Weekend at Fiona’s

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As I have said in my other tales, I’m not really an aspiring author but I do like to write about some of my adventures. Generally I am fairly conservative when I am near home, but since I travel a lot for work, I sometimes make more spontaneous decisions knowing that friends and family at home won’t know the crazy thing I did while traveling.

To give you a picture of me, I am five feet five inches tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. I keep very fit by eating healthy and working out as regularly as I can. Both guys and girls frequently compliment me on my looks.

So here is what happened when I went to see my good friend Fiona in California last year. It had been probably a year since I had seen her, and that was when we had traveled together to Europe for some beach relaxation. It was summer again and I was visiting Fiona’s home for a long weekend.

Fiona was single like me and also was between relationships. So she invited me to come to her house for some girl-time and to catch up.

Fiona lives on a cul-de-sac in an expensive neighborhood, and the home reflects how well she has done professionally. The house is a ranch style which is common in the area, but quite large and with a secluded back yard since there are protected lands behind her home. I always wondered why she purchased such a large home for herself, but seeing it I can definitely understand the attraction. She has a wonderful kitchen and area to entertain inside the home, and the outside has a very nice pool and large pool deck with privacy fencing with close to 7 foot block walls. You cannot see another home from inside her back yard.

I arrived at Fiona’s home on a Thursday early evening. We made dinner and talked half of the night. It was like we were lifelong friends, but actually we had met only in our last year of college. On Friday, Fiona had planned for taking the day off and we were going to spend most of the day lounging by her pool. I couldn’t wait to get a little sun since it was just the beginning of the summer season and it had been still rather cool where I live. The weather was going to be warm and sunny and perfect for the pool.

We slept in on Friday morning after having been up so late, and by 11 am or so we had some fruit and yogurt and then headed out to the pool. There were several lounge chairs lined up facing the sun and we grabbed a couple in the middle and set our towels on them. Neither of us had put on any lotion yet and I decided I would wait for a while before I did. I really wanted to get a little bit of color to take home with me.

As soon as I was situated I grabbed my book and started reading. Fiona was still working on getting her towel organized and then she sat down on the chair and reached behind her to undo her straps. She was going to lay out topless which is what she normally did at home. In fact, when we traveled to Europe the summer before, we both went topless at a few beaches and even tried a couple nude beaches.

As I watched Fiona set her top on the table behind us and lay down I couldn’t help notice how beautiful she is. Like me she is very trim and she has a very cute face. However what I find I am a little envious about is that she is a few inches taller than me and she has larger nicely shaped breasts. She always looks amazing in everything she wears and I feel I have to work harder to find something that accentuates my smaller breasts. In terms of cup size, I’m a 34-B and my guess is that Fiona is a 36-C or D. I’m shapely as well, but I just don’t fill out my clothing like she does.

I decided to leave my top on for now. After I got through my first chapter I remembered I left my water inside so I went to get it and to get my bottle of lotion. When I stepped back outside, I saw that Fiona was standing near the edge of the pool sticking her toe in to measure the temperature.

“Do you want to swim? Fiona said looking at me as I stood near the patio door.

“Sure. Is it cold?” I replied.

“It’s perfect actually,” Fiona said. She waited for me watching as I decided what to do with the bottles of water and lotion. The chairs were on the other side of the pool so it was easier to set things down here for now. I put everything on a table near the door and then looked up at Fiona standing there topless. I didn’t really want to lie in a wet suit almost immediately after getting to the pool, so I decided to remove my top and possibly wear it later after I get out. I set my top on the table and then headed toward the pool steps where Fiona was now standing.

The water was warm and as inviting as Fiona made it sound. Both of us took our time entering and we relaxed in the shallow end. I decided not to get my hair wet on this trip, but Fiona eventually went under water and swam to the deep end and back.

We stayed in the pool for probably close to 15 minutes and then returned to our chairs. I had forgotten about the lotion and waters and decided to close my eyes and enjoy drying under the warm sun before I güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri returned to my book.

