Voyage of the Naginata Pt. 03

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“Do we have a fix on Serra and Kat yet?!” Lexi asked as she tried to keep the ship from being detected, or shot down. Cali sat in Lexi’s usual seat and scanned her monitors. “Nothing yet.”

Saphina stood quietly in the back of the bridge until a chime sounded on her wrist. She scanned it and stepped next to Lexi and punched in some coordinates. Lexi looked up at her. “Trust me.” The Kurn said with a half smile. Lexi nodded and followed the coordinates. The Naginata raced along the hills toward the beacon.

“How did Hawk do this?!” Lexi said, struggling to keep the ship from crashing into the rocky landscape.

“Don’t you fly?” Saphina asked.

“Very rarely, and usually I sit here and monitor stuff while we’re in space, flying in atmo is way different.” She said, A few moments later a tower came into view.

“There!” Saphina pointed to it. “Katarina and Serra are there!”

Lexi scanned the area, “There’s no landing area!”

“You’re going to have to get as close as you can to the balcony and they will have to jump.” Saphina explained.

“What?! I can’t do that!” Lexi said as they approached the tower. Saphina put her hand on Lexi’s shoulder and gripped it gently. “I know you can.” She said, “Focus.” Cali jumped up, “I will guide you from the hatch!” She hurried off the bridge. Il’taira followed her out. As the ship got close, Cali opened the hatch, lowered the ramp and strapped on a harness. Connecting it to the hull, she slowly stepped out into the ramp. “Pull up slowly, and hold!” Cali shouted to be heard over the engines. “You can do it Cali.” Il’taira said in a voice that Cali heard as much in her head as with her ears.

“A little closer!” Cali shouted. Just then, Serra and Katarina appeared on the balcony. The ship wavered about 15 feet from the balcony. “Closer!” 10 feet. Katarina launched herself off the balcony and landed near the edge of the ramp. Cali grabbed her and helped her. Katarina turned and motioned for Serra to jump. The Captain stepped to the edge and looked down. She looked up at Katarina with fear in her eyes and shook her head.

“Get your ass over here!” She reached out to her. Serra stepped back and ran to the edge and jumped. At that moment two small pursuit craft opened fire on the Naginata! “Shit!” Lexi shouted and instinctively jerked the ship away. Causing Cali and Katarina to tumble into the ship. Serra, already in midair, fell short and plummeted to the ground.

“No!” Katarina screamed in horror and lunged for the edge of the ramp, crashing hard to the rigid metal.

“Captain!” Cali yelled.

A black shadowy cloud raced past them and down. Serra tumbled down, feeling death closing in, she tried to make her peace with it, but she was enveloped by a shadow and her descent began to slow. “I’ve got you.” She heard a feminine voice in her head.

“What?!” Serra said, but blacked out. A moment later Serra appeared just inside the boarding hatch. Katarina saw her emerge from the shadow as it slid away and began to coalesce again. Cali looked at Serra, then to Il’taira as she reformed and slammed the hatch and ramp closed. “Lexi, get us out of here!”

“Right!” Lexi responded and jerked the ship skyward. As the ship climbed Lexi shifted to her Tactical chair and powered up the ship’s shields. Then hurried back to the pilot seat. She tapped the comm button. “If there’s anyone available, I could use some help up here!”

Serra approached and smiled at Katarina. “Hey.”

“Hey yourself.” Katarina replied.

“I can’t run this ship alone!” Lexi replied.

“Why is Lexi running the ship? Where is Hawk?” Serra asked, getting to her feet. Katarina shook her head. Serra grimly nodded her head just as another shot from the pursuit ships hit the hull. “Cali, get back to engineering and make sure that jump drive is ready to go.”

“Got it Cap!” She replied and hurried off. She turned to Il’taira and paused. “Thank you.” Il’taira nodded to her.

“Let’s get to the bridge!” Serra said.

Serra, Katarina and Il’taira hurried to the bridge. Serra dropped into her seat. “Kat, take over for Lexi.” Lexi jumped up and returned to her tactical station. Immediately, she felt more “at home” at the Ops station.

“Weapons are hot!” Lexi said, powering up the ship’s tactical array. Again, the ship was rocked by another shot.

“Shields holding, for now.” Lexi said.

“Great! Now, return fire!”

“You’re firing on my people!” Katarina said.

“They fired at us first! And by the way, why?!” Serra asked.

“That’s too much to explain right now.”

Serra grumbled and turned to the comm, “Cali?! Is the jump drive ready?”

“Yes Captain, she’s all warmed up.” Cali replied.

“Once we breach atmo, we’re going to jump.” Serra barked.

“Right.” Kat replied. Il’taira and Saphina stood, feeling helpless.

