University Pleasures Ch. 03

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Disclaimer: the following is a work of fiction. It may contain scenes of violence, bondage and/or sexual situations which may or may not be consensual, and is intended for adult readers only. All characters portrayed in this story are adults. This work in not for profit and is intended as entertainment only. The author does not support or encourage violence or humiliation towards women or anyone. Characters in this story are fictional and not based on any person living or dead, and are not meant to infringe on any existing characters in other literatures.


When Tom awoke on Sunday morning, he was pleasantly stirred by his lover’s warm naked body; they had returned to her home after their stint along the road for some quiet time together. Surprisingly, or perhaps not given their earlier bout of intense sexual activity leaning against the vehicle, they hadn’t made love that night, simply hanging out behind the screen, chatting while watching a cheesy romantic comedy. When it had come time to get to bed, shortly past midnight, neither Dana nor Tom had jumped one another, though they had slept naked with the expectation of morning.

Now, Tom pulled the covers off his colleague, admiring her delicious curves and toned physique – much more tone than his, in fact. She rested on her side, one arm covering her breasts, her legs tight hiding her sex. She shivered from the sudden chill; instinctively, he pulled the covers back onto her frame and let her indulge in the late morning. Late. It was barely seven AM. Tom shrugged his early riser routine and closed his eyes, intent on enjoying this marvelous intimacy a moment more. He fell asleep.


The whisper of a woman’s voice in his ear was all too familiar, a reminder of an erotic dream that had assaulted his brain two nights ago. Except the voice was real, belonging to Dana. Her lips on his cheek were equally real.

“…I want you, Tom…” his ears heard the mumbled words.

He forced his eyes open, meeting Dana’s gorgeous face as she leaned in to kiss him, unmindful of whatever morning breath might be present. He returned the favor with tongue as a bonus, feeling Dana’s hand reaching for his penis, to stroke it, intent on getting him hard. As a response, he moved his own hand between her legs, to stimulate her sex in kind; he could feel how wet she already was, but that didn’t detract him from using his fingers to further his agenda. All the while, their tongues played with one another; eyes closed, they reveled in the intimacy.

Eventually, sensing he was hard enough, she pushed him back onto the bed and climbed over him, her opening resting atop his shaft; staring at him, guiding it with one hand, she lowered onto his erection and allowed the feeling of penetration to flood her facial expression, giving Tom quite a scene in the process.

“Tom… mmm…” she mumbled as she leaned down, resting her breasts against his chest.

She initiated the movement, sliding up and down, shifting sideways on top of him as she played with his cock inside her body. Tom’s hands reached down to her buttocks, squeezing them hard, even as his own posterior and hips began to thrust upward.

“Uggh… yes… Tom… mmmm…”

Without pushing himself too quickly, Tom fucked his mentor and lover with the energy of an absent-minded man, barely waking up from his slumber. Dana helped herself in the process by pushing back on him even as he came back down, timing her sway as best as she could. They continued this way for a while, with Dana’s eyes glazing over a few times, almost peaking but not quite reaching it. At some point, Tom slowed down, eager to get into a different position.

Dana had a different idea than him; she pulled herself up but signaled him to remain on his back. She twirled around and moved her vagina over his face, lowering herself so he could eat her up; meanwhile, she lowered her own mouth onto his shaft. This was new – an oral position neither had ever assumed together. Dana’s warm mouth around his cock thrilled Tom as much as any time she had blown him; Tom pressed his lips and tongue into Dana’s pussy and welcomed it with desire. He had grown in experience in that domain too thanks to the ‘sex gang’ activities, though his current thoughts were strictly on Dana that morning.

Though Dana’s mouth was busy, he could hear her moan through the gagging; the vibrations of her throat stimulated him even further. Insistent on her pleasure, Dana pressed herself harder against Tom’s face and he increased his pace; she slowed her ministrations on him so he could focus more on her, and he did.

“Tom… keep going… just like that…” she pulled her mouth away long enough to direct him.

He did his best to carry out the request, forcing himself to repeat the same motions with his tongue as it lapped up and down her lips, gently prodding her insides.

