Warren’s Women – Nancy , Judy Ch. 03

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Saturdays Fancy, Judy and Nancy — Part 3

Through all of Eppy’s furious fucking, Warren kept his cool, continuously tantalizing Judy — driving her delirious with expectations of a fantastic climax. She shivered delightedly as his tongue slid over her naked heels and raked the sole of her foot again. And Judy raised her head from the pillow she lay on and pulled her head up and smiled at him.

“All right,” she said, her voice quavering on each syllable. “Have it your way,” and gave herself up to the delectable delights he was providing her.

Slowly, very slowly, Warren moved higher, his tongue slithering up one naked leg, causing her body to go rigid. When his fingers teased the backs of her knees she cried out delightedly and realized she was having an orgasm.

“You’re making me . . . come!”

“Am I?”

“Yes damn it! And . . . and we haven’t even done . . . Uggghhh! Judy screamed.

“Ah! Warren! Warren! Don’t stop! I’m coming! Please . . . Please don’t stop!”

“I think you’re going to come a few times this afternoon, Judy.”

“Really?” Judy gasped.

And that’s not only with me. Think about it. Think about Eppy’s big cock splitting you in half after we finish.”

He laid a series of wet kisses over the backs of her firm thighs and her entire body shook.



“I think I’m coming again . . .”

“Good, pretty soon I’m gonna stick my dick in you and send you to the moon.”


He kissed the cheeks of her ass and she melted like butter under him, turning and thrusting her creamy cunt up to an open invitation that Warren would never see the likes of again. He gazed upon her, Judy’s clit bulged out wantonly and Warren lowered his face to it. She hissed her pleasure then lost control of her body as his tongue flickered like fire along her labia and clit.

With a loud whimper, she jerked her hips up savagely into his face as his tongue penetrated her opening and left a trail of saliva along the soft membrane of her inner wall.

“Please?” she wailed tossing her head from side to side as yet another orgasm shook her.

“Fuck MEEE!” She shrilled, panting so hard she lost her breath. Her body fluids so copious they soaked the sheets beneath her.

Warren paused for a moment to admire her naked body, the slender legs spread wide, her head, flushed crimson, on the pillow; hands clenching the sweaty sheets as she lay waiting for him to take her.

He remained still, hovering over her watching as her chest heaved with excitement.

“You know,” he said calmly, “one of your tits is bigger than the other.”

“Yes,” she replied meekly. “Does that mean you’re not gonna do me?”

“Of course not. It only adds to your charm.”

It was the right thing to say. Judy began to cry.

“I’m always embarrassed by them. You know? ‘Cause guys think they’re the same and then when they . . .”

“Shut up,” he said kindly. “Touch yourself . . . for me.”

Judy’s hand lunged between her legs and using two fingers spread her lips wide for him.

“Touch yourself.” He reminded her.

The fingers delved into her cunt masturbating furiously. She was flowing with lubricational juices, and on the brink of coming again when he stopped her. Taking his cock in hand, he slowly entered her now jagged, gaping hole. Judy immediately met him thrust for thrust, rocking back and forth, her breasts jiggling; the larger one flapping higher than the smaller, and all the while her cunt was absorbing his cock and releasing it before savoring the feel of him filling her once again. Warren held her hips and stopped for a second then twisted to purchase a different angle and with the next full stroke, Judy came. He didn’t stop again, but maintained a steady rhythm, lifting her up and easing down as his cock moved outward.

“Ohhhhhh! Yes!”

“Ohhh, God!”

“Yes! Yes!”

“Do it lover! Do it!”

“Mmmmmmm! Oh, God! Oh, God!”

“I can’t . . . can’t stop coming!”

Warren looked down at her face and found it contorted with lust.

“Oh, fuck me! FUCK MEEEEE!” She screamed as Eppy and Nancy sat up to watch her come.

Long experience told Warren that this was the right moment and he deftly slid his hand under her ass and manipulated a wet finger into her back hole. Judy screamed again and with her head whipping from side to side and chanting gibberish came hard, spasming uncontrollably as he emptied himself inside her, her frothy cunt continued to convulse around his cock.

“Good one,” he murmured to her a few minutes later as they lay quietly in each other’s arms.

“Whew, Warren,” Judy said, “I don’t know what to do next. All I know is that I have never felt this way before. I know that whatever comes next, I’m ready for it. Oh, God, Warren, I’m more than ready for it, I need it. I’ve never felt so horny before. I’ve never been aroused like I am now.”

“Still smoking eh?”

Judy giggled. “I guess.” And ran her hand across his chest, teasing his nipple. “Can I suck it?”

“My cock? No, not yet . . .”

“No, silly, your titties.”

“Yeah . . . sure.”

