What About Night 3?

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I’d like to tell you a story about some people I know. This story has only three main characters. Actually, depending on how you define ‘characters,’ it may only have two. Let’s call it three. The main character isn’t a person. It isn’t even a living thing, so I’m told. It is an infectious agent, more commonly called a virus. Yes, you guessed it. The infamous COVID-19 virus. Who would have imagined the impact such a little thing would have on our world?

Now, my story isn’t about the whole world. In fact, it is really about only two people and, yes, you guessed it again, those two people are the other two characters in this story.

The first of these people (and the second of my three characters) is a fellow named Jack. Jack was in his mid or late thirties at the time these events take place. He was born and bred in that “middle of nowhere” state called North Dakota. He even talked with that weird little accent they have up there. Jack is pretty much your average guy. He didn’t grow up poor and he certainly didn’t grow up rich. He enjoyed baseball and basketball as a kid but never excelled at either. Jack got decent grades in school and he was fairly handy with his hands, so he ended up with a teaching degree from a state school. He found himself teaching auto shop in a high school in Lincoln, North Dakota. Lincoln has about 40,000 people and sits right along Interstate 94. In college, Jack met and married a young lady named Sadie. She became a nurse and has performed those duties for years in Lincoln’s hospital. Jack and Sadie never had kids – the timing never seemed right and, well, they really just never wanted kids that badly. While we’re on the subject of their marriage, let me say that their union isn’t all that great. No, they don’t fight. Oh, they quibble some, sure, but they aren’t the kind of folks to yell and throw things at one another. On the other hand, their marriage is not full of romance and passion, either. They go about their routines, pay their bills, and share a house day after day after day. Who gets the fault for their marriage being in such a state? I don’t know – both of them, I suppose.

Enter the virus! Life were trudging on like normal until, all of a sudden, Jack had no place to be. The schools were shut down. It was like being on vacation for the first few days. He kicked back, slept in, and watched tv. Oh, and he masturbated more than usual. Some guilt set in, seeing his wife head off to work every day, so he tackled the projects around the house – the ones that he had been putting off. Jack recognized that spending half of each day reading stories on Literotica and watching videos online wasn’t where he wanted to be. He was especially enamored with the erotic literature. He decided to try his hand at writing and submitted his first erotic story. He didn’t feel too badly about that; at least it was being productive in some fashion. He started on a second story.

Jack decided he should see if he could find some sort of job. He didn’t need the money. He was still getting his check from the school, but he decided he needed to get out and do something. He thought he might find a job at a convenience store, or, maybe, a job as a watchman. He checked the Indeed website and he joined a local Facebook group upon which employers posted jobs. He spotted a possibility on Facebook: “Motel auditor. Flexible days and hours. 5 days/week. Apply in person.” Jack wasn’t sure what an auditor was, exactly, but decided to follow up. He drove to the named location and saw the little NoDak Motel. He’d driven by it a million times but never paid attention to it before. It was small, made of dark gray bricks, and certainly not part of a motel chain. He parked in the front and walked into the office. An older, heavyset lady with gray hair greeted him. “How can I help you, sir?”

“I’m here about the job I saw advertised.”

“Oh! Good,” she replied. “You’re the first person we’ve had respond.” She went on to say that her name was Gloria and she only worked there. Jack would have to fill out an application and Gloria would be sure the owner received it. She handed Jack a single page, printed on only one side, and told him to fill it out and bring it back when it was complete.

Jack looked it over. “This shouldn’t take long. Can I simply fill it out now and leave it with you?”

Gloria didn’t see a problem with that so Jack filled in some personal/contact information, a very brief education background, and a basic work history. Five minutes later Jack handed the form back to Gloria.

“Thank you. I’ll be sure Dawn gets it.”

Jack thanked her and walked out the door.

It’s time to meet our third (by my count) major character. Dawn Stephens was 44 years old when the virus impacted the US. Most people wouldn’t notice her in a crowd. If someone did notice her, they would probably describe her as “a cute little thing.” She was all of five feet three inches if she stretched. It wouldn’t be polite to mention a lady’s weight, but demetevler escort she was of average build. She had a rather square face, a cute little nose, brown eyes, and sandy brownish hair. Her bangs almost reached her brows and her hair touched her shoulders. Dawn had an attractive smile that formed dimples in her cheeks.