Suddenly, a shiver ran along Dana’s entire body as her clitoris got stimulated just right; the climax, amazing and delicious, paralyzed her canlı bahis şirketleri for a short moment, long enough for her to lose focus on Tom’s erection. This time, Tom was aware of his success and it filled him with pride; he had, so far as he knew, failed to provide a proper oral orgasm to any woman he had been with. Circumstances certainly helped.

Satisfied, shaking from the pleasure, Dana buried her mouth on Tom’s shaft and started working him hard and fast, her hands helping along the way. Tom understood her intent and he let carry it, taking time to breathe in from his own efforts.

“Ugh… Dana… I’m gonna… I’m gonna…”

He didn’t say it – it merely happened, and she allowed him to fill up her mouth with his morning offering, wrapping her lips tights on his manhood so no liquid could escape.

“Uggh… yes… fuck!” he grunted.

The pleasure broke through Tom’s last moments of sleepiness, carried over from waking not so long ago. He appreciated ever moment of the sensation, so much that his mouth soon returned to Dana’s sex, to continue pleasing her. She didn’t need it, so she pulled herself off, turning sideways so he could see her face. She was grinning. A moment later, she parted her lips and exposed the white liquid in her mouth, in a manner very reminiscent of pornography – again, something new and unexpected. Tom, mesmerized, watched her close her lips and swallow it all in one gulp.

When she then moved to kiss him, he had no reluctance despite what she might taste like. The eroticism of that move alone, its playfulness, was another example of what they had talked about the previous night.

She pulled away, smiling at him with loving eyes.

“Wow…” she said. “You were something.”

“You… I… yeah.”

She moved to lie down against his chest, and both took a moment to recover from the activity. Eventually, she spoke again.

“I meant it, you know.”

“I know,” he replied. “I’m just not sure what to do about it yet.”

“We don’t have to plan anything,” she merely stated. “We can play it by ear.”

She paused, then snickered.

“For example, next time we get invited to do a swapping, we can at least consider it – or talk about it first.”

“For example,” he repeated, a grin on his lips.

They laid in bed for another hour, cuddling and caressing each other’s exposed skin, whispering sweet words to one another as they relaxed on this glorious Sunday morning. Eventually, when hunger hit Tom, he moved to rise and Dana followed. Neither bothered to get dressed, though they did drop by the bathroom for a quick wash in the sink.

They ate croissants and drank orange juice; Dana brewed a new pot of coffee.

“Did I mention how amazing it is to have you here?” she asked Tom.

“Several times, but it would be equally amazing if you were at my place.”

As they walked around the home naked, turning on the television as background, Tom stared constantly at his lover’s perfect frame. One could hardly tell Dana from her age, and it had nothing do with the makeup. He inquired about her training routine. She was candid about it.

“I train six times a week, except on weekends now,” she told him with a wry smile. “I do a lot of cardio, jogging, yoga, a little martial arts.”


“Yeah. Keeps me in shape.”

“You look incredible!”

She blushed, unable to hide it behind her nudity.

“Would you like to train with me?” she asked him directly.

That hadn’t been the intention, but Tom could clearly see the benefit on her. Tom was reminded that Rebecca, Myriam and their friends all looked superb too, but they were in their twenties and age hadn’t kicked in. For Dana to maintain such a figure was a true accomplishment of which she could be proud. It spoke highly of her determined character, a trait Tom admired.

“Yes. Yes, I would.”

She smiled; not only did it mean a training partner but it also implied spending more time with her lover.

As morning rolled around, they got dressed and drove to Tom’s place; Dana had put on her gym equipment, tight sweat pants and an athletic top, with running shoes – and nothing underneath, she teased Tom about it. Tom was able to also dress appropriately at his place, and they went for a jog around the block. Tom, not in bad shape but clearly not yet at Dana’s level, tagged along as best she could. They stopped at a local café to buy some fruit juice and an energy bar, then resumed their exercise.

“Still on to see my mother tonight?” Dana asked her partner as they jogged slowly along the bike path.

“Of course. When is she expecting us?”

“Around five. David will be there, of course.”

“No one else?”

She smiled at him.

“No. I’m not going to get you to meet my whole family at the same time.”

“Appreciated. But I’m sure we’d get along fine.”

Dana talked a bit about her family; her father was out-of-the-picture, incommunicado; another reminder that the men in her life hadn’t treated her well.