“Lexi turned to them, “better hold onto something, this isn’t going to be pretty!”

Leaving the atmosphere of a planet at the wrong angle can go from a bit of a rough ride, to dripping the ship apart. Kat, being tuzla escort a seasoned pilot, strained to gain the right altitude and angle to safely exit the planet’s atmosphere. Moments later, the Naginata escaped the atmosphere of Wrolmar and immediately entered jump space. The ship rattled hard and groaned against the strain.

“Stay together girl!” Serra parted the console looking around. Then all went quiet, except for the jump drive’s low roar. The crew sighed and relaxed. Serra turned to face Katarina. “Why were your people attacking us?”

“I… I’m sorry Serra and everyone.” She sighed. Cali entered and took her chair. “By the law of the Empire, when a leader steps down with what is perceived as no reason, they are to be put to death.”

“What?!” Lexi replied.

“The Crimson Empire frowns on what they believe is weakness. Most Emperors either die in battle or are succeeded by their heir… forcefully.” Saphina explained.

“They were going to kill you?! Just for stepping down?!” Serra asked.

“Yes.” She paused. “Only if I didn’t take another position, like Lord Marshall.”

Serra stood and turned to Lexi. “You have the bridge.” She nodded and acknowledged.

“Kat, if you would.” The two left the bridge in silence. Cali also left the bridge, Il’taira followed her out. “Cali?” Il’taira called to her. Cali opened her quarters and entered. Il’taira paused at the threshold. “Please.” Cali nodded to her. Il’taira smiled entering the small quarters, closing the door behind her. “Could you please explain something to me?”

“Of course.” Il’taira replied sitting down.

“What are you?”

“I am Kurn. She replied.

“You know what I mean.” Cali replied.

“Of course.” She paused for a moment, gathered her thoughts and spoke. “Depending who you ask, I am either blessed or cursed. I was born with abilities few of my people ever possess. But can be learned with years of study. People fear me. When I was born, I was yanked from my mother and nearly killed at that moment. My white skin is a sign of the curse. The Kurn call my… ‘condition’ fuir’do. In the common tongue, it means Mellain’s excrement.”

“Lovely.” Cali replied sarcastically.

“There is much fear over my abilities and disgust over my appearance.” Il’taira explained.

“Okay, but…”

“My parents killed the doctor and his assistants and secreted me away into hiding. They did their best, but I was found as an adolescent and was taken to the palace.”

“Oh my god! What did they do to you?” Cali asked.

“I was… experimented on, tortured and they took numerous blood and DNA samples.”

“That’s horrible! Why would they do that?”

“They tried to clone me, without my flaws.” She explained.


“My white skin and hair for starters. As well as my atypical physical weaknesses.”

“I’m sorry you went through that.” Cali replied sympathetically.

“Thank you Cali.”

“I’m curious about one thing, if it’s not too much to ask.”

“Go ahead.”

“Why didn’t they kill you after they had done that to you?”

“I was allowed to live in the palace by Katarina’s father. He said I was special, but I couldn’t be allowed to be seen outside by others.” She explained. “He also wanted to utilize my unique abilities.”

“I see.” She thought for a moment, “Il’taira, I have one more question.”

“Of course.”

“Before, in the palace, you got into my mind and made me feel… as though I was being intimate with Serra. Why?” She asked.

“I thought if I made you feel… positive emotions that you would know I held no ill intent toward you or your people. Seeing Serra was your mind telling me and you what you most desire.” She explained.


Il’taira moved to sit next to her. “Cali, I can feel that thinking about the vision I helped you bring forward and talking about this makes you uncomfortable.” Il’taira said.

“I suppose it does.” Cali replied.

“I am sorry Cali.” She put her hand on Cali’s knee. “When I was in your mind, I could see how lonely you are. I found a feeling that I thought might bring you some comfort. I… I’m sorry.”

Cali nodded.

“I was able to see into you mind and I could feel that you are a deeply passionate and caring person. When I dig as deep as I did, I make a connection on a level…I cannot really fully explain. It’s a psykik… bond, as it were. “

“I see.”

“I wanted to give you a moment of bliss that might lift a little bit of that loneliness.” She explained.

“Thank you. I love being on this ship, these people are like family to me. But I still, I suppose I do get lonely. Especially now that the Captain has Katarina, Lexi has Saphina… and I have… no one.” Cali admitted.

“Cali, is intimacy all you need?” Il’taira asked her.

“Well, no… but it’s nice to have a connection.”

Il’taira smiled, “Now that makes sense to me. Connection is something I will admit I’ve never had. On a level I felt when I was in your mind. I could feel your soul… it was beautiful. Maybe… we pendik escort could-” She blushed.

