Weekend Getaway Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

The rain was coming down harder, and the wind howled around the campground. Folding chairs and chez lounges were undoubtedly tumbling through the woods.

What had started out as a peaceful morning on the lake quickly turned into a wild and stormy afternoon. Andi, my girlfriend-at-the-time, in an act of jealousy (or competition), first blew, and then fucked one of my best friends right in front of me and his wife. Andi got more than she bargained for, as she soon found my friend’s cock to be a few inches shorter, but almost three times the girth of my own throbbing member.

I’m not sure if it was because I was younger, in better shape, or not quite as thick-cocked as her husband, but Sarah really seemed to enjoy it when I fucked her. Her husband, Ken, seemed to enjoy watching us, too.

Andi had practically passed out while lying on Ken’s belly. Ken’s cum was oozing from her stretched pussy. Ken had watched as his wife bounced on my cock only moments before, and our performance, coupled with Andi’s 18-year-old pussy bouncing on his fat cock, must have given him the time of his life. He had wanted this weekend to be all about pleasing his wife, Sarah, but it was starting to look like he was getting the better end of the deal — although I wasn’t complaining. I had fucked his wife the previous night and well into the morning, and it was starting to look like we were in for more of the same.

Sarah moved the table between the bunk beds out of the way, and slid the seat cushions of the camper so they were closer together. I sat across from Ken and Andi so they would have a clear, unobstructed view of whatever Sarah was going to do with me next.

There was a sharp crack of lightning, and the power to the camper went out. Sarah stepped away to open a few of the windows, and then lit a fragrance candle to shed a little more light on us.

Sarah disappeared into the bedroom at the other end of the camper and rustled through a few drawers under the bed. She came out moments later with a large, unused tube of KY jelly.

Sarah practically skipped back to the bunk bed end of the camper and gave me a big, toothy smile.

She walked over to Andi, who was on her stomach, and kissed her shoulder very lightly. Andi lifted her head to see who was kissing her, and Sarah gently moved her hair off her forehead and kissed her on the mouth. Andi kissed her back, and their tongues swirled for a few seconds as Sarah’s hand found the crack of Andi’s ass.

Sarah slid three fingers into Andi’s wet pussy and pushed Andi’s face back into Ken’s hairy chest. Andi arched her back as Sarah slid her thumb into her asshole. Sarah bent over and lightly bit Andi’s cheeks, leaving little bite marks on her tan-lined ass. She worked her fingers in and out of Andi’s pussy, pulling out little puddles of Ken’s cum as she slid her fingers deeper and deeper.

Sarah moved between Andi’s legs (and Ken’s) and spread them as far as they could go. She dropped to her knees and gently blew on Andi’s wet pussy. She moved closer and closer, until her nose was nestled into Andi’s asshole and her long tongue was firmly on Andi’s clit. Andi let out a moan as Sarah demonstrated her expert pussy-eating skills. As Andi was on the brink of orgasm, Sarah looked back at me.

“Squirt some of the KY in my ass. It’s still a little sore from last night, but I think I can handle some more.” She said with a wink.

“Andi, you don’t mind if your boyfriend puts his dick in my ass while I get you off, do you?” Sarah asked.

“What!?” Andi almost objected. She looked exhausted, but she still had enough energy to enjoy having her pussy licked. “I don’t care, just don’t stop doing whatever you’re doing!” Andi cried. Drunk and horny — Andi was helpless.

Sarah didn’t move a muscle as she waited for me to straddle her doggy-style. I squirted a small amount of KY on her asshole, leaned over, and firmly pushed the head of my cock past her sphincter. Sarah gave Andi’s pussy a full-mouthed tongue kiss, burying her nose deep up Andi’s asshole. I bent my knees and gently slid 5 of my 7 inches into Sarah’s ass. She let out a gasp as if she was coming up for air. I slowly worked my cock back and forth into Sarah’s ass, and she continued to lap at Andi’s cunt. Within seconds, Andi was shaking through another orgasm. Sarah moved forward slightly and allowed her tongue to find Andi’s anus. Ken’s fat cock was growing larger as he watched my dick disappear in his wife’s ass. Andi seemed to be in a state of delirium as Sarah guided Ken’s cock back into Andi’s pussy.

Sarah pulled forward, causing my cock to pop out of her asshole. She leaned over Andi’s shoulder and whispered something in her ear.

Sarah turned around and sat me back on the cushion, then turned to face Andi and Ken as she stepped back. She ceremoniously adjusted her feet so they were shoulder-with apart, pointed her toes inward, and bent over as if to touch her toes. She had the physique of a gymnast and the grace of a ballerina.

