Unexpected Perks Pt. 03

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“Marie, what were you doing?” Melissa asked her sister as the twins and their teammate Jessica gathered their belongings from the little boutique store. “Even I wouldn’t go that far!” Melissa gave a surprised glance over at her sister, marveling at the brazenness of Marie’s outfit. Her top was sheer, and without a bra, Melissa could see Marie’s hard nipples plain as day. The skirt was extremely short, and Melissa was just now seeing that Marie had forgone underwear. It must have made for a delicious site for their Coach, but it was going to make for complicated interactions over the next few days.

“Oh, Melissa. Whatever. He liked it!” Marie responded to her sister. And she was right. Coach Walter had a large erection jutting out from his pants when Melissa had hastily ushered them away before the returning Ms. Johnson could catch them in a compromising situation.

“How would you know?” Melissa questioned her sister. Melissa was too busy trying to fix the situation, snatching away the scarf from Jessica to cover up her sister Marie. Jessica had left with the twins, hands crossed in front of her breasts to conceal her exposed nipples. The twins had conspired to make her clothes sexier to match her body, and it had worked well almost immediately. The rapid movement of Melissa removing the scarf, combined with the extremely undersized garments, had forced her nipples to pop out of her bra and become exposed to their coach. Jessica could notice a heat coming to her chest, making her chest and face flush. It was a mix of embarrassment and excitement, the latter a feeling that was quite new and unexpected for Jessica.

“Didn’t you see his hard on? It was huge! If he did not like it, I don’t think he would have been so excited!” Marie always had a response for her sister.

“I saw it.” Jessica demurely piped in. It could be hard to get a word in with the sisters, and Jessica was not always a loud voice, but both girls tilted their heads toward Jessica as she spoke.

“What?” Both sisters said at about the same time.

“I saw it. And I think he saw me.” Jessica spoke again, this time with a little more volume.

“Saw you?” Melissa asked, ears and eyes intently trained on Jessica.

“Yeah, saw me. When you pulled the scarf,” Jessica began to say, moving her head to look around the empty boutique. After she was sure that the twins and she were the only people in the immediate area, she continued, “when you pulled the scarf, it did this.” She put her arms at her sides, exposing the girls to the same image Coach Walter had. Her erect nipples and now slightly puffy areola exposed through the shirt, the undersized bra pushing her large but firm breasts up into what looked like an uncomfortable position.

“Holy shit!” Marie exclaimed. “That’s fucking sexy!” She was already turned on from her own show, but this was pushing her to another level. She could feel zaps of electricity jolting through her nipples, as turned on as she had ever been. Moisture flooded her nether region. She was going to go straight home and take care of this with a blissful masturbation session.

“I’m sorry, Jess. I did not know that was going to happen,” Melissa tried to explain.

“It’s okay, it feels kinda good. Different, but good.” Jessica had never been one to expose herself. She was always careful to cover up, naïve to how impressive her body was. But this new sensation was fantastic, a feeling that she had never felt. It was something she was interested in exploring and she was sure that the twins were going to lead her.

The girls finished gathering their clothing and their purchases and left the mall. The twins dropped Jessica off at her house before heading home. There was not much talk. Each had thoughts flowing through their heads; where to go from here, how they could up the ante. With a game on Tuesday, they had practice on Monday morning before school. It would be interesting to see how Coach Walter responded to their meeting in the mall.


Melissa and Marie made into their house, greeted by their parents. Their dad had his eyes trained on the television, otherwise he would have seen his daughters in a state of dress that most fathers tend to not want to see their daughters. Their mother was coming from the kitchen and only saw the girls from behind as they went up the stairs. Each were carrying bags in such illegal bahis a way that the bags covered their rears down to their knees, so their mother did not say anything beyond a short welcome home. The girls told their parents they would be heading to bed because of the early practice and wished their parents good night.

Melissa put her bags away and settled in for the night. She turned on her television and used her phone to catch up on social media. Marie didn’t put her new clothes away. She threw the bags to the side of her room and reached under her bed. She had a platform bed with storage, and one of the drawers had her special toy. It was a Hitachi massager, a vibrating wonder that delivered her solo pleasure. She sat on her bed, removed her clothes, and started the massager. She moved the head up her legs using her right hand, starting at her toes. Marie slowly concentrated its vibrations on her inner thigh while her left hand was working down from her mouth, down her chest, to her rock hard nipple. She tweaked her nipple, eliciting a moan from her lips. She moved the massager towards her clitoris, resting its head on her pleasure nub. Her left hand quickly moved down to her labia, opening her lips.

