Vienna Woods Release

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Hugh Hargrave went to his tutor, George’s, bedroom door to check on him. The young man had been drinking throughout the evening, taking advantage of the absence of Hugh’s parents for the weekend, and Hugh thought he heard voices from George’s room. Had George brought someone else to his room? If so, Hugh was piqued and frustrated. He’d tried his best to get the handsome tutor to bed him, and George had said the nineteen-year-old Hugh was entirely too young, which Hugh knew was completely false. George was barely four years older than Hugh was himself, and it was almost a disgrace for a nineteen-year-old boy to still be a virgin in 1870. English people of the Hargrave’s class were just too stuffy, Hugh thought—at least on the surface. He knew that below that surface they were quite bawdy and promiscuous.

Besides, George gave as a fallback position, Hugh’s father, Howard Hargrave, Lord Chesterville, would sack George on the spot if he were caught with Hugh that way.

The other voice Hugh heard in George’s room sounded like the stable boy, Holst, who was a year younger than Hugh, eighteen, so Hugh was frustrated that Holst might be in there with George, and he wasn’t. If asked, George would say that Holst was just a peasant stable boy and that made all the difference. But it didn’t make a difference to Hugh, who wanted to get on with it—and wanted that getting on to be with men. He’d already decided that.

Not needing a vocation, Lord Chesterville’s avocation was as a violinist in the London Philharmonic Society, which then, in 1870, was in hiatus as its future home, the Royal Albert Hall, was not yet finished. His wife, Lady Amantha, played the piccolo in the orchestra. As they waited for the symphony to reconvene, the Hargraves had been touring Europe to take in the music scene elsewhere. Richard Strauss, the second, was preparing a royal performance of his recently composed Tails from the Vienna Woods for Austria-Hungarian emperor Francis Joseph I, to be performed by the Vienna Philharmonic Symphony in Vienna that summer, and Lord Chesterville and his wife had secured chairs in the orchestra. Going the whole distance, they had rented a villa in Weinerwald, at the edge of the Vienna Woods, to be “in the mood.” The villa was some distance from Vienna, though, so they spent many of the rehearsal nights leading up to the performance in Vienna.

The Hargraves had brought the youngest of their sons, Hugh, with them, saying that he was of “that age” for them to be worrying about leaving him to his own devices. They, of course, didn’t know the half of that. Other than that, the parents were rather indifferent to the son. He was not the heir, just the spare, so he always had been treated a bit as an afterthought and had been turned over to his music tutor, George, without a thought to the lifestyle interests of the young, handsome man they had engaged in Paris before coming to Vienna. The heir, Halsey, was safely tucked away at Oxford in England. Little did they know, however, that what Hugh knew of what Halsey was up to at Oxford only fed his own desire to “get on with it.”

Coming to the doorway of George’s room, Hugh was not surprised—or shocked—by what he saw, and he remained, watching it to its climax, wishing that he were Holst.

Both of them, George and Holst, were naked. The small, solidly built, peasant-stock Holst was lying on his stomach on the bed, with George, weaving a bit, clearly into his cups, sitting beside him. George was leaning over the stable boy and had just kissed him on the upper back, between the shoulder blades, and was rising into a sitting position as Hugh came to the door. Holst’s left arm was wrapped around George’s waist, the arm draped over George’s left thigh, and Holst’s hand was encasing George’s erection and slow stroking it. George was stroking and squeezing the stable boy’s plump buttocks with his right hand. The boy moaned as George’s fingers slid into the crease of the orbs and pressed inside.

Holst groaned and raised up a bit on his knees, lifting his buttocks into George’s searching hand. George’s finger sank in deeper.

George kissed down the youth’s body. Holst moaned as George raised his right leg, placing the youth’s ankle on his shoulder, and George’s mouth covered the young man’s cock. The finger in the youth’s channel became two, moving in and out.

“Ja, ja,” Holst murmured and arched his back, his hands going to the back of George’s head as the man’s mouth on the cock was changed to a hand and George moved lower, his tongue pushing into the crease of the stable boy’s buttocks. “Ja, ja, ja,” the young man whimpered as George tongued his hole, alternating with nipping at and licking the stable boy’s plump cheeks.

“Frick mich. Frick mich—Fuck me, fuck me,” Hugh heard the stable boy beg.