I ankara escort had a perfect view of her beautiful ass as she bent her knees and slowly sat on my cock. As the head of my dick popped back in, she let out another gasp, breathed, and then lowered herself further. Before I knew it, she had completely impaled herself on my 7-inch cock. She arched her back, and leaned back, lifting her arms over her head. She reached back farther, tilting her head back so I could kiss her face and caress her breasts. She reached behind my head, pulling me down to her mouth, and then kissed me. We kissed for several seconds while she gyrated her hips, making my cock poke into almost every corner of her bowels.

She turned her gaze to Andi, and then lifted her legs so her feet rested on my knees. She continued to move her hips around, making sure my cock stayed deep inside her.

“It’s your turn to eat pussy, Andi” Sarah said between gasps.

Andi let out a little pussy-fart as she got up off of Ken’s dick. Ken didn’t laugh or giggle this time. He looked at Sarah with disappointed eyes.

“Ken, darling, don’t you worry. You’re not finished, yet, ” Sarah explained as she tossed Ken the tube of KY.

Andi had a brief look of panic come across her face, but was quickly learning the rules to Sarah’s little games. She knelt between Sarah’s legs, and then leaned forward on her hands and knees. Andi looked over her shoulder at Ken, and arched her back giving him an inviting view of her pussy and asshole. Andi moved a little closer and I could feel her breath on my balls.

“I’ve never done this before, ” Andi looked up at Sarah sheepishly. “Which part, ” Sarah asked, “Eating pussy or getting fucked in the ass?”

“Both, ” Andi almost cried.

“Don’t worry, Andi. Just take it slow — both ways, ” Sarah said unsteadily as I began bouncing her on my cock.

Sarah used her legs to steady and slow my pace, and guided Andi’s mouth to her clit. She looked back at me as if telling me to behave myself.

“Just start there, and end here, ” Sarah said pointing at her clit. “Everything else… just get creative.”

Andi did as she was told and soon found herself lapping at Sarah’s cum-filled pussy. She licked and lapped like a dog greeting it’s master, and Sarah seemed to be enjoying every second. Andi bent down further to lick my balls, and then flicked her tongue on my shaft as it was going in and out of Sarah’s asshole.

Ken leaned over and tongued Andi’s asshole for a few seconds before kneeling behind her. He spread her cheeks wide and pushed the tube of KY against her anus. Andi jumped as he accidently squeezed almost the entire contents of the tube in her ass.

“Hey, that’s cold!” Andi complained.

“Don’t worry, things will warm up down there in just a minute, ” Sarah smiled.

Ken rubbed the small head of his cock up and down between Andi’s pussy lips, and Andi reached back for Ken to move up closer. Andi then rocked back and forth, working Ken’s meat further and further inside her pussy. Ken, walking on his knees, moved in even closer. Andi was well on her way to another orgasm, and seemed to have developed a good rhythm with Ken.

Andi went back to allowing Sarah’s pussy to be rubbed all over her face, and then suddenly stopped.

“Breathe, sweetheart, ” Sarah whispered to Andi. I looked over Sarah’s shoulder and could see that Ken pulled his fat dick out of Andi’s pussy and had worked the relatively small head of his cock into her asshole. The girth of his shaft was three times that of the head, as Andi had seen earlier, and his cock swelled as he struggled to enter her further.

Ken was pushing his cock hard against Andi’s ass, and she pushed her ass hard against his cock, but she couldn’t seem to get more than the head inside her. Andi winced in pain but didn’t cry out. In between Ken’s thrusts, she licked and nibbled at Sarah’s clit until I could feel Sarah’s bowels spasm.

Sarah let out a cry that startled both Ken and me. Sarah came hard, and cum from earlier sputtered out of her pussy onto Andi’s face. I’m not sure who actually came first, but Ken was filling Andi’s asshole with his cum at about the same time I was filling his wife’s with mine. Andi liked the warm feeling of Ken’s come in her bowels much better than the cold KY. “Oooooohhh, that felt good,” Andi cooed. “Different, but definitely good.”

Sarah caught her breath and looked down at Andi’s cum-covered face. “You got off easy, sweetheart. Ken’s a big man down there. Not too long, but very, very thick. Still, I think you could have taken more than just the tip.” Sarah reflected.

“There’s no way in hell Ken’s dick would fit in anyone’s asshole, even yours, ” Andi whined.

“Really? Let’s see. Trade places with me, Andi. You’re still getting fucked in the ass today, but Ken will have to take a rain check with you. Agreed?” Sarah said demandingly.

Andi nodded and stood up. She could barely walk. Sarah lifted herself escort ankara off my cock and cum dribbled from her asshole. She put her hand under her ass and smeared the come around her anus.

