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By Samantha G.

You will encounter a time in your life when someone you love will betray you. Someone you stood by, through all the good and bad, will wait for you to turn your back. Don’t let them decide how deep the cold blade will go.

The Arizona sky was clear blue, as tall shadows began to silently overtake nearby buildings, marking the end of another long workday, and a longer than usual week.

“Will you be joining me for happy hour?” Ah, my buddy Jenny stood in the doorway of my office. I motioned for her to come in and grab a seat. The pen hung out of my mouth like a cigar waiting to be lit.

“Just a second there Hun.” I had one more line of copy to bang into my keyboard. Jenny sat in her chair and scooted up next to me peering over my shoulder, watching as the type began to magically appear on the screen. She started to fake some light panting.

“Whoa, that’s really hot!” Jenny’s mouth let a woof of air escape. I must admit it was very hot. Describing a new line of lingerie braziers as soft sensual hands of comfort to describe the uplifting cups would probably give the male viewers of the brochure an instant woody.

“Well that and the fact the model has a nipple showing.” And she has also been blessed with a perfect set of natural 36D’s. So I hit the off button to the monitor, shut off the desktop, and rolled my chair back.

“Where to tonight?” Jen always picked a good place to go on Friday nights, and my husband always worked real late to pick up slack left over during the weekdays.

“Let’s see, it’s six o’clock and it’s a Friday night,” Her calculating was torture; I just wanted to go have a margarita and fast!

“Let’s go to that new place at the center, Sneaky Joe’s!” Her eye’s lit right up. I wasn’t all that thrilled to go to a new bar. Our company did a few adds for this place. A few radio spots and entertainment spot add in the local magazine. It seemed like a bikers and head bangers heaven.

“I’ve been dying to meet Clyde.” Jen just wanted to get some bargain drinks from a former Hell’s Angel that owned the place.

“Jennifer, don’t go there, I met with the guy a few times, and he’s one scary dude.”

“It’ll be fun, come on Sammie.”

“Ok, but just for happy hour, then I’m outta’ there, right Jenny?” I tried to make a point that I would stay for just two hours. We left work and headed to Sneaky Joe’s in Jenny’s car. I could walk back here later and get mine. It was only four-blocks away.

When you first walk into Sneaky Joe’s, it’s the spitting image of the bar on the old TV show ‘Cheers’ only that it’s three times the size. You’re at the bar as soon as you walk in, then a huge game room to the left, and to the right a large viewing area for the giant screen sporting events and games, with kind of bleacher seating and some tall tables with high stools. It’s really a cool setup. And the huge show room is straight ahead, with a large stage for the bands, and tons of room to dance, or fall down hammered.

There were a couple of empty stools at the far end of the U shaped bar. So we walked over to grab them before the crowd came in. The owner, Clyde Devero was tending bar with three nice looking girls. Each wore black leather hot pants, which were skintight and real short. Just like their little biker vests. Sex was hanging out everywhere.

“Nice boobs but, I don’t think they’ll be a secret much longer Sammie.” Jenny clued me in to a barmaid that was shaking a martini.

” Jesus H Christ!” I swore to God, that her tits were actually flying in and out of the skimpy vest. Just then Clyde came over to us.

“Hi Sammie, who’s your friend?” Jenny started to blush.

“Hi Clyde, How’s it going? This is Jenny.” Clyde looks like a very average fifty-year-old guy now. He always dresses nice, and clean-shaven. But the scars of his past were evident on his cheek, and right forearm. Both were the product of being on the wrong end of a business blade.

“Glad to meet another pretty gal, Jenny.” Clyde took Her hand and kissed it.

“What can I get you girls?” Clyde voice was gruff. A benefit of smoking three packs a day since he was twelve years old. His arms weren’t very big but they were all muscle, and covered with tattoos. Jenny was still blushing from the kiss, ‘Two margaritas.’

“Coming right up ladies.” I must admit it myself; he looked real good as we watch his butt walk away in those nice jeans. I looked at Jenny,” That’s something I could dig my claws into.” She was totally infatuated by it. I was waiting for Clyde to turn around from the heat of her eyes on his ass.

A few minutes passed by as the jukebox played in the dance hall area. Clyde brought our drinks, and they looked perfect with the right amount of salt barely riding the rim.