As Hugh, panting and fingering himself, watched, George twisted around, went up on the bed on his knees, mounted the youth’s buttocks, holding his cock in his hand until he had gained pendik escort purchase of the bulb in the hole, and then hovered over Holst’s prone body, which Holst held with his buttocks raised to the cock. George planted his knees on either side of the stable boy’s thighs and his hands in the mattress on either side of Holst’s shoulders. Hovering there, his cock penetrated the passage.

Holst panted and gave a little cry of, “Ja, so. Gib es mir. Fich mich!—Yes, give it to me. Fuck me!” As Hugh watched, aching that it would be him rather than Holst, George worked his cock in deep, as the youth writhed under him and used the leverage of his knees to set his pelvis in motion, rising and falling on the young Austrian’s ass. The length of George’s cock appeared and disappeared as the young man under him started a countermotion of his own of raising his buttocks on the downstroke and lowering them as two-thirds of the hard cock surfaced from the crease. Holst’s right hand was tucked under his belly, grasping his own cock, held slightly above the surface of the mattress, and was stroking it and dragging it across the coverlet. He too was hard.

All three who were fully engaged in this copulation—Hugh was engaged as well—were panting.

At the moment both of the figures jerked and shuddered, and came, Hugh gave a little cry himself as a wet spot appeared and spread on the front of his sleeping trousers, and he turned and returned to his own room, frustrated and mumbling to himself, “I don’t know why . . . I’m nineteen now, older than Holst.” It wasn’t like he wasn’t ready for it. He had toughened up. He opened the drawer of his nightstand and rummage in the back of the drawer. He pulled out the dildo he had acquired from Halsey, oiled it up, inserted it, and slowly worked himself. It was as long and as thick as George’s cock. It wasn’t that he couldn’t take a shaft. It was that he hadn’t taken a real man’s shaft. He knew he could take George’s cock, if the man would put it in him.

* * * *

Hugh returned to George’s room in the morning, aching for it and determined to bring this to a head. His parents didn’t care. They didn’t pay any attention to him. Whatever affection he got was from George. George fucked eighteen-year-old boys. Hugh had watched him do it. Hugh was nineteen. George hadn’t made any effort to steer Hugh away from interest in men—they’d touched, even touched intimately. They’d kissed. George just was afraid to go further because he thought it threatened his job. Hugh’s parents probably didn’t even care. George could damn well initiate Hugh and the two of them could have the romantic relationship Hugh craved. If George refused to do it, Hugh would threaten to tell his parents he tried to do it anyway, and then they’d see if it mattered to them. Hugh would tell them he wouldn’t give them any trouble if they’d just give him George.

But when Hugh got to the room, he saw that George was hopelessly in a deep, snoring sleep. Worse, Holst was still in bed with him, the two stretched out against each other, naked, their arms and legs entwined.

In frustration, Hugh backed away from George’s door. He went back to his own room and dressed for a hike. They lived on the edge of the fabled Vienna Woods, and he still had not explored it. He grabbed a roll with cheese it in as he passed the kitchen, mumbling to the cook that he was going to study the vegetation in the forest as his assignment that day and left the villa.

He walked into the woods and kept on walking for an hour. He came upon a pond in a clearing. He saw the folded clothes, a multicolored embroidered vest on top, before he realized that someone was in the pond. The someone was another youth—a young man who looked like he was Hugh’s own age. He had an exotic appearance. His skin was of a dusky appearance, his features were sharp, albeit quite handsome, and his hair was jet black and curly. His eyes were black too, and they sparkled when they took in Hugh approaching.

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t see that anyone was here,” Hugh said, the words catching in his throat, as it was shallow where the youth was swimming, and, when he stood, Hugh saw that the youth was naked. His body was slim, his hips narrow. His was a beautiful, young, boyish body. But he had the cock of a man.

Hugh realized he’d spoken in English and now attempted German. “Es tut mir leid, wenn du mich nicht verstehst. Ich wess nicht, welche Sprache du sprichst—And sorry, if you don’t understand me. I don’t know what language you speak. My German is not too good.”

“English is fine. My people all speak English. When we were there, the English pretended not to understand any other language, so we learned theirs. Then we found out they didn’t want to understand us—they wanted us to go away. I don’t wish to be alone. Come into the pond with me,” the young man said. His voice was rich. He had some sort of foreign accent—not German. There wasn’t anything Germanic about him at all. That maltepe escort might have been why Hugh’s first instinct was not to address him in German. He was exotic, a being of the Orient, in Hugh’s eyes. Hugh was mesmerized.

“I don’t have a suit to wear.”

