Victoria’s Valentine’s Secret

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Your husband had been delighted when you woke him with his cock in your mouth. Taking him deep in your throat with your eyes locked to his as you sensuously fondled your full breasts had been a surprising but welcome Valentine’s gift for him. You knew that swallowing his cum, leaving a trace just so on your lips, would prevent him from suspecting anything about your alleged overnight “business” trip on Valentine’s Day. Sucking his cock aroused you as well but it was more the thought of the evening that consumed your thoughts and body.

After taking care of your husband, he went about his morning routine, showering and shaving. Always having to be the first into the office, he is in a hurry and you simply lay there in bed dreaming. The shadows of the bedroom play beautifully on your body as you stretch awaiting your turn in the bathroom. When he emerges, you walk past him, playfully caressing his cock and inviting him to join you in the shower again but you know he will refuse.

“Honey, I have to get to the office, have a good trip and call me when you get there. Happy Valentine’s baby, I will miss you tonight.” he says as he dresses.

You close the door and run the bath, left to your thoughts and preparations. “Victoria, you are naughty.” you think to yourself as you soak deep in the fluid soothing heat of the water. The penetrating warmth relaxes you as you lay back and let the sensations flow. Swirling images flow through your mind as your muscles relax and you consider the coming day. With a knock on the door, your thoughts are briefly interrupted as your husband enters the bathroom to kiss you goodbye, “Thanks for making my Valentine’s special Victoria.” he says as he pecks your lips.

You giggle to yourself about your husband of five years. He is sweet but never as attentive or adventurous as you desired. The secure life you share and cherish is important but you had become prone to fantasies and in the past year had acted upon them. It started innocently after a girlfriend had told you about some of her roleplaying fantasies online. In a moment of boredom, you had scanned the chatrooms and found yourself quickly captivated by my words. During the months since then, we exchanged erotic stories, corresponded almost everyday, chatted online, and talked on the phone. Eventually, we had met and the intensity of our connection was immediate. I visited you at your office that first day and fucked you on your desk. The following day, we met at the grocery store and I fingered you in the aisles before taking you to the car and ramrodding your pussy in the parking lot. That night, we shared a quick hard fuck before I had to fly home, outside your house when you came out to dump the garbage while your husband watched TV. Never able to arrange to spend nights together and having difficulty getting together because of the distance, I called you almost daily to hear you cum at work.

After some long moments in these memories, you focus on preparing yourself. You begin to shave your pussy for me, knowing that I will spend long hours licking you. The razor glides smooth across your skin, making you sensitive and slick. You shudder at the thoughts of what is to come but resist the urgent temptation to make yourself cum. Focusing, you drain the tub and stand under the shower, thinking about what to wear. I have asked you to dress carefully for this day, elegant and sexy, wanting you to feel beautiful. You decide on a short red skirt with a matching jacket, thigh high stockings, red “fuck me” heels, a silk blouse, and a white lace thong. You decide not to wear a bra because you love the feel of your big tits swaying against the silk blouse as you move. Your sensitive nipples hardening and visible when you unbutton your jacket. You know you appear available dressed like this, just the look you want today, your delicious 36-27-34 figure accentuated by the conservative but sexy outfit. The color of the suit highlights your blonde hair and complexion.

When you arrive at work to make a brief appearance, you are happy to see that the office is quiet and empty. You quickly listen to your voicemail and check your email, smiling when you find a message from me. It simply reads, “Tonight you are mine Victoria, and your pleasure will be my gift to you. Lovingly, Paul.” You call for a cab and hurry down to meet it, the clicking of your heels on the floor echoing.

At the airport you feel the energy of the people coming and going. The morning flight to Denver is crowded as you make your way to your seat. You find yourself wedge next to the window on the flight but thankfully you are left to your thoughts as both men in your aisle sleep for the duration of the flight. After a few hours, the plane starts its descent, the seat belt light comes on with that familiar tone, and the flight attendant makes the announcement to fasten seat belts and prepare for landing. Your heart shudders as the plane descends and you know that our meeting is imminent. Thinking quickly, you casino siteleri unfastened your seat belt, turn to the gentlemen sitting next to you, smiling as your lips quiver in anticipation. You politely tell him that you need to get by him to find the ladies’ room.