“That’ll help since Ken used all the KY on you, Andi, ” Sarah said with mild disappointment as she tossed the spent tube of lubricant aside.

Sarah helped Andi position herself over my cock, and Andi slowly lowered herself until the head of my quickly recovering dick was pressed against her anus.

“Now, exhale,” Sarah said quietly.

As Andi exhaled, Sarah pushed down on Andi’s hips and my cock slid about halfway in.

“Now, keep breathing. Every time you breathe out, lower yourself a little more, ” Sarah instructed.

Andi breathed a few times, and then began lowering herself. She paused every once in awhile when she thought she couldn’t take any more, but Sarah would remind her that Ken would be off limits if she didn’t continue.

Once Andi had all of my 7 inches inside her, Sarah showed her how to put her feet on my knees. Andi began raising and lowering her ass on my growing cock, clumsily at first, but within minutes she seemed to be enjoying it. KY jelly and Ken’s cum squirted out from Andi’s ass and onto my balls with every deep thrust.

Sarah leaned forward and gave Andi’s pussy a few quick licks before turning back to Ken.

Ken could barely hold his fat dick with one hand, but was doing his best to stroke himself back to erection. The fart noises coming from Andi’s asshole as she repeatedly impaled herself on my cock seemed to be helping. Sarah grabbed one of the small terry cloth bathrobes and wiped off the head of Ken’s dick before popping into her mouth.

“Mmmmmm,” Sarah hummed. Ken’s dick swelled instantly.

Sarah then turned her ass to Ken and asked Andi if she was paying attention. Andi nodded as she began to steady her pace. Her well-toned legs were being used in ways she probably never imagined.

Sarah got on her hands and knees as she crawled backwards against Ken’s belly. She reached between her legs and guided Ken’s cock to her pussy. Ken instinctively – and almost violently — grabbed Sarah’s hips and pulled her onto his cock.

Sarah allowed herself to be pulled back and forth on Ken’s fat dick, her ponytail bobbing all over the place. Then, Sarah reached back and grabbed one of Ken’s arms, prompting him to stop.

“Ok sweetie, I think you’re big enough, ” Sarah said out of breath.

“Andi, are you still watching?” Sarah asked.

“Uh-huh, ” was all Andi could murmur as she continued to move her ass up and down slowly, displaying incredible leg muscles.

“Okay sweetie, nice and easy. I want to feel your hips on my ass before you come. I want you to be all the way in, okay?” Sarah asked of Ken.

“Okay, ” Ken whispered and guided the tip of his cock to Sarah’s asshole.

Sarah arched her back further as Ken spread her cheeks with his hands.

Andi reached down with one hand and began rubbing her clit.

Ken pulled back on Sarah’s hips and the head of his dick disappeared inside her asshole. Sarah breathed deeply and thrust back as she exhaled, miraculously allowing another inch of Ken’s fat cock inside her. She began to rock back and forth, breathing deeply, and pushing herself farther and farther down Ken’s fat, throbbing dick. Her asshole farted loudly as Ken wedged more of his thick meat inside her.

“Not yet, sweetie. Hold off just a little longer, ” Sarah said as she looked over her shoulder.

Three, four, and then almost all five inches of Ken’s dick pumped in and out of Sarah’s ass. Ken pumped slowly, waiting for the signal to let loose. Sarah’s ass was finally firmly pressed against Ken’s hips.

Sarah looked over her shoulder again and said, “Ok, now!” She dropped her head as if to look at the action between her legs.

Ken moved his hands higher on Sarah’s hips and squeezed hard. He pulled her hard onto his cock as he filled her bowels. Sarah let out a cry as Ken pushed and pulled her hips. His fat shaft slid in and out of her asshole, making my cum squirt from her ass with each deep thrust.

Andi was rubbing her clit quickly as she sat completely on my dick. I could feel her stomach muscles tighten as she rubbed herself to orgasm. Her asshole became loose around my shaft as she felt me cum deep inside her.

Sarah’s hair came out of its ponytail as Ken continued to bounce her on his cock. He pushed her off, sat on the bunk bed, and then pulled her back onto him. Sarah sat on his dick in the same way Andi was sitting on mine, giving us a spectacular view of Ken’s enormous cock pummeling Sarah’s asshole. Ken lifted Sarah at her thighs and raised and lowered her onto his cock. Sarah’s legs flopped around almost as much as her beautiful tits.

