Weird How Natural This Was

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It was weird the vibration I got. This was the second time this year that I had a woman stand next to me and it just felt relaxing and natural, like we were partners already in a relationship. This second time was with a new employee at the company and we had just met 5 minutes ago.

Tricia was petite, later only to hear her describe herself as ‘tiny’. I was guessing that meant about an even five feet tall and maybe 95 pounds. Her brunette hair was a very cute style that was shoulder length and framed her very pretty smile nicely. For whatever reason after many years I finally noticed that a woman’s nose was a feature I subconsciously focused on when assessing their attractiveness. She had one of those little button noses. I already had visions of us in a missionary position fucking and rubbing our noses while breathing heavily at each other. Wow! The brain was working fast in the first five minutes.

About 30 minutes before I had been looking out my office window to the parking lot where employees could be seen as they come and go from the office building. I saw a woman in beige slacks and heels walking out to the far end of the lot and could not believe what a perfect ass she had and smooth, confident walk. I said to myself that I really needed to find out who that was and what her work schedule was so I could enjoy the view more often. You guessed it—it was Tricia!

While I can appreciate a nice set of tits, I am really an ass man and Tricia’s was perfect. I already had a vision of gently rubbing her ass as she stood next to me, wanting to take off her pants so I could contact her naked skin directly.

She was probably a 32-A or so, not completely flat chested but thank goodness no implants. I actually enjoy a smaller breasted woman, especially when they have nipples that are sensitive and erect when they get excited. And no muffin top on this woman either—a nice trim waistline, also a turn on for me telling me she takes care of herself.

Only caution for me was the fact I am in my mid-50’s and I had no clue if she was mid-30’s or possibly early 40’s. Either way there was a pretty good age difference so I tempered my expectations.

Introductions were completed and she went off to her office. Did I take the opportunity to check out her ass again as she walked away from me? Hell yes! Now I was imagining what it would be like fucking her doggy style, with one hand on each ass cheek, squeezing and spanking while i was thrusting.

The following week she and another new hire joined an associate of mine for lunch to our regular weekly haunt for Italian food. I discovered Tricia was quite easy to talk to, mature and self-confident in her actions without being aggressive or controlling. More qualities that attracted me to her.

Over the next two weeks we smiled and spoke briefly as we passed each other in the hallway. The fact she always smiled and took a moment to speak to me was encouraging. The last time I made it a point to look down at her tits for a few seconds to check them out and see what her reaction would be. She looked me back in the eyes and smiled, took a quick glance at my crotch and then went off to her office. No wedding ring so my hopes increased a bit more.

I’m not sure exactly how we broke the ice and ended up in my car on the way to dinner and a movie but we did. Most women want to meet you at the destination the first date or two but she very willing to meet me at my house first, which kept my time on the road way down as we lived more than 20 miles apart.

“I’m really glad you decided to go out tonight, but I have a favor to ask you” I told her.

“What’s that?” she said.

“Well, I am really looking to eventually find a long term partner, not to just date or have a ‘friend with benefits’. Not all women are looking for something long term nowadays plus there is an obvious age difference between us. So if you get to a point at any time when you feel we are not a match for each other, you will let me know right away, OK? I’m already really attracted to you so I don’t want to let myself get in too deep too fast and be disappointed.”

“No problem, I feel the same way.”

“Pinky swear?”

Tricia laughed, “Pinky swear” and we locked pinkies, taking our time in letting go of each other.

The movie was average, as usual too many special effects and not much real acting. At least they picked someone besides Tom Cruise for the starring role.

As we parked at the restaurant I looked over at Tricia and asked, “What’s your preference, sitting next to each other or across from each other?”

“Whatever you want,” she said.

“Well, if you sit next to me I will be able to hear you better as most restaurants are pretty loud nowadays. But that also gives me the opportunity to play with your leg under the table. If we sit across from each other we can spend more time looking at each other face to face, but then I will also be taking the opportunity to check out your boobs.”

She laughed, “There’s not much there to check out.”

“More güvenilir bahis than enough to keep my interest” I said.