He motions to the man next to him and asks him to move aside. Instead, this man doesn’t move out of his seat, he simply puts his knees together and moves his legs to the side. As you watch the gentlemen next to you, he does the same. The space between the men’s legs and the seats in front of you is tight and you don’t know how they expect you to get by them, but they are clearly not going to move and want you to slither by them. You stand, hug the seat in front of you and slide past them, working toward the aisle. You blush a little knowing that these two men can see the tops of your stockings as your short skirt rises as you lean forward. Without looking at them you quickly head down the aisle to the restroom and enter, shutting the door behind you.

In the privacy of the restroom, you sigh and remove your lipstick as you look into the mirror. Knowing that I love your lips to be vivid red you apply it generously wanting to please me. Then, in a spontaneous moment, you reach under your skirt and pull down your thong panties, stepping out of them and put them in your pocket. They are a little moist and your excitement builds. This triggers a whimsical gesture and you lift one of your heels to the counter, take out your lipstick again, draw a bright red heart high on your inner thigh above your stocking. Smiling, you straighten your skirt and open the door to return to your seat. Again, you avoid eye contact and squeeze past them but this time you lean over a bit more as you pass the gentlemen knowing that you aren’t wearing panties.

Your excitement grows knowing that you will be in my arms shortly and teasing these gentlemen adds to your confidence and sense of power. You fasten your seat belt and lean toward the window as you cross your my legs. Your skirt hikes up your thighs, exposing the fancy lace top of your stockings and you smirk inside. You gaze out the window and see the city approaching fast, suddenly feeling like you will explode. We’ve both been dreaming about this day for so long and you squirm as the plane hits the ground, feeling the wetness between your legs. The plane finally pulls to a halt at the gate, your mind racing in a million directions. It’s been six weeks since our last encounter in person and the email and phone sex hasn’t been enough. The gentlemen beside you stand up and head down the aisle. You gather your things and follow toward the exit. The flight attendant smiles and thanks you for flying with them. You respond with a thank you and walk up the gateway toward the terminal. Walking into the greeting area, you try not to look lost and quick search for me with your eyes. I am standing straight ahead of you, smiling.

I walked up to you and wrapped my arms around you, giving you a big hug. You cuddle into my chest, wrapping your arms around me tightly taking some deep breaths. I break our embrace and look at you saying, “You are beautiful, incredible in that outfit Victoria. I am so glad you are here.” You look up at me and giggle, “I have a surprise for you Paul.” I brush your hair back softly and say, “Oh, really, my love, what is it?” You reply saying, “You’ll see, but not in such a crowded area.”

Hand in hand, we walk to baggage claim where as luck would have it, your bag is among the last to be unloaded. Taking this as an opportunity, you kiss me and move to the conveyer belt. I watch you closely, admiring your figure. You gracefully raise one of your heels to the edge of the conveyer belt and look me in the eye. Then you raise your skirt to show me the red lipstick heart on your inner thigh. I smile and approach you quickly, leaning into you to kiss you, exploring your mouth with my tongue. Kissing you feels so natural, the passion ignited constant. We stand there melting into each other’s arms, tongues entwined, hands caressing. Finally, you see your bag and I take it in one hand, extending the other to you as we go to the car.

Knowing we will be alone in the car, you begin to tingle at the thought of your complete submission to me for the next 24 hours. My soft lips touch yours with intensity when we reach the car and I push you up against it. You feel my hands run down your skirt as I ask, “were are your panties?” I slide a hand under your skirt and feel your bare ass. You reach into your pocket and pull out your panties to place them in my pocket, then pulling away from our kiss you tell me, “They’re in your pocket Paul, you simply had to think about my naked pussy as a Valentine’s present and look what happens.” I laugh and hold you tighter, looking into your beautiful eyes.

You smile at me as I put your bag in the trunk and move to open your door. But instead of letting you in, I sit in the passenger seat with my feet spread out the door canlı casino and pull you toward me. I slide my fingers up your supple thighs to brush a finger along your shaven soaked pussy. My fingers slipping along your wetness I say, “Victoria, you are wet, ready for me already?” and rub your swollen lips. You place your hands on my shoulders and ask, “Do you like how I shaved for you? You are going to keep me nice and smooth tomorrow morning aren’t you?” I replied with yes but my response is muffled as I bend down and lick you. You are so delicious and I savor your taste but I want you to suck me so throw my jacket on the parking garage floor and pull you down to your knees.

