Wanted: Friend for Sex?

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I was growing sexually frustrated!

Let me first give you a little background about myself and my situation and then I’ll tell you what I did about it. It may seem a little impractical how I handled it, but you do what you have to do, right?

When this happened, I was 25 and single and was working for a credit card company in the customer service department. I had been there for a little over a year and had become fast friends with three guys who were around my age and also single. We hit it off immediately and were able to talk about almost anything, even sex. It also helped that I was a big football and baseball fanatic, since this carried many a conversation.

Besides sports, another reason I got along so well with these guys was because all my life, I have always gotten along better with guys than girls. A tomboy type, you might say. As I’ve gotten older, that label has somewhat been shed, but it would always be a part of me, I knew.

One physical characteristic of mine was definitely feminine, though. I had above average-sized breasts but I usually never flaunted them. I also had a bigger, muscular build. I could kick some guys’ asses if I ever had to.

I wore bigger, looser tops that mostly hid my chest. I wasn’t ashamed of them, just did not feel the need to “showcase” them. To work I always wore pants or jeans on casual Fridays. Another reason I may have gotten the “tomboy” label in high school and since. I just did not like to wear skirts that often and never wore a dress unless I absolutely had to. I think I own like two now and I cannot even remember the last time I wore either of them.

You’re probably wondering what the rest of me looks like, too. I have dark brown eyes and have short dirty blonde hair. I used to wear my hair long, just past my shoulders, until about four months ago. I just wanted a change, I guess. It’s the shortest it’s been since my sophomore year in high school. My hair is naturally wavy and my hair now is just so much more manageable, I love it!

I’m 5’8″ and like I said I am built solidly, but I’m not giving out my weight. People are so caught up in weight. I could probably stand to lose 10-15 pounds but I look good for my height and my build. It might shock some of you if I told you my weight, okay? I look good, damnit, and that’s what counts.

My ass? I know some of you guys are wondering about my ass, right? I love my ass! It’s big if you compare it to Jennifer Aniston or any of those other Hollywood waifs, but on me it looks good. But it certainly does not get the attention it deserves because of my large chest. Like I said I was single. I was dating a guy for almost two years but I broke up with him. I just did not see a lifetime with him. It was time to move on; we both knew it. But since then (about six months ago), I have badly needed cock. Any cock!!! Since I lost my virginity at 17, it was the longest I had gone without sex. This was the cause of my frustration!

Enter my trusty circle of guy friends at work. I call them my “ABC” group. Andy, Brett and Cory. Of the three, only Cory was currently seeing someone, a girl named Mindy that I had met only once. She was blonde and petite. I loved to tease Cory that she had tits about 1/5 the size of mine. Like I said, we talked about everything. I was one of the guys!

Hell, they would even tease me about being a dyke, especially after I got my hair cut. They always cited my wearing pants, too. All I would do would tease right back, making crude comments about girls at work and what I would like to do with them. Of course, this always got them going. Sometimes I think they would start a session of insinuating I was a lesbo just to hear how much I craved the newest receptionist’s ass or how I would love to bury my face in one of our supervisor’s chest, which was even bigger than mine.

Of course, I was not a lesbian or even really curious and they knew it, too. After all, I was dating Bill when I started there. Well okay, maybe they didn’t know I was not curious. Being with another woman just did not interest me at all.

Andy was tall and had shaggy blonde hair. He had just turned 23 and was the youngest. If he had fewer pimples, he’d be a lot cuter, but he was pretty hot nonetheless. Brett was 24 and had a full head of dark brown hair and matching eyes which I found sexy. He was the shortest of the guys but still a tad taller than me. Cory was 25 like me, had light brown hair, a goatee that fit his look and a receding hairline. He looked at least a few years older. His smile was captivating and I’m sure was one of the reasons he had been able to snag little Mindy. They had only been dating for a little over two months.

But I had not been getting any, and I suspect the same for Andy and Brett, although Andy talked a good deal about his weekend conquests. Who knew if they were true? I had my doubts.

