Twenty-One Year Old Virgin

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It was getting late on Saturday night and I had struck out at all my usual haunts. This being my senior year I was looking to get as much pussy as possible before I joined the real-world of nine to five boredom of corporate America. I decided to stop in at the Tin Palace and have one more beer and try to find someone to bust a nut with.

The Tin Palace is rarely visited by Greeks or jock because the campus rent-a-cops frequent the place and that scares the girls with fake IDs away. Tonight was no different. I looked around and saw some of the girls I recognized from class, all with their boyfriends. Then I noticed Bridgette, she had a boyfriend but I knew if she was here Cheryl would likely be here somewhere. Cheryl was an enigma. Several of my friends had talked about getting sucked off by her and even getting her naked. She was no prude but no one had ever claimed to fuck her. A twenty-one year old virgin? Was is possible?

As I looked around, I finally saw her sitting at the far side of the bar alone, sipping from a tall glass. Her shoulder length blonde hair framed her girl next door face nicely. The white blouse she was wearing was unbuttoned to reveal enough cleavage to make any man with a pulse take a second look. I had seen her around campus and knew she had a nice set of what I guessed were C cups.

I walked around the bar and saw she was wearing a mid-thigh length pleated white skirt that showed off her great toned calves and pale thighs. The bar was fairly busy but three seats were open near her, I guessed two were for Bridgette and her boyfriend. I hope the third was not occupied.

“Is this seat free, Cheryl?”

“Yes, how do you know my name?”

“We had class together last year; Dr. Morgan’s poetry class.”

“Aren’t you the captain of the wrestling team?”

“Yes, don’t tell me you are a wrestling fan?”

“No” she admitted as I sat next to her “but I’ve seen your picture in the campus newspaper. We don’t get many state champions at this place. It’s David right?”

Trying to be modest I replied, “This year the 190 pound weight class was weak this year. I got lucky at finals. Oh and it’s Daniel, not David.”

I ordered a beer and asked Cheryl if she wanted another.

“I don’t know. I’ve had two Long Islands already, I don’t think so.”

“Don’t make me drink alone, just one more.” She nodded her acceptance. The drinks were delivered as Bridgette and her boyfriend, Steve, returned from the dance floor. Cheryl made introductions and we made small talk for a couple minutes. Cheryl continued to sip her drink until a song came on that she liked. Without asking she grabbed my hand and pulled to the dance floor.

The more we danced the more daring I got with my hands. Starting with light touches of the hand, then holding her by the hips and finally grinding her ass with my crotch on the last fast song. A slow song came on and we danced close. She put her head on my chest as we danced, I could smell her sweet shampoo and a slight scent of perfume. As we danced I rubbed her antalya escort back while she ran her fingers through my short brown hair. I could feel her firm breasts against my chest and was hoping I’d have the chance to see them hanging free tonight. As the song ended, I gave her a soft sweet kiss on the lips.

We returned to our chairs. Cheryl took a large sip from her drink and I finished my beer and ordered another. Steve ordered a round of Tequila shots. Cheryl and Bridgette didn’t want to do the shots but we talked them into doing “just one.”

“That wasn’t so bad.” I said to the girls.

Cheryl had a sour look on her face and took another large sip of her drink, “I hate doing shots!”

Noticing her drink was almost empty, I indicated to the bar tender to give her a refill. When the drink came, Cheryl said, “I can’t have another.”

“It’s already poured and paid for. You can’t leave alcohol on the bar.”

“Well just this last one. NO MORE.” I nodded agreement, but could see the alcohol was having an effect on her already.

We chatted more and I put my hand on her knee. Her skin was soft and warm under my hand. Bridgette and Steve got up to leave.

“Where are you going?” said Cheryl.

“It’s late; we have to go to Steve’s mom’s house tomorrow. I’ll see you tomorrow night.”

“I just got a fresh drink, you can’t leave.”

“I’m sure Daniel will take care of you,” replied Steve.

Cheryl and I went out on the dance floor again and continued the touching, teasing actions of the previous dances. Following one dance, I held her head in my hands and gave her a deep passionate kiss; my tongue gently exploring the warmth of her mouth. I could taste a slight wisp of her strawberry lip balm as our tongues intertwined and she pressed tight against me. She broke the kiss and walked back to the bar stools.

“Are you alright?”

“Yeah, it was just getting a little hot on the dance floor.” She drained half of her drink and turned to face me, I could see anticipation and lust in her eyes. I leaned in to kiss her again she responded with a passionate hot kiss. I placed my hand on her inner thigh and slowly moved it up between her legs, to my surprise she spread her legs slightly, giving my hand free reign to wander fully under her skirt. As I gently touched her panties her tongue grew more aggressive in my mouth. Again she broke the kiss and this time drained her drink.

“Do you want to get out of here?”

“Yes, my apartment is a short walk from here,” she replied.

We went hand in hand, stopping occasionally for a kiss as we walked to her apartment. Once in her apartment, she immediately led me to her bedroom. The room was decorated with several posters of popular bands and a couple of pictures of family. There was a dresser, night table, chair and double-sized bed in the room. What I would consider a typical college apartment.

