Unleashed Ch. 05

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After giving him her first blow job, Zoe bit into her lip, thinking of something else she’d always wanted to try. Smiling at Tate she asked, “So, I know what sixty-nine is, so you want to try that next?”

Rolling his eyes, Tate gathered her into his arms, and lifted her until she was spread on top of him. Smiling up at her pretty flushed face, he touched a finger to the tip of her pert little nose. “One thing you might not know is that your partner requires a little recovery time, unlike you, who can probably go at it all night without ever needing to take a break.”

She nodded. “Actually I am aware of that, although, until you, I’ve never done it more than once at a time before.”

Tate pulled her head down and kissed her, and felt his cock already beginning to stir just from the feel of her warm, soft body pressed so tightly to his, along with the intoxicating taste of her mouth, and that alluring scent of hers he couldn’t quite define. Pulling back, he told her, “But if we keep this up, I don’t think it’ll be long before I’m ready for you again.”

“And you have to tell me if you’ve had enough, too, okay?”

Shaking his head, smiling up at her, he tried not to laugh. Not too damn likely he’d ever have enough of her, at least not in this life time, but he just brushed his lips to hers and agreed. “Sure.”

By late afternoon, having spent the day enjoying each other in every way imaginable in bed, they finally collapsed in a breathless heap in each other’s arms, the air ripe with the scent of sex. Both of them close to exhaustion, they were just starting to doze off when Pussy made her presence known, sniffing at their heads, finding them pressed cheek to cheek, holding each other close. “Hey, hi Puss,” Zoe said, opening her eyes at the feel of her cold wet nose trailing over her face.

Tate opened his eyes, too. Chuckling, he muttered, “Sure, now she shows up, perfect timing.”

Stroking her soft little head, making her purr, Zoe said, “Well, maybe she’s feeling more comfortable with us and just wanted to come out and say hello.”

Too worn out to care much about the cat’s motivation for appearing, Tate said, “Or she was just curious to find out what all the moaning and groaning was about and decided to investigate.”

And he wondered with all they’d done together if Zoe was beginning to feel more comfortable with him now, too. After exploring nearly every inch of her delectable body, he knew he was feeling pretty comfortable with her. Running his hand gently over her back, pressing his lips to her cheek, as he watched her petting the cat, he asked, “You still want to go out for dinner tonight?”

“Providing I can still walk,” she said, flashing him a sly grin.

Frowning, he said, “Hey, I don’t think I was that rough with you. Actually, I tried to go easy on you, at least today.”

Rubbing the cat’s ears, Zoe agreed, “No, you weren’t that rough. It’s just that I’ve never done that so many times before. And before you ask, I’m definitely not complaining, because I thought all of it was amazing, especially feeling and tasting you in my mouth.”

Tate let out a groan. “You know saying stuff like that only makes me want to take you again. You do realize that, right?”

Reaching between them, she could feel that he was beginning to grow hard again. Lifting her delicate brow, she eyed him, curiously as she stroked him in her hand. “But I thought you said you needed time to recover.”

“Normally I do, but apparently for some reason, not as much with you.” And that got him thinking about the way she was affecting him. Still only thirty-four, but with her he felt like he had the lido of a sixteen year old. And even after all they’d done together, he felt sure he’d still be up for going at it all night.

“Okay, maybe it would be a good idea if we took a break and got a shower to cool off, then,” she suggested.

Tugging her close again he kissed the top of her head, wondering if he would ever be able to get enough of her, and was seriously starting to doubt it. “Sure. Then after that we can head out and get some dinner.” Because he knew they should probably get something to eat if they planned to keep going at this rate.

Zoe sat up and slid to the edge of the bed, then looked back at Tate with a teasing little grin and said, “Well, since we have to shower, maybe we should do it together, then I’ll get a chance to discover what shower sex is like, too. I’ve heard it can be fun. And since we’ve only got two weeks together, we should probably try and cover everything we can.”

Blowing out a breath, Tate just shook his head. Yep. She was going to kill him alright. But he couldn’t really say that he cared anymore, when it was this good. Quickly hopping off the bed with a low growl rumbling in his throat, he chased her squealing and laughing into the bathroom. Once he caught her up in his arms and claimed her mouth, he loved how she laughed into their kiss, and happily wrapped herself around him. Holding her close to his chest, savoring the wonderful feel of her in his arms, he güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri knew he had to be careful, or he’d find himself falling in love with her… unless of course it was already too late.

