Welcome to Temptation

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Bam…My head hit the passenger window, waking me up from my uncomfortable sleep. I groggily rubbed my sore head and looked toward my brother, Calvin, the car’s driver.

“Sorry, Kit.” Calvin murmured apologetically. “The road to Temptation is apparently unpaved.”

Temptation is the town we are moving to. We picked it solely on the name and the fact that it is hundreds of miles from our hometown. The hometown that we are “running” from.

See my half brother, Calvin and I (my name is Kitrina, by the way) are trying to start over. We have developed an inappropriate relationship, at least that is what my father and our mother said. I can’t help it, I love Calvin and he loves me…is it our fault that we are related?

I guess it would make more sense if I gave you the back story. My mother got pregnant with Calvin when she was 16, his dad was 18 and apparently a loser. As soon as he heard “I am pregnant” he hightailed it out of the state, and who knows maybe the country. Two years later she met my dad, a 26 year old who had his act together. He took Calvin as his own son and was blessed with me, his daughter when Calvin was 2. We were a pretty normal, happy family until Calvin turned 16. My dad and him started to have difficulties getting along, then one day my dad slipped and let Calvin know that he wasn’t really my dad’s son. Dad was really rough on Calvin, talking about how he would end up a loser just like his dad and stuff like that. In Calvin’s defense, he wasn’t a troublemaker, he got great grades, played football, was really a great all around kid. My dad, apparently just snapped. I, on the other hand, was treated like a princess. Calvin worked to buy his own car when he was 17, when I turned 16 my parents gave me a BMW convertible. So I was the princess and Calvin was the pauper. But from the time I was born on Calvin always took care of me. I was his little sister after all. With only two years apart, you would think he would be jealous of me, but that was never the case. In fact, until the blow up when he was 16 he was treated like a prince. And our mother still treated him well, as did my dad, he just wasn’t coddled as much.

When Calvin turned 18 and I was 16 our parents started taking weekend trips for the two of them. I couldn’t blame them, they never really got much of a honeymoon with us two kids. At first the weekends were just two goofy kids home alone. We watched movies and ate junk food, you know teenage stuff. Then, of course, we had a few mild parties. Calvin would sneak girls in after I was in bed. You know, teenagers acting like teenagers. I really wasn’t interested in any guys from school so I didn’t participate much in the sneaking of members of the opposite sex. I did occasionally peep and see my brother and his newest conquest kissing and making out. That was pretty much it.

Then when I turned 18, and Calvin was 20 and going to the local community college on scholarship it happened. I had seen how Calvin looked and he was a hottie. He is over six feet tall with six pack abs and nice arms, buff but not steroid looking. His dark brown hair was cut spikey on top and short in the back. He has a darker complexion, not olive, just more tanned. Calvin’s eyes are a startling shade of blue and he is silly and sweet. Nothing ever came from looking, I mean I thought he was nice looking for my brother.

Well Mom and Dad planned a longer “adult only’ vacation. They were going to stay away in our cabin for two weeks. Since it was spring break time, Calvin was off from school and I was done with classes too (I finished senior year early, just waiting on graduation) we would have to fend for ourselves. I figured Calvin would be off doing whatever he did with his girlfriends karaman escort and I would pretty much have our house to myself. We waved Mom and Dad off on Sunday morning and sure enough Calvin left soon after. I figured what the heck, we have a great pool, privacy fence, I am going to go skinny dipping and sunbathe for awhile.

At 18, I guess I was what most girls wanted to be. Petite, I am only five foot two, and weigh about a hundred pounds. My stomach is flat and my breasts are small only about 36 B or C cup, but they are perky. My auburn hair is long, midway down my back and slightly wavy. My green eyes are my best feature though, clear and light they are almost like cat eyes. I am not too tanned and need sunblock or I get burned.

So I got some things together and headed out back to the pool. I turned on the radio outside and threw my towel over one of the lounges. I removed my terry cloth robe and jumped into the pool. Diving under, I swam half the length of our pool. Surfacing, I heard a cough. Startled, I looked around. Standing by the chaise holding my towel and robe was my brother Calvin.

“Um, hey Calvin. What’s up?” I asked, keeping my body underwater, with only my head visible.