Lying across avcılar grup yapan escort his torso, Judy flicked out her tongue and teased his nipple. When she moved to the other, her creeping hand found his cock and began to fondle it; and she smiled to herself when she felt it responding to her fingers.

“Not yet, baby,” he said. “We need to rest. I need to rest.”

Perhaps twenty minutes passed as the two couples lay entwined with each other before Warren smacked Judy on the butt and said, “Ready for some action?”

“Hell yes!” She yelped.

“Go down on Nancy. Her pussy must be sore and your tongue would be just the right medicine.”


“Go on, eat her.”

Judy recalled how Nancy had gone down on her briefly earlier that afternoon, and how sweet her kisses had been.

“All right,” she said dreamily. “Nancy? Want me to . . . you know?”

Still feeling the tingling sensations of her last climax Nancy quickly agreed. She too remembered the taste of her friend’s pussy and had secretly hoped . . . although she told herself she’d die before ever asking her to do the same to her.

“If . . . you want to . . . sure.” and rolled toward Judy, opening her thighs in invitation.

Judy knelt between Nancy’s spread-eagled legs and touched Nancy’s cunt, marveling at how wide her labia was stretched. Tenderly, she bent forward and moved Nancy’s matted hair away from her ear before nibbling gently on the back of it. She felt the thrill traveling down Nancy’s spine and used the tip of her tongue to trace around the edge of the ear. Nancy shivered with delight.

“Your good, Judy. Done this before?”

“Nope,” she giggled. “But I imagined doing it . . . with you.”


“Ummmm.” And drew a gasp from Nancy as she slipped her tongue inside the ear and squirmed it around.

Judy’s faint whisper could only be heard by her intended listener, “Does that surprise you, you hot, horny bitch?”

“Yeah . . . I . . .”


“Liking it huh?”

“YESSS! Nancy hissed through clenched teeth as Judy’s tongue returned, teasing, penetrating, retreating, and using her teeth to pull on Nancy’s ear. Nancy’s fists tightly gripped the sheets as Judy continued her assault, licking and kissing up and down her neck.

Nancy’s breath was ragged and she needed to moan, but couldn’t.

Warren nudged Eppy, pointing to Nancy’s wetness, gleaming in the low lighting of the bedroom. Eppy turned and smiled at him just as Judy, with a low, piercing groan, lowered her face between Nancy’s widely spread legs.

Nancy’s lower legs began to tremble as Judy’s tongue found her pussy and began licking the flowing juices. Nancy’s hot, copious flow made Judy even hotter and with another groan she sank her tongue deep into the tight pussy. And, in an instant, it was withdrawn and other parts were sucked, licked, teased and stroked. Nancy trembled and shook and gave a gasp of surprise as the penetration continued. Judy was playing with her, knowing that each renewed attack was taking her a little higher.

The cords in Nancy’s neck were taut with strain as Judy’s marvelous tongue wiggled and retreated, only to begin anew.

“God damn it! I need to come!”

“In good time honeybunch, in good time,” Judy crooned and continued her licking and tonguing.

But Nancy was ready and the next time Judy sucked on her clit, she started to come and pushed her hips towards Judy holding her face in place upon her cunt as she screamed her release. Panting, struggling to breathe, Nancy continued bucking her hips toward Judy in rhythm with Judy’s writhing tongue.

Eppy laughed on seeing Judy’s face covered in sweat and Nancy’s juices. “These girls putting on quite a show eh?”

“One of the best, Epsolen, one of the best.” Warren said as he slowly stroked his hardon waiting his turn with Nancy.

The final stage of Nancy’s orgasm seemed to shoot out at Judy instead of flowing out as it had before. Nancy’s whole body shuddered, and finally collapsed back onto the bed as she released Judy’s head from the vice grip of her thighs.

Nancy had a look of awe on her beautiful face as she sat up and kissed Judy and licked the come juice and sweat from her face. “Amazing,” Nancy said, looking over at the two guys next to her. “She . . . that was fantastic,” she told them.

“You never been eaten out before?” Asked Eppy.

“No,” she quietly responded giving a devoted look toward Judy.

Warren knew they would be more than friends from this point on and smiled.

“Now it’s your turn.” Nancy laughed and kissed Judy and then moved to position herself between Judy’s legs.

“Got any beer, Warren?” Eppy asked, hopping off the bed.

“Check the fridge, there should be some Buds in there. Bring me one too, willya?”

For her part, Judy was leaking copiously in anticipation of Nancy’s tongue. Nancy brushed her dampened hair from her eyes and went down on her. Judy was so excited from doing Nancy that she came just as Nancy drew the lips of her labia fully into her mouth. Nancy sat back and let the orgasm avcılar masöz escort pass, then she returned to her magic making, doing things inside Judy that she’d never even thought possible a day earlier. Judy came again and again and again before Nancy was satisfied she’d returned the favor. They lay beside each other drenched in sweat and each accepted the beers offered them by the two guys with rampant erections waiting patiently.