“There you go ladies, enjoy, and have some fun now.” Those margaritas were perfect. Three shots of Jose Cuervo and one triple sec. The happy hour special.

We passed the time talking about little things at work, and draining those glasses. The place was really starting to fill up with people. They were two rows deep at the bar. The place was starting to get loud when we ordered another round.

“Hey Sammie?” Jenny had something important to say. So I leaned in.” Isn’t that Rob, over there?” I was afraid to look. My husband was supposed to be at work. He’s always at work. My eyes searched the crowd, fearful at what I might find.

“Shit.” It was him. My heart went into my throat. The Diamondback game was on the Trinitron, and Rob was at a tall table with another suit and two women in the bleacher area. Clyde walked by.

“Hey Clyde, do you know those people over there?” pointing to Robs table.

“Oh yeah, I’ve seen them in here before.” Clyde nodded.” Nice couples.”

“Oh Sammie, I’m so sorry.” Jenny’s eyes were full of sympathy as she squeezed my hand tightly. I couldn’t jump to conclusions. My mind began to work on the reasons kocaeli escort that he would be in here with those people. I quickly grabbed Jenny’s arm. I suddenly felt like vomiting. My head dropped and all I could do was stare at the floor.

“Sammie? You Ok?” Clyde patted my arm.” What’s wrong doll face?”

“That’s my husband over there, those nice couples?” I almost felt a tear starting.

“If that’s your husband, then you best beat the fuck out of him, or divorce the bum.” Clyde was a book of information.

” Him and that bitch he’s with, have been coming in here twice a week, for the past two months now.” He looked back at their table.

” The other couple started coming in with him a few weeks now.” Clyde looked at me. I didn’t look up at Clyde. I just slowly nodded my head.
But, Clyde stayed close to us, as he poured us a few shots of tequila.

” On the house, girls, and Sammie, no fights in here, ok?” Clyde now turned to Jenny, for help.

I had to know what was going on at their table. Who were those people with my husband? And the woman in the red dress suit, the one whose hand held on to Rob’s leg, who the fuck was that?

“Ya’ know Jen, Maybe,” I looked Jenny square in the eye.” Maybe I should buy their table a round of shots, uh?” I was feeling the effects of drinking on an empty stomach.

“Come on, Sammie,” Jenny began to pull on my arm.” You want to go get something to eat?” I winked at her.” Not quite yet, Hun.” Jenny was getting anxious and uncomfortable. I have a nasty temper that requires a lot of shit to feed on to get started.

I saw Rob’s woman get up and start to walk towards the restrooms. Clyde noticed it too, and looked over at me from across the bar. His eyes were begging that I would stay on my stool. “I’ll be right back.” I patted Jenny’s arm.

The effects of the alcohol hit me as soon as I got up. My legs were a little light. I held onto the bar to steady myself. “Where are you going?” Jenny was getting worried.

I started to walk towards the rest rooms. A quick glance at Rob’s table, ‘Ah good, he was busy talking to the other couple.’ So I followed this mystery woman, as we headed into the dance area where the toilets were. ‘Shit, she was really pretty too.’

In my current alcohol laden state, she was a nine on a scale of ten. Her red dress was about four inches above the knees. Nice long legs that lacked any serious muscle tone, so I knew she didn’t workout, or just very little. ‘You paper pushing little pussy.’ Although she was a good four inches taller than me on a good day, I thought I could take her on. I stayed right on her nice ass. She was only a few feet in front of me as she opened the door to the bathroom. She stopped and held it open for me.

“Thanks, but I’m still putting my foot up your ass.” Is what I wanted to scream at her, but didn’t.

Then it dawned on me, she didn’t know who I was. Somebody bumped into me from behind as we entered the bathroom. ‘Oh shit. It was Little Ms. Big Boobs, the bartender with the big bouncing tits.’ Clyde must have sent her in to maintain control of the situation. I really had to pee, so I headed for an empty stall, and closed the door behind me. Rob’s tall blond stayed at the mirrors looking for something to improve on. There were a couple of other women in there too.

“Hi Heather!” An unknown female voice said, but I think it was directed towards my husbands date. ‘Oh hi there. Me? Oh I’m just out stealing husbands as usual. I bet she shaves her pussy twice a day. Oh Rob honey, before you make love to me tonight, don’t forget to strap that board to your ass. You don’t want to fall in again do you?’ I started to giggle at my thoughts of those two together.

