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Freakyhottie: you willing to make it worthwhile

Masterful8er: I like to make it last yea. and I try to have a good imagination if you are. I dont want to be the only one talking. lol which happens.

Freakyhottie: I know the feeling

Masterful8er: ill start ok.

Freakyhottie: ok

Masterful8er: I kiss your neck up and down gently, my hands running across your smooth skin. my hand slides under your shirt and up to your wondrous breasts and I start to massage one at a time, tweaking and twirling my fingers around your hardening nipples. still kissing you passionately on the lips and sliding my mouth down to caress your neck

Freakyhottie: I tangle my fingers in your hair, pulling slightly, you can hear my breath coming faster

Masterful8er: I pick you up into my arms and hold you close to me and walk you over to the bed and lay you down. telling you to close your eyes and not to look just yet.

Freakyhottie: I keep my eyes closed…waiting

Masterful8er: yes. mmm my breath is hastening also. The intensity of seeing your beautiful body laying out for me, I start to disrobe and I know you can hear me. but I tell you to stay still, until I say you can open them…

Freakyhottie: I writhe as you look down on my nude body

Masterful8er: i stand before you and tell you to open your eyes. you look upon me but i close your eyes again, and pull out a blindfold. gently i put the blindfold over your eyes and get some long cloth which i use to tie your hands cross ways onto the bed so you are unsuspecting of what i will do..

Masterful8er: i lower my head and kiss you passionatly again on your waiting lips and tie your hands back and tell you to be still just for a while, I slowly climb onto the bed and climb over you trying not to touch you that much. my legs on either side of you my stiff cock laying on your tummy. i slide just my finger tips across your nakes smooth skin.. up your neck, down around your breasts and hardened nipples slowly, then twirling them around your navel.

FreakyHottie: I tried to arch against your touch, relishing the heat of your fingers against me

Masterful8er: i grin wickedly, sliding my fingertips softly once again across ever inch of your body, then i lean down my cock pushing flat on your stomach i kiss you again and tell you your beautiful and doing perfectly, then straighten myself up again. i take my cock with one hand gently and lift if off of your tummy and slap it down a few times…

FreakyHottie: I start against the feel of your hard cock against my skin, I want so much more, but I know you will give it to me when you are ready

Masterful8er: with one hand i continue for a short while all the while my other hand reaches out and twists around your nipples and breasts. softly twisting and gently tugging on them with my fingers, caressing your soft breasts in my hands not trying to hurt you in anyway.

FreakyHottie: I gasp slightly, I can feel myself getting wetter with each pinch

Masterful8er: I sense that your warm pussy is getting wetter by the miinute and i slowly slide my body down just slightly and rub the head of my cock across your wet pussy lips gently then suddenly i take it away and lay my body onto yours. my mouth inches away from your breasts, my mouth waters wanting to take them into my mouth.

FreakyHottie: I beg you to tease my clit with the head of your hard cock!

Masterful8er: i know how much you are yearning for my cock but i dont just yet. i will soon get to that. i take your nipple into my mouth. tugging on them in my lips. my tongue gently twisting around your nub between my lips. i gently bite softly, then kiss them softly and kiss my way back up to kiss you on the lips. i crawl off of you and get of the bed and walk over to the foot of the bed and spread your legs apart…

Masterful8er: the smell of your delicious juices are overwhelming and and I want to taste it with each passing second. but i crawl on the bed between your legs and not touch you. you know im there but you dont know just yet what i will do.

Masterful8er: are you being a good girl baby? do you want me to help you release the pleasure you are so very much wanting to have.

FreakyHottie: i mutter something about being bad and needing to be whipped….

Masterful8er: mmm baby. stay still or i wont.

FreakyHottie: I lay perfactly still, longing for the sting of the whip on my back and ass

Masterful8er: I lay down between your legs and lift them, kissing them up and down slowly then holding them over my shoulders. I tease your pussy lips with my fingers and gently spread you apart. I lower my face down and blow a straight streem of air into your wet pussy. and thrust my finger in, then two and twist it around, pushing in and out, the rolling your clit between my fingers softly before i lower my wanting tongue just over my wondering fingers and take long licks up the length of your wonderful pussy,..

