Two for You

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Vanessa wasn’t working that Tuesday morning and had some spare time on her hands. She decided to go online.

She went to POF to see if there were any new messages for her.

‘Hmmff’ she thought, disappointed — nothing….’

Well it wasn’t surprising actually, she was online pretty late last night and would have seen any of last night’s messages then.

She opened MSN to see if there were any messages there.

Having just nicely opened the window, she received a message.

Cool! It was Brent. They were both surprised to find each other online during the day.

“What are you doing home today?” He asked.

She told him that she took the day because she was expecting the cable guy later this afternoon.

‘And you?’

‘Oh, since I worked last weekend I get today off.’

‘So what are you doing?’ she asks.

‘Just lounging around in my PJ’s’, he tells her.


‘Yep. Of course I sleep in the nude……’

‘LOL’ she replies…. ‘You’re bad’….

As they chat the conversation turns quite sexual, and Brent begins to tell Vanessa about what he would like to do with her if they could be together… alone…

Brent is saying he’d like to tease her with his tongue… and it begins to have an affect on her. Vanessa begins to feel herself flush and there is a definite warmth down low.

Their sexual longing is evident in their conversation — even if it is only in ‘Chat’. She can tell that his desire is as strong as hers. She is beginning to feel her excitement growing and is becoming more aware of how horny she is.

Noticing that she is becoming wet with arousal she relays this fact to Brent.

‘Mmmmm, I’d sure love to taste that wetness… I’d clean up every drop’, He tells her.

‘Are you as horny as I am?’‚ she asks him.

‘MMMmmm… At Least!’ is his response.

‘I’m having a ‘hard’ time here. I’m getting harder by the minute just thinking about what we could be doing together…’

Vanessa is intrigued to see Brent send that he can’t stand it and is getting undressed.

She needs no further coaxing and begins doing the same. The freedom of wearing only a loose fitting shirt and nothing else is great.

Brent continues to tell her about tracing his tongue over her body, she begins to follow with one of her fingers. She massages her breasts like he is telling her he would be doing, while her one finger follows a trail down her chest between her beautiful breasts to her tummy.

Touching her tummy lightly with her finger imagining that it is Brent’s tongue she follows his words with her finger down past her tummy to the soft skin above her pubic hair. She can imagine what Brent is doing as she continues to follow his lead with her finger.

Brent teases her with his words and she plays along, avoiding her wetness. Her finger moves across the top of her pubic mound ….down the edge of her hairline to her sensitive inner thigh.

She can sense Brent’s excitement increase each time that she tells him that her finger is following his words … she tells him that she wants to touch herself where the ‘itch’ is so strong.

He tells her that she needs to be teased more yet and proceeds to describe his desire…

‘I’d continue to gently touch your thigh with the tip of my tongue, letting only my hot breath touch your now wet lips and clit.’

‘Feeling you squirm against me – trying to press your hot pussy against my flicking tongue…. I run my wet tongue up the crease of your leg again up to your pubic mound’….

‘With light kisses, I work my mouth down through your pubic hair, getting slowly closer and closer to your throbbing bud….

After teasing you there for a few seconds, with a pregnant pause … I zero in on your clit and with a long lick I suck it into my mouth’….

Vanessa has been excellent in her patience, and when Brent describes licking and sucking on her clit, Vanessa’s finger slides over it and she begins to tickle and rub her wet clit in a feverish pace.

A strong moan escapes her lips as Vanessa slips her fingers inside her eager pussy.

He tells her how excited he is thinking about her playing with her pussy and that he is using lubricant as he plays along. The slickness of the lubricant feels great and it helps him to imagine that it is her mouth wrapped around his throbbing member instead of his hand.

She feels the intensity of her horniness growing and she knows that she will have an incredible orgasm……It has been soooooo long since she has had the chance to play like this. It feels soooooo good…..mmMMMmmm……

BONG!!”…… “BONG!!

Abruptly, Vanessa’s pleasure is halted by the sound of the doorbell.

“WHAT?! ….DAMN! ….Who could that be NOW?”‚ she thinks.

At first she considers ignoring it, pretending that she is not home, but her friends know that she is home today and the stereo is playing so anyone else does too.

“DAMN!”she thinks again.

Telling Brent that she has to go to the door, she apologizes canlı bahis and says that she will get rid of them right away.