“Oh, Hi, how are you?” that was the woman in red talking now. And she was going to use the stall right next to mine. She closed her door, just as I finished my business. I stood and weighed my options leaning against my locked door. I heard the rest room door open and close several times, then it was dead quiet in there. ’Ok, I’m in here with her alone now.” I opened my stall door and peaked out. Even Ms. Big Boobs was gone, that’s a break, and I stepped out. The woman in red flushed her toilet and opened her stall door.
I was right in front of her as she was looking down into her purse.

She never saw it coming. Just like swinging for the upper deck. I landed a haymaker. My tightly closed fist landed on the side of her small pointy nose with a dull fleshy ‘thud’ sound. A sharp gasp flew from her lungs, as her head spun backwards, her long golden hair flew up and around with her head. I quickly stepped back as she hit the cold dark gray stone floor on all fours. Her arms silently gave up and her head hit the floor with a smack. Her ass was in the prone position facing the open door; so I gave that a good shove towards the toilet with my high-heeled foot. She melted into a heap on the floor facing her assailant. Her left nostril was spilling a lot of blood, as her stunned eyes darted wildly around looking but not seeing anything. The lovely woman in red was out cold. A sharp pain shot from my wrist to the elbow of my right arm. I grimaced and closed her stall door, stopping briefly at the mirror,’Ok, let’s go now Sammie, your work here is done.’ I left, and for the second time that night, I felt like throwing up.

“Sammie? What happened in there?” Jenny met me halfway across the dance floor. I glanced at Clyde in the back of the bar. He studied my face and his eyes shot at the bathroom door and quickly back to me. He shook his head, ’Oh No!’ I looked towards Rob’s table. No change, he was still occupied with his company. ‘If he only knew what I just did to his sweetheart,’ I didn’t say a word, as I showed Jenny my quickly swelling knuckles. Then Ms. Big Boobs ran by us towards the restroom door.

“Oops, the cat’s out of the bag now.” My speech was slurring. I looked at Jenny.” I’m sorry I wrecked your happy hour, kocaeli escort bayan but she had it coming.” Jenny was holding my arm tightly and trying to get us through the crowd, and outside.

“Ya see Jen, if ya’ mess with Sammie, ya just open a big can of whoopass”

“Well, Hi there!” We bumped into a couple of rough looking guys standing near the front door. I grabbed one of their drinks and slammed it down. ‘Say, he’s pretty good looking, I wonder if he wants to go and fuck?’ Jenny kept trying to yank me away from these two handsome guys, and I couldn’t understand why. I began to unravel.

“Get her outta here!” Clyde was yelling at Jenny, but why? She didn’t do anything wrong. The handsome guy without a drink put his arm around me. His buddy pushed Jenny aside.

“We got her.” My handsome guy assured Clyde, and the three of us headed out the door and into the bright night of the center. I looked all around. Everything was just spinning so fast. I couldn’t see Jenny.

“Where’s Jenny? Isn’t she coming with us?” My feet were barely touching the ground as the two of them rushed me across the street and to a nearby dark parking ramp. I could feel a hand on my breast.

“They’re real!” I yelled.” You don’t have to squeeze them so hard!” To these two guys it meant they had a green light. My handsome guy let go of me to open his driver’s door. The other guy took me around to the passenger side, as he propped me up against the door and began to kiss me. I draped my arms around his neck and kissed back.’ Where’s Jenny?’

“We’re just going to give you a ride home, ok?” His hand was under my blouse and under my bra. I didn’t care. I was getting attention now. I turned to the center, which seemed so far away now, ”Fuck You!” I yelled and flipped off where ever Rob was.

“ How do you like it Rob!” My shout echoed through out the parking ramp. The passenger door flew open, and we all sat in the front seat with me in the middle. The kissing guys hand was going under my skirt. But I didn’t stop him.’ That’s ok, it’s not like I’ve never had a finger in my pussy before.’ And I giggled at my drunken thought.

“Here!” My handsome driver held a smoldering joint in front of my face.

“Oh is that for me?” My speech was still very slurred. I felt a finger enter my pussy.