FreakyHottie: I writhe against your mouth, my juices gushing güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri into your mouth

Masterful8er: my mouth quickly moving across your delicious pussy. not letting any of your delicious juices to escape my mouth. wanting every drop on my tongue, mmm it tastes soo good baby. i tug on your pussy lips with my lips and my tongue thrusts in farther while my fingers are still twisting inside just underneath. my tongue finds your hard clit and i roll it around your clit poking it with my tongue…

Masterful8er: i twist my tongue around it again, then lock my lips on it and start to suck. softly but harder and harder after time, sticking into my mouth, i let my tongue twirl around it between my lips…

FreakyHottie: you can hear me whimpering and begging you to fuck me with your fingers, as i pull at my restraints wishing i could push your face harder against my pussy

Masterful8er: I love my treat more then you know. and continue to suck harder on your burning clit. stopping when i sense you close and take slow licks across it and across the inner walls of your warm pussy. then take my face away suddenly and once again blow inside. i crawl again off the bed and kiss you on the cheek..

Masterful8er: i whisper in your ear that you moved just a little to much and i grab you by the hips and twist you around. your breasts now pushing on the bed, your pussy leaking onto the bed also. i glare and smile as I look at your butt twisting and moving just slightly, I know you know what i am goin to do. i go back down and i whisper again. you have been a bad girl and i need to make you listen better. and kiss you again passionatly…

FreakyHottie: I groan deeply..

Masterful8er: i slap my hands slightly down on the top of your back and slide my hands down to your butt. i grab you and massage you softly, then slap you softly on each cheek harder each time. each time in a diff spot until you are turning red. i lean down and kiss and lick all over again where i slapped and walk to a drawer…

Masterful8er: i poll out a small leather whip and dangle it in front of your covered eyes and remove your blindfold.

FreakyHottie: you can hear me whimper softly

Masterful8er: i go back down to your butt and slide the whip across your hips slowly and back up your back. then lift if off. i bring the whip up and then strike down on your back with effort but not to hurt the you, the one who i care so much about. after i strike you i kiss the area and i move down to your butt and start to whip you softly. harder with each strike but never to hard. not wanting to break skin, but to give you pleasure and let yo know that i am the one in control.

Masterful8er: i lean down again and kiss each area and toss the whip aside. i grab you again by the hips and turn you over. your eyes uncovered you stare at me.

FreakyHottie: you can hear me begging for you…

Masterful8er: i look at you and take hold of my cock gently stroking it. telling. look what you did to me. with a grin.

FreakyHottie: and you Master have made my pussy very wet…

Masterful8er: you want my cock inside you. do you want my cock to thrust in and out of your warm yearning pussy.

Masterful8er: i grab your hair gently and tugg on it. pulling your head up just a little ordering you to tell me you want it.

Masterful8er: i pull slightly harder and run my cock against your cheek. wanting you to tell me. before i let you have it iniside you.

FreakyHottie: please Master…fuck me!! i want your cock deep inside me!

FreakyHottie: please fuck me!

Masterful8er: I go again to the foot of the bed and spread your legs again. lifting them up. i hover over you. my cock pointed straight over your pussy. and I thrust inside of your deep wonderous hole in one fast thrust…. FreakyHottie: I gasp loudly, my juices gushing slightly

Masterful8er: i crab your leg and hold it up. and thrust my cock hard inside of you. each thrust pushing deeper and deeper. pushing on the inner walls of your pussy. I start to thrust faster and faster. hard i push into you pushing in deep and fast…

FreakyHottie: I buck againsyou…groaning loudly

Masterful8er: my heavy balls slapping against your pussy. while my hard trembling cock rams into you harder. your juices coat my cock and i push my heavy cock into you quicker and aggresively. i let go of your leg and grab your hips and push into you deeper. grinding with each trust of my hips. pushing you deeper and harder, the head of my cock sliding in and out of your wet sex…

FreakyHottie: I tighten my pussy around your big cock, trying to trap you deep in me

Masterful8er: my cock grows, feeling how tight you are becoming. i hasten my thrusts into you and push my cock in and out. my breaths and moans filling the room.

FreakyHottie: talk to me master…I love to be talked to!!!

FreakyHottie: I needa log out for 2 seconds…I’ll be right back i promise!!!

Masterful8er: your cunt güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri is so tight. and wet. i love how it feels wrapped around my cock. do you want it more baby. do you want my cock deeper into your pussy. moan for me as i ram my cock into you harder

FreakyHottie: am back

Masterful8er: your cunt is so tight. and wet. i love how it feels wrapped around my cock. do you want it more baby. do you want my cock deeper into your pussy. moan for me as i ram my cock into you harder slut! make me want to cum deep inside you. i slow down my pace and thrust my cock into you, grinding against your hips with force my cock pushing the limits of your warm cunt.

