We Never Knew

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The plane ride seemed to last for ever and when it finally landed I was desperate for a stiff drink and a relaxing dip in the hotel pool. As I entered the room, my mind had already wandered to the pool I spotted as I walked to the door.

My swim trunks were on in a flash and before the socks lines had faded from my legs, I was headed to the indoor pool.

I stepped into the water and was happily surprised that it was lukewarm, and offering an escape from the wintry weather outside. The seminar had been boring and the flight was uneventful but my body still ached from the day. All I could think of was the relaxation of the night.

As I leaned against the side of the pool, soaking my weary body, I heard my name being spoken from across the way. The voice was familiar but I couldn’t quite remember exactly who it was. At first, I tried to ignore the voice hoping that whoever this was would see my need for relaxation and keep their distance.

But my name rang out again, only this time I could tell it was a lot closer. I dared to open my eyes and find out who was interrupting my peaceful evening.

I turned and looked up to a face I hadn’t seen for nearly a year. It was Julie and she had left a position at my firm for greener pastures. The sight of her reminded me of the many times I had thought about asking her out, but remained silent due to her fiancé’. Now she was standing in front of me, wearing only a towel tightly wrapped around her waist and a tiger print top of a bikini.

I was speechless at first, and she hesitated as if I had forgotten her. I finally choked out her name, as I glance over my shoulder to look for her fiancé. she asked if I was looking for someone to which I said hello and asked where her boyfriend or husband was.

She laughed out loud and informed me she wasn’t involved at the moment. She recognized my sigh and sat down on the edge of the pool. She asked how it happened that I was here but answered her own question when she remembered the endless lists of seminars we were sent to for the company. I smiled and nodded.

A waiter appeared with a tray asking for drink orders and I asked for my usual rum and coke. She told the little guy to bring her another bourbon. I scanned her eyes and could see she had already consumed several.

We talked for a while over several drinks and the water began to turn cold. I mentioned I needed to get back and lay down, and she said she should too. She asked what room I was in and by chance we were on the same floor. Hers was only a few doors from the pool.

I climbed out of the pool and we headed up the hall trying to dry off. As we neared her door she turned and insisted I come in. I paused and then she offered to have dinner together. I thought It would be nice to actually sit down and talk without the tension of the office politics around. illegal bahis So I followed her in to the very cold room.

The curtains were drawn and the TV was on. She tossed her towel on the bed as she headed toward the bathroom. As she walked away from me, I was caught by her candor. Her perfect proportions hadn’t changed an inch since she left, I was a little uneasy with the thoughts that filled my head. I felt myself getting aroused and struggled to tell my self to calm down and remain as gentleman-like as I could.

I stood there trying to watch the television as I assumed she was changing, but as the door opened, she stepped out of the bathroom still dressed in her bikini. My eyes explored her breasts and the imprints of her nipples frozen by the cold air. She walked towards me not seeing how the lust was filling my eyes.

She reached for the towel she had discarded on the bed and brushed against my arm with her firm buttocks. I tried to remain as calm as possible, but harboring the thought of seizing this opportunity if such a chance did arise. She stood up and tossed the towel over her red hair that was teased with streaks of blond. I studied every inch of her as she rubbed the towel over her hair. From the supple breasts, struggling to free themselves from the bra, down to the gentle curve of her hips. My tongue wet my lips as the visual exploration had my pressure up.

As she finished toweling her hair, she had come close enough for her to catch the scent of perfume she must have sprinkled on in the bathroom. The scent completed the visual fantasy I was absorbed in and I had to straighten my knees to keep from loosing my balance.

She was surprised to see how close she had come to me and placed her hand on my chest to steady her. The warm touch sends a current through me and she felt the tremble. She looked up into my eyes and I could see a thirst in her eyes.

The opportunity had come and I leaned down and tasted her lips. I heard her gasp and then she slipped her arms around me. Her lips were sweet and wet, and I could feel her warmth as she pressed against me.

She pulled away and I feared I had crossed a line I should not have, but when she motioned to the bed side, I stepped with her. She sat on the edge and stopped me before I could join her. Then she slipped her hands around my waist and pulled me to her face. Burying her face into the front of my trunks, I could feel her massaging my cock with the same lips.

I don’t really care for that, but she insisted. I stood there as she slipped my cock from within my trunks and slowly inserted it into her warm wet mouth. In and out, and in and out. She pulled me into her mouth and I could feel my cock sliding deeper into her throat with every tug. All the while she is moaning and humming with every thrust.

Finally, I pull back and illegal bahis siteleri I see her disappointment. I gently lay her back on the bed and kneel down on the floor. I pull her thong off and begin massaging her wet cunt with my fingers. She arched her back and moaned as her juices flowed onto the bed.

