Wanda’s Story Ch. 20

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Close Up

A week in Palm Springs. Sun, and sand, and hot chicks all around. Wanda Catron was drooling at the thought of a week away from the confines of Boise, Idaho. Best of all, she was going with her college roommate and lover, Astrid Martin.

Astrid and Wanda had been lovers since September. The previous five months had been hard on them both. Astrid, a star on the Boise State women’s basketball team, had been living in a separate dorm than Wanda. She had moved back with Wanda after the season was finally over.

Both women had spent a few nights in bed together during the season. After the season ended, they had spent a few more, but they had both been bogged down with schoolwork. Now, with the calendar changing from March to April, they were off on their first vacation alone together.

But fate sometimes has a way of intervening in any love life. It did that Thursday, the day before the women left. It started with a simple ringing of the telephone. Astrid answered it.

“Catron-Martin dorm room. you’re speaking to the sexy one. How can I help you?”

A familiar voice responded. “Let me speak to my slave, please.” It was Anne Franklin, Wanda’s Mistress back home in Provo, Utah. Astrid had met her the previous December. They had spent time in bed together also. But there was no familiarity in Anne’s voice. It was commanding, so Astrid obeyed.

“Wanda, honey, it’s for you,” the 6-4, 18-year-old freshman cried out.

Out of the bathroom strode a nude Wanda Catron. Wanda was 19 and very pretty, with olive skin, green eyes, 38c breasts that were very firm, a waist that could be thinner, and an ass that held whatever fat Wanda had on her body. She sat on her bed and took the cordless phone from her roommate, saying “Hello?”

“Hello, my pet,” Anne purred. “How are you today?”

Wanda’s eyes sparkled, hearing her Mistress’ voice. “I am fine, Mistress,” she replied. “How can I serve you today?”

As Wanda talked on the phone, Astrid dropped to her knees and spread the girl’s legs. She slid her head between them and slowly started licking the pussy lips she had uncovered. Wanda struggled to focus on her Mistress’ voice through Astrid’s playful licks.

“I am fine, but lonely,” Anne said. “I had to send Amber off to visit her parents, and I need someone around the house to help me.”

Wanda struggled to find words. Astrid had started licking an especially sensitive spot on Wanda’s pussy. Finally she managed to say “How can I help?”

“Come home this week, my pet,” Anne said.

“But … but … Mistress!” Wanda wailed. “I was going to Palm Springs. I wrote and told you!”

Astrid slid two fingers into Wanda’s pussy, causing even greater sensations of lust to roll through Wanda’s body. But she was able to focus on her Mistress enough to hear her say “I didn’t ask if you wanted to come home. I told you to come home.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Wanda said. “I will be there late tomorrow night.”

“See you then,” Anne said, and the 33-year-old school teacher broke the connection.

Wanda pushed Astrid’s head and hand away from her pussy. The 6-4 teen looked up at Wanda, confused.

“I’m not going to Palm Springs,” Wanda said. “Mistress wants me home. But I want you to go anyway. Everything’s paid for. Go enjoy yourself.”

“I won’t be able to enjoy myself near as much as if you were there,” Astrid said truthfully. “Who else can I make love to?” She slid her fingernails playfully over Wanda’s clit.

Wanda shuddered. “You’ll find someone, I hope. Then you’ll come back here to me.”

Astrid looked at her roomie. “Well, if I’m not getting you for a week, I’m getting you now.” With that, she pushed Wanda back on the bed and resumed her fingerfucking of Wanda’s pussy.

In and out went the fingers. Two fingers, then three, invaded Wanda’s body. They curled in an upwards motion and found the G-Spot. Wanda’s hips lifted off the bed when that happened.

Wanda had been taught how to hold back her orgasms by her Mistress. But she didn’t bother with that training now. Her first orgasm came up and Wanda let it wash over her, filling her pussy with juices and her mind with love. The second orgasm quickly followed the first, because Astrid chose the start of the first orgasm to suck on Wanda’s clit. The third orgasm came when Astrid slid one finger from her other hand into Wanda’s ass. The fourth took Wanda as Astrid rubbed the fingers in Wanda’s pussy against the finger in Wanda’s ass. She felt the rubbing through the thin membrane separating pussy from anus, and the joy flooded out of Wanda.

Finally the girl cried out, “Enough! If you keep going, I’ll miss my first class.” Astrid pulled her fingers out of Wanda, crawled up her body and kissed her. The twin broken hearts the girls wore clinked together as they kissed. When put together, they said “True Love” which is what each felt for the other.