Dawn had married young. She was an eleventh grader in high school when Bob, a man five years her senior, got her pregnant. They married a few months later. Two years after the birth of their son, a second son was born. Finances were always a struggle for Bob and Dawn. They worked hard and lived modestly. Bob mostly worked in the building trades until one of the chain lumberyards came to town. He got a job at the new store and, by the time of our story, was an assistant manager.

Bob had what I’ve heard described as “a critical spirit.” He criticized his kids constantly as they grew. He criticized Dawn about almost everything from the time they were married. Criticism breeds resentment. Resentment breeds friction. Criticism, resentment, and friction do not make for a happy marriage.

Dawn was native to Lincoln and Dawn owned the NoDak motel. Her parents had purchased it a good many years ago. Dawn inherited it. Her mom and dad had resided in the small living quarters that were situated behind the motel office. Dawn had intended to sell the place when her parents passed. She didn’t want to run a motel, but when she saw the cash flow and the minimal amount of work required, she had a change of heart. There were some tax benefits too, her accountant pointed out.

Dawn normally ran the motel with herself and a staff of three persons. Dawn performed most of the day to day accounting. She would only “man the counter” or act as a maid on those occasions where a staff member was ill or vacationing. Things were going along well. They had been doing VERY well since the oil boom had positively impacted the state of North Dakota.

That all changed in the spring of 2020 when our story’s first major character, COVID-19, reared his ugly head (as someone so colorfully stated). Dawn’s motel had a total of 16 rooms. She normally filled them all. Six of the rooms were rented by oil field workers on a monthly basis. COVID had not altered those room rentals. The other rooms were dependant on travelers. Vacation and business travelers had become scarce in the face of the pandemic. Recently the NoDak had vacancies every night.

To make matters worse, two of Dawn’s staff members quit abruptly. They were afraid that they’d contract the virus from guests. Dawn had to revise her business model. She decided to cease staffing during the late night and early morning hours, 10 PM to 5 AM. She did the math and determined that, if she worked some of the shifts herself, the motel could get by with only one staff member in addition to Gloria.

If you’ve read this far, you are probably already ahead of me. Yes, Jack had an interview with Dawn. She interviewed him the afternoon of the morning he applied for the job. She hired him on the spot. She was surprised that someone with his qualifications would want such a menial position. He filled out the necessary “new employee” forms (much more detailed than the job app) and she spent about an hour showing him around and explaining the procedures and the rules. He was allowed to watch tv or listen to the radio. He could bring his laptop (and use the motel wifi) or a book. The living area was accessible to the employee on duty for use of the refrigerator, microwave, and restroom. She showed him the location of linens, towels, and toiletries for the guests. He was responsible to disinfect the counter area after each guest. He was not responsible for any other cleaning. He was shown the computer program they used to make/cancel reservations. She walked him through the procedure to check guests in and out. His work schedule would be Tuesday through Sunday from 2 PM until 10. He would be responsible to close the safe and lock the front door at the end of his shift. His employment would begin the next Tuesday. Dawn said she would work his first shift along with him to be sure he was familiar with his duties. She was always but a phone call away if a question should arise. She could make it from her house to the motel in less than 15 minutes if an emergency required her presence.

Jack is a sharp guy. He quickly became at ease with the job. He took over the desk from Dawn twice per week and from Gloria three days per week. Gloria seemed to like him and gave him her cell phone number to use in the event that he couldn’t reach Dawn. Jack liked Dawn. She was cordial. She seemed level headed, intelligent, and patient. He thought she was going to be a good boss.

A few days later Jack had settled into his little gig. He’d worked a shift with Dawn and worked a couple more shifts by himself with no problems. He was taking his laptop to the motel with him and working on his writing to stave off dikmen escort the boredom. He’d completed the final edit of his second erotic story and submitted it. He wasn’t satisfied with his first stories. They were typical of the genre: heavy on sex and light on story. The women were built like supermodels, except they had freakishly big boobs. The guys were all like Steve Rogers, except they were hung like donkeys. He wanted his third effort to be better. He wanted his third effort to have a better plot and he wanted to develop his characters more – he wanted them to be more like average people (albeit still attractive). Of course, it was still going to be an erotic story so he wasn’t about to slack off on the sex!