You eagerly unzip me as you look around to see if anyone can see us. Gently pulling your shoulders, I watch you open your mouth and lover yourself to my exposed cock. You sucked vigorously as I hold your head and pump into your pretty face with a steady rhythm. You feel a little overwhelmed as my cock pushes against the back of my mouth so you grab my hips for balance and try to take my cock into your throat just as you did with your husband earlier in the day. Wanting so much to please me, you relax and with a little difficulty take all of my cock into your loving mouth and throat. After a few minutes I pull my cock out of your mouth, taking your hands and helping you to stand.

Opening the back door, I ask you to bend over I he move behind you. Although it is cramped I spread your legs slightly, raise your skirt, and slide my erect cock along your wet pussylips and then push into your opening. Thrusting into you, your juices make it easy to fill you in one motion and I thrust as you meet my hips with your ass. You are very tight, although well lubricated with creamy wetness, my cock surging into you. I hesitate and then pump shock waves through our bodies. Arching back, your hands against the window, you raise your ass against me moaning. I reach around your waist, rip open your blouse and move our bodies so that you are sitting on my cock. Our moans and grunts echo through the garage as you begin to bounce on my cock, the car shaking to our rhythms.

You lift off my cock and turn to face me and we kiss hard as I roll your nipples in my fingers, feeling you roll your hips to grind on my cock. “Cum on my cock Victoria, cum now.” I urge as I release your tits and reach around to play with your ass and fuck you harder. “MMMMmmmm yes baby, I’m gonna cum!!!” you whimper, feeling the pressure mount. Sliding a finger in your ass, I lift you up and down on my cock faster, feeling your juices drip down my balls onto the seat, the sweet grind of our hips bringing you closer. I can feel your pussy muscles clench on my cock caressing me firmly with your inner walls. Fingerfucking your ass in rhythm, I urge you to cum, “Be a good cum slut for me Victoria and let yourself go, come on baby, cum on my cock.” Lost in the undulations of our bodies, a low deep moan escapes your mouth and you spasm in pleasure. I can feel you breathing hard against me as you cling tight to me, holding my cock in you. “Oh yeah Paul” you sigh, “so fucking good baby.”

Without a word, you slide to the car floor and lean down to take my wet cock in your mouth. Sucking hard trying to milk my cum, you stroke my shaft with your hand while sucking my cockhead with your lips. I quickly feel my load build and suddenly erupt in your mouth, spurting in spasms. You hold onto my cock and stroke it as you swallow every drop. “Good girl, you swallowed it all.” I say before kissing you. Breathing heavy, we straighten our clothing and smile at each other as we glance around to see if anyone has seen us. Eventually, we get in the front seat and head to my house.

Once we get to my house, I put your bags in the bedroom and offer you a drink. You get up from the sofa where you’ve been lounging, having kicked off your heels and walk toward me. As you approach me, you unbutton your jacket and I can see your swelling tits under your torn blouse. “Have a seat my dear” you whisper in my ear as you teasingly brush your cheek against mine slowly. The scent of your perfume lingers as you guide me into the chair and give me a soft wet kiss on the lips. You then slowly sway your hips as you walk back to the sofa. Unzipping your skirt, you let it fall and then drop your jacket off of your shoulders looking back at me. “I have a special gift for you lover,” you wink at me.

Dropping your jacket and then your blouse, you bend over to give me a good look at your ass. You reach for your heels and carry them to the sofa where you cross your legs by extending your right leg in the air to put on one heel. You repeat the sensual motion with your other leg. Then you run your hands down your stockings slowly and then back up your thighs to caress your pussy. “I love the way I look shaved.” you say slyly. “Hand me my purse,” you say as I watch mesmerized. I do as asked and sit at the end of the sofa turned toward you as you spread your legs. Taking some kaçak casino lubricant out of your purse, you spread it generously on your hand and stroke your pussy and ass. It turns you on to have me watch you like this. Your hands move slowly down your legs, your eyes fixated on your glistening pussy lips. Then you look into my eyes, almost in a trance, sensuously speaking to me without words.