“But canlı kaçak iddaa I trust you, Tom,” she added.

No pressure, he reflected. Beyond the father, she had no siblings but her mother had four brothers and sisters, and they all met two to three times a year.

“We get to be thirty, with everyone’s extended families. I like it.”

“It’s more quiet on my side,” Tom explained.

He also had no siblings; his parents still lived together, and they didn’t entertain their extended families because of distance.

“I can’t wait to meet yours too.”

They stopped for a snack break and sat down on a bench. As Tom wolfed down his food, Dana kept the conversation going about whatever trotted in her mind, and Tom enjoyed the banter even as he considered all that was happening, wondering what Dana’s attitude change further implied. Although he wanted to follow her advice and wait for an opportunity to present itself, his instincts told him that this needed to be further discussed.

He only brought it up when they returned to his place, a little after three PM.

“Wow,” he checked the time. “I can’t believe we were out training for so long.”

“And you made it,” she congratulated him.

“I need a shower.”

“Together?” she suggested.

He certainly wasn’t going to refuse; they stripped and hopped into the tight space, allowing the water to rinse off their sweat. They each lathered each other’s back, but no sexual activity spawned from it – not in the enclosed space anyway. They stepped out, drying themselves in the living room, tossing the towels to the floor, once more naked inside a home.

When Tom sat on his couch, Dana climbed on top of him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

“We had sex at this spot,” she quipped.

“I remember.”

They kissed; there was a clear indication of this leading to something quite erotic, but Tom wanted to address his concern before acting out, even though it might break the mood.

“You’re not the only person I had sex with on this couch though,” he hazarded the comment, uncertain of Dana’s reaction but willing to test it.


Her reply was mix of arousal and restraint; obviously, her own needs in that department were still somewhat confused.

“How does that make you feel?” Tom asked, eager to elicit a better response from her.”

She considered her feelings, then turned the question around to another direction.

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Because I want you to know it. Yesterday, we opened up a lot about the past. As much as I’m not keen on sharing my recent weeks with you, you did mention that you wanted to be wild with me.”

“True,” she mumbled.

Tom allowed her a moment to consider her stance; did she want to know more? Would she dare herself to go beyond what Rebecca had done? Tom wondered if his question was fair, but it seemed the right move in order to advance their relationship – or merely to establish boundaries, which would be equally useful.

“Did you tell her the same thing?” Dana asked.

“I did.”

“And how did she react?”

This time, it was Tom who hesitated, but he could sense that Dana’s worries were not about the other girl; she was testing her own self through this interrogation.

“She loved it. She… asked me to… take her exactly as I had you.”

“So it was after we did it. Hmmm…did you?”


Dana was blushing; obviously, this revelation did not leave her indifferent. It remained to determine what she wanted to do with it. At the moment, her sex was rubbing against Tom’s, slowly triggering an erection that her naked presence was obviously also helping.

“Name one thing you’ve done with her that you haven’t done with me,” Dana suddenly called out.

Tom’s mind raced for an answer – many offered themselves, but he needed to chose one that involved only Rebecca. He thought about the unreciprocated servicing in the sports van, but that seemed silly; he then recalled one of their first actual direct encounters.

“I… fucked her outside of her body.”

“What?” Dana stared at him, confused.

“I… rubbed against her pussy… came all over her torso and belly… no penetration.”

Dana’s eyes frowned.

“I guess I could do that,” she argued, though she wasn’t convinced.

Then again, Tom told himself, Rebecca had enjoyed it mostly because she had already climaxed in the tender loving care of her roommate, and Tom had simply ridden that sensation.

Thinking back on it, Tom realized there were few sexual activities that Rebecca and himself had engaged – apart from the group activities – which Dana and himself had not also enjoyed. On some level, Dana had gone even further with the costume sex play.

“Honestly, Dana,” Tom said plainly, “I just want you. No gimmicks, nothing fancy. Just… I want you.”

“Now?” she purred, rubbing her opening against her hardness.

“Yes…” he mumbled.

She impaled herself on him without effort; obviously, the sexual conversation canlı kaçak bahis had aroused her enough. She rode him for a minute or so, using her powerful posterior muscles to grind on him. They didn’t stay in this position, very reminiscent of the morning, for long. Dana rose and laid down on the carpet, spreading her legs for her lover. Tom leaned on top of her, guiding his shaft into her hole, pilfering it with passion as she held onto his behind.