Anyway, I had just watched “When Harry Met Sally” for the third time but first time since I had met these guys, and I wondered, is it true? Can guys truly be canlı bahis friends with women that are somewhat attractive and not want to have sex with them? Or at least think about having sex with them? I mean I had to be somewhat attractive to them, didn’t I? Maybe not enough to merit thinking about while wanking their little dicks to but they had to have wondered what it would be like to have sex with me or at least want to see my naked boobs, right?

It was this topic that dominated our Friday lunch at the food court at the Mall across the street from our office building. I brought up that movie to them because it was just last night I had watched it on TNT. I was mildly surprised only two of them had seen it. Andy hadn’t and the two who had did not care for it. It was a stupid chick flick, they said. But I pressed on nonetheless. I was feeling flirtatious and they were eating it up. Or were they just fucking with me?

I was basically asking each one of them if they have ever thought about having sex with me and to a man they all said ‘no’. I was hurt. Could I not even stir a hint in their minds of what I would be like in bed? Were they gay??? Or did any or all of them not want to admit not only to me but to the other two that they had? I mean, we were all friends. It was possible I was broaching a subject I shouldn’t have. If in fact one of them admitted that he had thought about it, it could change the scope of our friendship, of all of ours, even if we never acted on it.

And then Andy said that he did dream about it once. Not daydreaming, but a real dream. After all, we cannot control what we dream about in our sleep, right? Or could we?

I asked him what the dream was about and he went on to tell all of us, not in graphic detail, which I would have wanted, but that basically him and I were alone at work and all of a sudden we were kissing and undressing one another. The next thing that happened, he said, is that we were in the conference room on the table about to engage in sex but then he woke up. He said that he doesn’t remember really seeing me naked but knew it was me in the dream. My pussy was actually tingling upon hearing this but we had to get back to work soon.

That Friday afternoon I found myself constantly thinking about having sex with Andy in the conference room. During my afternoon break, I even walked into the empty conference room and tried to picture lying on the table with my pants off and my shirt open with Andy standing between my legs putting his cock into my pussy and pumping me as he grabbed a hold of my tits!

The next week on Wednesday, we were again at our usual lunch place and Brett brought up the topic of sex, wondering if anyone had any more dreams. He also wanted to know if I ever thought any one of them. Fair enough question, I thought.

Since I was always honest with all of my friends, I looked at Andy and told him that last Friday after our lunch, I was caught up thinking about his dream with me and that I thought about it a lot that afternoon and also that I even went to the conference room to try and picture it.

All of the guys were flabbergasted! Especially Andy, I’m sure. I don’t know if they were more surprised that I could be a sexual being or that I would admit something like that. Then Cory spoke next. He admitted he did wonder what my tits looked like and thought about it the next time he saw Mindy naked, which I’m sure was later on that Friday night. But Brett surprised me the most. He was pretty honest, saying that of course he had thought about it. He said that all guys think about sex like 20 times a minute. Any woman they come in contact with, even fat, ugly ones, guys think about boinking them. And then he added I was neither fat nor ugly. I was in heaven! I definitely felt better about myself than I did last Friday, and I even felt again that familiar moistness between my legs when I become aroused.

My “ABC group” was definitely occupying a lot of my thoughts lately. I did not usually masturbate much, but lately I found myself doing much more of it, especially that Wednesday night. On Friday, “casual dress” day at work, I decided to wear my tightest jeans and the sexiest top I could find that was still appropriate for work. When they all saw me strut to my cubicle, their eyes bugged out. Cory, who sat across from me, almost literally fell out of his chair!

When lunchtime finally came, I was nervous. I had built up the nerve to ask one of them to have sex with me. No strings attached. However, I had not decided which one. That was where the “game” would start, part of the fun. But I knew I had to have some dick soon!

After my “solo” session last night, I devised my plan. I took pen to paper and came up with a test. I made three copies of it and headed as always to the Mall’s food court with my “boys”. I only hoped I was not making a mistake. How would they react?

Well, first they teased me mercilessly. They first acted surprised I was even going to lunch with them, saying they thought I was probably bahis siteleri meeting my “girlfriend” instead. Then Brett wondered aloud when I grew boobs. It was all in fun and actually led the mood in a direction I felt was loose and comfortable.

