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I had been in Atlantic City with my love for a couple of days. She had gone down to one of the shops to get something she wanted, and I was sitting in the room by myself just watching a little bit of TV, and killing time. It was nearly 9:30, and I was getting a bit anxious for her to get back. She had been gone for a couple of hours, and when she got back, we had plans to go out for a late dinner.

I heard a knock on the door, I figured it was her with full arms, so I went to the door to open it for her. When I opened the door for her to come in, I was surprised to see that not only was not NOT her, but it was 4 women that I knew, but had never met. They all four converged on me, and pushed me backwards until I was sitting on the bed. Two of them knocked me over so that I was laying on my back, except for my legs still dangling off of the side. Needless to say, I was totally taken aback. None of them said names, but it didn’t take long for me to figure out who they were. They were my 4 closest online friends. One of them had even traveled all the way from the UK to be in on the scene.

As close as we were online, I still had not seen pictures of any of them, except for one. I knew who she was, which gave me a little bit of a hand in figuring out who the other three of them were. I thought, maybe by the end of the night, I would be able to put the names together with the faces. I was soon to find out that I wouldn’t be able to even if I tried my damnedest.

First three of them held me down, while one of them put a blindfold on me. After that, I had a gag put in my mouth. I tried to protest, I told them that I was taken, and very happy with my partner Phen. One of the ladies then said to me, “Not tonight, you are ours. We are all here for a little bit of fun, and all we want to hear out of you for one night is moaning.”

With no warning at all, I was stood up, and all of my clothing was stripped off of me. I was then pushed back down onto the bed where I suddenly felt a hot mouth engulf my cock. This was a very pleasant surprise, but it wasn’t very long lived. As soon as I was rock hard the mouth seemingly disappeared. But it was soon replace with a hot wet pussy, all the better if you ask me. I felt a mouth on either one of my nipples, leaving only one of the ladies unaccounted for. That was not a long wait either. The gag was removed from my mouth, only to be replaced by an equally hot pussy as the first one. I stuck my pierced tongue inside of her and started wiggling it around, trying to touch as much of the inside of that pussy as I could with my tongue. The one riding my cock was not only moving up and down, but occasionally would stop in the down position, and move back and forth on the root of my cock.

My balls were starting to tingle as if I was going to explode, so I tried to think of something to take my mind off of it, so I would be able to last a bit longer. The only problem was, damn near everything turns me on. Anything that doesn’t turn me on, completely turns me off. I sat there thinking I was damned, I was going to shoot my load in five minutes flat. Even to man that is very disappointing to have for women in the same bad with you, and lose your load right away. Then it came to me, I had a ’75 Fiat Lancia that was my first car. I would see if thinking about avcılar rus escort my car would keep my mind off of my impending load. It worked like a dream. The physical contact kept me fully erect, and the car kept me from losing control a little bit too fast. I wanted to ride this out as much as possible.

My tongue was alternating between licking that pussy sitting on my face, and licking the clit that controlled it. The one sitting on my face was squirming rather frantically, and I knew it would not be long before she was to find herself in the bliss of one helluva orgasm. I fully intended on making it one of the most powerful she had ever had, so I latched onto her legs so that she couldn’t pull off of my face, and continued to lick her as long as I could hold her down.

With my nipples being licked and nibbled as they were, I was being sent to another world. One that nobody on this earth would understand unless they were approaching one of the most powerful orgasms of their lives.

As soon as I could no longer keep my grip, the one sitting on my face got up, and I felt her get off of the bed. Not two seconds after that I felt her bounce back on the bed. One of the other ladies said to her, “What’s wrong, knees a little bit rubbery now?” She didn’t reply, all she did was giggle in confirmation. Just hearing it was a too much for me, I couldn’t hold back any longer, I had long forgotten about the car, so I tried to say I was going to cum. I wanted to give a warning, incase they were worried about me cuming inside of them. Before I got the comment out, my mouth was covered with a hand. One of them said, “We told you, only moans tonight.” I nodded indicating that I wouldn’t try to speak anymore even if it was to be a warning. Just as I was getting ready to cum, I felt a hand give my balls a gentle squeeze. It didn’t hurt as I would have expected, but it did prevent me from cuming.

About that time, the one riding my cock went into convulsions, and started cuming all over my member. The contractions of her pussy almost set me off again, while she was cuming, one of the other 3 was still giving my balls gentle squeezes holding my orgasm off a bit longer.

The hand that was covering my mouth had been removed, but like the gag, was replace with another hot pussy, but this one wasn’t near as wet as the first one. I knew I would be changing that for the better. I knew I would eat that pussy just as I had done the first. With the cramps out of my arms, I would be able to hold on again. This time however, I was not going to latch on until after she was squirming to the point that she would be getting ready to get off of my face. That way I would save my strength for when I needed it most.

I was not expecting to feel the delights of the other pussy that had not yet touched my body. I knew she was strictly lesbian, where I knew at least two of the other three had gone both ways. I think the one that sat on my cock first was the one that is married, but I was not able to see anything, so I wouldn’t be able to tell. Then I felt it, it was that forth pussy, and it was sitting on my cock. It had been a couple minutes, and my cock was still rigid, but it wasn’t ready to explode anymore. As she sat on my cock, I started rocking my hips up and avcılar türbanlı escort down, I thought I knew who it was, and even if I was wrong, she was going to get as much of me as I could give her. It ran through my head just then, that one of the two that chose to sit on my face may have been the lesbian, and I questioned to myself, I wonder if I licked her pussy as good as her girlfriends may have. It was enough to take my mind off of the pussy that was riding me. It was also enough to keep my mind off of that pussy so that she would get to ride for a while.