“Just think,” said Judy, “This morning we set out to hear some good jazz . . .”

Eppy interrupted, “And now you find you’ve been getting jazzed all day, huh?”

They all laughed at that and Nancy snuggled up against Warren, while Judy leaned against Eppy’s chest and held his enormous cock in her hand, looking at it in wonder.

Judy started the next round by playfully daring Eppy. “Put it in me, Eppy. Let’s see if it will fit.”

“With pleasure,” he chuckled, and after rolling over onto his back he lifted her on top of him, straddling his lap. Judy shrieked pretending to be shocked by his action.

Nancy bowed her neck and took Warren in her mouth, swirling her tongue around his cockhead.

Judy bent her knees and found his giant pole resting comfortably touching her cunt. Eppy put his arm around her, pulled her close and kissed her hungrily. Breaking the kiss, Judy hefted her larger breast to his mouth and began to grind her hips slowly into his cock.

“That’s it! Suck it . . . suck it Eppy!” She moaned. And when his teeth closed hard upon it, her head snapped up, mouth open in delight and she moaned loudly when he flicked the nut hard nipple with his tongue. She writhed almost out of control when he scraped it across his teeth and gums; across the roof of his mouth; all the while pinching, tweaking and kneading her fleshy mounds.

Judy was shocked to realize he had penetrated her. He’d gone in with ease and now the walls of her cunt clasped Eppy’s cock like a glove. She could feel every particle of it inside her. He was also surprised at the relative ease with which he’d entered her and commenced a slow gradual pace of pumping in and out.

Just two feet away, Warren eased Nancy’s face off his full-blooded erection. She gave him one last slurp and smiled at him.

“You’re a pretty nice guy, you know? I hope you’ll call me some time.”

“Don’t forget to leave me your number Nancy. I will call.”

He was glad he’d said that, because by way of reply Nancy began scraping her fingernails along his testicles, causing him to groan and reach out to cup her closest breast. Eventually, he took the nipple in his mouth and chewed on it.

Nancy grunted in both pain and pleasure, then reaching around his neck, forced his head lower. Warren complied, kissing and sucking the tangled hairs on her cunt. He found it still damp from her earlier activities and could taste both hers and Eppy’s fluids. Moving up her body as a brief diversion, he licked her belly button until she made a certain plaintive sound. Then uttering a deep sigh of his own, dove between her legs into her now gaping cunt, and like a dog, began lapping up the copiously flowing juices pouring from her. In seconds, Nancy was moaning and clutching wildly at the air surrounding them, unable to articulate the sensational feelings rocketing through her young, lithe body.

“Ughhhh, yeah, like that . . . a little faster . . . Ohhh, I . . . I’m . . . I’m . . . Ohhhhh!”

“Feeling good?”

” . . . Ahhhh . . . YESSSSS!”

“Wow!” She wiped the hair out of her eyes. She began to sit up, thought better of it and grabbing his cock inserted it in her cunt. Warren drove it in as far as it would go.

“Ohhhh yeah, that’s a goooood boy! Right there! Ohhhhh, Christ here I go again. Jesus!”

“Ohhhh yeah! Ohhhh yeah! Ohhhh yeah!”

She sank her teeth into his shoulder, and husked out, “You’re fuckin’ wonderful!” Then she bruised his lips with hard savage kisses and clawed his shoulder blades as her climax continued to roar through her.

“Ow!” He howled. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“I sorry honey! I sorry!” She cried, tears filling her eyes. “Here, lemme make ya feel better. Don’t take it out baby! Keep it goin’.

He pumped faster. She wrapped her legs tightly around his waist.

“Ooooooh, you feel s’good!”

“Don’t do it again,” he growled.

Nancy felt another orgasm approaching and increased her pace, lifting her buttocks, she began to move so fast Warren lost his rhythm and almost slipped out of her, but managed to salvage his penetration as she rose and fell like a piston in a racing engine.

She came, he didn’t. She slowed her movements, then paused in her fucking to playfully tug on his nipples and suck his neck. The next day Warren would curse at the size of the hickey she left, but at the moment it felt great. Nancy’s cunt was still tugging at his cock, which was apparently in no hurry to ejaculate.

‘How’d she ever learn that shit,’ he wondered, ‘she’s just a kid.’ and his puzzled expression turned to a faint smile as he concluded, ‘well fuck all, she sure likes my cock.’ She proved his point by avcılar otele gelen escort lifting her legs up on his shoulders. “Get you in deeper this way,” she panted.

Warren grunted and drove his huge cock deeper into her greedy cunt.

“Oh, yeah,” she cried delightedly and arched her back and threw her pelvis up to meet his cock head on.


“Jesus, baby that was good!” He told her, squeezing the cheeks of her ass and breathing hard.