“I would like that.” Cali replied.

“As would I.” Il’taira replied. Cali reached up and took the pale-skinned Kurn’s face in her hands. Strangely her skin felt cold. “May i?”

Il’taira nodded, her lips parted slightly. Their lips met and for a moment, a strange sensation filled her. Il’taira’s lips were cold, but sent a tingle through Cali. Her soul seemed to ignite! Her body instantly felt hot and she could feel perspiration form at her temples and between her breasts. Her whole body tingled. Cali could feel her body “open” to Il’taira. As they continued to kiss, Cali felt weak and energized at the sand time. Before she knew it, her shirt was up and off. Il’taira pulled her mouth away from Cali’s mouth and attached to Cali’s right nipple. Cali gasped and felt as though she was melting into Il’taira. She opened her eyes and realized her body was completely enveloped in a dark, cool mist. At first, she was surprised, but the way her body felt, the way the mist held her, comforted her, she relaxed and gave herself over to the pleasure. She felt dizzy, like she was floating on zero gravity. Il’taira’s hands moved to Cali’s waist. Unbuckling her belt and tugging at her pants. Cali helped her remove them. She heard a strange sound, but not with her ears, rather with her mind. “Give into it… lavish in pleasure.”

“Uh huh. ” She said out loud.

Il’taira’s form seemed slightly incorporeal as she moved between Cali’s thighs. As her form became more “solid” Cali’s legs involuntarily spread. Her eyes opened wide as Il’taira’s tongue gently covered her womanhood with her saliva. She had had sex before, she had experienced this before, but something about Il’taira’s touch activated every nerve in her body. She writhed on the couch as Il’taira continued to consume her sex. Cali’s body shuddered as an orgasm pulsed through her. It was like nothing she ever felt. Her sex throbbed so hard her orgasm continued. Like one powerful wave overwhelming her and driving her to scream so hard she made herself dizzy.

Serra and Katarina sat in the lounge talking when Cali’s primal orgasmic scream echoed through the ship and distracted them.

“Whoa!” Kat chuckled. “Was that Cali?”

“Yeah.” Serra replied with a smirk.

“Is it… cold in here?” Katarina asked.

“It definitely feels suddenly cooler, let me check something.” Serra went to a wall panel and trapped a few buttons. “Huh?”

“What is it?”

“It is cooler, but it’s much cooler in Cali’s room.” Serra said.

“That’s strange.”

“Yeah, I’ll keep an eye on it, just in case.” Serra said and returned to Kat.

Il’taira held Cali close as she caught her breath. She gently stroked Cali’s hair and smiled. Cali finally took a deep breath and exhaled. “Il’taira… that was…”


“Il’taira, may I return the favor?” Cali asked meekly.

“I would like that.” She replied.

Cali sat up and kissed Il’taira, the alien returned the kiss with gusto. Il’taira quickly shed her clothing and sat before Cali. The engineer slid back a bit and looked at her.

“What is the matter?” She asked. Cali shook her head and smiled. “Not a thing.”

“Then why do you not embrace me?”

“I’m just looking at you. You are… breathtaking.” Cali explained. Her skin was alabaster, her nipples a shade darker could barely be seen, but they were erect and ready.

“I… I am?” She wore an expression of surprise. “I’ve always been told I was disgusting, an abomination not worthy of the glory of the Empire.” She explained.

“That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard!” Cali replied. “You are stunning, unique and… well, let’s just say, I feel like I’m still in the middle of a mild orgasm.” She laughed.

“Oh! Sorry…” Il’taira said. Cali could feel the sensation slowly fade.

“Wait, did you do that to me?” Cali asked.

“I… I’m sorry. I want you to be pleased as much as possible within my power.” Il’taira said. “I can do much more… in time.”

Cali crawled on top of Il’taira and kissed her, she came to realize Il’taira’s skin wasn’t warm or cold. Rather it felt like tiny electrical currents pulsed through her. Cali’s body tingled all over again. It was a feeling she was starting to really enjoy. She kissed the alien’s chin, throat, collarbone and sternum. Here she took her time and encircled Il’taira’s pale nipples with kisses. She wrapped her lips around a pale, erect nipple and gently sucked. Il’taira looked down at Cali as she sucked and gave her a gentle smile. “I’m so glad the fates told me of our meeting.” She left out a soft moan, “This was meant to be.”