I know what you are offering me and I move up between your thighs and slide two fingers in you to feel your juices pooling. Exploring your inner walls, I place my thumb on your clit and search for your sweet spot on your upper pussy wall. Massaging you from the inside, I watch your breasts rise and fall with your breath and then remove my fingers to you feel your nipples and begin to pinch and twist them with my slick fingers. Your nipples grow rock hard and the sensation sends electricity to your pussy. Your breathing becomes staggered as your arousal builds. You continue to look deeply into my eyes as you lick your lips in anticipation. “I want you to fuck my ass Paul, you have done that to me yet,” you beckon as you roll over away from me. Raising your ass to me, you look over your shoulder and whisper, “Fuck me here, fuck me hard and make me cum. Fill me up with your beautiful cock.”

I stand up and quickly strip, my hard cock flexing as I move to accept your loving Valentine’s gift. You reach back to spread your asscheeks when you feel my cock bob against your ass. Taking my cock in my hand, I slide the head up through your pussy lips and place it on your tight asshole. “MMMMmmm yes, there Paul. Put your cock there.” you say as your body quivers. I push my cockhead into your tight hole and feel your asshole ring clench tightly to it. Slowly thrusting my hips forward as I grab your hips, the rough friction against my cock forced me to stop and pause. Your asshole aching to be fucked, you wriggle your ass backward toward me and I respond by pushing in slowly but firmly, burying myself to the hilt in between your sweet asscheeks. The thickness of my cock pries you open at both ends as it coaxes a guttural moan from your throat.

With a measured stroke that makes you whimper, I pull my cock back, watching your asshole cling to the smooth skin of my shaft. You gasp out loud when my cockhead pops free but your hips buck back reflexively wanting me to enter you again. I dig my fingers into your hips and enter you again in one long thrust. The slick friction of your tight surging through my cock into my body. This time, I hold my cock deep in your ass and lean against you to reach around and finger your clit and pussy. You let your cunt muscles contract against my fingers, feeling the sudden need to be fucked hard. But I simply move my hips in a slow sensual motion and force your well-lubed and eager ass to get used to my hard cock as it glides in and out. I can feel your clit throb and your pussy muscles tightened with your ass gripping my cock, milking the base when I am fully inside of you.

“Please, just fuck my ass,” you beg hoarsely, burying your face in the carpet and shaking your hips. “Please baby now.”

Stroking your lower back, I tell you to relax and enjoy because I want to savor my first time in your glorious ass. “Oh, fuck me hard, please,” you think as I tease you by holding my cock still with intermittent short strokes. I can feel your ass muscles twinge on my cock, the torment of your desire causing you to writhe as you want me deeper with abandon. Feeling the luscious curves of your body, I reach around to stroke your clit, pump your ass hard for a few strokes causing you to moan and then reach forward to tweak your nipples as your big hanging tits sway. Your attention riveted to the multiple sensations, you feel how much I desire you in every way. You feel consumed, wanting to be my cum slut, my fuck princess, a sophisticated whore for me. You immerse yourself in the feeling of my fucking your ass, juicy, primal, totally possessed.

Your fingers claw at the carpet in desperation and rock your ass back onto my cock. No longer pleading you arch back and move to push me down as you hold my cock in your ass. I grab your hips as you shift your weight and once our legs are adjusted, you sit on my cock comfortably. “I have to work you cock with my ass Paul, I need to feel you pound my ass.” you grunt as you begin to bounce. Taking your hands into mine, I give you leverage to ride my cock long and deep. Your ass burns, split open and slammed as you feel me pistoning in and out of you. I watch your tits rock and sway as your breath heaves and you rock up and down. Incoherently, you moan “rape…my… tight… cum slut…ass… own it forever…”

I watch your engorged pussy lips, your nipples, and your clit as you work toward the verge of cumming. The sounds and smells of our coupling overwhelm me as I begin to meet your riding thrusts by forcing my hips up. I reach for your nipples and pinch them as your tits shake with our motions. Pinching harder, our hips rock, my hands kneading your tits roughly, hurting your tits just enough to match the sensations in your hungry asshole. Our bodies slamming now, piston fucking your asshole, screams erupt from your throat.

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