Looking at each other Tricia said “whatever you choose.”

“Side by side it is then” and we went inside for dinner.

Dinner was nice, we conversed like old friends. Several times I let my right hand land on her leg and stroke it once or twice before removing it. The last time Tricia put her hand over mine while on her leg to hold it there. I gently squeezed her thigh on and off and got a smile in return.

I opened the door to the restaurant for her when we were leaving and once again as she was getting in the car.

After I got in the car Tricia looked at me and said, “Well, Carl, aren’t you quite the gentleman. Or did you do all that so you could check out my ass some more?”

“You noticed?”

“Of course! I’ve caught you checking it out several times. It’s OK.”

“In that case, you should be giving me special brownie points since I have successfully resisted reaching out and rubbing it when no one was looking,” I said.

“I wouldn’t have minded that—in private of course. But glad you did not do that in public; it might have surprised me and generated an embarrassing reaction. Come here…”

Tricia turned sideways to me, put her left hand behind my head and drew me in for a kiss. The first and second we short kisses on the lips, the third time she opened her mouth for a deep French kiss. She broke away from the French kiss long enough to look down and find my left hand, pulling it to her and placing it directly on her right ass cheek.

“There, that’s better.” She said, and then resumed our French kiss.

Was I surprised? Hell yes but I also took the opportunity to caress that fine ass like I had fantasized about for weeks.

After we broke off the kiss, I went about backing the car out of the parking space and getting back on the highway.

“Where to? I asked.

“Where would you like to go?” she asked.

“Well I have two responses to that, one of which is the gentleman’s response and the second is what I am really thinking. I’m willing to share either or both depending on how brave you are.”

After pausing for a second she said she wanted to hear both. The grin on her face told me she knew what was coming.

“Well, the gentleman in me would suggest we stop at the café on the way to the house, and grab a piece of pie and coffee, then call it a night.”

“And what you are really thinking is…..”

“I’d like to take you back to the house, light a few candles, take all your clothes off and nibble on you for dessert for a couple of hours.”

Tricia started giggling. “You sure you could keep that up for a couple of hours?”

“Well I might do more than just nibble but I think I could certainly fill the time with no problem.”

We drove in silence for a couple of lights, I wanted her to come to her own conclusion as to what would be next.

After the second light, she reached over and put her left hand on my leg and gently started rubbing it.

The third light turned red so we stopped. She reached over and took my right hand off the steering wheel and put it high up on her left thigh, within an inch of her pussy.

She looked at me and then asked, “Do you have any wine at your house?”

“Four or five bottles. There is probably something you will like.”

She moved her hand up to my cock and gave it a light squeeze through my slacks. “Stopping by your house sounds like fun, let’s do that.” Then she moved her hand back to her own lap for the remainder of the drive.

We pulled into my garage and I closed the garage door behind us. I got out of the car quickly so I could open her door for her. I extended my hand to help her out of the car and closed the door.

As we faced each other she put her right arm around me and pulled me in for another French kiss. My left hand immediately went to her ass for some gentle massaging and the occasional squeeze. The small moan from her was enough positive reinforcement for me.

We let go of each other long enough to walk into the house and set her purse down on the kitchen counter.

“It’s not bad for a bachelor,” she said looking around the family room.

I put my arm back around her waist. “It’s a work in progress. “

She put both of her arms around my neck and we planted several small kisses on each other. While my left hand was busy playing with her ass, I moved my right hand to her left breast and started massaging it. She responded by starting to lightly grind her hips into me.

After another minute or two, she pulled back slightly and whispered to me.

“I think we should go light those candles now, don’t you?”

“Absolutely,” I said. If she was ready to go to the bedroom, I was more than willing to lead the way.

I took her hand and started walking her back to the bedroom. She grabbed her purse and off we went.

Once in the bedroom I found the matches near the candle holders on the bureau.

I turned to Tricia türkçe bahis and started unbuttoning her blouse.

“I want to strip you down to just your panties and then have you light the candles. I’m a bit of a voyeur and I love seeing a woman in just her panties. You OK with that?”

“Sure,” she said.