Marie traced up and down her open lips with the massager, progressively moaning louder and louder. Her left thumb rubbed her clit faster and faster before switching places with the massager. She used the massager at its highest setting and grabbed a pillow with her free hand. Marie placed the pillow over her mouth as her ecstasy overwhelmed her. Her hips began to buck against the massager and fluids started to gush from her love canal. She was screaming into the pillow, finishing her most explosive orgasm with ever lessening pressure on her clit. Marie let the pillow and massager drop, and nodded off to sleep.


6am practices were not anyone’s favorites. But with a game the next day, it gave the team a chance to have a bit longer rest period. The girls could also use the time after school to take care of any class work that may be missed the day of the game. The team had a set pre game practice, and they were free to go whenever they got through everything. This usually took an hour, giving the team 45 minutes of time before school started. Most of it was a walkthrough of plays. The girls could do it in their sleep at this point. And really, that’s what most of the practice looked like. A bunch of people who needed to wake up. There weren’t any competitive drills and there wasn’t much talking.

This was good for Coach Walter in regards to the three girls. He did not know how to broach the subject of the encounter from yesterday without extreme awkwardness. So it was a good thing that they did not have a need to talk. The practice hummed right along, finishing even earlier than usual. The girls had close to an hour before school was to begin. Usually they talked a bit about what they would wear for the game day dress and if they were going to do a special meal. After a short discussion, they had decided on skirts with button up shirts for the next day. They would also meet after school for a team meal before departing.

The rest of the day was normal. Coach Walter transitioned through his classes like every other day. Students were busy doing conversations and writings in small groups. The mundane details of being a teacher kept his mind away from any other thoughts that could have crept into his mind. The players went from class to class, doing what high school students do. They focused on just about everything but school work. There were conversations about classmates, male and female. There were periodic postings to Snapchat and Instagram. The girls planned their outfits for tomorrow. All in all, a pretty normal day.

But something had awoken in Jessica. Even doing the same day every day routine of school brought something different. She started to see things a little bit differently than before. She noticed eyes on her where before she was oblivious. She noticed how people were dressed. She noticed how the bodies of her classmates filled out their clothes. Jessica had been introduced to a world that she hadn’t known she was missing. She had these new feelings that were confusing, but wonderful. But now she was thinking. Jessica wanted to push the envelope on her feelings.


Marie illegal bahis siteleri and Melissa had not talked much with Jessica at school that day, but they had planned outfits for the next day. Afterwards, Jessica had pulled Marie aside to talk a little bit about her own outfit. She wanted to dress sexier, and didn’t know where to start. Marie assured her that she just needed to wear what they bought yesterday and she would be fine. And that is what she laid out at the end of the evening. A skirt that looked a little too short, a button up that looked a little too small. She had some new underwear that looked pretty sexy. But what should she wear underneath? She had nice new bras and bralettes she could try. Or maybe just an undershirt. After debating for a bit, she decided to go with the same bra she was wearing on Sunday at the mall. Yeah, it was a little small. But it would be sexy and she knew it made Coach Walter excited.

The next morning came and she put on the clothes. She was aggressively displaying her body; unlike anything she had done before. Her chest was a spectacle. The shirt was probably a size or two too small. The buttons looked ready to pop. Her large bosom created large gaps between the buttons. Anyone standing to her left would get an eyeful of cleavage for sure. If she moved her arms behind her shoulders, pushing out her chest, she was liable to explode multiple buttons. She was wearing the skimpiest panties she had and those wear barely covered by her skirt. She thought to herself that the males at school were in for a treat and she was already feeling that excitement building in her stomach.

Of course, she was right. Heads snapped at her direction all day. She would have gotten wolf whistles all day if her classmates didn’t have their jaws sitting at their feet. Jessica was stopping all traffic. She started to notice the new attention being given to her from every male. She had teachers standing to her left, and she was sure that they were getting a fantastic view of her chest. Students were walking near her as she went from class to class, hoping to get a glance of her behind. And she noticed that there was a large amount of pencils that happened to be dropped in front of her desk, requiring students to pick them up and steal a glance at her ever dampening panties.

The team gathered after school in Coach Walter’s room for a team meal. They had ordered pizza to be delivered, and then they would sit and talk about the game plan before getting on the bus. Marie and Melissa noticed the attention that Jessica was getting and they wanted to push it even more. They thought she had a chance to take her relationship with Coach Walter even further, and they were going to set her up to do just that. Coach Walter joined the group, and they made so he had to sit to Jessica’s left. This gave him a fine view at Jessica’s chest through the gaping holes in her shirt. The twins started rough housing with each other, playing like they normally do. Marie, after conceding her loss to Melissa, worked her way around to behind Jessica. She hooked her arms in Jessica’s elbows and pulled back, calling out “Your turn!”