“She’s tight Jack.” My kisser was busy pumping his finger around inside me. I took a long hit off the joint, and spread my legs a little more for him. The base was blasting the music right through my body as we drove into the night. I couldn’t tell what direction we were going. I noticed the passenger was doing something to his pants.’ Wow, I really looked sexy, as my favorite black skirt rode high on my slender but toned legs. I spread them a little to see if I could see my panties, yep there they are. Hey whose hand is that?’

“You want some of this, don’t you baby?” My hand was on a cock. ’Is someone going to save you, Sammie?’ My mind was a complete mess. I couldn’t tell if this was a dream or not. I had no feeling of right or wrong. ’ You have a nice cock, there buddy.’ My hand was stroking the kisser’s growing penis. ’Holy shit, my hand doesn’t hurt anymore, thanks guys, that’s really good weed.’ I stared down as the loud noise of the sound system further confused me. My eyes were fixed on the cock in my hand. It all looked so unreal as the street lights passed over it. I couldn’t tell if that was my hand pumping up and down on this thick penis. It became impossible for me to use both eyes as I was clearly seeing two of everything, so I closed one eye. ’There, now he’s only got one dick.’

“Aurgh, you swabs!” I laughed and looked at each of them, pretending to be a one eyed pirate. The joint came back my way. I momentarily let go of the cock and took another hit, coughed and grabbed the penis again.” I looked down and asked the penis, ”Did you miss me?” I looked straight ahead out of the windshield and had no clue where I was or where I was going.

“I like big cocks.” Spilled out of my mouth. I thought I was cute and flirting. I shook the penis in my hand back and forth.” Do you want to be a big cock when you grow up?”

” Taste it Baby.” The kisser was challenging me.

‘ No big deal, I can do this.’ And I slid my ass up against the driver and bent down, plunging my open mouth over the kisser’s penis. The handsome driver was pulling my panties down as he drove us through the city streetlights. I stopped sucking this cock for a minute to help yank my panties off my ankles, and flung them out the open driver’s window.

“ Wow, where are we?” I didn’t recognize any of,” what city is this?” It looked like an industrial area of some kind. Only real dark, and no traffic around.

“Here, keep going sweetheart.” The passenger held his penis for my mouth to continue, I heard a giggle, as I bent down grabbing his cock again, and slowly took it into my mouth. I heard a woman moan as a finger entered my ass.

“Jesus Christ, Where are my panties?” He pushed my head back to suck his hard cock.

“God dam, she’s got a beautiful ass.” The driver made feel me proud. “And she’s a real Babe too.”
My head was swimming in all the nice compliments.

” Let me show you what I can do.” I began to thrust my head up and down the erect penis letting it hit the back of my numb throat faster and faster. I heard a groan and he pushed my head down on his cock. The only thing I felt was his pubic hair on the tip of my nose and a gush of something warm filling my mouth and throat. I could only breath through my nose. I gulped and struggled to breath. The cock in my throat kept pumping as his fingers stroked my hair.

“My turn, you need a cock in your pussy.” The driver was slowing the car down.

” Wow, what a great idea.” It seemed like a logical event at the time.

The car stopped in almost total darkness. I let the penis in my mouth fall out onto his lap. I quickly grabbed the cock again and izmit escort began stroking it. ‘I’m not done with this yet.’ I couldn’t see his face, but I kissed him just the same. His tongue felt the remnants of his own cum.

’How was that Sammie?’ I heard a car door open and hands pull me up on the seat. I was kneeling on the car seat as the hands on my hips pulled me towards the steering wheel.’ Where did the driver go?’ I still had a hand wrapped around the passenger’s flaccid cock. I pulled him with me.

“OH baby, you’ve got one sweet ass.” I heard the voice behind me in the darkness, and the sound of hs zipper going down.

Wet fingers were rubbing my pussy. Then something else took their place, and rubbed up and down my drenched slit. My hand began to squeeze the penis I was holding. The passenger moaned. I felt the head of a cock going into my pussy. He kept breathing heavily as he gave me just the end of it. I thought I was back in high school,” Come on Jason, Give me some more!”

“Oh baby, you’re hot and tight.” The voice in the dark behind me soothed my confusion a little.

’ That’s right Sammie, you’re going to get fucked now.’ A little voice in my head was whispering to me.