The next day, Wanda drove Astrid to the airport, then turned her car east, then south, arriving at Provo, Utah near antalya escort midnight. For the next week, she was Anne’s personal body slave. She cooked, cleaned, washed her Mistress, made love with her every night, and did anything Anne asked of her. To Wanda, this was the greatest joy, serving Anne.


Astrid Martin landed at the Ontario airport. A rental Mustang was waiting for her, and she drove east for 90 miles until she reached the desert resort of Palm Springs. She checked into her hotel, a fine one in the middle of town, and sat in her room awaiting a certain phone call.

Two hours later, the phone rang. “Hello?” Astrid said.

“Hi, beautiful,” came the deep-voiced reply. Astrid knew immediately that Wanda’s brother, Roger Catron, was on the line.

“Hi, Roger. Are you in town?”

“Just got in. I was wondering where I could get a room. Most of the motels in town have ‘No Vacancy’ signs up.”

“Come over here, to the Palm Springs Resort,” Astrid said. “I have a room for two, but Wanda couldn’t come along, so I’m all alone.”

“What happened to Sis?” Roger asked.

“Anne,” was all Astrid said. Roger could imagine the rest.

“Are you sure?” Roger said.

“Yes. Come to room 1245. I’ll get a spare key.”


Roger hung up the phone and gulped hard. Despite his 18 years, he had never made love to a woman. And now, the most beautiful woman in the world (Roger’s opinion) had offered her room to him. He was a little shorter than her at 6-3, but from their time together, it seemed Astrid didn’t mind. His body was well proportioned too, though Astrid had yet to see any of it. She had felt it through his clothes, though.

He drove to the resort slowly. The trip up the elevator seemed slower still. Then he knocked on the door, and there she was. He had spent many a night at home in bed thinking about this woman. And now, there she was, beckoning him in to her room, 1000 miles from his parents, and any chaperone.

Roger entered the room and looked around. Wanda had rented a suite, with a living area, a small kitchen, and the bedroom. Astrid had made a quick dinner. “I thought we could stay in tonight, and get to know each other better,” she said.

Roger gulped, but agreed. While he was a bit nervous, he could tell his Big Fella wasn’t nervous at all. It had gotten hard at the sight of Astrid, and was now straining at his jeans, hoping to get out.

They ate dinner together slowly, talking about their lives since December. The lasagna was store-bought but good. The salad was from a bag. Neither one of them cared. Their focus was on each other.

Astrid told Roger about the basketball tournament, and how she had found the hermaphrodite on the one team. Roger laughed heartily as she told how her taunts against the woman led to Boise State winning the game. She also spoke of her classes, and how well she was doing. She skipped over her and Wanda’s love affair. Whatever she did with Roger’s sister was of no business of his.

Roger, in turn, talked about being accepted to University of Utah, starting in the fall. He planned to go into nuclear physics, and had studied hard to gain his admittance. He also failed to mention Wanda, his sister, and the college trust fund she had set up for him and their other sister. The fund was set up with funds Wanda had won in a settlement against a porn producer. Roger even had a copy of the DVD that caused the lawsuit, although Wanda didn’t know he had it.

After dinner, the couple chatted restlessly. Both had the same thing on their minds, but neither of them knew how to start. Finally Astrid said, “Let’s watch some television.”

“Good idea,” Roger replied. Both of them went to the couch, sitting close together. They turned on the TV and got a nice shock.

The previous occupant of the room had left the TV turned on to the in-hotel porn network. Both of them looked on as a man and a woman screwed each other on the screen. All too quickly, though, the man came, ending the scene. The couple of minutes of sex had affected both of them, though. They moved closer, touching and cuddling. Neither of them moved to change the channel.

After an obligatory scene showing some semblance of a plot, two new people appeared on the screen. The cheesy porn music swelled, and the couple started kissing. Their mouths were wide open, and tongues flew from mouth to mouth. Astrid and Roger watched as the man unbuttoned the woman’s blouse, revealing her silicone-injected breasts. The man sucked on them for a bit, as Astrid said “Those are so fake.”

“How can you tell?” Roger asked.

“They’re too perfect,” she responded. The nipples are perfectly centered, and they just don’t look like they respond as well as natural breasts to his sucking.”

“How should they respond?” Roger asked innocently.