Quickly dressing she rushes to the door hoping she doesn’t appear too flushed or disheveled.

She is waaaaayyyyy too horny for company right now, she can feel the wetness in her panties as she runs.

She opens the door to find two men there… Immediately she realizes that she forgot that the cable guys were coming today. She thought they were coming later but….. ‘DAMN!’ she thought.

“Good morning, we’ve an appointment to install some cable jacks here”, says the taller man with a smile.

Vanessa can’t help but notice, especially in her present state of mind, that both men are very well built and good looking. She can’t imagine a good excuse to have them come back later so she can finish what she had started with Brent, so she was forced to let these two good looking men come in.

“Yes, that’s right I had forgotten…… come in. I’ll show you where I need them.”

She is still in a high state of arousal and would like to have been left alone for a few more minutes to finish the job she started with Brent.

She leads the men down the hall to the study where the computer is. Realizing that she would not be able to continue her play with Brent now disappoints her. “One jack here on this wall”, she points, “And I need one in my bedroom. Follow me.”

The taller man quips quietly ‚”Won’t refuse that offer…”

Vanessa wasn’t sure if she was supposed to hear that or not, but she did and she was intrigued by the thought…….. hmmmmm…

Vanessa led the way down the hall and she could feel the men’s eyes on her as she walked.

Maybe it was her strong sense of arousal that the men sensed, but she could tell that they were finding her enticing.

As they entered the bedroom a secret desire passed over her.

Just the thought of being alone in her bedroom with two strange, and attractive, men reminded her of her favorite fantasy.

People can instinctively sense other’s sexual tension. All three of them could sense it in each other now. Nobody was sure enough of it to say anything, but they were all convinced there was something in the air.

“Where would you like it?” the taller man smiled as he deliberately looked in Vanessa’s eyes.

She knew she let her interest show in her eyes as she flushed and replied‚

“Well, I’m not where I want it ……….. there are a few options‚” immediately she realized what she had said could be taken two ways.

“Well, you know what I mean”, She blushed and giggled.

He grinned back ‚”I think I do, we can put it wherever you want”.

The sexual innuendo was evident now in both their voices.

“We are remodeling here so I don’t know where I want the TV, there are ‘lots’ of things I want to do in this bedroom………”

“Well, the best thing to do is experiment to see what you like best.”

“I’ve been wanting to experiment………..but my husband is more into keeping things……..lets say…….simple.”

“Maybe after you are done putting the jacks in I’ll get a chance to experiment today……before he gets home……”

Vanessa smiled at them as she added,

“I can already think of two things I’d like to try…….Maybe at the same time…….”

With that Vanessa strode out of the bedroom feeling their eyes on her the whole way.

Returning to the computer Vanessa apologized to Brent about leaving and told him that she couldn’t continue their ‘fun’.

She explained that the cable guys were there, and added that if she got her way she would be able to fulfill her ‘two men’ fantasy.

Brent was disappointed that she was leaving but accepted that a ‘real’ escapade was more fun than fantasy.

“I’ll be on for a while, if you do manage to have ‘fun’ you have to promise to tell me every detail…”

“Mmmmm, promise….”

“I’ll be waiting to hear how you make out…..”

Vanessa logged off, then moves back to the bedroom to find the two men working there.

She tells them that she is going to have a shower if they don’t need her.

“No problem. This is an easy job, by the time you’re done we will be too”, Jason (by his nametag) says.

“Timing is everything‚ she tells him with a smirk……I hope you and your partner don’t work too fast to do it right.”

“We make sure that the customer comes first” he grins.

“Mmmmmm good policy…..” she smiles at him over her shoulder as she leaves the room.

Stepping out of her shower, Vanessa decides to dress a little more daring just to make sure that these two men are sure of her desire. After drying herself and fixing her hair she places her clothes in the hamper and slips into her silky short housecoat. Adjusting it to cover her, but with ample showing, she steps out of the washroom and into the bedroom.

Both men’s eyes light up at the sight of her dressed this way, she knows that she is achieving the desired effect.

“We’re done with the jacks‚, bahis siteleri Grant (again by nametag) says.

“Great, now I can experiment………..”Vanessa smiles as she sits down on the bed.

“Care to help?”she says as she slightly, but noticeably spreads her legs, leaning back on her elbows on the bed.

“Well, company policy says that we have to work together … on everything. Is that a problem?” he asks as he starts to move toward the bed.