One evening, his fourth day of work, he was sitting behind the counter in the motel office typing away on his laptop. It was about 8 o’clock in the evening. It was dark. A car pulled up just outside the office door. Expecting a new guest, Jack looked up and was surprised to see Dawn walk in with a friendly smile.

“I was just driving by on my way home from a friend’s house and thought I’d peek in to be sure everything is going ok.”

“Yep. No problems. We’ve filled five rooms for the night so far,” Jack reported.

“Not great, but it’s not too bad. Oh!” Dawn said remembering something. “I noticed that the outdoor lights above rooms 15 and 16 are burned out. Would you mind grabbing the small step ladder and a couple bulbs and replacing them? I’ll keep an eye on the office for you.”

“Sure. No problem,” he said heading for the storage area. “I’ll be right back.”

Dawn moved around, behind the counter and sat in front of the motel computer. She thought she’d check her email while she waited for Jack to return. She happened to glance over at his laptop and a phrase from the text on the screen seemed to jump out at her. “…his erection, hard as a steel pipe moments ago, receded from her sopping opening and released a small torrent of their combined juices…”

Rooms 15 and 16 were on the second storey and in the back of the building. It took Jack about five minutes to accomplish his task. He popped back into the office. “Let there be light! They’re both working now he reported.” Something was wrong. Dawn’s attention was elsewhere. The intent look on Dawn’s face, coupled with the angle of her gaze, were clues that led to a sudden deduction. She was looking at his laptop! Dawn was reading his story!

His mind went into panic mode. Now, it was perfectly allowable for him to have his laptop at work, but he was not at all comfortable with his boss (whom he hardly knew) reading his erotic story. How would she react?

What should he say? What COULD he say?

Fortunately, Dawn spoke first. She lifted her eyes. Her face was flushed. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to be nosey, but I couldn’t help seeing your computer. It caught my attention. That’s some pretty intense literature you’re reading there!” she said with an awkward smile.

“Well. Uhhhh. Errrr,” Jack decided it was best to be honest. “Actually, I wasn’t reading it.”

“Seems odd it would be on your laptop if you weren’t reading it,” Dawn interjected quickly.

“Well, I wasn’t READING it, I was WRITING it.”

Now Dawn was taken aback. She paused processing this new information. Regaining her balance, she smiled, “You didn’t mention on your resume that you are a writer.”

Her smile told Jack that, at least, she wasn’t angry. “I actually wouldn’t consider myself a writer.”

“I don’t know about that. You’ve got a pretty good story going on here. Do you mind if I finish reading it?”

“Errr. Errr,” she had Jack flatfooted again. “No. No, of course not. Go right ahead.” Jack was getting his composure back. He continued a second or two later. “It isn’t finished. I’m just getting started with it, actually.”

Dawn replied with, “hmmmm.” Her eyes continued to follow the lines of text on the laptop’s screen.

Jack rambled around the small waiting area, eyes on the floor. He picked up a few tiny pebbles that had been tracked in. It seemed like it took a long time for Dawn to finish what he’d written.

“So, are you writing a book?” she inquired.

“On, no! I could never write a book. It’s just a little story.”

“What will you do with it, if I may ask? I mean, when it’s finished, what will you do with it?”

Continuing with his decision to be honest, he answered, “There is a website where amateur writers can post their stories… share their stories. I’ll…I’ll post it there.”

“Are all the stories like this one? I mean, are they all sexy stories?”

“Yes. Well, not ALL of them, but nearly all of them are what they call erotica.”

Dawn chuckled a little bit. “Is it expensive to go to that website?”

“No, it’s free.”

Still smiling, she continued. “You might have to give me the link to that site. It would save me a ton of money on hot water. All my showers would be cold ones!”

Jack chuckled with ankara escort relief, glad that Dawn was displaying such a cool attitude. “Yeah, some of the stories can be pretty hot.”

“So, where does it go from here?” she asked.

Jack wasn’t sure what she was referring to. “What?”

“Your story – where does it go from here? You’re not going to end it here, are you?”