Cali released the nipple, “meant to be? What do you mean?” She asked as she slowly kissed her way down Il’taira’s almost luminescent skin. She finally arrived at the alien’s sex and inhaled deeply. The scent was… flowery and at the same time, like breathing in cold air, very cold air. She looked up at Il’taira who looked back with her haunting lavender aydınlı escort eyes and bit her lip. Cali gave her a devilish grin and proceeded to bury her face in her. Il’taira threw back her head and gave a moan that sounded unearthly. Cali could feel her pleasure, like electricity through her. Almost like she was being pleased without even being touched. Cali reached up and spread her wide with her fingers and pushed her tongue as deeply as she could onto Il’taira. The taste was like sweet ice. Cool, almost cold, to the touch, but somehow wasn’t uncomfortable. Juices from the alien began to pool around and on Cali’s tongue. She sucked them up and swallowed them. Then, she slowly pushed two fingers inside her. Il’taira’s head snapped down to look at Cali, she felt… unnerved by the look she was receiving and stopped. “I.. I’m sorry, did I do something wrong?” Il’taira shook her head slowly, giving her that smirk again. Cali felt a jolt in her sex, and almost climaxed. “Holy shit!” She gasped. Il’taira gently pulled Cali’s face back between her legs and nodded. Cali continued to please her with renewed vigor and desire. As Il’taira closed in on her orgasm, she went silent. Her body tensed and Cali felt as though someone was devouring her sex. She moaned and squirmed in pleasure. Just then, Il’taira sat up and gritted her teeth. Cali was hit by a wave of… something that caused her to cum again! Then, Il’taira climaxed. The sound she made was heard more in Cali’s mind than with her ears.

Elsewhere on the ship, everyone else felt a wave of electricity wash over them. The sensation was stimulating and slightly confusing.

“Did you?…” Serra stirred in her seat.

“Feel that? Yes.” Kat replied, checking the monitors at the pilot’s station. “Nothing weird here.”

“Huh…” was all Serra could say.

In Cali’s quarters, she lay next to Il’taira in silence unsure what to say or how to feel about what just happened. Cali started to speak, but closed her mouth.

“What troubles you?” Il’taira asked, “I can… feel your uncertainty.”

“I don’t really know. I mean, it was… amazing but…”

“But? The sensations were… off putting?”

“I mean… not really.” Cali thought for a moment. “My body felt like it was cold, but like an electric charge ran through me.”

“But, was that… okay?” Il’taira asked.

“Very… okay!” Cali exclaimed.

“I’m glad.” Il’taira replied.

On the bridge Serra and Kat had taken over for Lexi who was, in all likelihood, with Saphina.

“The God Mellain has smiled on us, Serra.” Kat said.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, Cali meets Il’taira and she then saves your life.” She smiled, “and we escaped Wrolmar in one piece.”

“Yeah, it seemed we got away pretty easily.” Serra agreed.

“I wonder…”

A chime rang from the comm.

“What’s that?” Katarina asked.

“I don’t know.” She flipped a switch. “This is Captain Serra Harkner of the SS Naginata.”

“Captain Harkner, my name is… Haston Graglubute, is my daughter with you?”


“Visual comm on screen.” Serra said as the main viewer flickered on. Katarina jumped up.


“Hello daughter.”

“Where are you? Why did you leave the Empire?” She asked.

“I have much to tell you and explain.” He said. “I sent you a coded message, do you still have it?”

“Of course, but-“

“I’m going to send you another message, it will help you decipher the first. Then you will have all the information you need to find me.”

“Incoming message.” Serra said quietly.

“Now you have all you need. See you soon daughter.” He said and the screen went black.

“You certainly have an interesting family.” Serra remarked. Katarina dropped back into the pilot’s seat and sighed. “I’m so… confused.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, both my brother and my father disappear, I go looking for them and I come up empty-handed. Now, I find you to assist and they both come to me.”

“Maybe I’m lucky?” Serra smirked.

“You are… for me.” Katarina smiled back at her. “I need to go to him, I need answers.”

Serra nodded and flipped the comm switch. “I need the crew, and our new additions in the bridge right away.”

“Thank you Serra.” Katarina said in a small voice.

“Anytime.” She replied and reached out for her. Kat took her hand and gently squeezed it. The connection they were making seemed to be growing stronger by the day.

Soon, the bridge was full. Serra and Katarina, Lexi and Saphina and Cali and Il’taira were all there. Serra wore a determined expression on her face as she made eye contact with each of them.

“You look like you’ve got a fire in you boss.” Lexi said, breaking the silence.

“Here we go again!” Cali remarked sarcastically.

“Listen up, we just received the second half of Katarina’s coded message. It’s from her father.”

“Emperor Graglubute?” Saphina whispered looking at Kat who nodded affirmatively.

“We’re going to rendezvous with him so he and Kat can talk about whatever it is that he needs to discuss with her.” Serra explained.

“Well, what are we waiting for?” Cali asked, Il’taira stood next to her with her hand on Cali’s shoulder. “Another adventure for the intrepid crew of the Naginata!”

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