Ways To Get A Guy Off…

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Two Ways To Get A Guy Off The Computer

The Ornery Way

He was sitting at the computer, busily typing away. She kept trying to get his attention, but he wasn’t listening. She was feeling rather horny, and she kept trying to tell him, but he kept right on typing. She decided the direct approach would be best. Quietly she got up, he barely noticed. She went into the bathroom and changed out of her day clothes and put on a green velvety nighty that had this see through spots all over it. She slipped off her panties, easy access. She walked back out into the front room, and he was still at the computer. She cleared her throat, trying to get his attention, but he didn’t budge.

“If you got a cold, well you better take something for it before it gets worse.” Said William his eyes never left the computer screen.

Megan stood there and tried to decide what to do next. So she walked over to the back of his computer chair and starts rubbing his shoulders, she was good at massages.

“Mmm, that feels good,” says William.

Then she bends down and kisses the side of his neck, and keeps kissing upward to his ear. She lets her tongue trace along the same path that she had just been kissing, and bites a little on the side of his neck, nothing to hard don’t want to leave any hickies. William sits up a bit in his chair, and she rubs his back, down to were his shirt meets his pants. She puts her hands underneath his shirt and runs her fingernails down his backside. Still William hasn’t stopped typing, so she decides she needs to do something a little more distracting. She goes to the front of William’s chair and straddles his lap. Finally William is paying attention.

“What is it you want!” yells William. Then he looks at her and sees that she’s barely wearing anything at all.

“I want you,” whispers Megan.

“Oh, that’s what you want” smirks William.

She plants little kisses all around his lips, William keeps trying to kiss back, but she pulls herself away. William grabs a hold of her head, and kisses Megan full on the mouth, and fills her mouth with his tongue. Megan pulls out of his grasp, and grabs the bottom of his shirt and pulls it up and off of him. She begins kissing the side of his face, to his ear; she licks all around his ear, and kisses the side of his neck. William wraps his strong arms around Megan, lifts up her nightgown. Next William lightly traces his fingertips across her ass. Megan giggles, she is very ticklish. Megan grabs William’s head and seals her lips onto his, and sucks his tongue into her mouth. She sucks on his tongue and then releases it, sucks it and releases it, giving him a demonstration of what she can do to other parts of his anatomy. William responds to her sucking actions with a bulge building inside his jeans.

William runs his fingers up and down Megan’s back, she wiggles in response that’s something other than just ticklish. William then lets his hands wander to the front of Megan, and cups her tits, then runs his fingers back and forth across her nipples. Then he cups her tits and rubs on the tips of her nipples with his thumb.

“Ooohhh, mmmm,” moans Megan her eyes closing enjoying the feeling as her nipples suddenly become erect.

William then pulls off her nightgown, and pulls her toward him and licks around each of her nipples, and then sucks one of them into his mouth. He sucks and releases, sucks and releases, as Megan did to his tongue. Megan moans louder this time. William moves on to the next nipple, sucking it into his mouth, and softly bites it, and flicks his tongue across the tip of her erect nipple. Megan wraps her legs tighter around William, pressing her pussy into the bulge of William’s jeans, wetting the front of his jeans with the wetness slowly building within her. Megan wraps her arms around William’s neck, and kisses him hard on the mouth, softly biting his lip, and then moves and bites his earlobe, whispering softly in his ear almost inaudible.

“I want you in my mouth.” Says Megan.

William hears this, and picks her up and raises himself out of the computer chair, and carries Megan over to the couch. Placing her gently on the couch, she rises to her knees, and moves over to where William is standing. She practically attacks the fly of William’s jeans, unbuttoning them, and pulling them down around his ankles. William stands in front of her with is very hard cock, waiting to be released. Megan runs her fingernails, up the inside of William’s right thigh, lightly caresses his balls, and the runs down the left thigh. She does this again, and each time she lightly caresses William’s balls, he sucks in a deep breath of air. She runs her fingernails again up the right thigh, and then at his balls, she starts behind the balls then runs her fingernails up his balls, and up the full length of his hard cock and down again.

“You’re teasing,” says William.