They all got Chinese and while I usually get what they all get, today I got a salad. I knew I would probably be talking most of the time anyway. I was not talking much at the beginning, though, and Brett asked if I was all right. Of course, this was right after Cory asked me if I was on a diet since I was eating a salad and just picking at it at that.

I took a deep breath, my tits rising and falling as I did so. Three pairs of eyes were staring at them. It wasn’t planned on my part but at least I knew now I had their attention.

I want to have sex with one of you, I told them, but I don’t know which one…yet. There, I said it.

What?!? Excuse me? You’re fucking with us. Okay, when? And, my favorite, you’d be so lucky.

Those were the responses I basically got. When I convinced them I was serious and that I was including Cory, too, even though he had a girlfriend, they all sat and waited for me to continue. I correctly took that to mean they were all interested. I cannot tell how exciting it was to basically have three guys watching you and waiting to hear how they could have sex with you. Again, my pussy was getting wet and my nips were hardening at the thought. I was leaning in toward the table so as not to let our little intimate conversation be overheard by nearby tables. When I leaned back against my chair I noticed as well as my “boys” just how excited my “girls” were. My nipples were as hard as they had been in a long time, and my tight white shirt and bra could not rein them in. It was quite a sight! The guys were beside themselves.

When they all settled down, I told them maybe it would be best to meet after work at our favorite happy hour bar about 5 minutes down the road. They all nodded in agreement and went quickly back to work, frustrated I am sure about not knowing what they would have to do or say in order to bed me. It was sure fun fucking with them!

I slipped out of work a half hour early to go home and slip into something more comfortable. Actually, I had an idea. I wanted to knock their socks off! One of the two dresses I had was a black party dress. I had bought it at the urging of my last boyfriend when his cousin had gotten married two years ago. We had just started going out and I wanted to impress him. It was low-cut in the front and when I wore a push-up bra, my tits looked absolutely stunning in them! I received many stares that night, most of which I was not comfortable with. Mostly old, married men. But I usually did not like anyone ogling at my breasts. Tonight was a different story, however. I wanted my friends, Andy, Brett and Cory, to not only long for my breasts, I wanted them to see them! Or at least a third of them sticking out!

I wore sensible shoes and did nothing to my hair and really did not freshen up my make-up. I do wear some, you know. I walked in casually and made my way to the back of the bar toward the booths we usually sat in. All of their jaws dropped as soon as they saw me! Or should I say “them”? Andy was the lucky one to sit next to me, but maybe Cory and Brett were in better position to view my cleavage. I leaned down a few times and noted that their eyes were practically glued to my tits. I loved every second.

The first half hour after I arrived we actually talked about boobs and cleavage. Why guys are so infatuated with them and why some girls want bigger ones when theirs are small and smaller ones when theirs are big. For my part, I’ve always been happy to have the size I have. Even when I was younger and played sports, I liked having big boobs. Watching the guys try and not look at my tits was more exhilarating than I could imagine.

After a few beers and noting the guys’ growing impatience, I looked at each one of them to make sure they wanted to be eligible to have sex with me. I especially wanted to make sure that Cory was in, as he did have little Mindy. He said “anything for a friend” since I let it be known my circumstances: I was desperate for a romp and figured who better than a good friend of mine.

I explained to them I had made a list of 12 questions. Some required a short answer, some a bit longer. They could answer any way they wanted; could embellish as much as they wanted or be as succinct as they wanted. Only condition was they had to tell the truth. They were not supposed to answer how they think I wanted them to. And, I reminded them that I since I was a very good friend of theirs, I would probably be able to tell if they were fibbing.

