Weird Fantasies 12: Shared

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* * * * * *


* * * * * *

I wake up, and find two men in my bedroom, kneeling on my bed, holding me down, and looking at me.

I open my eyes, and jump, surprised.

I look at them. I should be scared, but I’m not. I’m excited.

They’re holding my wrists, and my legs. I just sleep in shorts when it’s a warm night, so they’re looking at my tits too.

They’re looking at those quite carefully.

“What do you want?” I say.

They look at each other.

“You,” one says.

One slides his hand up my leg, inside my shorts, inside me, too. He pushes his fingers into me, and I’m embarrassed how wet I am, in an awful situation like this.

The other one takes out his cock, and holds it out towards my face.

“Go on,” he said.

I shake my head.

“Do it,” he says.

“Make me.”

He twists his hand into my hair, and pulls me against him. I open my mouth, and suck him, all hard and hot and there. I suck, and the other one slides his fingers into me, and I moan, despite myself.

After a moment, one tries to pull my shorts down.

“No,” I gasp, and stop sucking. I struggle. I try to pull free. They laugh, and hold me down, and tug off my shorts and turn me over.

One kneels on me, holding ankara escort my arms. The other lies on my hips.

His cock is out. I can feel it against my leg. He moves, he moves me, and it’s down between my legs.

He slides. He pushes.

“That’s my ass,” I gasp.

“I know,” he says.

He pushes. He pushes into me there. It hurts, and feels wonderful too.

He pushes inside me, and his friend holds me down, and he fucks me, until I can’t think. Until I forget I’m supposed to be struggling, and wriggle free, and kneel up, so he can go into me better.

I kneel there and fuck him back, as roughly as he’s fucking me. I want him. I need him inside me. He comes, filling me all sticky and hot, and then he disappears and his friend slides into me too.

They both fuck me, and when they’re done, they push me onto the bed, and go to the door. They walk out, leaving me there. They both go down the hall to the house’s front door.

It opens, and I hear voices, people saying goodbye.

My boyfriend lets his friend out, and says thanks, and drive safe, and see you next time, and then he comes back to bed and kisses me, and then we go to sleep.

And, um, I guess we’d done anal earlier that night, too, which is why I could just do it without escort ankara being lubed. Fantasies don’t always make sense…

* * * * * *


* * * * * *

I’m in a guy’s bed, about to have sex, and he asks if he can tie me up. I say yes, of course, yay, and so he does. He ties my wrists in front of me with something. Um, a tie, I guess? A cloth belt?

Then he kisses me and licks me all over while he undresses me and stuff.

Um, wait… I guess I already had my top off before he tied me up, to make this part simpler. And I know I shouldn’t be quite so nitpicky about details like that, but bad habits from writing smut. Sorry!

So anyways, he undresses me, and goes down on me, and lick me until I’m a breathless trembly tied-up gaspy thing, and then he fucks me for a while too.

Then he stops and says, hey, um, could his friend watch us. Because the friend has never tried bondage before and is curious, that’s all.

“Because of that,” I say. “Right. Not anything else?”

“What?” he says, all innocent. “Just that. Just us doing him a favour so he can see how it is.”

“Can’t he watch porn?”

“He doesn’t like doing that.”

“Of course not,” I say, sceptical, but I don’t really care.

I ankara escort bayan actually kind of like the idea, so I say, “Yep, okay. Go get him.”

The guy does. His friend comes in, and sits on the bed and watches us. After a while I feel sorry for him, and sort of wriggle out from under the first guy, and get on my knees and elbows so I can suck the second guy off.

And I do. I kneel there, still tied, and suck one and fuck the other. And probably the guy behind me is as utterly into giving oral as I am and licks me out for ages. Probably, because this is me and my fantasy.

So we lick and suck and everyone comes. And that’s pretty much all!

Like sex, threeway, orgasm, done.

And I know this is all a bit dull compared to some of the other things here, but this is one I’ve been thinking about forever, like possibly my first actual organized daydreamy story-fantasy about something other than vague unspecific sex and a particular person, if that makes sense. So it’s been with me for years, big soppy sigh, and I always really quite liked it. Mostly, I guess, because for a long time, back when I was innocent and such things mattered, it felt like this was all somehow not my fault, the threeway, and I didn’t need to feel guilty or slutty or whatever, because just like the imaginary dude says, it’s really only me doing someone a favour, and so there’s no reason to feel bad! Um, yes, in my head. Feeling guilty about threeways in my head. While masturbating. I know.

But also yes, seriously!

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