“Not, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri teasing just getting you ready,” says Megan with a devilish grin.

Megan grabs his cock, and lightly squeezes and pulls up and down then up and over his cock and down the other way. She pulls herself toward him, and still holding the base of his cock, she presses her tongue, up the length of his shaft, and then down the other side. She does this a few more times, and then flicks the tip of his cock with her tongue. William moans. Megan puts William’s cock into her mouth as far as it will go. William sucks in a deep breath and moans. She presses her lips tightly around his shaft, and goes up and down, up and down his cock. She stops at the tip and sucks hard, and then with even more sucking power she sucks the length of his cock into her mouth.

“You’re going to make me cum,” stammers William.

Megan sucks hard one last time, and then takes William’s cock out of her mouth, and looks up at him with one eyebrow cocked.

“You better not, cause I want you to fuck me first.” Says Megan as she lowers herself down on the couch.

Lying naked in front of him with her legs wide open. William lowers himself on top of Megan she wraps her legs around his waist. The fullness of William’s cock slowly enters into her pussy. Megan lets out a long moan. Megan’s pussy is tight, hot, and wet. William pumps his hips into her, going deeper inside Megan. Megan unwraps her legs from William’s waist, and she places her feet on the edge of the couch, and pushes her hips into William’s pushing him even deeper inside her. William pumps his hips back and forth, back and forth, and Megan raises her hips with his. William pushes Megan’s legs up to her chest, allowing him to go deeper still. Megan can feel William’s cock all the way through her. William pumps his hips, deeper into her, suddenly Megan starts to shake all over, the muscles inside of her tightening around William’s cock. Her muscles tightening and releasing, with each orgasm that rippled through her body.

Megan’s juices run out of her and down the crack of her ass, wetting the couch underneath her. Megan again places her feet on the edge of the couch, and raises her hips, up into William’s. William pushes with his hips, and Megan pushes back. Back and forth both of them pushing up into each other, suddenly Megan reaches another orgasm, and her body starts to convulse, and her muscles tighten around William’s cock. William’s slams himself deeper inside her while her muscles are tightening, and then he explodes into an orgasm, grabbing her hips, and pressing as deep as he can go, he pours himself deep down into Megan. Megan’s convulsions come to and ebb, and the couch is once again rewetted. William starts to pull himself out of her, and she tightens the muscles around his cock, as hard as she can, which causes William’s body to shiver a bit.

“Wow, what was that for,” says William breathing hard.

“You, were spending too much time on the computer, I thought you needed a bit of a distraction.” Says Megan with a grin.

“I’d call that one hell of a distraction,” says William

* * *

The Passive Way

Megan had suddenly realized that she was horny. Actually she didn’t just suddenly realize she’d been horny for most of the day. She had been planning to fuck William the minute he woke up, but unfortunately he had awaken before her. She supposed she could have tried to seduce him at some point during the day, but she thought that it would be better if she let it build up. Well, now she was really horny cause she had been sitting on the couch reading a dirty book. Not a porno book; get your head out of the gutter. Porno gross, guys liked porno books, movies, posters, you name it, that crap couldn’t turn her off more. If she wanted to see what the inside of a woman’s pussy looked like she would have become a gynecologist. Yuck the porno’s just put the pussy right up there in your face, be it books, magazines, movies, posters, you name it, and she didn’t care for the porno crap of men either, to her they all looked gay, and probably were.

What made her hot, was good story a sex story, not one about a girl getting gang banged by about 12 different men, nope that was more scary than anything. No what got her hot was good story about a woman and a man, a woman and a woman, or a story of a two woman, and a man; she’d never done that, and probably never would, but of course you never know, but sure it made an interesting read. She had just finished a story about two women, she’d never been with a woman she’d thought about, but there were just too many questions that might come up. Though if she ever got with a woman she knew she’d never become a lesbian, cause no matter how good the oral was she needed a bit of man meat inserted between her legs, every so often.

The güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri story was pretty good, and now she was twice as horny as before. She thought about seducing William now, but she figured he was probably too exhausted. She was just out here visiting William for a week or so, and yesterday he’d been out doing extreme sports, she’d mostly just watched from the sidelines. Afterward they’d gone back to his house, and she’d shown him her own version of extreme sports. She’d wanted to perform an instant replay this morning, but he’d woken up too early.

She figured that he was probably too exhausted now, plus he was busily working at the computer and she didn’t want to disturb him. She decided she’d take care of her little horny problem herself, no big deal. She’d gotten up from the couch, and she could already feel the wetness between her legs. She walked over to Will and looked over his shoulder while he was working. Maybe she was hoping he’d take her in his arms and they’d just fuck like animals, but he was thoroughly involved in his computer work.

“I’m going to go ahead and go to bed” Said Megan.

“Oh, okay Meg,” said William, “I’ll join you in a minute, when I’m finished.”

“Oh, no rush, goodnight” said Megan.

“Goodnight, Meg,” said Will.

She retreated to the bathroom, where she got completely undressed. She put on her robe and went into his bedroom, she’d brought a towel with her, didn’t want to mess up his sheets. She closed the door in the bedroom took off her robe, placed the towel in position. She went to her suitcase in the corner, and dug around until she’d found her vibrator. She had debated about bringing it with her, since she’d have William for the week; she doubted she’d need it. Then there was the whole thing with airport security to worry about them finding it, but she’d gone through it just fine. Now, she was glad she’d decided to bring it, might of just had to jump Will’s bones while he was sitting at the computer.

Well, she had her vibrator, and she situated herself, under the sheets. She started massaging both of her tits, while she was doing keagel exercises, it always helped to do keagel exercises before sex or rather before masturbating, and it made it more interesting. She had grabbed both of her tits in her hands, and now that her nipples were hard she was rubbing her nipples with the tips of her fingers. Sometimes she wondered if she’d be able to cum, just by rubbing on her nipples like this, but it would probably just be too frustrating. Her left hand stayed massaging her left breast, and she caressed the inside of her right thigh with her right hand. Then she put her right hand between her legs, and between her lower lips, she started massaging her clit. Slowly at first, she rubbed her fingers all the way down to her hole and lubricated her fingers, in her own wetness, and then back up to massaging her clit, still slowly.

She decided it was vibrator time; she didn’t use her vibrator to masturbate with at least not totally. She preferred using her fingers to massage her clit, but liked to put the vibrator up inside her. It was hard plastic not real man meat, but it would do the trick. She turned on the vibrator; it had an adjustable level of vibrations. She turned it on fairly low, she was afraid Will might hear the noise if she turned it all the way up. She put the vibrator inside herself, and it was instantly lubricated with her own juices, no need of Ky jelly here. She pushed it all the way up inside herself, and she could feel the vibrations all the way toward her butt hole. She slid the vibrator up and down inside. Then she left the vibrator inside herself, holding it there with her pussy muscles. She started massaging her tits with her left hand again, and was massaging her clit with right hand, grabbing juices down by the vibrator, to lubricate her fingers.

Then she heard footsteps coming down the hallway. William could see the light under the bedroom door.

“Hey, I thought you were going to sleep,” said Will.

Megan panicked and shot up in bed, she pulled the vibrator out of herself. Just as the bedroom door was opening she got startled and accidentally threw the vibrator across the room. The vibrator landed in the corner and stayed there vibrating against the wall.

“What we’re you doing?” asks William.

At this point Meg is sitting up in bed with the covers pooled around her middle and he can see that she’s completely naked under the rest of the sheets. At this point William notices the noise coming from the corner where she threw the vibrator. He walks over to the corner and picks up the vibrator, he turns it off, but notices it’s still slick with her juices covering it.

“You were masturbating?” asks Will.

“I was horny,” says Megan.

“Well, you could’ve told me, I would’ve helped out.” güvenilir bahis şirketleri Says Will.

“I didn’t want to disturb you, you were working hard at the computer, and I figured it was important.” Explains Megan.

“Well, I can always make time for horniness. So just how long have you felt horny?”

“All day, but it got worse after I read a sex story”

“What kind of sex story?”

“Two women together.”