God, she was sweet, and so damned addictive.

Taking her by the hand and leading her under the showerhead, he held her under the warm spray splashing over their naked bodies. Giving into temptation he kissed her again, sure that he’d never enjoyed kissing anyone more.

Running his hands over her back, he finally reached for the body wash, put a dollop in his hands, rubbed them together, and began to intimately lather every last inch of her. Particularly enjoying soaping up her big, smooth delectable breasts, tugging at her taut nipples, till she was squirming and he was so hard, he had to bend her over in front of him and take her from behind, before he lost it. Luckily he’d thought to put a few condoms on the counter once he’d found them in his suitcase. And it felt so damn good to take her like this, he thought he’d come the minute he got inside her. She was just so tight, but still nice and slick from their afternoon of lovemaking that he easily slid in balls deep with his first thrust. And when he heard her gasp, he instantly stopped and asked, “Baby, you okay?”

“Oh, god, yes, just please don’t stop,” she cried out panting, flexing her hips back to drive him in even deeper. Softly groaning Zoe still couldn’t believe how good everything felt with him — especially having sex like this in the shower, which she’d never experienced before, but decided was every bit as hot as she’d imagined.

Surprised by her, Tate just shook his head and chuckled. She might have been a novice at breakfast, but she sure as hell wasn’t anymore. And the best part was they’d done it all together, making him feel almost humbled that she’d allowed him to be the one to share it all with her. Now he just hoped that she wasn’t planning on using her newfound sexual skills on anyone other than him, because if she did, he knew that really would kill him.

Cupping her breasts in his hands kneading and squeezing them as he pounded into her from behind, gritting his teeth, he growled in response to each of her desperate little whimpers. Reaching around her with one hand he found her clit and began to massage the sensitive little bundle of nerves with his thumb. His balls tightening, feeling himself about to come, he clenched his jaw fighting to hold back, wanting so much for her to come with him when he lost it. And with her quivering wildly against him, he smiled with relief when he felt her orgasm crowning with his, as she clutched him tight inside her, pulsating hard around his cock. Pressing his lips to her back, he thrust into her deep again and again until he felt utterly spent, and unbelievably sated, pleased that she’d come just as hard, seeing as she was visibly trembling in his arms.

Pulling out of her, he helped her to stand, and turning her around he circled her in his arms, drawing her close to claim her mouth again with a warm tender kiss. Finally she lifted her head and grinned and told him, “Ooh, I really do like shower sex.” And he just laughed, and hugged her tight, deciding she couldn’t be any sweeter.

Since her little home town didn’t have many choices to eat and Zoe had told him she’d tried sushi only once before and loved it, they decided on Japanese for dinner. Sharing an intimate little cubicle for two, along with a little bottle of sake, some tempura shrimp and veggies, and a variety of sushi, Tate kept his eye on her as she ate. Wondering as he did, if she was still happy about their little arrangement, hoping with a slight pang of guilt that he wasn’t taking advantage of the situation for his own pleasure. Of course he didn’t have to think about it, he knew he’d enjoyed every single minute he’d shared with her, but he wondered if she might be having any regrets.

Finally when she looked up at him and flashed him a smile, he asked her, “So how are you enjoying your dinner?”

“Oh, it’s really good. You know I didn’t realize how hungry I was. I just hope we ordered enough, though, because right now I feel like I could eat a horse.” She leaned close and whispered, “Probably all the sex we’ve been having. I’ve read that vigorous sex can burn a lot of calories.”

He nodded in agreement, thinking, If you’re doing it right, it does. And he felt sure, with the workout they’d given each other, they must have burned through everything they’d eaten at breakfast and more, especially since they’d gotten so busy in bed they’d forgotten all about having lunch. “If we’re still hungry we can always order more or go somewhere for dessert after,” he suggested. Zoe smiled at him and nodded as she ate in silence. Reaching across the table he took her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. “Zoe, you’ve been awfully quiet over there, you sure you’re okay?”