This entire situation was taking an unexpected turn for Jack. Now his boss wanted to discuss the plot of his story! “I haven’t decided yet, where it will go. You’re right, it has to continue. I have a few ideas but haven’t chosen the full plot.” He made a quick decision to throw caution to the wind. “Where do you think the story should go?”

Dawn leaned back in her chair. She was taking the question seriously and concentrating in earnest. “Hmmmm. Let me think a minute. Let’s be sure I have the flow of the story. We have a guy, Michael Johnson, that flies to town for a week long convention. We have a girl, Julia Johnson, that flies to town for a week long training session. They’ve never met. They even come from different cities, but they just happen to have the same last name. There is a screw up at their hotel. Somehow, someone thinks that they are man and wife since they have the same last name. They are booked into the same room. The hotel is full – that’d be a nice problem to have – and they have no choice but to share their room.”

“It’s a corny plot but I’ve seen movies based on scenarios that are no better,” Jack interjected mildly.

“True. True. There are alotta coincidences in your story but coincidences DO happen. So we have our guy and we have our girl, total strangers, sharing a room for a week.”

“Only four nights, actually,” Jack smiled.

“Right. Arrive Monday – leave Friday. Four nights. Anyway, back to our plot. They start out very angry about the situation but decide they can be nice and make the best of it. The first night they keep to their own sides of the bed and are perfectly chaste. Since the first night went well, they warm up a little bit with each other. They even sit together in the hotel restaurant to eat their dinner on the second night. After dinner they go back to the room and watch tv. It gets late. They don’t have full blown pajamas, but they have enough clothing to sleep in so that they’re at least modest.”

“Yes. Boxers and a t-shirt for him. A big, baggy, knee length t-shirt and panties for her,” Jack elaborated.

“Right. So, like the night before, our modest couple get in bed. He’s at the edge on his side. She’s at the edge on her side. It takes them a long time to fall asleep. They both have some … shall I say, impure thoughts.” Dawn smiled as she recounted this part. “Finally, they fall asleep. He wakes up sometime in the night and realizes he is in the middle of the bed, on his side, facing away from her. The crucial thing, however, at this point, is that she is snuggled up against his back with her arm draped over him. Even MORE CRUCIAL, is that fact that her hand is resting on his… ermmm… aroused boy-part.”

Jack was compelled to chuckle. “Yes, you’ve got it. I think ‘crucial’ is the operative word.”

Dawn laughed in agreement before continuing. “Our Michael Johnson has a dilemma: is Julia Johnson, owner of the resting hand, asleep or is she awake? Our author does not inform his readers on that point. We aren’t told exactly when Julia awakens. We ARE told, however, that at some point, she does wake. From here, nature takes its course and the Johnsons engage in what I would have to call the hottest love-making session I’ve ever read.”

“Well, thank you,” Jack said sincerely. “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“You’re welcome and I meant it.” Dawn was grinning. “Now we are back to your question. Where does the story go from here?”

“Yes,” Jack nodded, “and my question is: Where do you think it should go?”

Dawn was lost in thought for some minutes. “I think, for night 3, they get an Uber and go to a fancy restaurant. Maybe they get a little frisky at their table. Then, back to the room for more hot sex.”

Jack raised his brows. “Wow! That’s amazing. I had the same basic idea. The only exception is that I was going to use that scenario for night 4. I thought it would be a special night for them since it would be their last night together.”

“Ahhhhh. Good point. Good point,” Dawn nodded. “That’s why you’re the author. So, what ideas did you have for night 3?”

“I was thinking of a more informal night. They could go to a movie. Maybe they could go dancing.”

She thought about those options. “I’m not sure they want to go dancing in the middle of the week with their busy day-time commitments. The movie is better, I think.”

Jack nodded again. “I wasn’t wild about the idea of dancing either. Mostly, I suppose, because I don’t like to dance. Love music! Don’t like to dance.”

“I’m not much of a dancer, either.” Her mind continued to focus on night 3. “What city are they in? What time of year is it?”

“I don’t know. The story doesn’t say. Why? What are you thinking?”

“Well, the weather and the city might open up other possibilities. You know, like a moonlight walk… or a boat ride… or a trip to a casino… or a rodeo… a sporting event.”

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