In response, Astrid removed her own blouse, then her bra. Her breasts swayed inches from Roger’s face. The kepez escort boy reached out for one, holding it gently. He lowered his head, and started licking the light brown areola around her nipple. He watched in fascination as the nipple responded by stiffening, and the areola grew darker, getting goose-pimply at the same time. His mouth moved to the other nipple, giving it the same treatment. Astrid urged him on with small moans and whispers of “Yes, Roger. Lick like that. Oh, yes, love.”

Astrid then reached over and removed Roger’s shirt. His chest had a slight hint of hair, and Astrid slowly ran her fingers over the boy’s pectoral muscles. Roger shuddered himself at her intimate touch.

“Roger, honey,” Astrid said. “Look what’s happening now.”

Roger focused on the TV again. The couple were quickly removing their clothes. As in almost every porn ever made, neither of them wore any underwear. The girl had grabbed the man’s cock, and was deep-throating him while he stood and she knelt.

“More unbelievable stuff,” Astrid said. “First, why no underwear. Then, why is the woman always on her knees and the man is standing.”

Roger gulped, then spoke softly. “How else should she suck his cock?”

Astrid smiled. Her hands went to his pants, and slowly opened the fly. She pulled down his underwear, and Roger’s cock sprung up. It had been hard for a while, and now was showing it’s need. It was 11 inches long, and drops of precum were already leaking from the tiny slit opening on the head.

Astrid bent down and slowly sucked the mushroom-shaped head of Roger’s cock. She had never done this before. Her only previous sex with a man had been a wham-bam-thank you ma’am experience. But Astrid had been practicing, thinking of Roger. Wanda had a variety of dildos, and Astrid, in private, had practiced with one she felt was about the same size as Roger.

She had chosen well. Roger’s cock was about the size of the dildo. Astrid’s mouth opened wider, and slowly sucked Roger’s cock into it. Roger responded with a deep moan. When Astrid came up for air, she sucked even harder on his shaft. Then, after taking a deep breath, she lowered farther down Roger’s hard-on.

The boy had never had anyone do this to him before. All Roger’s sexual experiences had been with his right hand. This, he thought, was much better. He felt a tightening in his balls, and willed himself to hold back. Astrid’s mouth dropped lower, and her tongue licked his shaft as the mouth worked on his cock. This, Roger knew, was better than anything he had imagined.

Soon, Astrid shifted positions. She got on the carpeted floor, kneeling in front of the sitting Roger. She lifted off his cock with her mouth, and trapped it between her breasts. Cum seeped on to her nipples. While Roger watched, Astrid lifted her breasts to her mouth and sucked the cum off them.

When the two looked at the TV screen again, the pairings had changed. Now there were two women, and one was furiously licking the other’s pussy. Astrid smiled, then looked at Roger. “They’re going at it much too fast,” she said. “The best pussy lickings are slow and sensuous.”

Roger stood up and pulled Astrid to her feet. The boy lowered Astrid’s skirt, then slid her thong off her body as well. Now that Astrid was as naked as Roger, she sat back on the couch. This time it was Roger getting on his knees and spreading Astrid’s legs. Slowly, tentatively, Roger poked his tongue out and licked at Astrid’s pussy lips.

As he licked her, he tasted her female juices. They were oozing from her body, and Roger found the taste a bit weird, but acceptable. He licked harder, drawing moans from Astrid. He reached in and spread her pussy open, watching in awe as her clit came into sharp view. It was standing up from the top of her pussy opening. He moved his mouth over it and licked at it, causing deeper moans from Astrid.

Astrid wanted much more, though. She whimpered, “Fuck me, Roger. I need your cock. Fuck me.”

Roger, although he had cum but minutes before, was already hard again. He raised himself up and moved his cock to Astrid’s pussy opening, then halted, unsure of himself at this late juncture. Astrid reached down and took hold of Roger’s cock. She put its head at the proper position, then urged him, “Push!”

Roger pushed, and his cock disappeared into a pussy for the first time in his life. He felt Astrid’s pussy lips close on his hard shaft, sucking him in deeper and deeper. He slid back a bit, then pushed forward, feeling the pussy respond to his movements. Astrid wrapped her legs around Roger’s back, giving him better access.

Astrid had the cock of her dreams inside her. She felt him moving tentatively inside her, and started pulling on his ass. Roger took the hint and sped up, letting Astrid feel the cock inside her move and jerk with each stroke. This was much better than the dildos Wanda had used on her. It was alive, and warm, and felt oh, so much better. Astrid grabbed manavgat escort Roger’s back and held on, giving her hips the ability to move and match Roger’s strokes.

