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This is my very first attempt at writing erotica. It was inspired by the love of my wonderful man, who brings out abilities in me that I never knew were there, and feelings that I’ve never experienced before. Honey, you know who you are and how I feel about you. If you ever have any doubts, just read this story again.

I’ve been waiting for him all day, anticipating his touch. I’m home alone and I know he’s on the way. Finally, he walks in the back door and smiles at me, and I feel a jolt of adrenaline that starts in my stomach and courses through my body. This man is gorgeous. I thought I loved my ex-husband, but it was never anything close to what I feel for him.

“Hi Beautiful,” he says, and smiles, taking me in.

“Hey Baby,” I respond, as I let my eyes travel over him. He has the kind of body that appeals to me. Physical activity has helped him avoid piling on the pounds that plague so many men his age. His hair is dark and neatly trimmed, with just the first traces of middle-aged gray showing through. His face is tanned with a square jaw and rugged outdoor features, and his green eyes sparkle when he holds me in his gaze. He’s a few inches taller than I am, and maybe 25 pounds heavier, which is just the right size when we tangle our bodies up together.

I walk over to him and we reach for each other with a quiet hunger that burns like a need. Our bodies melt into each other and find their place together. When we hug, we are where we both belong. His nooks fit my crannies perfectly, and I find a strong comfort in our physical closeness, akin to coming home.

“Oh Baby,” he mutters, as he leans in to kiss me.

His dark lashes frame his closed eyes and I think he is simply beautiful. His kisses are sensual and passionate, and I quickly lose myself in him as the rest of the world fades from my consciousness. It’s just us now, and his lips softly slide over mine as his tongue gently probes my lips. I open them and invite his tongue in, and he sighs as our tongues dance together, sliding his hands down over my ass and pulling my hips close to him.

I can feel his cock against my thigh as it lengthens and hardens for me. I rearrange my weight to position it between my legs, enjoying the pressure of his fullness against my crotch. I run my hands over his chest, tracing the lines of his pectoral muscles. I find his nipples through his shirt and flick my fingers over them. He sighs louder, obviously enjoying the nipple play, and pulls me toward him, gently thrusting his hips forward. He’s harder now, I can feel it. He wants me, and I want him more than I’ve ever wanted any man. I lightly rub my crotch over his erection, and I feel that familiar pull of arousal, fueled even more by his lust. It’s almost electric, and my pussy dampens and contracts in anticipation. I reach down with my left hand and lightly trace it over the bulge in his jeans, which he fills out so beautifully. I can feel the ridge around the head of his straining cock under my fingers. He groans and reaches down into his jeans to adjust the angle so it’s a little more comfortable for him. I circle his nipples again, and he reaches up with both hands, finds my nipples through my bra and gently pinches them, sending a flash of heat directly to my clit.

There’s no turning back now. canlı bahis I pull away from our embrace, take his hand and lead him into the bedroom. He leans back against the bed and I step in closer, admiring the way his jeans tent around his erection. I can see the outline of his cock as it strains against the fabric of his jeans. The sight of this sexy man standing fully aroused before me makes my pussy twitch again. He sees my reaction and he is pleased. I reach out and give his cock a gentle squeeze and it’s big and hard but somehow it still seems to grow under my touch. The potential energy in it is palpable and I become very aware of an aching in my pussy.

His eyes meet mine and I see his desire reflected back in them, mirroring my own. Looking into his eyes, I slowly unbutton his shirt and push it over his shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. There’s something very sexy and masculine about the curly, dark hairs that cover his chest and thin out to a nicely defined pleasure trail down his flat stomach, like an arrow pointing the way, disappearing beneath the waist band of his jeans. I run my hands over his chest, enjoying the feeling of his silky hair slipping between my fingers, and I can see he’s closed his eyes now, focusing on the sensations my hands create in him. I rub my face lightly in his chest hair, and moving my head down, I run my tongue over his nipple. He moans softly, reaching down to pull my shirt over my head. In one swift movement, he unhooks my bra and it falls to the floor. He cups my breasts with both hands and leans down to take one nipple in his mouth while he removes my pants. He gently sucks at my nipple, in and out, activating that nipple/clit connection once again. As I watch, he stands and seductively removes his jeans, putting them on the chair near the bed.

His sexy body is so inviting in its state of arousal. He still has his boxers on, and now the tent is even bigger. He lies down on his back, and I lay next to him, but upside down, with my face near his knees. I indulge my voyeuristic fetish as I peek up the leg of his boxers. I can see one of his balls hanging there against his leg like a hidden treasure. I slide my finger inside and lightly run it over his ball, enjoying the velvety soft smoothness of it, and I hear him sigh. I decide to see what his reaction would be to my tongue doing the same thing. I glance up to see that his head is now thrown back on the pillow and his eyes are closed.

He’s so vulnerable, but he completely trusts me near his most sensitive equipment, and that turns me on even more. I slide the leg of his boxers over a little bit more, revealing both of his pink, fuzzy balls. I run my tongue lightly over them, and up along the center of his nut sack. I love to feel his balls sliding around inside of his sack. He squirms a little and I see his cock jump in his boxers, begging for attention, so I reach over and stroke it a couple of times and he arches up into my hand, pressing his cock into it. I suck his right ball into my mouth and gently roll it around a bit on my tongue. I pay the same attention to the left one.