Several minutes later I was startled and realized I had dozed off. Fiona was talking with three guys near the back door! I realized they may not know I had awakened so I kept still and watched them through my mirrored sunglasses. It was hard to hear what they were saying, but after a few minutes I saw Fiona grab the bottles of water and my suntan lotion and head toward the chairs. The guys followed her.

At that moment I realized I was still topless, and my bathing suit top was still at the table near the door. Fiona was also still topless and she acted as though this was completely normal. I have to admit I was a little upset. I thought about grabbing her towel to cover up but she was almost to the chairs now and she was introducing me to the guys.

“Sorry, I completely forgot that I had invited some friends over this afternoon. This is Craig, Rolf, and Tomas. Craig and Tomas are from the UK, and Rolf is from Germany. They have been over here for the past couple months and Tomas is heading back to the UK early this evening so we agreed to get together so that I could say goodbye,” Fiona said.

I probably looked pissed as these three strangers were standing there looking at my tits awaiting my response. All three of them were cute mind you, but still I should have had some warning!

“I’m actually heading back to the Czech Republic,” Tomas said. “I’ve been living in the UK for the past ten years or so, but I am going home to see my parents near Prague for a couple weeks and then I will return to London.”

Tomas had kind of a British accent. He and the other guys were dressed casually in shorts, button-up short-sleeve shirts, and sandals.

“I hope you don’t mind,” Fiona continued.

“Not at all,” I lied. “I’m Katie,” I said to the three guys. Each guy stepped forward and said hello to me as they shook my hand.

Fiona stepped between our chairs and put the water and suntan lotion on the table behind us and then she lay down on her chair. There was one free chair to my right and two more on Fiona’s left. Tomas sat down on the chair to my right and Craig and Rolf positioned themselves next to Fiona. Each one had a towel that I had not noticed before when we were being introduced and they spread them out on their chairs.

I lay back down as well and watched Tomas remove his shirt and kick off his sandals. He then reached for his belt buckle and undid that and then unzipped his shorts. “Was he going to lie out in his underwear?” I thought to myself somewhat amused.

No was the answer. Tomas pulled his shorts down to reveal a swimming suit underneath. It wasn’t your typical American swimming suit though. It was more like what you would see in Eastern Europe. It was small and it was tight. It barely covered his ass and was more like bikini bottoms than a swim trunk. It also was tightly stretched across his front so that I could clearly see a mound where his penis and balls were stuffed inside.

Tomas noticed me looking and I quickly rotated my head to my left to see what the other guys were wearing. They too had their shirts off and had removed their shorts. Rolf also had on a tight small suit, but not quite as small as Tomas’. Craig was British and had on the most conservative suit but it was still smaller than what you would typically see in a store here.

Fiona started chatting with Rolf who was next to her and I looked back over at Tomas. He was settling into his chair and turned his head to look at me. As I looked back I noticed he had a very nice body. His arms had nice tone to them and I could see the outlines of some muscles. His chest was mostly hairless which I liked and he had defined chest muscles and a tight abdomen. His legs also looked muscular like he may be a bike rider or a runner.

“I’m really sorry for the surprise visit,” Tomas said. “I’ve known Fiona for the past couple months and she has been a really good friend. I’m not sure when I will make it back here to California. I’m really going to miss this weather.”

“Not a problem at all,” I lied again. I wasn’t against having guests by any means. I was just a little surprised and I was still topless in front of strangers. I wish I had at least had my top on when they came. I could still get it now, I thought. I glanced at Fiona who was talking away like she was regularly topless with these guys and thought that maybe I was being a prude.

Tomas started talking about his time in the US and what a wonderful country it is. He had grown up in the Czech Republic and left to go to college in the UK which is where he still lives. His job sent him over to the Bay Area and that is how Fiona met him and Craig. Both Tomas and Craig worked for the same company as Fiona. Rolf was Fiona’s friend that Tomas and Craig met while they were here. It seemed Craig would also be returning to the UK but he had a couple more weeks before güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri he was going to depart.

After talking a little about myself and that I traveled a lot in my job with pharmaceuticals, Tomas began talking about how wonderful the weather was in California and that he would miss it. He also talked about how horrible the beaches were in the UK compared to here although he did like the beaches in some areas around Europe.