After unbuttoning her blouse, I also undid the belt to her slacks and the zipper so I could more easily pull her blouse out from being tucked in. She had on a nice white lace bra. Like she said there wasn’t much there in size but the bra was sheer and I could not wait to get my lips around her eraser size nipples that were visible.

I hung her blouse up on a hanger to keep the wrinkles to a minimum and she unsnapped her bra from the front so we could hang it on the same hanger.

I sat on the bed and pulled her in front of me. Her pants were half open so I finished unzipping them and helped them to the floor where she stepped out of them. Her panties were a gossamer boy short, also white, which allowed her full brown bush to show through.

I found a hanger for her pants also and put them next to her blouse.

My cock was definitely hard now and I pulled her into my arms for another French kiss. Now almost naked I let my hands roam everywhere she was naked.

“Oh fuck that feels good,” she whispered.

She then put a hand on each of my shoulders and pushed me away.

“Strip to your jockeys while I get the candles lit,” she said.

She turned away from me and began lighting the four candle set while I undressed myself.

She was just starting the light the fourth candle when I walked up behind her and put my arms around her waist and pulled her ass into my hard on.

“I’d ask you if you’re enjoying yourself so far but I don’t think I have to,” she giggled.

She blew out the match and set it safely down. She took her right hand and reached behind her until she had it firmly on my cock and started rubbing through my jockeys. I turned her partially toward me and started kissing her again. I moved my left hand to her left breast and started rubbing her nipple between my fingers, which generated a moan from her.

I pulled away and turned her to the bed and sat her on the edge. She put her right hand on my thigh and looked up at me. She then grabbed each side of my jockeys and pulled them down and off me. She grabbed my cock with her right hand and moved her mouth to me and started giving me head.

After going down on me, back and forth about four times, she pulled off and said, “You have a nice cock” and then started sucking me again.

The girl knew how to suck cock. She spent time around the head, stroking the shaft, gently stroking the balls, wet without being porn sloppy.

“That’s it girl, suck me.” I told her.

After another couple of minutes I pulled her off my cock and bent down to kiss her.

“Let me see how my cock tastes on your mouth,” I told her and began kissing her.

“You like the taste of your own dick?” she asked.

“Not as much as I like your dirty talk, pretty girl,” I replied.

I stopped kissing her and pulled away a bit.

“Lay back on the bed for me,” I said.

Using her elbows she lifted herself until her she was all the way on the bed on her back, head just on the other side of the mattress and her feet just off the side of the mattress on the side I was on.

Tricia was in the position that definitely turns me on in a woman—flat on her back, tits pointing up, eyes mostly closed with lust, flat tummy and her delicious pussy covered in sheer panties just waiting to be uncovered and revealed to my eyes. I was already anticipating placing my tongue on her pussy lips and gently licking up her moisture while I ran my nose through her bush and inhaled her fragrance.

“I love checking out your bush through your panties,” I said.

“You boys are the visual creatures,” she said.

I placed a finger underneath each side of her panties and gently started pulling them down, taking in the sight of her dark bush and now full outer lips of her pussy. After setting them aside, she instinctively pulled up her legs and spread them so I could get easier access.

I climbed up between her legs and lay down with our crotches touching. Face to face, we began kissing lightly again. I lightly kissed the tip of her nose and stroked her hair for a minute as well, just enjoying her natural beauty. Her breathing was starting to get heavier, which made my cock even harder. A woman breathing heavily back on me I have learned over the years is another turn on for me.

Slowly I kissed my way down her neck until I got to her right breast and nipple. I gently used my tongue to lick all around her areola before placing her nipple in her mouth and gently sucking.

“Tell me if I use too much pressure OK?” She just moaned and hummed back to me in confirmation.

My right hand was now stroking her body, from ass cheek up to her left breast and back down. Her skin was just so soft! I didn’t know if it had just güvenilir bahis siteleri been that long since I had been with a woman or if she truly did something special in the way of taking care of herself but I was truly enjoying how she felt.