“Wow,” he gasps. He’s breathing more heavily now, and I feel my pussy twitch in anticipation. I shift my weight up a little and I can feel the slippery wetness of my arousal in my panties. bahis siteleri I open the front slit of his boxers and let the tip of his beautiful cock peek out, glistening wet with a drop of pre-cum. I slide my tongue over the tip, collecting the sticky, salty morsel into my mouth. His cock jumps in response to the touch of my tongue. I expose a little bit more of his cock and I tongue that part too, in long, slow strokes, starting towards the base and moving up. I lightly circle the head with my tongue, sliding it down into his pee hole while my wet lips softly close around the head. He’s quivering with excitement and I know he can’t stand much more. I sit up and pull the waistband of his boxers over his cock and pull them off, removing my panties as well. His cock is beautiful as it lays flat along his stomach, arching in slightly. I am so into my man. We look at each other and our eyes surrender the promise of what is to come and we’re powerless to stop it.

He puts his hands on my shoulders and gently pushes me down onto my back. As he kneels between my legs, I push my hips up towards him, and the head of his cock touches my clit and slides over it, shooting a wave of pleasure through both of us. He does a quick adjustment then pushes right into me, right down to the hilt, in one fluid motion. I can feel his balls touching my ass, and it sends a rush of heat through me that travels up my neck and across my face. As long as I’m well lubricated, which I most definitely am right now, the feeling of having his cock suddenly plunge into my pussy for the first time is absolutely exquisite.

He draws out, almost all the way, and pauses, tantalizing me. This is a game we play, and he’ll wait several seconds, sometimes more, before delivering another searing stroke or two of pleasure before drawing out again. I never know when it will happen, and I try to thrust towards him, encouraging his entry. He laughs softly, nodding his head, then thrusts in and out again. He is in control now, not me, and he revels in it. We soon settle into a rhythm of pleasure, our eyes locked together, each stroke becoming more frequent and more urgent as our arousal mounts.

My clit is swollen and aching to be touched, so I put my finger on it and push it just a little bit back and forth. That sets me on fire even more, but suddenly he stops, looking into my eyes with an expression of pure lust. I know it won’t be long now, and I give him the OK to cum. Sometimes he just needs to get off right away, but I know he’ll be back. Besides, while he recovers, I’ll be the lucky recipient of his attention.

A couple more strokes, then he tenses…stops…and groans, leaning in towards me in complete surrender. His eyes roll back into his head as he empties his load into me. I feel his cock pulse inside of me, and I watch his face as it contorts in beautiful agony. Soon he relaxes and lowers his body onto mine, breathing heavily. I hold him tight for a few moments while he basks in the afterglow of his orgasm and his breathing gradually becomes more normal. He softens inside of me, looks at me with a satisfied grin, and slowly pulls out.

Highly sensitive now, I suddenly feel empty and I look down to see him lowering his face to my pussy. I watch his tongue snake out and then I feel it travel bahis şirketleri along the side of my clit, and instantly that becomes the focus of my entire world. Oh yes, the pleasure is excruciating! Now it’s my turn to make myself vulnerable to him. I lie back as he begins to do amazing things to me. His tongue flicks my clit back and forth and I can feel my pleasure mounting. It’s almost like my whole body is just one giant clit under his tongue. He takes it in his mouth and gently sucks on it, swirling his tongue around, and the tension is so sweet that I want to push his whole face inside of me. After several minutes of his skillful ministrations on my pussy, I need something more.

“Baby, can I have a finger or two?” I ask breathlessly. He looks up at me, removes his face from my pussy, and melts me with another grin. His lady knows what she wants, so deliberately and slowly, he inserts his index finger. Still looking in my eyes, he rubs it against my g-spot while he licks my juices off his lips. He puts his face down and his tongue back where it belongs, and another finger slips in. The combined feeling of his tongue on my clit and his fingers in my pussy ratchets up my excitement another notch or two, and now my breathing is ragged and my heart is beating furiously. He increases the pace in his fingers and tongue and I’m so close but the orgasm evades me for the moment.

I’m in a frenzy now, breathing heavily, and I desperately need to cum. His fingers are still thrusting inside of me, drumming on my g-spot, and his tongue is keeping up the rhythm on my engorged clit. I’m right on the edge of the cliff, maddeningly tottering back and forth, when suddenly it ignites!

“Oh Baby, I’m cumming!” There’s an explosion of light behind my eyes and then I feel as if I’m spinning and falling…falling into an abyss of white hot pleasure as my orgasm consumes my body.

“Ah!” I cry out as the feelings of release pour over me like a river and I blindly surrender myself to riding the waves of ecstasy in a state of euphoric bliss. After a few moments I become aware of his fingers still gently moving inside of me, but now that’s too intense, so I take hold of them and he stops. My body quivers with after shocks that start at my core and move outward, and my pussy contracts quickly, deliciously against his fingers. As the focus begins to return in my world, I realize that the bed is shaking slightly, and I look down to see him stroking his cock, hardening it again for me.

He looks at me, cock in hand, and asks, “Do you want to sit on it?” It’s a rhetorical question because he knows how much I love feeling him inside of me right after I cum, so he moves into position and places the head of his cock at my opening. I’m so wet with my juices combined with his, and he pushes right in, sending another intense burst of pleasure right into what is, at this moment, the very center of my existence.

“Oh my God, Baby. Fuck me!” Each thrust heats up my pussy and radiates pleasure out through my tummy and down my legs, intensifying the feeling of my recent orgasm.

“Oh! Uh! Oh!” I cry, as my entire body registers the feelings of his cock pounding into me. It doesn’t take long before I feel him tense up again, and all he can manage right now is a grunt as he shoots another hot load into me. I pull him toward me, encouraging him to collapse on me and we lie there like that for a long time, feeling the warmth of our mutual satisfaction spread over us and through us as we drift off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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