I concentrated on licking pussy, and drifted between the concentration, and the thought that I may have licked a lesbian as well or better than her girlfriends. Now my load was the furthest thing from my mind, and I didn’t even realize it after a bit that I was cuming. I didn’t realize it until she screamed that she was cuming with me. I was then rewarded with a warm flow of pussy juice all over my cock and balls. I could feel myself starting to soften, and devoted all of my attention to licking the pussy sitting on my face. She was starting to squirm, when I felt my tongue being contracted upon. I knew she was in her first orgasm, and I was going to make sure she had more than one. When I felt her legs lift a bit, I grasped them and held on for dear life as I kept licking her pussy. I licked her through at least two more, and maybe even a fourth orgasm. When she finally was able to get off of me, she just collapsed right beside me on the bed.

It turned out I was right about licking a lesbian to a couple orgasms, I heard one of them say she wanted to ride my cock too, but it was still only half hard. Two of them took turns sucking my cock and balls trying to get me fully erect again, but they were going at it too soon. I had just blown a massive load inside the last pussy to ride my cock, I knew it would be nearly twenty minutes before I would be able to go another round, even if I wanted to.

One of them said, “I have an idea. If he is true online at all, this will speed things up. Roll him over onto his belly.” I knew exactly what was coming, but I wasn’t going to say anything. I did however let out a moan, just like they wanted to hear. She then said, “Well that certainly sounds like he is true online. It also sounds like he knows what’s coming up.” Then I felt it, a finger was lubing my ass up. I was right, I was either going to have a dildo in me, or I would be getting fucked with a strap on by one, maybe more, of my close online friends.

I was in ecstasy when I felt the head of the toy start to push it’s way inside of me. I felt the toy start to spin around with just the head of it inside me, and knew it was a dildo and not a strap on. The spinning it around worked well to lube me up completely. Soon the dildo was being pushed further inside of me, then it started moving in and out. I was going to be getting the royal treatment on this little piece of action.

Still blindfolded, I felt a hand on my cock and balls. One of them was checking to see if I was hard again. She let out a soft moan of delight to find that I was fully erect. Then she had my raise up on my knees all the way, so she could lay down in front of me. When she was laying down, I felt her pull avcılar ucuz escort me down for a kiss. It was the first one of the night, and it was very hot and very passionate. We were going to fuck in one of the more traditional positions, and she wanted to make sure she got kissed as well while we were in this position. I felt a hand guiding my cock into her smoldering pussy, and I started pushing in as soon as I felt my head slip past her lips. As I was pushing in and out of this last pussy for me to fuck, I felt the dildo sliding in and out of my ass. While I was picking up the pace fucking, in turn the dildo picked up pace fucking me from my own motion.

I knew I would be able to go longer this time, as I had just recently shot a powerful load into the pussy of a very close unidentified friend. I figured if it was going to take a while, I may as well fuck this newest pussy for all I was worth, with what energy I didn’t expend earlier. I commenced to doing just that. I fucked the final friend that I knew I would be with vigor that the other two didn’t get. I didn’t want them all waiting around on the third needlessly. I was in a state of bliss from fucking three pussies I had never seen, and from the dildo riding in and out of me as I fucked.

As I was fucking the final friend, I felt the dildo slip out of my ass, and I groaned in disappointment. I wanted to keep it in me the whole time, and I wanted to be fucked with it while I was fucking. Shortly there after, I felt the dildo again, sliding it’s way back inside of me. It wasn’t very noticeable, but the dildo was a bit cooler than it should have been if it had just slipped out because of my motion. I didn’t care, it was back and I was happy again. Only this time as I picked up the pace, I felt legs against mine when I pulled back on the out stroke. I knew I was getting fucked with a strap on now, and it was an even greater sensation. I felt two warm hands grab my hips and hold on for dear life. Knowing I was getting fucked while I was fucking was all it took for my third load to finally come around. I was trying to hold off as long as possible, but it was not going to happen for very long. When I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold it any longer, I started thrusting hard, and deep. That was all it took for the current pussy to lose control, and start the contractions on my cock. Those contractions in turn lit my fuse, and I got in 3 more good pushes before I started shooting that load.

When I had lunged on my last stroke, I did notice that my blindfold was being removed. As I turned my head to look around, just as I saw her behind me with the strap on, Phen said to me, I Love You Baby. That little comment changed my shooting load. It seemed to last longer, and shoot harder than the first one. I lost all control, even though I had a huge smile on my face.

With my wits coming back to me, I was able to figure out who the other three were by appearance, and a simple look at hands. The one that I was growing soft in had a wedding ring on, so it gave away here identity. The other two had a few years between their ages, so it wasn’t difficult to figure them out too.

After we got cleaned up a bit, the 4 guests left Phen and I alone. I turned to Phen, and explained who I thought was who. It turned out I was right about all four of them. And then I made sure that I was right about this whole thing being a setup, and that it was all planned by Sheri. Again, I hit the nail on the head.

Everything being back to normal as it was before the four ladies showed up, Phen and I got cleaned up, and went about getting to our plans that I knew we had for the evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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