Twin Sisters Need to be Bred

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Twin Sisters Need to be Bred


“You ready to do this, Lita?” I asked my twin sister as we stood in the kitchen. “There’s no going back once I drop this in here.”

“Do it, Rita!” my twin sister said, such glee in her eyes.

I took a deep breath and tilted over the lust potion that we had whipped up. It was based off this recipe we found on the internet. It probably wouldn’t work. But it did have absinthe in it, and that was supposed to make people get wild. Even if the magic didn’t work, alcohol would.

At least that was what I hoped. I mean, I was only eighteen. Just turned eighteen. Drinking wasn’t something I had experience with. I shuddered as I dumped it into the punch bowl, the green liquid merging with the red drink, mixing with the slices of orange and lemon floating in it.

“Okay,” Lita said, staring at me. Our features were mirrors of each other. We both had green eyes and heart-shaped faces framed by our auburn-red hair. Mine was cut short in a cute bob while Lita liked to wear hers long. It was the only difference between us.

We were both 5’2″, 98 pounds, and were rocking 30 B’s. We were developing, but we needed to get things moving. Things were going great. Our birthday was right where it needed to be. Six months spent tracking our cycle told us that this was the day.

We would be bred on our eighteenth birthday.

Together, we picked up the punch bowl and moved it with care through the living room. My stomach twisted with my excitement. My heart went pitter-patter in my chest. A tingle raced through my fingers as we pushed through the swinging door into the dining room/living room area of the house.

“There they are,” said Bert, he was our middle brother. Twenty, tall and buff with brassy hair and a big smile on his lips. “Was wondering if you were growing the fruit for the punch!”

“We had to make it special,” Lita and I said together as we set it on the dining room table.

“You didn’t poison it, did you?” Dale asked. He was the youngest of our three older brothers. At nineteen, he only had a year on us. He was skinny but tall like our other brothers, his brown hair shaggy.

“Maybe,” I said and grabbed the ladle to scoop up the first glass. “But it’s our eighteenth birthday, so you have to drink up!”

“You heard your sisters,” Dad said. He was a tall, beefy, and ruddy-face man with a farmer’s tan from sitting out in the tractor all day. “Drink up.”

I thrust the glass at the oldest of our brothers, George. “Here you go! Enjoy!”

He was on leave from the Marine Corp, his first since he left to join up last year. I was so thrilled he was here for this special day. George took the cup and sniffed at it. He wasn’t the tallest, but he had Dad’s broad shoulders. He looked so sexy with his hair buzzed short.

“Smells all right,” he said. “But then I’ve been eating the shit they serve in the mess hall.”

Dad chuckled. He was a Marine. Once a devil dog, always a devil dog even if he hadn’t been in for twenty years. “That’s the God’s own truth. You survive eating that crap, and you’ll never bitch about Rita burning dinner again.”

“Once!” I gasped as Lita giggled. She had never burned dinner.

“And here you go,” Lita said, handing dad the cup. “Drink up. It’s yummy.”

Dad nodded and knocked it back. “Not bad. Not bad at all. Better than last year’s.”

“We found a new recipe,” Lita and I said together as we both fished and scooped out the next two cups.

I gave one to Dale and she gave one to Bert. He tossed it back but Dale gave it a suspicious look. Our skinny brother sniffed it.

“You don’t trust us?” I asked him, fluttering my eyes.

“Of course not,” he said. “You two are smiling like the barn cat that cornered the mouse.”

“Drink it,” Dad said, holding out his cup for a refill. “It’s their birthday. You know the rule.”

Lita refilled it, and Dad raised his sup to the picture of Mom that overlooked the table. My sister and I both glanced at her. This is the only way we knew our mother. We had her red hair and green eyes and such a beautiful smile. She was holding her round belly, happy to be having a pair of twin daughters.

Sadly, she didn’t survive our birth. Complications. Even in these modern days, things can go wrong. I supposed that was why my sister and I felt so compelled to embark upon our naughty plan. Why we had mixed up that lust potion.

Or just spiked the fruit punch with some alcohol to relax our brothers and father.

“Ellen,” Dad said then drank the drink.

My brothers raised theirs. So did Lita and I. Though we didn’t drink.

“Not bad,” said Bert. He was helping Dad out on the farm more and more. It would be his one day. George was talking about going career in the corp and Dale wanted to go off to college. This might be the last chance we would have them all together for a long time at the rate things we’re going.

It was now or never. Only I was so terrified.

“So,” Dale said. “You told us not to get you izmir escort bayan any birthday presents. That you would tell us tonight and that we would have to do it.”

“Can we do it?” asked Bert suspiciously. “It’s not something impossible.”