“Oh, really!” Will’s interest was clearly peaked.

‘Men!’ Thought Megan, ‘the minute you mention girl on girl action they think of getting to get in the middle of it.’

“Well, let’s just see if I can help you out with this horniness,” smirks Will.

William was standing at the foot of the bed and he pulls the covers all the way off of Megan. She’s sitting there completely naked, with her legs laid open in front of her. William looks her up and down, glancing a bit longer at the space open between her legs.

“Will we need this,” asks William holding up the still wet vibrator.

“Nope, I’d rather have your tongue, and then your cock.” Answers Megan.

William tosses the vibrator back in the corner, no longer vibrating. He reaches across the bed toward Megan and grabs the back of Megan’s calves and pulls her down to the end of the bed. William gets down on his knees, Megan’s legs are spread open in front of William and he proceeds to put is face down between Megan’s legs. With his arms wrapped around Megan’s thighs, he begins to flick his tongue back and forth across Megan’s clit. Megan begins to massage her tits with booth of her hands, and rubs her nipples with the tips of her fingers. Megan’s hips begin to move up and down, with William’s tongue. Little shakes begin to go through Megan, and then William takes the clit in his mouth and sucks on it, maybe a bit too hard. Megan sits up, and looks at William.

“Could you please not suck at the clit so hard, it is attached,” says Megan.

William raises his head up and looks at Megan.

“Yes mam, any more orders,” says William jokingly.

“Well, yeah now that you mention it, don’t flick your tongue at my clit, just lick the damn thing, this flicking is driving me crazy, it’s like if I grabbed your cock and just rubbed the tip of it,” Megan adds with a ornery grin.

“Alright, but you better know that I’ll be giving you some instructions the next time you give me a bj,” says William.

“I’m always open for improvement, dear,” says Megan with a wink.

William resumes his previous actions, after Megan’s constructive criticism. Megan resumes massaging her tits. This time William rubs his tongue all the way down Megan’s pussy, and licks hard at the clit. Before long Megan’s little shakes give away to full shudders, and finally her body starts to convulse in total orgasm. Megan reaches behind her head and grabs the sheets in under her, her body shaking with each lick she receives, her back arches up.

“Oh, my God!” screams Megan.

As she reaches total climax and she cums, juices pouring out of her, and wetting William’s goatee. William continues to lick her, sending shudders through her with each lick. Megan sits up and pulls up William’s face out from between her legs. Megan leans down and kisses him, tasting her own juices in his mouth. Then Megan looks William in the eyes.

“Now I want your cock,” says Megan practically panting, her eyes only opened to small slits.

William stands up and Megan can see the hard on, trapped with in his jeans. Quickly, he releases his trapped hard on, by stripping off his jeans, and the rest of his clothes. Megan pushes herself further up on the bed, and William crosses the bed until he reaches Megan. Megan spreads her legs further, William is between her legs and then he pushes his cock up inside Megan. Megan places her feet down on the bed and pushes her hips up into William, and he pushes himself deeper inside her. Megan grabs the back of William’s neck, and pulls his head down to her, and kisses him fully on the mouth, sucking William’s tongue into her mouth. All the while William’s cock is sliding back and forth inside Megan. William stops kissing her mouth and kisses down her neck, and around her tits, and then he sucks her right nipple into his mouth, and moves on to the left nipple. Megan and Will’s hips are moving in sync, Megan reaches up and pinches each of William’s nipples between her fingers.

“Harder,” says Megan.

William begins to thrust himself into Megan harder, all of a sudden Megan’s body starts to quiver and shake, her pussy muscles tighten around William’s cock, and she cums her juices pouring out of her. Megan wraps her legs around William’s waist, and raises her hips up further into William, pushing him deeper inside of her. Suddenly William’s body begins to shake, his cock throbbing inside of Megan, and pours his own juices inside of her. They lay there still connected, William on top of Megan, and they kiss. Finally William pulls himself with reluctance out of Megan, and the both lay there panting. Megan pulls the covers off the floor, and covers herself and Will, and they intertwine the bodies together, and fall into a satisfied sleep.


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