“Not much, I just brought back lunch for us.” He replied, pointing to the end table between two chaises. I could see bags from my favorite fast food place. “Why don’t you come out and we can eat?”

I could hear a hint of teasing, so I knew he knew I was naked. “Why don’t you take it inside and I will be in in a minute, I need to finish my lap and dry off.”

“No I thought it would be more relaxing to have lunch out here by the pool.” He said raising his eyebrows. “So come on out and I will get our food out and ready.”

“OK, Calvin, you know I am naked in here, so go on inside and I will come out.” I told him trying to keep my voice even.

“Kit, we used to bathe together, not like I haven’t seen you naked before.”

“Yeah when we were 4 or 5. Things have changed.” I said haughtily. “Besides if you are so sure that seeing me naked is no big deal, then why don’t you strip and show me yours.”

“OK.” He said easily and started to strip. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him as he took off his t-shirt and exposed his gorgeous chest. Then he sat down and removed his shoes, standing up he reached for the button of his shorts…

“Wait, Calvin, maybe we shouldn’t…”

“Shouldn’t what? Can’t a brother and sister skinny dip together?” With that he unfastened the button then pushed down the zipper of his shorts. With one push the shorts were gone and he was naked.

I gasped, he was beautiful. His chest, arms, and legs were lightly brushed with dark hair and his cock stood out from a patch of the same dark hair. It looked massive from where I stood in the pool. Eight or nine inches and at least three inches across, where had my brother gotten that from?

“Something wrong, Kit?” he asked as he came toward the edge of the pool.

“Uh, no of course not. Are you just going to stand there or are you going to come in the pool?” I asked regaining some of my composure.

He jumped in and disappeared under the water. I felt something brush past my ass and looked around trying to figure out where he would resurface. He surged up from behind me, dripping water down on my shoulders.

I turned around and realized that he was no more than a foot away from me. I could see the water dripping down his chest and some catching in the hairs there.

“God, this feels nice. It is a hot one.” Calvin said staring into my eyes.

“Sure is.” I managed. I could feel the heat of his body even through the water.

“You know, I have noticed how escort karaman you look lately, Kit. And I have to say you have really become gorgeous.”

“You aren’t so bad yourself, Brother.” I said as I dived under the water and side swam away from his gaze.

My dive caused a pretty big splash and that declared water war. For the next 30 minutes or so we swam together, splashing and playing tag. Out of breath we both swam to the side of the pool and leaned back against the cool concrete.

“So tell me, Kit, do you have a boyfriend?”

“No, I don’t and don’t plan on dating the cretins from around here.”

“You have never gone on a date? No, I guess you haven’t because I don’t remember ever hearing you talk about one. So I guess you are a virgin, huh?”

“Yes, I am. Why this sudden interest in your little sis?”

“I have always had an interest in you. Lately I have been noticing a lot more of you, namely that you have turned into a major babe.” He said looking directly into my eyes and stepping closer.

“Well, like I said before, you aren’t so bad yourself, Calvin.” I said, getting ready to dive again. Calvin gently grabbed my upper arms before I could go under. He pulled me against his chest and lifted my face with his hands. I felt extremely hot, everywhere, but especially between my legs. This is wrong, he is my brother kept running through my mind. The hand he had on my face rubbed my chin, and caressed my cheek. His other hand rested on my lower back. Looking into my eyes, he started to lower his head to mine. Maybe I should have pulled away, but looking at him and the way he looked at me, I just wanted this.

His lips brushed mine. Then his mouth came back to mine. He nibbled on my bottom lip, then barely stuck his tongue out to lick my lip. I couldn’t handle it, I reached my arms up and around his neck and with my hands on the back of his head pulled his mouth to me. I opened my mouth and greeted his like a long lost lover. Our bodies meshed together, my breasts crushing against his chest, his hard dick against my belly. My tongue met his, and I licked his lip as he had mine, I sucked his bottom lip into my mouth. He moaned and reluctantly pulled away from me. The coolness of the pool water chilled my overheated body. I looked at him curious, and frightened that he now hated me for reacting the way I did.

“No, Kit, don’t look like that. I only stopped because I can see you are turning red, I guess you forgot the sunblock. And I don’t want this to lead to something in the pool, it would be your first time, and if something happens, I want it to be right.”

“So you don’t hate me?”