“Or a pony,” grunted Dad. “I’m not paying that much for something you’ll get bored with in a month or two.”

“No, no,” I said, squeezing my twin sister’s hand.

“It’s something you three are all more than capable of doing,” Lita added.

We glanced at each other. We had chosen these dresses carefully. They came off very, very easily. My heart pounded. My hand was so sweaty as I gripped my twin’s. What if they said no? What if they rejected us? Or punished us? Dad could be so mad at us, but…

The potion or alcohol just had to work. We had to do this. Mom wasn’t around to expand the family. It was up to Lita and me to do it since it was our fault that she was dead. We had to do this. It made so much sense.

We grabbed the hems of our dresses and pulled them up our nubile bodies. We unveiled them before our brothers and Dad. The dresses fluttered to the floor, exposing our small breasts, barely more than budding mounds topped with pink nipples. Our hips had some curve, our legs lithe, and our pussies freshly shaved of what sparse pubic hair we had.

“Dad and big brothers,” we said together, “we want to be bred!”

Silence fell on the room. They all stared at us in shock. My heart raced. A bead of sweat ran down my brow, itching me. I breathed heavily, standing naked next to my twin sister hoping the lust potion would work. That they would take us hard.

None of them acted. They all just stood there like they had been struck dumb. I swallowed and knew that we had to get this going. We had to throw ourselves at them and jump-start their lusts. We had our targets picked.

I threw myself at our oldest brother. I jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist. I threw my arms around my neck and thrust my tongue into my mouth. I kissed him so hard while rubbing my wet pussy into his shirt.

* * *


My twin went for our big brother. I went for Daddy. I had won the coin flip.

“Daddy!” I squealed and shoved my hand down his pants, forcing past his fly. The button bulged, as I got in there. I grabbed the back of his neck and tugged down.

Normally, Daddy would be strong enough to resist me, but he was still stunned by our incestuous demand that he let me pull him down towards my lips. My hand found his cock in his pants. I gripped him. Stroked him.

“Breed me, Daddy!” I moaned. “Breed me like you bred Mommy!”

I planted my mouth on his and kissed him so hard. I thrust my tongue past his mouth. I wiggled it around in him. I closed my eyes and groaned as I savored the feel of his mouth on mine. His whiskers rasped on my lips as his cock throbbed in his pants. He swelled.

I had him. I just had to get that cock in me. In my pussy. I wanted him to be my first. To just ram his dick into me My tongue danced around in his mouth, tasting the fruit punch. I could feel my other two brothers were watching on in shock as this happened.

I pulled Daddy’s cock out all the way. I had it. Now it was time to take him in my mouth. I broke the kiss and fell to my knees, my long, red hair falling down my back. Dad panted, his ruddy face staring at me in shock.

“Lita!” he croaked as I licked the tip of his cock. He shuddered as I did that. “What the fuck?”

“I want you to breed me, Daddy!” I gasped. “I wanted to be bred by all of you! Want your babies! I want to be barefoot and pregnant and dripping in my daddy’s cum and my big brothers’ jizz.”

“Fuck,” groaned skinny Dale. He stared at me in shock as I licked Daddy’s cock again.

“I know you want me, Daddy,” I moaned and hopped up on the table now. I spread my legs wide and leaned back. He stared at me, his jeans undone and barely hanging on, his cock thrusting out the top of his underwear. He was such a sexy man. Strong and virile. “Ram your big dick in me and breed me like you bred Mommy!”

“Dad,” croaked Bert. He massaged his cock. He squeezed himself while Rita kissed George.

He had his hands on her ass now, squeezing her naked rump. Her plan was working, too. But I wanted Daddy’s cock in me. I needed his cock to ram into my cunt. I was so hot and wet. Just aching for him to fuck me.

“Breed me, Daddy!” I moaned.

He took a stumbling step forward. He swallowed as he stared at my cunt. His eyes were so wide. So big with shock. I grinned at him, so ready to have his cock ram into me. I just needed him to fuck me hard.

With a growl, he grabbed my thighs. “You want to be bred, you fucking little tramp!”

“Yes!” I gasped. “My hot, virgin pussy wants to be broken in. Rita and I want to be knocked up by the family! We’re your cum-dumpsters! Fill us up!”

He buried his face into my pussy. I gasped at the feel of his rough whiskers on my pussy. My eighteen-year-old body izmir escort quivered as he licked and lapped at me. His tongue slid through all my naughty bits. I shuddered on my back, pleasure coursing through me. I whimpered, shocked by how great this was. How amazing his tongue felt on me.