I lay down on her bed. She turned the main light off and turned the light on the end table on leaving the room dimly lit. She alanya escort seemed a little hesitant but eventually laid next to me. I kissed her and let my hands explore her neck, face and back. Cheryl moaned softly as I touched certain spots on her neck and when I ran my finger through her soft blonde hair. I kissed her neck on the same spots that were aroused by my touch. Her head moved, giving me full access to her neck and I gently kissed and sucked the erotic spots of her next, firm but not too aggressive.

As I kissed her neck, Cheryl’s hands were wandering over my chest and abs.

“I love your hard chest and abs,” she said in a soft voice.

With that I removed my shirt so she could see and touch my toned chest and six-pack. I sat up slightly as she ran her hands over my chest. I started to unbutton her blouse, she offered no resistance and soon I was looking at a black lace bra covering her ample breasts. The clasp was in the front and I released it and watched as her pale beautiful breasts fell free. The contrast between her pale breasts and dark areola was a huge turn on. I bent slightly and took a nipple in my mouth, feeling it grow erect as she moaned and started a slight movement of her hips.

Her hands were on my belt, pulling frantically on it to and my pants release my cock. Once free she slowly stroked all seven hard inches of my cock. She adjusted her position and took my cock in her mouth. Her mouth was so warm and wet. She only took the head in at first and ran her tongue around it while looking up at me. I always love when a girl looks at me when she sucks my cock. I ran my fingers through her hair, but did not push her head down onto my cock. I could feel her moan of pleasure on my cock as she took it deeper into her mouth. I watched as she took most of my cock into her mouth and slowly moved her mouth up and down the shaft of my cock.

I adjusted our position, so I could reach between her legs to pleasure her with my fingers. I pulled her skirt up and rubbed her warm pussy over her panties. She opened her legs for me and allowed me to slide my hand under her panties. I concentrated on her clit and the opening of her pussy. Every time I hit a sensitive spot she I would feel the suction on my cock increase then relax.

I started to pull her panties off but she stopped me so I began to tease her ample breasts with one hand and rub her neck with the other. If all I got was a good blow job, I would be happy with that. I noticed she really got turned on when I was able to tease both nipples simultaneously. I moved Cheryl so her breasts were close enough for me to touch both of her nipples with one hand; the more I teased both of them at the same time the more aggressive her sucking became. I reached down with my free hand and started to remove her panties, this time she allowed me to pull them free. Her pussy was covered by a nice thin layer of pubic hair and her labia were engorged in her excitement. I moved into a side my side 69 with Cheryl. She tried to stop me, belek escort but I needed to taste this pussy.

I spread her pussy open and flicked my tongue over her clit then ran is softly up and down her slit, gently tonguing the opening to her pussy. Cheryl had stopped sucking my cock and was running her hands over my body while she moaned softly. I brought her to the brink of orgasm as we lay next to each other but backed off before she had her release. After she calmed down a little I centered her on the bed, her head next to the wall and I kissed down her body, tasting the saltiness from her light perspiration.

I pushed her knees up a little, knelt between them and started to pleasure her with my tongue again. I lightly licked her clit and fingered her softly with one hand while I teased her nipples and breasts with the other. Her breathing increased and I could feel her start to tighten on my finger in her sex. I again stopped eating her pussy and kissed her inner thigh up towards her knee.

“Why did you stop? I was so close.”

“I want you to remember this night the rest of your life.”

As I kissed up her thigh I moved my cock towards the waiting pussy. I rubbed the length of my cock over Cheryl’s wet slit making sure it made contact with her swollen clit making her back arch and a low groan escape her cute mouth. I grabbed my cock and started to guide it to her wet pussy.

“I’ve never…ummm…” Cheryl said in a low voice.

“I’ll take it slow” and I guided the head of my cock into her virgin pussy. I felt her body tense as I entered her. I stopped and bent to kiss Cheryl on the lips. I could feel her fear and hesitation in the kiss. I stopped for a couple seconds then pushed a little deeper. Cheryl spread her legs wider and I rocked my hips forward and fully penetrated her. I moved so my body was supported by my arms and knees as Cheryl became accustomed to having my cock inside her. I pushed my hips forward a little more and watched Cheryl’s face to see a combination of pain and pleasure, but mostly pleasure.

I took in the whole picture. Cheryl on her back, legs spread, skirt bunched up around her waist, shirt open, breasts exposed and my cock buried deep in her. I had to resist the urge to cum right then at the extremely erotic sight. I started to stroke slowly into her tight pussy, taking my time so I wouldn’t blow my load too quick. I watched Cheryl and as she started to enjoy the fucking more I quickened the pace.

Cheryl’s hips started to move with mine and I could feel her orgasm growing. She grabbed the sheets, thrashed her head a little and tightened her legs around my waist as her orgasm hit. I slid in hard and deep a couple more times then pulled out, shooting my cum onto her pubic mound.

I lay next to her and kissed her softly for several minutes, gently caressing her shoulders and neck as we regained our energy. Cheryl stood and stripped on her way to the bathroom. She closed the door and I decided this was the best time for me to make my exit. I quickly got dressed and moved out of her bedroom.

Several days later I was talking to one of my teammates.

“Man, what did you do to Bridgette and Cheryl.”

“Nothing, why?”

“They are pissed at you, so watch your back.”

Maybe I should have stayed the night.

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