When all of them were in agreement, I took out of my purse three folded up papers that had the questions. You want to see them, too? Okay, here they are:

1. What’s your favorite position? 2. How long is your dick? (Don’t worry, this isn’t going to determine yes or no) 3. How many partners have you bahis şirketleri had? 4. Tits or ass? (Self-explanatory) 5. Have you ever cheated on a girlfriend? If no, would you ever do so if you knew for sure that you would never get caught? 6. Have you ever had anal sex? If so, did you like it? (Dumb question probably) Did she? (Or he? hee hee) 7. Is it better to give or receive? (You should be able to figure this one out) 8. What is the most exciting sexual encounter you have ever had (Note: Does not necessarily have to be intercourse) 9. Do you happen to be a member of the Mile High Club? 10. What is the most romantic date you have been on or would like to go on? 11. Multiple choice…You’re on a bed with the woman of your dreams, both physically and emotionally, and she says she wants to bring another woman into the bedroom. Do you say? A) Let’s go! And I’m going to be allowed to fuck her, too, right? B) Honey, I’m not really comfortable with that idea, I want you and only you and don’t wanna share you with anyone or C) Can I watch? (implying that you never would expect to be included and that she just meant it to be for her but you are asking for permission to be there and only watch) 12. What girl that works or has worked here in the past year would you want to have sex with?

I loved watching the boys’ expressions as they read it, which they did mostly in silence. There were a few comments and oohs and aahs. I told them they had all weekend to answer them and that they should give them to me on Monday or Tuesday. I would review them and we would then reconvene sometime next week and I would reveal the winner. I was targeting the next Friday for the “night of passion”. But I din’t even know if I could wait that long! Hell, I was thinking that they should answer the questions right away and I would take home the winner right now! Andy joked that I should just succumb to a gang bang and that would care of my problem. I laughed out loud for their benefit but quickly gave it a thought. Maybe put that on the back burner of my fantasies.

I kept busy all weekend, mostly doing errands, cleaning my apartment and hanging out with other friends. I did not tell any of them my plans to get laid. I figured they would have thought I was crazy and might have talked me out of it.

By the end of Tuesday’s day at work, I had all three responses each in a sealed envelope. I swore up and down to all of them that their answers would be held confidential. Each of them assured me their responses were full, complete and truthful. We shall see, I thought. I waited until I got home, fixed myself a macaroni and cheese feast for dinner and curled up on my couch in my shorts and t-shirt to read each of their answers.

Randomly choosing, I selected Cory’s first. Here are his responses:

1. Doggy style all the way, baby!!! 2. Only about 5″, but big around and no complaints yet 3. 6 4. I’m an ass man, I guess 5. This is a trick question, isn’t it? I guess I would if I’m doing this to try and sleep with you. 6. Yes! Last girlfriend wanted to try it. We did twice and I liked it both times. It hurt her too much the first time so that’s why we tried it again a few weeks later. She said it felt “different” but I don’t think she liked it very much and we never did do it again. I’m working on Mindy, though. 7. Always better to give but would never turn down receiving. 8. Probably the first time I tried anal. Like I said before, she didn’t like it much because it hurt too much. Probably because of my size. It’s big in circumference. But she had a really nice ass and she was dressed up like a slut with a really short skirt on and no panties. We spent a long time on foreplay and the whole lead-up was very hot. She let me lube her up and I stuck my finger into her ass before I entered. It was so hot, I never felt so hard before in my life. 9. Sorry, not a member of that club. Why, are you? 10. For my girlfriend’s 21st birthday, I took her out for a nice dinner. Then, leaving there I surprised her with a room at the Ritz. It wasn’t the best room they had but I had a dozen red roses left there and a bottle of champagne was delivered to our room. The rest you can probably imagine. 11. Another trick question, huh? But honestly, A). I would definitely expect to be included and fuck the other girl, too. Hey, she brought it up, right? 12. I assume you meant at work and not at the bar where you handed us this questionnaire. If so, this is easy. The new receptionist, I think her name is Debbie. Smoking ass!

I re-read it. And by the time I was done the second time I was tweaking my nipples on the outside of my t-shirt (I did mention I wasn’t wearing a bra, right? hee hee). It was hot reading what one of my best friends from work thought about sex and what he had experienced. His less-than-average-sized dick was kind of a surprise, but I was mostly impressed with his responses. I did feel like he was being sincere. He being an ass man was not a surprise. After all, that was Mindy’s best “ass-set” and she had very little in the boob department, as I alluded to earlier. It also was not surprising to hear that Debbie was the one he would bang if given the chance. It did not hurt, I’m sure, that she was fresh out of high school at the ripe age of 18.

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