Pausing for only a second to catch her breath, Nancy said, “You’re the best teacher a girl could have.”

“You wanna try it up the ass?”

“Sure! ” She said willingly enough. “After Eppy’s cock I think I can take anything anywhere.”

He was already working a finger into her rectum.


“Naw, try another one.” Truth be told, Nancy was so relaxed from her repeated climaxes she felt he could drive a truck up her ass without pain.

Wetting his fingers again, he tried inserting two and found little difficulty. He positioned himself at her rear entry and pushed the tip of his cock into her.

Nancy’s sudden silence caused him to glance at her face. Nancy’s eyes had rolled back in her head; all Warren could make out were the whites. Almost in a panic he began to withdraw and tend to her when she started gibbering.



“Are you all . . .”

“Ohh shit! Ahhhhh! Oh shit!”

And then, “YESSSSS!”

“Are you coming already? He asked, incredulously, as his cock slipped from her hole.


From me putting up your ass?”

“No! Before that!”

Put it in! Put it back!” She cried, burying her face in the pillow. Then she turned to face him, pleading, “Deep now, go deep, baby.”

He began a series of long deep stokes, amazed at how easily she accepted him. ‘What did Eppy do?’ He wondered.

“Ummmm, yeah. Ohhhhhh! Christ that feels good. You feel so fucking good. I think my eyes have rolled up in my head, I can’t see.”

“It’s the pillow,” he panted, driving his bone further into her tight channel.

“Oh? Oh, yeah, I can see now,” she said lifting her head, twisting her neck and bestowing an obscene grin at him. “Are you all the way in?”

Not yet,” he huffed.

“You’re not gonna come right away are you?” Nancy whined.

“I don’t think so. I’ve got an all day fucker going here, baby.”

“Hallelujah! Nancy yelled. “Keep plugging me honey, it ain’t often a girl can get laid this much in a day.”

“You speaking from experience,” he asked.

She laughed. “No! Hell, no! Most all of my experience has come today. With Eppy’s cock and your dick and tongue.”

Warren decided to go for it since he was growing tired and short of breath. Slowing his pace he counted to four, “One thousand and one, one thousand and . . ..” before exerting himself enough to drive his rigid cock back into her hot pink, circular, inflamed hole.


Both Eppy and Judy looked on in awe.

Nancy and Warren were both covered with sweat.

“Ohhhh baby, baby” Nancy crooned even as she shoved her ass back to counter his thrusts.

“Ahhhh! You’re in there!”

“Am I?”

“Yes! Sooooo deep, sooooo deep.”

Eppy nudged Judy and she saw that Nancy was fingering herself now in a counteraction to Warren’s thrusts. Judy squeezed Eppy’s full-sized erection, at the same time noting how as Warren pulled out Nancy would push in. Then she bent her neck and tried to absorb Eppy’s cock in her mouth.

Nancy sniffed, her nose was running but she hadn’t noticed it yet. “Jesus, you feel good in there, don’t ever take it out!”

Warren laughed and said, ” We’d look kinda silly trying to walk down the street like this.”

“Fuck! I don’t wanna leave this bed. Please baby, fuck me a little faster now?”

Warren responded with a furious flurry of stokes that brought Nancy to the brink of yet another climax.

Close by, a thoroughly heated Judy cried out, “”I want to be fucked, I don’t wanna watch them anymore!”

“Sit on my pole then,” Eppy laughed as Judy clambered upon him and gripping his cock firmly inserted it into cunt.

“I’m coming!” Warren groaned.

“Me too! Me too!” Nancy yowled as she unmercilessly tormented her clit to hasten her orgasm.

Lifting his hips Eppy drove his cock deep into Judy’s sodden hole.

“Ohhhh baby!” She cried out, ” It feels as good as it sounds.” And promptly began bucking like a crazy woman. Squeezing her vaginal muscles tightly, she forced a low, ecstatic groan from him. The sound excited her beyond reason, speeding her onward towards her own climax.

“Nancy?” Warren whispered.


Why don’t you suck Eppy’s ass and really give him a treat?”

“Ya think?”

“Sure, go on.”

Nancy crept between Eppy’s huge thighs and began to spread his buttocks.

“What?” He cried out in alarm.

“Relax Epp, Nancy’s gonna give you some tongue.”

“Gonna lick my ass?”

“Mmmmmm, hafta get my licks in big man. You don’t mind do ya?” She said as Judy mindlessly pounded up and down on his gigantic pole. Her mouth hung open and didn’t seem to be functioning. Her eyes were also open, but gazed sightlessly across the room. All she was aware of was the burst of ecstasy traveling along her spine as she discovered herself in a mix of raw lust. Eppy continued to thrust upwards into her, matching each of her downward stokes lifting her by the waist and bringing her down with a sharp smack.

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