FreakyHottie: please fuck me!!

FreakyHottie: I keep thrusting against you moaning loudly as your cock fills me and stratches me

FreakyHottie: stretches even

Masterful8er: i slow down my thrusts as i feel my balls begin to tighten slightly. then start to push inisde you again hard and fast. pushing harder and harder. my grunts and groans become louder.

FreakyHottie: iwant you to come on my tits master!!!

Masterful8er: i thrust for a few more minutes. my cock barely hangin on and i pull out. i rub the length of my shaft up and down your pussy lips and hump you slowly and stop. i point my cock at your tits and stroke myself until i blast my load all over your perfect skin..

FreakyHottie: u love the way your cock feels when you rub it against my pussy lips!

Masterful8er: yes i do. it feels so good and slippery with your juices. mmmm

FreakyHottie: are you going to tease my clit with your cock uintil I cum master/

Masterful8er: i rub the head of my cock against your lips again and my cock starts to rise from the heat. i enter you slowly once again.

Masterful8er: i am goin to pound my cock into you until you cum baby. then i need to you to help my cock feel an amount of pleasure i have given you.

Masterful8er: mmm

FreakyHottie: master?

Masterful8er: yes

FreakyHottie: would you please lick your com off of my tits?

Masterful8er: only if you will share it with me.

FreakyHottie: snowball!

Masterful8er: mmm. i push my cock into your pussy and lay forwards. sliding my tongue across your cum soaked breasts. licking up my own juices while teasing sucking on your hard again nipples. swirling my cum around your breasts. pushing it into your skin, with each lick..

Masterful8er: i swallow some of my cum from your warm flesh then slide my tongue up to your neck and kiss you soflty, then kiss you passionatly on the lips pushing remains of my cum into your mouth with my tongue.

Masterful8er: do you like the way my cum tastes mixed with your juices baby. mm it tastes so good.

FreakyHottie: yes I do!!!

Masterful8er: i stop kissing you and straighten myself up again and start to push my cock into your pussy harder and harder wanting you to cum around my cock.

Masterful8er: tell me you want me to fuck you. i want to hear you say it as my cock pushes into you!!. my cock goin deeper and deeper, my hips pushing my hard again cock into you tight warm pussy.

FreakyHottie: please mastr…fuck my hot cunt!!!

Masterful8er: my head tilts back my hands on your hips. i grunt and push my cock into you faster, faster. deeper and harder. the length of my shaft running against your throbbing clit. the juices of your cunt sliding u pand down my cock as it pushes its way into you harder and harder.

FreakyHottie: Master…bend me over…fuck me from behind!!!

Masterful8er: i hear your pleas and pull out my cock from your pussy and grab you again, quickly i toss you over and get off the bed. i un bind your hands and get you on your hands and knees and get up behind you again. pushing my cock into your wet pussy again to get it wet. i gently make my finger wet and start to tease your tight little whole between thrusts stretching it little by little for my cock.

FreakyHottie: just my pussy master… i LOVE doggie master!!! I love being bent of and fucked hard!!!

Masterful8er: i finger your butt a little more, but that is as far as it goes. i push my cock into your pussy harder and deeper. penetrating your pussy with each thrust, my cock pushing against the walls of your pussy ramming and rubbing against you giving you pleasure.

FreakyHottie: yes master!! Fuck me!!!

FreakyHottie: I twist my hips….grinding agains tyou

Masterful8er: my cock pushing against your clit. the head of my cock ramming in faster and deeper hitting that precious spot you love so much. i grab your hips and grind my cock into you and push my cock into you faster and harder not slowing my pace, my breaths getting faster and faster with my thrusts.

Masterful8er: come on baby. push againt my cock. make me feel it like you feel it. make my cock go deeper.

Masterful8er: you make me feel so good. your so tight. my cock still ramming in and out of you faster and faster. my hands gripped onto güvenilir bahis şirketleri your hips. not caring bout what im doin. i push in harder. slapping my balls against you each time harder.