Before she can relax, I lean over and start exploring her wet cunt with my tongue. I taste every ounce of her until I locate her spot. Then, with my tongue vibrating over it, I close my lips around it and suck. She groans out loud and as I continue to massage her, she spasms violently on the bed.

After nearly 20 minutes of her quaking, I climb up and slowly press my throbbing cock into her. Every few inches, I pause and let her feel me inside her. Deeper and deeper I penetrate, and she wraps her legs around me, trying to speed up the entry. Finally I reach full penetration, and I feel the back of her cunt. She gasps for a breath as I press full force against it.

I slip one arm under her shoulder to keep her from sliding into the headboard, and with the other I begin massaging her breast. Then I begin a slow methodical increase in the speed of my thrusting. Faster, harder, deeper. She cries out in ecstasy. Faster, harder, deeper. Until she is having orgasm after orgasm, one right after the other.

Suddenly she begins to beg for a break. I pull out and let her breathing slow. Then I tell her to lean over the edge of the bed. I help her swing her legs off the bed and spread them. I see her cunt throbbing with juices flowing freely. I slide my cock into her cunt and repeat the thrusting in and out of her. She is braced on side of the bed and with each stroke I feel the back of her pussy as I ram into it.

Tiny beads of sweat form on her shoulders and begin streaming down. I reach under her and knead her breast as I penetrate deep inside her. She begins screaming my name with every stroke and I feel my self about to cum. I could feel the sweat streaming off my own chest and back as I raced toward my climax. I could see her gripping the bed covers as her orgasms were uncontrollable by now.

I explode into her, and she lets out a cry of pure satisfaction. I fill her with all my strength and gradually slow down to a stop. I lean over beside her and collapse onto the bed. She looks over to me with her blue eyes and smiles. Then she pulls her self up and slides down the length of me toward my cock. I feel her licking our juices from my member and relish in the cat like cleaning I was getting.

When she was finished, she rolled up next to me. There she laid on her stomach, gazing up into my eyes. As she closed her eyes, I admired the curve of her figure illuminated only by the flash of the television. The softness of her skin lured my hand to gently glide across her shoulder and down into the slope canlı bahis siteleri of her back. Her warmth tingled through my fingers and I felt myself becoming aroused again.

I hesitated to disturb her peaceful nap, but I could hardly control myself. I leaned over and melted my face into her auburn hair, consuming every ounce of her fragrance. The more I nourished myself, the lighter my head began to feel. And the greater to level of excitement built inside me.

I rolled over on top of her and pressed my cock between her thighs. She was awakened by the movement and soon started lifting her hips to allow me to gently tease her soaked cunt. Entry was like the waves stroking the beach. Some thrusts were sudden while others were slow and easy. We continued this for an eternity, and each of us relished in the steamy passion this was igniting in us.

My hands explored every inch of her body, caressing and massaging as I went along. Never had I imagined how this forbidden experience could be so satisfying and so erotic. Just before I was about to reach my climax, she stopped me. She insisted she roll over and face me.

I helped her roll over onto her back and as soon as she was situated, I buried my mouth onto hers. I explored her mouth and our tongues tangled in the mix. I could feel her warm breath against my face as I slide my cock into her. The rocking motion seemed to not miss a beat, and neither did our passionate kissing.

Feeling her clamp her legs around me and quietly moaned my name out loud, I was drawn toward my own peak. The heat of our loving making sped us towards our climax and as we approached it, we moaned in unison.

Finally, we clinched our bodies together and I could feel both of us quaking from the strength of this orgasm. She pulled my face into her neck and locked her arms around my shoulders. Her straining voice even trembled as it danced into my head.

Gradually, the quaking stopped and the grip we had on each other began to loosen. I pulled up onto my arms so I could see her face. But I was amazed to see tears streaming down her face. I begged for an explanation, and she simply buried her face into my neck. we spent the next hour or so just lying there in each others arms. Nothing else seemed to matter for that brief time.

We watched the sunlight peaking through the curtain and figured we better get up and get dressed. Neither of us really wanted this to end, but the reality of the outside world soon was knocking on the door. So we went and got a bite to eat and then shared a ride to the airport.

As the time neared for our planes to take off, we said good-bye with a overly passionate kiss. We both knew this was the end of a very special time. I felt a knot in my stomach when I saw a single tear slip down her cheek.

She gave me a hug, and whispered in my ear that she never knew it could be so wonderful. Then she gave me a peck on the cheek and turned and walked away. I followed her with my eyes until she disappeared in the crowd. As I turned toward my gate, I whispered to her memory, that I never knew either.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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