“Daddy! Daddy!” I gasped, squeezing my thighs about his head. “Oh, you’re doing it. You’re eating my pussy!”

“You want it, you little trollop!” He licked across my slit, brushing my hymen then my clit.

“Jesus, Dad,” panted Brad. “She’s… she’s your daughter.”

“And she tastes like your mother.” Dad licked again.

Such joy shot through me. I wanted to be a breeder like Mom. I wanted to bring so many kids into this world. My family’s children. That would be so hot. I quivered there as Daddy licked and lapped at me again and again.

His tongue slid through my folds. I whimpered, savoring every moment of it. I humped against him, savoring the way he devoured me. I shuddered on the table, building towards an orgasm. This incredible burst of pleasure.

“George!” gasped Rita. She was on the bureau getting devoured by our oldest brother.

“Damn,” groaned Bert as he unzipped his pants. I shuddered at the sight of his cock coming out. He stroked himself as he stared at my naked body.

“Just don’t shoot off unless it’s in my pussy!” I moaned as he beat his meat. “Your cum has to fire into my cunt. That’s how it has to work.”

“Breed us! Breed us!” squealed Rita, her small boobies quivering.

“Jesus, Bert, how can you do that?” Dale asked. “You’re jerking off to Dad eating out our sister.”

“You want to get in pussy?” growled Bert. “You’re getting any from the girls at school. But these little sluts are begging for it. They want us to fuck them To breed them. Why the fuck isn’t your dick out?”

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned, Daddy licking me closer and closer to that burst of pleasure. To cumming so hard. “Let me see your big dick, Dale. I want to see it and suck it and feel you cumming in me!”

“Holy shit,” Dale groaned and started unbuttoning his fly.

I shuddered as there was a second dick for me to stare at. A second brotherly dick for me to stare at as I hurtled towards my orgasm. I wanted to have them in all my holes. Have them ram into my pussy and flood me with all that spunk.

Daddy’s tongue licked at my clit. He flicked against it. I gasped and shuddered. The pleasure was so exquisite. I quivered in delight, rising closer and closer to that wonderful moment of erupting. I would have such a huge orgasm.

“Goddamn,” he growled and suckled hard on my clit.

“Daddy!” I howled as I bucked and came

. My pussy juices gushed out into his hungry mouth. I trembled through all this rapture. I gasped and moaned, loving every second of this delight. It swept through me. I whimpered, squeezing my thighs around his head as I bucked.

I stared at Dale’s and Bert’s dicks, stars dancing before my eyes. My mind drowned in all the ecstasy that Daddy gave me. I whimpered, loving every moment of this. It was so intense to experience this bliss. This wondrous joy.

“Breed me, Daddy!” I squealed.

He ripped his face from my cunt, my pussy juices spilling down his chin. The pleasure still rippled through me. I loved that exquisite delight. It was something amazing to feel sweeping through my body. I loved every second of it.

“You fucking little whore!” he growled and yanked off his t-shirt, exposing his stout body, his hairy chest. This was a man about to ram through my hymen. “You want to be bred! I’ll fucking breed you, tramp!”

“Yes, Daddy, yes!” I squealed as he thrust his cock right for my cherry.

He hit that wonderful membrane and rammed right on through. My eyes bulged as my cherry popped in a flash. My back arched. Then something magical happened. Something wondrous. My daddy’s cock was in me. He slid into my cunt.

I shuddered, savoring the feel of his cock sliding into my snatch. He stretched me out with that big dick of his. My back arched, my thighs squeezing about his waist. I whimpered at feeling him in me. He leaned over me, his dick throbbing in my pussy.

“Fuck, me, Daddy!” I squealed while my brothers stroked their cocks, staring at me in awe.

He drew back his cock. I shuddered as he groaned, his handsome face twisting with the pleasure my pussy gave him. My young, forbidden pussy. He thrust back into me. He buried into my snatch over and over again, his balls smacking into my taint.

I squeezed my snatch down on him, loving his cock burying into my pussy with hard strokes. Fast ones. I whimpered, gripping him with his every thrust. Every plunge. My back arched as I humped back against him, my thighs wrapped around his waist.

“Oh, yes, yes, Daddy, you’re going to breed me with your big dick!” I squealed. “Ooh, that’s it. That’s so amazing. I love your dick in me, Daddy!”

“Goddamn, you do, don’t you?” he growled, pumping away, his heavy balls smacking into escort izmir my taint. They were full of all that cum that he would fire into me. He would hose me down with his spunk

“Yes, yes, yes, Daddy, you will.”

I squeezed my twat down around him, savoring his cock burning into me over and over again. He had such a big one. Such a magnificent cock. I shuddered, loving every second of his dick plunging into me. My pussy drank in the girth.