“Never, never could I have anything but love for you. But come on lets get you inside before you get sick from the sun.” He picked me up into his arms and walked us out of the pool. He stopped and put me down at the lounge. Calvin picked up my robe and wrapped me in it. Then he used the towel I brought out to wrap around his waist. He took my hand and holding it walked me inside our house.

“Why don’t you go upstairs and take a shower? Since our lunch is pretty much disgusting by now I will order in for us,” Calvin said when we were in the kitchen.

“OK, but only if it is pizza or Chinese.” I kidded and headed upstairs.

“When you are finished and I get out of the shower, I will put some aloe on your burn if you want.” He called after me. The only thing I wanted on my burn was him.

Upstairs I jumped into the shower and lathered up washing my hair and then my body. My pussy burnt with need. I resisted the urge to take care of it myself, hoping that Calvin would do that for me. Stepping out of the shower, I wrapped my hair in karaman escort bayan a towel and my body in another and headed into my room. I wanted to pick something light and pretty for my lunch/dinner with Calvin. I chose a spaghetti strapped short nightgown, in a lavender shaded with swipes of blue, I decided no panties (hey I had a sunburn remember?). I unwrapped my hair and heard the shower come on again. I started brushing out my hair and decided a simple pony tail would be best, and would keep it off my pinking shoulders.

Looking in the mirror I felt I looked like I was glowing. My face was pink from the sun but it was like a light was turned on inside of me. I put some flavored gloss on my lips to keep them from chapping and headed downstairs as the door bell rang. I opened the door and found the delivery guy standing there. I paid him, took the food (pizza) and went to the kitchen. I gathered two plates, some napkins, two wine glasses and a bottle of wine my mom left for me and headed to the living room. I put down the food and the dinnerware on the coffee table and grabbed a throw off of the sofa. I set up a makeshift indoor picnic. Then I lit some cinnamon scented candles and closed the blinds of the room, making a cozy, romantic setting. I heard Calvin coming down the stairs and I yelled up to him.

“Hey I forgot the aloe, could you grab it for me?”

“Sure.” I heard him head back up again. I opened the bottle of wine and poured two glasses, opened the pizza box and was sitting on the floor when he came in the room. He was wearing a pair of slip on athletic shorts and that was it, his hair was still wet from his shower and I could smell his cologne.

“Wow. You work fast.” He laughed as he sat down on the floor with me. He grabbed a plate and picked a piece of pizza. We ate and laughed and joked just like normal, except that he kept touching my hand and looking into my eyes. When we were finished with the food and most of the wine, we were both feeling rather relaxed and a little buzzed. I started to get up to take the plates and trash into the kitchen, when he reached up and grabbed my arm. He gave a little tug and I came down onto his lap.

This fall made my short gown ride up and so my bare butt was on his thin covered lap. Our lips met, this time there wasn’t gentle tugging, there was fiery hot need. I felt his hands roaming up my bare legs and I was teasing his nipples with my fingertips. His hands were on my thighs and treading higher. My hands were dipping down and touching those gorgeous abs.

“Oh, God, no panties?” Calvin moaned against my lips as his hands found my ass.

“Figured it would just slow us down.” I giggled back.

He started to get up and tugged me up with him. When I was on my feet he picked me up into his arms and started toward the stairs.

Snuggling my face against his neck, I asked him where we were headed.

“To my bedroom, to my bed, to where I can love you easier and safer.” he whispered into my hair.

Upstairs he turned toward his room and opened the door. He sat me down and I looked around. His room reflected the candle lit living room downstairs. He had lit many little candles and his bed was freshly made with black and white sheets and covers. On the night table sat the bottle of aloe, and small packets that could only be condoms.

“Wait right here.” He said kissing my nose. He turned and walked out of the room. I heard him going downstairs. I walked toward the bed and turned down the sheets. I looked closer at the nightstand and realized that there was a picture on it. A picture of Calvin and I taken last year. In it he was standing behind me with his arms around me. We looked more like a couple than brother and sister. I was touched that he kept it here by his bed.

I heard him jogging up the stairs and turned when he came through the door. Smiling, he walked toward me. “Couldn’t leave all those candles burning, fire hazard.” He told me as he took me into his arms. Our lips met, tenderly caressing…

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