FreakyHottie: I can feel your hands on my hips as you pound into me, your big balls are slapping against my pussy

FreakyHottie: god you feel so good Master!!! I love your

Masterful8er: pushing in and out of you faster. my cock feelings so good in your tight hole. i lose sense of reality and push my throbbing cock into your pussy wantin your release around my cock. wanting to feel you cum.

Masterful8er: mmmmmmmm ungh. faster, deeper. pushing in and ot of you.

FreakyHottie: I reach down and began to tease my clit wanting to cum onyour hot cock

Masterful8er: feeling you thrust with each of mine. i let go of one side of your hips with one hand and join you in teasing your hard clit as my cock rams into you from behind!

FreakyHottie: I’m so close master…

Masterful8er: I push my cock still harder into your wet cunt. my cock throbbing inside of you with each thrust. feeling how warms and smooth it thrusts in and out of you yet so hard and tight you are.

Masterful8er: i let go of your clit and grab your hips again and push my cock up into your pussy harder then before. grinding and bucking with each thrust to reach the farthest into your lovely pussy.

FreakyHottie: i can feel your breath on the back of my neck Master, I can feel your teeth…Oh god master i love it when you bite the back of my neck!!!

Masterful8er: my balls slapping against your pussy. i raise you up slightly and lean forward funning my tongue and mouth over your back. kissing up and down on your neck as i push my cock continueously into your juicy pussy. i knaw on your back with my teeth. as i play with your nippls and push my cock into the reaches of your wet pussy.

FreakyHottie: I’m gonna cum on your cock master!!!

Masterful8er: my cock not being able to take much more. it trembles inside of you knowing your close. my thrusts go as fast as they ever did, my roaming hands play with every inch of your body. my burning cock sliding in and out of your delicious cunt. going faster as you get closer.

Masterful8er: i want to feel you tighten around me as you cum. mmm. i push harder into you, deeper. pushing up and down. grinding into you. my balls feel so heavy, our sweaty bodies slapping against each other. i love how this feels it feels soo good.

Masterful8er: my fingers scratching your back as i move faster. my teeth sliding across your back and against your neck as my breath gets faster, my cock pushing in you still.

FreakyHottie: I’m cumming on your cock master!!!

Masterful8er: ::sigh:: mmmm aahhhh. your cunt tightens around my hard cock, and i feel you cumming all around my cock. it fuels me and i continue to push into you harder until you cant handle it any longer.

FreakyHottie: letme feel your cum shoot into my pussy!!!

Masterful8er: you buck as your orgasm reaches its limits and i push my trembling nearly explosive cock into you some final times until i moan loudly and shoot my load up into your hot cunt. out juices mixing, my cock pushing in and ot of you as long as i can.

Masterful8er: i pull out of your pussy and wrap my arms around you and hold you close. then turn you around and grab your hair and kiss you passionatly telling you how magnificant you have been to me. but your not done just yet. i take your hair into my fingers again and pull your face down towards my cock. suck it please!

FreakyHottie: I run my tongue over the length of your cock, relishing the taste of our juices

Masterful8er: suck my cock. taste us together. make me hard again. mmm

Masterful8er: give me more. suck on my cock. suck it hard and fast. make me cum in your mouth!

FreakyHottie: I take all of you into my mouth whle I cupp and gently squeeze your balls

Masterful8er: mmm it feels so good. i put my fingers through your hair helping you up and down my shaft. it feels so good dont stop.

Masterful8er: dont stop until i am ready to cum.

FreakyHottie: I pull back and tease the head of your cock with my tongue, driving you crazy

Masterful8er: oooooh. my cock trembles in your possesion.

FreakyHottie: I lick up and down the length before taking it all back inmymouth

Masterful8er: your mouth is so warm around my cock

Masterful8er: im so close again, just a little more.

FreakyHottie: got booted

Masterful8er: its ok.

Masterful8er: im glad your back. where were you

FreakyHottie: I got booted hun…

Masterful8er: i mean on me.

FreakyHottie: I believe I had take your hard cock down my throat

Masterful8er: thats right. and it felt soo good deep in your throat.

FreakyHottie: I use my tongue to stroke the underside of your cock as you fuck my face

Masterful8er: i close my eyes and feel the pleasure you are giving me. you are doin so well.

FreakyHottie: I move my hand bakc to your heavy balls, rolling themin my fingers, I can feel your hands tangle in my hair

Masterful8er: i run my fingers all around in the hair on your head as you move up and down my shaft. mmmm

Masterful8er: my cock is trembling from the pleasure its recieving.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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