Surprised that he’d even have to ask she said, “Of course I am.” Then she grinned. “Actually I’m way more than okay. I feel like I should thank güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri you for today, especially with how patient you’ve been with me. I realize you’ve probably never had to explain anything to the other women you’ve been with. So all the things we’ve done probably weren’t nearly as good or as much fun for you, as they were for me.”

Floored that she’d even think that, his brow shot up. “Not as good for me? Are you kidding? I’ve never enjoyed being with a woman more than I have you, Zoe. And the fact that you’re kind of new to some of these things, if I’m going to be honest, has actually been a pretty big turn-on.”

She blinked. “Really? I was worried you were getting bored with having to teach me everything. Like that wheelbarrow thing, when you had me standing on my hands, with you coming at me from behind.” She leaned closer. “Good thing one of us knew what we were doing or I could have fallen and broken my neck.”

Tate tried not to groan as he rolled his eyes, wondering how much the people on either side of them could decipher of their conversation. He started to think it was probably a good idea if they did order more food, if only to hang around a little longer so that no one got a look at the kinky wheelbarrow couple in the next room as they were leaving.

Picking up his chopsticks, he dug in again, relieved to hear she had no regrets, he really began to enjoy his dinner.

Studying her as she ate, he was starting to wonder with all the things they’d done today if he’d eventually run out of things to share with her before their two weeks were up. Could be he’d have to go on-line to do a little research, especially since she probably assumed with what he taught that he’d have experience with nearly every sexual position and technique known to man. He shook his head, if only that were true — especially with her.

She was an apt pupil, though, such an incredibly fast learner, remembering how she managed to give him another expert blow job in the shower so soon after he’d taken her from behind. He closed his eyes and realized he was hard as a brick again, just thinking about all they’d done. And knowing their server could be back any moment to offer more tea, as private as the room was, it was hardly the place to relieve the tension building painfully behind his fly. But looking across the table at her, he began to wonder if she’d be interested at some point in the time they had left together, to experiment with sex in awkward places, since he knew the danger of getting caught could be a pretty big turn-on, especially for someone as adventurous as she was. And depending on where they chose to act out their little covert mission, hopefully there would be no risk of anyone breaking their neck.

Zoe reached across the table, took Tate’s hand and told him, “In case you’re wondering, I’m very glad I picked you to help me discover this side of myself.”

Looking into her big blue eyes, he shook his head and sighed. What she said really touched him. Obviously she’d uncovered a side of herself that she never knew existed, and he was glad that he’d been the one to help her find it. If nothing else, she could leave feeling better about herself and maybe even more empowered than when she’d first come to New York. And hopefully now wouldn’t feel the need to seek out strangers to fulfill her curiosity.

Once they were finally done with their dinner, they decided to take a walk in the neighborhood, mainly to help digest all the food they’d ordered. And after wandering past a number of storefronts selling everything from cellphones to designer jeans and cosmetics, Zoe stopped and gasped when she realized they were standing in front of an actual honest to goodness sex shop. Tugging his hand, she said excitedly, “Wow, Tate, we’ve got to go in and take a look.”

Staring up at the masked mannequin in the window, sporting a strap on dildo, peek-a-boo bra, a cat of nine tails in one hand and pretty scary looking wooden paddle in the other, Tate wondered if he should put some thought into writing his own epitaph. More convinced than ever that he was going to somehow die in her company, and if this place was any indication, probably with a pretty big damn smile on his face, too.

Zoe was all eyes when they wandered into the store, having never set foot in anyplace quite like it. Innocently pulling one of the ball gags out of a bin, curiously turning it in her hand, she asked, “Tate, do you have any idea what this is used for?”

A middle-aged portly balding guy in rumpled T-shirt and jeans approached them just then and said, “Just so you know, if you’re into DBSM stuff, then you guys are in the right aisle. Oh, and I should probably mention, we’re having a two for one sale on some of our more popular nipple clamps, buy one pair, get a second pair free. So, is there anything in particular I can help you folks with tonight?”

Wincing, Zoe’s arms circled her breasts, covering her suddenly erect nipples. And the face she made had Tate wondering if the thought of having her güvenilir bahis şirketleri nipples tightly clamped was disturbing, arousing, or possibly had her disturbed by her arousal.