‚”Mmmmmmm, Not at all……I insist on it.”

“In that case, sexy lady, we’d be pleased to help”.

Jason seated himself beside Vanessa on the bed and rests his hand on her exposed thigh.

She has now been in an extended state of arousal since first talking to Brent online and just the touch of Jason’s hand sends shivers through Vanessa.

An inviting moan escapes her lips as she turns to him. He leans over to her and their lips meet in a deep, passionate, hard kiss.

Grant, watching this, is beginning to become aroused and is already removing his clothes.

Now naked he sits down on the other side of Vanessa and his hand rests on her other thigh and he leans over to nuzzle her neck.

The feeling of two men’s kisses on her is extremely exciting to Vanessa and she feels herself begin to moisten.

Her tongue is dancing with Jason’s and she feels someone’s hand tugging on the tie of her housecoat.

“Mmmmm‚” escapes her lips.

She wants to feel unencumbered by her clothing – she is excited further when she feels the tie fall loose, and opens to reveal her nakedness.

With one hand she reaches for Grant’s growing cock and feels the hardness of it as she uses her other hand to unbutton Jason’s pants.

“OOOoooohhhh…………MMmmmm” she moans as she can now feel Jason’s hardness through his open jeans in one hand while she continues to stroke Grant’s hard throbbing member with the other.

Breaking her kiss with Jason, Vanessa now turns toward Grant. Her eager tongue is met by his and they lick each other’s mouths and tongues. Vanessa is in bliss – She can feel four hands on her and has two hard cocks in her own. The touch of their hands and the passion of their kisses is making her VERY aroused. She turns toward Grant and feels Jason rise up to continue undressing, the undressing that she had begun.

Leaning over more now Vanessa moves her lips down Grant’s neck and past his chest…..She wants to take his cock in her mouth. She almost gushes when she sees it….It is a gorgeous cock.

‘MMmmmm’, she can just imagine how it would feel inside her and she can’t wait to feel it between her lips….

He leans back on the bed and she rises up to be on all fours. Throwing her now open housecoat off of her she leans down and engulfs his cock in her mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm‚ escapes both their lips as Vanessa wets his cock with her saliva as she gently nibbles and sucks on him.

Grant is in total bliss with Vanessa’s actions and she can feel his humping against her eager sucking. Feeling a kiss on her back, Vanessa senses Jason coming up behind her. As he kisses down her back she feels the light flick of his tongue across the cheeks of her ass…….

MMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!

He just teases her pussy with his breath, then with a little lick as if to promise more, he turns to be lying on the bed – head to toe with Grant.

Vanessa eagerly continues to suck on Grant as she is more excited by the view of both cocks in front of her. She raises one leg up and without missing a beat on Grant’s cock, straddles Jason.

Taking Jason’s cock in her hand, she strokes him as she continues to suck on Grant. She feels Jason’s breath on her lips and she sits down slightly to bring her pussy closer to his mouth.

MMMMmmmmm………she wants to feel his tongue on her lips and clit.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH…….” she groans as his tongue expertly finds her most sensitive spot.

She is virtually dripping with moisture; his tongue laps it up and then probes between her lips wanting to drink more of her juices.

Grant reaps the reward of Jason’s actions on Vanessa as she sucks and licks his cock now with even more fervor.

Jason is an expert at what he is doing there – she feels his tongue probe deep into her pussy – she gyrates her clit on his chin and can feel the bridge of his nose against her tight asshole…mmmmmmmMMMmmm.

The licks and darts of his tongue are driving her wild…..she is on the verge of an intense orgasm – and having trouble concentrating on Grant’s cock as she continues to suck on it.

“NNNNNMMMMMHHHH”, she utters in higher and higher tone and frequency as Jason’s tongue is close to sending her over the top. She is erratic now in both her sucking on Grant and stroking of Jason.

She is almost there – – – – -Very UUUNnngg UUUNnnnnggg Close!!

With a quick dart, Jason’s tongue licks at lightning speed over her clit as his finger slips into her ass.

THAT does it!!!!

Vanessa squeals and humps against Jason’s bahis şirketleri face in spectacular orgasm.


Her erratic movements coupled with the sound of her orgasm are too much for Grant and he feels the cum swelling up inside his cock.

She loves to feel a man release.

Her pleasure is doubled by the thought of his impending climax.