I could tell something was going in my pussy, but the sensation was missing. What happened to the thrill? I could only hear some heavy breathing from two guys. There were hands on my hips and cool air on my ass. I reached behind me with my free hand. A cock was in me. Then it started pumping in and out. My whole body was numb. My skirt was up around my lower back, and my passenger had my blouse unbuttoned and my bra was up over my breasts. His hands were squeezing and pulling on them. The cock in my hand was getting bigger and harder.

I think four songs passed by me as I got my pussy pounded and the penis in my hand was rock hard and really thick.

‘Wait a minute here, Sammie, you’re not behind the high school now.’ My little voice again whispered.

“Oh baby, this is so sweet.” The voice behind me. My pussy felt him hit the bottom over and over. His pelvis slapping against my ass cheeks. Where was the pleasure?

‘Careful Sammie, don’t panic.’ I was coming down. My mind was slowly beginning to clear.

“Oh Jesus!” He moaned and ground his hips into my ass as he began to cum. The cock in me was pumping out his load, when he suddenly pulled it out and I could feel a few jets of it hit my back and drip onto my ass cheeks. Then he quickly inserted a finger in my ass. Now I gasped.

“No, Please don’t.” the whispering plead wasn’t loud enough. He held my hip and put the head of his still hard cock to my ass and pushed it with force. A sharp searing hot pain shot to the center of my pelvis. I said nothing, just held my breath and clenched my teeth. The passenger tried to get his cock back into my mouth. I just turned my head away, but kept stroking his cock.

’Nice move Sammie. If you scream rape now, they just might kill you.’

“Oh God, Your so fucking tight!” The man behind me tried to pump his slowly softening cock into my ass. He couldn’t get much in. He was too soft, so he pulled it out.

“Give Terry a shot at your gorgeous ass baby.” The passenger opened his car door and stepped out waiting for me to turn around for him.’ Dam, this one has a fresh hard on for you too.’ I reached for Terry’s cock and began to suck it, getting him as wet as possible.

“You’re one beautiful horny bitch.” Terry was surprise at my zeal on his thick penis.
I had him dripping wet and turn around in the seat and kneeling I moved backwards through the darkness toward him. I felt him grasp my hips as his stiff cock bumped an ass cheek. I clenched my teeth again as he worked the head of it into my hole.

‘He’s not getting a single sound out of me!’ My little voice was loud and clear.

With a slow agonizingly vicious stroke, he buried it full. Flashes of white went off in my brain. I needed to scream but didn’t.

I began to see me back home, as a little girl playing with her dog in the yard.’ I miss you Trooper!’ That’s my German Shepard that I raised from a pup. He would tackle me everyday as I got off the school bus at the end of our long driveway. He would always sleep on the pillow next to me on my bed. All those wonderful years, he never once went to sleep on his pillow without facing me. And I would pet his face and watch him slowly fall asleep.

Someone announced they were coming.’ Who gives a shit, asshole?’ I wasn’t there as he pumped my ass full of cum. I was feeling Trooper lick my face. His fur was so soft, and his whiskers always tickled me awake in the morning. He needed to pee. And it’s my job to let him out so he can go to the bathroom. ‘Thanks Sammie, I miss you too.’

Trooper stayed with me until they dropped me off at the quiet downtown center. Everything around was closed. Terry tried to give me his number. ’Oh yeah, thanks bud. And I’ll call you just before I come over and blow your fucking brains out, ok?’ I didn’t say a word.

When I got home, Rob was waiting up. It was five in the morning. He ran to me at the door. I stood before him. My hair was all messed up with a few globs of dried cum in it. I had cum stains on my salmon colored blouse, which was missing most of the buttons. My black skirt also had stains all over the back of it. My swollen knuckles were screaming. And my head, pussy, and ass hurt like hell. ‘Now he had the nerve to say the following;

“Honey, What happened?”

I kicked him in the balls as hard as I possible could. I swear I lifted him a foot in the air. He hit the floor just like Heather did. I stepped over his crumpled body, and looked down at him.

“ How’s Heather’s nose, Rob?” and I spat on him. “If I ever see you again, I swear to God that I’ll rip your balls off and shove them down your fucking throat, you got that?”

When I got out of my hot soothing shower, Rob was nowhere to be found, but a few of his things were gone.’ Good, he went to his girlfriends to cry on her shoulder. You’ll never break me, Rob. Nobody can.’

I filed divorce papers the following Monday.

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