Because Roger had cum so soon, he was able to last his round. He moved harder and faster inside Astrid, reveling in that feel. He lowered his head and kissed her, startled by the heat that came back from her as she kissed him back. Suddenly her body stiffened, she cried out, and came, flooding Roger’s cock with pussy juices.

Roger found pumping into Astrid easier after her orgasm. Her body had finished lubricating his cock, so he slid in and out of her with ease. He sped up, and soon felt his own orgasm coming on, like a runaway freight train. Nothing would stop it now.

He came, spurting deep into Astrid’s pussy. the woman below him felt the cum shooting into her pussy, and held her lover tight. She kissed him hard, getting even more spurts from his cock. She held on tightly, as wave after wave of orgasmic lust and white semen flew rom Roger’s body. When he was finally spent, he looked at Astrid and smiled. No longer would he be a boy. Now he was a man.

They untangled slowly, kissing all the while, then Roger collapsed on the couch. Both of them looked at the TV, which was still running, and laughed. together they reached for the remote and turned the TV off. They no longer needed porn movies to guide their sexual fantasies. They had each other.

Eventually they went into the bedroom and fell asleep, arm-in-arm. Astrid’s last waking thought was wondering what Wanda would think about her vacation, if Astrid decided to tell her.


Wanda Catron, at the moment, was not thinking about her missed Spring Break trip. She was not thinking of Astrid. All the 19-year-old could think of was the pain she was feeling.

Se was strapped tightly to the X-Cross in her Mistress’ dungeon, and that same Mistress, Anne Franklin, was beating her with a bamboo cane. This was the worst pain Wanda had ever felt, and she didn’t even know why she was feeling it. It had started as soon as Wanda arrived home. Anne had ordered her to strip and go on the X-Cross. Wanda obeyed, and the beating started. It had gone for 10 minutes so far, with no sign of stopping.

As the cane cracked on her back again, Wanda fought off a scream, then rasped out “Forgive me, Mistress. I am so sorry.” Anne heard the plaintive cries, but ignored them. Anne wasn’t really mad at Wanda, but she was releasing two months of pent-up frustration.

What Wanda didn’t know was that Anne had made Wanda’s friend, Amber Anderson, a slave as well. While Wanda was at school, Amber was supposed to take care of Anne, like wanda had the previous year. But things didn’t work like Anne had thought they would. Amber’s former boyfriend, Erich Buchanon, had tried to come back into Amber’s life. The women had driven Erich off for good, but not before a last night of sexual freedom.

But that night had cost Amber dearly. She found she was pregnant, and carrying Erich’s child. together Amber and Anne decided to not tell Erich about the child, and also not tell Wanda until the time was right. In Anne’s mind, the time wasn’t right yet.

Because of the pregnancy, however, Amber’s service as a slave had been curtailed. She still did housework, and occasionally was in the mood to make love with Anne, but both agreed that the BDSM side of their lives had to cease for a while. Anne, though, needed the releases that being a Dominatrix provided, so she sent Amber out of town for the week and called Wanda back. Now she was getting into the thrill of holding her slave’s life in her hands. She beat savagely on Wanda, but was careful not to draw blood.

Finally, though, she grew tired and stopped the beating. Wanda sagged painfully and exhaustedly on the X-Cross, until Anne released her. Then the teen collapsed on the floor. With her remaining strength, Wanda crawled to Anne’s feet, kissed her boots, and said, “I love you, Mistress.” Then she slept, right there on the floor.


Astrid awoke at 5 am. She slid out of Roger’s arms and went into the bathroom to pee. finishing that, she padded back into the bedroom and looked at the man sleeping. He was as naked as she was, and this was the first time she was able to study a naked man in person. Her previous sexual experience had not lasted long enough for her to even get worked up.

Roger’s body was beautiful. He was well-toned from working out, with a slight sheen of hair on his chest, arms and legs. The hair was dark and curly around his cock, which was twitching as he slept. Even now, flaccid as Roger slept, it appeared to be eight inches long.

Lust grew in Astrid again. She wanted that cock back in her body. She crawled on the bed and aimed for the cock. She reached out and gently took the cock in her hand. Her mouth lowered, and her tongue darted out to lick the length. The cock twitched in her hand and grew a bit. Astrid licked again, and then licked from base to head. She tasted the little drop of precum that slipped through the slit. She licked back down, then up. Her hand made a fist and jerked on the cock, making it grow more. She slipped it into her mouth and started sucking on it.

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