“Oh… Tom… I bet you fuck all the girls like this…” she goaded him on, playing on what was obviously turning into a game.

“Maybe,” he replied in-between thrusts, “or maybe I keep some of my special moves just… for you…”

They kept at it on the carpet for another minute, until Dana started complaining about the rug burns. Not turned off by anything, they simply shifted Dana off her back and onto her hands and feet, on all fours, as Tom rammed himself further inside her.

“Ohh… fuck Tom… it’s so fucking amazing…”

“I’m not… doing anything… uhhh… special,” he mused with a grin, adding: “And flattery will get you everything…”

The banter between them added to the scene’s intensity, Tom looking for satisfaction in this familiar and favorite position; Dana bent her head back so she could look at him as he plowed into her. Her face betrayed all of her desires; no special thoughts shaped her mind. Tom, locking stares with her as he kept at it, marveled at the brightness of her gaze.

“Your eyes…” he mumbled.

“Fuck me with your eyes,” she replied.

He couldn’t look away; he blinked often but never lost contact as his focus oscillated between his manhood and her face. Tension was rising inside him at an alarming rate, threatening to explode.

“I’m… gonna… come…” he started to say.

She looked away from him, moving her hips harder to match his rhythm, coaxing more pleasure out of him as he neared completion. Suddenly, unexpectedly, she pulled out and away from him, twisting on herself in a flash, grabbing his dick in her hand and jerking him hard.

He blasted his semen all across her face and chest even as she grinned, her eyes closing momentarily to avoid being blinded by his ejaculation.

“Aarrgghhhh!” he groaned through the surprise and pleasure, collapsing on his behind after the fact.

He looked up and saw her stained figure, somewhat uneasy but smiling, biting her lower lip. Then, she started to hum a tune, grinning even more.

“Anything she can do I can do better…”

Tom couldn’t help but burst out laughing, recovering from his own orgasm; Dana joined in the giggles even as she started to wipe the cum off her body with her fingers.

“You are… crazy!” Tom called her out.

“Guilty as charged,” she sneered at him, “though I didn’t hear you complaining.”

He stared at her, bewildered but relaxed, content beyond his climax.

“You really mean it, don’t you?”

“Tom, I do,” she insisted. “I’ve been afraid…”

She paused her admission, looking down for a moment, then back up at her lover, more confident.

“Randi hurt me. And with David over these past years, I’ve been neglecting, well… my needs. It’s not his fault – it just happens. But David’s nine, better able to take care of himself. He still comes first – he has to. But I’m not alone… my mom, she’s…”

Dana started laughing without explaining herself to Tom; she wiped more of his semen off her face.

“I should probably wash up before we get to dinner?”

Tom giggled; they moved back to the bathroom where they proceeded to further clean themselves. As they did so, Dana continued explaining herself, not because Tom needed it but because she wanted to be as candid as possible.

“I’ve had a weird run. It started great at first, until I got involved with a bad crowd. Took me three years… already told you that.”

“I don’t mind,” Tom calmly stated.

“When I got better, I focused on my studies and I stopped being so wild; I mean, I was a little but nowhere near as before. When I hit thirty, I became wild again – I met Randi, others… well, I told you that already too. Now, I’m forty-two, and I’m reaching a point where I want to be wild again – and there’s just something about you, Tom, that made me want to try again.”

He hugged her.

“I’m flattered.”

“In a way, I’m glad Randi dumped me. I would never have had the drive to leave him – not with David in the picture. He forced me out of my complacency. And now – I have you.”

“You do,” he leaned in and kissed her.

They quickly got dressed, then started to head out for dinner.

Claire Hendrix, Dana’s mother, proved to be a joy for Tom. She welcomed him with a warm smile and a hug, showed him around the house and quickly got him to work setting the table even as Dana went to spend some time with her son David. When they sat for supper, the 62-year old woman served everyone with a happy attitude. There were no unneeded rituals or etiquette issues; she didn’t care for those things, though she insisted David sit up straight, eat all the food on his plate and generally remain respectful. Please and thank you were common place words in the household. It gave Tom a good feeling about Dana’s immediate family and her upbringing.

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