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The girls slouched over couches and chairs in the basement as only a bunch of twenty year old’s can. Just back from the bar an hour or so ago, slurred hushed giggles echoed through the room as they chatted excitedly about their evening.

“And did you see that tall guy hitting on Amanda!” Jessica said laughing. “The look on his face when she took that drink then walked out at the end of the night!” Jessica leaned back in the large love seat laughing slightly hysterically, rocking her head back to brush long blond hair off her eyes. At 5’6 she was a smaller girl with a slim figure. Already changed from the club, loose shorts and a looser tank top framed small breasts in the dim light from the tv.

“Yeah she was in a bit of slut mode tonight wasn’t she.” Sarah said. Laying out on the couch wearing tights and a t shirt. Sarah was a bigger girl who despite an almost obsessive gym habit always seemed to be on the heavy side. Dark hair pulled in a pony tail she leaned on the arm rest, watching the tv.

“A bit?” Jessica laughed, “I swear she was grinding half the boys in the place. Lucky she didn’t get fucked on the floor.”

“I’m not sure she didn’t.”

The girls looked over at Sam, lounging in the other chair. Sam was a tall blond with model written all over her. At 6’1 and lean to the point of skinny, even her clothes for bed made her look like she was getting ready for a photo shoot.

“Oh?” asked Sarah. “I know she was getting a bit more attention than usual tonight.” Which for her is a lot Sarah thought to herself.

“Yes.” Sam said pausing to sip her drink while curled demurely in her chair, “She was pretty worked up and I’m sure I interrupted something going on in the washroom.” Sam’s face showed slight disgust at the thought of getting off in a club washroom, far beneath her somewhat elegant standards.

The bathroom door at the end of the hall opened just then and Amanda sauntered down the hall. Amanda at 6 ft sported a more sensuous physique than Sam. Her long blond air twisted to a side and draped down the side of her chest looked damp, like she just got out of the shower. Her breasts swayed in the flimsy camisole she was wearing, barely covered. Wearing matching shorts, even her stroll down the short hallway radiated a sense of erotic potential.

“Geez Amanda? Heading back out are you?” Sarah said laughing as Amanda made her entrance.

The other girls turned to look quietly as Amanda walked in and passing them all slowly to stand at the couch beside Sarah. They watched quietly as Amanda picked Sarah’s feet up and sat heavily, placing Sarah’s legs over her own. Speechless Sarah lay still as Amanda began rubbing her legs and tracing over the top of her feet. The other aksaray escort girls watched the scene quietly for a moment, a sudden tension in the air weighing heavily.

Sarah was slightly confused but enjoying the caresses. She knew the other girls had played around before, usually with Amanda instigating the situation, but never like this with her. Even Sam paused a moment to watch.

“Can we change the channel?” Amanda said giggling leaning back into the soft couch. Sam, since it was her parents place had immediately taken the remote when the girls came downstairs, had one of her crime documentaries on.

Jessica glanced over at Sam with a raised eyebrow, taking a sip of her rum and sprite. Sam held the glance a moment and with a slight shrug and smile started flicking through the channels. Amanda wordlessly continued to caress Sarah’s legs, brushing her calves and past her knees. Sarah had already had a encounter with a drunk Amanda in a very awkward drunken kissing groping session a few weeks ago. Still slightly confused by what had taken place she found herself thinking of it often since then. She lay still with the caresses, struggling with enjoying the polite attention but at the same time feeling more uncomfortable.

Sarah tried pulling her legs back off Amanda, only to have the grip tighten. Holding a knee possessively Amandas fingers caresses Sarah’s shapely calves and along the top of her bare foot. Sarah, eyes widening slightly looked over at Jessica on the love seat. Flicking her eyes from Jessica to Amanda’s caressing hands, she mouthed “help?”

Hiding a smile behind her glass, Jessica nodded a subtle no. Patting her hand in the air she motioned Sarah to relax. Amanda’s caressing hand slid to Sarah’s knee and down her leg again, a teasing pressure over the leggings. The other hand slid up pausing to squeeze the muscular thighs. Sarah looked back at Jessica again, eyes flicking more intensely now with her head nodding to the hands caressing her. With the rubbing Amanda had leant forward resting her breasts on Sarah’s bare foot. Swaying lightly Sarah realized Amanda was dragging a rock hard nipple across her foot.

Jessica and Sam watched this taking place and looking across the room wordlessly made a plan. With a wink Jessica said, “Sam lets hook this up online. I have a few movie links we may like.”

“Sure Jess.” Sam switched over the system as Jessica quickly connected with her phone. Turning the volume down low, Jessica quickly searched a scene she had found a few weeks ago that she had fave’d. On the tv a young woman was on a couch, similar to Sam’s ironically, with two older women beside her. Amanda’s breath caught as she watched, her hand anal yapan escort sliding past Sarah’s thigh to caress higher, pausing to squeeze again and again.