“I didn’t either,” the youth said, “as you can see.” He had been standing in shallow water, naked, He sank down into the water now and pushed off farther into the pond. “I am Nicu. You don’t sound Austrian.”

“I’m not,” Hugh said, as he stripped off his clothes and was folding them neatly. “I’m English. My name is Hugh. My family is here to play in a concert in Vienna. You don’t sound Austrian, either.”

“I’m not. I’m Romany,” Nicu answered. “My family is just passing through. We have been to England, as I said. Do come into the water, Hugh. Swim with me.”

Romany. Hugh knew that was the word for the gypsies, who traveled here and there in Europe in caravans, footloose and a law until themselves until the locals forced them to move on. Exotic indeed, and Hugh had been forbidden to have any contact with them. Perfect for the mood he was in. He finished stripping down to naked and waded into the pool.

The two youths swam circles around each other, discussing this and that—the Romany life and how free it was and Hugh’s life and how restricted it was. They discussed their likes and dislikes. Nicu spoke of the free and easy life, with few “no’s” and a great deal of indulging pleasures, and Hugh spoke of his sexual frustration and need—and of how his parents managed to smother him while not paying him any attention. Hugh was quite open about his sexual dilemma and how frustrated it made him.

Nicu swam circles around Hugh, moving in and touching the youth lightly here, there, and there, and then moving away. Hugh found the touching arousing.

“You mean you are still a virgin?” Nicu asked, somewhat incredulously, as he swam in closer to Hugh. “With a fine cock like you have? You have a beautiful body. You have not lain with a girl yet? You have a very nice cock and you are a handsome man. I would have thought you would have easily had your way with girls by now.”

“No,” Hugh answered. Nicu caught the tone of Hugh’s voice. “But it is a man you want, isn’t it?” he asked. “You spoke of your tutor and how handsome he is. You sound almost as if you are in love with him. You want to lie under him, don’t you? No, it’s just the two of us here, you can speak the truth. I lie with men. I lie with women too. We Romany take our pleasures where we can find them. Giving or taking, woman or man. It makes no difference to us—to me—if it gives pleasure.”

Hugh was fascinated. This was just the sort of open talk and thinking that he ached to have. He felt so repressed by his parents and their class. “We have embraced and kissed, but he won’t do more,” Hugh said, his voice revealing his frustration and ache. “But I’ve seen him do more—with another boy my age—one younger than me.”

“You saw him fucking this other boy?”


“And you want him to cover you—to be inside you?”


“How old are you, Hugh?”


“And you are still a virgin? I am nineteen too, Hugh.”

“And you are not a virgin?”

Nicu laughed. “Nowhere close, Hugh. I’m sure I am a father of more than one bawling brat. More than one girl—and a few older women—have said I have given them babies. I know I have tried as I have had the chance. I have fucked many women. They say they like having my cock inside them. I like fucking women. But I lie under men too, and I fuck men. I get pleasure from that too. I’m sure I would want your tutor to cover me too. And this stable boy you spoke of. I bet I could make him moan. I have done both with other men. Men have covered me and been inside me and then I have fucked them. And I am but nineteen, just as you are. It is almost a crime to still be a virgin at nineteen. Come here, Hugh. Swim to me.”

Hugh didn’t really have to swim far to reach Nicu. That Nico required him to do so after having told him what Nicu would and could do with another man was mostly symbolic. He wanted Hugh to come to him. It was a signal of acceptance. Aching with need, Hugh did so.

Nicu had come in close. In fact, as they had talked, he had touched Hugh here and there, with the effect not having been lost on Hugh, who was panting lightly and who was feeling himself engorge. That was a part of his issue. He could react as a man now. Why wasn’t he being treated like a man? He knew George was attracted to him, and George was lying with the stable boy, Holst. And Holst was younger than Hugh was. He just was from the stable yard and Hugh was not. Higher levels of restraint were expected of Hugh. Well, as Hugh knew, Halsey was lying under men at Oxford, and Halsey was a year older than Hugh was.

It was time. It was beyond time.

The two boys floated together. Nicu encircled Hugh’s torso with one arm, holding kartal escort the other youth close to him as they floated in the water. Hugh stiffened.

“Relax, Hugh. Go with me. I wish to help you.” Hugh relaxed. Nicu brought their lips together and they kissed. Hugh stiffened a bit, but Nicu kissed him again, deeper, pushing his tongue between Hugh’s lips, and Hugh relaxed again and moaned deep in his throat.

“I am going to make love to you—release you from your worry and frustration, Hugh. I am going to fuck you and relieve you of your unwanted virginity to a man.”

