Two Brothers , Their Girl Cousin

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I (Sangeetha) was 22 years old and the incident happened during one of those sex sessions I used to sneak in with a cousin (Dinesh) of mine. He was 26 years old. This time the session was in his place, in his parents big kingsize bed. We have been having sex with each other since almost 19 months now, whenever we found an opportunity.

His parents had gone out of the city to attend a function at a relative’s place and his elder brother (Ramesh), 29 years old, was out with his fiance. He was engaged and was getting married in two months. His plan was for a movie and dinner which gave the two of us four to five hours at the least. We were always cautious about how much time we had and we made sure we wrapped up at least 30 minutes prior to the deadline to avoid any one noticing something.

I really did not know where our clothes were that day in the passion and the heat. All I knew was we were naked on their parent’s bed. I was lying down on the bed, with eyes closed, moaning and holding Dinesh’s head as he lay between my legs. He had his mouth over my pussy and his tongue inside, licking, softly chewing and sucking my vulva and the clit. I was stark naked with spread legs, my juices flowing and me moaning out Dinesh’s name. He was naked too and without any sound busy with my wet pussy.

That’s when I was startled when I heard “Well, Well!! Seems we have some good action going on here.”

The voice sounded as if it was in a dream. A very familiar voice though and I was telling myself this can not be real. I felt Dinesh’s moving off from between my legs and I decided to open my eyes and I had my stomach in my mouth, instantly! Ramesh was standing right at the side of the bed with Dinesh now crouching to hide his nudity.

My instant reflex was to look for something to cover too, but, I could not find our clothes nor anything on the bed to cover myself with. I could feel Ramesh literally devouring my naked body with his eyes. I was trembling and crouched myself, like Dinesh, to hide my nudity but he seemed to just enjoy what he was seeing. I heard Ramesh laugh again as he sat on the bed along with us.

I was scared. Really scared!! I could hear my heart pounding and any faster I would have had a stroke, might be. I was sweating profusely, having my head down in shame and embarrassment with no guts to put it up and look at either of them. I could but smell sex in the room, my juices had made a wet patch on the bed and the sheets were crumpled enough telling a story of its own.

I felt Ramesh’s hand over my head, caressing my hair gently.

“Don’t you worry, its ok and I am not going to tell anyone about it” he said.

I was not sure if istanbul escort he was being sarcastic or joking. I looked up to see his face and saw he was smiling and not laughing. As I looked up he brought his hands over to my cheek, caressing. He then got his other hand holding my arm and trying to pull them away from me so I would not crouch any more.

It was evident as to what was in his mind. I did not want to put up a fight because this I am sure will be a battle that I will lose. I made up my mind and sat up straight, giving him a good view of my breasts. I saw his face brighten and he gasped shortly.

“So, do I get to see it all now?” was his question.

I nodded silently stretching my legs out and leaning back on the bed. I saw his eyes roam all over me, my naked body. I did feel a little embarrassed at this point, but, I did not hide myself. I let him see the real me!

He looked at his brother Dinesh, smiling.

“Get on with what you were doing. Put up a show for me sweethearts!” he grinned.

I saw Dinesh and our eyes met. I nodded at him and he nodded a no. Ramesh smirked at his nod and turned towards me with his hand reaching out to my breast. I did not stop him. He squeezed my breast a bit and tweaked my nipple gently. I let out a soft moan.

He smiled “soft and sensitive, is it not?” as he reached for my other breast and repeated the action.

He then pulled my legs a bit down making me lie down and spread my legs with his hands. He looked at me before placing his mouth over my thigh, kissing and licking on it as his head moved to my moist pussy.

“Lovely aroma that is really intoxicating!” he whispered as he reached my pussy lips and parted the lips with his fingers, gently.

And with no hesitation, he darted his tongue out and stuck it up my love hole, tongue fucking me. I was back to my position of holding his head and spreading my legs more to accommodate him.

I really did not want to compare the brothers, but, my mind did compare them. Guess what! They were no different. Him licking and sucking my clit with his tongue inside me and the way he was holding my thighs, was almost similar to how Dinesh does. The ‘smell of a man’ was also similar between both of them. But this was Ramesh and not Dinesh. Thinking of him between my legs, with his tongue inside me and the previously pent up orgasm, togehter, made me cum! I cummed real intense and guess with a good moan. I felt Ramesh move away. My eyes were closed, sweating, panting for breath and trying to relax.