I mentioned some beaches that Fiona and I had been to last year and Tomas knew them. “Did you go to the family side or the nude side?” he asked about one of them.

I was surprised he knew it so well! It actually did have a “family” side where there were children present. However, some of the women were still topless. The middle section was mostly adults and was further from the restaurant and parking area and was inhabited by all adults. More women were topless in that section. And then much further down on the other side was the nude area.

“We were in the middle for one day and then we went to the left side for the second day,” I said as I wanted to test his knowledge.

“Ah, the nude side then,” he said. “You don’t hear too much about Americans adventuring over to the nude beaches. I love that beach because it has such nice sand and the water is mostly calm and warmer due to the coastline.”

“It took a little getting used to at first, but we did it a few other places as well,” I said.

Tomas seemed intrigued. “Being topless is the first step I guess. I assume you did that before you tried full nudity?”

“We did,” I said. “I think every beach we went to had a lot of topless women and we blended right in.”

“I imagine it takes getting used to when you don’t grow up doing that. When I was a child I don’t think my mother put any suit on me until I was something like six years old, and that was at beaches that were clothing optional. But when there were nude sections, we often went there and it was natural,” Tomas said.

“So when you got older and developed some hormones, didn’t it get weird seeing your mom naked? What about sisters?” I asked.

“Yeah I have a couple sisters, and no it didn’t seem weird. It’s just the way it was. I didn’t look at it like someone growing up here would. I mean I certainly took notice of girls, but not my mother or sisters.”

“I guess that makes sense,” I said. “What about cousins or friends?”

He kind of smiled as he seemed to be thinking of memories. “Well sure I guess I took notice of some of them, but it still isn’t like here when you never see your family or friends topless or naked. At least not if you grow up in a family that did that like mine.”

“I think my brother would be horrified if our mother saw him walking around a beach naked,” I said.

“What about you? Would you be horrified if your father or brother saw you?” Tomas asked.

I thought for a moment and then said, “Probably not nearly as horrified as my brother would be in front of me. I think I could handle it. As for my father, it would definitely be weird but I think I could do it. I would be more worried about looking at him than him looking at me.”

“And maybe that is the answer. You just don’t look and focus on the conversation and whatever else,” Tomas replied.

He had a point. He also made me feel completely comfortable about being topless in front of him as we had this conversation. I decided to turn over and turned my head toward Tomas after taking note that Fiona had also turned over and was still talking to Rolf and Craig.

“Would you like me to apply some lotion to your back?” Tomas asked.

“Would you ask that of your sister lying topless in front of you?” I smiled awaiting his response.

“Of course,” he said. “If she needed lotion I would definitely offer to put it on her.” He seemed puzzled by my question, but he answered correctly.

“Okay,” I said. “You can put some lotion on me. Thanks for offering.”

Tomas grabbed the bottle and shook it, and then he applied some lotion to his hand and began rubbing it in. I pulled my hair out of the way and felt Tomas’s fingers across my neck and the tops of my shoulders, and then he continued down the center of my back. When he reached my lower back he paused.

“May I lift your waistband slightly so that I can ensure there is no gap in coverage?” he asked.

It seemed like an innocent question and I appreciated that he asked first. “Sure,” I replied.

Tomas continued with his application and lifted the edge of my bikini bottom in the center of my back with one hand and slid a couple wet fingers with his other hand underneath to spread the lotion. He then moved around to the right side and then to my left side.

When Tomas finished underneath the edge of my bikini bottom, he continued to apply lotion up my lower sides. My arms were folded under my head and I realized that the sides of my breasts were exposed. Tomas continued up until he got to the güvenilir bahis şirketleri sides of my breasts and paused. I didn’t say anything and then he continued and applied lotion to the sides of my breasts and my armpits. When he finished with my armpits he applied more lotion to his fingers and rubbed my breasts again and ensured he got all the way down to the towel. I swear his fingers came within a half inch of my nipples!

“Just like rubbing lotion on your sister?” I asked amused.