“Suck a little harder,” she whispered. I did not expect her to be so vocal, especially since it was our first time together but loved it. Most of my prior partners could never voice anything more than a periodic ‘feels good’ which can be relatively meaningless if that is all you say. I decided to not only suck her pert nipple a bit harder but also gently graze it with my teeth.

“Uhhhhhh……., “she groaned in pleasure. “Not too hard with the teeth.”

Grinning that I was pleasing her, I moved my mouth over to her left breast and starting teasing and sucking. At the same time I moved my right hand down to her mound and started massaging her pussy.

I moved my fingers in a soft, gentle, circular motion across her pussy lips and mound. She was both warm and wet. After getting my fingers properly wet, I made sure to run them through her bush also so her scent would be spread there as well.

I let go of her nipple and went back up to kiss her again. We shared a deep French kiss and then I whispered in her ear.

“Are you having fun Tricia?”

“Definitely baby,” she replied. Her hips now started to move up to meet my fingers in a somewhat involuntary motion.

I pulled my hand from her pussy and put my fingers in my mouth and licked her pussy juice from them.

“You taste so good,” I told her.

She smiled, grabbed my hand and put my fingers in her mouth and began licking the juices from them also.

“Yes I do,” she said.

Not saying anything more, I started working my way towards her pussy, planting small kisses on her body along the way.

When I got to her bush, I paused so I could rub my nose in it in small circles and enjoy her scent. She instinctively opened her legs wider and I moved down and began licking her pussy lips.

“Oh yes,” she whispered.

I could tell she was excited as her outer lips were now very extended, long enough for me to not only lick on but gently suck on as well. I gave each lip a quick suck to see what Tricia’s reaction would be and she seemed to enjoy it.

“You got awfully quiet all of a sudden.” I said looking up from her crotch.

“I just didn’t want to interrupt your rhythm. You were licking my pussy soooo good…”

She moved her right hand down onto my head and started running her fingers through my hair, which I love.

“Lick my pussy more baby, and suck on my lips a little again like you did before, OK?”

Who could deny such a pleasant request so I moved my mouth down to her pussy and began licking again. Occasionally I would move up to her bush, put some hair into my mouth and gently tug on it and then return to eating her. I worked my way up to her clit, back down to just above her ass hole and then back to her lips.

I ran my hand up the back of her left leg until I was able to grab her ass cheek and begin massaging it. I stopped licking her pussy and just placed several light kisses on her pussy for a minute or so.

“Uhhmmm, Carl, it has been a while since a partner did such a nice job eating me,” she said. Want me to suck you again and return the favor?”

I crawled back up her body until we were face to face again and gave her a light kiss, my hard cock nudging her bush.

“I can’t believe we are getting along like we have been a couple for years. I am so enjoying you being here. Are we moving too fast or are you OK?” I asked.

Tricia put a hand on each side of my face, looked into my eyes and said, “I am very OK, very much enjoying myself and very much want you to fuck me with that good looking cock of yours.”

She must have seen the look on my face as she giggled lightly at me.

“Surprised? It’s the truth plus it’s obvious you like the dirty talk.” She paused for another couple of seconds. “Soooooo, do you want to fuck me?”

“Oh hell yes” I said. “Since it’s our first night together, I think we should make it ladies night. Did you have a preference?”

“Preference to what?” Tricia asked.

“Preference to how, position, things like that,” I replied.

She reached down between us and started gently pulling on my hard on, using the pre-cum as lubricant.

Then she whispered the words all men love to hear from their partner.

“You can have me any way you want, I trust you to be gentle.” Then she gentle squeezed my cock for emphasis and grinned at me.

Tricia’s eyes moved back and forth across my face sparkling back at me.

“I’m sure you want my ass, you can have it if you want…….”

She was absolutely right. I wanted to fuck her ass, had even fantasized about it and shooting a nice warm stream of cum into her. But I also knew I was so excited tonight, I might not last very long that way and figured I’d play to odds that I would get another chance in the future.

I kissed her then whispered into her ear, “Guide my cock into your pussy baby.”

She rubbed the head of my cock against her pussy lips twice to lubricate it and placed it at her entrance. I gently moved forward and slid right in. She lightly gasped.

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