This caused Jessica’s chest to push forward. Her bra slipped just a bit, popping her nipples out of the top. Her button in the middle of the shirt also popped, causing the hole to become much bigger. His view was spectacular. Jessica struggled a bit before Marie let her go. Jessica turned around, slapped Marie on the butt as she walked away, and then resumed eating. She acted like nothing had happened, but she knew she was giving Coach Walter a show. She knew because his eyes never left her chest. He stayed like that for at least thirty seconds, only snapping out of it when someone new came into the room.

“Coach?” It was the school Athletic Director. “Can I have a word?”

Coach Walter walked to the door and talked quietly with the Athletic Director. Coach Walter shook his head and the Athletic Director left. Coach Walter turned around and began to talk: “Girls, there is an issue with officials tonight. Apparently the date was not given to the officials’ association, and they are completely booked tonight. We will have to reschedule. You are free to go home; we will practice tomorrow.”

There was a small chorus of boos, and the girls started to file out. They had wanted to play, but these things canlı bahis siteleri sometimes happen. They would reschedule this game at some other point in the season. Most of the girls had filtered out of the room. Coach Walter had started cleaning up after the girls. Pretty soon it was him and Jessica, cleaning up the mess.

“I saw you.” Jessica moved towards the door, speaking quietly.

“Excuse me?” Coach Walter responded.

“I saw you. Looking at me. Do you find me sexy?” She made sure the door was locked.

“Yes. Yes, you are very sexy. Too sexy.” He was breathing slightly heavier.

Jessica approached him. Her hands were reaching for her buttons that had not popped. She had come a long way in a short amount of time. She quickly pulled the shirt off.

“Jessica, you don’t have to do this.” Coach Walter was hoping she would ignore what he had said.

“But I want to.” She had removed her shirt and was undoing the bra. He had seen her from afar in the shower or through clothing, but she was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. She had large breasts that didn’t sag. Perky nipples that were already hard. Her abs were well defined for a female. She had muscular arms. She was in better shape than any woman he had ever seen. She reached for the waist of her skirt and pulled it down, leaving her in only her panties. She has closed the distance between them and was now only a few feet away. “Why don’t you take your clothes off.”

Coach Walter did not need to be told twice. He hurriedly took off his polo shirt and slacks. She had stepped out of her panties and stood naked only a foot from him. Jessica grabbed the waist of his underwear and pulled down. He stepped out of them when she reached his ankles. He was hard. She grabbed his erection and slowly moved up and down. She tried to give him the best hand and blow job she could. She was inexperienced and was nowhere near the most skilled person he had. But she was enthusiastic and intoxicatingly beautiful. Her hair hung perfectly down her back as her head moved.

She was only taking an inch or two at a time, and she scraped some teeth every so often. He stifled a yelp when it happened, and moaned the rest of the time. His hand worked its way to the top of her head, rubbing her hair and scalp. She looked up at him with lust filled eyes. He pulled away and put his hand under her chin, guiding it up his body. He locked lips with her in a passionate kiss. She melted. He kissed down Jessica’s body, moving slowly from mouth to neck to chest. He used his hands to roam her backside, squeezing it with both hands and lifting her off the ground slightly.

Coach Walter spent considerable time on her magnificent breasts, sucking and squeezing. He mashed them together and then circled the nipples with his finger wet from his mouth. He let a hand drift towards her pubic region, feeling the heat of her mound with the palm of his hand while kissing down her taut stomach. She was whimpering and moaning sounds of approval. Eventually his mouth found the top of her nether lips and his fingers slipped in the crack. He sucked on her clit, sending a shock through her body. He was plunging one finger, then two, in and out while sucking on her clit as she moaned.

Jessica grabbed his head and pulled it into her body as she was hit with a massive orgasm, the first she had ever experienced. Her body convulsed. Coach Walter knew she would be weak and grabbed around her. When she was finishing, he stood up with his arms around her waist, picking her up and moving towards his desk. He sat her down on the desk top and lightly pushed her chest down so her back was flat. He was tremendously hard. He pointed his erection at her love hole, teasing the length of her slit with the underside of his hard cock.

“Please, put it in me!” Jessica told him. He grabbed the tip and let it slide ever so gently through the outer and inner lips. She moaned. He pushed a bit more into her.

“Ohhhh, that feels good,” she responded to his movement. Coach Walter had a tight fit, but he worked about 4 inches into her before backing it out. She continued to moan and gasped when he reentered. He worked his shaft in and out as she tried to match his rhythm. It wasn’t long before he was ready to explode. She was lost in her own world of pleasure, so he was on his own. When he was close, he pulled out and let his seed hit her stomach and chest. When he was finished, he collapsed on top of her and just stayed in that position for what seemed like an hour. Finally, she began to stir and started to speak.

“Can we cancel some games at the last minute more often?”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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