Not sure how much time I was lying down that way, but when I opened my eyes, I saw Ramesh in his vest and briefs. istanbul escort bayan I looked for Dinesh. The guy who was crouching all the while was standing naked, proudly showing off his hard on, with his elder brother in the same room. I realized I will have to satisfy both of them now. I became nervous again. I have never been with more than one man and never even thought I will be. This was going to be the first time I am with two men and the two men are brothers.

Ramesh winked at me and whistled, teasing me.

“We will be gentle, nothing to be worried about” came out of his mouth and Dinesh nodded positively with a smile.

Ramesh asked “How long have you been fucking around?” and I could not say anything.

I had a lump in my throat that would not let me talk.

Dinesh blurted “about a yead and a half now.”

I saw Ramesh take his vest off showing his smooth and broad chest.

He stepped close to the bed in his briefs “will you take that off for me?” he asked me with a naughty grin and looked at his brother “so, I have missed all the fun in the last few months!” and they both laughed.

Having no choice now, I held the helm of his briefs and pulled it down, while sitting on the bed. As I pulled it down, his hard cock sprang up and almost hit my face. He picked his briefs and threw it away without even looking where he was throwing it. Both the brothers were standing naked in front of me, with their cocks saluting me and waist below I could hardly see any difference between them.

Ramesh held my arm and made me stand up. Once I got off the bed he came in front of me, bent down and placed his lips over mine. We got into a passionate smooch with our lips and tongue playing with each other. Saliva exchange was a given in the whole thing. I could still taste a bit of my juices from his lips and mouth. I felt his hand go down to hold my breasts when I felt another pair of hands from behind me moving over my body. Dinesh was behind me and I could also feel his hard cock poke my butt. Ramesh then started squeezing and playing with one where as his brother took care of the other. Their other hand was roaming all over my body as we were still smooching.

Both the brothers now came to the front giving me their cocks in both my hands. As I held them and started rubbing and stroking them, both of them bent down a bit and took both my breasts in their mouths and both of them had one finger each go to my pussy and started rubbing, playing and finger fucking me. I felt as if I was in heaven, with four hands over me and two mouths suckling both my breasts and my grip on both their cocks increased.

Three escort istanbul naked bodies was a new experience, but I started enjoying it. I felt very kinky and was feeling comfortable now, being naked and to have sex with the elder brother too. I pushed both of them on the bed, having them sit next to each other. I sat down on the floor inbetween their legs, holding their cock and started blowing Ramesh first. His cock was new to me, though the feel of his cock was very similar to Dinesh. I looked into his eyes as I blew him and he was really surprised at what I could do. I was holding Dinesh’s cock and stroking it as I blew his elder brother. I kept sucking and stroking the cocks, alternating it.

Ramesh now wanted to enter me.

“You have had her enough and this time it will be me who will go in.” He told his younger sibling. “But, you will get her ready for me!” he smirked.

He pulled me over the bed and made me lie down again, pushing Dinesh over me to lick my pussy as he moved up giving his cock to my mouth again. I started sucking Ramesh hard when Dinesh started tongue fucking me and sucking my clit, the scene that Ramesh got to see when he entered the room.

In a few minutes, I was wet when I was made to get on my fours with Ramesh getting behind me to enter me in doggy position. Dinesh happily moved to the front giving me his cock in my mouth now. Ramesh bent over me holding my breasts and playing as he entered me and started fucking me. I could not moan free since Dinesh’s cock was in mouth and he was almost fucking me too. The room was filled moans, grunts, smell of sweat and sex. I did not know till then that I could handle 2 guys pretty easy.

Both of them kept fucking my pussy and mouth and Dinesh erupts in my mouth. Nothing new to me and I swallowed his cum. Ramesh could not handle the pressure any more when he saw me swallow cum. He pulled out of my pussy and immediately moved to my mouth and pushing his cock in my mouth and in a few seconds he also erupted in my mouth. They did taste alike too.

Dinesh got behind me using his fingers and tongue to fuck me to get me into an orgasm as I still had Ramesh’s cock in my mouth. I orgasmed again with a loud moan and Ramesh moved back and lied down on the bed. I fell on my back on the bed to his side with Dinesh finally lying down on my other side and both of them again running their hands over my body. My chin, neck and my breasts still covered in their cum.

“I wish my fiance was half as good as you!” Ramesh mumbled. “Good, that she could not make it today and I had to return home. Leave alone swallowing, she does even give me a blowjob!” he cribbed as his hands were over me.

“I at least have 2 more months before my marriage and I just cant keep my hands off you and hope you dont mind either!” he playfully squeezed my navel as he said that.

I smiled and nodded a yes looking at him, relishing my time with both the brothers and for more to come in the forthcoming days…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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