Sarah, looking more uncomfortable, sat a bit higher against the arm rest. “Um, hey Amanda…” Sarah looked over between Jessica and Sam with panic “Can we just hold on a minute”. Eyes flashing back and forth looking for direction. Jessica smiled behind her drink and nodded slightly, urging Sarah to enjoy the attention. Looking to Sam, Sarah saw the same excited nod.

Hesitation obvious on her face, “Hey, um Amanda? Can we just hold on here a bit?” Pushing herself up, Sarah turned to face Amanda directly. Just then leaning to the side with the move, Amanda’s fingers reached Sarah’s hips and started poking.

“Aahh stop!” Sarah yelled with a giggle trying to pull away.

With the giggle Amanda turned to look at Sarah with a wicked grin. Pulling her knees up Amanda quickly moved Sarah’s legs aside and crouched over her calves. Both hands pounced to Sarah’s hips, strong fingers probing. Sarah let out a shriek at the quick move, barely setting her drink on the table.

“Oh geez you two.” Sam put her drink down and swung out of her chair. With a quick stride she was at the couch beside the squirming Sarah. Grabbing the bigger girls shoulders she pulled Sarah forward and slid behind her. Distracted by Amanda’s poking fingers Sarah was surprised to find herself pushed forward then pulled back hard against Sam. Another yell was cut off by surprisingly strong fingers slapping over her mouth.

“You two seriously need to keep it down.” Sam whispered in Sarah’s ear. “Just relax sweetie.”

Confused and becoming quickly annoyed Sarah brought her hands toward Sam’s. A quick twist and Sarah was shocked to find both her arms pulled back and pinned by Sam’s legs.

Jessica watched in shock at the interplay on the couch. She knew first hand that Sam and Amanda could get a bit aggressive but was feeling an odd sense of fear and excitement watching the scene unfold in front of her. Sarah continued to pull against Sam’s hold uselessly. Idly Jessica remembered Sam recently achieving her Black Belt in Brazilian Jujitsu and knew Sarah wasn’t going anywhere.

Amanda had pulled Sarah’s tights down to the top of her pubis and was leaning between her legs gently kissing her belly. Jessica could make out Sam whispering in Sarah’s ear, pausing to lick the edge or take the lobe between her teeth.

Hand caressing her own leg Jessica started to massage her clit in slow circles through the material of her panties. Surprised how wet she felt her other hand stated playing with a nipple, eyes fixed on the couch.

Sarah atakent escort stared at Amanda, finding herself unable to do anything else. Amanda’s digging fingers had relaxed and gently tugged Sarah’s tights further down. Looking up, eyes flashing wildly her fingers slipped under the material to caress the top of Sarah’s pussy. Sarah, breathing heavily through her nose stared down at Amanda, glaring down at the smaller girl overpowering her. Sam’s tongue and teeth nibbled at her ear, always a secret weakness, as her free hand caressed Sarah’s upper chest.

Amanda started kissing her way up Sarah’s belly, pushing the shirt higher with her nose as her tongue traced along Sarah’s exposed skin. Reaching down Sam grabbed the material and pulled quickly exposing Sarah’s large breasts.

“Shh, just relax and enjoy.” Sam whispered in Sarah’s ear as she tried pulling against Sam’s hold again.

Jessica started rubbing her clit harder, tight circles pushing in as her hips pushed out against her fingers. This is fucking unreal! She thought. Seeing Sarah, normally so strong, reduced to helplessness under her friends had her aching with passion. Shorts soaked she pulled them aside, almost orgasming when her bare fingers found her throbbing clit. Amanda had worked her way up Sarah’s belly and was licking and biting both breasts, hands full as she went back and forth. Sam’s hand caressed Sarah’s upper chest and neck, occasionally reaching down to tweak a free nipple.

Sarah’s eyes had rolled back, no longer resisting the girls as the sensations took over. Sam held a breast high for Amanda as she manically attacked both Sarah’s nipples. A free hand slid under the tights and quickly found Sarah’s clit, making her hips suddenly jump up, eyes snapping open.

Jessica watched Sarah’s jump and knew, from experience, what was coming, Fingers digging into herself she watched Amanda pull the tights down and slip between Sarah’s legs. Her face expressing everything, Sarah’s eyes rolled back as Sam released her hand gag to start massaging both Sarah’s breasts. Amanda quickly pulled the tights off and crouched with her face buried between Sarah’s legs, arm moving back and forth quickly. Sarah’s back arched against Sam, mouth open silently as her body quivered.

Jessica curled tightly as a powerful orgasm swept through her, unable to hold back any longer. On the couch Amanda and Sam worked Sarah as her body tightened under Sam’s hold. Sam’s hand covered Sarah’s mouth as her orgasm hit, her other hand holding Sam’s neck as she arched with a powerful orgasm shuddering her body. Amanda remained between Sarah’s legs until she felt her friends body ease, leaning back as she let Sarah relax.

Sarah melted against Sam as Amanda caressed her legs, head leaning to the side as she recovered and looked around. Sarah looked over to Jessica, surprised to see her friend sprawled across the chair, legs open obviously enjoying herself.

“Welcome to our little club sweetie”, Sam whispered as she released Sarah’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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