Hugh moaned again, but he didn’t say no. He made no effort to swim out of Nicu’s embrace.

Nicu’s other hand went between them, gliding down Hugh’s shuddering torso all the way down to his groin. Nicu encased Hugh’s cock with his hand. He encased both of their shafts together. They both were hard. Their lips met again and they kissed—deeply, Hugh’s lips parting, pressed open by Nicu’s lips. Nicu began to rock his pelvis against Hugh and Hugh instinctively fell into the rhythm of that. They kissed more deeply, Nicu’s tongue pushing in between Hugh’s lips. Their bodies were pressed together, rocking against each other, sending circles of water off into the pond.

“Do you want me to stop, Hugh?”

“No,” the overwhelmed young man answered.

Nicu took one of Hugh’s hands and moved it to their cocks, making Hugh encase the two shafts together and frot them, as his hand now snaked around Hugh’s waist and went lower, his fingers search for, and finding, the crease in Hugh’s buttocks and then his anal opening. Hugh broke from the kiss and leaned back, looking up into the sky, panting harder now and moaning. Then groaning as Nicu’s long, slender finger went deeper inside Hugh. It was joined by another, and then the two fingers started to move: in, out; in deeper, out. The tips found Hugh’s prostate, introducing him to a whole new sensation of pleasure. The heel of Nicu’s hand pressed into Hugh’s tailbone, pulling Hugh’s groin into Nicu’s. There was no question they both were erect.

“Tell me true, Hugh. Have you for true never had a shaft inside you?”

Hugh hesitated.

“It makes a difference how I fuck you, Hugh. There will be more pleasure if you have experimented.”

“I have experimented,” Hugh admitted.

“With what?”

Hugh told him about the dildo he’d stolen from George’s room and kept hidden away. Nicu laughed. “Often or rarely?”

“Often now,” Hugh admitted.

“You do want it.”


The pleasure was overwhelming. Hugh knew he should break it off. But he’d dreamed of this, waited for this for far too long. Nicu coaxed Hugh to raise his legs in the water and hook them onto Nicu’s hips. Then, under Nicu’s guidance, Hugh leaned back, his fists locked behind Nicu’s neck to hold himself there, steady. His pelvis rolled up.

“Nicu, Nicu, Nicu,” he murmured as Nicu put the bulb of his cock in place, and then “Oh, God! Nicu!” he cried out as the hand on Hugh’s tailbone pulled his passage onto Nicu’s penetrating cock. Hugh instinctively writhed a bit as his passage reluctantly responded and stretched, ineffectually trying at first to pull away from the invading shaft and to expel it, but that only served to pull the cock deeper. Hugh had been training the passage with a dildo, a leather, horse-hair-filled shaft with a wooden glans at the tip, so Nicu’s cock wasn’t alien to the passage. Nicu only went in a few inches, though, and held, as Hugh gasped.

“Relax, relax. Take it. It’s done now. Take the rest of it. You want it.”

Hugh surrendered. He let his body collapse, his passage walls gave way, and Nicu sank in to the root.

“You have experimented well,” he whispered.

He gently started the pump, applying and releasing pressure on Hugh’s tailbone to pull him onto the shaft and to let it withdraw. In, out, in out. They were settling into the rhythm of the fuck.

In an instant, Hugh was no longer a virgin to a man’s shaft. He sobbed, concentrating on the pain-pleasure as Nicu grasped and spread his buttocks cheeks and pulled him on and off the hard shaft, intensifying the movement of the cock in the passage. Faster in motion, deeper in thrusts. But Hugh held, exhilarated that he’d been freed at last, concentrating on the pleasure rather than the pain. Within minutes he released his seed up the Romany youth’s belly. Nicu quickly followed with his breeding deep inside the passage, and Hugh’s initiation was complete.

They fucked again on the mossy bank of the pond, Nicu on top of Hugh, Hugh’s legs spread, his heels rubbing on the meat of Nicu’s calves in the rhythm of the fuck. The stroking was more assured, the thrusts stronger. Hugh’s response was more as a partner in the movement than a docile vessel.

Hugh couldn’t get enough of it now. When they finished, Nicu lay stretched out beside but hovering over Hugh’s body. “That is what you wanted, what you needed,” he murmured.

“Yes,” Hugh agreed.

“But it’s not all of it. There is more.”


“Yes. I am just another youth. You talk of your tutor. He’s a man. You need a man between your thighs. A big-cocked man.”

“You have a big cock.”

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