“Almost,” he replied. “Can I do your legs for you?

I thought about it for a moment and then realized I didn’t really want to stand up to do it. “Thank you for asking,” I said.

Tomas started near my feet and ensured the sides of them had lotion before he started moving up the center of my legs. When he got to the backs of my knees he went back down and ensured he had the sides of my legs covered. He then started on my right leg again and moved up the center until he reached the bottom edge of my bikini bottom. I wasn’t wearing a particularly covering bikini bottom since it was cut high across the back and covered only half of my cheeks. The sides of my bikini were just strings tied together and I was hoping the knots would stay tied.

Tomas lifted the bottom edge on the middle of my cheek and slid his wet fingers across my ass and underneath my suit. He then moved toward the outside and slid his fingers under the knot and then brought his fingers back around across my ass and slide his fingers underneath my suit again and slid them down toward the inside of my leg.

His fingers stopped just shy of touching my labia and then he rubbed down the inside and outside of my thighs to complete that leg. Tomas then repeated on the other leg and again got a good grab of my ass cheek and almost touched my labia.

He set the bottle down on the table. “You have really nice muscle tone in your legs,” he said.

“Would you say that to your sister?” I asked smiling at him.

“Probably not,” he said smiling back.

“Thanks for applying the lotion,” I said genuinely.

“Can I borrow that?” Fiona asked.

“I can apply it if you like,” Rolf jumped in.

“Sure. Thanks Rolf,” Fiona replied.

Tomas handed the lotion to Rolf and I turned my head to watch. He started on Fiona’s legs and worked his way up fairly quickly and then took his time on her cheeks similar to what Tomas did to me. Fiona was also wearing a similarly skimpy bikini bottom. Rolf then did her back and I took notice if he was going to rub it into the sides of her breasts, or if she would let him. He did it and she didn’t complain nor ask to do it herself.

We lay like this for probably 20 minutes and then I heard Fiona talking to Craig and Rolf. They were talking about going out to the store to get some food and some beer. I turned over as did Tomas and saw Fiona and the other guys sit up.

“We are going to get some things at the store. Do you want anything specific?” she asked.

“No, not for me,” I said. “Maybe some white wine if somebody wants to share it.”

“I could go for that,” she replied. “Tomas?”

“Nothing for me,” he said.

“Okay, we will be back in about 60 to 90 minutes. Traffic is going to be bad and we have to go to two places. Tomas, don’t worry. We will be back in plenty of time to get you to the airport,” Fiona said.

“I’m not worried,” he replied.

Fiona grabbed her bikini top and she, Rolf, and Craig entered the house to leave. That left me alone with Tomas.

I closed my eyes while Tomas and I chatted about some things he was doing at work which seemed interesting, and then he inquired about my work and my travels. He was definitely pleasant to talk to. Occasionally I would look over at him and I noticed he was always looking at me when he spoke. He had kind looking eyes and I started to notice how attractive he was, not just his physical appearance, but also his persona.

As we talked I began to look at him more. He was lying flat on his back and I could see the bulge in the front of his shorts. I really didn’t understand why European men wore such tight shorts. It seemed like it would be uncomfortable, and it certainly left less to the imagination.

Tomas looked over at me. “Would you like to go for a swim?” he asked.

“Yeah I guess so,” I responded. It had been awhile and it was hot.

“Now for the difficult question,” he continued. I looked over at him confused. “Do you mind if I take these off and keep them dry? I don’t want to pack something wet in my luggage. I only ask because you have been to nude beaches before so I was hoping you wouldn’t mind. But if this is a strange request I completely understand and I will not swim.”

I thought about what Tomas said. If I were headed to the airport I would have the same dilemma. I wouldn’t swim if it meant being naked in front of a stranger. However if it was just me and Fiona I might take my suit off. Tomas probably looked at it like he was just here with friends that do that kind of thing. This was a very strange request under normal circumstances.

“Okay, I guess. I don’t mind.” I couldn’t believe what came out of my mouth immediately after I said it.

“Thanks for understanding, Katie.” Tomas smiled at me and then stood up while I sat up.

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