The friction swelled me towards another orgasm. My brothers watched. Rita moaned in the background as she got fucked by our oldest brother. We were both gasping and whimpered and loving being fucked. Being bred like the family’s broodmares.

Daddy plunged to the hilt in me. He buried hard and deep. I gasped at that wondrous delight. There was so much of his cock in me. So much of his wonderful dick in my fertile pussy. My back arched and I exploded.

“Daddy!” I squealed as my pussy writhed around his cock. “Daddy, Daddy, cum in me!”

“Yes!” he growled and erupted. He pumped his cum into my pussy. Spurt after spurt of his jizz flooded my quivering twat. There was so much spunk firing into me. So much of his wonderful cum spurting into my snatch. “Fuck!”

“You’re breeding me, Daddy!” I squealed, my twat suckling at him.

Pleasure like I could scarcely describe swept through my nubile body. My eighteen-year-old cunt milked all my daddy’s cum from his balls. I had to have it all flooding into me. Every last drop of his cum had to fill me up.

More and more of his spunk soaked my womb. He flooded my pussy with his seed. I knew I would be bred. He would fill me up with all that baby-making jizz. I shuddered as my cunt wrung him dry.

“Goddamn, Lita,” he panted, staring down at me. “I just… I mean…”

I grinned up at him. “I know, Daddy. You bred me! Oh, this is so amazing! I love you! Ooh, I need to be fucked by one of my brothers now!”

* * *


I shuddered from the orgasm my brother gave me. This big and hunky marine was going to fuck me so hard. Lita was quivering in delight as Daddy prepared to take her, my other two brothers staring at her. I didn’t care.

I squirmed atop the bureau, my ass planted on the lacy doily that mom had knitted before she died. I smiled at George, the top of my foot rubbing at his cock through his jeans. I felt that big bulge, my cunt on fire.

“Are you going to ram that in me and make me cum, big bro?” I purred. “You’re going to breed your little sister’s cunny?”

“Yes, I am, you little tramp,” he snarled.

“Then get that big dick out and fuck me, big brother!”

He attacked the fly of his pants. He fumbled at it then he ripped his pants open, his cock tenting his olive-green underwear. He shoved those down. A shiver ran through me as he exposed himself. His cock throbbed before me.

I licked my lips as this wild thrill shot through me I would have such a wonderful time on his dick. I slid my bare foot up and down his shaft, feeling his warmth. He snarled like a beast and lunged for my pussy. He didn’t hesitate. The moment he touched my pussy lips, felt my hymen, he rammed his cock into me.

My cherry ripped.

I gasped, my back arching as my big brother’s dick plowed into my pussy. My thighs wrapped around his waist. I squeezed my little cunny down on him, loving the way he stretched me out. It was an amazing delight to have his dick sliding into me. All that wonderful cock filled me up.

My head threw back. My face contorted in delight. “Big brother! Fuck me!”

“Goddamn,” he growled. “Rita…”

“Never had pussy this tight?” I asked. “Or young!”

He growled and drew back his cock. He renamed back into my young pussy. I shuddered, loving every moment of his big cock pumping away at me. He fucked me with such passion. He thrust into me with such passion over and over again.

I loved it. My pussy squeezed about him. I was getting pounded by my brother’s dick. His seed would baste my pussy. He would knock me up. It would be so wonderful to be bred by him. I would have such a big orgasm on his dick.

“Yes, yes, just fuck me like that, big bro!” I moaned, my cunt squeezing about him while his balls smacked into my taint. “Mmm, I want all the cum in your nuts. I want every drop. Breed me!”

“Yes!” he grunted and ripped off his shirt. I smiled as I stared at his muscular, tan chest. His dog tags jangled and bounced over his pecs. He was so hunky with the Marine Corps icon tattooed over his heart. Semper Fidelis. “Fucking going to breed you!”

“Semper Fi, big bro!” I squealed as he hammered me.

Every thrust swelled me towards that orgasm. Every last plunge of his cock brought me nearer to that moment of sublime bliss. I shuddered, savoring his huge shaft plunging into me. His dog tags jangled and jingled, dancing over his chest

I whimpered, squeezing my cunt down his cock as he drilled into me faster and faster. Lita was getting fucked by Daddy while our big bro pounded my pussy. I clenched my snatch down on him, wanting him to spurt all that cum into me. Just flood me with his baby-making spunk.

His sister-breeding seed.

“Come on and flood me, big bro,” I gasped. “Just bury that dick into me and spurt that jizz. I want your baby. I want all my brothers and my daddy’s babies!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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