his brothers mouth and exploded all over his beautiful face. We all laid back down together, we were all kissing and exchanging the taste of each other’s cum in our mouths. After cleaning up a little, we all fell asleep holding each other, naked.

If I get positive comments and ratings I will continue with this story and explain what happens over the weekend. 🙂

If you wish to see the people written about, kik me at hottboys17

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