Two Drinks For The Teachers

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Let me tell you a bit about myself and, maybe, it will help show you where I am coming from in my writings.

1. Women are Ladies and should be treated as such until such time as they show that they are not. They are not whores, cunts or even bitches they are Ladies.

2. I am immediately, turned on, by a Lady in a skirt, stockings and heels. Even women who are a bit overweight look sexy and desirable and it does not have to be a mini either.

3. I do not fuck women but prefer to make love to women using all of my senses. The sense of sight to look, the sense of smell to smell, the sense of touch to feel, the sense of taste to enjoy and the sense of hearing to appreciate your efforts. I find nothing wrong with the word fuck as the word is a big turn on during coupling.


It was 1984 and I had had a tough day at the office. I had just been through a tough divorce, as my wife had moved in with my best friend. I realized that I was also part of the problem with the relationship. I had been very busy for the past week and decided that this Tuesday night was a night for me to go out and have a couple of drinks.

I drove to a small Lounge on the outskirts of Tacoma Washington and kind of settled in for the night there. I am somewhat shy so I usually don’t make too much of a fuss. I ordered myself a Tom Collins and sat back and listened to the soft smooth jazz that was lying on the house speakers. I noticed a Brunette sitting a couple of tables away from me sitting with a Blonde female. Both were wearing knee length skirts, stockings and heels that immediately caused a bit of a crease in the old pup tent. The Brunette looked my way and smiled while whispering something to her companion.

I asked the cocktail waitress to send them whatever they were drinking as I paid for it. The drinks arrived and the Brunette motioned for me to come over and join them. As I approached the table I realized that the Ladies were in there 40’s and I was only 25. They still canlı bahis looked sexy as hell in their outfits so I sat down and introduced myself. I discovered that they were two single Elementary School Teachers that had also gone through a very hectic day. The Brunette was named Ann and the Blonde was named Connie. I was sitting next to Ann and Connie slid her chair over alongside me on the other side. I found my self between two sexy lonely women.

Our conversation was pretty general in nature as we got to know one another. Throughout the night I got up and danced with both women not knowing how the evening was going, to turn out, nor to figure out what my next step would be. I knew that I was going to remain a Gentleman at all costs. As the night went on the dances got closer and closer and I felt Ann’s thigh pushed tight into my crotch. Gentleman or not I could feel my cock getting hard again and sliding along her leg. We returned to the table and Ann asked me if I wanted to follow her and Connie back to the apartment that they shared. I quickly accepted as it was getting close to closing time for the Lounge.

Ann and Connie lived just a few blocks away in a modest Apartment Building. I sat down on the couch with Ann as Connie opened a bottle of white wine and poured 3 glasses full.

Connie sat down, on the couch, on the other side of me and all I noticed that both women’s skirts had ridden up to mid thigh and I was getting a good look at two exceptional sets of legs. I could just see up inside of both women’s legs and I was getting very turned on. I had just sat my glass on the coffee table and sat back up when I felt two tongues enter my ear passages on each side and felt two hands start caressing up my thigh from my knees toward my crotch. My cock was straining against the material of my slacks and my hands dropped one on each of the ladies knees.

Ann was about 5’9″ and weighted about 140 pounds. Connie was about 5’6″ and 120 pounds. Both had what appeared to be beautiful Medium sized breasts and bahis siteleri beautiful asses. I kissed Ann and her tongue slid into my mouth like a sensuous snake flicking all over inside my mouth. Not to be out done Connie slid over onto my lap and started licking my neck and sucking on my ear lobe. I looked down to see that Connie’s skirt had ridden up to her waist and I could be the blue pantie becoming moist indeed. Ann stood up and removed her blouse and bra showing a very lovely set of tits. She then hiked up her skirt and slid her pair of red panties showing her shaved sweet and moist pussy. She then slid her skirt down her beautiful legs just standing there in her thigh high stockings and heels.

Ann pulled Connie and gave her a sexy kiss caressing her breast with her hand stuffed between them. My cock was standing upright in my pants, as I had never seen anything like this. Back then it wasn’t talked about at all. I had heard of bi-sexuality but this was the first time that I had experienced women bi-sexuality. Ann began removing Connie’s blouse and bra exposing her impressively shaped tits to my sight. Ann bent down and took one of Connie’s nipples in her lips and sucked on it rolling her tongue around the nipple once in awhile. Connie moaned and reached down sliding off her skirt and panties.

” He looks a bit overdressed Connie remarked”. Ann came over to me and pulled me to my feet then started unbuttoning my shirt. I felt Connie’s hands at my belt unfastening my belt and pants. She pulled my pants and underpants down with a quick jerk, then pushed me back down on the couch and removed my shoes and socks.

I pulled Connie to her feet and kissed her deeply pushing my tongue deep within her mouth. I gasped as I felt Ann’s mouth slide over the head of my cock sucking it into her mouth. I then bent over and sucked Connie’s breast into my mouth licking her nipple while sucking, Ann reached down and cupped Ann’s right breast and began squeezing it gently. Ann said now that we are acquainted; let’s adjourn bahis şirketleri to the bedroom. They had a King size bed and all three of us climbed aboard.

We formed a daisy chain with my face buried between Ann’s legs and Connie had her head buried between my legs and Ann had her head in between Connie’s legs. We smelled and licked each other when I felt a shift. Connie released from me and

Ad me back up. She then got into a 69 position with Ann and they proceeded to eat each other out. Between licks Connie grabbed my cock and lubricated my cock with her saliva and Ann’s pussy juices then guided me to her little brown spot. She placed the head of my cock on the lips of her anus and had me start pushing it in. Ann said she could feel my cock on her tongue as I slid it in on the other side of the membrane. I pumped Connie’s ass while Ann lapped at her pussy. I was getting close to shooting my load when Connie told me to pull out. They had another idea to try. I got into a 69 position with Ann and ate her pussy while she sucked my cock in all of the way. Suddenly I felt Connie’s hand on my ass/ she had gotten into position facing the same way as Ann but with her head by my ass. With Ann sucking on my cock, and my mouth in Ann’s pussy, I felt Connie’s tongue penetrate my asshole after licking up and down the crack. My cock slamming in and out of Ann’s mouth as I pushed back against Connie’s tongue pushing it in as far as I could go. Ann reached out and had her fingers in Connie’s pussy and we were l laying there moaning. All of a sudden I felt Connie push her middle finger up into my asshole sliding it in and out. Ann was still sucking away and Connie was pushing away with her finger. I felt the eruption building and Connie pushed really deep and hit the prostate gland. My Word I came with a force that I had never felt before or since.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms and when I awoke Ann and Connie were getting ready for School. I never saw them ever again but I will never forget the love and the giving of themselves even though it was only one night. They were beautiful ladies who were kind enough to share all of themselves with a shy young man. To my dying day, I will never forget that one night that was shared by two teachers.

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