“AAHH AAHH AAAHHHHH” he grunts and she feels the warmth of his cum squirt into her mouth.

She tries to hold all of his cum in her mouth, but doesn’t succeed.

Some dribbles down her cheek as he continues to pulse hot cum while Vanessa rides Jason’s tongue and finger through her orgasm.

As their thrashing and bucking slows, Jason backs off of her now TOO tender clit, and is softly licking her thighs and cheeks as she is winding down from her intense orgasm.

“WOW!…That was FANTASTIC! MMmmmmm…..” Vanessa smiles at Grant, as she slumps down on Jason.

“MMMM, sure was” Grant replied.

“You came Buckets!” she says.

“So did you!”‚ Jason adds laughing.

Vanessa gives Jason an appreciative kiss on the top of his still very erect cock.

“Mmmmmmm, do I get the same favor that you gave Grant?”

“Well, that’s up to you…….After the wonderful cum you just gave me, you get whatever you want……….” she told him as she rolled off him and turned around.

“Hmmmmm, tough decision, I want you everyway….”

Laughing coyly, she whispers in his ear sexily‚”Then that’s what you get.”

Vanessa reaches into her bedside drawer and retrieves a small bottle. She looks Jason in the eye and hands him the bottle.

“You might want to try some of this…..” she says in a sultry whisper.

Turning to Jason, she again straddles him….this time facing him.

She gives Jason a long deep kiss….. She can taste her own juices on his lips and the sensation excites her.

As she kisses him she slides her slippery hot slit up and down over his throbbing cock. He is thrusting up to meet her but her motions are calculated to tease him …. preventing his entry.

She continues to advert his thrusts as she slides her wet lips along his eager throbbing cock.

He struggles to get into her — he is almost crazy with anticipation.

She grabs her tongue with her teeth — clamps onto it firmly as she drops herself onto his cock. In one motion she impales herself onto his rigid, slick, throbbing cock.

“AAAHHHHHHhhhhhgggggg” he moans and she feels his passion as he now begins to buck against her.

Her passion somewhat under control now after her first orgasm, she is able to take complete control of their fucking.

He continues to kiss her and tickle her tongue and lips with his and she can tell that his passion is growing….almost too fast.

“OOOOO take it easy Mr. …You aren’t going to cum yet……..I’m going to tease you like you did me….. Believe me –you’ll thank me for it….”

With that she slows her humping and starts to grind her clit into his pubic bone.

Grant at the other end of the bed gets a good view of this show. Even though he just had an incredible orgasm he is already aroused by the sight.

Opening the lubricant he applies a liberal portion to his semi-erect penis.

He begins to stroke his now slick throbbing organ and leans close to where the action is.

As Vanessa begins to hump his cock again, Jason’s hands start to squeeze her ass. He is pulling her up and down on his now raging hard on. As Jason pulls her up, his hands spread Vanessa’s ass – Grant takes this opportunity and darts his tongue out taking a quick lick across her tight rosebud.

“MMMMmmmmm!!!!!!‚ WOW!!!! I LOVE THAT!!!!”

Vanessa rolls with Jason until they are both on their side to allow Grant better access to her ass. Jason seems to have his initial passion under control now and is humping with her in rhythm. She is in ecstasy feeling his long cock buried deep inside her and Grant’s tongue running circles around her asshole with tiny little probes inside.

They can hear the sounds of their passion now – the slapping of their bodies and Vanessa’s wetness, as Jason plunges his hard cock into her quivering pussy.

Grant’s licks become more direct now and he begins to slide his tongue ever so slightly inside her twitching bum.

His steady stroking, coupled with the eroticism of licking Vanessa’s ass while she is being fucked, has Grant back to full hardness quickly.

Grant, taking some lubricant on one finger slides it over Vanessa’s tight puckered bum.

Wet from his lubricant, saliva and her juices, his finger slips inside easily.

Grant’s other hand slips around her and just above where Jason’s cock is working her pussy, Grant starts rubbing her clit.


Continuing to tickle her clit, Grant removes his finger and slides up behind Vanessa. She can feel his cock hard nestled between the cheeks of her ass.

She can feel the lube on her ass. Although she relishes the feeling of Jason in her itching pussy, she is agonizing over wanting to feel Grant in her ass at the same time.

Grant then whispers sexily in her ear, “Do you want to feel both of us inside you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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