Ken let all of Sarah’s weight onto his fat dick, filling her completely, then reached in front of her and began fingering her pussy. With the other hand, he grabbed one of Sarah’s tits and ankara escort bayan squeezed hard to the point of looking painful. Sarah’s stomach undulated as more cum poured from her pussy and onto Ken’s fingers. Ken let out a groan and Sarah’s eyes widened as he filled her ass with cum.

They sat there for a few minutes as if waiting for Ken’s dick to deflate. Sarah looked completely exhausted. Within a few minutes, she caught her breath and decided playtime was over for now. Cum poured from Sarah’s stretched asshole as she stepped off of Ken. She leaned over and gave him a light peck on the cheek, then carefully walked toward the shower.

“We better get this place cleaned up so you have somewhere to sleep tonight, ” Sarah said, and then disappeared into the bathroom.

“Wow!” I said.

“Wow is right!” Ken said.

“Fuck, ” Andi added.

Andi was next to take a shower, followed by Ken, and then me. I ended up with the cold water. Sarah and Andi put on fresh bathrobes and Ken and I had to contend with towels.

The rain had died down, but the sky was still dark.

Sarah and Andi both had a glow about them, but they couldn’t help but walk a little cautiously. Andi carried a Kleenex with her to wipe up the cum that wouldn’t stop dribbling from her asshole. Ken looked happy and relaxed, and it appeared things were back to “normal” for the time being. Sarah, having been fucked the most and the hardest all day, still acted frisky.

Could she still be horny after all that? A quick squeeze of my cock and licking her lips as she walked by sent a clear message. Sarah behaved herself, though, and we took time out from any further sexual escapades to clean up the mess we made of the camper.

Sarah started pulling food from the cooler, while Ken found cold beer and soda. It seemed the situation turned back into being a camping trip, after all.

The late lunch hit the spot, and we all felt like taking a nap. Sarah blew out the candle, took Ken’s hand, and led him to their bedroom at the other end of the camper. Andi and I pushed the bunk bed cushions together, and fell asleep in each other’s arms as soon as our heads touched the pillow.

I felt like I had only been asleep five minutes when Ken tapped on my shoulder.

“We have to go check on the boat, ” Ken whispered. He was dressed in regular shorts and a T-shirt. I looked at Andi asleep lying half-naked next to me and figured we’d have to get dressed eventually.

I knew we had a change of clothes in the car. The rain hadn’t stopped, but it sounded as if it had slowed enough for me to run out and run back in without too much trouble. With the weather still being bad, I thought there wasn’t much chance of anyone else being around, so I didn’t bother with a towel.

“Can I trust you two alone?” I asked jokingly.

“I won’t fuck her without you knowing about it. Fair enough?” Ken whispered, not wanting to wake Andi or Sarah just yet.

I smiled and headed for the car wearing flip-flops and a tired smile. I grabbed what I thought we could use the rest of the night, and quietly got dressed while Ken warmed up the truck.

Ken and I could barely look at each other as we drove to the pier where he kept his boat docked.

I had defiled his wife several times in front of him, while he defiled my girlfriend-at-the-time several times in front of me. He seemed to really like Andi, and was very delicate with her — even as he tried to stuff his fat cock in her ass. Andi wasn’t ready to accept something that big into her ass just yet, but Ken was still very gentle with her. This was in stark contrast to the way he practically grudge-fucked his wife in front of us. I’ve never been turned on by violence during sex, and the way he fucked Sarah was no exception.

I felt sorry for Sarah, even though she obviously enjoyed it to a degree. She proved her point to Andi, though — Ken’s fat cock did indeed fit up Sarah’s beautiful (if not-so-tight) ass. I could tell that Andi was finally expanding her sexual horizons. Whether out of competition with Sarah, or out of lust for Ken’s short, but really fat dick, I think we all knew Andi was going to figure out a way to take Ken’s entire dick up her ass.

I decided to break the silence. “Ken, when did your cock get so damned fat?”

“I always knew it had potential, ” Ken joked, “but seeing Andi in that bathing suit really got to me. And after watching her blow you on the dock, well… I hadn’t been that turned on since I met Sarah back in school.”

“What happened with Sarah back in school?” I asked, more interested in Sarah for now.

“Sarah was the biggest slut on campus, ” Ken smiled. “Other than what went on today, you wouldn’t know it from looking at her — then or now — but she loved to fuck. Sometimes three or four times a day. Sometimes three or four guys a day. Sometimes three or four dicks at once.”

I tried to do the math, but it made my head hurt and my dick swell.

“Oh yeah, ” Ken added. “Some girls are just born to fuck, naturally good at it and all. That was Sarah. Funny thing about Sarah – and everyone that fucked her – was that they could keep their mouths shut about it.”

“So how did you find out?” I asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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