“Uh, no, we’re uh, actually just looking,” Tate explained, quickly grabbing the scary looking black ball gag out of her hands that he noticed she was now handling even more curiously, trying to figure it out. Putting it back where the rest were, he felt embarrassed that the guy might think he’d actually consider using something like that on her.

Her delicate brow wrinkled, Zoe leaned close once the guy walked off to help another couple and said nodding at the bin of ball gags, “But you never said what those things were for.”

Rolling his eyes, Tate said into her ear so only she could hear, “It’s a ball gag, Zoe, often used to muffle screams, normally during rough sex.”

“Yikes,” she said. Her eyes popping, shocked at the thought, she jumped back as though the thing might actually bite her.

“Exactly,” Tate agreed. He pulled her close, settling his hands on her hips, his eyes on hers, he told her, “Look, Zoe, I’m not really sure these kinds of things are what we need. I think we’ve been enjoying each other so far without any props or toys. And to be honest, some of this stuff is pretty hard core, and often used to inflict pain.”

Biting into her lip, she nodded. “I know. But I’m just curious. I know what dildos are for, but all this other stuff I can’t even imagine what it’s all used for. And what exactly does Dom and sub mean? I’ve heard of S & M before, sadomasochism, right? But I’ve never heard the other term used before.”

Not sure he was up for a full-blown lecture on the various sexual gratification techniques and fetishes that some people were into — at least in middle of the store — he quickly explained what he could into her ear quietly so as not to embarrass her. “Dom is for dominant, and sub is for submissive, so basically one person dominates the other and one agrees to submit to the other’s dominance usually during sex, often including various forms of S&M. We actually experimented with a little of that yesterday when you told me you were looking for something a little wilder, so I basically ordered you to grab the head board, smacked your butt and you know…”

“Ooh.” Her eyes went big and then a little grin creased her lips. “But I kind of like that.”

He knew she had, but he would never dream of turning what they had into anything darker than that little foray they’d experimented with. Then his own brow furrowed and he frowned — at least he didn’t think he would.

But before he knew it, she was already off exploring before he could even gather his thoughts. Tate found her on the next aisle with a bright orange two pronged dildo in her hand, telling him, “Okay, so I know what a dildo looks like, but is the second prong on this one really meant to go into a woman’s butt?” she asked, pulling a comically uncomfortable face at the thought of it. “And it’s just so big. Don’t you think that would kind of hurt?”

Shaking his head, all he could do was hope she didn’t find the butt plug aisle, with its graduated sizes and start asking about those, too. “Look Zoe, I don’t think there’s much in here that you’d be comfortable using, remember you said you aren’t into pain, and to be honest, neither am I. And that’s what a lot of these things are for, administering pain during sex, especially rough sex. Although, some people claim pleasure combined with a certain degree of pain can be a pretty intoxicating mix.”

Now she looked really puzzled. “But why would someone want to be in pain during sex when everything we’ve done together so far has felt so incredibly good?”

Why in deed, he wondered, since sex with her was off the charts.

Tate grinned at the confused look on her face, thinking how sweet she sounded right now. Brushing her lips with his, he said, “Well, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed what we’ve shared, but I really don’t think there’s much in here that you’d like to experiment with, so we should probably just go.”

Then her eyes lit on a mannequin, handcuffed at the wrists wearing a bright red bra and panty set with strategically placed cut-outs, with a black lacy blindfold covering its eyes. “But what about that?” she asked, pointing up at it. “That looks like it could be fun and painless, too.”

“You want to be cuffed and blindfolded?” She eagerly nodded her head and smiled as sweetly as if he’d just asked if she’d like some ice cream.

“And I bet you’d have fun with the crotchless panties too, Tate.” She nodded at the display. “Oh, and look they even have edible ones. I’m sure you’d enjoy those.” Teasingly batting her eyelashes at him, she grinned. “Just imagine the possibilities.”

That sure gave him something to think about. Not in the mood to argue, and wanting nothing more than to leave before she asked him about trying anything else, Tate grabbed a pair of padded leather handcuffs, a black velvet blindfold, and told her to find her size in the other things she wanted to try and headed for the cash register. Besides, he had to admit, he was getting hard again just thinking about her surrounded by all this kinky stuff, realizing he was only getting harder as he began to imagine how incredibly hot she’d look, tied to the bed and at his mercy, just waiting to be taken.

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