Two curious friends

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This is my first attempt at this so please be easy. This is a true story but I will change up our names to keep identity private. If you like please let me know because there are many more to share. This is a true story of two young boys that have been friends forever and got a little curious.
We had no idea what we were doing but horny curious boys do crazy things.

I’ll start of with a little background of both guys. My name is Justin and his is Colby. We’re the same age (now 21 but about age 13) is when this started. I’m (justin) about 6’2 and about 250 but have a good build for that weight due to sports, I have short dark hair and an average size penis that has been cut. He (Colby) is about 5’11 and 215, has short blond hair and also has average size penis that is also cut.

It started in the summer after our 7th grade year, my parents finally let me begin spending the night at friends houses but Colby was the only friend that I ever really felt cool enough with to spend more than one night with. I decided to call him and ask if I could come stay the weekend with him, he said yes before I could get the whole question out. He always teased me about not being able to come over before this. My parents were weird about letting me go out.

I arrived at his house at about 11am that morning and it was HOT outside! Lucky for us he has a pool and so first thing we did was run into his room and change for the pool and this is when it began to be a little weird. We have hung out so many times before and changed plenty of times before but never in same room or without really hiding from one another. This time was different and I’m not sure why but it definitely was!

I guess we felt comfortable enough to just change in front of kocaeli escort each other and so we did. We both stripped down to nothing before grabbing our trunks.I had noticed that he had light color pubes and his balls hung a lot lower than mine but our dick size was roughly the same. I had the slight edge in dick size but my balls didn’t hang like his yet and I barely had a few dark pubes. We both kinda caught a glimpse of each other but didn’t say anything about it. I tried not to stare but I did for sure look and I know he looked at mine too. We proceeded to run outside and start swimming.

As we were swimming we were talking about guy things including sports, girls, and food. The whole time I felt really different like in a horny way. This wasn’t helped by us talking about girls AT ALL. We kept talking and soon we both asked the question of who’s done what. Colby replied with a simple “I kissed the girl next door and she flashed me”. All I could say was “I’ve seen my sister and cousin naked”. We then looked at each other kinda funny and stared for awhile not knowing what was about to happen. Colby broke the silence and said “are you curious how it feels”? I could only manage a nod for a minute then I said “yes but how would we do that”? Colby then said hey no one is here but us for another two hours let’s go inside and try something. It took me a minute to move but Colby insisted we could have fun. He had this odd smile on his face and I knew he already had plans for us.

Upon returning into his room I looked at him and said what do we do now? He replied while taking off his trunks and said we’ll get naked! So I did mainly because I was so horny and confused I didn’t know how to refuse. As I dropped my shorts we stood there and stared at kocaeli escort bayan each other’s wet dicks. He made the first move by taking my dick in his hand and jerking it slowly. He slowly planted small kisses on my neck and I didn’t really care for that but he had my dick in his hands and that had me on another planet. We both got hard very quickly and began working up ideas in our heads.

I felt the need to return the favor and grabbed his dick and it was really hot, not like mine when i held my own. I slowly jerked it and admired how his balls were hanging there. He was a very light white color and his dick resembled that while his balls had a pink tint to them.

Colby then put a blanket on the floor and said ok you get on all fours first. I reluctantly did what he asked and showed him my bare ass. He then got behind me and sized his dick to my hole and began trying to fuck my asshole. I asked him to stop because it wasn’t going in and neither of us knew what to do at first but he thought to try and lube it with his saliva.

He then used his spit to lube his dick and then quickly shoved his dick inside my ass. The feeling wasn’t great in fact it hurt but something about what we were doing had me in pure ecstasy. We began rocking together and I was rock hard while this was going on. I began to jack off my dick while getting fucked and after a minute or two I grabbed his hand off my hip and put it around my cock. He began jerking me off and it felt so good way better than when I do it myself. The reach around I was receiving was pure bliss for me and I was hoping this would go on for awhile.

Unlucky for him he didn’t last long at all. He began saying he needed to finish so He pulled out and shot his sperm all over the wood izmit escort floor.

Right then we heard a knock on the door, his mom had returned early and was asking if we were ok. Colby shouted yes mom we are fine, changing to go swimming. Wooh close one I said and we got dressed and before we left the room I said I’m kinda bummed I didn’t get my turn and he said well the weekend isn’t over and with that we went back outside to swim some more.

We probably swam for hours on hours that day. When we got tired finally we went inside and changed into our regular clothes and put In a pizza and watched a movie. As the movie went on that night I began wondering where I’d sleep tonight, I knew his grandparents would offer the couch but I was already hoping to sleep in his room, so I thought to just whisper to him, hey Colby where am I sleeping tonight and he gave me a wink and said in my bed. I was ready for my turn and to continue this odd thing we had going.

The rest of the movie was a blur all I could think about was bedtime. When the movie ended we were told to go to bed so we headed that way. Luckily they didn’t try to stop us when we shared the bed. We were on opposite sides and while changing it didn’t take long to realize we both slept in our boxers. As I locked the door and turned out the lights, there we were laying there and it didn’t take long before he began rubbing my thigh.

I then heard him whisper I’ll take my boxers off if you do. Before I could even get them all the way off he was playing with my dick. I can’t lie I really liked it when he did that. He played with it for awhile and asked me to play with his dick so I did mainly playing with his balls. He actually came up with a plan that I for one loved. He said if you will play with my balls I’ll give you a blowjob. How could I refuse that, I had never had a blowjob before…..


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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